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freebie friday . cameos & flowers!

DOW_F Gab01


Cameos? Flowers? Oh MY!!!!

Happy Freebie Friday Everyone!

Gabrielle always turns our products into a magical ensemble...don't you agree!?


today is a BIG Freebie Friday Giveaway!

You get BOTH Cameos & Netting Flowers from the ladies & gents Collection!



Let me know if you've worked with any of these before. I'd love to know! And no worries, if you have, you're still in the picking to win some on Monday! he-he! Leave me a comment & I'll choose a winner on Monday.

Have a gorgeous weekend!

~Brandin xo

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a breakfast for champions

DOW_W Jude_easter

this is Jude. {poor picture but you'll get the gist...}

it was Easter morning.

getting everyone ready for Church.

where's Jude?

anyone seen Jude?

panic. panic.


Jude was hungry.

He was eating his breakfast.

a little tortilla chips.

anyone offer him salsa?


this has been my life this week...

just slightly out of control ?

messy pantry. messy child. "healthy" meals.


not this week! ;o)

I'll chat more later!

~Brandin xo

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wheels & wind ?

DOW_M Yester-year-Car

today is a little different.

i read all of the comments left from Friday's posting.

felt thankful to have all of you share your precious Easter plans with me.

travel. friends. family & some recently lost ?

thank you for sharing a little bit of yourself with me.

today i also opened an email with this humbling vintage inspired four wheeled beauty.


it was from Angella...just breath-taking...honestly, made me {gasp}...

for some reason it made me think of all of your Easter comments.






you know...the days where family would get in a car, keep all the window's down because air conditioning was the cooling blowing in the wind, the smell of the know, peaceful thoughts.

I hope you all had a peaceful & beautiful Easter weekend.

~Brandin xo

p.s. oh yes...and that fabulous lucky winner out of 132 comments for Friday's Freebie is #73 (Meghan) Yea!!!! Congrats & Email me HERE to choose your favorite 6x6 paperpad, Meghan (and I couldn't agree with you more about family...?)

Easter is all about family so that's where I'll be: with my family! Love Webster's Pages Products. Posted by: Meghan | April 22, 2011 at 09:39 PM


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freebie friday . paper pads!

DOW_F Audrey01



? You all mean so much to me ?

Especially you Audrey Pettit, one of our Design Team Alumni Members. She creates the most meaningful, beautiful cards to express the perfect gratitude to her friends & family. Audrey, I value you more that you may know & I love the way that you show your expressions through your incredible card making artistry. Thanks Audrey ?


Today's FREEBIE FRIDAY has been combined with yesterday's All About You Thursday's. I meant to talk about Audrey yesterday but I wanted to show all the perfect Easter cards for today. So Audrey, you deserved two days! ? {xo}

And to all our friends, today we are GIVING AWAY a 6x6 Petite Papers PaperPad of your choice! GREAT for card making & GREAT for additional scrapbooking embellishing & papercrafting! These are our BEST selling products.


So tell me what are your plans this Easter weekend? Whatever they are, find rest, happiness & JOY! I'll do my best as well & I'll randomly choose from your comments the winner on Monday.


~Brandin xo

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a great guy ?

DOW_W Me-and-pat-in-boat

this is my husband ?

...he's a very loving & very supportive husband Awesome daddy with a capital "A"

...a very VERY messy person that never picks up his water glasses, wipes down the counter, does laundry..wait, back to how wonderful he is....he-he...

...a great guy

Me-kissing-pat and he's all mine ?


i think the kids may disagree.

you see,

he's their "fun" parent.

he takes them to fun places

makes them chocolate chip pancakes WAY too much for breakfast {pat...!}

let's them stay up WAY too late on a school night

and loves them SO much.

they really REALLY love their daddy.


and I can't blame them.

but when mommy isn't around...sometimes I wonder. {I found these pictures on his iphone - busted..ha!}


wondering what this is?

well...let's just say, Pat was with the kids without me. It was a very hot day. The pavement was a natural heating tool for baby Jude's milk. Jude was hungry...lovely honey.

He does things a bit differently than I do, but that's what makes it work for us ???

~Brandin xo

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we ? our brand new customer, the paper passion


welcome to our family The Paper Passion!

you're already loved :o)

a little story...

with a cup of coffee in hand, i sit down at my computer & start my day.

i've been in a designing rut so what do i do?

go to facebook & chat! hahahaha....

i needed to select this week's valued customer & up pops a very friendly "hello" in my FB inbox. It was from Lacintha, owner of the new online store The Paper Passion. Her email was so incredibly sweet & the tone of "she wanted to keep her WP Inventory all to herself"...haha...

this is beautiful Lacintha.


I immediately went to her new store & fell in love with her style. Great job Lacintha. Your online store is well done & very happy to visit! The Paper Passion is located out of Canada, opened last week & she shared with me that her customers are really loving WP, and I had some locals stop by to pick up their orders today, and leave here overloaded with tons of her WP! Great work!

I asked Lacintha was her top three reason's where for choosing Webster's Pages & this is what she had to say:

Webster's Pages has always had a firm place in my heart for so many reasons.

1. The most obvious reason would be the absolutely beautiful patterns and designs that "Webster's Pages" manages to incorporate into each and every one of their lines.They have managed to combine "romantic" and "edgy" together in one beautiful line after the other. In fact every new line they ever came out with is strongly represented in my scrapbooking stash, and within the pages of my albums.
2. I love how innovative Webster's Pages is in mixing together fabric embellishments and unusual materials like vintage netting *swoon* with their papers. To be able to create a multi-dimensional project that incorporates all these different textures...well, that's scrapbooking!
3. Recently I have been fortunate enough to introduce a few friends to "Webster's Pages" for the first time. I cannot explain the thrill I got seeing their eyes light up when they saw, and touched and imagined. Webster's Pages has the ability to ignite that creative passion in everyone, be they scrapbookers or not (a non-scrappy friend of mine from Law School has recently taken up scrapbooking purely due to Webster's Pages gorgeous products). I love a company that can get people to explore outside their comfort zones...Webster's Pages does that. 
What an incredibly heartwarming reponse. Thank you Lacintha for allowing us to earn your business. Please join me in welcoming The Paper Passion to our growing family by viewing her online locations here ~

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thank you ?

DOW_M Birthday

looked at InspireME this morning & saw these ?

awwww! Thanks Tomoko & Ivana! I had a great birthday yesterday with my entire family.

woke up to a hot Starbucks coffee & beautiful cards waiting for me on the kitchen table. the simplest things are truly the best & thank you for all of you that wished me a happy day as well ?


who has been over to inspireME lately?

if you haven't you may be missing out on TWO incredible challenges this month. April is half way over {goodness!} so make sure you participate in this month's challenges for fun & prizes!

Gabrielle's Traditional Trims Challenge {HERE}

Aprilchallenge And Mitsue's Stunning Digital Challenge {HERE}


Thanks again for the Birthday Wishes & I hope to see your challenge response's at InspireME!

~Brandin xo

p.s....and who is our lucky winner of the journaling cards from Freebie Friday's Giveaway? Congrats #30 Suz Gray! Yea! Email me HERE

Gorgeous layout! I have to journal on every layout but it varies depending on the story - I can never have too much journaling Posted by: Suz Gray | April 15, 2011 at 01:18 PM

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freebie friday . journaling cards!

DOW_F Anabelle01

a picture says a thousand words.

but you know what else does?


haha...ok, not very funny but I'm a bit happy it's FREEBIE FRIDAY! Woo-hoo!

I am in LOVE with words.

I love reading people's stories, admiring their handwriting & seeing a piece of their hearts.

that's what this hobby is all about after all.

telling our stories ? how very special.

Anabelle02 i love how Anabelle documented her story in this layout.

she used one of the cards from our

ladies & gents journaling card collection,

hand wrote her feelings about her precious son's 8 year birthday & how she feels about this birthday & how she loves him so,

and tucked it into her beautifully arranged paper floral bouquet framing her son.

Beautifully done Anabelle ?

Would you all like a chance to win a set of your own Ladies & Gents Journaling Cards?


Tell me what type of journaling style you have ~

short & sweet? long & detailed? hidden messages? props needed? :o)

I look forward to hearing from you all & I'll be back on Monday. Have a meaningful weekend ?

~Brandin xo

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it's all about you. angella

DOW_TH Angella02

she makes me {gasp}.

every time i look at her creations,

her altered home decor amazing-ness! ... i {gasp}.

Angella03i have a hunch many of you know her.


it's all about Angella Peardon.

she is spectacular!

we are SO lucky that she is on our 2011 design team ?

so think off the page

& get inspired by Angella!

with Easter next week & Mother's Day around the corner,

she's one of our Go-To-Girl's

for creative gift giving inspiration!

i have to share this with you...during her DT submission, she submitted pages, altered projects & then this... an adorable clown. love. love. love it! ?


Thanks for all that you are Angella ?

~Brandin xo


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a dirty day

DOW_W Jude01

we woke up bright & early

& we created a garden for the kids this weekend.

Jude ?'s dirt.

I mean really REALLY ?'s dirt.

it's funny because I would have never let my first child eat dirt.

then comes along a second child...your mind thinks..."well, she really shouldn't."

then comes along a third child...then your mind thinks, "he's not crying, everyone is happy, a little dirt won't hurt!"


the kids love the garden & it was fun to make.



now let's see what will grow!

Any ideas for easy to grow plants for kids {or non green thumb mommies}?

~Brandin xo

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we ? emma's paperie

DOW_TU Newsletter-bottomJan11websters1

this is a GREAT company ?

Emma's Paperie has been a customer of ours since May 30, 2008

& our relationship is still going VERY strong!

You HAVE to check out their newest arrivals HERE! Woo-Hoo! Cindy has brought in one of her largest selections of Webster's Pages to date & we couldn't be more thankful ?


there are so many reasons we ? emma's paperie. here are just a few of them...

1. i love how easy it it to navigate around their website. my eyes feel rested on their site. it's nice to look at & it's a feel good place to be.

2. they have an amazing blog! The provide CONSTANT inspiration for all the lines they carry. And I must add that she has great taste in designers! We share Anabelle ? A true gem. {she created all the projects shown in this post for Emma's}

3. Cindy has always been supportive of Webster. In our growing pains, she has always stuck by our side & provided constant support & loyalty to us. That is invaluable. thanks Cindy ?

We asked her what reason's she ?'s Webster & this is what she had to say...

1. Your customer service is phenomenal!  Quick deliveries and orders with a smile :)

2. Your company is one of our most popular sellers.  We get tons of emails with anticipation for the new releases....they can't wait to get play with your pretty products!

3. We are so glad that you offer the collections in 6x6 paper pads, our customers are avid card makers and they love the smaller designs!

BONUS! We share Anabelle!  We love having her part of our design team and are so glad she works with your beautiful goodies as well :)

Thanks Cindy & thank you SO much for your support & partnership!

Now go stop by Emma's Paperie & order your Webster's Pages or swing by their FaceBook Page and "Like" them! You will be happy you did ?

~Brandin xo


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overcast & gray & i ? it!


i ? mondays.

funny, huh?

especially today. it's damp, overcast, slightly's weird that i love this weather.

it makes me feel like designing ~ and that's what I'm doing today!

but before I dive into new colors, shapes, themes...I check in at InspireME.

it's critical for me to see what you've all been up to. I need to know what techniques you're doing, what cuts you're making, what purpose you're giving the collections & what color combo's you're attracted to. Once I do a once over, I then go to my drawing board & start designing based on what you're needing. These are one of the images this morning that stopped me & made me incredibly inspired...

aren't they cool!???!

Anna Koziarek's, "Thingies" are so neat! Anna, you're inspiring me to create little tag/message/embellishment items today to compliment the new lines {which there will be FIVE new lines soon}

thanks for giving me & our entire InspireME members this inspiration Anna! {you can see more of this project on her Blog}

And now the WINNER of Friday's FREEBIE giveaway...drum...drum....#101! {karen wilson} Yea! Email me HERE to receive your giveaway Karen!

That is gorgeous!! Paper, trim and flowers make my heart happy...I'm in heaven with those 3! Thanks for the chance to win some fab goodies! Posted by: Karen Wilson=) | April 09, 2011 at 12:33 PM

Have a perfectly happy & cloudy Monday everyone! ;o)

~Brandin xo

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freebie friday . THREE PRIZES!

DOW_F Laurabox

any THREE Webster's Pages products you see here, ARE YOURS to have...

for FREE!

please accept my apologizes for being MIA this week. {i need to apologize to my exercise buddy this week too!}

although I know I don't have to bribe you to like me again...he-he...a little FREEBIE Friday does a soul good!

Laurabox2 so what do you see here that makes your little crafting heart happy?




fabric flowers?

vintage sparklers?

Lotus Blooms?

and is that

a little bloomer hiding?


This is a BIG GIVEAWAY everyone!

THREE prizes this week.

Is that a good enough bribe to like me again? haha! ?

Have a gorgeous, sunny weekend & I'll be back on Monday!

~Brandin xo

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we ? inspireME member ~ Jovanne.


this girl will amaze you. {she amazes me!xo}

her name is Jovanne.

she is an inspireME member & customer!

she is an avid scrapbooker.

and she is an AWESOME scrapbooker!

she is 12 years old! WOW ?

she has her OWN inspireME page & customized it for her liking ~

she has her own Facebook page & chose our paper as her profile picture ~

she recently asked Jaz if she can scraplift one of Jaz's pages ~ {top class girl!}

Doesn't she make you amazed?! Look at what she has done ~


Jovanne ... I am 37 years old & I do not even come close to how talented your scrapbooking ability is!

You are my inspiration Jovanne ...

and if all of this doesn't amaze you, I heard that she also donated all of her little savings that had to the Japan earthquake victims. What an amazing girl you are ?

thanks for inspiring us all Jovanne. you are a smart, beautiful girl & we're lucky that you're a part of our Webster's Pages Family!

~Brandin xo

p.s. and who was the lucky winner from Friday's Roses in Bloom Whimsies Giveaway? #64 (Brenda!) Email me HERE! Congrats!

thanks for the chance to win these, would love to have them. Posted by: Brenda | April 01, 2011 at 04:19 PM

p.s.s. feeling a little better today ~ yea! xo

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Blog Post

down for the count






i promise i'll be back tomorrow ?

with the winner & a fresh new day...

~Brandin xo

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freebie friday . roses in bloom!

DOW_F Iris01

i have found myself going back to these layouts by Iris regularly at InspireME.

i love how they tell an instant message.

i love how they are so easy to look at yet so artistically placed.

Iris is so talented.

we are lucky to have her as our DT Lead ?

when looking at how she made these pages so simple, yet sophisticated, she really only used a few materials from our line. One of those are the Roses in Bloom Whimsies.


would you like some?

happy freebie friday everyone! are your roses blooming yet!? If you live anywhere close to where I grew up in upstate NY, the answer is probably not...{haha...come to NC & visit me then!} I'd love to hear from you for your chance to win a set of the Roses in Bloom whimsies. As always, I'll select the winner on Monday's posting!

i hope you will stop & smell the roses this weekend ~

~Brandin xo

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