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CI/Faber Castell Blog Hop by Shelley Hamilton

Hi, Shelley here with my CI/Faber Castell Blog Hop Project!


For my project, I made a "Summer Vacation Journal"!  Art Journals are very popular right now.  This journal isn't purely for art, as I decided to put some of our vacation pictures in it.  However, I was a bit more free with this album than I usually am.  I did a lot of artsy stuff, a lot more writing, and was as informal as I wanted to be.  It was a blast!  I plan to let each one of my kids do one, as well.  They love coloring, drawing, and pics of summer vacation!


I started with a plain journal, and piece of Bazaar Noir Chintz Foil Paper.


I knew that I wanted to use the new Faber-Castell Pastel Pencils in Blue/Green.



So, I began "coloring" the paper.  One cool thing about these new pastels is that they come in sharpened pencil form, so you have a lot of control, and can color with great detail.  Another nice thing is that they are easily sharpened.  I used a common hand-held sharpener as these became dull.

  The colors are amazing.  I chose to color-in most of my paper pretty darkly.



There were a couple of areas, however, where I colored in very lightly, then rubbed them with my finger to make the color pale and even.



After I had chosen the colors I was going to use, and had colored for a little while, I began to look for papers to coordinate with the front of my journal.  I found several pieces of Samantha Walker's "Tea Party" line that were perfect for what I wanted!  After I finished using the pastel pencils, I used a spray sealer to make the page permanent(no smearing of the colors).  Faber Castell also mentions the fact that you can use hair spray.


Another new product by Faber Castell are the Gelatos.  This particular set has blues and purples.  Beautiful!


Before adhering the colored paper to my journal, I used the Cotton Candy Gelato from this set, on the edges of the journal.  The Gelatos come in what looks like a chapstick container.  I just applied the Gelato directly on the journal edges.   After doing this, I got a paintbrush(this set comes with one) a little bit wet with water, and went over the already painted edges.  This helps smooth the color out.


To finish out the front of the album, I added small silk Eye Candy in several different places.  These Swarovski crystals make all the difference!



I used the Cotton Candy and Gold Metallic Gelatos on this page.


To get this effect, I rubbed the Gelatos on a wooden stamp--blue on the top, gold on the bottom.  I then put a little water on the paintbrush, and brushed the stamp with it.  Then, I stamped it on the page.  I repeated this process each time I stamped.  I enjoyed the process and the outcome!


On this page, I used a trimmed piece from the front/back of my album, and used it on the bottom of the page.  I used the Cotton Candy Gelato on a white paper flower, then blended it lightly with water and a paintbrush. 


After the flower had completely dried, I went back in and added steaks of the deep yellow pastel pencil.  The outcome was pretty, and I was assured that my flower would match the paper(Blue Pansies from Tea Party) that I had already picked out, as well as the cover of my album.  After doing this, I sprayed the flower with Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist Luminarte in Pearl Lilac.  This gave it a nice shimmering look.  To further embellish this page, I made small dots on the paper with Viva Colour Brand by CI's Paint Pen in Sunny Yellow.


On this page, I used a kraft envelope that I edged with the dark blue pastel pencil and painted with the Cotton Candy Gelato.  I also used the Viva Colour by CI Paint Pen again.  The yellow flower sticker is from the Tea Party line.


On this page, I used the Gelatos to edge the banner pieces and the paper mat.


Here are some of the items I used the Cotton Candy Gelato on.  Remember that after you rub the Gelato directly on the object, that it is a good idea to use a paintbrush and a little water to spread the color about.


Before I glued the glitter on the letters for the banner, I first colored the letters with one of the pastel pencils.  I just wanted a bit of color under the glitter so the chipboard color wouldn't show through.  I also wanted to glitter right away, without letting anything dry, so I chose the pastel pencils instead of the gelato.  Otherwise, the the letters might have been a bit wet, and the liquid glue for the glitter wouldn't have stuck to the letter.



I hope you have enjoyed seeing my project!  I have enjoyed sharing it with you!!


Products Used:

CI Products:

Bazaar Noir Chintz Foil Paper

Tea Party Die Cut Shapes

Small silk Eye Candy(Swarovski crystals)

Blue Pansies paper from Tea Party line

Tea Party Sticker Sheet

Tea Blossom paper from Tea Party line

Label from Art as Life ATC Pack

Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist Luminarte in Pearl Lilac 

Tea Service paper from Tea Party line


Faber-Castell Products:

Pastel Pencils in Blue/Green


Metallic Gelatos


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Blog Post

Art Journaling with Faber Castell!!

I'm going to tell on myself here for a moment....
Up until a week ago, I've shied away from
Art Journaling.
a fear of the unknown....
a fear of the right and wrong
a fear of finding ANOTHER ADDICTION!!

Not exactly sure where to start,
so I pulled out a piece of Paint It ~ Bazaar Noir ~ Zanzibar paper.

(I am not a big doodler....
so why not let someone else do that work!) 


I used various colored Gelatos to color the background.
When all colored in I spritzed with water
and let the colors blend.

Trying to keep one dimensional,
I pulled out a CMC Flower from Petaloo.
Using Art GRIP® Aquarelle Watercolor Pencils
I colored on the flower,
then spritzed with water.


Here is my second attempt at Art Journaling.
I do have to say....I didn't do so well
keeping this page flat....oooops!!!


I adhered a piece of Paint It! Define into my Art Journal.
Using three different blue Gelatos
I colored the page and spritzed with water.

The clouds were created using one of the stencils
from the Cherry Blossom Stencil Kit and
a bit of 

Using the Coconut Gelato, I colored inside the stenciled
cloud....then using a wet paintbursh
smoothed out the color.


The grass is a combo of Lime Gelato, May Green Pitt Big Brush Pen
and RainForest Twinking H20 from the Ulitmate Romance Kit.


 "seek the dream, embrace the journey, discover your destiny!"

Products used:

Luminarte Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist 
26398 Autumn Leaf

Luminarte Radiant Rain Color Concentrate
26435 Olive Vine

Twinking H2o's
28410 Ulitmate Romance
Pearl Red & Sweet Alfalfa
Paint It ~ Words

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Blog Post

Faber Castell,Creative Imaginations and Luminarte Blog hop

Good morning!  This is Alicia and I had so much fun playing with the Faber Castell Gelatos Colors and Clear Stamps on my project today.  We are having a fun blog hop too so I encourage you to hop around and check out everybody's creations.

I decided to make a card using the Creative Imaginations Banana Leaf Naturual paper and two sets of colors of the Faber Castell Gelatos and Luminarte Radiant Rain (Ice). 

FAber castell card 300


I cut out a 6X6 sheet of the banana leaf paper because I wanted to experiment with the gelatos and stamps on texture and this banana leaf paper was perfect.   I first took the different colors in the "red" gelatos package and used the pretty stamp to stamp different color images to my background.  I then took the darkest color and added a center to the flowers.  The gelatos are so much fun to use because you can stamp directly on the paper with them or you can add water to make a more watercolor look, or you can even fade the colors like I did in between the flowers with a paintbrush and the package of green colors.  The gelatos also make coloring ribbon extra fun too.  I took the same reds from my flowers and colored the large ribbon. When this was all completed, Luminarte Radiant Rain in the ice color gave it the perfect sheen.

Come on over to the girls' other blogs for more beautiful projects.

And here is Faber Castell's blog:

Faber Castell blog



Faber Castell Gelatos/Stamp (Green)/

Faber Castell Gelatos/Stamp (red)

Luminarte Radiant Rain (Ice)

Creative Imaginations Banana Leaf 12X12 (26518)

Maya Road ribbon

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Blog Post

Mixed Media!!

Hello scrappers, Donna here, thrilled to be sharing some projects using a mix of Luminarte and Faber-Castell products!  The pairing of the two creates endless possibilities…………. 

I created with the Faber Castell Mixed Media & Collage kit, a little box of big creative heaven containing some of everything you need to create mixed media style.  The kit contains various pieces of chipboard, papers, gesso, gel medium, glaze, craft glue, metallic gelato, colored pencils and artist brush pens, among other things, including twelve fabulous idea cards.


In my first project, “Happiness”, I began by first covering my chipboard with gesso.   Next, I layered several of the collage papers included in the kit, afterward, toning the color down with another, thin layer of gesso.  When the papers were dry, I applied some Ginger Peach and Sunburst mist over all.  Once the mist was dray, I layered and adhered more bits of paper, a piece of screening (in the kit!!), buttons and more.  I next applied some Sunburst mist to the piece of lace and adhered it to the piece.  I applied ink to my rubber stamp using a Nougat Big Brush Pen and arbitrarily stamped on the edges.  I outlined the numbers with some gelato and, using the black detail pen in the kit, outlined the words.  As a last step, I applied a thin layer of glaze over all.

  Happiness friendship



Products Used

Luminarte Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist Sunburst 

Luminarte Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist Ginger Peach                                                

Creative Imaginations Rubber Stamp Salal Branch 

Faber Castell Mixed Media & Collage Kit

Faber Castell Big Brush Artist Pen Nougat

Faber Castell Big Brush Artist Pen Black

 For my next project, I used a smaller piece of chipboard, this time, to ultimately use as an embellishment on a note card.    After applying a thin layer of gesso to the chipboard, I adhered then glazed over my various papers and then used a Radiant Rain Color Concentrate dauber to color the edges to create a sort of “frame”.  Once the paint dried, I applied some metallic gelato smudged it with a tad of water on my fingertips over the paint to get a sort of aged look.   I next used a cool piece of that screening in the as a mask and applied gel medium to add some dimension to the piece.  I lastly applied a layer of glaze over the entire piece and stapled a piece of cotton trim at the bottom.  Love how the glaze made this look like a real photograph even though it was just a regular piece of scrappy paper in the kit.  After adhering the piece to the note card base, I misted all with Butternut mist.

  Lady note card

Products Used:

Luminarte Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist Butternut

Luminarte Radiant Rain Color Concentrate Dauber Cinnamon

Faber Castell Mixed Media & Collage Kit

 For my last project, I used one of the smaller pieces of chipboard, only this time, I covered it with a piece of canvas.  I then adhered bits of papers on to the canvas and when they dried, applied glaze to the paper and outlined it with the Stampers Big Brush Pen.  Next, I stamped over everying (the fun flower stamp is in the Mixed Media & Colllage Kit too) and then colored in the canvas using a red colored pencil.  I painted the edges last, using the Cinnamon Dauber.



Luminarte Radiant Rain Color Concentrate Dauber Cinnamon

Faber Castell Mixed Media & Collage Kit

Faber Castell Big Brush Artist Pen Black

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Blog Post

Altered Canvas

Welcome to the Creative Imaginations-Faber-Castell Blog Hop!!  Our teams have joined up to bring you a ton of craft ideas, inspiration and tutorials. 

I created an inspirational canvas.  Check it out:

I colored this canvas with Aquarelle Watercolor Pencils (blue) then spritzed with water and blended the colors with my fingers.  I used the Stamper's Big Brush from the Mix & Match Mixed Media Sampler to color a script stamp and stamped on the background.  After heat embossing the white circles, I used the Neutral Gelato to add another layer of color to the canvas (I blended with my fingers). I traced the large words and butterflies (adhered to the canvas using Gel medium) with blue water colors and used a wet paint brush to blend into the background.  I used Mix & Match Art Grip Color Pencils to add definition to the journaling.

As a finishing touch, I painted the smaller butterflies with Egyptian Gold Luminarte Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist and flicked Autumn Leaf Luminarte Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist onto the background.

Creative Imaginations Products Used:
Preposterous Collection
29310 Playful
Oceanside Collection
29202 Del Mar
29207 Oceanside Stickers
26398 Autumn Leaf Luminarte Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist
26402 Egyptian Gold Luminarte Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist

Faber-Castell Products Used:
Aquarelle Watercolor Pencils- Blue
Art Grip Color Pencils- Neutral
Textural Accents Sampler
Mixed Media Sampler- Neutral


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Blog Post

"My Cup of Tea"

Nothing could be more "my cup of tea" then the opportunity to create with Faber-Castell's wonderful products and combine then with Creative Imaginations' Tea Party line of papers by Samantha Walker and my favorites by LuminArte. 

I had been wanting to create a mini album featuring of my favorite photos of my beautiful granddaughter, Leighton Kaye, and the lovely papers by Samantha Walker provided me with the perfect medium.  I started with two of the die cut Tea Pots and placed an explandable album created out of cardstock between the two papers.  I edged the paper using Faber-Castell's Gelato in Gold Champagne and painted the sun flowers on the paper with LuminArte's Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist in Solar Gold and Faber-Castell's Mix and Match Gelatos Colors & Clear Stamp in Yellow to give them a hint of sparkle,


Thanks to a friend, I recently learned how to create porceline appearing flowers out of paper.  I die cut the flowers out of some of the Tea Party paper and dipped them into a melting pot of Ultra Thick Emobssing Powder.  While the covering was still warm, I brushed on the pigment Primary Elements by LuminArte from the 3 pack of Costa Rica using Olive Vine and Majestic.


The expandable album provides lots of opportunities for photos and embellishments.


To add interest, I created a pop up element in the middle of the album.  I used the lovely stickers from the Tea Party line to enforce the theme. 

 When the album is opened, the circle pops up and then closes smoothly back when the album is closed.  I accordian pleated two strips of paper from the Tea Party line and attached one end to each side of the circle and the other end to the base of the center of the album. I dyed the lace with Raidant Rain Shimming Mist in Solar Gold.


To enhance the color on the back of the album, I mixed Faber-Castell's Gelato in Lavendar with LuminArte's Twinkling H20 in Sugar Plum on my craft mat (thanks Lynn Kopas for the craft mat tip).  I used my finger tips to smudge this mixture onto the edge of the paper.  I used Faber-Castell's Gold Champagne Gelato to add a hint of glimmer to the outside edge of the paper as well.


The album not only opens from the front side, but from the back as well allowing for even more photos of my lovely girl. 


Using my photo program, I turned all my granddaughter's pictures into sepia and then printed them onto canvas paper.  Once the ink had set up, about 2 hours, I used the Faber-Castell Mix and Match Media Aquarelles and Ink in Blue to add the color to Leighton's eyes .  I used a variety of the watercolor pencils, the Gelatos, Radiant Rains Shimmering Mists and Twinkling H20s to color headbands, flowers and Leighton's dresses to match the colors in the papers.





This has been such fun creating this album.  Thank you Creative Imaginations, LuminArte, Faber-Castell and Samantha Walker for providing me with the perfect products.


Creative Imaginations

Samanta Walker's Tea Party Papers and Stickers

29396 Tea Pot

29390 Blue Pansies

29391 Tea Blossom

29394 Floral Plaid Paper

29392 Purple Pansies Paper

29398 Tea Party Stickers



29532 Primary Elements Costa Rica (Olive Vine and Majestic)

26400 Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist in Solar Gold

28413 Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist Verdigris

Twinkling H20s

29030 Petite Started Kit Holiday Sparkle six pack (Sugar Plum)

20029 Petite Starter Kip Autumn Brilliance six pack (Raspberry Wine)

26400 Solar Gold

26419 No. 4 Round Paint Brush



77023 Mixed Media Aquarelle & Ink (Blue)


770156 Color Gelatos 4 count Red

770157 Color Gelatos 4 count Yellow

770151 Metallic Gelatos 2 count



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Blog Post

Faber Castell and Creative Imaginations Blog Hop!!

Creative Imaginations and Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft designers have teamed up for a fabulous blog hop from August 27-31st!  Hop with us all week for craft ideas, inspiration and tutorials!  

Don’t forget to leave a comment on each blog for a chance to win!  Creative Imaginations and Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft will each be giving away a $50 prize pack!

The blog hop will end at midnight on August 31st.  The two winners will be announced on the companies’ blogs on September 4th.     

Ready to be inspired?

Start hopping!!

START AT:  Faber Castell       

Tanisha Long       

Rita Barakat     

Shelley Hamilton

Jill Foster       

Lynne Forsythe  

Tiffany Johnson  

Alicia Giess     

Jen Matott    

Donna Bryant        

Colleen McGinty     

Lynn Kopas     

Mou Saha    

Jules Eickmeier    

END AT: Creative Imaginations      

Our first project reveal is by Design Team Member, Lynn Kopas!

The DT here at Creative Imaginations squealed when we heard about teaming up with Faber-Castell! Faber-Castell products are so versatile and the creative possibilities are endless. I decided to create art journal pages combining tons of products from both companies. The background for my pages was created combining a few Luminarte Radiant Rain Shimmering Mists and water ...

I then grabbed my Butterfly CI Existencil and placed it on the background - before I heat set the mists - and spritzed water over the stencil. This gave the background another subtle layer ...(this technique shows up more with darker colored mists) ...


I planned on creating an outdoor scene so I started with a dimensional tree on the left page. I used the tree stencil from the Nature CI Existencil Kit and mixed Primary Elements in Dragonfly with modeling paste and dabbed the mixture over the stencil ...



Then, it was time to bring on Faber-Castell's Gelatos - one of my FAV products!! Gelatos have so many uses and add color and depth to your projects. I cut out some leaves from CI Paint It Paper, wet the leaves and crumpled them up. Once dry I "painted" them with a gorgeous Lime green Gelato. To paint with Gelatos, rub the gelato on a craft sheet, add water and blend together - then paint on any surface ...


My scene needed a sun, so I mixed glass beads with Luminarte Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist and applied the mixture to the opposite page with bubble wrap (for texture). I cut small strips of Paint It papers for sun "rays" and added Luminarte Twinkling H20's for shimmery color. I added stamped images with permanent inks and gesso for more background detail. The grass was created with Faber-Castell Art Grip Aquarelles which are AMAZING watercolor pencils ...


Next, a house was needed for my outdoors scene! I hand cut a house and roof from CI Paint It Paper and then used the oh so fabulous Faber-Castell Art Grip Aquarelle water color pencils. These are so easy to use - I scribbled various colors on the house - you don't have to color in the whole area - just enough to add color, and then blend with water and a paint brush. This gives a lovely painterly, watercolor effect ...

The birdie was created the same way and then outlined with Faber-Castell Artist Pen in black ...

What's an outdoor scene without flowers ... so the gelaots came back out! I used the same technique as I did to create the leaves. I used the tip of my rub-on tool dipped in gesso to create the flower centers. The stems were drawn on with another of my FAV Faber-Castell products - Pitt Pens!!!


The Big Brush Pens are great for shading, outlining, adding color anywhere. I used them to outline the leaves and to add color to the stenciled tree. Another fun use of the Pitt Pens is to apply them directly to a stamp, lightly spritz with water and stamp as I did here ...

This technique adds a lovely watercolor effect. The amount of water you use makes a difference, so often the second generation stamp is clearer.

After outlining and doodling with the Pitt Artist Pen in black and flicking more Luminarte Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist on the background and going around the edges with a dark green Big Brush Pitt Pen I was finally satisfied! Here's the end result ...

IMG_0023 (2)
I hope this tutorial gave you some ideas on how to use the amazing Faber-Castell products! This was so much fun and stay tuned all week for more projects from the team here at CI and the Faber-Castell team!!

Lynn Kopas:)


Creative Imaginations Products Used:



Paint It!:


Faber-Castel Products Used:

PITT Artist Pens - Big Brush:

PITT Artist Pens:

Art Grip Aquarelles:



  • Studio Multi-Medium Matte
  • Studio Gesso
  • Liquitex Light Modeling Paste
  • Liquitex Glass Beads
  • Adirondack Dabber - Snow Cap

Thanks for stopping by and remember to hop over to all the blogs for more inspiration from all of our designers using the fabulous Faber-Castell and Luminarte Products!!

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Blog Post

an ATC with a twist!!

Howdy peeps.....poppin' in to share my latest ATC....with a TWIST!!

While at CHA~S....
I had the opportunity to pick up some Canvas ATC's by Canvas Corp. 
Soooo....I pulled out my container of
Luminarte Radiant Rain Shimmering Mists....
some Tattered Florals cut from Crinoline....
a piece of paper from the Beach Cottage Collection.


 I was spritzing, stamping, painting.....oh the JOY OF IT ALL!!

Loveatcside twist???
I created two ATC's and bound them
together with a small ring
and hung a bit of bling off the side!! 


Can I say.......I just LOVE all the different
"Words" sticker sheets available!!


"Love is the KEY!!!"

Products Used.....
Luminarte Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist
26398 Autumn Leaf
26389 Sunburst
26395 Ginger Peach
26465 Persimmon
29042 Sweet Whisper

Twinking H2o's
28410 Ultimate Romance

Other products...
29169 Kraft ATC
Viva Colour
30062 Ice Pearl Pen


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Blog Post

A Couple of ATCs!!

Hey scrappers! Donna here, sharing a couple of ATC’s for the month of August!!  You know, those little gems that are such a pleasure to create with! 

This month, for my first ATC, I decided to mix it up a bit and use a few of the different styles of ATC’s and die cuts all on one card.   Lots of dimension going on here by using the clear, “Playful Heart” die cut in the background, a small piece of a corrugated ATC with a border punch backed with pieces of another ATC and then layering different elements around all.  In the end, I framed the piece with a die cut frame from the Devotion set and added some lace at the bottom.

I applied some Cedarwood Twinklng H20’s to the corrugated piece, and some Blue Zircon to the resin piece.




Marah Johnson, Life's Journey, ATC Cards

Marah Johnson, Life’s Journey ATC Pack

Devotion ATC Pack

White Corregated ATC

Marah Johnson Life's Journey Resin Shapes

Preposterous Die Cut Transparent Shapes

Luminarte Petite Twinkling H20's, Ultimate Romance set, Bue Zircon and Cedarwood

For my second ATC, I used a bit of the Preposterous collection, which is a new favorite of mine for sure. Again, we’ve got some dimension here. 

I used the negative of the corrugated border I created for the card above. Then, I simply added a canvas strip, some chipboard and some flowers.  In the end, I backed this one with a piece of paper to create a tiny frame. 


Imagination ATC

Preposterous 6” x 6” paper pad

Marah Johnson, Life's Journey ATC Cards

Preposterous 5 x 12 Chipboard Sticker Sheet

White Corregated ATC


Hope you have enjoyed our Artist Trading Card feature this week!!


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Blog Post

ATC Week Continues ...

Hello bloggers, Lynn K. here with a few simple and easy ATC cards!  I created these ATC's a while ago when I was first attempting these tiny little canvases. I stumbled and struggled with the small size and then realized - keep it simple and try not to over think it (as I often do!!) My first ATC was created using the Devotion ATC pack. Here's the end result...


I placed some twine around the "bunch of flowers" die cut shape and gave the ATC a quick spritz of Luminarte Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist in one of my go to colors ~ Ice!!


Supplies Used:

My second ATC was created using the Ragamuffins Collection. Now this is not an ATC kit but a result of fussy cutting papers from the 6x6 paper pad that coordinates with the collection. I started with a kraft corrugated ATC and distressed and inked the edges. I then cut out some shapes from the paper pad and glued them on ...


Of course I had to add some shimmer somewhere so I painted the hearts with Luminarte Twinkling H20's in ... you guessed it ... Ice...


Supplies Used:

 So, keep it simple and have fun creating some ATC cards! Thanks for stopping by and stayed tuned for more ATC's for the CI Team!!

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Blog Post

ATCs and the lost art of writing

I am sure you are wondering what those 2 1/2 inch by 3 1/2 inch gems and the lost art of writing have in common.  So, I will tell you.  About 18 months ago, a group of my creative friends and I were lamenting the lost art of writing; many schools do not even teach penmenship any more. Many adults communicate through text, email and social medias.  We formed a group who exchange hand made post cards through out the year.  The .front of the post cards are artistic and the backs provide an opportunity to us our own handwriting to pass on greetings.

This is where the ATCs come into the picture.  I love to make these little canvases but did not always know what to do with them when I had finished.  Inspired by the multi talented desginers here who go beyond the ATC, I am now putting the ATCs to use.  I add them to the post cards and have begun using them on note cards as well. 



To crate this travel ATC, I painted a piece of the Paint It! Art Warehouse paper by Danielle Johnson with a mix of LuminArte Twinkling H20s, Raiant Rains Shimmering Mists and the wonderful Primary Element pigments.



To create the beach ATC, I used the Bon Soir 6x6 ExStencil Expressions and modeling cream over a precut piece of canvas paper.  After the paste had dried, I used a combination of the Primary Elements pigment, Twinkling H20s, and the Raidant Rain to color the stenciled canvas sea colors.  I stamped "Beach" and filled in with Olive Vine of the Costa Rica Primary Elements package.  The 1/2 inch angled brush was perfect for painting in the creveses of the stenciled canvas.

While these two ATCs could be used for trade or collecting, I repurposed them into a greeting card and a post card for a member of our Lost Art of Writing group.  Using the LuminArte products made this such an easy job and so much fun.




 Creative Imaginations Products Used

LuminArte Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist 

Luminarte Twinkling H20s Grande 10gr pots

Luminarte Twinkling H20's Petite kits

  • 28413 Pearlesque Kit
  • 28395 Princeton 1/2" angle paintbrush
  • 28387 Exstencil bon soir 6x6
  • 29522 Costa Rica Primary Elements
  • Paint it! paper 28360 Atlas

As always, thank you for looking.  Jules


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Another ATC...All About Layers!

Hi Everyone!  Nicole here with another fun ATC Card to share featuring layer upon layer of technique, medium and color!

I started with one of the new Birch Wood ATC canvases to make sure my base was nice and sturdy so it would hold up to lots of creative abuse!  I then began to tear up book text from an old dictionary and adhered it to the base using Mod Podge.  When it was completely dry, I began fingerpainting over the book text with the Silks Acrylic Glaze, blue, yellow and yummy pink!  What I love about these glazes is that they are more transparent than acrylic paint, so after painting it on I was still able to see the book text layer underneath without having to wipe any cool!  After the glaze was dry, I grabbed a couple of fun stamps and randomly added some text style and postage style stamps to the background, along with some small snippits of rub-on extras I had hiding in my stash.

While that was drying, I grabbed the little bird & flower die cuts and painted them with silks.  I added them to the the final layer along with lots of fun ephemra I had in my mixed media stash, like washi tape, drywall tape, a little filmstrip, random metal bits, ribbon and a button!

And here's what I ended up with:



Creative Imaginations Products Used:

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Colorful and fun ATC's

Good morning!  This is Alicia and I'm excited to show off two ATC cards I put together using the Luminarte Silks and the fabulous ATC products. 

ATC cards 350 8-20-12


I love bright colors so I played around with the corrugated ATC papers and just randomly painted the background  in bright colors.  I then love the Sunburst yellow and decided to paint the butterflies and the frame so they would pop off my ATC.  On my second ATC, I used the real wood ATC and also painted it with the silk and chose to keep the paintable birdcage black and white for contrast.  I added some words from the ATC word sheets and some ribbon, and they were done!  ATC's are so much fun to create!

Kraft Corrugated ATC Card Pack 

Birch Wood ATC Card Pack

Loolah ATC Diecut Shapes  {scallop frame}

Loolah Paint it! Word Stickers 

#29572 Paint it! Love Blooms Diecut shapes {birdcage and butterflies}

Luminarte Silks (Fern, Ginger Peach, Pink Azalea, Sunburst, Sky Blue)




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ATC Monthly Feature by Shelley Hamilton

Shelley here, with a delightful little fire-hydrant book, just right for some puppies!


I used several frames and die cuts from the ATC packages that we have.  Don't they look great with Twinkling H20 on them?



I put Sea Spray Luminarte on Maya Road trim.  Isn't it pretty?


I used our new paintable resins on a couple of different of pages, and really loved them!

I hope you enjoyed looking!

Products Used:

Nautical 6"x6" pad

Life as Art ATC pack

Life as Art Die Cut Shapes

Antique Die Cut Shapes

Life's Journey Die Cut Shapes

Mediterranean Twinkling H20

Sea Spray Twinkling H20

Carmen Silks

ATC's Paintable Resins

Heart of Texas Studio Spool Mini Album

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Canvas Corp and Luminarte Silks Acrylic Glaze

Hello!  I can not tell you how much fun I had decorating this large, roomy, Canvas Corp tote bag with the Luminarte Silk acrylic glazes and Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist. 

Canvas Corp bag 300

I actually drew the flower and petals on with pencil and took the various bright colors of Silks and painted them.  After drying overnight, I then took a Copic black marker and drew the outlines to each petal, sewed on some buttons, and then I sprayed the Luminarte Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist (Pearl Gold mist) to make the entire bag glitter.  I then created a bow from the package of Canvas Corp fringe and attached it with some floss.  I further sewed some white buttons on for more dimension.  This was such an easy project.

Product used!

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Canvas is my bag, baby!

Hi Everyone!


Nicole here to share a quick little lunch bag I made with this super cute little canvas bag I got from Canvas Corp and my Twinkling H20's:

Canvas Bag

Believe it or not, I've been learning how to doodle lately and so I hand drew this picture onto the front of the bag using a brush tipped black Pitt Pen.  Since I have been practicing a lot, it really took almost no time at all!  When I was done, I added a soft blue background inside the border using watercolor paint.  When that was dry, I began to color the flowers, stems and border in with Pitt Pens in various colors.  Then I dipped into my stash of Twinkling H2O's in coordinating colors and went over the pens with them to add some great shimmer!  I added some doodling to the Canvas Corp flower on the top, glued a giant gem in the center, then glued it to the bag using hot glue.

Canvas Bag Detail

And just like that, I have a super cute new lunch bag that I will be proud to carry to and from the beach this summer!


Products Used:

Twinkling H20's in Ice

Twinkling H20's in African Jade

Twinkling H20's in Rose Gold

Twinkling H20's in Apple Blossom

Twinkling H20's in Mango Mamba

Twinkling H20's in Spanish Moss

Twinkling H20's in Sunflower

Twinkling H20's in Orange Peel



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Like Peas and Carrots......

Thats what I think of when I get to work with
Luminarte Radiant Rain Shimmering Mists and Canvas Corp products.....
they just go together like Peas and Carrots!!


To begin my inky journey, I started with a
piece of Correspondence Paint It! paper.
I LIGHTLY spritzed the paper with water and
proceeded to spray it with various
Radaint Rain Shimmer Mists. Then I splattered on some
Coral Berry ~ Silk paint and a little bit of gesso 

I cut it down to 7.5 x 9.5 inches,
Crumpled it up and instered it into the
back side of my 8 x 10 Chunky Canvas.

With the left over paper,
I cut strips to cover the wood frame
after I rolled back the canvas.
I also painted the sides of the frame,
that would show, with a bit of watered down
Coral Berry ~ Silk.


I spritzed the "rolled back edges" with water and dipped them
into puddles of Sweet Whisper ~ Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist.


Firstly, I rubbed the raw edges of the flower in palm of my
hand to make the edges ragged.

Because the flower is made of a continuous strip of canvas,
I seperated the layers and spritzed each layer
with a different color
of Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist! 
Then I dipped the edges of the flower
into various puddles of color.


I stamped the leaves onto Linen Paper, cut them out and
painted on Spanish Moss ~ Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist.

Like I said.......they go together like PEAS AND CARROTS!!

Creative Imaginations Products used:
Luminarte Radiant Rain ~ Shimmering Mist
29042 ~ Sweet Whisper
29527 ~ Sea Foam
26389 ~ Sunburst
29523 ~ Bashful Blue
29041 ~ Spanish Moss

Paint IT! paper
29581 ~ Correspondence

Silk Paint
Coral Berry 

Canvas Corp Products:
CVS1207 ~ 8 x 10 Chunky Canvas
CVS3309 ~ Canvas Flower
CRO2167 ~ Natural Jute
CCP2397 ~ 12 X 12 Natural Linen Paper 


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A Shrine to Spring

Welcome back to my little slice of Paradise here in Florida.  Despite what some may believe, we are not a place of endless summer.  We do have changes of seasons and, of those, Spring, is my all time favorite.  The Spanish moss hanging from the oaks blows in the tropical breezes , the palm trees sway and our birds celebrate the season in song.  Our  flowers burst into  fragrant bloom.  When I was asked to create with the 7 Gypsies'  Tryptich Arc, I knew I wanted to make a shrine to Spring. 



I popped out the 'windows' and set the pieces to one side.  I sprayed the three arcs with an adhesive, crumpled pieces of the 7 Gypsy Birdsong Collage Tissue and patted it into place.  I brayered the paper and trimmed off the excess.  I used an artist's sponge to apply Twinkling H20s Solar Gold to the edges to highlight the dimensions. 

To form the side wings of the shrine,  I painted a piece of vellum paper with Luminarte Twinkling H20's in Blue Ice and allowed this to dry.  Once dry, I cut sections to fit behind the 'windows', turned the paper over and stamped it with a chicken wire stamp to create a stained glass look, then glued them behind the 'windows'.





I painted the die cut pieces using an assortment of Luminarte Twinkling H20s.  Among the pieces were two arched windows that I placed in middle of the vellum.   I hinged the pieces together to form the self standing shrine.

For the middle, I painted the two pieces from the 'windows' with Luminarte Twinkling H20's in Harvest Sol and stamped those with the chicken wire stamp.  I over lapped them for added dimension.  I attached the painted die cut pieces with clear pop dots and added the hardware at the tops.




I am excited to be part of the Creative Imaginations design team.  It has been a pure pleasure for me.  I currently design  for Posh Scraps in Palm Harbor, Florida and for Gecko Girlz Scrapbooking.  And you can find me at A Toast to Altered Art.


Creative Imaginations products:

LuminArte Twinkling H20s

7 Gypsies Product

Other products:

  • Vellum
  • Chicken wire stamp

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Canvas Corp/Creative Imagination Project by Shelley Hamilton

Hi!  Shelley, here, with an altered album using Renae Lindgren's new fall collection,"Thankful Heart" and Canvas Corp's cool 6"x6" canvas book!






I papered the front of the album with a piece of paper from the Thankful Heart line.  I love this paper!  It looks like a quilt with hearts in many of the squares.  Adorable!  I cut an oval in the front of the album to provide a place for the photo to show through.  Because of the double-thickness of each page, you can cut a hole on one side, and still leave the other side closed!  I used CI's Eye Candy all the way around the opening for the picture.  With the high quality of these bling pieces, it fashions a nice watch with a diamond bezel!  I used various colors of Maya Road twine over the dotted/dashed lines on the paper.

I used a few canvas leaves that I painted with Luminarte Twinkling H2Os to embellish.

The chipboard pumpkin is by Maya Road.  I painted this with Luminarte Twinkling H2O in Orange Peel.  I used Luminarte Twinkling H20 in Guatamalan for the stem.  I let the pumpkin TOTALLY dry.  Then, I used Viva Colour Pearl Pens in  to make the dots on the pumpkin.


On this page, I sprayed the canvas with Luminarte Key Line Shimmering Mist.  For the picture I used one of frames from Antique Die Cut Shapes.  I sprayed it with Luminarte Ginger Peach Shimmering Mist.  I sprayed a chipboard leaf and used a Viva Colour pearl pen on it.  I also used a wooden button, a cut out heart from the paper, and some eye candy for the other embellishments.


For the back of the album, I sprayed with Luminarte Ginger Peach Shimmering Mist.  Then, I took a wood embellishment and sprayed it with Luminarte Key Lime Shimmering Mist. I used twine and eye candy to embellish the edges of the wood doily.  The inside part is a mattted sticker from the "Thankful Heart" line.

Products Used:

I hope you enjoyed this project!  I really enjoyed sharing it with you!


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7 Gypsies Triptech & Luminarte!

Howdy Everyone.....I have to say...I had SOOOO MUCH FUN
with this project! I had sooo many fun products to work with from 
two AMAZING companies.....
Canvas Corp and Creative Imaginations. 

I began my creative journey by covering the back piece of the 7Gypsies Tryptich
with a piece of Canvas Corp ~ Canvas, that I had roughed up
to fray the edges. Before I adhered it to the Tryptich,
I spritzed the Canvas with water and
dipped the edges into a puddle of
Luminarte Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist.
I then pulled out the Bon Soir 12 x 12 Stencil
and lathered on some Pearl Modeling Cream.

I then covered the next layer of the Tryptich with a layer of
Canvas Corp ~ Paper Mesh.

The third layer of the Tryptich was covered with a piece
of Beach Cottage paper by IOD/Creative Imaginations.
Once again, I used the Bon Soir Stencil
and lathered on a layer of Pearl Modeling Cream.


  • Tryptich Arch ~ 7Gypsies
  • Canvas & Paper Mesh ~ Canvas Corp
  • Beach Cottage & Devotion ~ IOD/Creative Imaginations
  • Viva Colour by Creative Imaginations ~ Modeling Cream 
  • Luminarte Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist ~ Luminarte 
  • Color Me Crazy Flowers ~ Petaloo


I created a custom color to match the beautiful
Beach Cottage ~ Mermaid ~ IOD/Creative Imaginations

using Bashful Blue
and Namorado
Luminarte ~ Radiant Rain Shimmering Mists


I created the flower cluster my using
Rose Vine ~ Devotion ~ IOD/Creative Imaginations
Rose Garden ~Devotion ~ IOD/Creative Imaginations

I misted a seperated Color Me Crazy Flower with
my custom made colored Mist!!

Did you see the vine I created using 
Eden ~ Devotion ~ IOD/Creative Imaginations
and the leaves??? 

Hope you've enjoyed this as much as I have!!!



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More FUN with Canvas Corp/7 Gypsies and Creative Imaginations!

Hello Bloggers! We are back with another FUN week combining products from Canvas Corp/7 Gypsies and Creative Imaginations!! I used the 7 Gypsies Tryptich House Board Kit as a base for my Project. The kit contains three house shaped chipboard pieces, two of which have cut outs perfect for photos or any memorabilia! I used Christine Adolph's Oceanside Collection to cover the chipboard pieces. I used the cut outs to place photos behind and highlighted some great pics of my niece's adorable kids at the beach!! Here's the completed project ...

The Canvas Corp fringe was a perfect way to tie the board pieces together and added to the beachy look! I also tucked some of the fringe under a cluster of elements ...


I added some Luminarte to a few chipboard pieces and to the oh so fun Creative Imaginations Paintable Resin Shapes to add some sparkle ...


Supplies Used:

Thanks for stopping by today and stay tuned all week as our Canvas Crop/7Gypsies and Creative Imaginations feature continues!

Lynn Kopas :)

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Wearable Art from Little Rhodie

SandyfbHi. My name is Sandy. I am a mother of a 19 year old daughter Britt, and a wife of 22 fabulous years to Jeff. My career background has varied over the years from a business owner, supervisor and a stay-at-home mom. While being fortunate enough to be home, I was able to volunteer as an activity coordinator at my daughter's school. I have always enjoyed scrapbooking and crafting. I feel very lucky that I am able to express my creativity at Bella Art.

As a native Rhode Islander, I enjoy escapes to the beach in which I can let my mind wander to what I can create next.  Bella Art gives me the opportunity each day to create something new and fun!

I have always been attracted to the Bare Elements product line from Creative Imaginations - This project features the "Amy" clutch purse.  I thought that it would be fun to experiment with wearable art - I can play and then show it off at the same time - I was thrilled when Cheryl asked that I share my most recent project that I created at Bella ART.





 here are the products I used for this project:

  • Bare Essentials "Amy" Clutch purse from Creative Imaginations
  • Various iridescent and metallic mylar Glimmer Sheetz from Elizabeth Craft Designs, Inc
  • Peel Off sticker sheets from Elizabeth Craft Designs, Inc
  • Assorted Sizzix embossing folders
  • Various colors of Adirondack alcohol inks
  • Cuttlebug
  • Ultimate glue
  • Blending tool from Ranger


I'm so excited to be part of the Creative Imaginations blog! i'm humbled and honored at the same time. If you're in the Rhode Island area, please be sure to stop by and say hello.

Sandy -- Bella ART, Johnston, RI

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Nautical Clown book ~ Why yes!

Hey, guys!  Shelley here, with something fun and fresh!


I made this altered album with the Nautical line by Samantha Walker!  It just seemed so perfect for this fun little clown book!  The book itself is by Heart of Texas Studio.  On the front, I used Dyan Reaveley's stamps to make the colorful clown, the border, and the heart flowers.  My daughter, Macy, had her 2nd grade musical in May, and I had these great photos of her in her clown outfit!


On this page, I used the Nautical paper called "At the Beach" ~ but I used the multi-dot side and the Sea Stripe paper to accent.  I used Maya Road aqua ruffle trim and zipper trim.


DSC_0039On this page, I used the "By the Sea" ~ red dotted side for the background.  To embellish, I used a few of the 12x12 Nautical stickers along with some eye candy, and pretty crochet brads!


 Here, I used "Ocean Wave" paper ~ Red stripe side, for the background, along with a die cut umbrella from Nostalgia die cut cardstock shape painted in Silks Acrylic Glaze in Sky Blue, eye candy, and twine.  It's raining bling!



For this page, I added the borders sticker from the 12x12 Nautical sticker sheet!  

I hope i have inspired you to look at your themed papers in a different way!

Thanks for looking!!

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Introducing Jules Eickmeirer ~ Creative Imaginations newest DT member!

Bio Pic

Color me Happy to have been invited to join this team of wonderfully talented women and to be offered the opportunity to work with the amazing products here at Creative Imaginations.  I'm a retired English teacher, originally from St. Louis, Mo.  My hubby and I  currently live in a small fishing village on the Gulf Coast of Florida with our two derranged cats.  I have two adult children, a wonderful son in law, twin grandsons and their baby sister. I have been playing with paper and glue for about fourteen years now and teach both locally for Posh Scraps in Palm Harbor Florida and at various scrapbook retreats.

Of course, as a Florida gal, I have lots and lots of beach photos to scrap so it is understandable that I would fall in love with Samantha Walker's nautical and beach papers and stickers line for Creative Imaginations.  For my first project, I created a type of explosion box.  The sleeve with the "Summer Vacation" cardstock sticker holds the sides together.


When the sleeve is removed, the sides fall open and the photos pop up.  I backed each photo with an accordion pleated piece of paper and attached each of those to one of the walls.  They fold back into the box and do not get crushed or creased.


These papers were perfect for not only this project but a layout I did as well.  I had numerous photos from a 'date' I had with my daughter and the twin grandsons.  After the lunch, the boys discovered the fountain in front of the restaurant and it went straight down hill from there ending with both little guys standing knee deep in the water. 



Because I wanted to include as many of the pictures as I could to tell the story and show the progression into the fountain, I created a mini album on the page.




While this layout did not have a beach or nautical setting, the papers were perfect for the water shots. 

I am looking forward to participating on this team.  Thanks to my fellow team mates for the warm welcome I have received and to Cheryl for her inspiration.


Samantha Walker Nautical Collection for Creative Imaginations


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Creative Imaginations & Quick Quotes!

Creative Imaginations is excited be one of the platinum sponsors for the 2012 Quick Quotes Private Reserve!
What is a private reserve?  It is an ultimate 3 day educational extravaganza!
We love the project DT member, Cheryl Mezzetti designed for the several of the private reserves using Samantha Walker's Nautical collection, Luminarte Radiant Rain Color Concentrate Daubers along with Canvas panels from Canvas Concepts! 

During this fabulous 3 day event, you will:
  • Complete an entire 20-page 12"x12" Album.
  • Attend Six ~  One hour classes and 4 mini-classes.
  • Win Prizes, prizes, prizes!
  • Enjoy a catered lunch on Saturday and Sunday
  • Learn new papercrafting techniques
  • Participate in evening crops and make-n-takes.
  • Showcase your creativity (Contests).

Enjoy all of this for only $299.00!

This ultimate weekend will be one you won't ant to miss.  There are only 200 seats available at each location. 

But wait there is more!!! Quick Quotes is giving away a chance to win FREE admission {$299.00 value) to any one of the six Private Reserve events!  Just post a comment on this blog post and/or our facebook page or for chance to win! A random winner will be picked this Tuesday!

This weekend is packed full of classes, make n takes, demo tables and PRIZES GALORE!  Join us at a city near you! You can see all the venues and how to sign up here!

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Viva Colour by Creative Imaginations!

Have you heard all the buzz about our new product line?   Recently Viva's corporate office invited Creative Imaginations to Germany to discuss our partnership and distribution of Viva products under the Viva Colour brand.  CI graciously accepted this wonderful opportunity and sent Jack Behlmer, Marah Johnson {new Brand Manager of Viva Colour} and Cheryl Mezzetti {Design team and Educational Director} to Germany for an intense week of product education.  


*Viva Decor Germany greeting on our arrival*

*Jack, Marah and Cheryl with some of our fabulous instructors*

*Viva Germany & Creative Imaginations toast to our new partnership*

At our recent CHA Summer Pre-party, we released our intial range of the very best selling products and colors that are affordable and easy to use!   We designed ALL new English language labeling, and interactive in-store displays that feature live product!   Look for all new Viva Colour in stores this September!  The response since announcing our new partnership with Viva Germany has been incredible!

*Viva Colour make and take table at our CHA pre-party*

*Viva Colour Modeling cream and Ferro special effects paste to create backgrounds for art journals* {images shown are student work from a recent Marah Johnson class}

*Viva Colour Inka Gold painted on a ceramic heart* {project designed by Marah Johnson}

Look for some exciting news over the next few days and weeks including the  launch of Viva Colour Blog, Facebook and Twitter that will include daily inspiration and tutorials! In the meantime, be  sure to drop by Artist and Viva Colour Brand Manager,  Marah Johnson's blog and our new Viva Colour Pinterest!

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New Assemblage Collection!

Good morning - Cheryl here to share with you our new "Assemblage" collection!  This collection is perfect for scrapbooking your everyday memories and for all you mixed media fans!  All of the 12x12 papers can be painted using our Luminarte Radiant Rain sprays, daubers or twinkling h20s!  The 6x6 paper pad are great for cardmakers and altered books!  And our diecuts and word phrase stickers go with each of the papers!  The possibilities are endless! 




 The layout below was designed in a snap using one 12x12 paper and two of the 6x6 papers!  I simply painted the background with some coordinating Luminarte Twinkling h20s and Radiant Rain Sprayers to match my photo.  Once dry i added some details to the papers using our New Viva Colour Pearl Pens!  {you can see the added dimension to the sunflower center and along the scallop border below the photo}  I embellished the page using the Assemblage diecuts along with Debbie Mumm Songbirds diecuts - both i painted with Luminarte Twinkling h20s! 



Product used:

Check back tomorrow for an exciting announcement!  :)

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