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Introduction to the i-rock: Hot new crafting tool

We're hearing all the buzz on the web about the new i-rock. But many of you are still wondering about this new tool from Imaginisce. We're excited to show you this new video by Erin Bassett that shows you what is included in the i-rock collection as well as HOW the tool works. Take a few minutes to check it out and then come back and read below to learn more about this MUST HAVE new i-rock tool! You could also win a free tool and accessories for participating this week! 

We do have more videos available on the i-rock tool and more on the Imaginisce website. Below are some questions we've received about the i-rock tool and the answers!! Keep reading could WIN a free tool and accessories!! 

  1. How is the i-rock better then pre-adhesive embellishments? My biggest issue with pre-adhesive bling is that you can see the adhesive connecting all the pieces together and I have messed up many a beautiful piece of bling because it was hard to manuver as I placed it down on my project. I've also noticed that the bling on my cards pops off before I ever have a chance to give the card out. The i-rock tool allows you to heat set gems where ever you want/need and they are a lot more secure. If you apply the gems correctly there's not adhesive and you can place them over most types of services, fabric and paper without any issue. Oh and the cost comparison between a bottle of 300 Glam Rocks verses a string of pre-adhesive gems is way more value on the i-rock products!
  2. Is the new crystals for the I-Rock made of glass? Yes, the rhinestones found in the Stencil kits and the Compacts are glass. Which is good so they don't melt with the i-rock's tip when it heats up.
  3. Can any rhinestones work with it? No, they should be heat set gems. But any brand of heat set gems will work with the i-rock tool. Test them out before placing on your project since some stones may take more or less time then you're use to with our gems.
  4. How does the I-rock work? You push the safety switch forward and press down on the pink button to heat up the tip of your tool. Holding the tool perpendicular to the embellishment, touch the top of the embellishment lightly, letting heat penetrate to melt adhesive on the back. When the point of  the tool is on the gem, you can "feel" the adhesive melt/give a little and that "feel" tells you that it's time to remove the tip (do not press down). Overheating your gem will cause the glue to squish out from underneath the gem. Practice before fixing gems to actual project. We've created a quick video that shows you this process in about a minute.
  5. How many times can you use a stencil? So many times we can't count them. The stencils are made from a heat resistant material a lot like the heat mats from Bazzill or Ranger and they will not melt. You can reuse these over and over, as well as heat the gems while leaving the mat in need to mark the design and remove it!
  6. How long does it take to heat set the gems? Depends on which gems and the size. The glam rocks (metal studs) literally only take about 3 seconds...and don't press down or the glue will ooze out from under the studs. On the rhinestones the smallest size only takes a few seconds and the largest size takes about 20 seconds. Practice before doing on your project to best determine the time to stick to whatever surface you're applying them to.
  7. Can you heat the gems while they're still in the stencil? Yes (see question above).
  8. Will it work on fabric? Yes the tool works fabulously on fabric. Gems set wonderfully on denim, felt, cotton, jersey, etc. In fact, here's a darling little girl t-shirt that one of our designers created with the i-rock.
  9. What types of fabrics hold them best? Almost every type of fabric I've tried has worked...with the exception of tulle and sheer fabrics (can't recall their names). The gems tent to get too hot and melt these delicate fabrics.
  10. Can I use other adhesive backed gems?No, you cannot use adhesive backed gems since they are not made to be "heat set". And removing the temporary adhesive backing does not make them so either.
  11. Can you order all of one color? We do have Glam Rocks all in white (my person favorite), one in all silver studs (use this all the time) and the most popular "clear crystal" compact set. The other items all have assorted colors. We hope to offer specific colors in the future to coordinate with our product collections.
  12. How can you tell the adhesive has melted and adhered to your project? Great question! You can "feel" the adhesive melt and that "feel" tells you that it is time to remove the tip of the tool away. Sometimes I space it when I'm doing this and my gems wanders a little ways off because I've pushed it without noticing. The studs set super fast so I've learned that they only take about 3 seconds before they set and I just stick with that. Larger rhinestones take the longest, so pay attention to the "feel".
  13. How does the price of i-rock jewels compare to adhesive backed ones? I only have one pack of pre-adhesive gems sitting here and there are 64 gems and cost me $2.99 (works out to be about $.05 per gem). Our glam rock tubes have 300 gems and retailer for $3.99 ($.016 per just over a penny). If you get the compacts that have 800 gems which retail for $12.99 they work out to be just over a penny per gem...great deal if you ask me!!
  14. How hot does the tool get? The tool gets hot enough to burn your skin, or paper and I've even had it melted my grosgrain ribbon because they I left the tool too long next to the ribbon. Just be careful with the tip it will burn. But my 13 year old daughter loves blinging out her clothes and notebooks, so I am confident it's safe for all you long-time crafters to use.
  15. How long does the tool take to cool down? Less then a couple of minutes.
  16. Will or are the gems available in local stores or only online? Yes the i-rock tool and gems will be available at local craft/scrapbook stores and some larger chain craft stores will start carrying them towards the end of the summer.
  17. What type of batteries does it take? 3 AA Batteries
  18. How many colors do the gems come in? Currently we offer an assortment of 20 different colors, some in multiple sizes too. Check out this very cool scan we took of the gems and which product they are available in. For a larger view and more i-rock information, visit our "i-rock information page" on the blog.
  19. What's the difference between the hot rocks and the glam rocks? Mainly just packaging, however the "hot rocks" are typically glass rhinestones and come in our compacts and the "glam rocks" are our metal studs can come this darling lip gloss looking bottles.
  20. How long does it last before the batteries need to be changed? This is a tough one that I've asked our product development team to research. It definitely depends on the quality of batteries you are using and how much you use the tool. I've had the same set of batteries in for over a month and have done probably more then your typical amount of projects and still have not had to change them. But I always have an extra set packed away when I got to a crop just in case.
  21. Are they designed to stand up on fabric in the washer and/or dryer?We've washed many projects without issue, but we have found that putting the clothing in the dryer will case a few gems to come off. So we recommend to hang dry your clothing that you blinged out...or if you're cool with a few casualties, then just throw it in the dryer and add some new bling as needed.
  22. Any thoughts on a carrying case to protect it?We are currently not producing a bag to carry all the product, but I purchased a very inexpensive make up case at the store and added a cute silk flower to the front and all my product tucks nicely inside for easy portability and storage. I will try and post a picture in the next few days to show you.
  23. Does the tool come with any gems to start off with? No the tool does not include any gems in order to keep the cost of the tool down we decided it was best to offer the gems separately so you could also pick the color or type for yourself.
  24. Can you stick the gems to acrylic albums? Yes the gems stick to acrylic albums very well. I've found that I like to stick them to rub-ons or vinyl too!
  25. Can you stick the gems on CD's too? Yes!

If you have more questions, please leave us a comment and we'll add it to our FAQ page about the tool. FREE STUFF: Don't forget we're also giving away a couple of tools by the end of the week. All you need to do is subscribe to our newsletter (if you've already done that, then that counts, just leave a comment). We will email you only once a month with great ideas, contests and giveaways. You won't want to miss out, so subscribe today and then leave us a comment and we'll announce the winner next Monday (July 5th)..


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