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My Two Peas Story

What A Surprise!

My sister, Michelle, had a job that "allowed" her to surf the internet when her work was completed and her boss was out of her office. While she was perusing "scrapbooking" sites, she came across this thing called "TWO PEAS IN A BUCKET". After viewing the site, she called and told me about this "fantastic" web-site that had message boards, swaps, and tons of scrapbooking ideas to look over. It took me a few days to finally decide to check it out since the name wasn't really something that caught my attention, and I had my doubts that it REALLY had something to do with "outstanding" scrapbooking ideas.  PL-EE-ZE!

However, when I DID check out the sight, I had to eat my words. It WAS (and still IS) an extraordinary web-site. I would sit in front of the computer, gazing at all the great layouts that these "Peas" would post. Then I visited the message boards. First, I would just read, call my sister to "talk" about a post, then look at another heading. Eventually, I looked at the "Swap" posts. BIG mistake! But I had the most fun signing-up for swaps, completing tags and cards, mailing them to the hostess, and waiting to see all the different, as well as inventive, ideas that other "Peas" had created. That was back in 2003/04.

People say that life has a way of catching up with you, and sometimes overwhelmingly so. My mother became ill and three families (mine, my sisters, and our parents) moved-in together to become one and support our parents. Nine people in one house: thank goodness it was 3,000 sq ft. Unfortunately, my mother passed away (at 55) and after a year, three families became individual ones once again. Scrapbooking was not a top priority, nor was it in the back of my mind. I was filled with pain, regret, anger, and searching. I returned back to school to get my teaching credential, which would have made my mom even MORE proud for she always told me that I should have been a teacher.

Years passed. Then, one day while I was perusing the scrapbooking web-sites, I stumbled upon an old friend...Two Peas. My account was still active, and I eagerly began to search for scrapbooking ideas and hit the swaps head-on! The free monthly classes keep me busy, although I don't post as often as I should. But scrapbooking has come back into my live and I am loving every minute of it!

I don't remember the Peas of 03/04; I do recall they were helpful, funny, and a great support system. New friends are always a great way to get back into the groove of a craft that I loved; scrapbooking. "akochmcelroy" has been a blast to goof around with, sending pea-mail and joining her many swaps! "barefootscrapping" was my "Embellishment Jar" pal (she has taste) and peaing with her was great. There are others; however, I'm not on the site 24/7 like some Peas "seem" to be. How they do it, I don't know. Maybe they, or the Peas that Be, will offer a class?!


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