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Zipper Trim Flower Tutorial Number One


You all had asked about some of the fabulous zipper flowers we made from our newly released (about to arrive in stores) Zipper Trim. We had 5 cool colors of trim that looked like this:



Well today we are going to share with you how to make this fabulous flower. We will share more flower tutorials soon!


And just so you know the Zipper Trim starts coming to your favorite LSS and online stores now so be on the hunt for it!!!

Here is a short list of what you will need:

1. Zipper Trim (1 yard will make about 3-4 flowers depending on the size of the flower)

2. Needle and Thread (and you won't always need a needle and thread for your flowers as we will show you how to do one with just chipboard and glue soon)

3. Half pearl button (or some other center)

And here is a step by step sequence of what you would need to do:


Step 1. Choose your zipper trim. Remember our zipper trim has two pieces to it so that 1 yard will actually give you 2 yards of trim to use. Take the trim and pull it apart til you have the trim like in step 1. You will use about 18" on this flower. Go ahead and cut a 12" piece to start your flower.

Step 2. Thread your needle and do a running stitch along the edge of the zipper trim as shown. Run it along the entire length of the trim. Make sure you knotted your trim at the beginning as you will be gathering with this thread.

Step 3.  Gather your trim by pulling on the thread. As you do so your zipper trim will start to spiral and turn into a flower  (neat huh?). Do this for the entire length of your trim. You can adjust the flower size by pulling tighter or leaving it looser.

Step 4. When the flwoer is to your liking, finish up your thread ends and then add the pearl center.

Step 5. To make the flower look like it has "petals" that overlap, take a 3" piece of the zipper trim. Create  a running stitch on it to gather and then sew it to the main flower piece. Repeat for a second piece of 3" zipper trim.

Step 6. Trim up all the ends and enjoy your flower!

Here are a couple of hints, steps 5 and 6 aren't necessary steps. They just give the flower some additional interesting petals. You can also leave the original zipper trim piece  at 18" and just complete steps 1-4 to make a simplier flower. It is up to you!

Enjoy and come back soon for some other flowers you will be able to create with our Zipper Trim!

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Farmhouse Love~ ATC Shadowbox

Last summer Maya Road came out with their first shadowbox which I instantly fell in love with.

MM1484 - Trinket Shadow Box

I was equally excited when I found out they were coming out with a new shadowbox with ATC size cubbyholes for CHA-W 2011.  This opens up so many possibilities plus gives a bunch of my ATC sized products a new life (think October Afternoon Wild Cards)!

  Maya Road ATC shadowbox


I created this Farmhouse Style Shadowbox using some of my favorite vintage odds and ends.  My hoarding collecting has left me with lots of little pieces that are perfect for the cubbies. 


There really was no rhyme or reason behind this box, I just gathered pieces that I liked and worked them into the box.  Sometimes I just like to create and not follow a theme but follow more of a mood or a style.  This project is definitely a farmhouse type of look. 


I used Helmar 450 glue to adhere all the papers and all the embellishments to the box.  This glue is perfect for holding up heavy embellishments which is important when creating a shadowbox.  You must have good, strong adhesive.


I added a little drawer pull to the top to add some height and am now tempted to add some little hooks to the back so I can hang it on the wall also. 

Have a wonderful Day and do something creative if you get a chance!

~Katie Watson

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Homemade jam makes everything album!

When I saw the new Maya Road Mason Jar album, I knew that I needed to make a little album documenting my homemade jam. You see, I'm slightly obsessed with homemade jam. Every year in late summer I buy a box of Utah peaches...40 lbs of deliciousness! We eat our fill and then I made jam with the rest.

This year my box of peaches arrived the night before I had to leave to go out of town. I knew the peaches wouldn't last until I got my husband and I put on our aprons and made LOTS of jam! We made freezer jam, no pectin regular jam. no pectin butterscotch peach jam, and peach jam with pectin. It was a crazy night, but I'm grateful we did it every morning when I put a spoonful of peach jam on my Greek yogurt. :)

The green buttons are Maya Road white buttons. I wanted the button to be a bright, contrasting color, so I simply sprayed them with Montana Gold spray paint. Easy peasy! I also used Maya Road ribbon, kraft tags, and mini scroll chipboard.

Dina jam 01

Dina jam 02

Dina jam 03

What are you going to do with your mason jar mini album? I can't wait to see!

Signature small dina

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Super Mega Bottle Cap Wall Hanging

Morning Roadies! 

I've been super addicted to Maya Roads bottle caps and if you didn't see in the CHA previews they have come out with a new 4" size!  I thought I would share a project I made for CHA with you today.


Products Used:

Maya Road 4" bottle caps

Maya Road Super Nova chipboard set

Maya Mist in Iridescent Pearl

Maya Road Trinkets ribbons

Echo Park Little Boy line


3 3/4" circle punch



This project might seem a little daunting but really it is very simple to construct! I laid out my bottle caps in a pattern I liked.  Then using a marker mark your bottle caps where you want them to connect.  Keep in mind you want to attach them on as many sides as they touch.  This will keep your wall hanging sturdy.  Simply punch holes in the bottle caps with your crop-a-dile and attach them all together using sturdy ribbon.


All of Maya's bottle caps are an even number- 2, 3 & 4 inches.  When cutting circles all sizes are exactly 1/4" less then the size you are using.  So for these you will need to cut or punch out 3 3/4" circles to layer your bottle caps with.

I used paint to cover the chipboard pieces of the super nova set and then sprayed them with Maya Mist to created a pearlized look. 


I finished up decorating with stickers from Little Boy.  A tip to using stickers on altered projects is to layer the backside with extra chipboard pieces or card stock to give them heft and stability!

I would love to see your projects created using bottle caps, link them up to us on Facebook or here on the blog!

Jen Chesnick

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Playing With Zippers!

Hi Roadies! 

If you saw the  Maya Road CHA sneaks last week,  you will have already seen this chipboard Play album.  I don't make that many albums, but this one was really fun to use and went together easily.  The word "play" prompted me in the direction the album would go - I knew wanted it to be bright, fun and playful!!!


 ...and what could be more playful than these new Zipper Trims!

Maya Roadplayalbum

Since the album comes with the word "play" on the back and front pages.  I decided to cut out the "P" and "A" from the back page, cover them with paper  and embellish them before adhering them to the cover.  Applying the trim around the edges of the letters was easy.  I just cut slits along the length of the zipper to help it curve around the edges, then stitched it into place.


For the letter "L" I adhered the closed Zipper Trim on top of the letter, then used a sharp knife to trim away the excess material.


To keep the zipper theme going, I used a little of the trim on each page.


Here are a few of the pages inside.

Mrplay pge1


See you soon,


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CHA Project

This is one of my albums I created for CHA winter! I used the new chipboard teapot to create this ......


I kept the album fairly simple.

I used the following products:

Teapot Chipboard Album

Heart Chipboard Set

Decorative Scrolls Chipboard

Velvet Pleats Sky Blue

Ornate Tags Chipboard Set

Kraft Mini Tags

Trinket Pins Crystal

People Keychain

Mixed Scallop Mini Pennant Banner Set





Thanks for looking. Make sure those that are coming to CHA come and see the Maya Road Booth


Sarah Moore

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Maya Road Beach Pail project...

There were so many wonderful releases from Maya Road for CHA but this was one of my favorite. Caroline had emailed me while I was in vacation in Hawaii telling me she was sending me this chipboard album and I knew exactly what I wanted to use it for! :)

This album includes felt, fabric, sand, paint, and of course Maya Road goodies! First I painted my entire album with off-white paint. Next, using a plain piece of printer paper I outlined the different parts of the pail and cut them out. I used this cut-out as a pattern to cut pieces of felt and fabric for the pail. I had sewed "vacation" on a piece of felt for my cover. Next, using Glossy Accents I covered the handle and then added sand to the cover pages handles. The inside pages I used the same adhesive but with Martha Stewart glass beads. I did the same with the starfish.

After that I just added embellishments and my photos. To make the inside pages I again made a template, cut out piece of patterned paper, and then machine stitched the paper before placing it on the album.

Here are the Maya Road supplies you will need to make this album:

Beach Pail Chipboard Album

Resin Blossoms

Crochet Trim

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Sneak Peek Week Winners

Thank you to everyone who checked out what we had for Sneak Peek Week! Here is a list of the winners - please contact us by 2/21/2011 to receive your prize pack. Use the contact us form and send us your email and snail mail address. Thank you so much for playing along.

Remember if you didn't win, most of the new goodies will be arriving in February at your LSS! So ask for Maya Road when you go!

Day 1:

I love it all but my favorite of this batch are the Scroll Fram Journaling Tags.

Posted by: Kate Nolan-Denham | January 19, 2011 at 03:07 AM


Day 2:

I am so loving the cameos and the stick pins to gorgeous.

Posted by: Janie Boots | January 20, 2011 at 04:20 AM


Day 3:

Love the zipper flowers and the pleated ribbon

Posted by: Julianne McReynolds | January 22, 2011 at 09:23 AM


Day 4:

Posted by: rebecca keppel | January 24, 2011 at 07:51 PM


Day 5:

I love misting my projects.
I am very interested in your product and like the fact that they come in smaller containers. Thanks for the chance to will some.
I never thought to use it on canvas----love these projects.

Posted by: Mary Stowers | January 25, 2011 at 07:30 PM


Day 6:

Oh wow.. yes yes yes~ I want EVERY SINGLE THING!!! well.. if I had to choose I would pick the chipboard and the zipper flowers, to die for!!

Posted by: Danielle A | February 01, 2011 at 09:26 AM






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So a funny story about our bottlecaps - our mega bottlecaps  were one of our very first products we ever released.


We released these in 2005 and we had a lot of them. I honestly think it took us a long while to sell out of them. After we were done with them, there was this sudden interest in them. We would get 2 calls a day for people begging us to find them some. People offered to buy our mold for them. So we brought them back in 2009 and we added 3" ones in 2010 and 4" ones this time for CHA-W 2011.

At the show, DT member Lia made some of her FABULOUS bottlecap creations:


(and yes after I took this photo, I did notice the sun was missing so we did a quick repair job at the show)

Anyhow, Lia does an amazing job with bottlecaps. Things that I cannot do but she did inspire me.  So last night, I dug out a couple of my 2" bottlecaps and put my spin on them:


I took some of our bottlecaps and started layering some papers, stickers, mini photos and embellishments in them. One trick I picked up from Lia is FOAM DOTS! Foam dots under the circle paper gives it a nice pop. Foam dots under the photo gives it another lift:


And some of our new acrylic houses layered on a transparency piece looks so lovely too:


I added some of our satin pleat edging to this bottlecap to turn it into a flower center:


All so easy to do and great little embellishments to turn into necklaces, magnets or even for mini albums. 

I hope you are inspired too! 

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Handmade Banner

Handmade Banner

This "handmade banner" was so fun to make!  The new Maya Road Mason Jar Chipboard Album is perfect for a banner to hang in your kitchen and even a fun mini album recipe book!

You'll first need to trace the Mason Jars on pattern paper and then cut them out.


Next you'll trace the top of the jar on white cardstock.


Spray y0ur white mason jar tops with silver Maya Mist.


Collect an assortment of Maya Road chipboard letters and give them a spray with some charcoal Maya Mist ( I added a splash of silver for some shine)...


Attach your pattern paper to the Mason Jars and attach your silver tops, I added some accent marks with a fine point black sharpie marker.  Sand edges if desired.


Punch holes and tie your banner together with some beautiful Maya Road ribbons!



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