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Webster's Pages Management Team???

SORRY...i just couldn't resist! (it takes a minute to load but it's funny to watch!)

From the Loving Management Team at Webster's Pages (in order of movie appearance)

Brandin - co-owner

Shauna - Customer Service Manager

Jaime - Graphic Arts Manager

Courtney - Public Relations Manager

Tim - co-owner



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A Weekend with Glue Arts

Glue-Arts-logo5We have to thank the crackerjack team over at Glue Arts for all their fabulous inspiration! To end our week-long inspiration party, we're doing one last post...though I think many of our designers may've permenently converted to Glue Arts for all of their sticky needs!

Today, to wrap the whole week up, we're sharing two more projects from the talented Jaz Lee. It's pretty obvious Jaz LOVES this adhesive, and came up with a layout and an altered project that are both completely pin-worthy. 

(Go ahead and pin them, we don't mind!) 

Jaz sort of mixed it up a little here, with a lot of white space at the center of the page but clusters of detail, dimension and texture. What a great idea! 

I think by now we all know how much we love Glue Arts U-Cut-It Foam Adhesives. Jaz loved being able to cut the foam to what ever size she wanted. I love the way she used it!



But she has even more eye candy for us today... next up is an altered dress form she made as a gift for her mom, who loves Audry Hepburn. 
Using book pages, lace-punched at the bottom, Jaz created the cutest little skirt on her girl, held in place by the Glue Arts Adhesive Squares
She used our All About Me papers for the top of the dress along with a big hat cutout from our Western Romance line. I love how these all blend together so perfectly! And the Glue Arts Ribbon Adhesive holds our vintage trim down perfectly.
One of the coolest things about this project is how personalized it is. Jaz attached a small holder on the back of the dressform for writing notes to her mom and she also incorporated an Audrey Hepburn Brooch and Pearl brooch that both belong to her mom. 
Flowers, Sparkle Pin and Vintage Silhouettes are all tacked into place using the Glue Arts Extreme Tac.
You've got one more day to find Webster's Pages on the Glue Arts Blog, but we hope you'll check it out regularly...I know we sure will!


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We Love Glue Arts!

Our week with Glue Arts is coming to a close, just today and tomorrow are left, but hopefully you've discovered how much fabulous inspiration are on both of our blogs! Our designers are already hard at work creating for next week, so we hope you'll come back and check it out! 

But we're not ready to say goodbye to the Glue Arts Swap just yet...we've still got some incredible stuff to share... like this altered cartwheel from Jaz Lee

Jaz put her Glue Arts adhesives to great use, adding intricate details to give this project a whole lot of pizzaz! (That's right, I said PIZAZZ...and I'm daring you to use that word today just because it's FUN!) 

Look at all the little bits she was able to fit together...

...using the Glue Arts U Cut It Foam Adhesive and Ribbon Adhesive (perfect for adhering fabric!)

Having an adhesive that will hold up in little bits like this is key when you're altering an item like Jaz has done here. 

But it's also important for a layout, as Gabrielle Pollacco demonstrates:


Check out the different adhesives Gabi used, something for every bit of Webster's Pages, detail and all!

She started with the Glue Glider Pro, a favorite among all of our designers...

But there's also the Adhesive Squares...


Which we love for dimensional embellishments, like the Princess Petals and also our fabric products, like Fabric Tickets and Fabric Ribbon. 

And of course, all of our fussy cutters are in love with the Foam adhesives...

What a perfect match for Webster's Pages! 

We're especially excited because it's FRIDAY and that means a giveaway! Today, just leave us a comment here on the blog for your chance to win an awesome adhesive pack from our friends at Glue Arts! 

As for last week's winner of our staff favorites...


I'm with you Courtney, I think the Bloomers are my favorites... if you can pick just one! Thanks for a chance to win!

Posted by: Pendra | October 24, 2011 at 11:01 AM

Pendra! Send me your address at cwalsh[at]websterspages[dot]com and you're gonna get some goodies!

Don't forget to head over to the Glue Arts Blog today for some eye candy...and don't forget to check out their website to get yourself a nice stash to use with YOUR Webster's Pages!



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Webster's Pages + Glue Arts; the perfect pair

We've been having so much fun with this Webster's Pages/Glue Arts mash-up this week. The inspiration has us all giddy, but we feel perfectly justified. 

And we have proof in the form of MORE inspiration. 

Check out what Designer Emma Trout cooked up when she got her hands on some fabulous Glue Arts adhesive.

We are huge fans of Emma's funky layered style, and she added so many great elements on this layout. Her intricate details really came to life thanks to the Raise n's, which are not only super strong, but also add dimension. 

Take Emma's advice and roll the adhesive together between your fingers to create a 'glue roll.'

Then add the glue to the back of your embellishments for added "pop"

I think we can all agree that this makes for a pretty interesting page! Detail

 ...with so many amazing details to explore! 

For her page, Emma used:

Gerry van Gent also had a blast trying out the awesome-ness that is Glue Arts. 

Feast your eyes...

Holiday Greetings_Gerry
I love how Gerry melded so many contrasting elements together for instant Wow.

The best part, according to Gerry, was how light and comfortable the Glue Glider Pro is to use. "Even my kids (ages 4 & 8) tried it out and it's perfect for their little hands..." A kid that can glue and not get messy? I dare say all of us are SOLD!

Like so many of us, Gerry also loves to add that 3-D effect on her layouts, and the U-Cut-It Foam Blanks are the perfect way to do just that. 

Being able to cut that foam to fit any size you want is ideal, and we have to say, the proof that this stuff works is in the puddin'...  Gerry 7

 We love knowing that our hard work isn't going to fall apart once the layout is in the page protector!

In addition to her Glue Arts goodness, Gerry used tons of fun Webster's Pages Products on her layout. Swing by the Webster's Pages website to get your own stash today! 

Don't forget to head over to the Glue Arts blog to see what their fabulous Design Team has done with our far, I don't know about you, but I've been hugely inspired! We love to hear from you, so let us know what you think! 



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It's the Glue That Inspires

The inspiration this week just keeps on coming! Every time I load a page onto the blog, I want to stop and scrapbook for a couple of hours! Webster's Pages + Glue Arts = Pure Bliss. 

But don't take my word for it...I've got plenty of proof, starting with this gorgeous layout from Tomoko Takahashi. If I could put glitter on the word "Gorgeous" in that last sentence I would just to make it stand out even more. 


Are you oohing and ahhing? 

I am. And I've been staring at it for an hour now. First of all, isn't Tomoko's daughter adorable? But second, the details on this layout are just to die for! She made great use of her Glue Arts 3D Combo Pac, which allowed her to elevate key details of her design:  GA_tomoko2

Kind of awesome, right? She also used the Glue Glider Pro and the Adhesives Squares to make sure her page stayed intact. 

Of course, Tomoko had a little bit of help making a beautiful page using some of our favorite Webster's Pages products...

Patterned Paper: Winter Fairy Tales, Let's Celebrate; Winter Fairy Tales Dazzle Me Gems & Sparkle Push Pins, Cameo Push Pins

The Glue Arts Adhesive is also the perfect solution for all of your card-making needs...and we're coming up on prime card-making season, so this is great timing! Ivana Camdzic made a stunning card featuring our All About Me Collection that we are all in love with...  Ivana every inch 1

I know. It's swoony. 

Ivana loves the U-Cut-It Foam sheet, which made her project come together super fast. She simply ran the foam sheet through her die cutting machine with a beautiful die and used chunky, vintage glitter on the one side, while adhering the other side to the card.

What a great way to get the sparkle and shine without all the mess!


The rest of her card came together using the Glue Glider Pro, and for a special detail, she added a thin line of adhesive along the bottom and some more chucky glitter to finish it off. 

Ivana_every inch 4
Yes, we are loving trying out all the different offerings from Glue Arts...and we're coming up with some amazing (and fun) stuff! 

Don't forget to head over to the Glue Arts Blog to see what their designers are doing with Webster's Pages! And check out their website for all your adhesive needs. 

As an added bonus, today, we're giving away an awesome prize on our Facebook Page! Just head over to the GLUE ARTS Facebook Wall, tell them we sent you and then let us know on our FB post that you've done so! We'll automatically enter you to win a great adhesive prize!


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Blog Post

Glue that Gets it Done

TuesdayThe fun continues today with more inspiring projects from our designers as they broke out the Glue Arts to help their creations come together more smoothly.

Designer Stacey Michaud created a stunning layout, thanks, in part, to her Glue Glider Pro. This a great overall adhesive. Stacey started her page by layering rectangles and strips of Love Letters, Gratitude, and Country Fresh papers from our Western Romance Collection.                

Stacey_each night

She was also able to add some great details, like this pleated ribbon... our Blue Lace Trim combined with Glue Arts Ribbon Adhesive. Simply adhere a long strip of the adhesive to the back of your ribbon and begin folding. According to Stacey, "The glue works perfectly and secures the pleats to each other as well as to the page."


To add dimension, texture and typography to the layout, Stacey used the Western Romance Fabric Tickets. These little beauties are great when laying flat on a page, but use the U Cut It Foam Blanks to make them really stand out. Cut a block, adhere to the underside of the fabric ticket and you've got a sturdy embellishment in 3-D! 

Stacey_each night2

Designer Iris Babao Uy also put her Glue Arts to good use...but she took her creativity off the page to create the most adorable head pieces for her daughters to wear to a costume party. 

Using Webster's Pages trims, flowers, vintage sparklers and cameos, Iris was able to create gorgeous and unique additions to her daughters' costumes. Iris points out that liquid glue would be messy and would take too long to dry. A glue gun would work, but could end up leaking through the fabric and creating a mess. Her solution? Glue Arts Ribbon Adhesives


This product comes in a continuous strip of clear adhesive which makes adhering lace and ribbons easy as pie! For the cameos and vintage sparklers, Iris turned to the adhesive squares, and they went on in a snap.

Yes, it's fair to say we are loving exploring all the different products Glue Arts has to offer! Be sure to stop by their blog today as well and get a glimpse of what their designers are doing with Webster's Pages! 


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Blog Post

Welcome Glue Arts to Webster's Pages...

We are so excited to be teaming up with Glue Arts this week to bring you a full week of inspiring projects!

Their design team has been working with our gorgeous products while we've been testing out their amazing adhesives. 
The results? Eye candy for everyone!
First up on the roster is this punchy page from Anabelle O'Malley:
Check out the color in this layout! Anabelle's page came together much more quickly thanks to the fabulous Glue Arts adhesives. She used the Extreme Adhesive Squares to secure this Heart Whimsy to the lower right-hand side of her page.
These details are what really make this page special.
The U-Cut It Foam adhesive is a great partnership for anyone working with Webster's Pages. The fussy cutting and dimensional elements really pop when you layer them on top of this adhesive. You can see how Anabelle's fabric ticket jumps right off the page:
The best part is, you can recreate this layout yourself. 
Anabelle used:
Papers: Webster's Pages All About Me, Botanical Christmas
From Glue Arts, Anabelle tested out these fabulous products:
Next, we have a gorgeous off-the-page project from designer Laura McCollough. Laura got super creative with her Webster's Pages/Glue Arts mash-up and ended up with this:
Laura used Botanical Christmas to create this unique project. After taking apart the backing from this store-bought birdhouse, Laura was able to create a dimensional project that can easily hang on the wall. 
Laura covered the back with Botanical Christmas papers, secured using the Glue Arts Glider. Then she cut out trees and a bird's next and heaped on the trims and embellishments, adhering it all with the U-Cut-It Foam Adhesive

Next, Laura put everything back together and added green pleated trim around the outside edge using the Glue Arts Adhesive Squares, topping the project off with additional trims and Holiday Silhouettes
The one-of-a-kind results are simply stunning, proving that Glue Arts + Webster's Pages is a match made in heaven! 
For more projects, head over to the Glue Arts Blog today to check out what their designers have done with their Webster's Pages stash. You can also score your own Glue Arts by heading over to their website for lots of great options! 
Tune in all week for more inspiring products from Webster's Pages & Glue Arts!


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Blog Post

an honest view

Dotw_mso many days for me are...let's just say...hectic.

this sweet, oh so pleasant picture of me & the kids was taken today.

can you guess where?


guessing from the corner of a building/hallway/entryway/carpet flooring...

looking at the bare feet of my daughter...

with her WIDE open mouth full of noisy/yelling sounds...

and my 1 year old son climbing his mother like a money climbing a tree...

one would only assume that WE WERE AT CHURCH!....

That's right.

It was taken this morning by my husband at church....we summoned ourselves to the hallway outside of the congregation. Apparently we have raised wild animals & couldn't be a part of the social scene this morning...

This is a good, candid, honest shot of our lives.

This is why I developed myNovelTree.

I needed help in documenting my wild animals & well as their tamed moments. I don't have a lot of time during my days but still wanted to create books, tell my story, tell my children's stories...I want them to see how wonderfully crazy & beautiful they are. It's a keepsake for me to create for my children for them to keep for their lifetimes. I think..I know...they'll love the collection of books that I will be starting for them. I would love for you to join me in my start in telling my stories to my children through myNovelTree.

Now let's enjoy our crazy, hectic, beautiful week together! 


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Blog Post

Wanna Win Webster's Staff Favorites?

FridayHere at Webster's Pages, we are big believers in spreading the love. And one thing all of us working here can agree on is that we LOVE these products. Oh, we all have our favorites, but there's a general consensus around here that we've got warm and fuzzy feelings over what we create...and we're taking this Freebie Friday to share that with you! 

One lucky reader is going to get our staff's FAVORITE products.

I're wondering how any of us chose just ONE thing, and let me tell you, it wasn't easy... but I think we've managed to narrow it down...I am really excited because this is what you could win:

1013_thumbBrandin's favorite...One of the new Photobooks from My NovelTree

What can we say? This alone would make for an awesome'll be able to drop your own photos right into the book and we'll print it out and send it to your door! 

And I could stop here...but then you'd miss out on all the other favorites.

Shauna Benson, our Operations Manager, loves the gem strips.

And really, who can blame her? Great way to add some sparkle...

Tim Myers, Business Operations & Manging Director, likes the 6x6 paper pads.

I think Tim can appreciate a smart product when he sees one...and the paper pads are brilliant. (And cute...but Tim didn't say that...I did...)

Our Graphic Arts Director, Jaime Andrews, has a soft spot for our Feather Flowers and Pins...


...which are just plain unique.

And me? Well, I don't just like...I obsess over the Bloomers

I think I talk about them in my sleep.

You have to admit...they're pretty! 

So, we won't make you jump through any hoops to enter this giveaway, but we're so excited we're offering extra chances for you to enter today. 

  • Tweet about the giveaway, you get to enter again
  • Share this post on Facebook, you get to enter again
  • Blog about it, you get to enter AGAIN! 

That's FOUR chances to win this time...just for playing along! 

Be still my Webster's Pages Lovin' Heart! 


And the good news just keeps on coming... guess who won LAST WEEK'S giveaway?

sandra m I think I would buy bloomers and silhouettes, I think they are gorgeous

Posted by: sandra m October 14, 2011 at 02:08 AM

So Sandra M. (who was up WAY too late when she posted that comment...I'm praying you live overseas, Sandra!!) email me at cwalsh [at] websterspages [dot] com and I will make sure you get your $25 gift certificate!

Help us spread the word and enter the giveaway today!!


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Blog Post

Get Out of the Pressure Cooker

ThursdayAbout this time of year, I start to realize the importance of cutting myself some slack. It dawns on me that Christmas is just two months away and because I'm a scrapbooker, people expect handmade gifts...the heartfelt kind which requires an engaged brain. 

This is about when I melt into a puddle of howintheworldamigonnageteverythingdone?

Anyone else? 

Noveltree photobooks
With the addition of each kid, I've got less and less time to create for other people...but that doesn't stop me from putting an insane amount of pressure on myself. 

So this year, I'm going to make a few gifts...but I'm also going to give myself permission to find a happy medium between handmade and pre-made. Because if you can find something that has the same thought behind it without all the hours and hours of work, isn't it worth it? 


Years ago, I realized I just can't do everything. Quite the wake-up call when you come to terms with that one...but I'm BUSY. And so are you. Which is why we created NovelTree in the first place... not to replace your traditional help you during those times when you want to convey a thoughtful message but don't have time to actually sit down and create it.

When you need to bake cookies with your littles... or enjoy a cup of hot chocolate to the dancing white lights of your Christmas tree... or actually enjoy the Christmas music before the season is over. 

So, we've done the creating for you. The message is still yours. The photos...still yours. 

The work? That's all on us.  Noveltreebook5

I showed a friend a sample of one of these albums this morning and she couldn't stop gawking. She knew how special they are...unlike every other albums on the market. I think it's a difference you have to feel to believe...

And designing one couldn't be easier. Just drag and drop. Every single page is already laid out perfectly, designed by one of our brilliant designers. Think of the time you'll save!

This year, give yourself permission to enjoy the season. You go make the memories and we'll help you preserve them.


Pre-order your book and receive a free gift and 20% of every purchase for the rest of your life! Become a Founding Member Today!


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Blog Post

a new life ?

Dotw_wa dream . a prayer . a miracle .

a beautiful baby .

Please join us in congratulating Mitsue Iwata on the birth of her son, Kai Sam Iwata!


{Mitsue designed this page as a variation of one of the pages in the Baby Boy #1001 PhotoBook}

Mitsue is a loved design team member of the Webster's Pages family. You may love her from her kindness, beautiful digital creations & constant design inspiration. But did you also know that Mitsue co-designed ALL myNovelTree Books (along with incredible Julie Walton)?

Here are a few of my favorites from Mitsue ~

1001_thumb_11005_thumb_2 1015_thumb_31006_thumb_41009_thumb_51008_thumb_6

She's pretty spectacular...and so is her growing family & please join me in Congratulating the Iwata Family!



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Blog Post

Simplify Using Digi

TuesdayYears ago, I remember having a conversation with a friend about digital scrapbooking. She said it was the wave of the future. I, clutching my new stash of paper and embellishments, said "no way." It terrified me--the thought of not getting my hands sticky and my desk messy. 

But then I never have been one for change. 

Since that time, I've discovered, it doesn't have to be either/or. You can be a paper scrapper AND a digital scrapper...and we make it easy for you. Did you know you can get digital versions of all of our collections? All of them. Right HERE

Julie Walton shows us here how simple digi can be:

Julie points out that she loves being able to print out her papers over and over again. And having an endless supply of buttons? Now, there's something we can all appreciate. Even I've learned to appreciate the pure simplicity of digital scrapbooking...and I have to admit, once you start, it's sort of addictive!

If you love the idea of digital but aren't quite ready to tackle it, you can always check out My NovelTree! We're really excited to be offering drag-and-drop scrapbook pages. You could put your photos into a professionally designed layout like this one:


Insert your own journaling and click "Print." It really is that simple!

If you're ready to give it a try, hop on over to our Ning site... HERE. We have a digital forum and even have a great challenge going on this month...You might, like me, discover you're in love with the simplicity of digital scrapbooking!


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Blog Post

short & sweet

Dotw_mhappy Monday everyone!

this is going to be a great week ~

my days have been busy FINALIZING many of the NEW Webster's Pages designs!!!...

but my weekends are reserved for these little monsters ~


can you blame me?...just listen to that little laugh...until her big brother comes along & makes them crash...then my sweet little happy moment turned into a sweet little/medium/big/huge time-out! HA!

so with that sweet little thought, pour yourself a large cup of coffee, take a minute out of your Monday morning to relax and get ready for a great week ahead. Webster's Pages & I will be here all week long to provide inspiration & short and sweet updates on our lives inside & outside of the company.

I'm glad you're here ~


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Blog Post

Gift Certificate Giveaway (And More!?)

Friday I don't know about you, but it's been a LONG week around my neck of the woods and I'm thrilled to welcome the weekend. Around here, weekends usually mean catching up on housework, but this weekend I have other plans starting with...

Spreading the word about the AWESOME GIVEAWAY I'm about to tell you about...

You know we do one of these every week, right? Every Friday you get the chance to win some delectable Webster's Pages goodies...

And this week, you get to pick whatever you want...because we're giving away this:

Gift_certificate_25_650 of our all-star, brand spankin' new $25 gift certificates.

Can I just say that even the LOOK of this thing is swoony? You could print out the gift certificate and use THAT on your scrapbook pages. 

So, what do you have to do to enter? 

Simple. Leave us a comment and answer this question: If you win this gorgeous gift certificate, what would you buy? (If you don't answer that question, we'll know you didnt read the post. Just sayin'.) 

Personally, if I won, I'd probably stock up on...

The Bloomers. Because I love them. I've been using them a LOT lately and realizing how versatile they are. I like that they give you volume but not bulk. How's that for pure cleverness?

And I'd probably go ahead and throw some of these in the cart...

Because let's face it...the Sparklers are just COOL. 

But enough about me. We want to hear from YOU. What would YOU snag if you won??


This Just In...We're feeling UBER-GENEROUS over here, so there's more... We're also giving away a FREE Photobook from My NovelTree today...and all you have to do is LIKE NovelTree on Facebook. We'll randomly select one of our NovelTree friends to win the NovelTree book of your choice.

Personally, I'm having heart palpatations over this one:But ooooh, they're all SO pretty!! Good luck choosing ONE! 

As for last week's awesome homey giveaway...the winner is: 


I love using the cameos!

Posted by: Melissa | October 07, 2011 at 01:14 PM

Congrats Melissa! Shoot me an email at cwalsh [at] websterspages [dot] com with your address and I'll get a package in the mail to you! And it will have cameos in it, I promise! 

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!


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Blog Post

Letter Stickers: More than Words


There are many things in my life that I love. 

My kids. My husband. The fact that I get to wear an elastic waistband nearly every day and no one cares. 

It's the little things. 

When it comes to scrapbooking product, there are few things that steal my heart away like letter stickers. Maybe it's because I have this secret love affair going on with words and you can't make words without letters. Or maybe it stems from my mad-crazy passion for notebooks and pens? 

Who knows? It makes me a weirdo and I'm okay with that. I call myself a collector. 

So far, no one around here is buying that.

But I love to see all the cool ways to use letter stickers and WP Designer Emeline Seet has done a stellar job making my heart swoon...Tag and Envelope

I love that the letter stickers don't have to be simply a way to spell out a word. On this tag and envelope, they're a design element...

The white on white on the tag...WP TAG

...allows the "Hi" in orange to pop right off the background. It's not just's fun!

And I LOVE the way Emeline arranged these letters in a circle around the doilie on the envelope...

WP Envelope
What a great way to use up stray letter stickers! 

Speaking of which, we have TONS of letter stickers right HERE. Go and get you some! Then see what you can do with them to make them function in a non-obvious way. And keep it simple because, you know, you're a busy girl. 


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the simplest GIFT!

Dotw_wthis is. seriously.

do you need to give a gift to say "thank you", "congratulations", "i love you", "just because" you want it to be special & from the heart but have NO IDEA what to give?

i have the answer right here ? Introducing Webster's Pages & myNovelTree Gift Certificates!





They come in four different amounts and can be purchased on our website now. So bookmark their page, share them on FaceBook, do anything that will keep them in your memory bank for every time you need to give that perfect, simple gift!

I would be excited to get a gift to encourage me to tell the stories of my life. I think your friends & family might too! ?



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Blog Post

Themed Products Made-Over

Tuesday I know what you're thinking. 

You're thinking life would be so much easier if you had a maid and a chef and someone to give you a massage whenever you needed it. 

Or no, wait. That's what I'm thinking. But then my husband's out of town and apparently he's the glue around here. 

At least that's what he says. 

I'm also thinking we've been going about this whole "themed paper thing" all wrong. 

I, for one, have never used a sheet of winter paper for anything but a winter layout. I boring of me. I am a buy-the-clothes-off-the-mannequin kind of girl. I like to know what things are for. Sometimes I forget things can be re-invented. 

For instance, look at what Larissa did with Winter Fairy Tales...

A simple layout that has absolutely nothing to do with winter. 

First off, I would like to say that someday I am going to go to Paris and secondly, this layout is SO pretty. The white space is too stunning and the pops of color? Perfection. I'm in love with it. Don't you love it?

Then, Jaz took Botanical Christmas out for a non-holiday spin and look what she came up with...

Wpblogheart2 adorable page that is decidedly non-Christmas-y.

I love how she flipped the papers over to the back side and wound up with an everyday layout that is simple, yet still detailed. 

Anything to stretch my supplies makes my frugal heart all a-flutter! 

So what about you? Do you use themed products in a non-themey way? (Is themey a word? I'm gonna go ahead and say probably not...but let's not get hung up on details.)


Don't forget! You still have time to enter last week's giveaways! Go HERE to my personal blog for a shot at an AWESOME new My NovelTree photo book and go HERE for a chance to win some GORGEOUS embellishments!


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a simple weekend

Dotw_m just gazing. tree climbing. pj wearing.

cookie making . a light jog.

a simple weekend here.

Tree Cookies
{wait...should cookies & jogging be in the same frame?...}

my favorite types of weekends. some people feel that simple weekends feel like lazy, non-productive weekends. not me. those weekends are my favorites.

If you're scraping & feel "lazy" & "non-productive"...GREAT! You're allowed a creative break!

Just take a pretty piece of paper - the kind that inspires & speaks to you - and just lay a picture of a moment in your life, add journaling to document your story & voila ~ you're done.

Be "lazy"...inhale & have a wonderful day


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A Simple Giveaway! (or two...)

Friday Guess what day it is!? Friday around here is reason to celebrate...because not only are we excited for the weekend, but we're excited to offer a giveaway to one of our fabulous friends (that'd be YOU!)

Before we get down to business though, I wanted to share with you this gorgeous card by Ivana Camdzic. She's proven that you can use a simple embellishment for a big impact by using our Holiday Silhouettes. 

I Love You 1
I admit, I'm a sucker for these silhouettes. They're so unlike anything I've ever seen before..and they've got so much detail it's easy to fall in love with them! I Love You 4

But enough about what WE love. We want to hear what YOU love! So, to enter today's giveaway, simply tell us...What is your favorite Webster's Pages Embellishment to use for a BIG impact? 

We'll put together a great little goodie bag of some of our favorites (and yours!) to one lucky winner! 

Also for a special chance to win your very own My NovelTree Album, visit my personal blog later today because I'm the lucky girl who gets to give one away! (I can't wait!) You can check it out HERE!


Now, for the winner of last week's Freebie Friday!


I have a fondness for the sparklers, love the old vintage style with the nice colors.

Posted by: Narda | October 06, 2011 at 12:59 AM

Narda! Email me at cwalsh {at} websterspages {dot} com and I will send you some sparklers and other timeless goodies! 



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Princess Petals Simplified


Webster's has so many beautiful embellishments...It's easy to layer them together to create gorgeous creations. But, sometimes they can stand alone to create an equally lovely effect. 

Anabelle created a card set today highlighting our Princess Petals. The design is simple and straightfoward, but the Princess Petals are the star of the show.

To create each card:

1. Cut a panel from one of our Petite Papers. Anabelle used  the Country Estate, Western Romance and Sweet Season lines here.

2. Adhere two layers of trim onto the panel.

3. Finish off with a Princess Petal that coordinates with the paper and stamp a sentiment onto the bottom.

The best thing about these cards (aside from how easy they are to make) is that they are beautiful gifts. Simply wrap tulle around the stack of cards and top it with another flower and a cameo pin. A gift tag and some scrunched seam binding completed the wrapping. Pp3

Anyone would gasp to find this gift waiting for them!

Our Princess Petals come in a variety of colors, perfectly complementing our lines.

Princess petals
You can go HERE to get some of your very own!

Next time you need a quick and easy gift, try duplicating these beautiful cards. Use the Princess Petals as the focus and you'll be done in no time!


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{BIG NEWS!!!} happy birthday myNovelTree ?

Blog this is one of my favorite PhotoBooks that I wanted to share with you today ? it's called Love Letters & you can pre-purchase yours now! I promise, you have NEVER seen books like these before. So scrapbookers...continue on scrapbooking your beautiful pages & building your scrapbook albums using our papers & embellishments & now use our PhotoBooks for the times when you want to quickly build your very own Webster's Pages library of PhotoBooks. Perfect for family & friend gifts too!

So pre-orders yours today & become a founding member! This is a limited time can not miss this opportunity ?

Now stop by and LIKE US at our NEW Facebook Page, share our badges or FB Page and you'll be choosing a weekly winner who we spy sharing myNovelTree!

Mynoveltree_badge Mynoveltree_ticket

now it's time to sit back

be inspired

& LOVE myNovelTree with me ~



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Simple Is Beautiful

Sometimes we have the ability to overcomplicate things. I know, shocking, right? so this month we're taking back our sanity and we're going simple. We're going to spend October enjoying crisp leaves, fall air and hot chocolate...and creating simple layouts, projects and cards that are beautiful.WP_Tomoko Takahashi_Simplelayout

Tomoko's kicking us off with her take on simple. She's still managed to incorporate so many lovely details that she sacrifices none of the beauty of a much more complex page.WP_Tomoko Takahashi_closeup1

We have the most gorgeous papers with beautiful motifs. They're fun to fussy cut...but have you noticed our papers also have the most amazing backsides? Flip a sheet over and you find designs that are perfect for a simple layout or card.WP_Tomoko Takahashi_closeup2You can see Tomoko has used tons of backsides in the above layout and also in this gorgeous card:WP_Tomoko Takahashi_Card1


Isn't it beautiful? 

WP_Tomoko Takahashi_Card2

A few key details and the card just pops right off the screen. I don't know about you, but I'd love to get that in MY mailbox! 

We want to hear from you! Do you already scrap simple? If not, would you give it a try this month? Join us in making our beautiful lives simpler...


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keeping it simple ?

Dotw_m we went to the mountains in North Carolina this weekend.

let's just say...

I need a vacation :o)

But this morning I thought what I wanted to share with you the things that made me smile this weekend. Instead of remembering the "oh Lord, help me" moments like the one below, which by the way this was a very fast action shot (hence the blurring) of Dane & Cali detaining the hotel escapee after mommy yells, "KIDS! Go get Jude before he escapes out the Hampton Inn front door!"... (no kids were harmed in this picture...)


...there were so many quiet, peaceful moments too.

Like this one of Cali just spending time with her adored Daddy.


So when you think of things you want to scrap, just think of the simple things that make you smile. It may bring a little simplicity & peace into your crazy lives ;o).

So this month we will be focusing on crafting with simplicity at InspireME and on Facebook. I will be taking notes :o)



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