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La Cour à!

87 Boul.St-Luc Suite 24
St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec
J2W 1E2 Canada

Hours of store
Tuesday, Wednesday : 10h am to 9h pm
Friday: 10h am to 11h30h pm
Saturday : 10h am to 5h pm

Website :
Forum :
Facebook :!/pages/La-Cour-%C3%A0-Scrapbooking/245678138897

In spite of her deafness and some discouragements from her acquaintances, Virginie the owner decided to jump in to the great adventure of scrapbooking, one of her passions since a couple of years. She has decided to open up her store in her region, where there was still no specialized scrapbooking stores. Since then, she was able to pass on her passion to so many people of her region. She knew how to surround herself with talented scrapbooking ladies, who became friends and formed a dynamic design team.

Virginie and the team ( Virginie, Annie, Annie, Marilou, Lauretta,Chantal, Pascale,Chantal and Guylaine)

Since then, the store does not stop growing and enlarging it’s inventory. And we believe that we are capable of asserting that La Cour à Scrap…booking is one of the best specialized scrapbooking store in the province of Quebec. We even won two awards from the Chamber of Commerce of the Haut-Richelieu among which, one for the best company start up and the other one this time for publics choice award.


We count on the family atmosphere a lot so that all the visitors feel at home when they come shopping in the store or when they come to crop in the workshop. By the way! We greet them with a red carpet were it says 'Bienvenue chez vous!' Meaning… ‘Welcome home!’ And where the logo was inspired by the colors of Kaleidoscope one of MME collections.


We have a beautiful workshop that could welcome 30 people at once, and the space is enlightened with natural lighting. In the store we offer many diversified products. The customers can find everything they need and more.


Among the best sales, there is My Mind's Eye. We have several kits of the month and many are made with MME products, which in return keeps our subscribers happy. We have a blog and a very active forum where we propose many challenges every month. We also hold a week-end…booking! twice a year. This weekend always takes place in a charming place where the participants can relax and crop and have fun! We want to take advantage of this opportunity to thank My Mind's Eye who always contributed to the success of our events by offering us presents to draw among our participants.


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Scrapbooking those closest to you

Hi! Nancy here with you today... I’m feeling so lucky to spend the month with you and My Mind’s Eye! I have had so much fun using all the new lines, especially Stella & Rose. My favorite thing to scrapbook is relationships, but sometimes it’s hard to put into words exactly how you feel about that special person. It’s easy to make a who-where-when layout, but harder to create a page that says all those things you want to say about your loved ones. I’ve put together a few tips on creating layouts that will let those closest to you know how much you care about them.

Make a List. The quickest way to remind your loved ones just what it is you love about them is with a list! I put together a short list of some of my favorite things about my hubby. These are just a few of his best qualities that came to mind, and I loved showing him the layout to let him know that I appreciate who he is.

Nancy_cool guy Nancy_cool guy2

Featured collection: Good Day Sunshine - Boy

It’s Personal. Sometimes when I journal, I get nervous, imagining all the people that will read it. I start to think that I have to explain everything so that my journaling is understandable to a wide audience. But that’s not always necessary. Your pages are exactly what you want them to be—not everyone has to “get it.” I created this layout about some of our best friends, and included a few of our silly jokes & catchphrases. It doesn’t matter that it won’t make sense to most people—it’s a page that will remind me in years to come of all our silliness and laughter.

Nancy_crazy Nancy_crazy2

Featured collection: Stella and Rose - Hattie

Tell a Story. It’s hard to capture someone’s personality on a scrapbook layout, but if you include just a few specific details, you can give the reader a glimpse into your loved one’s life. On “Little One,” I wrote down a few of our kitten’s quirks. This gives just a taste of the Kitten’s silly personality and fun antics.

Nancy_little one Nancy_little one 2

Featured collection: Stella and Rose - Gertie

Stay in the Moment. Don’t forget that one of your most important relationships is the one you have with yourself! The idea of scrapping yourself can seem overwhelming when you imagine telling your life’s story, but you can keep it much simpler than that. Every few months, I make a layout with a list of my favorite things of the moment. They don’t have to be important or profound things—just fun things that in a few years will bring back memories of who I was in 2011.

Nancy_love list Nancy_love list2

Featured collection: Stella and Rose - Mabel

I hope these tips give you the confidence to dive into scrapbooking the special relationships in your life. I love the satisfaction I get from seeing the joy on the faces of my loved ones when they see a layout about themselves.

MMEGDT Blog Signature_Nancy Doren

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Blog Challenge #20 Winners!

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: We have the most talented blog readers!

Have you had a chance to look at ALL the amazing entries?  If not, you need to take a few moments to look through the Blog Challenge 20 photo album!  It is full of inspiration thanks to the many talented people who took the time to enter this challenge!



Card Winner: Mona Pendleton

Mona Pendleton_I Love You


Layout Winner: Diana McGraw

Diana McGraw_I Love You

Layout Honorable Mention: Mireille Divjak

Mireille Divjak_Cooldude

Ladies, would you please email Amber ( with your mailing information and the prize you would like to receive!

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to share their talents with us.  We hope you will all join us for our next challenge beginning March 4, 2011.

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Blog Post

Love to be Loved…

And we love you, dear readers!  We hope your week has been a fabulous one and that you have been able to share and feel love from those that are most important in your life.

Our designers have covered many different topics in their Love layouts, we hope you are inspired:


Nancy Doren: The 2 of Us

2 of us 2 of us3

Featured Collection: Stella & Rose


Suzanne Sergi: Special, Unique


Featured Collection: Stella & Rose

“This year, I was able to take a few photos of my children for Valentine's Day! I fell in love with this photo of my son, Roman. I love seeing him in the color red!  Turquoise, and red is one of my favorite combinations for documenting Valentine's photos. So the  Gertie "Friends Forever" Petals Paper was the starting point in designing this layout. For my page. I used three different patterned papers, to  create a bold border underneath my photo. I used a preprinted diecut title, but cut around the outside border. I added bits of stamping, and hearts to finish my page!  Stella Rose is turning out to be one of my favorite collections! I love all the detail embellishments, and the color palette!”


Jana Eubank: Happily Ever After

JanaEubank_HappilyEverAfter JanaEubank_HappilyDetail

Featured Collection: State of the Heart

I think every young girl daydreams of marrying a handsome prince someday and living "happily ever after". I decided to create this gushy page for my husband for Valentine's Day to thank him for making *my* "Happily Ever After" come true. We have been married for 14 years now and every day is better than the last. :) Featured Collection: State of the Heart. Embellishments: Red Lush. Title and doily created with the Cricut Expression.


Trisha Ladouceur: Father and Son

Trisha_FatherSon (1) Trisha_FatherSon (2)

Featured Collection: Stella & Rose

Who says "Love" layouts can only include pink and red colour combinations? There is not reason why one can't break out of that mold and use something a little less traditional, especially when working with masculine photos. I did and the "Hattie" Collection from Stella and Rose was the perfect solution for me!  I started by mounting a 11-1/4"X11-1/4" piece of "Boy" Tapestry paper (S&R133)onto "Happy" Boupquet Paper (S&R149). I then attached a 6-1/4"X10" piece of "Buddies" Herringbone paper (S&R139) near the left and then hand cut a heart shape from "Happy" Polka Dots Paper (S&R150) and attached that.  The photo was mounted onto a 5-1/4"X7-1/4" piece of "Boy" Woven Stripe Paper (S&R132) and that was popped up onto a 6"X8" piece of "Buddies" Argyle Paper (S%R138). I stapled some of the green-y/yellow-y (what colour is that anyways?!)"Boy" trim around the bottom of the photo mat before attaching it to the layout. I cut the top part of the "Remember" Journal Card (S&R153) and tucked it beneath the upper right corner of the photo mat and attached the remaining bit to the lower left. I placed the "Buddies" Title Card (S&R 134) at an angle across the top of the photo after I poked the die cut key with decorative brad (S&R 146) through the hole attaching a piece of the blue velvet trim to the back. I added the layered chipboard border and
sailboat (S&R135) across the bottom of the journal card and embellished the top with a couple of the "Family" layered stickers (S&R142) and a decorative brad. I spelled the title with the oh so
amazing LUCH Black flocked Chipboard alphabets (LU1037)- you know I still cannot get enough of those?! I LOOOOOOVE the My Mind's Eye Chipboard Alphabets... they never go out of style and actually stick to your project everytime! Note that I use the decorative brad that says "and" between father "and" son... it was a cool little touch I thought!

A couple more from Trisha:

Trisha_Sweet Love (3) Trisha_Sweet Love (2)

Trisha Ladouceur_My Boys (1) Trisha Ladouceur_My Boys (2)

Featured Collection: Lost & Found – Union Square


Tamara Jensen: Valentine’s Day Breakfast

Valentine BreakfastT

Featured Collection: State of the Heart

To me, Valentine’s Day isn’t just a romantic holiday – it is an opportunity to tell my family how much I love them!  I started a fun tradition of surprising them with a “Valentine Breakfast” – a fun way to start their day with lots of love!  The menu often contains pink strawberry milk, crepes, Belgian waffles, pink pancakes, etc.  I always have a ball decorating the table and lining their place settings with Valentine gifts and treats.

The fabulous “State of the Heart” line worked perfectly with these festive photos.  I love the classic yet contemporary look of these papers.  The red Lush brads and flocked chipboard letters added great dimension to the page.

Tiffani Smith: Yucky Stinky

Tiffani Smith_Yucky Stinky

Featured Collection: Stella & Rose

Amber Packer: I Love the Way You Love Me


Featured Collection: State of the Heart

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Blog Post

30 Days of Memories

30 days vertical

30 days_close up2h30 days_title

30 Days of Memories?  What does that mean?

30 days of fun, simple, easy to implement ways to create memories. Because have children, my ideas are centered on fun things to do with kids. If you are single or are a couple without children, switch up some of my suggestions – this project is for everyone!

Today’s project featured embellishments from one of My Mind’s Eye’s newest collections: Lush 2. Lush 2 features four fantastic colors: Navy, Turquoise, Orange and Fuchsia. Each color has a beautiful journaling notebook, decorative brads, rhinestones, rhinestone brads, buttons and trims.

The boys in my house wouldn’t want to do a fun thing that was written on a Fuchsia paper (silly, I know) so I didn’t use the Fuchsia, but it would be beautiful added in!

Here are a few ideas:

  • Backwards day
  • Pirate day
  • Indoor picnic (we did this a lot growing up)
  • Breakfast for dinner
  • Eat under the table
  • Dance like crazy to music
  • Make cookies and share them
  • Drink hot chocolate with dinner
  • Give everyone crazy hair styles
  • Write a thank you note to someone
  • Ask the question: if you could go anywhere on vacation, where would you go and why?
  • Cowboy day
  • Space explorer day
  • Princess day
  • Brave knight day
  • Do the dishes together
  • Paint everyone’s toenails
  • Star gazing
  • Backyard games
  • Read a story
  • Fancy dress for dinner
  • Watch a movie (on the weekend)
  • Go get ice cream
  • Take a bike ride
  • Fly a kite
  • Play catch
  • Take public transit somewhere
  • Go for a walk together
  • Play board games
  • Have an indoor scavenger hunt
  • Take a drive to the mountains
  • Work on a puzzle
  • Play with clay
  • Do a puppet show (or act out a play)
  • Camp out in the TV room (or backyard0
  • Make an indoor tent for the kids
  • Sing songs
  • Write a letter to grandparents
  • Make your own pizza
  • Look through scrapbooks
  • Start a family journal
  • Do a kind deed in secret together
  • Draw names and do nice thing all day for the person whose name you pulled.

As always, I have included instructions with the color photos shown here and the printable title: Download 2011_02_15_MME

We will put the video from today’s segment up when it is available this afternoon.

I hope you will join me (and my family) in creating YOUR own 30 days of Memories. Remember that memories do not need to cost a lot of money - the best memories are created when time is spent together. I’d love to hear your ideas of fun things to experiences.


Blog Signature_Amber

P.S. Do you want to win a Cricut Expression or Cuttlebug? Register to receive the My Mind’s Eye newsletter (click here). We have added more than 400 new readers in 2 weeks! We will give away the Cuttlebug when we have added 500 readers (almost there) and the Expression when we have added 1000 readers (we’re making good progress). Remember to tell your friends!

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Blog Post

Quick & Easy Valentine Cards

Happy Valentine's Day! Love is definitely in the air! However, with busy schedules maybe there are a few last minutes cards to create! By keeping to one collection, and a few embellishments you can create cards in minutes!
This card uses the adorable Alphabet Soup that is perfect for your sweet little one! I created this card for my son Roman. He is such a sensitive, and caring little guy that truly appreciates my papercrafts. This card will be waiting for him, when he comes home from school today.

My go to size for cards is 6x6, so I used red cardstock as my background. I cut two large hearts, and adhered them on top of the patterned paper. I used two premade embellishments, to finish the card. I did pull in a heart brad from the Stella Rose, Gertie Delightful collection.

This card uses Gertie Delightful  patterned paper from Stella Rose as my background. I pulled in one embellishment for my sentiment. I love creating "ribbon candy", by simply twisting, and turning the ribbon. This simple technique, will turn a flat card into something very special! 

This card uses one patterned paper.(Mabel Little Lady Fine Flowers Paper) One element I love from My Mind's Eye, are the papers are double sided. I chose one for the background, and use a smaller piece as an accent. You can not have Love Day without a doily! By adding this simple element, it became extra special!
I used the premade title for my sentiment! Great for cards, too! I added three roses cut from felt to anchor my sentiment.

Finally, I created the following card with the Turquoise Lush2 Collection. 

I love the color turquoise for Valentine's Day, and this collection is so vibrant! I used one of my journaling spots to hold my sentiment. (Be Mine sentiment I already had in my collection.) The colors were so rich, it needed a bold ribbon. The black, and cream stripe in the Hattie Boy Trims was perfect! It is also a favorite of mine!

All of these cards took me about an hour to complete! I kept the designs simple, and used My Mind's Eye premade embellishments for that homemade touch!

May your day be filled with lots of love from Family & Friends!

  MMEDT Blog Signature_Suzanne Sergi

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Blog Post

Last minute Valentine’s Day ideas

Nancy Doren and Anam Stubbington are here to save the day with a couple of quick and easy ideas you can create at the last minute!  They have even included instructions!

Nancy Doren: Create envelope topper with die cuts and paper. Fill envelope with candy and adhere the topper.  Write recipient’s name on the back and send with love! ?


Featured Collection: Stella & Rose – Hazel

Nancy’s instructions: Download Nancy Doren_Clear Candy Envelopes


Anam Stubbington: We’re each other’s best friend. We’ve been through so much together and yet still have so much to learn together. Ian is the perfect person for me because I know I am safe in his arms.

anam_sohappytobewithyou anam_sohappytobewithyou_d1

Featured Collection: Stella & Rose – Mabel and Gertie


  • Stella & Rose – Mabel “So Sweet” Herringbone Paper
  • Stella & Rose – Mabel “Joy” Woodgrain Paper
  • Stella & Rose – Mabel “Love” Brocade DieCut paper
  • Stella & Rose – Mabel “Play” DieCut Journal Tag
  • Stella & Rose – Gertie “You & Me” Layered Cardstock Stickers
  • Stella & Rose - Gertie “Friends Forever” Adhesive Chipboard Elements
  • Stella & Rose - Mabel “Love” Brads
  • Stella & Rose - Mabel “Love” Stickers


  1. Use the Reverse of the Herringbone as your base paper.
  2. Hand cut the design from the reverse of the Brocade paper.
  3. Cut a large piece of the Woodgrain paper.
  4. Use a circle punch to cut out the title from the Play diecut journal card.
  5. Ink everything with copper ink.
  6. Layer the title on top of the chipboard – i used foam squares.
  7. Arrange the brads and tags as desired

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Blog Post

CHA wrap up!

Our fabulous designers created so many beautiful projects for the booth!  Here are a few of the layouts they designed.  At the beginning of March, we will have an entire week focusing on the beautiful albums our team designed!

Anam Stubbington:

Anam Stubbington_Family


Tamara Jensen:

Tamara Jensen_Unique


Tiffani Smith:

Tiffani Smith_These Boys


Jana Eubank:



Suzanne Sergi:

Suzanne Sergi_Girly Girl


We have a WINNER to announce!  The winner of Nancy Doren’s favorite things is: Ally White

Congrats Nancy!! Great layouts. I love your use of colors!

Posted by: Ally White | February 02, 2011 at 01:25 PM


Congratulations, Ally!  Will you email your shipping information to:

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Blog Post

Love is in the air...

Valentines Day is right around the corner and what better way to show your loved ones that you care than by creating a card just for them!


This first card was created using mostly "State of the Heart" Collection papers (SOH104& SOH109) and die cut sheet (SOH110) along with a piece of pink ribbon from the Lost & Found Collection (LF1058).


I finished it off with LUSH Chipboard Alphabets (LU1040) and self adhesive rhinestones because bling is a VERY good thing and it was the perfect finishing touch!


The second Valentine card I created also uses the State of the Heart" Collection papers (SOH103, SOH104, SOH105 and SOH107) as well as the die cut accessory sheet (SOH110). I created a pocket on the front of this card to hold a gift card as a special treat for the recipient:) I added in some of the beautiful crocheted trim from the NEW Stella & Rose Collection (S&R192) extending beneath the pocket, layered with a punched border and then created a ruffled border along the bottom using the crepe paper from the Lost and Found Trims (LF1058). I finished the card off by tying a bow with tulle and adding a button (LF1098). This beauty is full of lumps and bumps and is sure to be treasured by the lucky recipient beyond Valentines day!

With so many beautiful options from My Mind's Eye, the possibilities for creating special Valentines Day cards are endless... what are you waiting for! Surprise that lucky someone and show them how much you care:)

Happy Scrapping!

MMEDT Blog Signature_Trisha


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Blog Post

Challenge #20

The challenge:  Design a card based on this sketch (by Anam Stubbington). 
Along with the sketch, you must use this theme:  LOVE

The rules: Use ANY My Mind’s Eye products (current or past) as long as your project has at least 80% My Mind’s Eye products.

The deadline: Email a picture of your project, first and last name to (with Blog Challenge 20 - card as your subject) or add a link in a comment on this post by Thursday, February 17, 2011 (midnight, MST).

(For tips on how to best photograph your entry, click here)

The PRIZE: The winner will be featured in a blog post and receive one collection of their choice!

Check out the fabulous samples by our Design Team:

Nancy Doren:

Featured Collection: Lost & Found – Madison Avenue


Tiffani Smith:

Tiffani Smith_card

Featured Collection: Fine and Dandy; Lush2 – ribbon


The challenge:  Design a layout or other project based on this sketch (by Anam Stubbington). 
Along with the sketch, you must use this theme:  Love everything about _________

The rules: Use ANY My Mind’s Eye products (current or past) as long as your project has at least 80% My Mind’s Eye products.

The deadline: Email a picture of your project, first and last name to (with Blog Challenge 20 - layout as your subject) or add a link in a comment on this post by Thursday, February 17, 2011 (midnight, MST).

(For tips on how to best photograph your entry, click here)

The PRIZE: The winner will receive three ENTIRE collections of their choice!  We will also award an honorable mention winner with one collection of their choice!  All winners will be featured in a blog post and have bragging rights!

Nancy Doren:

Featured Collection: Lost & Found, Alphabet Soup and Life Stories


Amber Packer:

Amber Packer_Silly Boys

Featured Collection: Fine and Dandy – True Blue

Happy designing!

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Blog Post

Cards with Anam

Sketches2scrapbook_logoWe know you know how talented Anam Stubbington is.  Did you know she has created 3 Apps for your iPhone, iPod or iPad?  It’s inspiration at your fingertips!  Each fabulous sketch has a sample layout complete with a supply list.  The Apps are user friendly and super easy to navigate!  There are two page sketch Apps currently available (each with a free trial version):

Guess what, card makers?  Anam has a card App that is due to launch around Valentines Day!  Anam created these amazing cards for the App using our newest collections and has generously shared them with us today.


Keep an eye on both her sites for more information on the Apps! AND

Have a fabulous weekend!

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Blog Post

Welcome Nancy Doren


Hey! I'm Nancy Doren and I am beyond thrilled to be a guest of My Mind's Eye!  I live in beautiful Colorado Springs, where it's cold in the winter and divine in the summer! My family includes my wonderful husband and our precious little kitten. I love to watch sci-fi, dance, hang out with my niece, and go on beach vacations (only 137 days until the next one!! Can you tell I'm excited?!)  I work from home, which means I'm lucky enough to spend all day in comfy sweats with the Kitten for company (that's her name: Kitten). I started scrapbooking in 2007, and I've been addicted ever since. I love bright colors, lots of stitching, messy paint, and treating my layouts as personal journals.

One of my first scrapbooking purchases was a huge pad of My Mind's Eye paper. I fell in love with the bright colors and amazing patterns! I've loved My Mind's Eye products ever since, from Everyday Tango and Bohemia to So Sophie and Lost & Found.

My Mind's Eye is always outdoing itself with more gorgeous designs, so I'm so excited to play with the newest lines and hang out with you here on the My Mind's Eye blog!

MMEGDT Blog Signature_Nancy Doren

We are so excited to have Nancy with us this month.  We want to celebrate by giving one of you our Stella and Rose – Gertie and Mabel collections! 

Give Nancy a warm My Mind’s Eye welcome by leaving a comment on this blog post by midnight on Tuesday, February 8, 2012.  We will randomly draw one winner and announce the winner on Wednesday, February 9.

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