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Day 6 Sneak Peeks! Here It All Is!

Well this is our last day of sneak peeks. Thank you to EVERYONE who has stopped by and told your friends about us. We love to hearing what you have told us that you like from our release. So without anymore delay, you can check out our ENTIRE catalog!



There are way too many pages to post here but you can see everything in all its glory here  - every single delish item. Make sure you tell your favorite online store / LSS to carry our stuff. It it with your support that we can continue to bring you cool products at competitive prices!

But we have a couple of things left to show you too - some talented projects from our design team that we want to showcase here. Please give a hearty thank you to all of them for the hard work they have showing what you can do with our products!







So take a quick look see at our entire catalog and tell us what you like!

If your LSS/online store is going to CHA-S make sure to tell them to stop by our booth - 849!


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Sneak Peeks Day 5: We Can See The Finish Line and It Is Covered In CHIPBOARD!

But before we get to that, concerning the Day 3 peeks and the hanging chandelier beads, we went and created some samples with some alcohol inks and Copic Markers today so show you what you can do with our Clear Beads to give it a splash of color. The blue one was done with the Copic and the others with alcohol inks.


So easy and fun to do and an easy way to match your hanging MR beads for your project!

And we love that so many of you love the sushi stamp - LOL - we are planning on making some sushi party cards to celebrate after CHA-S is finished!

Now back to our peeks! Tomorrow will be our big reveal of the entire catalog but before we do, here are some photos of some neat Maya Road albums coming your way!

Let's start with one of our DT's favorite - our Scallop Layer Christmas Tree Album! We couldn't pry it out of the hands of one of the Maya Road boys because he insisted on being in the photo with the Tree:


Next we have a cute lil' LadyBug album - that is a huge 8". The antenna are separate and the front page is die cut.


What about a cute mixed scallop Triangle Banner? 4 pages have scallops and 4 do not - use them separately or layer them for a neat effect!


And what about our mini Calendar Stand - it is acrylic with 6 chipboard pages - perfect for using with our 2010 calendar sheers!


And finally our Curved Edge Scallop Layer Book:



And there have been some inquiries into our new mini chipboard letters so we wanted to show them here for you - here is the mini Bethany alphabet (named for Ms B who came into the MR family about 6 months ago)


And here is the Caroline Mini Alphabet which is a perfect mini script one!


And of course our peeks would not be complete without some projects from our talented DT!

Let's start with the Scallop Tree Album - how pretty is this album?


What about a beautiful Curved Edge Scallop Album?


And check out the mini Calendar Stand - how sweet is this one?


And a cutie pie LadyBug album:


And the mixed Triangle Banner - check out how different 1 album can look in the hands of 2 DT members:



 And finally here is a peek at some of the Bethany letters with one of our new coasters!


Whew! Lots of goodies here - so what do you think of day 5? Are you still alive out there?


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Day 4: You'll Want More Color (and Stamps)!

Well we are *almost* to the end of our sneak peek week! It sure has flown by quickly! There were a couple of comments from day 3 which we wanted to answer here


1. Will you all make different color hanging beads?

For the chandelier beads, you can change the color they are with a couple of drops of alcohol inks on them - so think of the possibilities by just starting with the clear!! 

2. When do all the items ship?

We plan on shipping items as soon as we arrive back from CHA-S; about 80% of the items are ready to go and are on their way to our warehouse as we speak! So unless there is a customs issue, we will be busy right after CHA!

3. There were some chipboard fonts used for some of the albums in the last peek - what are they?

Actually, they are some of our new Bethany chipboard letters in mini - we didn't get to share them with day 1 peeks but they are super cute!

Ok back to the peeks!

Today we want to share with you some color first off and then follow that up with a peek to our stamps. So let's get started!

Some of our most popular release this year has been our Maya Mists. Great colors and coverage come from our entire range. And guess what here is a peek at some more colors coming your way!


And notice our new bottles! All the better to see the colors in!

Here is what some of the colors look like on paper. We have 8 metallic colors coming out in all this time around.


Colors like bubblegum, lime, blue raspberry, cream and others coming your way!

And check out what they look like on our chipboard:


Check out what cute things you can do with these mists! Here are some muslin roses made with the new metallic mists - we will share with you a tutorial on the DT blog before month's end!


Next heck out what new things we have at Maya Road - some 1" pigment ink cubes - retailing for less than $2! You can use them on fabric, chipboard, paper and more. They work wonderfully with our stamps.

Here is one of our favorite colors (white):


Would you believe that the "love" word on this page was just inked in the white pigment and allowed to dry?


And check out how pretty the white looks on color cardstock with some of our new snowflake stamps!


Now what about some of the colored inks on our chipboard - yes every color you see here will be in 1" cube form - perfect to travel with!


And check out how they look with some of our new clear stamps:


And we cannot resist all of our new cute stamps so check them out here- and yeah we love us some sushi here at MR!




And here are some projects using our new stamps!



Whew, that is all we got today! So what do you like?


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Blog Post

Day 3 Sneak Peeks: A Little Color and Of Course CHIPBOARD!

We are back after the weekend for day 3 sneak peeks and we are posting this time a wee bit early for Monday! We are going to start this week with a splash of color so check out some more of our ribbons, trims, hanging beads and flowers.


Let's start with some of our crocheted trim (in bright colors this time around)!


Now what about some beautiful flowers in all types of materials - lots perfect for Fall!


And how about a package of hanging chandiler beads - over 70 pieces / 3 styles for less than $5?


And check out what our DT did with some of these pretty goodies!







Now we get to the heart of our business - how about some chipboard coasters? They are made of some of the thickest chipboard out there and retail for less than $2.50 in the US! Each one is unique in that they front page is die cut. Check out some of these lovelies ( in all shapes and sizes) !

A cute square scroll frame coaster:


Loving us the snowflakes for some chilly weather:


A cute oval scallop frame coaster:


A postage stamp for all your love notes:


And a mitten for winter (or what about turning it into an oven mitt):


And check out what cute things you can do with these coasters!





We will have more peeks tomorrow - what do you like from today's peeks? Some of our favorites include the flowers and the snowflake coaster. But trust us at the pricing we are able to offer you might not be able to resist ALL of them! And even if you don't like it all - we have a little something for everyone's taste!

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Sneak Peek Day 2: Pinned Up and Feeling Sheer!

Some of our most popular lines have been our printed sheers - if you are a MR sheer lover, get ready to have your socks knocked off!

What about a limited edition set of 2010 calendar (3 styles - 3 whole 2010 calendars - 36 pieces in a tin for $8.00 in the US):


And let's follow that up with some cute rag tag animals (and copic markers are super cute with these sheers):


Or some of the MR boys' favorites - ROBOTS!


Check these sheers out in action here:









And we aren't done with our peeks yet! Next, we want to share with you some of our most FABULOUS pins and ribbons. Check out what we have in store - what about some black pearl pins?


Or some pretty pink pearl flower pins:


And as popular as our scallop ric rac has been in the past, check out our VELVET (yes velvet) scallop ric rac we are releasing this show:


And here are some pretty projects using all the beautiful items:


So what tickles your fancy today?

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Blog Post

Maya Road Sneak Peek 1: Getting Krafty and Mini Too!

We are going to start with 2 categories today, the first one being something we haven't done before. How does a line of kraft tags and envelopes sound? Also check out the fact that each of the sets are going to be less than $5 (in the US). Each of the tag/card sets will have 27 to 30 pieces. The cool envelopes come in sets of 10.

Check these cool krafty kats out:




We will have 3 sets of kraft tags in all styles and shapes and also 2 sets of decorative envelopes!

Check out some of the cute things you can do with the kraft.



Hope you love the kraft like we do!

Next we want to follow it up with some of our cutest mini chipboards! Check all these out. They are perfect for cards and mini albums.

Hungry for some cupcakes then take a peek at these -  (fat free but not recommended for eating):


What about some mini snowflakes (because we are dreaming about some cooler weather here in Texas):


And what about some birds and tiny cages to go with them?


And what about some hearts with wings too?


Now check out the cute things you can do with these minis:




So what do you all like from some of these peeks from today?


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Blog Post

Is anyone else counting the days to CHA-S 2009?

... or am I the only one?  Yeah, that's what I thought!  You guys are already looking for sneak peeks, aren't you?  Well, the place to go for official Maya Road peeks is the Maya Road Company Blog.  In fact, you'll find a peek there already.  Look closely and you might see two.

While you're there, check out the giveaway.  We saved TWO warehouse kits and we are just dying to give them away!  But, get there quick!  You have between now and tomorrow to enter.

As is usual for this time of the year, all of our designers have been busily working on samples for the show.  So, when it came time for me to post a project... I got a little stressed out.  Do you know how hard it is to create a project that doesn't have new releases on it (when you have the new releases sitting in front of you)?  Well, after looking at my stash long and hard, I decided that I would just have to show you pieces of my favorite new project.  I can't show you much because it's loaded with new goodies (and it's actually one of the new albums).

When I get permission to show the whole thing, I'll post it here.

For now, here's a couple of parts you're allowed to see.  We'll start with the cover...Sweet

and now for a peek at a couple of inside pages...Cupcake


Have a TERRIFIC week!  (and don't forget to visit the Maya Road Company Blog today)!

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Blog Post

Summer of Fun Recipe Card Contest


Do you want to see your project featured on the Maya Road website? If you haven't gone to our Creative Corner and checked out our downloadable recipe cards, make sure you do so now. And guess what? You may have your project featured as a downloadable recipe card if you are one of the finalists in our Summer Of Fun Recipe Card Contest!

From now until August 10th, 2009, we are accepting submissions for projects to enter our contest. If you are one of our top 5 finalists, your project will be featured on our website as a downloadable recipe card! Of course, there will be a bunch of fabulous prizes associated with this contest including:

Overall winner: $250 in Maya Road goodies
First Runner up: $150 in Maya Road goodies
Top 3 Finalists: $50 in Maya Road goodies

And guess what our new CHA-S Trade Show will be here by the time the contest ends so the winners will be seeing some sweet Maya Road goodies in their prize packets!

For all the information on this contest, make sure you check out our Q&A fact sheet located here.

And we here at Maya Road believe in giving back! For every entry that meets the requirements, Maya Road is going to give $3 to start a portfolio of microlending at is a community that allows you to lend money to those that are less fortunate than you in a spirit of entrepreneurship. Even $25 to $50 can go a long way in many countries around the world to help those that are less fortunate. is a community that allows your giving to keep on giving. When the loans are repaid, we will fund more loans to others and help them get their start. To read more about this program, check it out here.

Help us help others, we want to see the recipe card entries come in so we can help loan $100, $200 or $500!


FAQ on the Maya Road Summer of Fun Recipe Card Contest

What do I need to do to enter this contest?
Even if you are not a gourmet chef in the kitchen, you still have a wonderful chance to win our Summer of Fun Recipe Card Contest.

We are looking for the best projects featuring a Summer of Fun as the theme! And you can define "Summer of Fun" however you want to - anything creative wise featuring Maya Road products is welcome!

Just wow us with your creativity and innovation! No layouts please!

How many times can I enter?
We are accepting one (1) entry per person.

What is the timing for submitting my entry?
We will be accepting entries until 11:59pm (CDT) on August 10, 2009. Be sure to read the entire FAQ section for information on how to get your entry in!

If I am looking for some Maya Road products, where can I purchase them?
Please, please, please support your favorite LSS or online store and ask them about your favorite Maya Road products. If you still cannot find what you're looking for, remember you can order directly from our website. A network of LSS and online stores will be filling most orders placed through our site.

Can anyone enter this contest?
As long as you do not work for Maya Road or are not a member of the Maya Road design team, you are free to enter. You must also be over 18 years of age. We will accept international entries too.

Can I submit a project that has been published before or posted online?
You can submit any project that you have posted or that has been published; however, you must retain the rights for the items to be published by Maya Road in the future and transfer the rights to Maya Road if you win.

What can I win in this contest?
Maya Road will be offering over $500 in prizes for this contest to be given to 5 winners. The prizes will be divided up as follows:

Grand Prize Winner (1 winner) - $250 in Maya Road products
First Runner-Up (1 winner) - $150 in Maya Road products
Finalists (3 winners) - $50 each in Maya Road products

The Maya Road Design Team including the Owners will be judging this contest to pick the winners; if you are one of the winners, we will be asking you to give us some simple and succinct step by step instructions and product list to be put on a Recipe Card on the Maya Road Creative Corner. We will also need you to provide us with print quality photos. You will also need to agree to have your name, city, state published in a future newsletter.

What are you all looking for when judging this contest?
We will be looking at the quality of work and for projects that inspire others. Give us something that inspires FUN for us!

How do I submit my entry?
Only email entries are accepted at this time. Please limit your photographs to a total of 5 photographs, with a maximum total size of 2 MB for all the photographs (that means all 5 photos have to come in at or under 2 MB).

When you enter, please email us at with the following information:

  • Your full name, address, phone number and email

  • 5 photographs of your project

  • Email Subject: Maya Road Summer Of Fun Recipe Card Contest

  • Any special techniques you used on your entry

Make sure you submit your entry by 11:59pm (CDT) on August 10, 2009. We will not be able to accept any entries after that time based on our email time stamp.

And here is a hint: give us some WOW photos of your project. Photography is very important in having some kick butt recipe cards. We will be using your photography of the project as one criteria for the winners.

We will send an email back (give us a couple of days) - to say we have received your entry.

When will the contest winners be contacted?
All winners will be contacted on or about August 25, 2009. All winners must submit the required photographs and step by step instructions as well as sign a release in order to receive their prize package. If necessary, we might ask for the projects to be sent to us to photograph; the projects will be returned to you once we photograph them.

When will the winners be announced?
Winners will be announced in a special edition email and their recipe cards will be featured on our Creative Corner.

And that is it! If you have any questions, please contact us using our online form with your questions. We will publish any contest information updated on the Maya Road company blog.

Good luck! st1\:*{behavior:url(#ieooui) }

2009 Maya Road Summer Of Fun Contest Official Rules

The contest is void in whole or in part where prohibited or restricted by law.

Summary of the Contest
The 2009 Summer of Fun Contest ("Contest") is being offered by Maya Road, LLC ("Maya Road"). Projects must comply with the requirements of the Contest FAQ at ("FAQ"), and project submissions must be received at by 11:59:59 pm Central Time, August 10th, 2009 ("Submission Period") in the format and with the registration information described in the FAQ. Contestants may only enter once; multiple entries will result in immediate disqualification and forfeiture of any prize. All entries will be judged by Maya Road. Judging will be based on, but not limited to, the following criteria: design, originality, and appropriateness to contest theme. The grand prize winner will be selected from among the five (5) Contest finalists and will receive $250 in Maya Road products. The first runner-up will receive $150 in Maya Road products, and each of the remaining three (3) finalists will receive $50 in Maya Road products. The prize products to be awarded will be determined by Maya Road, and the value of the prize products will be calculated based on Maya Road's suggested retail prices. By entering into the Contest and accepting a Contest prize, each of the Contest finalists, including the grand prize winner, grants to Maya Road an exclusive, worldwide, transferable, perpetual, irrevocable license to use, copy, distribute, and/or display his/her project and images of the project. Maya Road may also use, copy, distribute, and/or display information provided in connection with the Contest in order to recognize Contest finalists and other contestants and for promotional purposes. Finalists agree to deliver their original projects to Maya Road upon request. All such originals will be returned to the finalists at the end of their use. By entering into the Contest, contestants give consent and permission for Maya Road to send contestants emails in connection with the Contest.

All individuals who are at least 18 years old at the time of entry may participate in the Contest. Employees and design team members of Maya Road and their respective parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, advertising and promotional agencies, and sponsors, and such individuals' immediate family members, are not eligible to enter.

Acceptance of Rules
By entering, each contestant agrees to abide by these Official Rules and the decisions of Maya Road, which decisions shall be final and binding. By entering, each contestant further agrees that, in the event there is any conflict or other inconsistency between the Official Rules and any advertisement, promotional or marketing materials, emails, or announcements related to the Contest, these Official Rules will govern. Maya Road may prohibit contestants from participating in the Contest and disqualify entries for any violation of these Official Rules.

Original Work
All projects must be the original work of the contestant. Since Maya Road designs and sells accents, embellishments, and other crafts products, projects may not be digitally created. Contestants represent and warrant that the photos and other content contained in their projects may be published by Maya Road and that they have the right to release the photos and other content for publication to Maya Road. Maya Road will not be responsible for lost, late, incomplete, stolen or misdirected projects or related information.

Finalist Notification and Prize Redemption
One (1) grand prize winner, one (1) runner-up, and the three (3) other finalists will be selected from qualifying projects received from eligible contestants during the Submission Period, and notified (via telephone and/or email) on or around August 25th, 2009. As a condition of winning and redeeming a prize, finalists may be required to complete and provide an affidavit of eligibility and/or a liability and publicity form. Failure to comply with a request to provide any such documents will result in disqualification, and another finalist will be selected. All federal, state, and local taxes on prize products are the sole responsibility of the finalists. All federal, state and local laws and regulations will apply. The odds of winning will depend on the number of qualifying projects received during the Submission Period.

Disclaimer; Limitation of Liability; Force Majeure
EXCEPT WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW, MAYA ROAD DOES NOT MAKE, AND SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS, ANY WARRANTY, REPRESENTATION, OR GUARANTEE, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN FACT OR IN LAW, WITH RESPECT TO THE CONTEST OR THE USE OF ANY CONTEST PRIZE, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, QUALITY, MERCHANTABILITY, OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. In no event will Maya Road or any affiliated persons or entities be liable for: (1) electronic, computer, telephone, network, Internet or other technical or human error(s) which may occur in connection with the Contest; (2) any injury or damage to person or property, which may be caused, directly or indirectly, from participation or attempted participation in the Contest; (3) inaccurate, incomplete, lost, or stolen entries or other information related to the Contest; (4) illegitimate entries (which will be disqualified); (5) consequential, special, indirect, incidental, exemplary, or punitive damages, whether in contract, tort, or any other legal theory, even if such party has been advised of the possibility of such damages and notwithstanding any failure of essential purpose of any limited remedy; or (6) any failure or delay resulting from any condition beyond the control of such party, including but not limited to governmental action or acts of terrorism, earthquake or other acts of God, labor conditions, and power failures. Maya Road further reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel or suspend the Contest resulting from conditions that interfere in the administration of, security of, or contestants' proper participation in the Contest.

Finalists Release
By entering into the Contest and accepting a Contest prize, each finalist releases and agrees to hold harmless Maya Road and its affiliated persons and entities from and against any and all liability for any loss or injury or damage to person or property due in whole or part, directly or indirectly, from or arising out of participation in this Contest, or participation in any Contest-related activity, or the receipt, use, or misuse of any prize.

Finalists List
Finalists will be posted on the Maya Road Web site. A list of finalists may also be obtained by sending an email to requesting a copy of the finalists list.

Acceptance of any prize constitutes permission for Maya Road to use, copy, distribute, and/or display finalists' names, likenesses, and submitted entries for advertising and promotional purposes without additional compensation unless prohibited by law. Each finalist further grants to Maya Road the right to use and publish his or her identity and home city and home state online and in print, or any other media, in connection with this Contest or future promotions of Maya Road.

Governing Law and Venue
Any dispute, claim, or cause of action arising out of or in connection with this Contest shall be adjudicated, without resort to any form of class action, exclusively in Denton County, Texas, in accordance with the laws of Texas, except for its conflicts of laws principles.

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