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Assignment 12: Mix it Up!!

Hi Brandin!

Lucy here with your Assignment for Week 12: Mix it Up!!

Mixing product and paper lines is a wonderful way to show your very own style. So many of the Webster's Pages collections work together perfectly! Your assignment this week is to mix at least 3 different papers and embellishments from different Webster's Pages collections in a layout.

 Mix and match is actually my favorite thing  - combining colors and patterns in new ways will give your work a unique look and you'll have fun doing it!

A couple of tips to get you started:

  • You could select a floral pattern paper and pull some of the colors from it to help you select the other papers to coordinate.
  • Look at color boards for inspiration - wedding and decorator blogs are great sources for this.
  • Mixing paper lines - old and new is a great way to use your stash for a fresh look.

Have fun playing with paper this week!



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Blog Post

& we're off!


soooooooo.............we're off to my husband's "homeland" {in his words} aka. Detroit. HA! This week is...

family time

yummy food

football games 

pj's all day

good times.

I'll be back with more weekly posts, challenges & BIG announcements next week! ;o) Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

~Brandin xo

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Introducing Stamps!


You can order online now! Shipping STARTS November 29th! we hope you enjoy!

~Brandin xo

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Wednesday's Advice, plus a Winner!

 Winner, winner, chicken dinner! One lucky winner just won herself 2 of her favorite Webster's Pages Embellishments: Krissie

I used little bits of ripped wrapping paper that our wedding presents were wrapped in (in our wedding album)! I have since done the same again for birthday photos. It is great to tie the photo in especially when the photo is of your child holding that wrapped present! xoxo

Posted by: Krissie | November 15, 2010 at 02:21 AM

Krisse, please take a peek at our online site and select 2 of your favorite embellishments then email your choices and your shipping information to me at dmarie@websterspages(dot)com

Time for some advice!

OH Brandin {ellen here}, I know I say this every week but this week is so exciting!   I love love trying new things. Get out those inks and paints...if you don't have any of those? What about stamping ;) ;) ;) Have you tried wallet sized photos yet? That might be an option they are so fun to work with versus 4x6 photos. Get those wheels turning and you will think of something. Have fun!!!!


Hi Brandin, it's Audrey. I've been having the most fun watching your scrapping journey over these last weeks and congratulate you on all your accomplishments so far. This week will be a ton of fun since this challenge is open for anything goes. Use this time to think of something that you've been wanting to try, be it a new technique or perhaps a handmade embellishment. Whatever it is you decide to try, there are many great tutorials available online to help you out. Sites like YouTube, for example, have videos on just about every scrapping technique out there, and these can really help you get started. Simply type your question into their built-in search feature, like "how do you make paper flowers, stamp on transparencies, stitch on paper, etc, etc........and see what you find. Good luck. Can't wait to see what you do!

Paint, I think that this week you make it all about getting down and dirty! You love funky stuff, you are a trained painter...I would love to see some paint on your next project!

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webster {loves} Unity


Webster's Pages & Unity Stamps have partnered to bring you our designer images on superb stamping quality!

The Best of Webster Holiday is releasing THIS Thursday.

Join us over in Facebook for the kick-off & leave us a comment on our wall & let us know what your favorite Webster Holiday image is for your chance to win the very first Webster's Pages Stamp Set.

Today is a GREAT day at Webster & we're thrilled that you're a part of it!

~Brandin xo

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What happens with Webster's Pages meets Unity Stamps?

You get to expand your creativity!

EXCITING NEWS! Webster's Pages & Unity Stamps are Co-Branding!!!
The "Best of Webster" Holiday Stamps are releasing THIS Thursday!

Head on over to our Facebook Fan Page then
Leave us a comment on our wall & let us know what your favorite Webster Holiday image is for your chance to win the very first Webster's Pages Stamp Set!

We hope that YOU are just as excited as WE are!

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Assigmnent 11: Try Something New

Hey! The past 10 weeks have flown by and it's been incredible watching you grow and develop your own style. I know Steph and I are so flattered that you would scraplift our layouts from Monday's Post.....thanks so much! I love how you selected elements from both of us and still retained your own style, that is the perfect scraplift! It's beautiful!! :)

This week is going to be an easy one, since you've been working so hard: Try Something New - so I guess there won't be any rules!

By now, you've had the chance to try a lot of different things in your scrapbooking journey and I think you are ready to experiment. Try something can be a project, layout, card....whatever you want.

Maybe something that you've always wanted to do, but didn't feel ready for until an altered canvas, art journal page, project for one of your kids or family....the choice it yours. Even a hybrid or digital layout!

Some of my favorite projects came from trying something new, being will to experiment and play is a key part of being creative, so this is really important and a great way to keep your work fresh and exciting.

I can't wait to see what you try......suprise us!




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i just love him ~

i know...

every mother




their children.

but gosh...

it really hurts

how much



him. {& cali & jude!}

i wanted to create a page this week that reflects what's happening in our home this season. Dane is so proud to collect the "beautiful leaves for mommy" and collect as many acorns as he possibly can. He loves to bring them to me & anxiously awaits to see how excited I react to his new collection additions.

he makes my heart so full. assignment was to scraplift...hum...I took the lift from Steph & Lucy! BIG shoes to fill but I wanted to try. I loved this assignment.

i wanted to use some of dane's personal collection of leaves & acorns to embellish this page.


i wanted to keep it organic.

i wanted to keep it feeling like him.






i really enjoyed using personal items to embellish this week & i LOVED using Steph & Lucy's page as a lift. Thanks so much Ladies!

does this inspire anyone to embellish with any of the items that inspire you to create your pages? You could use your children's artwork, first date movie ticket stubs, etc...what other ideas can we embellish with? We will be selecting a lucky comment for our GIVEAWAY this week...since this page is so minimal with embellishments, this week's winner can select TWO embellishments of their choice from our online catalog. Oooooooo! Fun! :o)

~Brandin xo

p.s....all of your comments left last week were incredibly heart warming. All throughout the week I was reading them over & over. xo

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Wednesday's Winner and Advice

83, yes 83 comments on Brandin's last project. That is our record high. I am guessing the fabulous prize of EVERY Storytellers Alphabet sticker sheet that we have in stock might have something to do with that. Hee Hee!

Soooo are we all ready for this week's winner who will be swimming in a sea of Storytellers goodness. Dorothy...come on down!

my simple moment, simple life event is everytime i stare at my sleeping two-year old son. until now, this moment never ceases to amaze me. i love being a mom. :)

Posted by: Dorothy | November 07, 2010 at 11:39 PM

Please send me an email at dmarie@websterspages(dot)com with your shipping information and I will have your stickers sent out to you! Congratulations!

And Brandin, this week's advice...go search about inspireME and find a layout with a style that you DON'T think that you would normally do. I find that scraplifting a style that is intimidating (aka tons of layering and embellishments) helps me try something that I wouldn't normally do. It kind of frees you up to be explorative and brave. Get your feet wet a bit trying something a bit different. xoxo Dena


Oh Brandin! Scraplifting is fun. I think my advice is that you don't need to scraplift the entire layout. You may just find one or two elements that inspire you. I love, love our GDT monthly inspiration pieces because it so cool to look through each DT member's take on the inspiration pieces. Everyone comes away with something different!  Have fun! Ellen

Hi Brandin! Anabelle here. Scraplifting is so much fun. I don't scraplift now as much as I did when I first started, I wish I had more time to do so. One thing that I did a lot when I was first starting out, was to find a style that I really liked. Then, I 'tried it on'. It took me about a year before I found the style that really suited me best, one that felt like it just 'fit'. The best part about lifting is that you can find fun techniques and elements and try them on your page. Have a blast with this. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

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Assignment 10: Scraplift

Hey Brandin! I can't believe you are already on to week 10!! I'm so impressed with your papercrafting journey!!

This weeks assigment is to Scraplift a layout that inspires you.

There are only a couple of rules to a proper scraplift......always ask permission and be sure to give credit to the designer in your comments. Lifting elements of the design or layout are fine, or it can just be the style of the designer.

Scraplifting gives you an unique opportunity to experiment with your style by playing with bits and pieces of what inspire you and letting you add your personal twist to it. It allows you to try other styles to see what feels natural to you.

We on the Webster's Pages Design Team always love doing the monthly guest designer lifts. It's so much fun!

For this week - I wanted to play along with you.....I chose a layout from the inspireMe gallery that has been in my favorites for a long good friend and fellow design team member, Steph Devlin's "Shy". Steph always inspires me and this layout was simple and striking, I wanted to lift some of the main elements that really stood out to me: the paint, the hybrid frames, and simple design.


My layout wasn't as clean as Steph's, but I always try to add my own look to any scraplift I do. :)

And this was an fun time to play with some of the new Webster's Pages Digital Goodies!! 


I used the digital frames from Life's Portraits and the houndstooth paper from Hollywood Vogue - printed onto a transparency to let the layers show through. I also extracted the black and turquoise vines from Hollywood Vogue. When mixed with the papers from Waiting for Santa - it was a gorgeous combination.

 A great place to get started is the gallery at's full of inspiring projects!

Hope you have a great time playing with paper this week!


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little reminders

some days...every little bit helps!



So...I kind of feel like I took the easy way out for this week's home dec challenge...


So this is the deal...

my home office was needing TLC so this weekend I redesigned it (like i don't have anything better to do..aka.finish designing for CHA...ha-ha!)...

but the walk up to the room

wasn't feeling so


i found a handful of empty frames in our garage

picked out a few of our papers

dropped them into the frames


added some alpha stickers to make


little reminders

to me

my kids

my husband.

I want to load this wall up with frames now! Lets see if I can find any more empties around the house & I'll keep adding.

So does this qualify for my home dec. project? ;o)

Again, not too crafty but I'm not sure that's really me...not really sure. This process is showing me that I LOVE reflecting on the memories, LOVE looking at the creations that I've made in my scrapbook after all is finished but I think my favorite assignments are the ones

that are more simple

using the art of the paper

the art of simple words

& the art of creating simple, positive emotion.

speaking of...

i HAD to share these with you.

cali's first haircut was today.



she loved it

but i loved it more.

like i said



make life sweet :o)

i'd love to hear your simple moments, sweet life events...i am always touched when I read all of your comments. This week we'll be selecting a winner for a very cool of every alpha sticker sheet in our warehouse to illustrate your own sweet reminders ;o) That's over 3000 alphas! Wowzer! Just share your thoughts with me & you'll hear who's chosen on Wednesday. big XO!


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Wednesday's Advice and Winner!

Netting, netting, who's got the netting?

Well if your name is: Patty O'Malley then YOU have the netting! Congrats to this week's winner Miss Patty O'Malley! HOORAY!

Love how you used the netting here to give some dimension to the LO! I think I would use the netting to add a "lift" of sorts to the bloomers and also take a piece of the netting, sew and edge and gather it into a circular shape putting a sparkler in the center to make a flower.

Posted by: Patty O'Malley | November 01, 2010 at 07:02 PM

Patty please drop me a line with your shipping information at dmarie@websterspages(dot)com. And I will have the awesome netting sent off to you ASAP!

And my quick 2 cents for creating decor....when you use Webster's Pages products, it is almost a no brainer. They literally make anything look better. Run the edge of trim around the bottom of a lampshade: BETTER! Add a few bloomers to a flower pot: BETTER! Have an old shoe box laying around, cover it in our gorgeous papers: BETTER! You can literally take ANYTHING that you have in your house, add a few Webster's embellies to it and there you have it. Instant awesomeness! Quick go grab something and super glue a bloomer onto it!

xoxo, Dena


Hi Brandin, It's Ellen. I LOVE LOVE creating home decor. I go through spurts where I don't even scrapbook, I just alter. One of my favorite things to do is find little trinkets and treasures to re-purpose.  Home Decor doesn't need to be a huge frame, it can be a small pot or tin. The great thing about Webster's is that you can use the 6x6 paper packs for smaller scale items.  And the trim and cameo and whimsies just leave the creative door wide open in terms of what you can accomplish to decorate your  home. I think Dena has some great suggestions in that you don't need to redo something entirely..just a spritz of color here..a flower there and you have your own twist.  I think the netting also as unlimited potential in this areas as well. Gosh I am so excited to see your project!!! Good luck. 

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Webster's Pages/Two Peas Monthly Challenge!


Have you seen it yet? Webster's Pages is hosting a Monthly Project Challenge here at Two Peas! And participating couldn't be any easier.

Simply, create a project of any theme and size using at least 50% Webster's Pages product.

*Upload your project to the gallery - don't forget to check the "Webster's Pages Project Challenge” box under member challenges to be included in the challenge!

*Your Project should have at least FIVE tags associated with it. You will be prompted to give tags on the third step of uploading.

*Your Project should have at least THREE related products associated with it. Please note that to associate a product to your project, it must be available in the Two Peas store. You will be prompted to add related product on the last step of uploading.

*Projects must be uploaded by 11:59 p.m. CST 11/30 to be entered into the challenge. The challenge runs November 1st through November 30th.

And the best part...the prizes! Two Peas will choose 3 lucky winners to win either  $150 or $100 Webster's Pages Prize Packages! Now that is a LOT of Webster's!

Check out all of the details on the official Project Challenge Post: HERE!

Need some Webster's Pages products in order to play along, well you are in luck because Two Peas has our newest releases IN STOCK NOW, so hurry before the sold out sign starts appearing!

We can't wait to see how you use Webster's Pages products!

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Assignment 9: Home Decor

Happy Monday to you, Brandin! Lucy here to present this week's assignment: Create a Home Decor Project. This project doesn't have to include photos or journaling, just something you could display in your home.

Fall always makes me think of home, so this topic seems especially appropriate with all of the holidays coming up and knowing you would like to have that special project or altered item to display in your home.

Scrapbooking papers and supplies are so versatile, they make coordinating with your home decor so simple. Webster's Pages classic designs make it easy to dream up a home decor project.

Here a few simple items you could create with patterned paper and embellishments: wooden photo frames, storage boxes, wreaths, garlands, shadow box displays, holiday banners...the list is only limited by your imagination.

I created this Christmas banner using Webster's Pages - Waiting for Santa. Banners are still a really hot trend and this one has such a festive feel with the rich colors and golden leaves from the Webster's Floral Bouquets.


You can find many inspiring ideas for home decor in the gallery at inspireMe. I spotted these recently:

Gift Box Set by Hettie

Canvas Wall Hanging by Laura

Birdhouse by Jolanda

Altered Tin by Jaz

Another project I competed was to cover and embellish a small trinket paper mache box using Hollywood Vogue - decorative storage is so popular right now - so why not customize your own? This would be beautiful to display on your dresser or for a gift for someone special.


Let's get ready for the holiday season by starting at home.....make something handmade and special for you or a loved one.

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this makes me happy



telling a story.

telling THE story.

pure, simple, classic journaling.


i feel that is what scrapbooking is all about.

don't get me wrong...

i love pretty pages ;o)

but the novel

of storytelling

is the best

part for me.

So this really is easy...

it came to me when i was trick-or-treating tonight {busted! procrastinator.}

pick your favorite paper

cut out an object {i cut out one of the clouds}

layer it

write your story on it

and voila...

you've got an instant

memory recorded!

i layered our netting behind it to add some pretties

threw in my favorite bloomers


a beautiful life sticker

& done!

it took about 30 minutes!

i really




that you can document

your beautiful life

by using minimal products.

just choose the right ones ;o)

which leads me to our weekly GIVEAWAY...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE our vintage inspired netting. I just used my finger to push it under the photo & it gave a nice little finishing touch to the page. SUPER easy & quick...would you like a pack of them!? :o) I'd love to hear how you would use them! Comment on this post & we'll pick the winner on Wednesday! Can't wait to hear from you!...& p.s.....Happy Halloween! ;o)

~Brandin xo

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