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How About A Webster's Pages Giveaway?

It's Courtney again, and today I've got a very special mid-week surprise for you!...A Giveaway! 

And who doesn't LOVE a giveaway?

Here at Webster's Pages, we're celebrating school being back in session, because while we LOVE having our littles home with us during the day, there's something comforting about the routine of school. A daily schedule we can all stick to certainly has its perks. 

As you already know, our newest goodies have begun shipping, and we want to give you a chance to win some of your very own! Plus, because we LOVE our customers, we're making it really simple to enter. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and tell us which of our new lines is your favorite. 

We'll select one winner to receive a collection kit of that line! 

So...what will it be...

Winter Fairy Tales?

Winter fairy tales

Botanical Christmas? 


Western Romance?

Western romance

All About Me?

All about me

Let's Celebrate?

On second thought, maybe I haven't made it easy for you to enter...after all, HOW are you going to pick just ONE? 

Leave us a comment for your chance to win! 

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Get Inspired at InspireMe

Hi Everyone! 

This is Courtney, and I'm going on my third week of working with the amazing team at Webster's Pages. To say I feel like the luckiest person alive would be an understatement. Not only is the company full of genuine, talented and kind people, it's also introduced me to some of the most inspiring people on the planet... our customers. 

Over the weekend, I couldn't stay away from our InspireMe site--the place where you can share your Webster's Pages projects, get to know other Webster's Pages fanatics and hear the latest news on upcoming promotions, contests and giveaways. Plus, our incredible design team is constantly uploading gorgeous, drool-worthy images.

And, it turns out, so are our customers! My jaw hit the ground when I stumbled on this project by InspireMe user Colette Wibisono.

Life in Toronto

Isn't it beautiful? And somewhat deceptive because in that photo, it looks like a cute little box lined with our fun Bloomers...and from the back, you're likely to think the same thing...

Life in Toronto2

But then you realize there is so much more to this cute little box. It's what Colette calls an "explosion box..." It actually opens up...

Life in Toronto6 reveal a collection of gorgeous photographs. This is about the point where you gasp! But wait! It gets better! 

Life in Toronto4
It also folds down to create this stunning sunburst and reveals the most adorable scene at its center. 

Life in Toronto5
One of the most inventive projects I've ever seen!

Life in Toronto3
And more importantly, a gorgeous keepsake to be cherished. 

To complete this project, Colette used: 

Wonderfall paper kit
Wonderfall petite paper pad (for the inside walls)
Wonderfall journaling cards
Wonderfall fabric ribbons
Wonderfall trims
Wonderfall wire floral
Celery bloomer
Green ribbon from the Hollywood Vogue trim 

You can find more of Colette's incredible work on her blog HERE

You can get your own stash of Webster's Pages goodies HERE

And if you've finished a new project or layout you'd like to share, head on over to InspireMe...where we're always on the lookout for Webster's Pages Inspiration!

Hope you're having a wonderful week, Webster's friends!


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are you ready!? ?


meet Nikki ?

she is the one that runs our warehouse...



and keeps over 10,000 item numbers stocked...




That's right...Nikki has the warehouse packing up all your orders for the NEW COLLECTIONS NOW!

Shipping will begin NEXT WEEK!

WooHooo! Who's ready to receive their NEW Webster's Pages Collections!?

~Brandin xo

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a perfect match ?

today is a very good day.

it's actually a pretty GREAT day ?

I love it that our company is at a really good place & we're ready to do even more for you. We want to bring you even more ways that you can get involved in our growing product line...which by the way, BIG surprises will be coming soon.

it's perfect timing in our company right now ?

it was perfect timing to search for the perfect candidate to operate, run & manage Webster's Pages Public Relations. We are thrilled to tell you we have found her & she has found Webster & in perfect timing for both, she has accepted our offer as Public Relations Manager.

Please join me in proudly welcoming the newest addition to the Webster's Pages family, Courtney Walsh ?


Here's a little bit about Courtney, from Courtney:

Courtney Walsh is an author and artist living in Loveland, Colorado. Her first two books are Scrapbooking Your Faith and The Busy Scrapper, and she’s currently working on her third papercrafting book which will be released in 2012. In addition, Courtney’s first novel, A Sweethaven Summer will be released in February of 2012. It’s the first of a 3-book series about a girl who finds an old scrapbook that unlocks the keys to her past. A former Contributing Editor for Memory Makers Magazine, Courtney is wife to Adam and mommy to Sophia (10), Ethan (8) and Sam (3). She consumes far too much coffee, has a ridiculous crush on Robert Downey, Jr. and is a huge movie fanatic. She’s beyond excited to join the Webster's Pages family!

We are excited too Courtney!

a perfect match ? I truly believe that ?

You can join me in welcoming Courtney to the family by visiting her blog or emailing her at

~Brandin {xo}

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attn: International Friends wanting the 75% OFF!

good news/bad news...and we've fixed the bad news :o)

We found out within the past hour that any customer with a credit card billing address OUTSIDE of this list


cannot join Groupon & take advantage of this AWESOME deal of 75% off.


That's just not fair! {smmmoooooch}

We've fixed it. {hence the good news}

TO PURCHASE THE 75% OFF Best of Scrapbooking & Papercrafting Vo. 01 Box, and YOU'RE OUTSIDE OF THE LIST ABOVE...


You can ONLY purchase from us if you are outside of the countries above. If you are outside the countries above & request this coupon code, you will not have to go through GROUPON to buy. After receiving this code from us, you will go DIRECTLY TO THE DEAL ON OUR WEBSITE BY CLICKING HERE or on the image below.


Now here are some answers to some of your questions:

~Shipping is additional - although no handling charges will be applied

~We are shipping on Monday & Tuesday (of whenever you specify)

~There are some new & some old. The Newest product in the box will be from January 2011.

~You cannot use the coupon towards anything other than the Best of Scrapbooking Vol. 01 Kit.

~It is a preselected box of products. All boxes are the same.

Any more questions, please email me! Thanks~

~Brandin {xo}


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Blog Post



I'll have a chatty post tomorrow with EXCITING news! Have a great day & make sure you pick up this AMAZING deal at GROUPON! It's available ONLY TODAY & it's different from the last warehouse sale box! It's LOADED with goodies!

~Brandin {xo}

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pinning + me = major confusion

so this is one of the 1000 reasons why I need a savvy public relations manager...

FB_header i'm not exactly sure what I just did in pintrest...but I changed my existing profile from me to webster's Pages & then created a new one for me...not sure exactly why I just did that but now...

...I have no followers. :o(


Webster's Pages has more friends than me. How did that happen!? he-he!

Do they even call it that there?! Will you be my friend/follower/crazed pinner? hahahaha... Follow me here & click the image to follow Webster.'s Friday. I'm slap-happy.

And speaking of happy ~ Thank you to those that have submitted their applications for our PR Hiring Position. We are CLOSING THE APPLICATION PROCESS ON MONDAY, AUG 8th at 9:00am EST so please email me your resume and/or questions prior to then.

Have a wonderful weekend & I'll touch base next week!

~Brandin xo

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we need to add to our Webster's Pages family ?

these little things are taking up my time...{xo}

Babies #1-3 (only baby #3 is shown here...sorry Dane & Cali)

Jude Dancing from Brandin O'Neill on Vimeo.

Babies # 4 through 100,007...and counting ;o)


we would love to add you to the family ? if you're interested, please read the job offer below & respond with your resume HERE.


~Brandin {xo}

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