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i spy Let's Celebrate Pins & GEMS! {& giveaway & WEBSITE LIVE!}



....I think it's time to celebrate!!!!

Welcome to the LAST DAY of our promotion at InspireME!


this has been a WONDERFUL week celebrating with you all! {thank you Anabelle for the most appropriate card on the last day!}

we wanted to show you how Larissa & Iris used our dazzle-me Gems in our "Let's Celebrate" line...





and how Angella's altered art is always so eye catching...


IMG_4013 so do you have a favorite product?


journaling cards?

12x12 diecut?

new collection kit?






feather flowers?

princess petals?


digi products?

Sparkle 3-pc pins?

dazzle-me Gems?


I think it's the GEMS...

would you like your favorite for FREE?

I would be THRILLED to choose a random winner to receive what you think your favorite Let's Celebrate Product is & we will ship to you IMMEDIATELY! {Winner will be selected on Monday}

and guess what else?

our WEBSITE IS LIVE & Let's Celebrate is ready to ORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


so what are you doing today?....

1. COMMENTING here to enter to win your favorite Let's Celebrate Product?

2. Visiting InspireME to participate in our last day of "i spy" to win the ENTIRE COLLECTION. {wow!}

3. Going to our WEBSITE to ORDER your Let's Celebrate Collection!

4. All of the above!

What an exciting day! I am so honored you're here to share your day with us ~

~Brandin xo

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Blog Post

i spy Let's Celebrate Flowers & Pins!


altered art ? what a beauty Iris created using our new flowers ?

enjoy the views!




now get ready for this....

i am AMAZED at what I spied today ?








beautiful ladies ?

It's a special day tomorrow ~ make sure you stop in! ;o)

~Brandin xo

{stunning credits go to: Gerry-birthday card, Anabelle-PartyTime card, Gerry-Blooming with Sweetness & Summertime page, Jaz-Your life everyday & this moment is yours page, Gabi-celebrate spring page}

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i spy Let's Celebrate threads & sparklers!





Oooooo! I love looking at these. They just make me smile ?

You know what else makes me smile?

...what I have been spying this morning on my DT blogs using threads & sparklers...





So many styles.

So many different ways to use this line & these threads & sparklers.

Emeline used them by layering & created depth, dimension & texture.

Stacey used them to take a classic graphic style & finishing it with a splash of sparkle.

Ivana used the to add to her signature style of soft & beautiful.

Thanks for checking in & don't forget to participate in our daily "i spy" promotion at InspireME!

~Brandin xo

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i spy Let's Celebrate Trims, Bloomers & Netting!

You start with this...




and turn them into this!

Trim-and-Netting Trim-and-Netting-3





WoW! Easy as that! ;o)

Well, at least they make it look that way but honestly....using our products are EASY. We are showing you three different styles today to show YOU that you can create your style whether it's cards, traditional "webster style" fussy cutting & embellishing or clean lines, graphic & classic...which we call B-Side (Back Side) scrapping.

Ivana...I spied your gorgeous cards today!

Tomoko...I spied your stunning birthday card & layout today!

Gabi...I spied & gasped over your beautiful layout today!

Stacey...I spied you & fell in love again today with your beautiful & clean approach to scrapbooking!

So did you spy them today? Make sure you do for your chance to WIN a set of each of the trim, bloomers & netting! Wow! That's a BIG winner's day!

Have a beautiful day!

~Brandin xo

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i spy Let's Celebrate Papers!


Welcome to Day 1 of our week long introduction to Let's Celebrate!

Today we will be showing you all of the PAPERS!

So....this will be fun...everyday this week our incredible DT will be posting projects made with our newest line, Let's Celebrate, on their blogs. It is your mission to go find those DT blogs! Once you're there, click on the "I SPY" badge & then see where it takes you!

Humm....this is what I SPIED this morning...

A no-fussy cut "Backside" Graphic Style Layout by Emma!


...A gorgeous "Webster style" Layout by Emma!


...a beautifully romantic Happy Birthday Card by Ivana!...


...and an explosion of color & happiness on a digital page layout done by Mitsue!


Are you excited!??? What do you want to Celebrate today???

MAKE sure you visit these amazing ladies blog's today for a CHANCE TO WIN all the Let's Celebrate Papers! We will be announcing the winner in tonight's LIVE CHAT!

I hope to see you then!

~Brandin xo

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Blog Post

On your mark..get set...


Ahhh! {i can't look!}

Here we go!


I am so excited about our pre-CHA release, Let's Celebrate!

We have so much to share with you next week so please join us at InspireME on MONDAY to kick-off a HUGE week of new products, giveaways & ORDERING of our newest line to Celebrate!

So...since today is typically freebie Friday, I want to share with you what will be available to you FOR FREE by Monday ~ Let's Celebrate digi FACEBOOK Frames!


Facebook Frames?...what does that mean?

Chose one of our transparent facebook frames to frame your gorgeous smile! And you savy digi gals may know, these digi frames don't only need to be used for Facebook purposes...but you'll see me using it!

Here are some of your FREE choices available on MONDAY ~

WP_Photoframe_LC1_216WP_Photoframe_LC2_216 WP_Photoframe_LC3_216 WP_Photoframe_LC4_216 WP_Photoframe_LC5_216 WP_Photoframe_LC6_216 WP_Photoframe_LC7_216 WP_Photoframe_LC8_216 WP_Photoframe_LC10_216WP_Photoframe_LC11_216WP_Photoframe_LC12_216 WP_Photoframe_LC13_216 WP_Photoframe_LC14_216WP_Photoframe_LC9_216

So who's going to join us next week!???? Who wants to use these FREE playful Frames???!!! Please join us at InspireME on Monday to start Celebrating the new collection & stay tuned for a link to download all the FREE Let's Celebrate frames!

~Brandin xo!



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Happy "Balanced" Monday ?



i feel this weekend I have gained 246 new friends with amazing advice.

do you know what almost ALL of you said was the key to balance?

ME time.

You're right. you really, really are.

so what am I going to do now?

stop working & go exercise! (hence the lovely shirt I'm showing you in my picture)

Don't tell anyone on our staff that I'm leaving my office ;o)

We have 1,000,009 things remaining to do for our launch....breathe, breathe...ha.ha...

I'll fill you in on the BIG happenings later!

Off to bootcamp!

~Brandin xo

...speaking of BIG happenings?.....The TWO WINNERS of the Warehouse Sale Boxes were randomly selected are #14 & #115 (Doreen & Barbie)! Congrats! Email me HERE to receive your prize!

Finding balance is an ongoing process for me. I find, however prayer and counting my blessings helps a lot. Also chocolate and a glass of wine never hurts either! :) Posted by: doreen | June 10, 2011 at 02:28 PM

Honestly there is never really balance, you just bounce with everything that comes your way and enjoy it all! Posted by: Barbie | June 11, 2011 at 11:54 AM

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"Mommy...i'm not an octopus!"

so the story goes...

My 4 year old little genius Dane was holding/licking a popsicle with one hand/tongue/mouth

putting his shorts on with his other hand

while I'm asked him to pick up the mess that he made in the kitchen

and in one breath reminding him that he needed to brush his teeth...

Dane looks at me and says with an annoyed tone,

"mommy!!!!...I'm not an octopus!"...

My thoughts exactly Dane ?

Life's been...well....1000000% crazy lately!!!!

a few little people have been forcing me to grow imaginary octopus powers during the busy design season in our company...


PreSchool Graduation ? Annual Dr Appointments with ouchies for everyone all at different days/times ? Warehouse Move & set-up/training/ahh! ? Dane running through our unloaded trailer's of product at the warehouse. Fun! ? 1st birthdays! ? Back to Workout Bootcamp ? 4 yr old Pool Parties ? Kindergarten signup ? princess dress-up ? Oh yes, 5 new collections completion! ? Kids get hurt, kisses, then better ? CHA booth design ? oh yes, feed kids...ha! ? Just the life of a working momma! ?

So I took at little break from chatting.

But "balance" has been put back in order & I'm back to chat away! {notice in quotes because not sure what that word means anymore...hahaha!}

We have so much coming up for you all! I'll give you all the details next week on a VERY exciting promotion right around the corner for you & the debut of our newest line, "Let's Celebrate!"

Speaking of celebrating...we have had a fantastic response to the Warehouse sale Kit & I would like to celebrate today by giving away some of the very last kits left! They are almost gone so you can order the last one's here!

I will giveaway 2 KITS to 2 lucky people that respond to this post letting me know how they balance life! haha! how's that for a loaded question!?...

Ok, maybe just tell me a little secret to what a good indulgence is for you to bring balance back...bubble bath, chocolate, a good book, all of the above?

I look forward to hearing from you & stay tuned on Monday for a BIG week of announcements ahead!

~Brandin xo

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