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it's all about you . doris

DOW_TH Doris01  do you recognize her?

i have only seen the back of her head.

and I feel like I've known her forever ?

she is Doris Widder.

if i could say i had a list of the top 10 true Webster cheerleaders

doris DEFINITELY would be on it ?


she is a FANTASTIC mother of FIVE . she is a great scrapbooker . she has always encouraged me . she is loved

Doris is the one that always participates in all of our challenges {pressure is on now Doris! - ha!} ?

Doris is always a very active contributor to our blog, her blog, inspireME & facebook sites ?

Doris always has such encouraging words to share with everyone ?

Doris is a very talented scrapper ?


She truly is one of the biggest & APPRECIATED friends of webster's pages and I would be proud to call her my friend ? Thanks Doris for your kindness & support throughout the years.

~Brandin xo

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a bag of balloons


i told my husband tonight to go buy a bag of balloons.

it's 11:30pm.

there are no birthday's to celebrate.

there are no parties to plan for.

i just want my kids to know how much we love them.

they love balloons.

i wanted them to wake up with balloons in their room.

we'll do that later this week {hence the last minute request given to Pat}


he then proceeded to write all these notes


and placed them

in the direct path

that they will go when they wake up in the morning.


i can't wait for them to wake up ?

do simple things for your kids...

that's all they really want. isn't it?

~Brandin xo

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Blog Post

we ? your scrapbook supply


look at those smiles!

that's how I feel every time we see them at CHA or knowing that they have called.

Your Scrapbook Supply has been a WONDERFUL & loyal online customer of ours for a long time.

i looked up when they placed their FIRST order with us...

April 11, 2007

Isn't that awesome?

When I asked them if they would like to be spotlighted this week, they sent me these pictures & said that they hang our products where they can see them & that they didn't do that with many others & that most of their products are in crates ready to ship {remember, they're an online company}...again, pretty awesome, huh?


they have all the new & current and some of the oldies but goodies {shown in her sweet decor project below}


so make sure you stop by & fill your cart on their website {they offer FREE shipping over $50}!

Thanks Your Scrapbook Supply for allowing us to earn your business year after year. And when we asked you what your TOP 3 reasons for working with Webster you answered:

1. The collections are absolutely beautiful, every release is amazing. Love them all.

2. My customers love you!

3. You are family run & so is my business. But mostly it's because your family has been very nice to me throughout the years. Shauna knows me by name when I call, Shauna Rocks!!!

You are so special to us. Thank you Rhonda for your reasons in working with us. We think you're pretty great too. You can all check out Your Scrapbook Supply online HERE or visit their blog for product sneaks & updates.

Thanks to Rhonda & team for all the years of support, loyalty & friendship.

~Brandin xo



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Blog Post

challenges . prizes . winners!

DOW_M Postcards
so you loved them, eh? ?

i'm so glad!

you can buy them NOW online here...and did I mention that the set of 20 cards packaged in a crystal clear jewel case only retails for $4.99?! I think that's a pretty great price.

Now...Monday Messages was established to update all our readers will the events & happenings going on at Webster's Pages through our community site, InspireME. Before I announce the winners of last Freebie Friday postcard giveaway {weeeee!}, I'd like to remind you all that our March Monthly Challenges are going to end this Thursday. We have two awesome challenges at InspireME {traditional & digital) every month & BIG prizes are given away to the monthly winner.

March_challenge_v2 March_challenge_2_v2

Don't miss out on March's prizes by visiting Create a Shape Layout Challenge & the Digital/Hybrid Challenge at InspireME!

& now onto the winners!

i've selected FIVE lucky winners at & the five numbers chosen were #107, #49, #72, #183, #174. And who are those lucky winners? Here they are! {Email me HERE with your addresses}

Just gorgeous. thank you for the chance to win a free set! Posted by: ann | March 26, 2011 at 06:17 PM

it is totally Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - knockout! Posted by: Jing | March 26, 2011 at 03:56 AM

WOOOOW....gorgeous! Thanks for making such beautiful things Posted by: Mette | March 26, 2011 at 06:56 AM

I love the post cards! They would be perfect for my cards and layouts! Posted by: Lara Carson | March 28, 2011 at 08:57 AM

Oh WOW! I love these and would love to win. Thanks for the sharing and the chance to win. Posted by: Kay G. | March 27, 2011 at 10:20 PM

I hope you all have a wonderful start to your week. ?

~Brandin xo

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Blog Post

freebie friday . postcards!

DOW_F All_postcards POSTCARDS ?!??

did I say postcards ?!!??

YES !!!!

Did you know that we NOW have postcards from our Best Selling Paper Designs?

We DO have postcards & you're able to get a FREE set HERE first!

They are going on sale on our website on Monday & you're able to get a FREE set here today by simply stopping by to say Hello!

I will select FIVE random comments on Monday for a VERY COOL FREEBIE FRIDAY!

Winners will be annouced Monday! Happy Friday Everyone!

~Brandin xo

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Blog Post

detour ?


there has been a little detour on this week's schedule

can you say...?

!*$@@@@!! ROAD TRIP !@**!!!!!&$@!

driving to Florida this weekend ?

it's 1:30am right now & still pluggin' along...

Freebie Friday will still be on! I'll chat more tomorrow {xo}

~Brandin xo

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Blog Post

my son ?

DOW_W Dane_handsome

i REALLY ? him. i mean REALLY REALLY ? him.

he is my oldest son.

his name is Dane Patrick.

1111dane he is smart .

sensitive .

athletic .

a momma's boy .

my budding artist .

he {& his sister Cali} sit beside me almost daily while I'm designing & they create their own designs.

i love that.

it makes them know that...

1. you can create art even when you're a "big person"

2. you can work on fun things all day long

3. mommy loves to be around them even when I have important business calls & meetings


my art, creativity & love for life is inspired from this little boy.

thanks for reading today ?

~Brandin xo


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Blog Post

we ? memory palette

DOW_TU Memorypalette_team

we really ? memory palette company {japan}

who are they?

they are the silent, powerful engine that drives our Japanese Market.

they are spectacular.

Memory Palette is our Japanese Wholesaler that started as a scrapbooking promoting company & a teaching magazine in 2004 & received an industry award in 2006 for their successes. To accommodate the ever changing market & sophistication of the customer, they have realigned their goals. Their goal is moved now to be

the No. 1 Scrapbooking Supplier in Japan.

they have staff that live in the United States that travels to Japan several times a year to teach classes to their retailers. You see...they are always finding ways to keep the business strong & the crafting community educated & engaged in the most exciting products in the market. With their magazine still running strong, they are able to not only to support the retailers, but the consumers as well.


they have a beautiful store in Tokyo & conduct gorgeous classes as well.


they are wonderful.

we are incredibly thankful that they stayed safe during the recent devastation in Japan.

We are honored to have earned their business & to be a part of their success.

if we were to list the Top 3 reasons why we love working with them I would have to say:

1. Incredible dedication to their customer (retailer & consumer)

2. Passionate about striving to be the best at what they do {and it shows!}

3. We ? the fact that they are brother & sister team TOO! Big ? there! :o)

we asked them what their Top 3 reasons for doing business with Webster are & this is what they said:

1. One of a kind, great designed products.

2. Unique Product Line

3. the fact that Tim, Brandin & Shauna all show great respect in our business & our market

Thanks Ken! That is so sweet! Go join them at Facebook to say hello!... now go ship those Webster's Pages goodies to your stores & let's have fun!

~Brandin xo

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Blog Post

the puppy love banner ?

DOW_M Puppylove

look at those eyes~

look at that adorable photo~

look at that amazing Puppy Love page by Jolanda Simons.

Jolanda is one of the thousands of remarkable crafters at InspireME.

i love her style & I think you'd agree {Jolanda's Gallery}

Did you know that we select a project of the week & display it as our InspireME banner?

This layout was chosen as last week's choice & I think the reason is obvious.

it inspire's ME. it inspires everyone at Webster.

Jolanda is one of the reasons I design.

When I see people's most precious lives surrounds with our designs, I think, "Yep...this is why I love what I do." I'm privileged to design for you.

So thank you for continuing to post your projects in InspireME's gallery. Your project may be selected as next week's banner!

Have a beautiful Monday~

~Brandin xo

p.s...and who was our Fabric Ticket Winner?.....ooooo! I love this's #3 Emmy! Yea! this is what Emmy had to say {and go ahead & email me here so I can arrange to have your tickets sent!}

WOW! These are amazing! I'm just preparing my package of cards for Tomoko's cause and I would love to include some of this beauties in my projects!

Posted by: Emmy | March 18, 2011 at 05:31 AM

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Blog Post

freebie friday . fabric tickets!

DOW_F Laura1


i ? fabric tickets

beautiful Laura created this stunning suitcase project for a class she's doing in San Diego in a gorgeous store named Paper Tales. {great customer, btw} I have seen the fabric tickets used on so many of the DT projects...they are a quick, easy & pretty way of giving a quick title or expression to your project.

this product makes me chuckle though... Terri had suggested that I do them last release & I asked her what seemed like 1000 times before starting, "should I REALLY do these"..."are you SURE I should start them"..."thinking ok...what are people REALLY going to use them for?"...

you see, I had already designed over 300 designs.

i was done. spent. wiped out exhausted from designing.

and then I started designing these.

it took only ONE day.

i LOVED them once I started.

Terri rolled her eyes at me & laughed ?

the fabric tickets are one of my very favorite products.


would you like some?

today is FREEBIE FRIDAY and I will be giving away of free pack of Country Estate Fabric Tickets. Leave me a comment with what you would use them for & I'll choose a random winner on Monday!

we're almost already sold out of them ~ let's just say, I won't whine next time I design them {hehe} ~

have a beautiful & restful weekend!

~Brandin xo

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Blog Post

it's all about you . Tomoko


she's beautiful. she's thoughtful. she's giving. she's incredibly talented. she's on our 2011 DT! {I'm lucky}

Tomoko Takahashi is very special. If you look through her InspireME Gallery or her Blog, you'll see that she is a very kind, giving person. The Irene project above was made for her beautiful friend. All of the cards below are Birthday Cards made for girls on our DT (Emma, Mitsue, Steph, Stacey & Iris). I can't wait for my birthday to come! :o) {xo} She creates beautiful things for the beautiful people in her life.


Tomoko also made us all worried this past week with the devastation in Japan. Thankfully, we heard from her right away letting us know that she & her family were safe but the tragedy hit her neighbors & friends hard, as we all know. With her kind & giving heart, she is organizing donating money through crafting to the Japan Red Cross Society. Please read Tomoko's Blog for information on how you can give.

Thank you for being the beautiful person you are & thank you for making this Thursday all about you, Tomoko. We are lucky to have you as our pure inspiration.

~Brandin xo

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Blog Post

an unexpected friendship ?



my wonderful friend ~ Terri Hayes ~


she's a mother & wife & she adores her precious, sweet Goldendoodle Phoenix. {she adores her family too. HA!}


she's a great scrapbooker.

she helps BUILD the Webster's Pages brand & helps design your favorite Webster's products.

it started 4 years ago & is still going...

Did you know that?

i have a story

4 years ago we received an order from a new consumer.

it happened to be Terri.

she called our toll free number & found out that our warehouse was miles from her home.

she suggested that she come in to pick up her order rather than us "going through the trouble" of packaging her order up & sending it to her.

it would never have been a problem for us but in Terri style, she wanted to make it easier for us.

she came in.

I wanted to thank her for the order & say hello & introduced myself to her.

and that's where our unexpected friendship started.

my admiration for her started in her expertise in the industry & her beautiful style of scrapping.

it then grew to her trust in us & our trust in her to design all embellishments for Webster's Pages & to create what I believe to be one of the best DT programs, alumni & members in the industry.

now Webster's Pages & I {personally} are lucky to be working with her weekly to continue to grow the Webster's Pages brand.

today I look at my relationship with her & have realized that she has brought me personally so much more than industry insight & design. She is a unique, intelligent, honest, selfless, beautiful person that never boasts & has taught me how to balance my life more effective than I ever had before. She may not even know that but I want to Thank Her from the very bottom of my heart for being my real & honest friend. Thanks Terri ?

~Brandin xo

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Blog Post

we ? my creative scrapbook





MireilleDivjakMarchLEDeHeld MCS_Delaina_LE_LO2

They are all beautifully designed pages using the SAME KIT from our very special customer...

MCS_LE_march_Gerry_2 Mcsthisisthelife

and it's a Limited Edition BEAUTIFUL kit on sale NOW from...

MCS-Gabi-LE-o2 MCS_LE_march_Gerry_01


Mcs Blinkie

MCS_MARCH_LE-LIT-PIC Who else loves this company as much as I do? If you have never been one of the lucky ones to work with them, stop by My Creative Scrapbook's website today or visit their facebook page...say hello to Pam?, browse her AMAZING design team gallery & JOIN their kit club! And DON'T MISS OUT on picking up their Limited Edition Kit made with Spring Market! Woo-hoo!

I love this company. My reasons are simple...

1. Their kits are one of the most creative, value packed & beautifully layered with top of the line products.

2. Their design team is one of the VERY BEST in the industry. They create such beautiful inspiration.

3. I love Pam...the owner. She has been a loyal customer from the start & it is an honor to design for her.

I asked Pam what she liked about Webster & this is what she said...

1. The Fantastic Customer Service (thanks Shauna!)

2. The Amazing Product Lines

3. The Quality of the product, papers & embellishments

Thanks so much Pam ? And Thank you for Continuing to combine the Best Products in the industry for all of our beautifully creative crafters ~

~Brandin xo

p.s. I told you their DT is amazing! These are just a few of the projects & a few of their DT girls here ~ {Little Red Riding Hood - Gabrielle} (Spring Dance - Jeni}{Vallei - Mireille}{Harvest Memories - Delaina}{Trendy - Gerry} {Flavors - Jeni}{Green Thumb - Gabrielle}{Denis - Gerry}


3/15/2011 5:22:21 AM | Comments (0) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Blog Post

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Blog Post



imagine captured my heart this weekend while browsing through InspireME {by beautiful Joanne Bain}

for a few reasons.

it's raw & captured beauty

the look of thought on Joanne's daughter's beautiful face

and the humbling way it makes me feel as I reflect on the fortunate life that we all live in reflection of the devastation in Japan.

i can't imagine what our friends across the globe are going through.

but i know that our Japanese friends are strong, united & will get through challenge.

i can ONLY imagine that our friends will come back stronger than ever before.

This is my Monday's Message. a message to our beautiful friends thousands of miles away that your InspireME/Webster's Pages friends will always support you, just as you have always supported us.

~Brandin xo

...and no worries, a great GIVEAWAY was randomly chosen ( and is being sent out to #72 Keren! Yea!!! Email me HERE for your prize & thanks for making me smile with your comment!

Oh how much I'd love to win this prize so I could make layered netting flowers with heart centres for all the girly layouts I'm going to make. I can't wait!!! PIck me!! Pick me!!! I'm a huge fan of your papers. and please approve me so I can start posting layouts on your gallery!!!

Posted by: Keren | March 13, 2011 at 03:55 PM

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Blog Post

freebie friday . a SALE!

DOW_F Anabelle_1

i couldn't resist.


it was just so irresistable.


...the valentine to your husband & son is just beautiful, Anabelle!

the colors you selected would be the colors I would choose to describe you.

just beautiful.

ok...FREEBIE Friday is supposed to show you the trendsetting products that we work very hard to create for you but I couldn't resist this week to end the blog posts with an ALERT that these incredibly versatile 6x6 diecuts (she used the hearts), journaling cards & glitter sparklers are all SALE ITEMS on the site.

worth repeating...

50% off SALE ITEMS on our website! are you ready for this? This is a HUGE giveaway...

So who wants to receive EVERYTHING that's Webster's Pages in this project?

What would you do with your 6x6 diecuts, your NETTING pack, your journaling card pack, heart whimsies & glitter sparklers?


I look forward to hearing your answers this weekend & I'll choose the winner on Monday. Have a beautiful weekend!

~Brandin xo

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Blog Post

it's all about you . Jeni

DOW_TH Thankyoucarddt


look closely...and then look again.

how adorable is that?

she said it's a "garden party at Brandin's Home", by Jeni O'Connor.

i have a story

many of you know that we received over 650 applications for our 2011 DT.

Jeni O'Connor was one of the amazing applicants.

i fell in love with her instantly

for so many ways.

her undeniable talent

Spingdancelayout  Springisinthehair

her support & enthusiasm for Webster

and her kind heart.

the thank you card above is the perfect example of what I mean by that.

Even though she is not a part of the 2011 DT, she continued to post a Thank You to our amazing 2009-2010 DT that provided so much inspiration to the Webster's Pages Community.

Who'sjenioc Thank YOU Jeni.

You are one of a kind.

Top Class.

and my Friend.

I thank you for showing continued enthusiasm for Webster even though the selection process stopped at 16 members this year.

It's all about you today, Jeni.

~Brandin xo

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Blog Post

my sister ?

DOW_W Shauna

have you met her?

you've probably talked to her.

you may have emailed her.

she is my sister.

she is Shauna Benson, your customer service manager.

she is one of five siblings. {me, britton, tim(co-owner), shauna & ryan}

she is a twin {older by 25 minutes...poor Mom}. a wife. a mommy to a four legged Labrador.


she is the only sister that will work with me. HA!

she's pretty great.

do you know her?

I bet you'd agree.

you may have met her at many of our CHA'll always find us eating BIG after every show day


i love who we work with.

i love working with her.

it's pretty cool to have her work with us everyday.

thanks for all that you do Shaun~

~Brandin xo

p.s. if you want to email her to say hello or "get my order out first, please" can contact her at Just kidding on the special request but you would be surprised how amazing she is!

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Blog Post

we ? blue moon

DOW_TU Bluemoon

he's special.

he's loyal.

he's honest.

he loves to run.

he's a great guy.

they're a great customer.

Thank you Scott & everyone from Blue Moon Scrapbooking!

...thank you for being the type of customer that we are proud to have.

...thank you for being our very First Customer Connection Tuesday Customer!

MY TOP THREE reasons for loving Blue Moon Scrapbooking is:

1. The people that run it

2. Their enthusiasm to work closer with manufacturer's to better the consumers shopping experience

3. That they always make live video's to show Webster's Pages products to show everyone the complete line LIVE (ok...they do this for all their manufacturer's but I feel "special" {smile}) Here's an example:

We asked Scott what their top THREE likes about Webster's Pages & he responded, "how can we only have three?"....awww! thanks Scott! Here are his answers:

1. Paper Designs to take your breath away - and double sided too

2. The most beautiful ribbons & embellishments in the industry

3. A Wonderful Company with a Kind Heart

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Blue Moon Scrapbooking. Please visit their online store here to buy your complete Spring Market collection & watch for the COMPLETE catalog of products landing in their store soon. That's right...they've ordered our entire catalog. Great work Blue Moon Scrapbooking!

~Brandin xo

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Blog Post

beautiful challenges

it's monday.

weekend's over.

coffee is brewing.

time to get to work.

is that so bad?


not for me & doesn't have to be for you~

we get to look together at projects that were posted on InspireME over the weekend.

i can start my week off



by you.

I get to see how our members are making the designs we created for them, so personal.

I also get to see how everyone is responding to the inspiring monthly CHALLENGES that our DT hosts every month. This month Gerry is hosting the traditional challenge & Julie is hosting the digital challenge. I LOVE what they have both done & how you have participated in them. Here is a look at Gerry's "Create a Shaped Layout" challenge.


Look at all that cutting! Wow! Stunning!

Make sure you join in on both of the March Challenges {traditional & digi} at InspireME for your chance to win BIG Webster's Pages Prizes.

Speaking of prizes, I have randomly selected Freebie Friday's Digi winner...#15, Dolly! Congrats & email me HERE for your PRIZE! You get to choose what digi collection you'd like to try out as well as one of your FAVORITE embellishments! Yipee! She wrote:

I'm a traditional scrapper who enjoys the odd Hybrid project...I have done a digi or two though.

Posted by: Dolly/scrapthat | March 04, 2011 at 07:56 AM

You know...many traditional scrappers wrote in letting me know that you love the touch of the paper and some of you even commenting on the great smell of our paper...hummm....i love all sorts of webster's pages customers {hahahahaha!xoxoxoxox}. I adore our traditional customers & I adore our digi customers. I am so glad you're both willing to try both sides of scrapping too.

have a wonderful start to your week. now off to sip my coffee & start designing ~

~Brandin xo

p.s. oh yes...and the GORGEOUS projects seen in this post are from our beautiful DT member, Gerry. And "Beautiful Spring" was the Limited Edition Kit at My Creative Scrapbook.

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Blog Post

freebie friday . digi



Is it digi or it traditional? Digital. {by beautiful DT digi member Julie)


Is it digi or it traditional? Hybrid. trick! he-he {by beautiful DT digi member Steph)

Trendsetter Is it Digi or is it Traditional? Holy Moley...Digital. {by beautiful DT digi member Mitsue)

Beautiful...GORGEOUS pages & card Julie, Steph & Mitsue!

All digitally designed. All gorgeous. All simple. All telling their story & message is such different ways. All using the Webster's Pages Digital Collection.

That is our Trendsetting Product this Freebie Friday. Digital.

Today we are GIVING AWAY an entire digital collection of your choice PLUS a bonus HYBRID embellishment. Even if you're new to digi & hybrid, if you're a tried & true traditional scrapper, I challenge you to just TRY our digi products. Just look what you can do!

Or are you getting anxious for the paper lines to start shipping this month? Why not try out of digi products until they arrive?

Comment on this post & let me know how many of you are digi scrappers & how many of you are tried & true traditional scrappers & vowed you would "nnnneeever touch digi!" he-he. The FREEBIE this week will include a FREE embellishment for you to add to your pages so don't worry Traditional gals & guys...we won't leave you out of this one! The winner will be announced on Monday's Message post!

Oh yes...and who will join the winner's circle from this week's New! Days of the week Blog Schedule Kick-off?....#116 Shartl! Congratulations! Email me HERE to receive your prize!

So gorgeous!!! I just love all the layering and beautiful colors on these layouts! The fancy borders and amazing embellishments are just calling my name!!

Posted by: Shartl | March 03, 2011 at 02:41 AM

Enjoy your beautiful Friday ~ I look forward to hearing from all of you ~ and I'll chat again on Monday!

~Brandin xo

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Blog Post

it's all about you . Emma

DOW_TH ComingUp40EmmaTrout

MeG 093

meet our beautifully original & inspiring 2011 DT member, Emma Trout!

funny story....

Webster's Pages received over 600 applicants for our DT.

We make our announcement that the emails have been sent out.

I personally send them out.

I'm shaking in my shoes excited to hear from the members chosen.

Actually feeling very nervous & excited at the same time...

The emails start coming in with GREAT ENTHUSIASM, especially from me!

It felt like Christmas morning to me to receive the "YES! I accept!" emails from the newly forming team.

Nothing from Emma.

We received big Yes's from 15 of the 16 DT invitees, but no Emma response.

I let everyone know on Facebook & InspireME that all emails have been sent. Still no Emma.

I start to stalk her on and 2peas to think maybe she's not online on this day..."maybe she's on vacation", oh no..."maybe she's sick!"...but then I see her thank someone for complimenting one of her layouts...I start to think I'm borderline stalking her...haha

I go to sleep.

I wake up.

No email from Emma.

I call her.

No answer.

I wrote her again.

No response.


then..........I look at the email address that I have been sending her invitation to the 2011 WP Design Team to.


then sweet Emma finally got my email & when I sent it to the correct address & IT WAS THE RESPONSE I WAS HOPING FOR!

She's on the TEAM! YEA!!!!!

So Emma, I am dedicating our first "All About You Thursday" to YOU! We are so lucky you accepted & our Webster's Pages fans are lucky to have such stunning inspiration from you. Your layouts are beautifully unique & unexpected and I love that your signature is off the 12x12 size. Yes...unique & beautiful, like you~

~Brandin xo


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inside webster . my typical day


early morning workout.


a very fast shower.

shower 3 kids.

feed them..something.ANYTHING. {always a surprise what we can find}

pack up school bags.


get in car.

forgot something. go back in house.

get in car.

{repeat} forget something. go back in house.

drive them to school.

drop them off. say hi & talk to drop off parents. leave school.

wait for 3 hours until pick up time.

ahhhh...and here's where I'll pause...this is peace time, coffee time, contemplating buying starbucks stock & beginning designing...

Workspace home office is where I do most of my designing.

i have clippings all over the place on what inspires me.

if you were in my space, you would see

home & garden magazine clippings

the inspireME site up

& a lot of natural light.

you would also see the other half of the room dedicated to the kids.

they need to stay creative too


{Cali likes to rearrange furniture like her mommy but in her bathing suit?...that is NOT like her mommy.HA!}

& let's finish off the day...

pick them up.

hug. kiss. hug. kiss.

{repeat above}

bring them home.

resume designing until I drop.

sleep. eat. feed family {not necessarily in that order}

start a new day.

and what a great day it is.

~Brandin xo


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Blog Post

days of the week {& giveaway!}


what day is it!?

is time going fast for you too?

Bloomegrow LifesPortrait


i have been taking time to regroup


& LOVE you all even more than ever!

you all give us so much inspiration, support & love.


i want to give you more.

you'll hear from me all week long now {my brothers & sisters would say "yippee :o|...ha!}


MONDAY : messages from InspireME {our BIG member community with BIG things happening!}

TUESDAY : customer connections {a spotlight on a special customer that makes our world go round}

WEDNESDAY : inside Webster {a personal day to talk about the lives behind the company}

THURSDAY : all about you {need I say more? you make us what we are. this day is for you}

FREEBIE FRIDAY : trendsetting products & a GIVEAWAY!!! {every Friday will be giving away a spotlighted product}

So for today, I wanted to welcome you to our new blog schedule, share our gorgeously talented Larissa's pages with you (Bloom&Grow and Life's Portrait made with collections ON SALE & Go with all your Heart & Princess made with the Spring Market Collection) & offer you a $25 shopping spree giveaway on our website to kick off the new Month, the new inspireME challenge & the new Blog Schedule!

Wait?...what? a GIVEAWAY today? That's not on the schedule! haha...I'd love to hear what you would choose to buy with your shopping spree. Let me know & I'll choose a winner on Friday!

This is a beautiful time of the year so let's kick off a beautiful day together.

~Brandin xo

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