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Maya Road Winter Wonder Warehouse Sale! Free Shipping In The US!

If you are looking for a special treat this Season, check out the Maya Road Winter Wonder Warehouse Sale! We are clearing out some leftovers from our Warehouse as we get ready for our next release of products.

For a limited time – get over $154.25 of Maya Road products for $49.75! That is over 67% in savings! Shipping is FREE within the US!

Check our our newsletter for all the details.

If you are ready to purchase, go to our store front here.

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It's a Sweet Banner

Hi Roadies!  Looking for a sweet way to celebrate your little ones birthday?  I loved the Chipboard Cupcakes and I wanted to use them in a fun way to celebrate Ava's birthday.  I worked some magic and turned them into a banner.



I used a couple different techniques on each chipboard piece.  On this cupcake I sprayed Maya Mist to create an icing look and then used liquid pearls to create the sprinkles.  I layered the chipboard heart with micro breads again to look like sprinkles.


Mica glitter and paint make this cake look like coconut?  It's delicious!


on the party hat I used embossing powder to highlight "Party" and give it some punch.  I also layered Maya Mist to give the pink color some teal tint as well. 


More Maya Mist and Micro beads. 

Maya Road Products Used:

Cupcake Chipboard Set

Maya Mist Cotton Candy

Maya Mist Emerald

Have a great week!


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Christmas Angel

Angel of Joy_blog

Hi Roadies,

This is a project that I did a while ago for the CHA Summer show.  With Christmas just over a month away, I thought this would be a good time to share how it was done.  But remember, even if you don't have time to get one of these done for this season, the angel can easily be adapted to fit any time of year.

I'm showing the bare construction  of the angel first,  as I think it's a little easier to see all the parts used in the piece.

In the first picture below you can see how the Christmas Tree Layer Book was turned on it's side and then cut.

The second photo shows,  I moved the two pages on the left down slightly then added wings, a border to the dress and half circles for the shoes.  For the shoe on the right I used three layers of chipboard.

The last photo shows the head (3 layers of chipboard) and arms, all from the Supernova Chipboard Set.  Also another layer of smaller wings.

After covering all these chipboard pieces with your choice of patterned papers, piece them together and adhere them to some raw chipboard. Cut the excess chipboard away.

You will notice in the photo above, the head, shoes and wings were pieced together in order that they would lay flat on the chipboard backing.  Here's an example of how that was done on the shoes.

Position your pieces how you want them to fit together. Trace the area that needs to be removed, then cut out that section out with a knife. 

Next, cover the last page of the album with patterned paper and add some Crochet Trim to the edge. Use paper strips to make layers for the angels dress. (To get the paper to pleat and  fold more easily,  apply Mod Podge to the back of each strip first.)  Adhere the pieces into place on the angel.


The sleeves were also made in a similar fashion. Applying the glue to the back of the paper and then shaping them to fit the arms. Glue the arms and sleeves together then adhere them to the angel.

Continue to embellish to dress of the angel as you wish. Use half a circle to create a collar for the dress. Add a punched border strip around the curved edge and a twine bow to the center.  The face (which is part of a street sign from the Road Rage Sign Set ) was then layered on top of the collar and embellished with a chipbord heart for the mouth and pearls (or gems) for the eyes.

Halo collage

Above, you can see how the halo was created out of a chipboard frame (from the Foundation Chipboard Set). The frame was wrapped in twine first, then a piece of wire was added.  Small leaves were stamped onto patterned paper, cut out and then attached around the halo. Use a piercing tool  to poke a hole in the top of the angels head.  Add adhesive to the end of the wire then insert it into the hole.


Next create a banner using  Mixed Mini Pennant Banner pieces, chipboard letters and ribbon and wire.  Use the piercing tool to make small holes in the angel's hands. Then thread the wire through the holes and knot in the back.


Hardware was attached in the back  of the angel then strands of twine were added for hanging.

Here are a few pictures of the finished angel.




 See you soon,


Other supplies:
Collage Press (original angel) and My Minds Eye (new angel) - Patterned paper
Ribbon scraps for the banner
Raw chipboard (to hold the angel together in the back)
Embroidery floss
Cardstock for hair and skin
Gems or pearls for the eyes

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Laundry Day Fun...

Hi, Dina here! Are you in love with the new laundry day canvas from the November release? I made this little wall-hanging with them.  The journaling across the pieces says, "I am so very blessed to be their mother."

Can you also spot the red Maya Road bingo letters? Too fun!

Dina mr 04
Dina mr 05

Dina mr 06

Dina mr 07

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Maya Mist Tutorial

So we often get questions about our Maya Mists and our favorite way to use them.  Let's start with the basics. We have lots of different Maya Mists in many many different colors - some are what we call base colors (no metallic in them) and some are metallic colors (which does have metallic).

The original intent of our mists has been for our chipboard. Chipboard is a lovely lovely thing. You can cover it with paint, patterned paper and more. But the easiest thing is our formulation of Maya Mists which gives a nice even opaque coverage to our chipboard. It can take grey chipboard and offer you an endless ream of possiblities.

I took out some of our new lovely Maya Mists (from our Early Winter Release) to show you how easy it is to mist.

Love our new skinny 1 oz bottles. Each bottle has a simple swatch on top of each bottle of what the color is:

Tutorial 1 - Misting Basics

So I started out with our Antique Silver Mist and some of our Ornate Tags Chipboard. You will see I am using a cardboard box to contain everything. This was an old Diet Coke box. If you want to save good misting boxes, layer some newsprint inside and as you spray take out the soaked layers and you will still have a lovely box to use later.


Now when you spray, swirl the mist  - do not do vigorous shaking. Vigorous shaking causes air bubbles to form in the bottle and then when you are misting it gets sucked up into your pump. When that happens, it causes your pump to sputter and your mist to come out all crazy spurts.


When you are misting hold your mist at a 45 degree angle and about 6 to 8 inches from your chipboard. This will give you the most even coverage. If you hold it too much closer to your chipboard you will tend to overspray as the mists will not have time to soak into your chipboard. If you hold it much further away, you will tend to not get even coverage and waste your mists (but that can be a neat technique too which we will save for another day)

Next spray 2-3 coats and your chipboard will look like this:

And to show you how quickly Maya Mist dries on our chipboard - check out this series of photos taken approximately 10 second apart of our Antique Patina Maya Mist:


And check out our 3 new Maya Mists in action (Antique Silver, Antique Bronze and Antique Patina)


Tutorial 2 - Mixing It Up

 We are now going to work with the base colors and see what mixing in some metallics will look like.

I started off with the Butternut Squash Orange Maya Mist:

Next after I allowed it to dry, I put a light coat of the Antique Silver Metallic Mist on the outside frame and it looks like this:

Again, you can layer different metallics onto our base color Mists for a totally different look (try also our Silver Plated or Iridescent on base colors for neat looks). Here is the what it can look like:

And here is what all the base colors look like from our new release as part of our chipboard banner minis. The scalloped parts are the base colors with quick spritz of Antique Silver over them. So pretty!


Tutorial 3 - Masking

Masking is another great technique you can use for our chipboard. Check out these snowflakes layered on top of our star coaster album. Now I wanted to use the Antique Patina Mist to give it a good color:

I sprayed the Antique Patina Mist and then lifted it off to reveal this:


I also saved the snowflakes so that I could use them on a project later:


And that is it! Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial using our Maya Mists. Will be back to show you some more techniques using it!


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Blog Post

Fun Altered Notebooks!


Maya Road Chipboard Letters (assorted)
Maya Road - Maya Mist
Maya Road ribbon
pattern paper

1.  Spray your chipboard letters with Maya Mist and let dry;  I used Avocado Metallic Mist.  I decided to trace around each letter with a Pilot Hi-Tec 05 pen for added effect.


2.  Trace your notebook cover on a piece of pattern paper and cut out.  Cut a few inches of ribbon and machine stitch in place for your pen holder.



3.  Embellish front as desired and attach to your notebook cover.


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Blog Post

Maya Road Early Winter Release Winners

Wow, thanks to everyone who entered our Early Winter Release. We randomly picked the following winners:

Winner 1

amazing!!!!!!!!!!! it all looks awesome :)

Posted by: kat marie | November 09, 2010 at 12:22 PM


Winner 2

Oh Maya Road, you would make me like the "icky love" stuff! I love the new chipboard heart album and Love Notes chip pieces. Awesome samples too!

Posted by: Genevieve | November 10, 2010 at 07:08 AM

If you are Kat Marie or Genevieve, please contact us by November 25th, 2010 with your snail mail info and we will get your packages right out to you!


And if you are wanting to purchase some of our new Maya Road goodies, check your favorite online store or LSS. You can also buy directly from our website - the orders are fulfilled by a network of online stores throughout the US!

Happy Crafting!

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Blog Post

Announcing Maya Road's Early Winter Release

Roadies, we know the holidays are almost upon usso it is time for our Early Winter Release! It is never too early to start thinking about Christmas and also Valentine's Day. To start off, we are super super excited about our new selection of mists. We are pleased to announce 9 fabulous colors in new 1 oz Maya Mist bottles!


We have 6 wonderful base colors (non-metallic in earl grey, pomegranate pink, butternut squash orange, elderberry blue and granny smith apple green) and 3 new antique metallic colors (antique silver, antique bronze and antique patina). We also have gussied up our bottles to each have a sample of the fabulous color you will see inside the bottle on the lid:


And the colors are wow, wow, wow! Check out some of the antique metallics here at work:


Then mix the metallics with the base colors for some extra special sparkle and shine. For these little triangle banners, the top piece is just the base colors and the scalloped pieces are the base colors misted with the antique silver layered on top (a light coat). We LOVE how you can mix and match our colors to get the look you want!

IMG_2092 IMG_2093

With retail prices at $5.50 for the base colors and $6.00 for the metallics, you will want to collect them all!

Next we have of our chipboard sets - here is a beautiful Love Notes one:

Along with some new snowflakes ones:

And we follow it up with 2 new albums - perfect for LOVE any time of the year!




And we cannot forget some FABULOUS bingo numbers in brown and red:


We also cannot forget some flowers and trims AND stamps:



Satmps - to name small

We finally wrap it up with some canvas items which are all perfect to alter with our Maya Mists:



And here are some projects to inspire you:


Dina mr 04


Dina mr 02



And check out the rest of the goodies here.

Guess what? We have 2 new Early Release Prize Packs to give away from now til November 13th, 2010. Leave us a comment about what you see here you love and we will pick 2 random winners after the 12th. If you share this on facebook, twitter, your blog or another online site, leave us a second comment for a second chance to win! 


Be sure to check back by November 15th, 2010 to see if you won one of the two Early Release prize packs worth $15 each. Everything ships to stores NOW, how SWEET IS THAT?

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