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I absolutely love my children and they are my inspiration for scrapbooking and memory keeping. I want to give them the best childhood possible and document this great adventure, called life, along the way.

I've been married for 9 great years and I wouldn't be able to obsess over this hobby like I do, if it weren't for Brian's support.

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Young Scrapper's Blog Hop!

       Welcome to the Young Scrappers Blog Hop!  My name is Loni and you've landed in my very bare Two Peas in a Bucket blog!  I do have a personal blog that is private but I wanted to participate in this so that is why you are here.  I hope you don't mind!

       If you are wondering who the Young Scrappers are, we are a group of 18-31 year old girls who love to scrapbook! (What else?)  Our Young Scrappers thread is for us to share our love of our hobby, chat daily and share and praise our LOs and projects.  Next you might wonder if you are young enough to be a Young Scrapper, so I'll tell you my story really quick:

      Though I am not the oldest Young Scrapper by years I do feel like I am the oldest because I am married with four children.  Once you are a mother, you are a mother forever and I do have a hard time NOT mothering my fellow YSers sometimes.  I tell them to study hard, get enough sleep and don't forget to eat; things like that.  I feel like having children makes me more mature but I am still young.   A year and a half ago I joined the Young Scrappers and though they were hard to keep up with at first, they have inspired me and gotten me scrapbooking all the time.  I am 28 years old.  I feel young!  and I love scrapbooking, so I belong with the Young Scrapper's and they are great, real friends of mine.  I hope after this blog hop we get a few more of you visiting our thread!

   It has been discussed several times on the message boards, how do you find time to scrapbook?   Any busy, young mom -like me-could be asking this question.  My response is, I don't find time, I make time.  You can to.  What I do is I give myself a day designated for scrapbooking and a 2 hour block once a week.  I have 4 kids ages 6, 5, 3, and 8 months.  I scrap in 10-15 minutes I can steal and longer if it is during nap time and I'm not worried about housekeeping.  On "My Craft Day", I do minimal cleaning and take care of the kids.  The rest of my day is devoted to scrapbooking. Of course with 3 pre-schoolers there are a lot of things that pull you away, but I just get back to it when I can.  The 2 hour date with my scrap desk is something Hubby helps me out with.

     OK, on to the eye candy! cheeky  This is what I have been working on this past month - in those 10-15 minute spots!

    I have a Valentine tradition.  Every year since I got married I write a love letter to my husband and kids.  I stumbled upon this idea for a Valentine theme album to save these letters last year.  On the right I simply decorated an envelope to put the love letter in.  On the left the strips of journaling show what each person said when I asked them, "What do you love about Garrett."   The answers are always fun to hear.  My 3 year old was the most creative in saying "He's the best." about all of us.  Thanks, babe, haha.

        I used the pink 'Lush' line from My Mind's Eye and some kraft cardstock.  These are 8x8 pages.  Since it is a theme album and these pages are meant to go together I followed a very similar design theme.  The first LO probably took my over 2 hours, but the rest went rather quickly once I knew what my design was going to be.  

    For my envelope page I put a piece of the card that my husband got me along with his love note.  <3 It was a good one!! <3

          And finally, my title page was a 99% scraplift from a LO I bookmarked several weeks ago, by ~Karen~.  Love Never Fails

          I do not have a give away as you may have noticed some (maybe most) of these gals do, but I do have a challenge for you!  I challenge you to write a love letter to someone you love a letter!  Thanks for hopping into my blog!  Your comments are certainly welcome.  I want to know what you think of the Young Scrappers doing their own blog hop and if you think we should do it again.  By the way, don't you just love our banner Monica made?  I hope you've had fun so far!! Your next stop is with Rosie.


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I used to have some posts here, but I've removed them and will start blogging with a new style soon.

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