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Tell us a story. A long story.

Hello, Liz Jutila (lizj) here with this week's journaling challenge. Often people cringe at the idea of telling a long story on a page. But, I think if you ask your loved ones which of your pages are the ones they linger over, it's the ones that tell the story behind the scene. It's the page that reminds them of what they were doing, and why. It's the page that tells them how you feel about them. It's the page that speaks to them.

There are a lot of ways to effectively tell a story. In my sample, I just sat down and thought about how I felt about our rescue dog, and how she must feel too. It just came pouring out. Stream of consciousness journaling is easiest if you don't stop to edit while you're writing. You can always go back and edit. Or, as in my sample, go back and break up long journaling by highlighting certain special words in a different color or type of font. Song lyrics, conversations, interviews, and he said/she said styles are also good ways to tell a long story. Lists or bullet points can help break up long journaling into more readable sections.

My challenge to you is to tell us a good, long story. I will leave it to you to define "long." I won't be doing a word count! Go ahead and pick a style that helps you convey the point of your page.  It doesn't have to be in your own words. But you must tell us the story. I promise I will read every word. And I bet your families will too. 

Be sure to click on the digital journaling challenge button when loading your lo's, and remember, you have a chance to win the much-coveted $5 gift certificate to the 2Peas store, just by entering the challenge.  I can't wait to read what you all have to tell us about your pages!

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kit smitten 2.27.13

Hi! Liz Jutila here, to bring you this week's "kit smitten." Every week we feature a new kit that the Digital Creative Team has fun with, to showcase the many ways a kit can be "interpreted"! We had a lot of fun this week with a fabulous new kit by Angie Kovacs, called "Java Time."

Beatrice Skinner-Loren gave us a layout showing a Valentine's treat for her sweet grandson. (We may need that jam recipe. That looks yummy!)

Laura O'Donnell was next with a super cute card -- don't you just love how versatile digital kits are: you can make anything you like with them!

Last is my layout about a tea outing with my daughter and granddaughter, which is a neat trick for a coffee lover like me!

We'd love to see what you come up with using this fun kit! Thanks for playing!


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Digital Challenge - Make It Manly

Hi there, Jocelyn Olson here - I don’t know about you, but I love pink and flowers and all things girly. Given the chance, I gravitate towards rainbow colors with a sprinkle of glitter.

But, there are times when ribbons and pastels just don’t work. *sigh* Enter the man. Whether they like sports, fishing, camping, cars or something else, scrapping for the man requires a different approach.

So for this week’s challenge, make a layout or a card or some other type of digital or hybrid project that is about a man or for a man. No baby ducks or baby blue teddy bears! This challenge is about the man: colors you think are masculine, themes you think are masculine, and/or patterns that fit for a man.

Here’s my project, a hybrid card:                                                                                                                                       

Remember to check the "Make It Manly" challenge box when uploading your page to the gallery to be eligible for this week's drawing - and a chance to win a $5 store credit. You can't win if you don't enter

Last week's winner is ShanB for her fun "What I Love About Zombies" layout

We can't wait to see your manly pages!

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Kit Smitten 02.19.2013

Each Week the Digital Ceative Team works with one of the newest releases - this week we were "smitten with" 12th of Never by Jen Reed.  We were all struck by the number of scrapbooking styles this large collection would accomodate. Not to mention the textures, colors etc. It really makes it a stunner!l

This first page is by Mary Martinez - her layering skills never disappoint!

Next up is a page by Liz Jutila - what fun! I love the story board feel it has and the dove-tailed banners and tags she used for journaling are perfect.

This page is by Beatrice Skinner-Loren. I love these fun photos! And her ability to showcase them with rather formal papers shows how versatile your digital supplies eally are.

And last - but certainly not least - is this sweet page by Kimberly Kalil. I love the distressed patterned paper used as a background, use of kit elements to draw the parts together, and the story - oh, that story!!

Thanks for stopping by - we'd love to know what you design with this week's kit.


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Tips & Tricks

Project Life: Documenting the "ho-hum" weeks

Hello! Kimberly here with another installment of Digital *Project Life … my most favorite thing to talk about!

I’m happy to report I’m totally caught up with my Project Life pages, unlike last time I was posting here. Setting aside time on Sundays really make a huge difference for me. When I don’t do my pages on Sunday, I almost always get behind.

Anyway … as I was working on my pages the last few weeks, I realized I had some pretty mundane, ordinary weeks. I’m on a really long no-travel streak, so life is crazy normal. Which means our life is a lot of work, school, homework, bed and then repeat. Weeks like these make it hard for me to fill two full pages. Couple that with the fact that I haven’t taken as many photos as I normally do and I’m been forced to come up with different ways to tell the story of our everyday life.

As I was brainstorming as to what else I could add to “fill” out my pages I came up with these categories: things you’re reading, things you’re watching; things you’re eating; and things you’re wearing.

Things you’re reading: books, blogs and magazines. Make a list of the things you’ve been reading. My daughter and I have been listening to lots of audio books, so I included a screenshot of our latest book.

Things you’re watching: TV shows and movies. Did you see any movies or watch any TV shows? Write those down and include them on your pages. You can even download some art work from the movie or TV show and add those to the journaling card.

Things you’re eating: eating out, special treats, home cooked meals, etc. I’ve been using my crock pot a lot lately, so I took a picture of it and then added a list of the meals I’ve made in it. You could also include a recipe of something you made that you especially loved.  

Things you’re wearing: do you have a uniform? Do you wear the same things all the time? Take a picture of those sneakers or jeggings that you wore more often than not. Or make a list of the things you’ve been wearing a lot of. Odds are this time next year you’ll have a different “uniform,” so it will be cool to look back at what you found most comfortable or the cutest.

Even when you think you have nothing to document, you do. Take a closer look at the little details of everyday life and add those to your pages. No it’s your turn: share with us some tips on how you enhance those weeks where you have less going on and very few photos. We’d love to hear your tips.

Check back here the second and fourth Wednesday of each month (barring a natural disaster or impromptu vacation) to see my Project Life pages, as well as any advice or tips I might be able to share. And if you’re interested, come on over to my blog and see what else I’m working on, including lots of freebies you can use on your pages.

*Project Life is a memory keeping system developed by Becky Higgins.  Learn more at

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Digital Challenge - "What I love about _____" (& more)


Welcome to Valentine's week!  And as such, I thought the challenge this week should probably be in keeping with the holiday. This is your challenge ....

                               1. Your page should have the theme - "What I Love About ___________."  (you fill in the blank)

                               2. And what would Valentine's be without hearts, flowers and candy?  So you need to include at                                    least 2 of the 3 on your challenge layout.

Here's mine - I worked with hearts and flowers.

This week you will hav an extra couple of days to complete the challenge - starting next week you should watch for this challenge on Thursdays We will be running it Thursday through Wednesday to coincide with the release of the digital newsletter. In case you are not subscibed to our weekly newsletter, you can sign up right here.

As is the case each week, your entry will be entered into a drawing for a $5 store credit (you can't win if you don't play along )  Don't forget to check the appropriate challenge box when uploading your layout nto the gallery.


       And the winner of the "Use Patterned Papers (at Least 6) Challenge" was my3dragonflies.                                         Watch for your store credit. yes


As I say every week - I really can't wait to see what you all do for yours.




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Blog Post

Kit Smitten - Week of 2/5

     Well, this is embarrassing the kit smitten blog post is three days late this week.  I don't know about your part of the country - but around here everyone is down and out with the flu.  And by everyone, I mean my daughter and husband. It really does throw a wrench into my day though. Anyway, this week the Creative Team used the whole Pea Soup collaboration for it's Kit Smitten focus.  And if you haven't seen it yet, you should really go there now. AWESOME - seriously!

     I made this little preview of some of the products - although it has just a few of the things which are available - it shows how well these products coordinate with one another. let me say it again - if you haven't seen it yet you really should go there now. AWESOME!

And the Creative Team totally responded to it by sending in layout after layout, for a biy of inspiration

First up is a page by Mary Jo Johnston - isn't this picture the cutest thing? And we really love the vertical design. The ombre paper by Mommyish completely works as a subtle background paper.

Next is Jen Richards, we love the bright colors of this month on the gray background & use of white space.

Page three is by Mary Martinez. We love the use of color with the black and white photos - and the fun diaganol design leads your eye right into the pictures.

This page is by Jennifer Barksdale. There are so many great little details on this page from the cut out arrows to the embossed title. The star of the show is the smirky little smile her son has though. What a seasonally perfect page to show it off.

Liz Jutila scrapped a darling photo of her grand-daughter for us - we love the title word art. She customized some of Jen Reed's word art strips to say her grand-daughters name. Don't you love digital?

And Laura O'Donnell used this month's collab to make these darling hybrid tags. The texture, the colors, the everything is just scrumptious!

Kimberly Kalil used this month's Pea Soup kits to design her page for this week's digital challenge. She challenges us to use no fewer than 6 different patterned papers on one layout. She has nine on this completely cohesive looking page. It can be done!  We love the look of the white strokes to help define the pieces. Yes, you should play along!

And there is my entry for the week - I couldn't top Kimberley's nine but it does have 8 different papers for her challenge. :)

You know we can't wait to see what you all do with this month's Pea Soup too - link us up, folks!

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Digital Challenge: Use Pattern

Are you afraid of pattern? I'll tell you a little secret: I used to be afraid of using lots of patterns on a single layout and mixing patterns made my head spin. I struggle to mix patterns with my clothes, so it's no surprise I struggle with pattern when it comes to scrapbooking. But here's the deal: you can't learn to use pattern until you use pattern. You just have to start. I try to stick with patterns in the same color scheme and same basic scale, though there are times when I like to throw in a bold, big pattern with lots of little patterns, but something as crazy as that only comes with practice!

This week take the plunge and use at least six (6) different patterned papers on your layout. I used nine, can you top that?

So go pick your papers and get scrapping!


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Blog Post

Kit Smitten 01.29.2013

This week the Creative team was using the new release by Michelle Underwood for the Kit Smitten assignment.  What delightful kit to work with.  When the layouts started coming in from team members, I was struck by the huge variety in design and feel. To me that screams - "You can design anything with this kit"  It's a good one for sure.


The first page is by Jennifer Barksdale - this page is amazing in so many ways. What struck me immediately was the wonderful shadowing. Clearly, I need to spend more time on mine. Wow!


Next up is a page by Katherine Bley - Katherine's page is beautiful, nobody uses brushes and masks like Katherine. I always look forward to seeing what delight, ethereal thing Katherine will accomplish with products - and with this one, she didn't disappoint.


Joscie Cutchens happy and modern design style was a perfect fit for this week's selected kit. I especially love the fun grouping of elements that are a just right touch to highlight this design. Plus anybody that doesn't instantly fall in love with this page because of the fun photo alone - must be crazy. Capturing these bits of our lives, for me, is what scrapbooking is all about.


And last, but not least, is this page by Jennifer Richards. The texture of the background paper is just beautiful, and I love that this almost feels like photos dropped on an old farm table. Such a rustic cool feel to it.


Because we had so many kit smitten pages coming in (the mark of a really fun kit maybe?) I didn't technically do a page for this week's post - but I did use it to work on my Week 2 Project Life pages. The pink frame I used on my first page is from Michelle's kit and I am super happy with the look on the PL layout. It added a little bit bit of special that I was looking for.

As always, if you use this kit for any pages - please link us up so we don't miss them. I'm sure we'll be "smitten" and would like to leave a little love for you. Have a great week.

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Blog Post

Digital Challenge: Scrap Yourself

This year I have challenged myself to document my self with photos and words.  My end goal is to have a solid collection of photos and words to put together into some sort of an album.  But for now, here I am just trying to get more comfortable in front of my camera or my camera phone without my children.  I spend a lot of time documenting my two C R A Z Y boys.  Every now and again I’ve made a layout about myself.  I think, the layouts about me total somewhere around 5.  Awesome right? 
So here it is, I exist.  I’m struggling a lot with who I am, who I’m supposed to be, what people want me to be.  I’ve been making a lot of changes I hope for the better.  Letting go of those people who just burden you with stress.  Embracing those who are kindred spirits.  Loving myself.  Doing for myself.  Finding myself.  As a scrapbooker we document life, so why not my own?  Why not your own?  We have a story unique to ourselves. 
So here is my challenge: step in front of that camera, any camera and take some photos.  Take lots because you know you’ll feel silly just like I did.  Get into that frame.  Then document it on a layout.  Start to share your story with us; I’m sharing the start of mine too.  (I’m also kind of excited I scrapped using something pink – see comment about crazy boys) 
Here’s a easy journaling prompt for you “I am a…”.  Go from there and lets see where it takes all of us.  Enjoy celebration your uniqueness!

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