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Product Spotlight: Off To School Chalk Stickers

This week's Product Spotlight has really got me excited! I love chalkboards ... so of course, I love these Off To School Chalkboard Stickers! Yes, they act just like a chalkboard! You can write on them with chalk or colored pencil for that old-school look. So cool!!!







Summer School by Yuki Shimada
Yuki says, "Chalk Stickers are a brand new product this autumn from Fancy Pants. This is a totally unique and fun item and I really loved using them on my page! I used them as a part of my title this time. Chalk Stickers will goes well with any school themed projects!"

Rachel Tucker 2 Product Spotlight Aug31
Rachel Tucker Product spotlight Aug31
A School Day journal by Rachel Tucker
Rachel says, "The Off To School Chalk Stickers were perfect for a cluster embellishment on the front of this school days journal. Simply adhere the Off To School Chalk Stickers overlapping each other onto a piece of black cardstock and trim around the edge leaving a small border. This cluster embellishment can then be added to a scrapbook page or mini album, showcasing the title."

Race Buddies by Leah Farqharson
Leah says, "One of the things that I really, really love about this school themed line is that it is so versatile! I loved using it to document our boys' obsession with racing games. The fun black and gray geometric pattern reminded me of tire tread marks, and that was all it took! It was so fun to layer the chalkboard stickers on the side to create little spots to put the fun embellishments."

We hope you've been inspired today! Remember to check out our Back To School Challenge. You could win some of your very own Off To School Chalk Stickers along with some other Off To School goodies! There is still time to enter!

-Amy Peterman


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Blog Post

Fancy This: Teacher Gift Box

Back to School time is upon us again! My kids have been back almost two weeks and I am already starting to think about teacher gifts. The new Off to School line from Fancy Pants was perfect for the project I had in mind! I converted this paper mache book box into a fun décor piece that holds some handmade cards. Do you have a favorite teacher in mind for this gift? Let’s get started so you can make one of your own!

Greta Hammond teacher gift box 1
Greta Hammond teacher gift box 2
Greta Hammond teacher gift box 3

Fancy Pants supplies:
Off to School: New Shoes patterned paper
Off to School: Stripes patterned paper
Off to School: ABC’s patterned paper
Off to School: Flashcards patterned paper
Off to School: Learning patterned paper
Off to School: Economics patterned paper
Off to School: Printed Transparency
Off to School: Rub-ons
Off to School: Chipboard Elements
Off to School: Chipboard Banners
Off to School: Element Stickers
Off to School: Chalk Sticker
Off to School: Tab Sticker
Off to School: Trim Card
Off to School: Design Elements
Other supplies:
Paper Mache book box
Brown paint
Pop dots
1. Paint edges and inside box with brown paint.
Greta Hammond teacher gift box step 1

2. Cover box with paper (include inside flap). Add pencil transparence to front cover.
Greta Hammond teacher gift box step 2
Greta Hammond teacher gift box step 3

3. Add Embellishments to front cover and spine (no ribbon yet).

4. Make cards (finished size 4.25” x 5.5”) for inside.
Greta Hammond teacher gift box 4
Greta Hammond teacher gift box 5
Greta Hammond teacher gift box 6
5. Wrap cards with 3/4” strip and add chipboard apple to hold cards together. Put inside box.

6. Wrap ribbon around box and tie with bow on front.
That’s it! Nice and easy and your favorite teacher will be sure to love it!

-Greta Hammond

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Blog Post

Product Spotlight: Off To School Chipboard Elements & Chipboard Banners

Welcome back everyone! How is your week going? Mine is going great! My kids went back to school today! Woo hoo! With the first day of school comes the posed photos on the front porch, with backpacks and lunchboxes. You know I took a lot of those this morning! And, I can't wait to scrapbook them using today's Product Spotlight, Off To School Chipboard Elements and Chipboard Banners. These fun chipboad shapes, have a retro vibe, and are adhesive-backed.


Take look at what Pocket Chicks, Lisa Saunders, Charity Hassel, and Lisa Andrews created with these cool embellishments.
Lisa Saunders - Product Spotlight - Back to School Chalkboard
Chalkboard by Lisa Saunders
Lisa says, "I decided that my son needs a memo board to help him stay organised for school. He's forever running back in the house for a book in the morning or always asking me what is planned after school. So I bought a very cheap chalkboard with a wooden frame and I've turned it into a memo board for him. The new Off to School collection is perfect for this project. I really like the fact that it's suitable for both boys and girls. I started by covering the front of the frame with strips of the patterned papers and then used the Chipboard Elements and Chipboard Banners to decorate. I've used a chipboard pencil on either side of the frame to attach twine to so they hold the piece of chalk one side and the chalk sponge the other. I've also split the chalkboard up so he has a section for school and section for play. I love how well the pieces of chipboard stick. I feel no worries that my heavy handed little boy will knock these off : )I am now hoping this board may help to make the school routine smoother in the mornings."


Charity enjoy moments school card
Enjoy Every Moment by Charity Hassel
Charity explains, "One way to show off the great chipboard in this collection is to make it the center of your project. I did this by placing the apple chipboard piece on the center of my rubon design. I added two more pieces of circle chipboard off to the side to finish the look and also to use the rule of 3 on my card."


Back to School by Lisa Andrews
Lisa says, "Not only do the Fancy Pants Off to School Chipboard Banners come with four great banner styles, they also include several little school themed images on the page. These little images fit perfectly inside of the banner pieces. They make adding some texture and interest quick and simple!"

Okay, so now I'm even more excited to create with these chipboard pieces! How about you? Aren't they cute? Want a chance to get your hands on some for yourself? Come back again on Friday for a CHALLENGE and a chance to win some Off To School goodies!!!

-Amy Peterman

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Blog Post

Fancy This: Making a Mini Album

Happy Monday!

Suzanne here, featuring the Off to School line by Fancy Pants. I think I am just about finished with my stash from this school collection! It was instantly one of my favorite collections, and I knew I wanted to create a mini album for my daughter. My oldest daughter is entering Seventh grade this year! This is going to be a very special year for her, and I wanted a quick way to help her document some of the special moments.

So today, I will be sharing a few steps in my process for creating the cover of this album. I am a big fan of mini albums, and if given a broad assignment, more than likely I will be creating a mini! My first step in the mini album process is creating the cover. This is my absolute favorite thing to do! I know some like to work in the inside first, but my cover inspires the inside.

ABC Mini Album


This is the cover of the album. I used 8 x 8 chipboard sheets that I found recently in my scrapbooking stash for this mini album. After creating this book, I realize that this just might be my favorite size.


Detail of the ruler, and fun School themed chipboard elements included in this collection!

Fancy Pants supplies:
Off To School: Patterned Paper
Off To School: Chipboard Elements
Off To School: Journaling Spots
Off To School: Rubons

Other supplies:
Silver Brads
Embossing Folders
Paper Sacks

Here are a few things you will need to get started:
8x8 Blank Chipboard Sheets
exacto knife
8 inch ruler: I simply purchase this ruler at my office supply store, and then went into Lowes. They were very helpful, and trimmed my ruler free of charge! (Yes, they did ask why I wanted it cut down to size!)


Here, I covered the cover with the No.2 pencils patterned paper.


Next, you are going to need a corner chomper, and a 4 3/4 x 6 inches piece of chipboard. Grab your pencil, and doodle a roof to a school house!


I am definitely not an artist, however, this will be just fine. Do not worry about imperfections, because we are going to hide them with paper. This is only to give our school house some dimension.

Next, go ahead and cut onto the paper of your choice. I use the solid side of the Back Cover patterned paper. Tip: Use repositional adhesive, so you can remove it from the chipboard. We need to score the paper without the chipboard on the back.


With an exacto knife, I cut around the school house shape. I did use a sanding block for some of the edges. I also corner rounded the bottom of the house.

The next step is to score every 1/2 inch on the school house shape. I simply used my scoring pad, but a metal ruler would work, too.

Here is a peek of the cover being assembled with some of the chipboard elements, and the chipboard school house:


For the door, I used a 2 x 2 white square of cardstock.  I scored it down the middle, and used part of a rubon from this collection for windows. Two tiny silver brads serve as the door knobs. As you can see, I am simply layering items, and trying to determine what looks right to me. I did make changes in the final design. I included a diecut number seven to represent the grade year, and did change out the color of the bottom journaling spot. I ran it through my computer to include my daughter's name, and the upcoming school year. Finally, for the roof top, I used an oversized diecut photo corner. My chimney is 1 x 2 1/2. I did add some stitching to both elements. I chose the color black for both elements, because it reminded me of a traditional school house. However, brown will work just as well.

Now, here is a peek of some of a few inside pages:




I thought it would be fun to include an actual paper sack in the album. I did run it through an embossing folder to give it added texture. One of my go to techniques are the embossing folders. They are so easy to use, and add instant character to your papercrafts!  Gabriela can now use this fun papersack, for extra photos, or it would be a great spot for journaling. I think I may add a special letter to her, written by me.



I also included a mini paper sack that I embellished with patterned paper, and string. I used one of the Off to School rubons for the top, and it is secured with a velcro enclosure. Perfect for tucking in a wallet size photo, or more special journaling.


There you have it!  A fun filled mini album perfect for all the school photos I hope to capture, of my not so "little" girl!  Thank you for stopping by, and cannot wait to see what you create with the Off To School Collection!

-Suzanne Sergi

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Blog Post

Inspiration from the Everyday: Silhouettes

This week’s Inspiration from the Everyday combines two of my favorite things: bargains and internet shopping!

I am a sucker for a bargain, so when I saw a silhouette die-cutting cartridge in the clearance bin at one of my favorite craft stores, I couldn’t pass it by; in the cart and to my house it went! I had NO clue what I was going to do with it, but I could not leave it in that bin for a mere $15.00!

Fast forward to my recent internet shopping spree on Etsy … looking for a creative anniversary gift for my husband of soon to be 10 years … I stumbled upon Apple Blossom Print. Rachel, owner and founder of Apple Blossom Print, creates personalized, custom silhouette prints. With her creative direction, I created this fabulous silhouette print to honor our 10 years of marital bliss.

Silhouette 1

As I started to shop for framing, I remembered the silhouette cartridge sitting lonely and unused on my shelf. I was inspired to create this beach layout using the Summer’s End line.

Splash! 2

I am really happy with how it turned out and I am excited to create more silhouette-inspired layouts and projects!

Moral of the story? Don’t let a bargain pass you by, it may result in creative genius!

-Trish Harwick


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Blog Post

Product Spotlight: Baby Mine Journal Embellishments

Oh baby! This week's Product Spotlight is adorable ... our Baby Mine Journal embellishments. These sweet die-cut journaling spots, make adding important facts about you little cutie a snap! Pocket Chicks, Kim and Guiseppa share how they used this great product on their layouts. Take a look!


KWatson+New Baby+500pix
New Baby by Kim Watson
Kim says, "My baby niece is getting getting her big girl room any day now & I wanted to create something special for her wall. Looking through the cute designs in the Baby Mine Journal Embellishment pack inspired me to design this pretty canvas...
KWatson+cls #1+500pix
... The soft colors created a fun little wash-line of sweet shapes, remembering her birth details & a tiny photograph of adorable face. It was the perfect accent to compliment the amazing moment captured between her & her proud Daddy."

Guiseppa gubler august blog project1
Big Eyes by Guiseppa Gubler
Guiseppa says, "I am a huge collector of journaling embellishments ... I love them, but I always seem to stick to my journaling strips on my layouts. I guess it is my thing.
Guiseppa gubler august blog project3
So, using the Baby Mine Journal Embellishments, I decided to incorporate the two ... journaling strips on my journal embellishments. I love the look ... plus I used one for the title. I love how Fancy Pants products offers so many ways to embellish my layouts."

Thanks for visiting today! Come back again on Friday! We're taking a break from our Pocket Chick Pick this week and we've got a brand new post to share. It's sure to inspire you!

-Amy Peterman


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Blog Post

Fancy This: Paper Fringe Flowers

Hi Everyone! Ally here to share with you a super easy DIY embellishment made super cute by our Fancy Pants It's the Little Things line.

One of the places I look for ideas is sewing and fabric websites. That's exactly where I went to gain inspiration when I sat down to create this layout about my silly friends and me.


Fancy Pants supplies:
It's the Little Things: Four Birds paper
It's the Little Things: Bird Cage paper
It's the Little Things: Hummingbird paper
It's the Little Things: Honeysuckle paper
It's the Little Things: Cards paper
It's the Little Things: Elements Stickers
It's the Little Things: Paper Flowers
It's the Little Things: Buttons
It's the Little Things: Brads
It's the Little Things: Chipboard Alphas
It's the Little Things: Chipboard Banners

Now, I am no seamstress, let me tell you. But I do love all the little doodads that people who play with fabric make. Oftentimes I see something and think, "hmmm, I wonder if that would work with paper?" Such was the process when I found some fun fringe flowers made of felt recently. So, I grabbed three different It's the Little Things papers and went to town. The fact that the A and B sides of the papers are such cool contrasting patterns made them perfect for this process. I started by pulling out SIX sizes of nesting circle dies - you could do this with an electronic machine, punches, or just tracing circles of different sized cups and such.


I knew that I was going to be snipping the edges, and I thought if I traced a center circle and only snipped to the edge I'd avoid snipping pieces off. If I were to do this again though, I'd pick a much larger center because they are getting layered and you really don't have to snip in that far.


I really love texture on my layouts, and I already had my die cut machine out. So, I picked out an embossing texture (polka dots happened to win) and placed the circles inside. This was another reason I'd make my center larger next time. The embossing cut through some of the more thin pieces when I made the cuts. So, learn from my mistakes! :)


Now it was time to make short cuts around the edges—a bit like making a rag quilt if you've ever done that.


Originally, I intended to make one really layered embellishment with four or five of the circles. But as I laid them all out, I really liked the idea of having three coordinating embellishments hanging out together, and the sizes went well together. I used one paper's A and B sides for each flower and simply stacked them on top of each other.


The final touches were to layer some paper flowers and brads in the centers of the fringe flowers using the brad to connect them all together.


See? super easy, right? I also think this would be fun to actually do WITH fabric and use as an embellishment on a layout. I might go try that now.

-Allison Landy

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Blog Post

Product Spotlight: Baby Mine Glitter Cuts

Do you like sparkly things? Then you are going to love the Glitter Cuts that coordinate with our Baby Mine collection. SBC_fp-1230

These cute designs are printed on a transparent background, hit with a generous amount of sparkly glitter and then die-cut. They are perfect for layering over just about anything and are versatile enough for baby girl or baby boy layouts ... or even those not-so-baby layouts.


Vicki Product Spotlight for Aug 10
Peek-A-Boo by Vicki Chrisman
Vicki's creation uses several of the Baby Mine Glitter Cuts layerd over a mirror she adhered to one of the a chipboard pages from our Mixed Media (bracket) Album. This would be a pretty addition to a nursery and would make a wonderful gift for a mother-to-be.

Benedicte Raphalen-hi!
Hi! by Bénédicte Ralphalen
Bénédicte says, "I chose to use these photos of my daughter—who's not a baby anymore—to show off the Baby Mine Glitter Cuts. Indeed, I think Glitter Cuts are perfect to create a girly layout: owls, cartoon bubbles or frames are not for babies only!! So, I used the shapes and the Angel title that looked good with my photos. Don’t hesitate cutting your Glitter Cuts to put them wherever you want on your layout!"

-Amy Peterman

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Blog Post

Pocket Chick Pick: Veronica Johson

I thought this card posted by Veronica Johnson (aka "Kits N Bits") in our gallery was fantastic and I just knew that this CARD could inspire a LAYOUT!  :)  I loved the design so much that I used it as a sketch for my layout.

Hello by Veronica Johnson

I used the Off To School collection to create my page. I made a banner across the top just like Veronica did, but I also added a bit of the negative piece from my chipboard and then journaled inside it. I kept the four squares at the bottom of the page (well, more like rectangles), all from the same patterned paper, but instead of using one piece of paper to layer behind the squares, I cut some of the cards from the Cards sheet of paper and then made a mat behind the squares.

Random by Pamela Young

I wanted some of the pieces to stick out further then the others to give it a unique random look. :) And then I added some photos and embellishments and the title (which you'll notice is in the same place as the sentiment from Veronica's card). I am very happy with the way my layout turned out!

Thanks for the inspiration Veronica! And readers, remember to post your projects in the Fancy Pants facebook gallery and maybe it will be YOUR project that inspires us next! 

-Pamela Young

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Blog Post

Fancy This: Photo CD Card

As a thank you, I occasionally like to present my friends with a CD of photos. I make a card and adhere a CD holder. Here are step-by-step instructions on how you can make this special gift.


Fancy Pants Supplies:
Baby Mine: How Tall? patterned paper
Baby Mine: Adore patterned paper
Baby Mine: Llittle One patterned paper
Baby Mine: Cards patterned paper
Baby Mine: Strips patterned paper
Baby Mine: Element Sticker
Baby Mine: Journal Embelishments
Baby Mine: Design Embelishments
Baby Mine: Buttons
Baby Mine: Chipboard Alphas
Baby Mine: Chipboard Elements
Baby Mine: Filter Flowers

Other Supplies:
needle and thread

1. First of all, paper is cut according to these sizes.


2. Then a shape is traced onto "D" by using a Journal Embelishment as a template, and then cut on the traced line. This creates the pocket for the CD.


3. Sew a button below the pocket.


4. A length of string is bonded to the top of "C" (this will be the flap the folds over the CD pocket). Filter Flowers are layerd and sewn after they are cut to a smaller size with pinking scissors. After that, "D" is adhered to "C" at the edges.


5. The CD holder and other embelishments are bonded to parts "A" and "B".


6. Paper is cut to 5.75" x 1". It is pasted to the edge of the cover side.


I will present this card to a friend I met the other day. The CD will include photographs of our happy memories. If you have the chance, please try creating and giving this special and memorable gift! Thank you!!


-Yuka Hino

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Blog Post

Drum roll please...

We've got another winnner!


ohhh what fun pages and projects!!! LOVED getting to know ya better!!!!

Posted by: wendi r | August 05, 2011 at 08:22 AM


Congrats, Wendi!

Please send an email to: with the following information:

1. Name of Contest (Jodi's Giveaway)
2. Your full name
3. Address where your prize should be sent

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Blog Post

Designer Spotlight: Jodi Sanford

So, it looks like I'm the "Guest Blogger" for August.  Silly, I know, but since I rarely get to participate in the fabulous design team schedule, I thought it would be fun to at least show you that I actually do scrapbook when I have the chance!  Still, have no fear, we have some AMAZING guest designers coming up in the following months, so just stick with me through mine, LOL!!

First, for those who don't "know" me, I am the owner (with my hubby, Jared) /art director and a designer for Fancy Pants Designs!  I have four sweet little kiddos that I LIVE for ... they are amazing and I am so thankful to have them!  I am also very lucky to have a wonderfully kind and supportive husband that I also LIVE for!  When I'm not busy with the kids or working away, I enjoy exercising, road trips, and surfing the Internet for the latest news, celebrity gossip and inspiration!


Q: What is your favorite Fancy Pants product?
A: Well, I am afraid I have many, but I'll narrow it down to my top three—(aside from paper and everything that goes with it)—sound fair? Right now, off the top of my head I'm gonna say, Brag Books (love them), Filter Embellishments, and the 12x12 Stamp Sets—remember them :)?


Q: What is your favorite technique? 
A: I really don't feel like my project is complete without a touch of stitching ... usually from my machine, but also button stitching, etc.  It just has that chic feel that I love ... even on pages that aren't really all that chic!


Q: How long have you been scrapbooking? 

A: I've been a sticker and stationary collector for as long as I can remember, but I really started documenting my photos in high school (aka: A LONG TIME AGO) and then turned to "modern scrapbooking" just after I was married (also A LONG TIME AGO)!

Q: What kind of scrapper would you consider yourself to be? 
A: At the current stage in my life, I'd say I am more simple for time sake, but I would rather consider myself to be a vintage/shabby scrapbooker if I could!


Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share about yourself? 
A: I would just like to say thanks for all the continued support of Fancy Pants Designs!  It gets exhausting some days and getting on the blog and seeing the love for the hard work is a really great reward ... and a renewal for creativity!  And, lastly, because I am so fortunate to have access to some product ... I'd like to do a sweet giveaway from one of our BRAND NEW collections!  Leave any NICE ;) comment you want below and I'll make sure our winner will get something NICE delivered to them!

Leave comments before midnight (12:00 am) MDT, Saturday, Aug 6, 2011. Contest is open to US and international entries.

-Jodi Sanford

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Blog Post

We Have a Winner!

 The winner of the Summer's End prize pack is...


Love everything Fancy Pants--one of my "go-to" companies!

Posted by: Cheryl S. | August 02, 2011 at 07:08 PM


Congrats, Cheryl!!

Please send an email to: with the following information:

1. Name of Contest (Summer's End Giveaway)
2. Your full name
3. Address where your prize should be sent



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Blog Post

Product Spotlight: Baby Mine Flocked Transparency

This week's Product Spotlight focuses on our Baby Mine Flocked Transparency. It's pretty floral pattern, mellow yellow and velvety finish make it a perfect addition to any project that needs a little soft touch. A few of our Pocket Chicks were asked to use this transparency and they came up with some creative ideas you are going to love. Take a look!


Play Time by Katja Schneider
Katja says, "For this Layout I wanted to show that the Baby Mine flocked transparency can have many looks depending on the paper used underneath or used by itself. There are three different examples on this layout ... the flocked transparency has been used by itself (with no paper under it), it has also been used with a dark paper and a light paper under it. Every time the transparency has a completely different effect and look. I have also used some Maya Road products on this layout that were generously sent to us previously. I received a 'Play Word Chipboard Album' and some 'Gingham Fabric Blossoms'. I took the Album apart, used 3 of the inside pages on the left side of my layout to create lots of dimension and placed the front page of the album (play) on top for my title. The Maya Road chipboard was great to work with as it can be altered any way and matched to the colors used on the project."

The Club mf
The Club by Iris Babao Uy
Iris says, "I love how the flocked transparency quickly and effectively adds both texture and design to my page. I cut the transparency into different sized blocks and painted the edges to give definition to the shape...
... I then laid it on the page on a gird structure and used it as the foundation of my page. I added hand-cut papers, die-cut papers, rub-ons, and chipboard shapes to soften the edges and create a free style look to the layout."


One by Jen Martakis
Jen says, "I have always loved transparencies. They are so versatile and fun to work with. In this layout, I used the Baby Mine Flocked Transparency to add visual interest to a couple of simple elements. It was the perfect product to add a special touch to my project."

Thanks for dropping by again. Don't forget to enter to win some Summer's End! Just leave a comment on the previous post!

-Amy Peterman


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Blog Post

CHA Booth Tour + Giveaway!

Welcome back everyone! I hope your summer is going great. Fancy Pants had a great time at Summer CHA and we wanted to share with you our booth (thanks to A Cherry On Top!). Mr. Fancy Pants himself, Jared Sanford, gives the tour and shows you all of our great new product! Take a look.



We also wanted to share that our new Summer's End collection was one Creating Keepsakes' Summer CHA Picks last week on their blog. We're pretty geeked about that, so to share the excitement with you, we're giving away a Summer's End Prize Pack! Leave a comment on this post and we'll choose one lucky winner on Thursday and announce it here on the blog.

Leave comments before midnight (12:00 am) MDT, Wednesday, Aug 3, 2011. Contest is open to US and international entries.

-Amy Peterman

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Blog Post

Fancy This: Beach Beauty layout

Happy August! For today's Fancy This, I wanted to share a layout I created as a companion to my Hello Sumer layout I posted, for the Beach Bum Design Embellishments Product Spotlight, a couple weeks ago. I have two shadowboxes in my dining room that I love to change out for the seasons. I placed my Hello Summer layout in one of the shadowboxes, but it needed a mate. So, I created the layout I am sharing with you today. Now, I have one for each of my daughters and some great summer decor!BeachBeauty

Fancy Pants supplies:
Beach Bum: Marina patterned paper
Beach Bum: Rub-ons
Beach Bum: Printed Transparency
Beach Babe: Glitter Cuts
Artist Edition: Memo Notebook
Artist Edition: Filter Embellishments (Pinking Edge)
Baby Mine: Chipboard Alphas

Other supplies:
acrylic paint

I want to share a couple techniques with you...

First, I wasn't pleased with the distracting background of my main photo (who's leg is that?).

... So, using a little acrylic paint, I painted out the background! I love the artsy look it gives the photo!


Second, I wanted to show you how to make the filter fan on my layout. I spattered some watered down acrylic paint on mine and then cut a slit in one side (from edge to center). I then, folded small pleats into the filter.

Then I gathered the pleats together...

... and pinched the bottom to create a fan.

Tie a little bit of twine to hold it and wha-la!


And here is a photo of my shadowboxes. :-)

I loved sharing with you today! Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to come back tomorrow. We'll have a little tour of our CHA booth to show you and ... a giveaway!

-Amy Peterman

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