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Postcards From Paris II ~ Available This Week at Webster's Pages!!


Did you know...Webster's Pages' Postcards From Paris II collection will be available for purchase very, very soon!! These gorgeous papers and embellishments are, very literally, flying off the shelves and won't be around for long, so you may want to pick some up while you can! Before you go, though, don't miss out on all of the beautiful projects our talented Design Team have put together with Postcards From Paris II! 

Here's a look at the WONDER you can create with this beautiful and intricately designed collection! 

Sweet Moments

Designer Iris Babao Uy created this layout for her friend to commemorate her world travels! This collection is just perfect for chronicling all your amazing adventures! With clocks, hot air balloons, beautiful floral designs and butterflies, it truly is the best way to document your travels!


...and those embellishments are the perfect finishing touches! {DIVINE!}


We have so much inspiration to fit into this week of celebrating! Today we want to show you how these pretty, pretty papers can turn an average gift box into some spectacular packaging! 


{LOVE that trim!} Here, Designer Erin Blegen wrapped her box in the B side of the Let Them Eat Cake patterned paper and then cut out and layered her favorite motifs to create a pop-up effect on top! 



Designer Jaz Lee, used a mooncake box to create in similar style! This time, the box itself is the gift...and ooooooooh what a GORGEOUS gift it is! Look at all of those fussy cut layers! 




Jaz, Erin and Iris sure have outdone themselves! ...AND Postcards From Paris II is a fussy cutter's heaven!  Don't miss out on an opportunity to pick up your favorite pieces from this collection! Keep an eye out this will be available soon!


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"I Love My LSS!!" Sweepstakes Results!! {Are you our LUCKY WINNER!!?}


It is finally time to announce the winner of our "I Love My LSS!" Sweepstakes Giveaway! We are SO EXCITED because not only do we have a GRAND PRIZE WINNER, but we also have a surprise for everyone who entered AND their LSS! Are you ready to find out who our LUCKY WINNER is!? 

If your name is Marti McClure and your FAVORITE LSS is Paper Tales in San Diego, California, then YOU are our BIG WINNER! Congratulations, Marti!

Here's Marti and friends at their Paper Soirée French Club that meets monthly at Paper Tales in San diego holding up Webster's Pages' Postcards from Paris II collection! Marti told us that these are they're new favorites!


THANK YOU, MARTI, and THANK YOU to Paper Tales for all you do for your local scrapbooking community! We want to shower you with some Webster's Pages LOVE so we have a very special gift for you! Our brand new, never before seen, exclusive Allison Kreft Collection, "Sprinkled with Love," will be shipping beginning December 1st and we want YOU to be the very first to receive it!!

This collection is jaw-dropping, breathtaking, and sprinkled with SWEETNESS! Perfect for filling your pages with LOVE!

AND...we want to say THANK YOU to EVERYONE WHO ENTERED, AND their LSS, so Webster's Pages will be sending you a coupon for 25% OFF YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE FROM THE WEBSTER'S PAGES STORE!!!


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A Heart for My LSS!



More stories coming your way today! One of our favorites came from Kathleen Sigg of Loveland, Colorado, who had quite the story to tell...

If you aren't familiar with the flooding in Colorado, it has ravaged and devestated many communities, washing out roads and and homes and causing people to flee. Kathleen was prevented from traveling to Rocky Mountain Memories in Estes Park, Colorado {her favorite LSS} due to a washed out road...


Here's a picture of Rocky Mountain Memories, we were so inspired by Kathleen's story of how Cheryl and Rick, the store's owners, have persevered through some tough times and work hard to support the scrapbooking community!



Melissa Kubishke and Susie Swick of Peoria, AZ both decided to show some LOVE for their favorite LSS, Scraps of Love! Thank you, ladies!


Next, meet Anelsie Ramos who entered her FAVORITE LSS in San Juan, Puerto Rico, The Scrapbook Store!


Look at their awesome New Year New You display!! We were OVER THE MOON when we saw this!


Next, we'd love to introduce you to Carla Hundley! Carla found Webster's Pages products in her local Archiver's at University Mall in Orem, Utah!


Here are a couple of our newest items you can find at your local Archiver's...Allison Kreft It's Christmas Stamp Sets!!! Ooooooooooo!! {LOVE THESE}

What a treat to see Webster's Pages being stocked in scrapbook stores everywhere and get to meet so many devoted lovers of beautiful papers from all around the world! 

If you haven't had a chance to stop by our 75% OFF Best Friends Sale this week, be sure to drop in and pick out some pretty patterned papers at BEAUTIFUL prices!


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We Love LSS's & We Love You! {75% OFF Best Friends!}

Welcome Back to Webster's Pages' "I Love My LSS!" sweepstakes results week! As you know, this week is all about celebrating those local scrapbook stores that keep us inspired and provide a world of wonder just inside their doors! If you love crafting then we're certain you know just what we mean!!

Today...we have a BIG SHOUT OUT for our LSS with the very most entries!!! Paper Arts of Edmond, Oklahoma.

We first heard about Paper Arts from Lillian Merlin! One of the first things we noticed in Lil's picture {besides her sweet smile!} was that Paper Arts has pasted a copy of our sweepstakes ad in the window of their door! We LOVED this!!


...and so, the entries began rolling in! We heard from Evelyn Goode...


...Miss Dot Norman...


...Debi Riner...


...Kris Kilkenny...


...and Sharon Bieker!

...and if this isn't sweet, we don't know what is! Sharon told us, "I love love love my local scrapbook store; Paper Arts @ 632 W. Edmond Rd.  Edmond, OK  73003   I couldn't do with out them."

Now, that's some true love! Sharon included some Webster's Pages in her picture, too...thank you, Sharon! Thank you so much to all of you ladies! A HUGE THANK YOU to Paper Arts of Edmond, OK ~ AND to LSS's everywhere!

We've thoroughly enjoyed receiving all of your entries and have even more to share with you this week!! We are SO EXCITED to get to tell you about our WINNER this Friday, October 18th!!

Until then...we hope you'll enjoy this treat! 75% OFF Best Friends! It's our little gift especially for you, our very sweet friends!


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More FAVORITE LSS Results {To our Dear Friends, 75% OFF Best Friends!}

We are LOVING the connections that are made thanks to all of the AMAZING scrapbooking stores around the globe!! 


Today...friends from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur!!!

Meet Suzanne Lee! We were so excited when we received Suzanne's entry! Oooooooooo...look at all the Webster's Pages Charm and Perfect Accent LOVE Suzanne is showing off from her FAVORITE LSS Paper Market in Singapore! You can find ALL of Webter's Pages new lines at Paper Market...{LOVE THIS!}


If Suzanne looks familiar, it's because she is twin to one of Webster's Pages own...Jaz Lee! Jaz & Suzanne LOVE their LSS Paper Market in Singapore!!

Next month, Jaz will be taking a trip up North to a neighboring LSS in Kuala Lumpur, Papier Love, where she will be hosting a Scrapbooking Event, "A Vintage Sunday Picnic," featuring some of Webster's Pages newest lines, Postcards From Paris II and more!!


Here's a sneak peek of the "Beautiful" Double Tri-Fold Album she'll be showing everyone how to make!




If you're in the area, you definitely don't want to miss this event!!'s another one of our sweepstakes entries, Chris Lim, who just happens to LOVE Papier Love in Kuala's her home away from home! 


We are so thankful for our friends all around the globe AND the local stores that help us deliver our products to their doors and put smiles on their faces!! Suzanne, Jaz and Chris, YOU make us smile!!

...AND, Paper Market of Singapore and Papier Love of Kuala Lumpur, you KNOW WE LOVE YOU!!!

Winners of our I Love My LSS Sweepstakes will be announced THIS FRIDAY, OCTOBER 18th!! 

In the meantime, here's a special treat for all of our dearest and BEST of FRIENDS!!! We hope you'll take advantage of this special treat available all week ~~ 75% OFF our Best Friends Collection!!

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Celebrating Friendship! {...with 75% OFF Best Friends!}

This week we are celebrating our scrapbooking friends from all around the world and honoring the awesomeness of scrapbook stores everywhere! We want to say THANK YOU for being such amazing stewards to the scrapbooking community!

{Make sure you stay tuned to the very end!! We have some important announcements to make!!}

We spent most of September collecting pictures of Webster's Pages lovers around the world and their FAVORITE local scrapbooking stores, and, this Friday, October 18th, we will be announcing the winner of our "I Love My LSS!" Sweepstakes!! We've received so many entries and have some wonderful stories to share with you! Throughout this week we'll be telling you all about some of the people and LSS's that have deeply inspired us and touched our hearts!

First up, we are pleased to introduce, Pamela Romero!

We were thrilled when we received Pam's entry becuase she had the very special honor of being the first one to enter!! Hearing from Pam was such a pleasure! It put a smile on our faces all week long! 

Pam's FAVORITE LSS is Perfect Day Scrapbooking in Huntington Beach, CA! 


As you can see in the very back of the store, Pam and her friends are setting up a Shop Hop event! What fun! Here they are all ready for their big event!Framedpicsforlsssecondary

She even wrote us a very special note about her amazing LSS and its wonderful owner! Here's what she had to say:

"I am telling you I can't say enough positive things about this store.  The owner really works hard to support all of the local independently owned scrapbook stores.  This year she coordinated the So Cal Shop Hop that included a two week themed event where participants had a passport and the opportunity to visit 32 stores in the So Cal area with special discounts, prizes, apron and passport decoration competitions and photo submission contests. Each store had a themed "recipe" make and take and an in store photo opportunity. She is a very busy go getter lady and keeps a very nice well stocked store."    ~ Pamela

This is exactly the INSPIRATION we knew we would hear! We're right there with you, Pamela ~ WE LOVE and are so thankful for your LSS too! Thank you so much to Pamela, Perfect Day Scrapbooking, and friends! We wish you all the best and good luck on winning!!!  



CONGRATULATIONS to Beverly Jordan! You are our LUCKY Blog Hop WINNER! Email ccuendet{at}websterspages{dot}com for your complete Family Traditions Collection!

Beverly Jordan

Your team of designers did such stunning projects and are so talented! It was amazing!

Posted by: Beverly Jordan | October 13, 2013 at 02:06 AM

FINALLY!!! {Did you know that we ADORE YOU!!?? WE DO!}

We want to shower you with as much Webster's Pages goodness as we possibly can and one way to do that is by giving you some AMAZING pricing on some of our favorite collections and products! 



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You Made It! FINAL Destination of the CardMaker Blog Hop! { about a GIVEAWAY!}

{If you arrived here from Facebook, or just on your own, and this is the first you've heard of a blog hop?CLICK HERE?  to head over to the CardMaker blog and start HOPPING! All you need to do is visit each blog along the way, leave a comment, and you'll be entered to WIN Family Traditions!! Don't forget to come back here when you're done and let us know what you think!!! You will find LOADS and LOADS of inspiration along the way!! HAPPY HOPPING!}

CONGRATULATIONS!! You made it to the FINAL stop of the CardMaker Blog Hop!

This week we've been celebrating our NEW Summer CHA collection, Family Traditions by Adrienne Looman, and, today, you are just a comment away from being entered to WIN THE ENTIRE COLLECTION for yourself!! Have you seen it!?

Here's something BEAUTIFUL to fall in love with {...just for starters!!}


If you arrived here at the end of the hop, and you've stopped to enjoy and comment on each and every amazing blog along the way, then CONGRATULATIONS!! Now that you've been thoroughly overwhelmed with inspiration, it's time for a peek at the collection that made it ALL POSSIBLE!

Without further adieu...MEET THE STAR OF THE SHOW!





















...and, here's a recap of the COMPLETE hop list...{just in case you need it!}


Jill Cornell

Candice Elliott

Alice Golden

Gabrielle Pollacco

Emma Trout

Latisha Yoast

Jamie Harder

Stacey Michaud

Michelle Woerner

Jaz Lee Soo Hui

Emeline Seet

Rosemary Dennis

Diana Brodeur

Tanya Batrak

Stacy Morgan

Webster’s Pages


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Blog Post

{INSPIRING!} Family Traditions Gift Set by Designer Tanya Batrak


Family Tradtions inspiration is in FULL SWING and we're BLOWN AWAY by all of the amazing Design Team creativity this week! Today...get ready...because you are about to be LAVISHED in the divine stylings of Designer Tanya Batrak!

Words cannot describe the absolute splendor of Tanya's adorable gift set!  



Tanya created the most precious little gift box...the perfect size for a ring! Who wouldn't LOVE to receive a gift in this box! The box alone is too cute for words!


...and then, as if that sweet little box weren't enough, she's turned a paper bag into a STUNNING gift bag!


We LOVE all of the dimension Tanya has created by adding an assortment of Family Traditions cutouts, patterned papers and embellishments! That little green leaf from the Perfect Accents Bulk Pack is such a sweet touch! Here's a peek at what comes in this pack!!


Finally, Tanya's card, with the sweetest sentiment!  How ADORABLE is that!? Shaped like an acorn and created with Family Traditions Patterned Papers!!


Are you SWOONING!? We are definitely right there with you! Stop by the Webster's Pages website to see the entire Family Traditions collection!!



Email to entertoday!!


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Clean & Simple and Classic with Family Traditions by Adrienne Looman!


This is it! The time of year when family traditions happen on nearly a daily basis! Whether it's Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, sporting events, hot apple cider, pumpkin patches, warm blankets or a variety of other events and themes that inspire the special ideas that carry us through this celebratory season with memories to be passed down to future generations! 

That is why our new collection, Family Traditions by Adrienne Looman, is just perfect for Fall! It embodies all of the beauty of the season, and offers endless amounts of inspiration in colors, words, phrases and motifs! 

Today, we want to focus in on its versatility! It is just perfect for every scrapbook style! 

Designer Jill Cornell used this lovely collection to tell about her family's pumpkin picking tradition in BEAUTIFUL Clean and Simple Style!


Jill's twin cutie pies got to enjoy a sunny Fall day at the pumpkin patch with their grandparents. The Family Traditions Sticker, "These roots grow strong," says it all...



...AND, if you want to dress this collection up, there are plenty of fussy cutting opportunities as well! 

Designer Emeline Seet created a GORGEOUS piece of wall art! Take a peek!

Emeline 9OctAlteredFT

 We ADORE Emeline's style, and with Family Traditions, it's easy to get carried away!

Emeline 9OctAlteredFT2.JPG


Every last piece of this pretty Fall collection is AVAILABLE NOW right here at Webster's Pages! We hope you'll stop by and check out all of the AMAZING embellishments and pretty Patterned Papers!

...AND, we have a WINNER from our SCT Fall Issue Giveaway on Facebook!!

Congratulations, Donna Mink Gabbard? who said,

"Donna Mink Gabbard loves WP and SCT, thanks for the chance to win!"  

Donna, please email Christi at to claim your prize!! xoxo

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Family Traditions by Adrienne Looman {NOW AVAILABLE!!}


We are so excited today!! Every precious tidbit of our new collection, Family Traditions, by Adrienne Looman is now available to the public at Webster's Pages in all of its whimsical wonder! It's like entering into a woodland fairy tale, truly...every little detail is positively breathtaking!


See what we mean!? Designer Diana Brodeur's layout is so pretty...AND, she incorporated some of our FAVORITE new items!

Scalloped brown trim from the Mini Trim Pack...a LOVELY addition!


...and, of course, no layout is complete without a Mini Bag or two!


We LOVE the addition of the cute little birdie tag! Diana slipped one into her Mini Bag {an extra special hideout for special little keepsakes!}


Family Traditions is a definite MUST HAVE! Perfect for building memories around sweet moments! We're in LOVE with this precious collection!

Head over to our website and pick up your favorites! 


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