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Scrapbooking as Therapy

The other week I was listening to a Round Table  podcast and someone (can't remember exactly who) mentioned they view the time they spend on a layout as a chance to spend time with their memories.  If a page takes less than 30 minutes, they feel like they have cheated the memory. 

That comment got me thinking. I imagine that there are countless reasons why we scrapbook and the process and end product has a different purpose for everyone. Sure, there are the generalisations that would be true of most scrapbookers – preserving memories and a creative outlet – but there are other means of achieving that, so why scapbooking?

For me, I think scrapbooking is often a chance for me to prove and understand that I am significant. What I think, do and say is important and deserves to be recorded. I am creating these pages because I enjoy it, but also with the thought that someone is going to want to see them in the future. I am here and I matter.

For me, scrapbooking is sometimes a form of therapy. A chance to examine how I feel, or escape it. To congratulate myself or challenge myself.

Last month my grandmother died. After an emotional morning at my parents house I returned home to hibernate and scrapbook. That’s what I wanted to do. I created a page about New Years Eve, bright and cheerful with minimal journaling. Working on that page gave me something to concentrate on while my mind whirled away in the background, processing. It was thinking about another time and place that gave me some space. That evening I created a page about my last visit with my grandmother, when I knew I was saying a final goodbye. It was a chance to stop and think about how I was feeling. How grateful I was that I had had the opportunity. How proud I was that I had the strength.  

Sure, sometimes I make pages because they are pretty. And I am glad that I have these memories recorded. I certainly take more photos now, particularly of the everyday. And I recognise patterns and changes that maybe I wouldn't have before.  But, for me, that is only a part of scrapbooking. And probably not even the most important.

Why do you scrapbook? What does scrapbooking mean to you?

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December Daily Envy

Ok, I'll admit it - I'm jealous. I want to have a gorgeous album full of fun Christmas products. I want to be channelling Ali Edwards. I want to be taking amazing photos of my Christmas and scrapbooking them now. I want to be part of their December Daily club!


I considered it, but knew it wasn’t right for me this Christmas.


Last Christmas I decided to scrapbook ‘Twelve Events of Christmas’, twelve things I traditionally do each festive season. Well, it is currently the 9th of December and I still have one more event to do. That’s right, it’s taken me 11 months to do those 11 layouts. Despite Christmas Day only being 16 sleeps away, I WILL finish that last layout before then. However, I knew I didn't want to set a Christmas scrapbooking goal this year. I'm taking lots of photos but with no specific pages in mind.


I also don't own a printer. Kind of makes it hard to print photos out every day! I'm considering buying one as a Christmas present to myself. When I add up the cost of getting photos printed, it might actually work out cheaper. (Particularly if I use a little creative accounting.)


But, even with all this logic, I'm feeling out of the club. Oh well, I will just have to live vicariously through the Members Gallery. (And maybe sneak in a little shopping in preparation for next year!) 

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Camping – How Did I Get Myself Into This?

I'm not sure how it happened although I have a horrible feeling it might have been my idea. This weekend I am going camping - leaving in about 5 hours in fact.


I blame Karen Russell and all those gorgeous photos she posts of family trips to lakes. She made me envious. They were picturesque and idyllic. I forgot about tents and dirt and icky toilets.


If living in a tent for the next two days wasn't bad enough (and that's plenty bad in my book!) rain is predicted. For the ENTIRE weekend.


I would like to point out that we here in Melbourne are in drought. Have been for 10 years. Below average rainfall month after month. We're on water restrictions for crying out loud.


How is it that on the one weekend I "decide" to go camping, the entire average monthly rainfall is expected in that one weekend? Complete with high wind and storms! Oih!


This is my first camping trip in 7 years. I have a feeling it will be another 7 years before I even considering going again!


At least it will make a good scrapbook page! 

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New Album Hesitation

March last year I arrived home after an amazing 5 week holiday in India. In addition to heaps of souvenirs, I brought back more than two thousand photos. Over the last 18 months (18 – oih!) I have culled my favourites down to about 300 and have even managed to print about half of them. Now, however, it’s time to commit photo to paper.


I'm excited. I'm inspired. I'm stocked up on product. But I'm hesitating.


I think I'm concerned that the reality will not match up to the beautiful picture in my head. I think I'm concerned that this is such a big project that I wont get it finished. I think I'm concerned that I will want to change my mind about design, colour and page order after I start. I think I'm concerned that I will forget information and pages that I want to include. I think I am concerned that I have ordered the wrong photo size.


So I am hesitating.


Actually, I have already completed a section title page and 2 double page spreads of this album. However, they are for a 2 day stopover in Kuala Lumpur, before I arrived in India. Although they will go at the start of the album, somehow they didn't feel like they were proper pages. But, I think they tell me how to get over my hesitation. I have to stop thinking of this big album that I want to produce and start thinking of it city by city. I have scrapped KL so now I can think of the next city, Delhi. Think of Delhi and no more than Delhi.


That is my theory. It's a simple one. It's harder to impliment.


Does anyone else suffer from 'New Album Hesitation'? Do you have any strategies that worked for you?


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To Scrapbook is to Change an Event?

If I am remembering correctly, a famous thinker once said that to watch something is to change it. Well, I have been wondering to what extent an event is changed by the intention to scrapbook it.

Inspired by a free class on Shimelle's blog, for about the last 6 months I have been documenting my day in photos on the 25th of each month. Well, the 25th of October, a Sunday, was fast approaching and I had nothing specific planned.

Today is a Sunday and I have nothing specific planned. (Actually it’s already 10:30am and I haven’t got dressed yet!) I have a list of housework-y things that I should do and some scrapbooking that I would like to do but they may or may not get done. (Ummm…no, washing a load of clothes is definitely necessary today.) I think having nothing planned is fine – I need a day every so often to do not much, a chance to recharge my batteries.

But on Sunday the 25th of October, I organised to go have lunch and see a movie with a friend. On this day, having nothing planned was not okay. I can’t say to what extent the fact that I was going to record and scrapbook this day influenced me wanted to catch up with the friend on this particular day, I only know thoughts housework and watching TV photos crossed my mind.

For the record, my friend is very switched-on. When I pulled out my camera to take a photo, explaining it was my day of photos day, she laughed, asking if that was why I had organised a trip to the movies.

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I Will Admit...

That I am addicted to Thickers.  Love 'em.  All the different sizes and colours and textures and fonts.  I have seen some people on the message boards talking about how they have twenty-something packets - shock horror.  At last count I had 50-something! Oih. 

Owning all those different types, I have no idea how new American Crafts releases can contain more that I feel like I just 'have' to have.  But they do. 

Before you start thinking I am either rolling on money (nope, just Thickers) or completely nuts, this is the one scrapbooking product that is pretty much guaranteed to have me pulling out my wallet. Sure, I have more patterned paper than I can possibly need, but I know that and haven't purchased anymore in a months. (The odd single sheet just does not count!)  Thickers though - definately my weakness.

That is my confession for today. What is your weakness? 

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