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No Rose Smells Sweeter than The Rosarian Collection

Today we would like to show you more in the Rosarian collection. A line full of color, gorgeous roses with a delicate touch of doilies and lace. 


A collection wouldn't be complete without embellishments.









Now looking at this collection you are probably thinking, what a cute girlie line. Well take a look at this layout created by Brit Sviggum. 

CHA - Rosarian - Brit

She uses the rich colors in this adorable boys page.

CHA - Rosarian - Brit1


  • Butterflies: #562618
  • Stamp: #559489
  • Wood embellishments: #559229
  • Wood buttons: #559298
  • Wood clips: #558871
  • Vintage trinketz: # 559649
  • Flowers: #562243
  • Papers:
  • Darby #844547
  • Felicity #844561
  • Old garden #844516

Maiko Kosugi created this light and airy page bringing the pink color tones stand out. 
  • #844585 ”Alba" Rosarian Collection
  • #844516 "Old Garden" Rosarian Collection
  • #844578 "Chambord"  Rosarian Collection
  • #844561 "Felisity"  Rosarian Collection
  • #844530 "Constance"  Rosarian Collection
  • #559014 Cardstock Stickers  Rosarian Collection
  • #559649 Tiles & Trinkets  Rosarian Collection
  • #559298 Wood Buttoms  Rosarian Collection
  • #560201 Pears & Crystals  Rosarian Collection
  • #559083 Notecards  Rosarian Collection
  • #562601 Timido Rosarian Collection
  • #562137 Bel Canto
  • #562045 Banda
  • #561475 Selenade
  • #561666 Soprano
  • #561383 Interlude
  • #922184 Stencils

Miss sunshine-rosarian
A page full of colorful sunshine by Hege Lundquist. The Rosarian collection brings out Hege's happy photo. 
  • #844584 "Alba" Rosarian collection
  • #844530 "Constance" Rosarian collection
  • #844523 "Rambler" Rosarian collection
  • #844547 "Darby" Rosarian collection
  • #559649 Vintage trinkets
  • #559014 Alphabet stickers Roasarin
  • #559137 Alphabet stickers Welcome to Paris
  • #559298 Wood buttons Rosarian
  • #922108 Masks
  • #562601 Timido Rosarian
  • #562588 Silentium flowers Rosarian
  • #562083 Pierott flowers
  • #562717 Au naturale flowers
  • #561390 Interlude flowers
  • #561413 Interlude flowers


We love this artistic page by Magda Bolinska. She uses the more muted colors in the collection to create this stuning creation.



  • Rosarian `Felicity` paper # 844561
  • Rosarian ` Bocella` paper # 844554
  • Rosarian Say it in Crystals # 560133
  • Rosarian ` Constance` paper # 844530
  • Welcome to Paris leaves # 562380
  • Rosarian Wood Buttons # 559298
  • Say it in Crystals # 560478
  • Pierott SARAH flowers # 561626
  • poppies&peonies Donna Downey Studios flowers # 922238
  • Tessitura flowers # 562762
  • Velvet Rainbow Dove Grey flowers # 556303
  • Velvet Rainbow Summer Mix # 556334
  • Rosarian Alphabet Stickers # 559151



This is a layout you can stare at for hours. Steph Devlin brings this page to life with the chevron design and use of Prima flowers. 




  • 544516 - Old Garden
  • 844523 - Rambler
  • 844530 - Constance
  • 844547 - Darby
  • 644561 - Felicity
  • 559014 - Cardstock Stickers
  • 559649 - Tiles and Trinkets
  • 559298 - Wood Buttons
  • 560201 - SIIC
  • 562588 - Silenteum
  • 562601 - Roses



Don't forget to check out the educator blog! We will be posting full projects, step-by-steps, videos and MORE over the handsome layout by Educator Cari Fennell pictured below!

Cari new smile1


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301 Moved Permanently


Blog Post

Guest Designer...Adrienne Ford !!!

This month we have a very talented artist to share with you. Adrienne Ford has a collection of projects as well as a fun tutorial that will get your creativity flowing. 

November 2010 140

We love how Adrienne has used Prima's flowers and embellishments and we know you will as well...

July and Prima 141

I came across this newborn photo of my DS recently and just had to find time to scrap it. The similarities between my two little ones faces at birth is striking! I wanted my photo to be the main focus of my layout, therefore I used a beautiful array of Prima product to wrap this photo of my son like a warm hug.

July and Prima 159


  • Shabby Chic Collection- Bird Cages #890858
  • Architecture Collection Large Window Shutters #890681
  • Charlotte Collection- Snow #557331
  • Sassy Collection - Butternut #558574
  • Carlotta Collection- Ivory #552732
  • Mariposa Collection - Meadow #556730
  • Crystal Palace Collection -Seamist #551797
  • Charme Rose Collection - Meadow Lark #556129
  • Vermont Collection- Ivory #553616
  • Fleur de Lys Collection- Spring #551667
  • Fairy Belle Collection- Alphabet #555375
  • Corine Collection #548834
  • Annalee Collection- Poetry #841836


July and Prima 150

I simply could not wait to scrap pictures of our recent family vacation to the beach! It was my daughter's first time there and she looks simply adorable checking out the sand and surf. In creating this layout I wanted a soft look to mimic the sand, so I white washed many of my elements, and added what I thought to be nautical elements like shells, metal birds and cheesecloth (fish netting).

Beach Babe Tutorial
Prima 3 001

1. I began my layout by taking Prima's Fairy Belle Paper and creating a unique border with my paper punch. I did this in a haphazard way- no rhyme or reason. I purposely wanted it to look jagged and uneven in some places to give a care-free look. You can also take some type to scrunch the rest of the border that was left un-punched and ink the edged for a more defined look. Mount to cardstock or patterned paper.

Prima 3 002

2. I then mapped out which area on my paper I wanted to "white wash" with my Gesso. Using my paintbrush, I layered my Gesso on using a back and forth motion. I decided to create my design almost in the shape of a T, but any design will do!

Prima 3 008

3. Once your Gesso has dried you can add misting to your project! I tend to add my mists lightest to darkest, drying between colors and soaking up any unwanted muddy-ing of colors. If you don't like the results, you can always go over it again with another layer of Gesso.

Prima 3 012

4. Once your misting is dry, you can go about stamping your misted area. This can be as subtle or dramatic as you would like. During this step I tend to stamp dark in the middle to light as I reach the border where the Gesso stops. I also like to subtly stamp outside of the Gesso'd area so stamping doesn't stop so suddenly and have a hard edge.

Prima 3 005

5. For a more soft look, white wash your flowers and elements with Gesso. You can do this before or after you glue. I tend to white wash my flowers to help the flower blend together like a garden.

July and Prima 152

6. Begin to add your flowers and embellishments. For this layout I wanted to further emphasize my beach-y look so I added a natural color of cheesecloth over top my elements stretching in some areas for a more weathered look. Add other nautical elements and finishing touched to your liking and you are done!


  • Meredith Collection- Rose #552121
  • Merelle Collection- Teal Ice #558628
  • Merelle Collection- Rose #558598
  • Meadow Lark Collection- Textured Stickers - Alphabet #555337
  • Charme Rose Collection- Almanac #556235  
  • Gillian Collection- Aqua #552985
  • Gillian Collection- Cider #553005
  • Shabby Chic Collection- Old Wagon Wheels #890889
  • Grove Collection- Blue Branch #553678
  • Corine Collection #548834
  • Fairybelle Colletion- La Ronde Paper #950156

July and Prima 163

For this particular layout the beautiful Nature Garden paper line was a wonderful jumping off point, as I played off the florals and patchwork-like blocks in the paper. Using various art mediums I misted and inked the background to prepare it for some stamping for added interest. I also used Prima's sweet resin bridge to create a focal point to draw the eye towards the photo and then placed all my gorgeous flowers around it like a sunny garden.

July and Prima 165


  • Shabby Chic Collection- Mushrooms #890766
  • Shabby Chic Collection- Bridge And Chair #890780
  • Shabby Chic Collection- Small Sparrows #890773
  • Grove Collection- Mauve Branch #553685
  • Fairy Belle Collection- Essentials Petals #555474
  • Songbird Collection- Charme Roses #555573
  • Primmers Collection- Peach #558369
  • Primmers Collection- Peanut #558338
  • Fairy Belle Collection #1 Chipboard Sticker Shapes #950286
  • Kennedy Collection- Vintage #558406
  • Songbird Collection- Vintage Metal Charm Trinkets #554255
  • Nature Garden Collection- Midsummers Eve #950064
  • Mariposa Collection- Topaz #556778
  • Nature Garden Collection- 6 by 6 Paper Pad #950194


July and Prima 179

I just adore the Nature Garden Collection. This particular paper goes beautiful with my photo like a perfect match! The dark colored paper used in conjunction with the black and white Bretton Vine are a stunning contrast to the colorful mix of flowers I tucked within it. Tears and distressing of the outer edge of the paper further juxtaposed the bright florals used within my cluster.

July and Prima 172


  • Nature Garden Collection- Primrose Paper #950033
  • Nature Garden Collection- 6 by 6 Paper Pad #950194
  • Meadow Lark Collection- Textured Stickers - Alphabet #555337
  • Primmers Collection- Bleached White #558352
  • Primmers Collection- Heather # 558376
  • Primmers Collection-Peanut #558338
  • Fairy Belle Collection- Cling Stamps #950248
  • Golden Temple Leaves #539269
  • Almanac Collection- Charme Roses #556235
  • Kennedy Collection- Vintage #558406
  • Bretton Collection- Chronicle #552671
  • Songbird Collection- Art Tiles #554583
  • Tiny Treasures Collection- Almanac #554279
  • Bristo Blooms Collection- Violet #553074




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Blog Post

A Look Inside Summer CHA 2012

Summer CHA Wrap-up

We love sharing with you an inside look at what happened at CHA and how the Prima booth rocked the show!!

CHA Summer 12_56

Lets start with the people who help put it all together. Prima has such an amazing group of employees, artists, and designers. They put together the best of the best.

CHA Summer 12_11

The booth is full of store owners ordering the newest Prima goodies!

CHA Summer 12_46

Take a look at all of Donna Downey's new Poppies and Peonies collection. Here mixed media albums and screens are a must have.

CHA Summer 12_47

The new poppies!

CHA Summer 12_52

An awe inspiring Mini created with the new coffee cup album!!!

CHA Summer 12_75

CHA Summer 12_59

CHA Summer 12_40

CHA Summer 12_39

Here are some of the new embellishments by Ingvild Bolme. And some of the new flowers!!

CHA Summer 12_84

One of the Prima Educators, Nathalie Kalbach is sharing a make n' takes with some crafters!

CHA Summer 12_57

Here is a collection you have not seen yet!!! The Firefly collection is full of a watercolor look, beautiful rich colors and soft floral elements. 

CHA Summer 12_23

Here is a layout designed with the Firefly line.

CHA Summer 12_27

Here is another Adorable page created with the colorful Firefly line.

CHA Summer 12_19

Here is a view of our Rosarian Collection. 

CHA Summer 12_31

This handsome page is created using the Rosarian Collection.

CHA Summer 12_58

Welcome to Paris collection is a fun youthful line full of color and contemporary design.

CHA Summer 12_70

This Mixed Media Journal is filled with the Welcome to Paris collection.

CHA Summer 12_76

Here is a show peek of the beautiful Romance Novel.

CHA Summer 12_30

Here is an artistic layout using Romance Novel. 

CHA Summer 12_6

A closer look at a project using the collection.

CHA Summer 12_81

The Zephyr line in it's bright and beautiful display!!

CHA Summer 12_77

Here are a few samples using the Zephyr line!

CHA Summer 12_78

Take a look at this stunning page using the Zephyr line :)

CHA Summer 12_18

Here is the elegant Tea Thyme collection!

CHA Summer 12_17

Here is a wonderfully created layout using the Tea Thyme line.

CHA Summer 12_37

CHA Summer 12_33

Here a couple projects showing off the Craftsman line!

CHA Summer 12_28

The new metal trinkets are to die for!

CHA Summer 12_38

Here is a stunning canvas using some the new wood trinkets and Junkyard trinkets. 

CHA Summer 12_32

NEW metal charms!!!

CHA Summer 12_29

Vintage metal keys to fit the lock on your heart!

CHA Summer 12_45

Another product new to this release is WASHI TAPE!!! Each line has a matching tape.

CHA Summer 12_32

New Metal charms perfect to hang from a scrapbook page, or jewelry making!

CHA Summer 12_60

Some of the new fabric flowers!!!

CHA Summer 12_82

Here are few projects designed by the talented design team and educator team...

CHA Summer 12_2

CHA Summer 12_20

CHA Summer 12_26

using Donna's new masks, new canvas, resins...

CHA Summer 12_42

Using new flowers and resins.

CHA Summer 12_43

CHA Summer 12_53

CHA Summer 12_34

A sweet layout using, resins, new flowers, and junkyard findings.

CHA Summer 12_64

Peak-a-boo...A mixed media piece using metal pins, new gears, and Wooden doors.

CHA Summer 12_13

Two artistic pieces using a collection of Prima embellishments.

CHA Summer 12_55

Thank you for joining us on our CHA wrap-up!!! We hope you enjoyed taking a glance at the booth and all the amazing projects using the Prima collections. 

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301 Moved Permanently


Blog Post

Craftsman on Live with Prima!

We have a great show in store for our viewers tonight on Live with Prima: Cari is going to showcase the brand new Craftsman collection and create a layout filled with boyish charm. This collection is perfect for masculine projects and there are so many fun embellishments that coordinate with it too. Come and see what's new!

All of our shows are FREE, with lots of great ideas and a fun chat takes place during every broadcast. Go directly to our channel, to see this and tons of other great shows we have created in the past. All of our shows are recorded and archived for you to watch as many times as you like. 


Masculine Layout featuring the Craftsman Collection with Cari Fennell

Thursday, July 26th at 6:30pm PT/ 9:30pm ET

7/27-1:30am GMT/ 11:30am Sydney


Who says a masculine layout can’t have flowers? Join Cari as she shares the brand new “Craftsman” collection with new flowers, embellishments and more! This new collection is sure to compliment your “guy” photos and still appeal to your Prima senses.



Did you catch Janine's show from last week, featuring Rondelle? Janine had some amazing tips and techniques that she shared with our viewers. See how you can create a layered look using images from the papers and create a gorgeous cool! And her accent is pretty cute too!



Video streaming by Ustream

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Blog Post

Need Some Inspiration?

Here are some amazing internationally-inspired classes just for YOU!


Check out this new adventure with Donna Downey and a few of our Prima gals! Click here for details!







One of the questions I get asked most often is, “where is the best place that you have traveled to?” My answer is always the same…regardless of where in the world I am, it is the people and the relationships made that make a life long impact on me. That said, I have been blessed enough to travel the globe, meet and build relationships with other creatives like myself, see and experience cultures and be present as the common threads tied so many of these experiences together because no matter the native tongue of each country we all communicate our passion through ART.

Each country I have visited and culture brings a new and intrinsically unique spin on the creative process, impacting on not only design style but the availability of product. In the United States we are often spoiled by the immediacy in which we can acquire creative mediums and products, while other cultures are often, out of necessity, stretching their creativity by finding new inventive ways to use the products that they do have. Because I have been fortunate enough to create with and be introduced to so many amazingly talented people through my 10 years of travel, I wanted to bring these artists and a bit of their culture to a more global venue and I cannot think of anything more global than the internet. 

I have asked 4 very talented artists to accompany me in this first workshop in the series. I shipped each artist a big box of my products and asked them to video record their creative process. For some this was their first time in front of the camera, for others it was old hat…their only instruction was that they had to use some part of every product in the box. With no limitations on their creative styles, additional products or finished result, the results were authentically beautifully representing each artist and showcasing their stylistic niches. I watched each artist create absolutely in awe of their creative process and how each artist transformed my products.

I have no doubt that you too will be just as blown away as I was watching them create.

this will be an experience like none the world becomes just that much smaller and the talents from around the globe share with you their unique ideas as they each assemble dynamic mixed-media books step-by-step right in your own home.

each artist's video is approximately 1.5-2 hours in length and details their process from start to finish, allowing you to watch all the way through, create along side her or interpret her ideas in your own style.

registration is OPEN now!

and is offered at an incredible price


{5 workshops for the price of 1... incredible right!!!} 

Here is a direct link to the kit!

 I am honored to introduce you to the artists in my new online workshop series Internationally INSPIRED.

2011 finn2 

anna dabrowska

warsaw, POLAND

Anna sample-

Cari Fennell Low Res

cari fennell

new york, USA

Cari sneap peek

Nathalie pic

nathalie kalbach

hamburg, GERMANY

Nathalie sneak peek-


birgit koopsen


Birgit sneak peek-

Me head 5x7--

donna downey

north carolina, USA

Donna sneak peek-



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301 Moved Permanently


Blog Post

Check out the Colors of Zephyr...

Rainbows burst from the Zephyr collection. Each page is filled with flowers, bright colors, and elegant little details. 

Zephyr Collection









The Zephyr line is packed with possibilities...We would like to show you some of the possibilities our design team found.


Solange Marques brings up this amazing layout using the Zephyr line. She gives us a stroll in the park with her creative design.




  • Tempore # 844486
  • Angelus # 844462
  • Gramercy # 844455
  • Tabarette # 844431
  • Embellischments:
  • Shabby Chic treasures #891466
  • Shabby Chic treasures # 891466
  • Resist Canvas #561031
  • Mask:
  • Mask #922092
  • Stamps:
  • Prima Press #560836
  • Prima Press #560850
  • Flowers:
  • Soubrette #561581
  • Serenade #561451
  • Encore #561345
  • Interlude#561390
  • In adction:
  • Acrylic Gesso
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Molding paste



This adorable mixed media canvas was artistically thought up by Stacey Young. She uses to Zephyr papers to bring to life her cute little owl. 



  • #844479 Zephyr "Celeste"
  • #844462 Zephyr "Angelus"
  • #844493 Zephyr "Zephyr"
  • #922146 Poppies and Peonies Mask
  • #562489 Timido Zephyr
  • #562465 Silentium Zephyr


Beginings small

The wind has brought us this gorgeous layout by Anna-Maria Wolniak. She uses the collections light and airy side to design this stunner. 

Beginings-details (4)small


  • Papers ‘Zephyr’ collection:
  • ‘Angelus’ 844462
  • ‘Celleste’ 844479
  • ‘Tempore’ 844486
  • ‘Gramercy’ 844455
  • ‘Zephyr’ 844493
  • Ledger Paper Pad 12x12 843755
  • Clear Stamps ‘Romance Novel’ 559410, 559427
  • ‘Craftsman’ 559397
  • Cling Stamps ‘Tea-Thyme’ 559373
  • Alphabet Stickers ‘Zephyr’ 559038
  • Chipboard Stickers ‘Zephyr’ 558963
  • Wood Buttons ‘Zephyr’ 559311


We also have an "appealing" Zephyr project on our education blog today! Come check it out!

  Nat zephyr TreasureTin03


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301 Moved Permanently


Blog Post

Perfect Projects Using Ingvild Bolme Embellishments

For this wonderful Tuesday we would like to show you a closer look at Ingvild Bolme's new collection of embellishments. We also have some outstanding inspiration, to give you ideas when using the new collection. 

Shabby Resins




Junkyard Findings



891558 typo zippers

891596 clock faces

891565 rusty typo zipper

Here are projects by our creative team to to get your creativity going.


This gorgeous card was created by Lea Lawson, she combines the Rondelle line with one of the new Shabby Chic resins. 



  • Rondelle "Sovienne" 12x12 paper - 844646
  • Rondelle "Cottillion" 12x12 paper - 844592
  • Rondelle Alphabet Stickers - 559007
  • Rondelle Alphabet Stickers - 559144
  • Rondelle Wood Buttons - 559281
  • Rondelle Decorative Wood Embellishments - 559212
  • Vintage Trinkets - 560058
  • Bel Canto Flower - 562106
  • Serenade flowers - 561444
  • Shabby Chic Resin, Cherubs - 560423
  • Say It In Crystals - 560423
  • Say It In Crystals - 560515


Heidi Kelley uses some of the new Junkyard Findings on her exquisite layout!!



  • Romance Novel "Time Travel" #844929, "Bookplate" #844943, "Dear John" #844936, "Emotion" #844974, "Messenger" #844981
  • Flowers: Serenade "561451, "Encore" #561338, "Soubrette #561574
  • Alphabet Stickers "Romance Novel" 558987
  • Say it in Crystals "Romance Novel" #560171, #560522, #560584
  • Junkyard Findings "clock gears" #891602, "typos zippers" #891558
  • Shabby Chic Treasures "La Coeur" #891442
  • In Addition:
  • Golden Gesso
  • Golden Molding Paste
  • Shimmerz Paints
  • Button


The most adorable face-rondelle

Take a look at this adorable layout created by Hege Lundquist!! We love how she uses neutral elements to create this profound page.



  • #844615 "Cabriole" Rondelle collection
  • #844660 "Polonaise" Rondelle collection
  • #561031 Resist Canvas - swirls
  • #559502 Clear stamps - Tea-Thyme
  • #559465 Clear stamps - Rondelle
  • #891442 Shabby Chic Treasures - La Coeur
  • #891503 Shabby chic Treasures - Fairies
  • #559281 Wood Buttons - Rondelle
  • #559120 Alphabet stickers - Romance Novel
  • #559007 Alphabet stickers - Rondelle
  • #922108 Masks
  • #562427 Timido flowers - Rondelle
  • #562441 Plume flowers - Rondelle
  • #561888 Bravo flowers
  • #561369 Encore flowers
  • #561437 Interlude flowers




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301 Moved Permanently


Blog Post

Mixed Media Monday with New Donna Downey Products!!

Monday gives way to a new week and we would like to share with you new projects using Donna Downey's new collection. 

P&P donna





Mixed Media Journal



Here are a few of the brand new Stencils out!!! Each comes in 6x6 and 12x12"

9221609221125Mask_4 (6x6)

922146Mask_7 (6x6)922122Mask_5 (6x6)

922153Mask_8 (6x6)9220922Mask_1 (6x6)


Take a look at what some of the Design Team has created using the new Donna Downey Collection


Stacey Young used the Rosarian line with Donna's new Tissue Poppies. We love her use of color and abundance of texture. 



  • #844530 Rosarian Collection "Constance"
  • #844585 Rosarian Collection "Alba"
  • #844554 Rosarian Collection "Bocella"
  • #844523 Rosarian Collection "Rambler"
  • #559151 Rosarian Alphabet Sticker
  • #558871 Rosarian Wood Clips
  • #559717 Vintage Trinkets
  • #559649 Vintage Trinkets
  • #560645 SIIC
  • #562496 Papillions
  • #562601 Timido Rosarian
  • #562588 Silentium
  • #922214 Poppies and Peonies collection
  • #561390 Interlude
  • #561666 Soprano
  • #561451 Serenade
  • #561437 Interlude



This colorful page by Leslie Ashe uses the new felt flowers in Donna's collection, the mix of color blends well with the Rosarian Collection. Leslie aslo uses one of the new screens to add  fun design to her background!!



  • Alba Paper # 844585
  • Wood Clips # 558871
  • Wood Buttons # 559298
  • Decorative Wood Embellishments # 558802
  • Vintage Trinkets # 559717
  • 12x12 Alphabet # 559014
  • Canvas Alphabet # 555337
  • SIIC # 560348
  • Donna Downey Mask # 922153
  • Rosarian Timido # 562601
  • Rosarian Silentium # 562588
  • Bel Canto # 562120
  • Donna Downey Poppies & Peonies # 922269, # 922252
  • Pierott # 562090
  • Cabaletta # 561765
  • Interlude # 561390


Dd album 1

This mini album was designed by Anna Dabrowska. She used Donna's new Coffee cup canvas album to bring together this artful piece. 

Dd album 4

Dd album 6


  • Item# 922085 - Mixed Media Album - Donna Downey
  • Item# 891527 - JUNKYARD FINDINGS - 50 mm Bulbs
  • Item# 891541 -  JUNKYARD FINDINGS - Small Bulbs
  • Item# 561017 - RESIST CANVAS - Clocks and Gears
  • Item# 560089 - ZEPHYR - Metal Pins
  • Item# 559281 - RONDELLE - Wood Buttons
  • Item# 922153 - 12x12 Stencil
  • Item# 922108 - 6 X 6 Stencil
  • Item# 562656 - AU NATURALE - fabric flowers
  • Item# 562717 - AU NATURALE - fabric flowers
  • Item# 844646 - RONDELLE- Sovienne
  • Item# 844622 - RONDELLE- Pavanne


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301 Moved Permanently


Blog Post

We Would Like to Welcome You to Paris

Welcome to Paris is a beautiful collection filled with designs and color to make you swoon. This line just like Paris itself will make you fall in love.



With Welcome to Paris there are so many embellishments that will make your heart skip a beat.









Now that you've been swooned by Paris take a look at the amazing projects by the amazingly talented design team!!!


Lene Bjrnerud created this sassy layout using the Welcome to Paris collection. We love how she used the colors of the line to frame out her black and white photos.



  • Red Letter Day #844875
  • Something about her #844837
  • Cut outs #844851
  • Welcome to Paris #844844
  • Stensils #560898
  • Cling stamps #559342
  • Trinklets #559694
  • Wood tiles/paper #558789
  • Resist canvas swirls #561031
  • say it in chrystals Romance novel #560317
  • Junkyard findings industrial lamps #891572
  • wood tickets/clocks #559205
  • Wood clips #558857
  • Leaves #562328
  • Leaves #562380
  • Welcome to Paris flower #562342
  • Welcome to Paris flower #562388
  • Welcome to Paris butterflies #562373



Jana Werner has made this adorable page using the collection and can't get enough of her use of white space. 



  • 560584 say it in crystals
  • 559274 wood buttons - Welcome To Paris
  • 560997 resist canvas - banners & tickets
  • 559441 clear stamps - Welcome To Paris
  • 558789 decorative wood embellishments - Welcome To Paris
  • 560041 vintage trinkets - Welcome To Paris
  • 559069 journaling notecard set - Welcome To Paris
  •  paper
  • 844844 welcome to paris
  • 844875 red letter day
  • 844837 something about her
  • 844882 swag flowers
  •  other
  • twine, sewing machine, card stock, white paper, typewriter, Tattered Angels glimmer mist - graphite, acrylic paint (gold), staples



Maiko Kosugi created this happy work of whimsy. We adore how she used the papers and new coordinating leaves.



  • #844868 "Ledger"Welcome to Paris Collection
  • #844837 "Something About Her" Welcome to Paris Collection
  • #844875 "Red Letter Day" Welcome to Paris Collection
  • #844882 "Swag Flowers" Welcome to Paris Collection
  • #844851 "Cut-Outs "  Welcome to Paris Collection
  • #559205 Decorative Wood Embellishments  Welcome to Paris Collection
  • #560324 Say it in Crystals  Welcome to Paris Collection
  • #562366 Timido  Welcome to Paris Collection
  • #562380 Plume  Welcome to Paris Collection
  • #559137 Typography
  • #561420 Interlude
  • #561673 Soprano
  • #561628 Soubrette
  • #562144 Bel Canto
  • #922207 Stencils


Here is a little bit from Larissa Albernaz about her stunning page:

"I created this layout using the new Welcome to Paris collection. I chose to portray one very significant moment of my life - when we were in Paris celebrating our 11 year anniversary last year. This gorgeous fancy new line is perfect to celebrate love and Paris! Its bright colors and beautiful imagery were the perfect touch to keep my memories in style.I also included one stripe of paper that I previously worked with one of Prima´s new stencils, gesso and sprays then I just have added some layers of papers and those incredibly pretty embellishments."

Beautiful detail 1 w



  • Welcome to Paris collection Swag Flower: 844882
  • Welcome to Paris collection Red Letter Day: 844875
  • Welcome to Paris collection Ledger: 844868
  • Welcome to Paris collection Welcome to Paris: 844844
  • Welcome to Paris collectionCut-Outs: 844851
  • Welcome to Paris collection Something about her: 844837
  • Journaling Notecards Set: 559069
  • Welcome to Paris collection chipboards: 558925
  • Rusty Typo Zippers: 891565
  • Stencil: 561048
  • Welcome to Paris collection Wood Tickets/clocks: 559205
  • Say it in Crystals: 560317
  • Say it in Crystals: 560454
  • Say it in Crystals: 560222
  • Cling Mounted Stamp Set: 559342
  • Welcome to Paris collection Silentium: 562342
  • Welcome to Paris collection Papillons: 562373
  • Cabaletta: 561710



And don't forget!! We have projects you will want to check out on the Educators Blog as well!!!

Sharon pariscu1



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Blog Post

Rondelle and Craftsman featured on Live with Prima!

Don't miss out on the next couple of shows coming up on Live with Prima! We have the lovely Janine Koczwara sharing the Rondelle collection tonight lots of new embellishments on a show stopping layout! Next week, Cari will be showcasing the new Craftsman line and creating a masculine layout using new masks, wood embellishments and more!

Join us for these FREE classes on our ustream channel, right here! Login and participate in our chats that take place during every broadcast. And if you are on Facebook, we welcome you to join our Live with Prima Facebook group to stay updated on all of the lastest happenings on LWP! If you would like to see the entire show schedule at a glance, go to our website,


Funky Vintage Layers featuring the Rondelle Collection with Janine Koczwara

Thursday, July 19th at 6:30pm PT/ 9:30pm ET

7/20-1:30am GMT/ 11:30am Sydney



Discover the delicate and beautiful, new “Rondelle” Collection with Janine Koczwara! Join Janine as she creates a feminine layered layout, with a hint of funky vintage. This layout will have lots of fun details built into the design, including new flowers and embellishments too!



 Masculine Layout featuring the Craftsman Collection with Cari Fennell

Thursday, July 26th at 6:30pm PT/ 9:30pm ET

7/27-1:30am GMT/ 11:30am Sydney




Who says a masculine layout can’t have flowers? Join Cari as she shares the brand new “Craftsman” collection with new flowers, embellishments and more! This new collection is sure to compliment your “guy” photos and still appeal to your Prima senses.





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Taking a Look at Romance Novel

Romance Novel is a trip back in time, giving us a vintage romantic collection. The cutouts in the Romance Novel line are perfect for mini albums and adding accents to your scrapbook pages. 

Romance Novel by Marion Smith


Here is a closer look at some of the embellishments included in this collection. 



Clear Stamps








As if the collection itself wasn't enough take a look at how the design team utilized the collection in their projects!!


Take a look at this handsome layout created by Maiko Kosugi. Maiko uses layers to draw attention to her page. 



  • # 558918 CB 24 PC ROMANCE NOVEL
  • # 561338 ENCORE - WHITE
  • # 561482 SERENADE - ORANGE
  • # 561826 SARAH
  • # 561840 JULIETTE
  • # 562175 BEL CANTO- BROWN
  • # 562694 AU NATURALE
  • # 561659 SOPRANO - WHITE


Brotherly love-romance novel

Hege Lundquist gives us a shabby chic layout using the Romance Novel. She uses the papers elements to fussy-cut and place on her lovely page. 



  • #844967 "Harlequin" Romance Novel collection
  • #844936 "Dear John" Romance Novel collection
  • #559120 Alphabet stickers Romance Novel
  • #559052 Journaling notecards Romance Novel
  • #559687 Vintage trinkets Romance Novel
  • #562175 Bel Canto flowers
  • #891460 Shabby chic treasures Fly away
  • #561840 Juliette flowers
  • #561451 Serenade flowers
  • #561666 Soprano flowers
  • #562304 Timido flowers Romance Novel
  • #562281 Silentium flowers Romance Novel


CHA - Romance Novel - Brit

This whimsical page was created by Brit Sviggum. She uses the Romance Novel Collection to create a unique eye-catching page.

CHA - Romance Novel - Brit1


  • Alphabet stickers: #558987
  • Resist Canvas Swirls #561031
  • Vintage Trinketz #559687
  • Wood door #560690
  • Say it in crystals #560355
  • Flowers Timido #562540
  • Papers:
  • Dear John #844936
  • Time Travel #844929
  • Bookplate #844943


To keep the flower fun flowing take a look at what the educators have created today!!

Jamie WoodPrima2 2



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Blog Post

A Deeper Look at Rondelle

Rondelle is that paper line you'll want to use for everything. It has it's floral elements we all drool over but it also has patterns that will work perfect for those everyday projects. 








Art Tiles/Trinkets



All of these are just a small part of what is available in the Rondelle line and we would like to share with you how our design team used this line to create amazing projects!!


This beautiful layout was created by Gerry van Gent. We love how she used the Rondelle papers on this romantic page!

Rondelle_close 2


  • Rondelle papers - 844646, 844608, 844615
  • alphabet Stickers - 559007
  • Journaling Notecard set - 559076
  • Mask - 560898
  • Cling Stamps - 559359
  • Clear Stamp - 559465
  • Vintage Trinkets - 559700; 560058; 559939
  • Say it in Crystals - 560508
  • Shabby Chic Treasures - 891404; 891442;
  • Junkyard Findins - 891541; 891596; 891589
  • Prima Press - 560836; 560843
  • Flowers Rondelle - 562427
  • Flowers Encore - 561338
  • Flowers Interlude - 561347
  • Button Vine Fairy Belle - 555498


We went from Romantic to retro with this outstanding layout created by Lene Bjrnerud! She uses the Rondelle line's brighter colors with Prima flowers, resist canvas, and stamps to bring together this "WOW" worthy piece. 



  • Cabriolet paper #844615
  • Quadrille paper #844653
  • Say it in chrystals #560485
  • Domino trinklets #560812
  • Shabby chic resin treasures fly away #891480
  • Le coeur #891442
  • Chrystal stickers #560331
  • Timido Rondelle wood clocks #559212
  • Resist canvas swirls #561031
  • Notecards #559076
  • Papilions #562434
  • Prima press block #560836
  • Prima press #560850
  • Cling stamps #559359
  • Cardboard stickers #559007
  • Canvas stickers #559144
  • metal pins #560858
  • Rondelle flowers #562403
  • Rondelle flowers #562434
  • Rondelle flowers #562427
  • Bel canto flowers #562106
  • Seranade flowers #561444
  • Encore flowers #561338
  • Encore flowers #561369


Leslie Ashe made this adorable page using the Rondelle Collection. Leslie uses the softer colors of the line and gives us a completely different look than our previous projects! We love how versatile the line can be. 



  • Cabriole Paper # 844615
  • Sovienne Paper # 844646
  • Cotillion Paper # 844592
  • Quadrille Paper # 844653
  • 12x12 Alphabet # 559007
  • Canvas Alphabet # 555337
  • Wood Embellishments # 559212
  • Wood Buttons # 559281
  • Vintage Trinkets # 560058
  • Shabby Chic Resins Marvelle # 891459
  • Shabby Chic Resins La Coeur # 891442
  • SIIC # 560607
  • Rondelle Silentium # 562403
  • Rondelle Timido 562427
  • Rondelle # 562434
  • Encore # 561345
  • Interlude # 561420



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Blog Post

What Prima Does Best...

Prima is known for their craftsmanship in handmade flowers. Their beautiful designs are unsurpassed and their eye for detail is unmatched. 

Today we would like to share with you a few of the new flowers in the 2012 summer release and share some of the amazing work by the design team using the new embellishments.




Au Naturale





First up we would like to show you the new mixed collection called the Au Naturale. These all have an abundance of texture, layers, and a neutral palette for you to alter. 




These lovely little felt flowers are called Lyriuoe. They come in a couple color collections as well as white. Ready to be customized to fit any project. 

Happy moments prima

This layout by Anna Dabrowska shows how Prima's flowers can fit any style. Anna featured the Au Natruale and Lyrioue flowers. She added her unique touches to create a one of a kind piece. 

Happy moments det 1


  • Item# 844622 - RONDELLE- Pavanne
  • Item# 844653 - RONDELLE- Quadrille
  • Item# 844646 - RONDELLE- Sovienne
  • Item# 559076 - RONDELLE - Notecards
  • Item# 559632 - RONDELLE - Tiles and Trinkets
  • Item# 559120 - ROMANCE NOVEL -Canvas Stickers
  • Item# 561024 - RESIST CANVAS FLOWERS
  • Item# 891527 - JUNKYARD FINDINGS - 50 mm Bulbs
  • Item# 891541 - JUNKYARD FINDINGS - Small Bulbs
  • Item# 891602 - JUNKYARD FINDINGS - Gears
  • Item# 562656 - AU NATURALE - fabric flowers
  • Item# 559373 - CLING MOUNTED STAMPS - Tea - Thyme
  • Item# 559410 - ROMANCE NOVEL - Clear Stamp
  • Item# 560898 - STENCILS - Circle
  • Item# 562052 - LYRIOUE - White flowers





The Soubrette collection is a blend of flowers in a bright array of colors. Each one is a beautiful example of Prima's quality in craftsmanship.





The Interlude roses are frosted roses in monochromatic color palettes and have a group of sizes that will work for every project.

Sunshine Girlwm

Leslie Ashe gives us this ray of sunshine. She uses the Interlude and Soubrette flowers to help brighten her wonderful page. 



  • Parfait Paper # 844509
  • Angelus Paper # 844462
  • Tempore Paper # 844486
  • Tabarette Paper # 844431
  • 12x12 Alphabet # 559038
  • Canvas Alphabet # 559175
  • Vintage Trinkets # 559731
  • Decorative Wood Embellishments # 559243
  • Wood Buttons # 559311
  • Zephyr Silentium # 562465
  • Zephyr Timido # 562489
  • Interlude # 561413
  • Soubrette # 561581

Bel Canto 




The Bel Canto flowers are fabric flowers that have an abundance of layers with realistic centers.




Soprano flowers are variegated with color, medium in size and are perfect for cards and layouts.



Lea Lawson has designed this stunning card using the Zephyr collection. She highlights her design with the Soprano and Bel Canto flowers.



  • Zephyr "Zanella" 12x12 paper - 844448
  • Zephyr "Parfait" 12x12 paper - 844509
  • Zephyr Decorative Wood Embellishments - 558826
  • Zephyr Wood Buttons - 559311
  • Zephyr Alphabet Stickers - 559038
  • Zephyr Cling Stamps - 559526
  • Bel Canto flower - 562151
  • Soprano flowers - 561703
  • Shabby Chic Resin, La Coeur - 891442
  • Say It In Crystals - 560157
  • Say It In Crystals - 560386
  • Say It In Crystals - 560638





Vibrato flowers are feminine jewels. Layers of fabric centered with a matching pearl accent. 





Overture flowers are bursts of color with a variety of styles.





The Cabaletta flowers are made with colorful fabric and topped off with a detailed pearl center. 

Happy chappy cha summer zephyr L

This happy layout was created by Felicity Wilson. Felicity uses large collection of new Prima flowers to create her joyous page. 

Happy chappy d cha summer zephyr (2) L


  • Mask 922092
  • Shabby chic Resin 891442
  • Wood clips 558895
  • ALphabet stickers 559175
  • Stamp 559380
  • Flower Vibirato 561901
  • Flower Prelude 561550
  • Flower Overtude 561505
  • Flower overtude 561512
  • Flower overtude 561529
  • Zephyr paper 844448
  • Zephyr Paper 844479
  • Zephyr paper 844455
  • Zephyr paper 844486

Make sure to check out this beautiful project by one of our talented members of the Education Team!!!

Jen Lantern1










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Blog Post

July BAP & PPP

We have been working all month to bring you all the sneaks to our Summer releases and, you were probably wondering what happened to the Prima Product Picks and Build a Page sketch for July. Well here they are...

First up we have another fun and artistic sketch for you to draw inspiration from. This sketch was created for us by Jennifer Matott. We love how she added Mixed media possibilities into the sketch and con not wait to see what all of you create. 


If you would like to play along with us using this month's BAP, please send your Prima-based project, using this sketch, to us by July 31th, 2012 for a chance to win some amazing Prima products.

Send projects to:

Please include "BAP July" in the subject line of your email.


Here are some of the layouts created by our design team using this months sketch.


This layout was created by Marie-Nicolas Alliot. She uses a beautiful spring color scheme.


  • Yuki collection "apple red" #940973
  • Sweet Fairy Collection "Pink Parfait" #843045
  • Yuki collection "Violet Flower Bed" #940980
  • Cling Stamp #555160 #551049 ##551070
  • Resist canvas #551612
  • Masks #882013
  • Flower Market- Alla Prima #553272
  • Crystals Sun Kiss #554033
  • Miss Govidas Mermaid #556853
  • Lady Govidas Limeade #557065
  • Hermosa Rose #558000
  • Primmer's Heather #558376
  • 12"x12" Cardstock Alphabet Stickers Meadow Lark #554293

The unique take on the sketch was designed by one of our new design team members, Janna Werner. We love how she interpreted the sketch in her own style.



  • Alphabet Stickers - Meadow Lark - 555337
  • Alphabet Stickers - Doodle Deux - 555351
  • Vintage Button - 550783
  • Chipboard Pieces - Doodle Deux - 555276
  • Alla Prima - Paper Pad - 843717
  • Alla Prima - Aquarella - 843366
  • Alla Prima - Ferrulle - 843380
  • Others:
  • Spray, water color, black pen, alpha mask

My Story is Magical July BAP-1

This texture filled take on the sketch was brought to us by Larissa Albernaz. What a fanciful piece.


  • Nature Garden Collection A4 Paper Pad: 950170
  • Nature Garden Collection Espirit: 95002
  • Script 12 X 12 Paper Pad: 844417
  • Nature Garden Collection Primrose: 950033
  • Nature Garden Collection Candelas: 950019
  • Notecards Nature Garden: 950279
  • Nature Garden Collection Blackthorn: 950040
  • Miss Godivas Lilac: 556815
  • Namazzi Charcoal: 557232
  • Fabrique Grape: 557522
  • Resist Canvas Nature Garden: 554699
  • Resist Canvas Delicate: 554668
  • Notecards Meadow Lark: 554859
  • 8 X 10 Alphabet Sheet Almanac: 555399
  • Corine Collection: 548834
  • Melody Glittered Cardstock stickers: 545819
  • Charme Rose Doodle Deux: 555795
  • Journaling Chipboard Nature Garden: 950316
  • Mask: 550004
  • Mask: 550011
  • Mask: 554620
  • Mariposa Ash: 556754
  • Fabric Poppy Flowers: 922016


This romantic page was designed by Juliana Montoya. She uses many layers to create her exquisite page.




  • Fairy Belle Collection Marcelle - 950132
  • Fairy Belle Collection Summer Dream - 950095
  • Swirls and Fimo Cream - 535582
  • Butterflies Farfalla - 543815
  • Genie Stones - 556686
  • Butterfly Kiss Sparkling - 549480
  • Metal Shabby Chic - 890919
  • Purple Flowers - PE-002-20P
  • White Mulberry Roses - SA-00211
  • Calcutta Petals - 538408
  • Lilliput Roses - 537685
We also have a Guest Designer we would like to introduce to you...Adrienne Ford.

November 2010 140

Prima 3 026
Here is what Adrienne had to say about her adorable page:
For July's BAP I decided to go more playful! I enjoy misting and making my backgrounds unique and one of a kind- Prima's masks and stamps help make the job a piece of cake! I also altered my white flowers by misting them a bit to achieve the perfect color I need for my layout. I finished it up with some black wire and made some quirky twists for added interest.
Product List:
  • Alla-Prima Cling Mounted Stamp #551094
  • Fairy Belle Cling Stamp #950248
  • Black Coal Chalk Fluid Edger #890995
  • Kindred Spirit Paper - Sun Kiss Collection #844226
  • Winding Vine 12 x 12 Mask #545659
  • Melon- Charlotte Collection #557300
  • Snow- Charlotte Collection #557331




We also have a PPP for the month of July. Full of patriotic colors in red, white, and blue. The flowers are all made of warm textures and amazing detail. 


Would you like to participate for a chance to win some Prima goodies? Here's how:

Complete a Prima-based project using these products, or the color palette shown above, and submit them to us: by June 31st! Please make sure to put "June PPP" in the subject line.

We have a couple projects using this month's palette to help get you going.


OUr first yummy treat was designed by one of our educators Trina McClune. She uses the PPP to adorn this perfect little cupcake basket.



  • 841409 – Strawberry Kisses daydream
  • 536039 – Flower Centres
  • 537791 – Athena Flowers Blue Belle
  • 540173 – Innoscence Collection
  • 541415 - Lace


Prima PPP 2 004

Our guest designer Adrienne put together this heart melting layout. Here is what she had to say about her piece. 

I very much enjoyed playing with Prima's July PPP! At first I wanted to go with a Fourth of July theme, but not having any photos from that event I went on a search for something else.I stumbled upon this picture of my son and my newborn daughter and thought it would be perfect- I love when that happens! 


  • Bonjour Paper - En Francais Collection #843861
  • Script- Bretton Vine #552657
  • Nature Garden Crystal Flourish #554194
  • Mini Windows Resin Architecture Collection #890735
  • Bird Bath Resin- Shabby Chic Collection #890810
  • Wood Embellishments - Envelope #556600
  • Charme Roses- Nature Garden Collection #555900
  • Essentials Petals- Nature Garden Collection #555917
  • Leading Lady- Marcelle Collection #557713
  • Curtain Call- Marcelle Collection #557720
  • Aqua- Gillian Collection #552985
  • Coffee- Gillian Collection #553012
  • Blueberry-Encore Collection #558703


Make sure to check out the Educators blog for more inspiration on this months BAP & PPP!!!

Janine You Are Fun textural (Copy)





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Blog Post

Introducing: Mixed Media!

Mixed Media

Today we would like to share with you some of our new Mixed Media albums!!  

Prima has new covers for the Canvas Mixed Media Albums. A little something for the world traveler to the hopeless romantic.

To celebrate our new Summer collections we've been hosting giveaways on our Prima Facebook Fan Page; so make sure to look for the Mixed Media Album Poster on our page and leave a comment for a chance to win a Prima prize pack of goodies before they are in stores!!! ($25.00 retail)



There are even new inserts as well!


New to the Mixed Media line are these leather bound, canvas covered MDF wood covers. Each one comes with fifty sheets of kraft paper, perfect for art journaling or sketching. 




We would like to show you a few more of our new masks as well...



Here are a few awe inspring Mixed Media projects by our talented Design Team...


By Juliana Montoya



Larissa Albernaz has two amazing Mixed Media albums to share with you as well!!


The amazing adventure book

The amazing adventure of creation book cover detail

Page 1

Wonderful days canvas mini

Wonderful days mini detail

Mixed Media projects are a favorite among our Educators too! Click here to see these projects in full!

  Jamie MMAlbum Cari mixedmediacatalog2

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Blog Post

Romance Novel Technique Workshop on Live with Prima

Tonight, Marion will be hosting another great show, featuring her new Romance Novel collection! She is going to share some fabulous techniques and ideas using her new line, so tune in to see what she has to share. Next week, Jamie will create an adorable project using the new Rosarian collection and give you a first hand look at some of the beautiful flowers Prima is releasing at CHA.

Join us for these FREE classes on our ustream channel, right here! Login and participate in our chats that take place during every broadcast. And if you are on Facebook, we welcome you to join our Live with Prima Facebook group to stay updated on all of the lastest happenings on LWP! If you would like to see the entire show schedule at a glance, go to our website,

We are still hosting giveaways on our Prima Facebook Fan page; so make sure to look for the Live with Prima blog post on our page and leave a comment for a chance to win a Prima prize pack of goodies before they are in stores!!! ($25.00 retail) 



Technique Workshop featuring the Romance Novel Collection with Marion Smith

Thursday, July 12th at 6:30pm PT/ 9:30pm ET

7/13-1:30am GMT/ 11:30am Sydney



It's time for some awesome CHA summer sneak peeks! In this workshop I will be giving a special peek at my brand new line, "Romance Novel"! I will be sharing various tips & techniques using my product line, plus a quick and easy project. I hope to see you there! 



Coming Up Roses featuring the Rosarian Collection with Jamie Dougherty

Tuesday, July 17th at 6:30pm PT/ 9:30pm ET

7/18-1:30am GMT/ 11:30am Sydney



Bold, bright and beautiful describes this new line perfectly! Join Jamie as she shares the new “Rosarian” collection while creating a fun brag book, using a few of the fabulous new papers, flowers and embellishments. 



See the brand new Welcome To Paris collection, Canvas Album, Resins and more! Drew was very excited to share these new goodies with our viewers...


Video streaming by Ustream

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Blog Post

Introducing Tea-Thyme

The Tea-Thyme Collection

Antique roses and a soft color palette makes the Tea-Thyme Collection a must have for those weddings, baby showers, or women's luncheons.

We are still hosting giveaways on our Prima Facebook Fan Page; so make sure to look for the Tea-Thyme poster on our page and leave a comment for a chance to win a Prima prize pack of goodies before they are in stores!!! ($25.00 retail) 




Say It In Crystals

560218 siic01-Tea-Thyme-02

Tea-Thyme Note cards


A flower that goes beautifully with the Tea-Thyme line is the Lyrioue flower.



Here are a few beautiful projects to to get you in the creative mood...


By Juliana Montoya




By Hege Lundquist 




By Steph Devlin 

As a bonus we have a couple amazing projects over on our educator blog by Janine and Trina using Tea Thyme products! Click here to see them.


Janine tea thyme May Angels Watch Over You (Copy)  Trina tea thyme Love-is-beautiful

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Blog Post

Introducing The Rosarian Collection

The Rosarian Collection

Full of lace, doilies and roses galore. This fun collection has a strong color palette of pinks, reds, teals, and black. Sure to make the girl in you giggle with delight. 

To celebrate our new Summer collections we've been hosting giveaways on our Prima Facebook Fan Page; so make sure to look for the Rosarian Poster on our page and leave a comment for a chance to win a Prima prize pack of goodies before they are in stores!!! ($25.00 retail)



A few embellishments that pair perfectly with the Rosarian Collection are...


Resist Canvas



Velvet Baubles



The Rosarian Wood Buttons



Here are some amazing examples when using the new Rosarian Collection... 


By Lene Bjrnerud



Rosarian-Perfect easter-gerry

By Gerry van Gent




By Janna Werner





Samples By Jamie Dougherty

CHA 5 (1) copy


Our Educators have been hard at work creating GORGEOUS projects just for YOU! Come on over and check them out!


Janine Rosarian Precious Moments (Copy) Nat rosarian Friends_Rosarian01


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Introducing The Craftsman Collection

Introducing the Craftsman Collection!

Steampunk and little boys...The Craftsman collection is calling all of those handsome and industrial photos you have in your stash. The Craftsman collection is full of deep color with masculine elements. 

We have another giveaway on our Facebook Fan Page today!! Find the Craftsman poster on our facebook wall and leave a comment for a chance to win a prize pack of Brand New Prima goodies before you can by them!!! ($25.00 retail)


Some of the new embellishments that work wonderfully with this line include...

Wood doors


Wood Letters


New Masks



Projects by our amazing design team using the new Craftsman collection...


By Lea Lawson





By Stacey Young




CHA - Craftsman and Junkyard findings - Brit

By Brit Sviggum

CHA - Craftsman and Junkyards findings - Brit1

 Of course we have some additional projects over on the educator blog! Make sure you take a peek at them!

Cari craftsman myamazingboysm  Cari craftsman beautifuldaysm


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Introducing: The Zephyr Collection

The Zephyr Collection

A collection full of awe worthy colors, and fresh designs. This line with make you think of warm summer days and beautiful gardens. 

Make sure you jump on over and LIKE our Facebook Fan Page! We are doing a Win-it-before-you-can-buy-it CHA product give-away every day!


Along with this cheerful line we have some brand new trinkets that would compliment your projects perfectly. From all different shapes and sizes each one will help add the wow factor you are after.





Here are a few projects created with the Zephyr Collection


By Magda Bolinska




By Gerry van Gent

Close 2



By Steph Devlin


Once again we have a few more bonus projects to show off on our Educator Blog!

Janine zephyr Good Life (Copy) Sharon zephyrsillygirlsm

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Sneak Peek: Resins, Junkyard Findings, and MORE!

Ingvild Bolme Collection

Today we would like to introduce to you Ingvild Bolme's new line! We have new resins, metals, and take a look at the new bulb trinkets!!!

Also make sure to check out our Facebook page for a giveaway of Brand New Prima embellishments before you can buy them!!!($25.00 retail)



Here is a stunning canvas create by Ingvild herself using her new Shabby Resins.

Thank you - with resin mask - w wm


Here is a whimsical layout by Ingvild as well. 

Magical things - low res2



We also have some amazing Design Team Samples using the new Ingvild embellishments...


By Lea Lawson




By Lene Bjrnerud




By Steph Devlin


Once again we have a few more bonus projects to show off on our Educator Blog! Hop on over and see what these talented ladies have created.


Janine tea thyme May Angels Watch Over You Textural3L (Copy)  Nat craftsman Eureka02

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Introducing our Donna Downey Line


Donna Downey: Poppies & Peonies

Donna Downey has done it again and brought us some brand new goodies that will get your creativity flowing. In her new release she has a whole line of 6x6" and 12x12" stencils; two new Mixed media albums; and flowers to top it all off!



Here are a few close ups of her new flowers! Aren't they beautiful?




Here are a couple projects with videos by Donna using her new stencils!! Check out the ideas she shares!




Sharon Laakkonen took Donna's new mixed media canvas book and colored it in a soft mustard PanPastel to coordinate with the "Welcome to Paris" papers and embellishments.  

Sharon dd album paris

Donna's turquoise tissue-paper flower is a perfect fit for this amazing album. 

Sharon dd flower


Larissa Albernaz create this Donna Downey Mixed media album with new Prima embellishments creating a beautiful work of art. 

Behind Closed Doors book

Behind closed doors journal book



We have even more cool projects using Donna's new line! Go to our Educator Blog for more details!


Dd collage


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CHA Sneak Peeks on Live with Prima!

Tonight, we kick off the first of many classes on Live with Prima, featuring the brand new collections by Prima! We added extra shows to the schedule so be sure to check out the entire lineup for July on our website, Each show not only features new paper lines, but also brand new embellishemnts too. The instructors will create a new project from start to finish including lots of great ideas and techniques using these fabulous new products.

For our first show in July, Drew is going to feature the new "Welcome To Paris" collection! See how he uses this "gorge" new line on an adorable canvas mini album with lots of fun embellishments.

To win it before you can buy it make sure to check out our Facebook Page for the Live with Prima poster featuring "Welcome To Paris" and leave a comment today for a chance to win!!! 



Canvas album featuring the Welcome To Paris Collection with Drew Scott

Thursday, July 5th at 6:30pm PT/ 9:30pm ET

7/6-1:30am GMT/ 11:30am Sydney



In this class, teen instructor Drew Scott, will be featuring the brand new collection called "Welcome to Paris". Drew will start by showing all the lovely pieces in the collection and head into making an adorable canvas coffee cup album. You won’t want to miss this fun feature!



It’s a Breeze Mini Album featuring the Zephyr Collection with Steph Miller

Tuesday, July 10th at 6:30pm PT/ 9:30pm ET

7/11-1:30am GMT/ 11:30am Sydney




Come join Stephanie Miller as she creates a fun-easy and super cute mini album using Prima's new gorgeous “Zephyr” collection!! This project is filled with lots of easy to make pockets, fun tags, tons of journaling spots but mostly you’re going to love that it's a breeze to make! Mark your calendars and get a first hand look at this gorgeous new collection from Prima Marketing!




Join us live for these FREE classes on our Prima channel at This is also the place to see all of our classes we have previously aired. We also have a Live With Prima group on Facebook, that anyone is welcome to join! Create a free login on to participate in our live chats that take place during every show. Log in, go to our channel and start typing in the chat box next to the video screen.

We also have giveaways for chat participants at the end of each broadcast(there may be some brand new goodies included). Hope to see you at the shows!






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Welcome to Paris!

Happy 4th to our U.S. fans. We wish you all a happy and safe Holiday!

Welcome to Paris Collection

"Welcome to Paris" is a fun, kitschy paper line. Its rich reds, warm yellows, and soft teals make for a line that can be used for a wide range of projects. Besides the line's Paris theme, there are trendy patterns and wonderful silhouettes to utilize. Paris is the city of love and we know you will fall in love with this collection.  

Also as we have with all our other Sneak Peeks, make sure to check out our Facebook Page for a chance to win a Prima Prize pack before its even available in stores! ($25.00 retail)



Rubber Stamps

Along with new paper lines we have some new stamps out as well!! Check out this coordinating stamp set to Welcome to Paris.



Prima Press

Prima has new designs out for the Prima Press!! Check out a couple of the new designs! Make journaling easy with the Prima Press.



Our Design Team has knocked our socks off with their designs and we hope they inspire you as well!!...Samples using Welcome To Paris.


By Lene Bjrnerud



By Magda Bolinska



CHA - Welcome to Paris - Brit1

By Brit Sviggum

CHA - Welcom to Paris - Brit 1

Our Educators (once again) have some amazing projects for you using our brand-new line! Be sure and check them out:

Nat ParisLove01 Julie paris Janine Gotcha Kitty (Copy)

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Welcome to The Romance Novel

Romance Novel a line full of ephemera-like designs. Large florals grace the pages giving the line it's romantic feel, the elements in this line are perfect for creating mini albums...

To win it before you can buy it make sure to check out our Facebook Page for the Romance Novel poster and leave a comment today for a chance to win!!! 


Here are a few embellishments to include in your Romance Novel creations.


Wood Clips

These small wooden clips would make a perfect closure to a mini album or an accent to hold tags onto a page. 



Metal Keys

New to Prima's Summer CHA release are these vintage inspired metal keys. They come in two styles and all come on a keyring. These little baubles are an artist's dream come true.




The Interlude roses would blend beautifully with the Romance Novel. Each handmade flower is full of layers and accented with clear glitter crystals.


We even have a video using Romance Novel (AND some amazing samples below the video!)


Marion photo-11

Mini-Album by Marion Smith


Marion photo-12 Marion photo-13

Marion photo-14



Layout by Janna Werner




Layout by Larissa Albernaz

Unforgettable detail 3



Altered Frame by Juliana Montoya



Don't forget to check out our educator blog for a peek at these beautiful samples!

Jamie RomanNov   Cari romancesisterlovelayoutsm



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The New Rondelle Collection

We would like to start off our paper collection sneak peeks with the beautiful Rondelle Collection. 

 Rondelle Collection

 ...In this collection you will find a color palette full of pinks and creams with accents of black and teal. Rondelle's designs are a blend of natural elements backed with bold patterns, a line bound to suite the crafter in all of us. 

To win it before you can buy it!!! Make sure to look for the Rondelle poster on our Facebook Page and leave a comment today for a chance to win a brand new prize pack!!!




Each one of Prima's new lines will feature coordinating embellishments. Here are just a few of what you will find, matching each line.



The Bosoue branches come two to a pack, each one a different design. 



Plumes are paper leaves that match each paper line, they come in an assortment of sizes as well as colors and designs.



These little flowers are layered paper flowers with a delicate pearl center.



The Rondelle trinkets have a lovely collection of black metal pieces with gem accents and matching paper backgrounds.

CHA - Rondelle - Brit

By Brit Sviggum

CHA - Rondelle - Brit2


GOOd day small

By Anna-Maria Wolniak

GOOd day - details (1)small


Cuddle cha summer rondelle L

By Felicity Wilson

Cuddle d cha summer rondelle (1) L

We have two BONUS projects for you using the Rondelle Collection on our Educator Blog! Make sure you hop on over there to check them out!



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Prima CHA Sneak Peek: Flowers, Flowers, Gorgeous Flowers!

Prima is known all over the world for being the trend-setting leader for high-quality flower creations. This summer's CHA  release is no different! We have flowers of all shapes, sizes, and colors to fit every flower need you will ever have! Here is just a peek of a few varieties blooming at Prima:

To celebrate our new releases we have a giveaway to share with you. Check out our Facebook Page and comment on the post on the page for a chance to win a prize-pack of brand new products before they are even in stores!



Soubrette, Bel Canto, Soprano, and Bravo

In this sneak peek we are going to show you a few of our new floral embellishments, each one is a handmade work of art and when added to your projects will give a unique finishing touch that only Prima can provide. 

The Soubrette flowers are a blend of paper flowers in an assortment of shapes and sizes.

The Bel Canto flowers are fabric flowers with a realistic finish and centers. The Bel Canto are full of layers and rich colors.

The Soprano flowers are made from a layer of paper flowers. With a variety of colors. They are the perfect medium size roses for cards, scrapbook pages, and mixed media projects.

The Bravo flower if a large fabric flower with a jeweled center. Each layer is filled with variegated colors. 


This layout by Maiko Kosugi features the new Soubrette flowers as well as the stunning Bel Canto flowers. 




This little sneak by Felicity Wilson showcases the Soprano and Bel Canto flowers!!

Cute and happy cha summer zephyr L-1

Cute and happy cha summer zephyr L


On our last sneak project we have another example of the beautiful Bravo and Bel Canto flowers. 



Make sure to check in everyday this week for more sneak peeks of our Summer CHA releases!






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