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Win a HUGE handful of Brand NEW Sunday Picnic Collection!

Dotw_fWe keep showing you all this amazing goodness. One day after another of products for you to fall in love with! But it's not like us to flaunt something in your face without offering a chance for you to get some of your very own. 

AVAILABLE FOR SALE THIS MONDAY, January 2nd, you'll see Sunday Picnic on the Webster's Pages Website. This line is so fun & versatile that you must add these to your shopping cart! And orders are prioritized by when they are placed so order yours right away! {and beloved retailers, no worries...we'll make sure your stores are stocked for all our customers urgently!}

Ready for this?...One of our lucky readers is going to WIN a huge assortment from the collection!.... 

That's right, here's what you'll get: 


How's that for hitting the jackpot? 

So, what do you need to do to win this collection? Simple. Leave us a comment and tell us what you like best about Sunday Picnic!...and you'll see even MORE to the collection Monday when the products go live!

But that's not all...if you Tweet, Facebook or blog about this giveaway (and our new line) you can come back and leave another comment (up to three more comments). That gives you FOUR chances to win the Entire Sunday Picnic Collection! 

So, what are you waiting for?! Tell us your FAVORITE thing and then spread the word! 

We can't wait to get this is someone's hot little hands! 


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Introducing Sunday Picnic...Swoony Embellishments

Dotw_thI used to be solely a paper girl. The paper got me into this scrapbooking stuff, but once I was here, I started to develop such love for the embellishments. These little bits of goodness make your layout spring to life, and with our Sunday Picnic line, we're not holding anything back...

We are SOooooo excited about this one, welcome *** Our Perfect Accents *** We have taken your favorite Webster's Pages whimsies & cameos & combined them into ONE Perfect Package!


And are you ready for this?....Brandin's personal favorite, Sunday Picnic's Gems


The great thing is that this line has shared embellishments, meaning whether you're simple, traditional or somewhere in between, you'll find the perfect bling to complement your pages.

Check out the way Stacey has used bits of embellishments in such a way that they're not overpowering, allowing her adorable photos to shine: 


She's also taken this sheet of paper with a motif on it and added a few carefully placed embellishments, which don't detract from the rest of the layout and still give the clean and simple vibe. And isn't Stacey's daughter totally adorable?  



Notice how our new solids also add to that "clean and simple" feel, allowing Stacey to add bits of the new patterns...the small doses have BIG impact. Yes, we pretty much love everything about our new Sunday Picnic embellishments. What about you? What is it that you can't WAIT to get your hands on?!

This line will be going on sale THIS MONDAY, Jan. 2nd ;o) Happy Almost New Year!


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Blog Post

Introducing Sunday Picnic...Trims to die for!

Dotw_wIf there's one thing we love around here, it's a tasteful, classic elegance. Always timeless, like the perfect little black dress.That's why we pay special attention when choosing just the right trims to go along with our new releases.

We know that it's these little details that can make your pages stand out from the rest...

That's why we're so excited to share our newest trims with you:


These trims are sure to class up every layout, card or project you do, just like the trims in our past collections, and they're shared perfectly between the Classic and Clean & Simple lines. 

Anabelle has found some fun ways to show off these gorgeous ribbons on her layout "Good eats." 


All that texture is so touchable, you can practically feel it right through the screen. 


Anabelle shows that it's not just our papers that are perfect for layering, but our trims as well. How fun to get that extra pop of color and visual interest by doing something unexpected with these fabulous ribbons. 

Sunday Picnic is one amazing collection, and it's only a few more days before you can snag some of your very own. Nothing seems to inspire creativity like a new, fabulous product. 

I'm so happy we've got plenty to share! Come back tomorrow for a peek at more Sunday Picnic Embellishments...they are positively drool-worthy!


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Introducing Sunday Picnic...Clean & Simple

TuesdayAll week long, we're putting the pieces together to reveal to you our brand new collection: Sunday Picnic. Perhaps we're especially excited because, like a new parent, we've got a new, never before seen addition to our family: Clean and Simple. 

Created as a way for the simpler, more graphic scrapbooker to preserve their memories, this is a line that captures all the elegance of Classic Webster's Pages. The perfect combination of patterns and solids will make clean scrapbooking a breeze.  Wp_sp_cas

Not only is the color palette especially fun, but these patterns are a Clean & Simple girl's (or guy's!) dream! Look what designer Stacey Michaud has done with this gorgeous collection:


The pops of color and pattern with a few well-placed embellishments gives Stacey's layouts a crisp, timeless look...and one she's sure to love even years from now. 


The Sunday Picnic Clean and Simple line is a must-have for any busy scrapbooker who wants to create gorgeous, timeless layouts but prefers a more graphic style. The best part is, Clean and Simple is coming to all of our new releases...and we're gearing up because we can't wait to share!

Again, the Clean and Simple line shines up nicely in digital as Julie Walton shows us:

Walkthiswayjulie800 (2)

I love how the Chevron pattern that made an appearance in Anabelle's classic page yesterday shows up here on Julie's Clean and Simple page. Though I have to say, Julie's layout makes me long for warmer weather! 

So, tell us, what do YOU love about Clean and Simple? 


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Blog Post

Introducing Sunday instant classic

MondayDon't you love the first night out in a brand new outfit? You flounce around, feeling super cute because you get to wear something no one has ever seen you in before... people straighten and take notice because there's just something about you. We should all have at least a few moments like this in our lives...

And at Webster's Pages, we're having one this week. Because we want to "flounce about" a little because we're SO EXCITED about what's new in our closet!

Let me not mince words. Instead, I'll just show you what I'm talking about:  


That, my friends, is a sampling of our newest collection, Sunday Picnic. We're calling these papers "Classic Webster's Pages" because they're similar in style to our other lines. They're elegant and timeless and altogether gorgeous and I bet you can't wait to get your hands on some!

Look what Designer Anabelle O'Malley has done with the latest & greatest: 


The Chevron design on this page is so fun, and gives you a good representation of every pattern in the collection withou being overwhelming. And the new 12" gems...OOOooooo! ... more to see later this week ;o) .....

This line is perfect for hand-cutting, layering and adding all kinds of texture and dimension to your layouts, giving you that traditional, tried-and-true Webster's look we've all grown to love.  


Of course, Sunday Picnic will also be available digitally, and your digi pages will lack nothing in the way of beauty. Just look:

A great day with you (2)
Mitsue Iwata has worked her magic once again, proving that this collection will make you stop and stare. The motifs, the colors, the classic beauty is all yours for the taking!

So...a question for YOU: When you see this new collection, what themes or photos do you most want to scrapbook? 

Stick with us this week, because by Friday...someone's going to get the chance to put the entire collection to use!


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Merry Christmas To You...

Merry Christmas

We want to wish you the very merriest of Christmases, the happiest of holidays and the biggest blessing of a New Year's. The holidays are one of our favorite times of year, so we're excited to share with you some of our FAVORITE holiday memories! 

Brandin b&WBrandin Says: 

 It's Christmas Eve. I found a plaque for my mom that says "Christmas Eve Forever" and it captures everything about our family. Italian families like to eat....a lot. We like to drink & eat & laugh...a lot. That's what my family does. Christmas Eve starts at 1:00...eating & drinking...tons of laughter...after Santa arrives. Our Santa starts off nice & sweet & then he whips out an envelope. A year in review envelope. What none of us know is that Santa has been taking notes about everyone in the family. Things we don't think he knows, he knows. Santa turns from sweet Santa into Santa that celebrates everyone's personal business...and by celebrates I mean, plaques are made, awards are given...but not awards like, "Good Job on winning Best Recipe"...awards like "Good job on Turning your brunette hair back into a blonde....we had to keep looking at your face with that hair...."...type awards.

Now that I'm building a family, I LOVE bringing Dane, Cali & Jude into the non-filtered happiness of family & laughter. We have a different Santa now that the original, my hero & grandpa is in heaven. But just as it was when I was younger, my kids still can't see through the beard that it is THEIR Grandpa in disguise. I suppose that's the magic of Christmas.

Tim2Tim Says:

My favorite Christmas memory is years ago... The last Christmas I was able
to spend back in Syracuse with my entire extended family, which included
both of my Grandparents who have since passed away.  
My family is by far the most important thing to me.  I miss the days when we all used to get
together for the big Italian Christmas Eve feast.



  Jaime B&WJaime Says:

My favorite memory is sitting on the kitchen floor in my grandmother's house with my brother as we commented on all the unusual extended family who'd shown up that evening. A cousin trying to sell a weight loss program decked out in the propaganda of the diet, another wandering around talking with his hands and mouth full of one of those holiday nut mixes, etc. All this going on while my brother and I snuck pieces of the main courses, turkey and ham, as though it were popcorn. I was 22, he was 40.




Shauna2Shauna Says:

My favorite Christmas memory is EVERY Christmas Eve. Our family gets together 
and has a "Santa" stop by and hand out gifts for everyone. When we all lived in
Syracuse, we went to my grandpa & grandma's house and all 
my cousins, aunts,
uncles and friends were there waiting to see what Santa had for everyone. Some
gifts were gag gifts and had long stories that went along with them. I laugh sooo hard
that sometimes it looks like I'm crying!
Now, all my parents, brothers, sisters, nephews,
nieces, dogs & friends live here in NC. We still get together every Christmas Eve waiting for Santa.
Even though we are away from our extended family, distance hasn't stopped the laughs and smiles. :)

IMG_9538-8-bwsmCourtney Says:

My favorite Christmas memory was when I was a little girl, around five. I got to wear my hair in two long "Indian braids" that hung all the way to the middle of my chest. I remember standing at the front door, looking out over the sky, black as pitch, and wondering which star the Wise Men had followed to see the baby Jesus. My grandpa came up behind me and stared out the window for a few long seconds, then asked what I was doing. I told him, I was looking for the star. "Which one do you think it is?" he asked. I pointed to the brightest one, the one that seemed to twinkle the most like the pictures I'd seen of the star over the stable that housed the baby Jesus. He smiled then and nodded. "I think you're right, Court. I think that's the one." Now that I'm older, I still look for that star...and I think it twinkles a little brighter with my grandpa in heaven to point it out to me. 

We're offering one final holiday Freebie to wish you a very Merry Christmas. Head over to the Webster's Pages Website to download your adorable digital goodies today! 

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Blog Post

Finding Versatility in Christmas Products


I'm the type of person who lacks imagination when it comes to repurposing things like holiday paper lines. I see a Christmas line and figure I scrap Christmas photos with it. Kids by the tree. Presents being opened. Christmas pajamas. Traditions.

But sometimes these holiday lines are perfect for a different kind of that may not be specifically Christmasy at all. Angella's cricket photos from Boxing Day don't "scream" Christmas, but look at the way she's used Botanical Christmas to document their importance:

Boxing day Cricket

Supplies Used: Papers: Botanical Christmas (A birds view, Postcards to santa), Western Romance (Line Dance) Yacht club (Sailors Guide), Petite Ruffle Ribbon, Princess PetalAlpha StickersCountry Estate Ribbon

While I had to look up "Boxing Day" to discover it is related to Christmas, (celebrated the first weekday after the holiday), this photo is unique in that it's of a sporting event. Not a traditional holiday activity. And yet, these papers and products sure do seem like the perfect complement, don't they? 

I love the hand-cut elements she's incorporated and the wide range of colors on this page. Mixing Christmas colors with the yellow sheet from our Western Romance collection, makes this layout a little more vesatile. 

Boxing day cricket close-up

Next time you're looking for the perfect papers, don't rule out the Christmas ones you know and love. When it comes to Webster's Pages, you'll find products that are wonderfully timeless. You can check them out on the Webster's Pages website, stock up and be ready to scrap over your Christmas vacation! 

Now that sounds like a wonderful plan!


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Blog Post

Handmade Holiday gift tags

WednesdayTypically on a Wednesday, we like to talk about what's going on here at Webster's Pages, but this week, we've decided to carry on with our Christmas tags with the knowledge that I can't be the ONLY procrastinator out there! 

It's getting down to the Christmas wire, but there's still time to create some simple, personalized gift tags to adorn your holiday gifts...and as Emma Trout shows us, these tags can then become wonderful additions to a Christmas layout once the presents have all been opened. 

Emma's created three different tags using three different techniques, all of which will be lovely even after the holidays (for those of you who have zero time to scrapbook right now!) 

First up:

Paint stamped D

Rather than sticking a pre-printed sticker onto your gifts, use photos to show the gift's intended recipient. On this tag, Emma used a Designer Thread as a stamp, giving her a unique, textured look created with acrylic paint:Stamped paint tagFor her second tag, Emma relied on some misting, again using a Designer Thread to create the mask for her image:Misted tag

The misted background provides a visually interesting layer, creating a nice foundation for her to build upon. 

For her third tag, Emma turned to one of our more textured trims. The uniqueness of this piece makes a perfect stamp, as Emma demonstrates:Simple TagThe best part about these three tags is that they serve as so much more than markers on Christmas presents. Once your brood is done tearing off the wrapping paper (and, if you're at my house, balling it up and throwing it at each other), you can add these tags to a Christmas layout. 

Look at Emma's:

All I want for Christmas

The bubble wrap stamp over on the right and the painted border pull the painted tags into the layout perfectly. I love when something can serve double duty like that! Don't you? 

Next time you've got to create something artsy but fast, try one or two of these tips! You're sure to love the results! 


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Blog Post

Hand-stamped Accents

TuesdayWe all know it's holiday crunch time, and if you're in a mad dash to wrap presents but still want to add some handmade charm, today's blog post can help! Designer Gerry van Gent has created four different cards using our beautiful Webster's Pages stamp sets.

Tag 4_stamps
Our stamps make creating several tags, embellishments or cards easy as pie. 

(And really, where did that saying come from? I wouldn't consider pie-making easy...) 


Our stamps make mass production easy, but you'd never know it because each image is so detailed and elegant, it sort of looks like you spent a ton of time on it! You can even layer the stamps on top of each other for more dimension:

Tag 4_gerry

Isn't it lovely? 

I think so. I love all the colors Gerry's used...makes me want to break out my stamps!

Tag 2_gerry

Head right over to the Webster's Pages Website and check out our fabulous selection of stamps! They'll make your crafting...before and after the much richer!


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Blog Post

Merry & Photos

MondayHere it is, friends...Christmas is less than a week away! Are you excited? I know for me that means packing and cleaning and laundering (none of which are my favorite things) and then a long road trip...but it also means brushing up on my photo skills for the family gatherings that are just around the corner. 

Thankfully, I've got the experts to walk me through it...and I'm excited to share their tips with you! 


Joining us today are photographers Teri Fode, Jaime Warren and Lyndsey Lewis, three expert photographers to help us think outside the box. After all, I want to capture those photos that I take one look at and think "I cannot wait to scrap these!" 

And, I'll be using a little of this to seal up this year's memories...

Botanical christmas
Why yes, Botanical Christmas, you are beautiful! You'd make the loveliest addition to my scrapbook album this year...

I digress. 

Let's get down to photography business.

Q: So many Christmas events seem to be in low light settings. What is your advice for capturing great images that aren't blurry or orange?

LyndseyLyndsey says:

Well, this is a hard one.  Because it's really hard to not take a blurry picture when there isn't any light.  But I think there are a few things  that help.  Stabilize 

the camera on something to reduce the shake from your hands.  Like, putting the camera on the table to take the picture.  It's two-fold, cool shot and no hand shake!  Always try to have a window close to your subject.  If it's night-time, use the Christmas lights or candle lights for light.  I know that most of us don't want that orange/yellow look in our pictures, but sometimes it works and it's cool.  Or, convert the picture black and white. This, again, will give a totally different look and feel to the image but also hides the yellow cast.  

Here, Lyndsey demonstrates:

Advent_0015 copy

I love that even though there's an orange hue here, it words, because like Lyndsey says...using the light of the candle is just cool. If you're not loving it, of course, convert to black and white:

Advent_0003 copy

Which makes the photo instantly timeless. 

Q: What is your favorite Christmas photo you've taken?


Jaime says:

From my personal photos, it's this one of my girls on Christmas's not necessarily a "pro" shot...but it captures the joy...they were fresh out of the shower and over the moon excited to open up our traditional Christmas Even present.  The memory of them practically bouncing on the couch in anticipation (while I pulled out my camera much to their chagrin) is one that puts a smile on my face!  
From my professional photos, it's one from a Christmas card session for this beautiful family and they were SO much fun to work with!  

Here's Jaime's personal fave:


And her professional fave:


And finally, 

Q: What's something the typical scrapbooker might not realize about taking holiday photos? 

TeriOf course take photos of your friends and family---that's a given---but don't overlook the "things" of Christmas that are memory-makers. Things like the crystal dish of "grandma-candy" that always sitcks together, a glass of eggnog that only Unlce Eddy likes, the favorite food dishes that are traditions, the feel of the holidays through smells (and then taking photos of those things!).

Also, if you want a collection of really gorgeous holiday "things" to compliment your scrapbook pages, set out on a photography field-trip to the mall, camera in tow. Use close-ups and natural light to photograph beautiful settings at your favorite stores like Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel. This time of year all stores are decorated to the max with beautiful holiday imagery, so take advantage of it and photograph it all!

They make gorgeous "theme" photos for your scrapbook pages. You can even photograph your kids in these stores near the trees and decorative displays. When you set aside a photography field-trip just for this prupose, you'll have much more fun plus you'll see things you've never even notice before while shopping!

Those are some great tips...and once you get all the photos taken and printed out, we'll be here to give you just what you need to make them really shine!

Happy Monday before Christmas!


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Blog Post

Festive Freebies & Inspiring Eye Candy

FridayIt's another joyful Friday and I get to give you yet another free digital download, but before we get to that, I have something gorgeous to show you... 

Designer Gabrielle Pollacco is showing off our Holiday Silhouettes and Trims in the most beautiful way. We talked about our trims earlier this week, and now we get to see them utilized on another stunning piece. Plus, the Silhouettes are one of our most unique embellishments, so I always love to see how our designers make them shine. 

Chloe at 13 closeup1

Gabi's tag is vintage-lovely, and you can create your own by following a few simple steps:

Tag tut1

So far so good? 

Tat tut2

Not so hard when you break it all down, right? 

The end result is a stunner of a tag:

Tag2 (2)

And it makes the perfect embellishment on Gabi's layout:

Chloe at 13

Wow, isn't that gorgeous? Our embellishments are so versatile, they dress up every layout with a little or a lot! Be sure to head over to the website to grab your own stash today! 

Now...about those FREEBIES! 

Today, we've got some fun digital paper posies that will make the perfect addition to all of your holiday crafting...

PicturePosies (2)

These badges are so versatile, it could be August and they'd be just as relevant. So, head over to the Webster's Pages Website and download yours today! And if you're a Member over at InspireMe, be sure to check your inbox for a very special offer...

And if you're NOT a member...what are you waiting for? Get yourself signed up! We'd love to see you there!


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Blog Post

In Search of Unique Christmas Photos

ThursdayWhat's trending this Thursday? Well, if you're in my house...some not-so-great Christmas photos. Every year, it seems my photos look the same, and I'm in the market for something unique this Christmas. So, I've turned to the experts. Some real photographers. And they're here to help. 

They are (L-R) Jaime Warren and Lyndsey Lewis

I asked each photographer how we can take better pictures this that inspire us to scrapbook and they've given some great information to put into practice this year. Let's see what they had to say...

Question: My photos at Christmas look the same every single year. This year, what are some things I can do to get different/unique shots?

LyndseyLyndsey says: 

"Instead of taking pictures straight at your subject where everything in the room is in focus, change up the angles you shoot from. So, put the camera on the table and take the picture. You will get everything on the same plane with lots of depth and a different vantage point.

Also, take a step back and snap a second picture, but this time, rotate the camera a bit to the left or right. The photo is the same, but it changes the view." 


"Another little trick is not to always focus on the person. For example, focus on the hand hanging the ornament or on the ornament itself. Again, this creates a different view point and makes for a really cool shot.

Dec copy

JaimeJaime Says: 

"If you've never used a filter on your lens there are some fun ones that create starbursts (great for the lights on the tree!)  Also, you can try playing with macro shots of your decorations - especially those that are family traditions/favorites.  When it comes time to open the gifts, get down on the floor with your children/family and get in on the action. Play with your camera's timer and make sure to get photos of the entire family opening up one gift, all at the same time (including you!!)

Here's Jaime's shot using a fun filter: 

IMG_3667rsz (2)

Details:  85mm 1.8 & External at 1/200, 1.8 ISO 1600

And her Macro shot: 

IMG_3646rsz (2)

Details: taken at 1/125, 2.2, ISO 1600 with my External & 28mm 1.8 lens

Such fun ideas to help give us unique photos which will, in turn, inspire us to scrapbook our holiday memories rather than passing them over because they look the same as last year. 

Speaking of which, Angella has an incredibly unique take on Christmas, at least speaking as someone whose yard is covered with snow. Being Australian, her Christmas photos look nothing like mine. 

Watermelon christmas

Watermelon on Christmas? Definitely not in Colorado! I love Angella's vertical line of photos and the way she decked out her page with fruit motifs.

Watermelon christmas close- up

I also love how she took non-traditional Christmas photos and captured what Christmas means to her, and she did it all while mixing several of our favorite Webster's Pages lines: Botanical Christmas, Western Romance and Spring Market. Just click on the collection names to purchase some of your very own! 

Stay tuned for more fun photography tips in the upcoming days...and be sure to check back tomorrow for some more fabulous Freebies!





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Blog Post

Reinvent Your Ribbon

WednesdayIt's hard to pick one Webster's Pages Embellishment as a favorite. There are so many to choose from, and they're all versatile and add a whole lotta snazz to any new layout, card or project you might be working on. 

I've deeply professed my love for our Bloomers, but I've also got a little infatuation with our trims. 


Brandin puts together the most gorgeous trims, perfectly coordinated with each collection. These ribbons are a wonderful way to add texture and interest to your pages and projects. 

But don't settle for using them in ordinary ways. Designer Iris Babao Uy shows us some fun ways to make the most of your trims. 

Take a look at this tag. On just a tiny background, Iris has found six different uses for our gorgeous trims:

Magical Tag

Personally, I love the layered skirt on the dress form. How brilliant is that? But you can also see a layered border, a bow and even just a tiny scrap at the top of the tag which pops right out. 

Magical Tag detail

Next time you're creating, take out our trims and let them inspire you...and if you're running low on ribbon, head over to the Webster's Pages Website and get yourself stocked up on some of the best trims on the market! Unique, high quality and gorgeous, these trims will knock your Santa Socks right off! 


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Blog Post

Revamped Embellishments


One of my favorite things about creative people is that they can look at something and change its intended use. They see possibilities where other people see rules. And our designers, once again, have proven this is true. 

We have a large assortment of incredible embellishments. My personal favorite, The Bloomers, add texture and dimension to any layout or project, but thanks to Emeline Seet, I've now discovered something new to create with my bloomers: flowers. 

And really, who doesn't love flowers?

Emeline 13 Dec
See that flower there in the middle of Emeline's tag? That'd be ribbon + bloomer. Yes. I'm drooling too. 

You can create your own handmade Bloomer Flowers just by following these steps: 

Step One: Measure and cut lengths of bloomers and ribbons. Emeline's are approximately 12" long. The length of the trims determines the size of the completed flower.

Step 1
Step Two: Tie a knot on one end of the trims.

Step 2
Step Three: In a clockwise manner, wrap trims around your thumb and pointer. Twist trims as you continue to turn and form the shape of the flower. (Add a little liquid glue as you go to hold the flower in place.)IMG_7359

Step Four: Turn and twist trim until you reach the end of the stripe.

Then, add it to your tag, layout or craft project for an extra oomph. 

Close Up
But our bloomers aren't the only thing that are incredibly versatile. Ivana Camdzic has done a little change-up on our alphabet stickers. Have I ever told you about my alphabet sticker addiction? 

I'm in therapy. 

But when you use alphas as often as I do, you end up with lots of half-filled sheets. Ivana's come up with a great solution to matching the leftovers. Paint + Glitter!


The end result? 

Ivana's tag

If you want to try either of these techniques for yourself, you can head on over to the Webster's Pages website and get some Bloomers, Trims and alphas of your very own! We'd love to see your end results too!


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Blog Post

save money. live better....really???

Dotw_mok....this is ironically funny to me.

so, i'm stressed ;o).

I didn't want to spend a fortune this year on Christmas gifts.

I LOVE boutique shopping. I prefer on-line shopping. I try to avoid the crowds & enjoy peaceful shopping experiences....but I end up spending a fortune every year on Christmas gifts.

Soooo....what does one do that loves boutique shopping, dislikes crowds, etc....???? They go to.....uh boy......


....And spend a FORTUNE!....gagging....

Save money, live better? Really???? hahahahaha....

The receipt should say in small print, "this applies ONLY when you have a small family". :o)

btw, when I unloaded all my bags on the dining room table to see what I bought, I promise, I didn't by anything on my Christmas list. What on EARTH did I just buy? :o) !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was stressed this weekend thinking what on earth and I going to get my family as a personalized, from the heart, product for Christmas?...


I will give them our myNovelTree PhotoBooks! Now listen to this...


We JUST created a new program called "Tell My Story" that allows you to purchase a book today & we do ALL the work for you. We LOAD your PHOTOs & LOAD YOUR TEXT for's really awesome. And for those that already purchased your books, follow this link HERE to get started!

Get ready printer, here I come. I have about 15 books sending your way today.

So I'm going to go make all my books now. If you want to make books too, you have to have them purchased BY THIS WEDNESDAY to have them before Christmas. You can GO HERE to select & purchase your books now. That's where I'm heading now! Bye-Bye Walmart. Hello Beautiful Books! :o)


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Free Photo Frames for Christmas


Fridays make me feel like Santy Claus. 

And I think I'd look great with a big white beard, so I'm going with it. Before I get to the FREEBIE for today (Another GREAT one!) I want to share with you an inspiring tag by the lovely Anabelle O'Malley:


This tag features our Dazzle-me Gems

BC Gems sm

I don't know if you realize how wonderful these little bits of sparkly goodness are, but they add so much to your papercrafting projects! What I love is that you can cut them apart and use them in tiny bits, like Anabelle's done on her tag. 


And they're self adhesive so they stick right on paper or buttons or sparklers:


Or of course you can use the entire thing as a border on your 12x12 layout and that'd be awfully snazzy too. Have you tried these yet?! Head on over to the Webster's Pages website and treat yourself to an early Christmas present!

And while you're there, how would you like another digital freebie today? 

This is the part where I fluff my girl-beard and sing Christmas carols. 

This time, we're giving away these gorgeous (and FUN!) holiday photo frames:

Freebie_christmas_photoframe_group (2)

I know. Aren't they adorable?? You can download them all for FREE just by clicking on THIS LINK

One last nugget of Christmas case you missed out on our FABULOUS Black Friday Boxes, head over to my personal blog today and enter for your chance to win one! Brandin felt like playing Santy Claus today so she's donating one for one very lucky winner! 

Have a beautiful weekend!


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Life is Like a Box of Well Decorated Chocolates...

Well, it's been awfully exciting around here, what with our big announcements and all! We could not be more thrilled about our Design Team search and the expansion of our product lines to include more graphic styles...but we're still in love with Traditional Webster's Pages too and I'm about to show you why!
Actually, Jaz Lee is about to show you why...
Jaz created such a beautiful project this week, but the best part is, inside that door...are chocolates.
...and chocolate makes everything better. Don't you think?
While this project is intricate, it's not difficult when you break it all down. You can make your own (if you can stand to save the chocolate you can even give it as a gift...) by following a few simple steps: 
1. Cut a rectangle in a chocolate box and cover it with Webster's Pages papers. Then prepare your little roof using Dazzle-Me Gems. Notice how Jaz layered the gorgeous trim all around the door. 
Jaz 1
2. Cut out a green door from Webster's Pages Botanical Christmas paper, slit open the door to create an opening. Adhere this onto a doily and then onto the background. Add a Holiday Silhouette to serve as a wreath for your door. 
3. Admire Jaz's polka-dot fingernails.
Jaz 2
4. Cover the base of the chocolate box. Admire. 
5. Create a large "tag" to serve as the background for your project. 
6. Adhere the background tag onto a frame and then adhere your box onto the background. 

7. Add additional embellishments and try not to eat the chocolates. Unless you're creating this just for you, then chow down!
Jaz 3
What a unique way to dress up something that threatens to be ordinary (a box of chocolates)...and turn it into a true gift! 

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***BIG NEWS*** Clean & Simple Design Team Search!

Today is a VERY exciting see, we're getting ready to grow the family...

...but let's start with this question to you.

Do these Beautiful, Clean & Simple Page Style Describe You?




If so...Stacey Michaud (the special event leader of the Clean & Simple DT), Anabelle O'Malley (the company DT Lead), the entire Team at Webster's Pages and I would like to extend the invitation to apply for our very first Clean & Simple Design Team Call!

Welcome to our Clean & Simple Design Team Search!

That’s right…with a new line comes a new Design Team, and we are so excited to tell you we’re looking! The Clean & Simple line is such a stunner (pages above show the C&S papers in our new Sunday Picnic Collection coming Jan 2nd), and we need a group of designers who know how to make simple shine! If that sounds like you, read on…we’ll tell you how to apply!

What we’re looking for:

Scrapbookers, papercrafters and card makers who 1. LOVE Webster’s Pages 2. Will help promote Webster’s Pages through their work, as well as through social media including a personal blog, InspireMe, Facebook & Twitter. 3. Love to share their ideas to help inspire others to create beautiful and simple projects.

International designers are welcome to apply.

Specific requirements and compensation details are provided upon invitation to the team.  However we would like to mention that regular creation of projects and online participation are requirements for this team, and compensation is provided through a generous amount of product as well as monetary compensation for hard copy published items and trade show/advertising assignments. The term will be until the end of 2012.

Please note that Webster’s Pages Design Team members will be limited to being on no more than 3 paper manufacturing teams total.

To apply send an email to with the following information:

  • Provide a one or two paragraph biographical statement telling us a little bit about you and your scrapbook experience including any publication history, design team experience, teaching experience (in stores and/or online), etc.
  • Explain in one paragraph why you would be a great addition to the Webster’s Pages design team.
  • Include a link to any online galleries you participate on (please include your user name and make sure that online galleries do not have a login requirement) and your blog (if you have one).
  • Attach a scan or photograph of 3 layouts or projects that you feel best represent your style. Images must be no larger than 600x600 px. Using Webster’s Pages is always welcome but not required.
  • Please include your name, address, phone number and email address. Confirmation emails will NOT be sent. Notifications will be made by email or telephone in January.
  • Applications must be received by December 31st.

At Webster’s Pages, we value our Design Team. They are an extension of our family, and we have a very harmonious group. We continue to grow and expand and we’d love to share our excitement with you. If you have any questions on applying, please send an email to with subject QUESTION.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with! Good luck and Happy Creating! 


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More Sunday Picnic

TuesdayYou may be able to tell how excited we are around here with yesterday's announcement (and tomorrow's...but we're not letting that cat out of the bag YET!) 

Today we thought we'd give you a bit more eye candy featuring our new collection, Sunday Picnic. We want to assure you that we're not abandoning our traditional, layered, fussy-cut goodness...only adding onto it so there's more Webster's Pages for everyone. 

Look what Anabelle has done with the new collection...

Tea for two

A nice balance between super clean & graphic and traditional Webster's, it's pretty clear that these two are going to meld nicely together. 

Like a marriage only without any therapy. 

Just kidding. 

We couldn't be more excited about this new collection...can you tell? To get this happy marriage, you can even work with both traditional AND Clean & Simple because everything coordinates's like a bonus! 

Tea for two2

See how Anabelle still has some gorgeous hand-cut motifs in here? She's also included some beautiful layers, but still managed to show off lots of white space. 

The patterns are so soft and clean you can mash them all up and not overwhelm the photos. Best of both worlds, that is. 

Tea for two3

A few perfectly placed Dazzle-Me Gems and some punched patterned paper borders and this is one pulled together page. Proof that simple is beautiful...

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for yet another BIG announcement...and get yourself ready for the full launch of Sunday Picnic coming up at the end of December. It's going to be a jam-packed holiday season, and WE CAN'T WAIT! 


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a BIG deal ~ introducing Webster's Pages "Clean & Simple"

Dotw_mi'm VERY excited to share something BIG with you today...

Webster's Pages = Layered, elegant, vintage styles.





no....until now.

You see...we've done something BIG for 2012.

We know there are all different kinds of scrapbookers out there. Some of you love intricate, involved paper projects…but there are many others who prefer a cleaner, simpler approach to scrapbooking. And it’s not like us to leave anyone out!

So that’s why we’ve designed NEW Webster’s Pages Clean & Simple.


We’ve long been using our wonderful B-sides to complement our motifs, but now we’re taking that one step farther and have created expansions of our new Webster's collections dedicated to a cleaner, simpler version of Webster’s Pages.

And no, this isn’t a one-time deal. ALL of our new collections will have a corresponding Clean & Simple paper line, the perfect complement to Classic Webster’s. So instead of having 6 papers per collection...we're now having 12 papers per collection {6 papers Classic Webster + 6 papers Clean & Simple}

But let’s be clear…we’re still Webster’s Pages, so you’re still going to get the elegant, beautiful style we’re known for…Clean & Simple just gives you designs in a tiny bit more graphic package.

And, the best news of all? The backsides of ALL our Clean & Simple lines will be SOLID.

And what simple scrapper doesn’t love a good solid? 


The first line to showcase this new addition is coming sooner than you might think. We do things a little different around here, so we're not waiting for CHA...we've got an early release on Jan 2nd all set up and it's a pretty one. 

Remember our sneak peek of our new line? Well, here's a sneak of the Clean & Simple option to whet your design-appetite: 


Our early release is called Sunday Picnic and we want to wallpaper our homes with it :o)

So Classic Webster Girls ~ I have a feeling you'll love all the imagery, movement & play in this collection...& I vow to continue to design "like mad" for you crazy fussy cutters! ;o) ~ xo

And Our NEW Graphic Girls ~ LET'S PLAY!

Who likes & Who's in?...and speaking of who's MUST stay tuned this week for big, BIG opportunities coming your way. Wednesday will be another BIG announcement here so stay tuned!


p.s....beautiful Stacey did these awesome projects & I think you may hear a bit more about Stacey's Clean & Simple Leadership in Webster in the upcoming days from me ;o)

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Free Digital Christmas Tags


And today is especially awesome because I get to give you some very cool freebies that I KNOW you're going to love. Yesterday, I blogged over on my personal blog about how very overwhelming Christmas can today's giveaway is near and dear to my ever-lovin' heart. 

It will help me

1. Keep Christmas Beautiful &

2. Keep Christmas gift-giving simple (and simple is good.) 

Yep. We're giving you some gorgeous Webster's Pages Digital Christmas Tags. For free!

Tags 1

I know. Go ahead and tell me how pretty they are. 

Designer Julie Walton worked her magic and came up with these...all for YOU! (And me!) And there are MORE. Eight total. Some are tags you could easily use in your scrapbooking...others are To/From Tags for your holiday gift-giving. All are beautiful. 

And if you want, you could print them out and dress them up like Steph Devlin has done here:

Steph 1
Why yes, that is a free digital tag right there. 

And so is this:

Steph 2

And even this:

Because the tags are made with our digital collections, they coordinate perfectly with our embellishments. So you can print them out and use your stash to create mini works of art for Christmas this year... or head over to our website and get yourself some Vintage Sparklers, Fabric Tickets & Feather Flowers and go to town. 

Larissa Albernaz also spent some time playing with these adorable tags. She started by printing them out and then dressed them up all snazzy-like. 

Tag 2

I love the layering on this tag! The Trims & Dazzle-Me Gems add so much detail...a little goes a very long way! You could easily turn that into an ornament and hang it right on your tree!

Speaking of Trims...look at the way Larissa has dolled up this tag...

Tag 1

She matted a striped pattern underneath and then adhered the green trim all around for extra pop. On a gift wrapped with, say, kraft paper, this tag would be such a stunner! 

Here's one last tag for you to ooh and ahh over:

Tag 3 copy

So, I know what you're all thinking...Just tell me where to get my Freebies already! 

And I'm happy to oblige. You can go to the Webster's Pages Website and find our Freebies under the Digi Designs section or click on THIS LINK and download your very own free tags for Christmas. Our Merry-Merry gift to you to thank you for supporting Websters' Pages. 

Have a wonderful weekend!


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Dressing Up Our Dusty Attic

ThursdayWe have a lot going is the end of the year after all...and if you're anything like me, you might have a bit of trouble finding your mojo when there are so many things that need to get done. 

We didn't want you to miss a single opportunity to get inspired, so we thought we'd show you a little bit more of the inspiration you'll find over at InspireMe this week as we team up with Dusty Attic.

Larissa Albernaz shows us how she dressed up some of her laser cut chipboard. 

Life-¦s little moments
First of all, the colors on this page have me 100% smitten. I love the brights going on here and especially love how WP brights are still so classy! And all the hand-cut Webster's Pages motifs are to die for. 

Larissa used a few different methods to change up the appearance of her chipboard...

1. Paint it! Simple acrylic paint changes your chipboard in no time. It's quick, easy and instantly matches your favorite Webster's Pages collection. 

Photo 1

2. Glitter it! I know. Glitter is messy. And you'll undoubtedly spend a good portion of the rest of the day with stray sparkles on your cheek, in your hair and on your clothing...but it's so worth it!

Photo DA 5

3. Texture it! Larissa used the point on her scissors to create striations and add some visual interest right on her chipboard. What a cool idea!

Larissa 2

The end result couldn't be more amazing. 

Larissa 3

So, have I convinced you yet? Are you sold? Head on over to InspireMe for a new post every day this week in the forum. Tons of eye candy from our Design Team! And check out Dusty Attic's site as well for more glorious goodness as their designers get creative with Webster's Pages!


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