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thank you stephanie...

Stephanie not only joined our DT this last year, BUT took our social media department to new heights! She was phenomenal at building our facebook and twitter community. Stephanie's style is nothing short of dreamy! Thank you so much Stephanie for the time you have spent with us... it has been fabulous!


stephanie said


It's hard to choose my favorite layout using sassafras. sassafras products were so fun to create with. bright, happy, sweet, and funky all at once. 

i loved being on the design team, albeit far too briefly. :) rebecca was a joy to work with. not only as a "boss", but as a friend. i've loved getting to know her. 

i wish rebecca and tim all the best in their (very bright) future. thank you so much for the opportunity to work with your beautiful products!! 


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thank you peg....

Peg was one of the very first members of the Sassafras Design Team. Thanks Peg for sticking with us! As you can see in Peg's top 10 project picks she has a charming simple and sweet style. She has been a consistent source of inspiration and shown thousands of fans over the years how to use Sassafras products in a simple clean way. It's been fun watching her kids grow up via pages of projects. We appreciate you so very much Peg!


From Peg

I don't remember when I exactly joined the Sassafras team, but I can tell you when I started, they were still called Sassafras Lass. So it goes back many years.  It was the first design team I was ever on & what a great one to start with!  It has been so cool to see the evolution of the products over the better than the next (if that's even possible!).  It has been such fun and so easy to work with Rebecca & Tim and design with all the beautiful things they've created throughout the years. I will miss being on the team so much and wish nothing but the best to everyone in the future. I can't really chose my favorite line (I have many). So I'll say some of my top ones are:  Life at the Pole, Monstrosity, Robotics, Sunshine Lollipops & Hog Heaven. 

Here are Peg's 10 favorite Sassafras projects:


Brush you teeth

Each other


Peg manrique  - a crafty day

Peg manrique - no&nothing

Peg manrique - strong

Peg manrique - you still love

Xmas tags

You-SS Jul.Aug08-pegmanrique


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thank you kyoko....

Kyoko was our one and only design team member all the way from Japan. We fell in love with her amazingly eclectic style. She was a sweet addition to the team. Thank you Kyoko for sharing your talents with our team and inspiring the Sassafras blog readers!


From Kyoko

I came to love scrapbooking more by having met Sassafras. Sassafras goodies made me smile every time! It was a dream for me to be a part of the Sassafras team. When a new collection arrived, I became full of ideas of what layout to make next. It was a very exciting experience!   

This is my LO using an old (and my favorite) Sassafras collection. Don’t you think Sassafras is lovely, novel and suits everyday photos? I feel happy every time I see them. I will always love Sassafras. 






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the grand finale of all box sales.... THE MOTHERLOAD! **SOLD OUT**




yes indeed you have read the title correctly. we are excited to announce that the anticipated and loved sassafras box sales are not over........ now offering THE GRAND FINALE of all box sales. this is it, your last chance to stock up on a bounty of your favorite sassafras products. if you have purchased a box in the past you know just how incredible this deal is. we don't skimp at all! your box will be jam packed with classic pieces ranging all the way back to "cherry delicious" to the recent favorite "ellie's tale" and everything in between. 

the GRAND box has over $150 worth of product. That means at $45 you are saving over 70% off the original price. this sale will last till the limited qty of boxes we have available are sold out. soooo hurry!








box #2 contains sunshine broadcast and starters papers (2 of each), along with a coordinating selection of stickers and foldies.


here is a hint of what you get when you order all of the above (grand box + sunshine box)...

55 sheets of paper (6 patterns are doubles... so you'll have extra sunshine)

over 22 stickers

over 15 embellishments

can you believe it?? pretty sweet surprise to open up and sort thru, eh? 

PLUS.. double bonus...

You save big time when you order both boxes. Check out your options below and click on BUY NOW to receive your official grand finale bountiful box of sassafras goodness!





when will my order process? 

please allow 3-4 days for your order to process. the shipping time depends on where you live. most domestic location orders arrive in under 7 business days.

are there repeats from past box sales?

yes there are... lucky for you... never too much of a good thing! you will also find all of the newest sassafras products, never before seen in a box sale. think of all your favorites from this year.

may i purchase multiple boxes?

absolutely. the boxes are identical, so you will receive duplicates. perfect christmas shopping opportunity. 

if you have any other questions please feel free to email us at


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thank you marcy.....

Marcy's style was a sure thing for the Sassafras DT. Simple, beautiful, eclectic, charming.... we have loved every single project she has created for our team. Thank you so much Marcy for the inspiration you have shared with so many!


Marcy said:

Sassafras was my first opportunity to participate on a design team!  I've loved their style for so long I was completely honored to be a part of such a great company!  When Sunshine Broadcast came out I couldn't believe how much that collection just screamed my name! I'll forever be grateful to Rebecca for giving me this opportunity!  And a special shout out to Kay and the rest of the Design Team for welcoming me!  I look forward to playing with Sassafras products (especially their collaboration with Studio Calico) in the future!

My first (1)

My first closeup  (1)


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a farewell from emily

Emily won us over with her mixed style of sweetly simple and fun eccentric. She has been an enthusiastic part of our DT! Thank you Emily for the time that you have spent on the Sassafras DT. We appreciate you!

Emily said


This canvas hangs in my bedroom and I get to enjoy it every day. I made it three years ago, starting with one pack of the Chipboard Numerical Stickers, then adding bits of a second to make a rectangle shape. I smeared the canvas with a thick layer of gesso and randomly placed the numbers and symbols. When I saw the pack, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it, and it turned out exactly as I'd hoped. I think I love it more and more every day. When I don't have my glasses on, it's a lovely blurry painting with strips of red, yellow, and blue. While putting it together, I subconsciously put colors that blended well into strips. I think that's kind of cool. When I have my glasses on, I'll try to find the two matching numbers or symbols, it never fails to entertain me.     I have loved Sassafras ever since I started scrapping 6 years ago. I will admit that some the designs made me tilt my head and go hmmmm.... But every time I made something with Sassafras, it seemed to just fall in place like it was meant to be. That doesn't happen for me. I am a push paper around kind of scrapper. Layouts rarely fall together in 20 minutes. When I made the team earlier this year, I could hardly believe my luck. It was the perfect fit, and Rebecca and Tim, I will miss this company. Thank you for a delightful few months. Thank you for brightening my scrappy life!  

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a farewell from megan

i would like to take scrapbooking and photography lessons from megan! i adore her style... completely adore it! 

thank you so much megan for joining us in our creative journey! we have been honored to have you on our design team. 


megan said:

I'm going to start with saying what a huge honor it has been to be a part of Sassafras. It has been and still is my "go to" company. The products have always been fun, unique, and amazingly inspiring. When looking back through my portfolio of pages, Sassafras pops up more often that not. If I had to choose my favorite all time collection, I would go with Athem. The colors and designs were just perfection...




This paper is still my fave... Photobucket


and played a huge part in the inspiration of this page... Photobucket


I thought I would share my top 10 faves {which became my top 12, but who's counting?} It was hard to narrow down when I have so many memories captured using Sassafras products.









Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket  




Thank you to the entire Sassafras team and I wish you all the best of luck in the future!

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thank you leila

we have been absolutely blessed with a TOP NOTCH design team. as many of you know the sassafras design team did not change very much from year to year. we just loved having such fabulous girls... we didn't want to let them go. 

Leila has been dear to our hearts since we first spotted her incredibly unique style and asked her to join our team. if you have never taken one of her pop up book classes, you are missing out! the books she has created are amazing. i am so lucky to own two. i will cherish them always! 

thank you so much leila for all of the gorgeous projects youve created, your loyalty, your enthusiasm, your darling french accent, and for being our friend.

Leila said:

I have so many good memories with Sassafras. The handmade minibooks i sold on ETSY featuring the "My Dearest" collection, "Sweet Robot" and "Sunshine Lollipop," my first popup  book online class or the day i met Rebecca and Tim in Paris. But my best  memory with Sassafras was on 21 August 2008 when i knew i was part of Sassafras  DT. I think I almost did not sleep that night, I was so excited! And during the past three years i kept feeling excited each time i  discovered a new collection and imagined what new projects i would design with them.

Here are some of her amazing projects:

First, a layout celebrating her 2 year wedding anniversary.


And some of the details:



And some of her favorite pop-up books:








from tim and beck

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Blog Post

and the winner is....


Karen who said:
A 10! Love Sass! Thanks for the chance to win!

now that i have your attention... take a look at what the oh so very talented michelle clement created with her "field guide" kit. to make it easier to spot the exclusive sassafras papers i've included the images here for you. the chipboard butterflies are also a sassafras exclusive.





























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want to win a studio calico kit???

Hello Sassafras fans! We here at Studio Calico are thrilled to be featuring some exclusive Sassafras designs in our October kit, FIELD GUIDE.




There are two sheets of double sided patterned paper and a set of beautiful chipboard butterflies. Our design team fell in love with the exclusives and couldn't wait to use them on their projects! Here are a few peeks at how they've used them - you can see the full versions in our FIELD GUIDE gallery


Davinie Fiero combined the gorgeous teal polka dot with the butterflies on her card.


Lisa Truesdell used one of the exclusive papers as the background on her page.


Stephanie Howell scattered the chipboard butterflies across the yellow starburst patterned paper.

We want to give one lucky Sassafras fan a chance to work with these gorgeous designs - so we're holding a kit for a special winner! For a chance to win FIELD GUIDE, just leave a comment right here telling us on a scale of 1-10 how excited are you for more Sassafras exclusive products in future Studio Calico kits?

Thanks, Sassafras, for working with us on this month's kit, and for letting us visit your blog!

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