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design cave & story boards...

Dotw_wthis is where I've been

and this is what I've been dreaming.

every. single. night. :o|


yes...I AM smiling...but that's only to disguise the non-shower look that I styled today.

you see...

this is my life lately.

story boards of designs... lots.of.them.


{btw, if you're wondering what all those yellow stickers on my window are?...they are my Volunteer stickers I get at Dane's school when I work in the library DAILY. He makes me stick them on my window next to my desk so I can "look at them" Thanks Dane.}

dreaming in color

and living in the corner of my office day & night, designing & designing.

We have affectionately named it the "design cave"


it's not too exciting.

it's not pink or a funky blue

or crazy artsy.

it's just me, my computer, my storyboards & my LOVE for what I do... Even though I am inhaling & exhaling patterns & paper & ribbons & sparkly things! :o)

Now I hope you stay tuned for HUGE announcements soon! ;o)

In the meantime, head on over to Scrapbook News & Review. Tonight at 7 p.m. EST they're hosting a big event with Webster's Pages! We can't wait!


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Hot Air Christmas


Every now and then, a project shows up that makes me just fall. in. love. Something so gorgeous and original I have to stop and stare, mentally dissecting it to try and figure out how I can make one of my very own. 

And then I remember that our design team is so kind, if I really want to create my own version, I should just ask. They're always happy to share what they've done.

Which is just what happened with Emma Trout's stunner The Christmas Balloon Mini Album: 

Christmas is in the Air
I know, right? 

Gorgeous. And Emma's broken this down into some simple steps to get you (and me!) started on making our own. 

For the balloon: 

Step One: Cover a styrofoam ball with botanical Christmas papers. You can use gel medium to do this, just paint it on the back and layer the paper, then apply another coat of gel medium to the top. 

Emma 2

Step Two: Make a hole through the ball from top to bottom. (Emma used a heated knitting needle.) 

Step Three: Decorate to your heart's content using Bloomers, beads and hand-cut paper designs. Apply those to your balloon. 

Emma 1

Now, let's move on to your minibook:

Minibook Front Cover
Emma's is wonderfully intricate. Here's what she did: 

Step One: Cut a chipboard sheet to five 3” x 3” squares. Punch two holes at the top of each sheet.

Step Two: Cover each sheet with Botanical Christmas paper, trims and Dazzle Me gems.

Step Three: Add photos and journaling to each page. This is what the inside of Emma's mini looks like:Minibook PagesStep Four: Gather the pages together using bookrings.

Now it's time to finish up your balloon. 

Step One: Thread a length of ribbon through the hole in the ball and create a hanging loop. Secure with large beads and knots.

Step Two: Thread a length on ribbon through each bookring and attach the end to the balloon to create a hanging basket.

There's a LOT to this project, so if you're looking for more detail, visit Emma's blog HERE

How much crafting/scrapbooking are you doing during the holidays? Wouldn't this make a beautiful gift? 

And don't forget to head over to InspireMe and check out the Forum for some AMAZING Dusty's Attic projects! You don't want to miss out on these...they are super-swoony! 


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Webster's Pages + Dusty's Attic

MondayIt's so dreamy when our design team gets their hands on something like raw chipboard...oh, the things they come up with! We're so excited because this entire week we are going to be showing off our chipboard wares as we team up with Dusty's Attic to bring you inspired projects. 

Projects like this layout by Iris Babao Uy:

A Moment In Time
Iris had done some incredible things with Western Romance, but she's kicked it up a notch by adding some fun chipboard elements...which really are just a springboard for your imagination.


These laser cut creations are a scrapbooker's dream, giving you all kind of freedom to create dimensional embellishments without adding a ton of bulk. 

I'm sold. I think it's all dreamy! Intricate and interesting, there is so much detail in these chipboard elements, you'll love the way they look on your layouts!


But this is just a taste of what we have in store for you...Starting tomorrow, you can head on over to our Ning site, InspireMe, to see what we've cooked up. (Here's a hint: It's not turkey!) You don't have to be a member of InspireMe to check it out, though we hope you'll pull up a chair and join us! We love our members! 

Each day, we'll post more inspiration from our Design Team on a new thread in the forum and you can grab your coffee and stay awhile. We're sure you're going to be inspired by this Webster's Pages/Dusty's Attic Collaboration!


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Black Friday Is Finally Here!

FridayDeals & Steals abound as Black Friday is finally here...and Webster's Pages has an offer you don't want to pass up! 

Don't forget to head over to our website anytime between now and Sunday night at midnight (EST) to snag your own Black Friday kit (or two or three). But remember, when they're gone, they're gone!

In case you're on the fence, let me twist your arm a bit...

Remember our Sweet Season Paper & Embellishments Kit?

Kit-2 (2)sm
That's a TON of incredible product...and don't forget you get a layout and card project as a FREE bonus with this kit! 

And then, let's not forget our Come Home For the Holidays Paper & Embellishment Kit:

Kit-1-V2 (2)sm
Gosh, that's pretty. 

This swoon-licious kit is FULL of fun stuff for you to use...and it also includes a FREE Mini Album project to get your creative juices flowing!

If you want the nitty gritty details on what's included in the kit, check out THIS POST

Ok...consider yourself reminded! 

These kits are ON SALE NOW at the Webster's Pages Website and they're only $25 (plus shipping). That's $65 worth of goodies for only $25 PLUS FREE projects! 

All for you, my pretties!

Happy Shopping!


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Blog Post

This Thanksgiving...


Happy Thanksgiving, from the Webster's Pages Family.


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Paper Plates + Webster's Pages...a match made in heaven

TuesdayThink of your holiday table as a blank canvas. So much you could do to dress it up, and yes, we are here to help inspire you! Designer Steph Devlin is flexing her digital muscles to help us make heads and tails of a hybrid project sure to wow your guests. 

Let's break it down so you can easily see how to create this gorgeous paper plate angel place card. 


What you need:

  • 1 Paper Plate (Dinner Size)
  • 1 Craft Knife
  • Scissors
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Decorative Punch
  • Webster's Pages Digital Motifs
  • Photoediting Software

Steph's tutorial uses Photoshop V5, but you could use Photoshop Elements or any other photo editing software to achieve the same results.  

In Photoshop, open a new file (default A4 size/ or 8.5 x 11").  

For PS it is File - Open - (Adjust width and height) and press OK.

SS1I love screen shots, don't you? They make everything so much easier to follow! (Thanks, Steph!) 

Next, pick out a color that for the Hybrid component of the project. Steph chose a vivid cobalt blue to complement her blue & silver Christmas decor, but the beauty of digital is you can make it whatever color you want!

Simple double click on the color palette in your tool box on the left hand side of this diagram below. (See the two little squares (they would more than likely be black and white default colors), that is what you want to double click.)

A new dialogue box appears called a color picker.  Select your color and press OK.  

Next, select a brush to easily create the beautiful bird at the center of the design. If you've never used a digital brush, before, it's very simple. Select the paintbrush icon from the tool box (as shown below). Once your cursor becomes a paintbrush, take it up to the left hand corner and click on the brush menu. Select your brush. 

Steph chose to use the Christmas Bird from our Botanical Christmas line, but feel free to change it up...we have so many cute brushes to choose from! When you go into the document to use your brush, it will automatically be the color you selected (in this case, blue). 


Tip: A shortcut for making your brush bigger or smaller is using the parenthesis brackets on your keyboard.  Right key for a larger size, and left key to go smaller.

Now that you know how to create using a digital brush, you can create the second part of this beautiful image: the frame. Steph used a frame brush from our Life's Portrait collection. Cut the bird out separately and layer it on top of the frame using foam squares for added dimension. 


Pp4Next, the paper plate angel. Talk about great repurposing! 

Start by tracing a paper angel shape onto a plate with a fluted edge, and cut out. You can use scissors or a craft knife depending on how much detail you have and remember to increase or decrease the size of the template depending on what size plate you are using. (Steph has used pen for this step for purposes of this tutorial, but use a pencil...easier to erase!


Use a decorative punch to adorn your angel and have fun decorating the wings.


Next, cut around the pencil outline on your paper plate. This is where your craft knife will come in handy, giving you a little more precision on the curves and angles. The two cuts you'll make for the wings are different, one made from inside out, the other from outside in.


Next, assemble the angel. Stand the plate up and with the angel facing you, and then shape her skirt into a circle.  Next you will need to slide the outside cut over the inside one to make wings. You can use double sided tape at the back to reinforce the wings, and if you want to bring them down a little lower, use glue dots.

And don't panic if she's not stable the first time. Keep playing with the shape and eventually it'll all balance out...

And when it'll have the most beautiful holiday table you've ever had...

AngelfinalBecause that's what happens when you combine Webster's Pages + paper plates. A whole lot of beautiful. 

Don't forget to upload your Webster's Pages projects to InspireMe! We can't wait to see what you're creating this holiday season!


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Black Friday Deals & Steals

MondayAround here, we love to get our product in your hands. We've got so many beautiful things to help you keep your memories, and this weekend, we're going to make it REALLY easy for you to get a load of them! 

Truly. A load! A box load. That's right...we're gearing up for the ultimate Webster's Pages Black Friday Kit Sale...and it's going to be a doozy. After you clear the turkey from your table, start counting down till Midnight when our Black Friday Sale goes live...

We've got a limited number of two different kits for an outrageously low price...but once they're gone, they're gone!

Feast your eyes on our “Come Home for the Holidays” Premium Paper & Embellishment Pack with FREE Mini Album Project Included...

Kit-1-V2 (2)
It's about this time we all wipe the drool from our chins, don't you think? It's okay. Happens to the best of us. 

This kit is CHOCK full of glorious Webster's Pages plus, instructions to create an adorable "Home for the Holidays" mini album designed by Laura McCollough

Kit-1-project (2)
Laura's projects are always so gorgeous, and this is no exception. We've got detailed step by step instructions for you so you can make this very same mini album using the products in this kit. Pretty spiffy, right? Look at the inside:

Each page is as beautiful as the one before...

So, here's the lowdown on this kit. The nitty gritty details...

Our Come Home for the Holidays Paper & Embellishment Kit includes: 

1-Mini Album Project Instruction Sheet, 1-TM9716 Celery 1yd bloomers pack, 1-TM9803 Collection Trim Package, 1-TM9814 Collection Trim Package, 1-LNF02 Princess Petals, 1-R01 Petite Roses, 1-WB1002 Wire Bouquet, 2-6” NEW gem Strips, 1-WGS07 Glitter Sparklers Pack of 10, 1-VB1002 Velvet Berries, 5-6x6 diecut papers, 1-WVS08 Vintage Glitter Sparklers Package, 1-WS1043 Image Sticker Sheet, 1-WS1039 Alphabet Sticker Sheet, 1-WS1021 Alphabet Sticker Sheet, 1-WS1015 Sticker Sheet, 3-US1778D 12x12 diecut paper, 3-US1779D Vellum, 3-US1715D Vellum, 2-US1772D 12x12 Papers, 2-US1720D 12x12 Papers, 3-US1776D 12x12 Papers, 3-US1774D 12x12 Papers, 3-US1775D 12x12 Papers, 3-US1777D 12x12 Papers, 3-US1776D 12x12 Papers.

But do you really think we'd only offer you one choice? C'mon, friends, we're shoppers too! We LOVE great, here's another steal for you...

Have a peek at our “It’s a Sweet Season” Premium Paper & Embellishment Pack with FREE Page & Card Project Included:

Kit-2 (2)sm
Oh, yes, it IS a sweet season...

This beautiful kit comes with a free layout and card project designed by our very own Anabelle O'Malley

Kit-2-project-LG (2)sm
Again, you'll get easy-to-follow instructions to create these projects and you'll still have LOTS left over to exercise your own creative muscles. 

This kit contains:

1-Card & Page Project Instruction Sheet, 1-TM9808 Collection Trim Pack, 1-WB1003 Wire Floral, 5-6x6 diecut paper, 1 6” NEW gem strip, 1-R03 Petite Roses, 1-TM9712 Robins Egg 1yd bloomers, 1-TM9714 Pink Kiss 1yd bloomers, 1-VB1003 Velvet Berries, 1-WGS10 Peacock Pack of 10 Glitter Sparklers, 1-LNF06 Princess Petals, 1-US1664 Journaling Card Pack, 1-FR1800 Fabric Ribbon Card set, 1-WS1044 Image Stickers, 1-WS1040 Alphabet Stickers, 3-US1786D 12x12 diecuts, 3-US1787D Vellum, 3-US1755D Vellum, 3-US1785D 12x12 Papers, 3-US1784D 12x12 Papers, 3-US1783D 12x12 Papers, 3-US1781D 12x12 Papers, 3-US1780D 12x12 Papers, 3-US1782D 12x12 Papers.

So, now that we're all scrambling to drop hints to our husbands, here's what you need to know... 

  • Black Friday Deals START at MIDNIGHT (EST) on Thursday night & last through the weekend, expiring Sunday at Midnight.
  • We have VERY Limited Quantities Available – when they’re sold out, they’re OUT
  • Both kits retail for over $65 but they can be all yours for only $25 plus shipping. (No handling fees.)
  • Also, we've added a special addition to these kits...each one contains never before seen 6" gem strips. These gems are exclusive to these kits and aren't currently available anywhere else. 

So, what do you say? Wanna stay up late with me on Thursday night? 

It's be SO worth it!


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Blog Post

Even our "old" collections never get old...


Knowing how much time and money we all invest into this scrapbooking obsession, there is something I've come to really appreciate about Webster's Pages. That is that no matter how the trends change, you can always count on these products to be timeless. 

Our older lines are still utterly gorgeous and can be combined with our newer lines with such ease. 

I can prove it too.

Well, I can't, but our designers can. 

Country Estate is such a classy, elegant line. This page by Iris Babao Uy proves that it will never go out of style:

Classically feminine and girly, this line is perfect for documenting daughters, nieces, friends, and yes, even you! (Get out from behind that camera, chickie.)

It's simply beautiful! 

Larissa Albernaz has been hard at work mixing and matching a couple older lines (Waiting for Santa, Postcards from Paris and Trendsetter) with the newer Winter Fairy Tales line:

I think she's proven that like wine or cheese, Webster's Pages only gets better with age. 

Laura McCollough proves that even packaging can come in handy with this adorable necklace she created:

Laura necklace
Laura cut the 2" square on the back of her Postcards from Paris kit, (the thumbnail that shows what products are included.) Next, she placed the paper inside a metal frame and melted beeswax over it. She printed out "Love Life", added a paper flower and metal flower that were a part of a headband that broke. She assembled everything where she wanted it and then melted beeswax over it all. 

And it all started with product packaging...

Designer Julie Walton shows us that it's not only our traditional Webster's Pages that withstand the test of time...but our digital ones as well. 

Gosh, I love this layout. Julie mixed Life's Portrait and Hollywood Vogue and even incorporated a tag from All About Me. I told you it never gets old!

Finally, look at this beauty from designer Jaz Lee...a gorgeous concoction made up of Country Estate and a whole lot of creativity. Jaz2

So, in honor of our deep love affair with our older lines, we're offering a very special freebie today. Just tell us which collection is your favorite and you could win a kit of your very own. The only stipulation is that you can't choose one of our most recent releases. Anything pre-CHA summer is fair game!


Now, lest you think I've forgotten the winner of the $25 Webster's Pages gift card...

Drumroll please....

charity becker

what a fab gift card holder, Jaz. So love your work. This year I'm making Greeting cards for my professors and Christmas ornaments for G'ma.

Posted by: charity becker | November 14, 2011 at 09:28 AM

Charity! Send your address to cwalsh{at}websterspages{dot}com and I will get that all set up for you! 


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Blog Post

Handmade Ornaments You Can Make This Weekend!

ThursdayEver since I was a little girl, I could count predict at least one of my birthday presents. Being born one week before Christmas ensured that I would get a new ornament to hang on the tree. Maybe that's why I have such a love for them now that I'm older...maybe that's why I want to buy them every time I walk the Christmas aisles at Target. But this year, I've committed to doing something a little different...making my own Christmas ornaments...and thankfully, I've got two Webster's Pages designers to show me how. 

First, Ivana Camdzic has created four gorgeous ornaments (which happen to match my cream & gold Christmas decor perfectly...)

Ivana 3
Once you've picked your jaw up off the floor, you can come on back and I'll tell you what you need to make your own. 

Here's what Ivana used:

Remember, you don't have to take your products as they are...a little paint and glitter transforms trim, Silhouettes & pins:

Ivana 2

Into something entirely new:

Ornament 2
The best part about these ornaments, is that Ivana made them by adding a vintage flair to typical items you'd find around your home. Jar lids, unbleached coffee filters, wooden spools, and fabric cut from a table cloth are all repurposed to create gorgeous, artistic ornaments.

Ornament 1
Beautiful, no? 

Designer Stacey Michaud also added some vintage flair to coordinate her handmade ornaments with her holiday home decor. 

WPornamentsfull (2)
How cute are these? Using some of her favorite Webster's Pages' embellishments, these ornaments came together super-fast. 

While all four are very different, Stacey managed to keep them uniform by using the white lace trim from the Let's Celebrate line to top off each spool. She also used the perfect-for-Christmas silver tinsel trim as ornament hangers. 

Bet you can't wait to make your own, huh?

Stacey 1
Thankfully, making artsy ornaments for your tree is easy...

Start with 2" wooden spools from the craft store. These come in a package of six and cost a couple of dollars. Stacey rubbed some distress ink on a paper towel and brushed the color onto the top, sides and bottom of each spool.

Next, she attached the tinsel hangers by following these easy steps:Ornament tutorial (2)Next, adhere the patterned paper around the spool. Top it off with Mod Podge to seal it in and then embellish to your heart's content...Stacey 2

Products you need to make Stacey's antique spool ornaments:

SANTA SPOOL: Botanical Christmas Beautiful Holiday Paper, Dazzle Me Gems, Whimsy Roses, Green Cameo Pin.

PINK TULLE SPOOL: Winter Fairy Tales 6X6 Your Story Paper, Dazzle Me Gems, Trim; Red Whimsy Heart; Brown Cameo Pin.

BUTTERFLY SPOOL:  Botanical Christmas Singing Joyfully Paper; Twisted Green Trim, Holiday Silhouette, Clear Stickpin.

HO HO HO SPOOL:  Botanical Christmas Beautiful Holiday & Singing Joyfully Papers, Dazzle Me Gems; Sparkling Gold Trim; Clear Stickpin.

Make a bunch this weekend and you'll have a jump start on your handmade holiday gifts...OR, if you're not into sharing (there's no shame in making pretty things just for you), create a bunch and prepare to decorate your tree with pure gorgeousness.  

Have a great day, everyone!


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For the Love of Carpool...and a SNEAK PEEK?

WednesdayEarly on in the school year, both Brandin and I stumbled upon a thorn in our collective sides. 


I feel a little like an old pro at this, what with a fifth grader and all, but Brandin was relatively new to the joy of sitting in a line of cars waiting for a bell to ring, running through a menal list of everything else she could be doing. 

If you're smart, like we are, you begin to utilize those ticking catch up on emails, make your weekly menu or maybe even dream up a new patterned paper. 

(Did she just say "new patterned paper?")

And sometimes, in the midst of your brainstorming, you get in such a zone that nothing could jar you back to reality...nothing, that is, except the sputtering of your it runs...out...of...gas. 

In the middle of the carpool line. 

Just as the bell rings. 

Friends. Today was just not my day. 

Oh, for the love of carpool, I muttered under my breath (along with a few other choice words like "stupid" and "idiot"...) and then, I swear to you, the next thing that crossed my mind was "Brandin is going to totally love this." 

Because she gets this love/hate thing I have going on with carpool...

But Brandin wasn't reachable...see...she's been hiding away in her design cave all day today...powering through something brand spankin' new and SO GORGEOUS it almost made me forget I had to call my husband and confess I'd let the car run out of gas...which resulted in the oh-so-humiliating act of putting the stupid thing in neutral and weaving it through the school parking lot. 

The only possible way to make this whole thing better is to share with you the fruit of Brandin's labor...or at least a sneak peek of it. 

This, my friends, is just a hint at what's to come...a brand new Webster's Pages collection that you are going to LOVE. 

  Sneak1_650 (2)

Swoon, swoon and double swoon. 

How's that for gorgeous? The kites...the colors...the stripe! (Oh, how I love stripes!)

I can't tell you much more about it...only that it's coming very soon...and we are very excited. What do you think? Do you love it? I'd like to wallpaper my office with it myself...

I don't know about you...but I like it when Brandin hangs out in the design cave...and I also like having a full tank of gas...but that's a story for another day. 

Happy Wednesday! xo


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Dress up your Thanksgiving Table...with more than turkey

TuesdayThanksgiving sure is coming up quickly, but you've still got time to personalize your table with handmade decorations that will make every guest feel the comfy, cozy warmth of the holidays. 

This year, rather than relying on the grocery store to dress up your spread, rely on your scrapbooking stash--and your talent! Designer Iris Babao Uy shows us how to take a few key scrapbooking elements, mix them with plain items and end up with a stunning centerpiece...

IMG_7062 (2)
While it looks like this would be difficult to create, it's really quite simple. Iris played dress-up with a plain shadow box for stunning results. Look at the little details that make this project shine. 

This sheet of patterned paper makes the perfect background for the project, and hand-cut motifs from other patterns add extra interest without too much fuss. 

IMG_7067 (2)
Add Holiday Silhouettes to the corner of the frame for a little something extra...Iris2

They have so much detail in them already, they instantly dress up any project in a snap. 

The perfect complement to the shadow box is this super easy to create candle:

IMG_7066 (2)
Iris used our Fabric ribbon and a strip of Bloomers to create her candles. Once dinner is over, they become part of the household decor and double perfectly for Christmas. 

What about you? Are you dressing up your table this Thanksgiving?
We'd love to hear about it!


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i am thankful for no broken bones ;o)

Dotw_mso picture this...

i take a shower knowing that I have one child "locked down" in his crib & the other two are relatively safe for 5 thing I see is three, yes THREE children walk into the bathroom to check in on mommy's shower did this happen?

This is how...

Today I am thankful for NO broken bones/necks in my household. grrrrr....

{video compliments of you can see, he's not assisting in the escape...rather documenting the "you're in trouble" talk...}

You know....the simple things ;o) I hope you are all having a wonderful start to your week ~ xo


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Win a Webster's Pages Gift Card


This isn't the time of year to start thinking about gift cards. Gift cards are for last minute shoppers, right? 

Not necessarily. Sometimes, gift cards can be a strategic know, for the person on your list who really likes to do their own shopping. But that doesn't mean you have to slap down a plain white envelope and call it a day. You can certainly make a gift card... a gift, and put your own handmade spin on it. 

Super-designer Jaz Lee is here to show us her version of a gift card holder...and it's ooh-la-lovely! 

Wpcard2 (2)
Giving someone this kind of gift will surely warrant some gratitude...and it's the perfect disguise for whatever gift card you decide to include! 

The best part, is it's simple to make. 

Step One: Create a pocket using double-sided patterned paper (I happen to know of a few snazzy papers that would be perfect...) layer oh-so-pretty trims inside the pocket and this is the background for your card/gift card holder:

Wpcard1 (2)
Step Two: Embellish! Embellish! Embellish! Jaz add another fun secret pocket on the front of her card by only adhering the left side of the doily to the background. That way, she could slide another little note in for her recipient to find. The perfect little hiding place! 

Wpcard5 (2)
Step Three: Fill your card with all kinds of fun treasures and of course, whatever gift you want on the inside. Jaz used some gorgeous Winter Fairy Tales, trims, Dazzle-Me Gems, Holiday Silhouettes & Vintage Postcards. You can get all that glorious goodness over on the Webster's Pages Website!

Wpcard3 (2)
Step Four: Of course...HAVE FUN! Making handmade gifts is all about the love you put into it... so this season, we hope that these ideas will help make your handmade gift-giving that much easier!

Wpcard4 (2)
Now. It wouldn't be right for us to show you this gorgeous gift card holder without offering you the chance to win a gift card for yourself! SO. Today's giveaway is a $25 gift card to use on the Webster's Pages website. That means, you can go digital. You can stock up on embellishments. You can even get the papers you've always's totally up to you. 

Simply leave us a comment and tell us: Are you making any handmade gifts this year? (If you're feeling chatty, you might also tell us what you're making. You know, because we're nosy.) 


As for last week's TAG winner...

Dianne H

Right now I am thankful that it is the weekend and I have time to catch up on this wonderful site. Lovely envelope album.

Posted by: Dianne H | November 04, 2011 at 04:08 PM

Dianne, we're awfully glad you caught up with us this weekend too! You won! Send your snail mail address to cwalsh[at]websterspages[dot]com and we'll hook you up! 

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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Handmade Holiday Decor


Wouldn't it be great if your Thanksgiving decorations could meld right into Christmas decorations so you could leave them up a little longer? Seems a shame to have to take them down so quickly, especially once you get your house all cozy for the holidays. 

Well, Emeline Seet has created a gorgeous piece of wall art that does just that...and she's using something a bit trendy right now to do it. Tinsel. 

More specifically, Webster's Pages tinsel trim:

Gosh, that's fancy. 

Remember the tinsel that you just sort of throw all over the tree? This is much neater than that. We promise. 

Emeline's wall hanging is stunning...

Emeline 10 November
So stunning I think she should offer to sell to me it so I can have it on my living room wall. 

But if that doesn't fly, I think we should all make one just like it...because it's perfect for this time of year. 

She meshed Winter Fairy Tales and Botanical Christmas together to create a beautiful, interesting piece. Certainly more interesting than store-bought decor, don't you think?

Arrow2And the Tinsel Trim really adds that extra oomph to make the design pop. 

You can apply it with any liquid glue and it stays right in place. Not like your children when you're in the grocery store. 

Then, of course, you can go to town with other beauties, like Dazzle-Me Gems, Holiday Silhouettes and Netting...all of which give your project texture and dimension while making it the perfect addition to your seasonal decor. 

All this holiday talk makes me want to buy myself a present. Maybe I'll go over to the website and stock up myself!

Tell us, what are you making these days with your scrap-stash? Any holiday decor in the works?


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Thankful for Our Girls

Dotw_walmost a year ago i was announcing our "new" 2011 design team.

i am so thankful

for these girls.


tonight I was looking back at all the emails, projects, crazy facebook posts...and feeling so blessed to have had the chance this year to work with these girls.

I wanted to pause today & thank EACH and EVERY one of these beautiful girls from the bottom of my heart & express my thanks to have had them accept to be on our team. I truly believe our team is special & I think we have come together beautifully this year. You can see their as well as other fantastic crafter's stunning projects at InspireME.

Today & every day this year, I AM THANKFUL for my amazing & beautiful Design Team.


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Three Handmade Christmas Cards You Can Make Today!


For most of us, handmade Christmas cards are always on the to-do list. For me, the past few years, I simply don't get started early enough to get it done. This year, we're excited to give you a few options in plenty of time for you to order products and start creating! With the help of designer Annabelle O'Malley, you can have beautiful, hand-made cards created in a weekend! 

Option One: 

There's something wonderful and classic about this pair. Anabelle decided to let the envelope show off a little bit, creating it with papers from our Botanical Christmas line. To make her envelope, she used a Coluzzle template:

But you could always unfold an envelope that's the size you want and use that as your guide. Once you have the envelope cut out and folded, it's time to start embellishing! (This is the fun part!) 

You can do this in three easy steps!

Step One: Use punched strips of paper, Trim and Dazzle-Me Gems to decorate the base. 

Step Two: Layer a gold doily, Webster's/Unity Stamped Frame, a Princess Petal, A Holiday Silhouette and a Sparkler to create a cluster on the envelope flap. 

Step Three: Tie a sweet bow and embellish with more Dazzle-Me Gems and then add a hand-cut butterfly to finish it off:

Step Four: Measure a card to fit inside your envelope and embellish with a strip of punched paper and another gold doily. 

Step Five: Use a Fabric Ticket embellished with more gems to serve as the sentiment. 

Notice how Anabelle uses the Dazzle-Me Gems in three different places to tie each piece together? Brilliant!

We could stop right there, but we're overachievers...Check out Anabelle's second card:

Go ahead, move in for a closer look. We think it's gorgeous too!

And you can make one just like it! 

Step One: Punch a design into Winter Fairytales papers and layer them onto the card. Add a strip of lace.

Step Two: Hand-cut the scallop circle/flower from the paper and adhere it to the card. 

Step Three: Create the flower. Simply add adhesive to a strip of trim (Anabelle's is from the All About Me line).

Gather it up in a a circle and add a sparkler to the center:

Step Four: Use a Webster's/Unity stamp for the sentiment. 

For her final card, Anabelle went with something a bit simpler making it easy to duplicate:

Step One: Emboss the cardstock and adhere it to the card. 

Step Two: Cut out the door from a sheet of Botanical Christmas paper and adhere it over the embossed design. 


Step Three: Cut the red gems from the Dazzle-Me Gem strip and add them to the wreath. Top it off with a punched snowflake and a larger gem in the center. 

Step Four: Print your sentiment onto cardstock and layer it onto the door.

Easy. As. Christmas. Pie. 

Now we want to hear from you!
Do you plan to create handmade cards this year?
If so, have you already started?


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One letter starting with an F

Dotw_mthere is no product tie in today.

there is no crafty project that i have created to share with you today.

(...i know..., you're shocked! ha...) 

there is no good reason for this post other than the fact that this video of Cali makes me laugh out loud

I hope this can bring a smile to your face today. Happy Monday~!


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Envelopes Aren't Just for the Post Office Anymore!

If you're looking for a great way to turn your attention to what's really important this holiday season, we're here to help...A gratitude Journal is a wonderful way to invite the entire family to take part in focusing on the good things. And Designer Laura McCollough has provided us with a wonderful example:
This sweet journal holds a collection of wonderful words and memories from Laura's entire family. She started with a mini album that has envelope pages and had each family member create a list of what they're thankful for. 
Everyone got their own envelope, and once the lists were complete, they were slipped inside for safe-keeping. Pretty nifty, right? 
Laura used our Botanical Christmas papers and embellishments, but added in bits of color to make the project work for any time of year. We love that our products are flexible like that!
Laura also found ways to incorporate her own unique pages to the album to give it more dimension and texture. You're never confined to the way a product is on the shelf! Think outside the box and really make it your own, like Laura's done with this chipboard page...
...and this canvas page, which has been hole punched and stamped with the Webster's Pages/Unity stamps:
She even turned one of our Journaling Cards into a page of its own:
What a great way to spice it up! 
The main envelope pages are pulled together and unified with the addition of a strip of graph paper on the outside of each one: Nov4.3
And of course, she made sure to keep lots of flowers and feminine touches on her girls' pages which brought the whole thing together beautifully. A wonderful addition to her coffee table! 

Now, lest you think we've forgotten what day it is... (That's fancy-talk for...we have prizes to give away!) 
You may notice that the last couple of days we've been focusing on tags...and you've got a chance today to win a nifty little tag-inspired prize. Simply leave us a comment and tell us what you are most grateful for in this moment. (Don't worry about being deep...right now I'm thankful for Diet Dr. Pepper...) 
We think we've got a pretty grand selection of fabric tickets and we'd love to send some your way so play along! 
As for the winner of the adhesive pack from Glue Arts: 
Heidi Luna

I love my glider!!!and I'm excited about this site and I already love the product so on this grey cold day I'm all happy and warm playing ,learning and having fun with your projects so thanks for sharing!1

Posted by: Heidi Luna | October 28, 2011 at 04:35 PM

Heidi! It's YOU! Send your address to me at cwalsh[at]websterspages[dot]com and I will make sure to get it to you! 
As always, we hope you have a wonderful, relaxing weekend...make something inspiring! 

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What Have We Done With Tags...?

ThursdayIt's tempting, after doing all the Christmas shopping, to throw every gift in a bag and shove it under the tree. I find myself every year, sprawled out on the living room floor until 2 a.m. on Christmas Eve finishing my wrapping. Not a good scenario (and requires vats of coffee the following day!) 

This year, I'm hoping to get a little fancy with the gift wrap. I spend a long time picking out the perfect gifts--how sad to hand them over in a store-bought gift bag. Thankfully, Tomoko is here today to show us how easy it can be to make your packages shine this holiday season!

That simple tag, created with our Fabric Tickets, Dazzle-Me Gems and some fussy-cut paper, turns this present into a treasure. And while they look really involved, they are super simple to make. 

See for yourself:

Tomoko created a second tag using the same steps:

You could even loop some ribbon around the back and hang that on the tree!

But...if dressing up your presents isn't your thing, why not make the tags themselves the gift? 

Emma Trout has created the most gorgeous mini album out of tags, and she's going to take us through it so we can make one just like it...

(I'm spotting the most glorious trim from our Western Romance line there at the's my favorite!)

Making this book doesn't have to be a big challenge...let's break it down:

Step 1: Start by decorating a florist size kraft envelope. Fold the envelope flap backwards to form the first page of the inner book. Add a resin frame, doily, Christmas Tree Silhouette and Botanical Christmas designs.

Step 2: Add a large folded tag inside the envelope, decorated with Botanical Christmas papers and Celery BloomersStep 2Step 3: Cover the bottom 3/4" of a large white tag with Beautiful Holiday paper. Add white lace trim behind the tag and decorated the tag with Botanical Christmas designs and a calendar tag.Step 3Step 4: Cover a large tag with patterned paper, fold in half and glue behind the tag made in step 3 so the 'flap' folds in front of the tag from the right side. Cover the front of the tag with a postcard design, gluing any excesss paper to the inside of the envelope flap.

Step 5: Glue two large tags together and fold around the tag book made in steps 1-4. This will form a book cover.


Add lace to the top and bottom of the inner cover, then cover the inner tag with patterned paper. Cover the front of the tag with patterned paper. Wrap the cover around tag book and tie with ribbon bow.

From there, dress your tag book however you see fit. Personally, we recommend lots of Botanical Christmas for a gift that will warrant big, cheesy smiles...and maybe even a wet eye or two.

Mini albums and hand decorated tags make wonderful additions to your holiday gift-giving...head over to our website to stock up on the perfect products to get yours done in a snap!

Happy Thursday!



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A November Challenge...with an incredible prize!

WednesdayAround here, we are thankful for so many things. Not the least of which is our awesome design team. They share their talent with us so often, and we're so, so lucky to have them. 

The truth is, we kind of love our designers. Not only are they amazingly talented, but they're also pure joy to work with. 

Take Ivana Camdzic, for instance. Ivana is always sharing inspiring projects...the kind that make us move in closer to our screens and squint a little just to get a better look. 

This month, she created this gorgeous project for the current challenge over at InspireMe:


She and Angella are hosting our challenge this month...a home decor challenge featuring our two winter lines: Winter Fairy Tales and Botanical Christmas

We're all extra jazzed about this challenge because the winner will have their project featured in our 2012 Winter Catalog!

In her fun Frame Postcard, Ivana has shown us some incredible ways to bring Botanical Christmas to life. Notice the light bit of inking she's done on a few of the layers. Just enough to make it pop...

She's also cut out some of our favorite sentiments, layered them with foam squares and made them stand out from the rest of the project. The results are gorgeous.

Yes, we're in love with Ivana's style and so, so grateful to have her on our Design Team! Thank you, Ivana, for everything you do! 

You can see more of her gorgeous work on her blog right HERE and be sure to swing by InspireMe to check out our monthly challenge...we'd love to see your project featured in our 2012 Winter Catalog!



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It's the Season for Giving


Do you believe it's already November? A whole month dedicated to giving thanks, and here on our blog, we're going to be doing a lot of that! We're also going to be sharing tons of cool ideas to help you on your quest to give handmade gifts this holiday season. All month long, we'll offer tons of inspiring gift ideas you can make in a snap.

I know it seems a little early for Christmas, but it'll be here before you know it! And, we procrastinators need to shift our thinking early to avoid a meltdown later in the month!

To help your family count down to Christmas, we've teamed up with Silhouette America to show you their brand new Advent Calendar. 


When I was a kid, my mom made sure we counted down to Christmas with the help of our own personal Advent Calendar. They were basically posterboard with little boxes cut into them, but I thought they were the coolest thing ever. Nothing beat cracking open that little doorway every morning.

But then I saw these...


...and I realized posterboard Advent Calendars are so 1979. 

I have to be honest, I'm not the most tech-savvy person... So, I was nervous about this machine. But the calendar comes with a simple-to-use (even for us pen & paper lovers) download that gives you the template for every opening. 

Choose either a drawer or a box for each one day, open it in the Silhouette program and click "CUT." Watching the blade work was seriously half the fun. Decorating the boxes was the other half. Look at some of the funky shaped boxes to mix things up. Every opening is a mini masterpiece.

Boxes 1
And I have to say, the Botanical Christmas line was perfect for this project. While I was working on it, I realized with our products, a little goes a long way. There is so much texture and dimension that even something small like a Designer Thread really pops!

And the Dazzle-Me Gems dressed up this box perfectly...

Boxes 2
My kids are already speculating about what they'll find in there come December! 


We would love to see what you did with your Silhouette & some Webster's Pages this Christmas! Stop over on the Silhouette Website between now and November 11th and enter the Promo Code WEBSTER to get your own calendar for only $29.99

And be sure to check back with us all month long for more inspiring gift-giving ideas! 

Happy November! 


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