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A Timeless Giveaway!

Friday So, we spent yesterday telling you what OUR favorite timeless, cozy products are, but now we want to hear from YOU. 

And the best part is if you weigh in on this fun little post, you'll have the chance to win your own little stash of our favorite timeless products!

You can expect to see some designer threads and trims, but what other products do you think carries that "timeless" look? 

I'm kind of partial to our embellishments, many of which work with any of our paper lines...

Don't you think the Cameo Push Pins are adorable? 

They remind me of the cameo I found in my mom's jewelry box when I was little. I honestly thought the lady on the necklace was someone we were related to. She never cleared that up for me...

The Holiday Silhouettes also seem instantly timeless. 

Perfect for a card or a layout...and they just won't go out of style.

Or what about our sparklers? They're the kind of buttons you might find in an old jar in Grandma's attic... but you know, prettier and without any dirt on them. 

They easily give you that homey feel. 

But this is just a sampling of timelessness... hop over to our website and choose your own favorites. Tell us in the comments, which products are a MUST for a timeless look and we'll choose a lucky winner! 


Speaking of Lucky Winners...the winner of the My NovelTree Photobook is: 

When I was two my uncle sent an unwanted puppy to me. He was my best friend for 13 years, he saved my life twice, and taught me more than anyone (sorry mum). I believe in my heart that if I should be lucky enough to reach a ripe old age I will still be Ben's boy. I need to tell his story.

Posted by: Domenico | September 25, 2011 at 12:13 AM

Domenico, email me at cwalsh {at} websters pages {dot} com and I'll give you instructions on how to redeem your prize!

Have a GREAT weekend! 

Courtney :) 



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Style that Lasts

Thursday Have you ever had a pair of pants that never seemed to go out of style? They aren't trendy or dated--they just always look good...?

If so, you're one lucky lady. And you probably understand the importance of a timeless look. It's the same look we strive for when we create new products. We want to help you create pages that will withstand the test of time.

We love how cozy, homey embellishments can add warmth to any layout. 

For instance, look at this beautiful page by Iris Uy:Leaving A Legacy mf

Not only is she able to tell a little bit about herself using her love of scrapbooking, but she's done so in a classic way. In twenty years, she'll be able to look back and this page won't be outdated. 

Some of our favorite products for adding a lasting look are our trims and our designer threads


These products take you right back to Grandma's house...but with a uniquely modern flair.

Iris has mastered the art of pulling these products together to create a gorgeous, lasting layout.

Iris images

After all, if you're going to leave a legacy, you want to do it in a way that's going to last for years and years. 

You can get your own timeless Webster's Pages products over at our website, but for today, we'd love to know, what's your favorite way to create a timeless look on your scrapbook pages?


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strange inspiration lately...

Dotw_w ok...this may be strange...

but I LOVE clouds. rainy ones really, but I'll take this single - giant - awesome cloud over my house tonight. I just wanted to run inside & create art.


other slightly strange sources of my inspiration lately has been in this line. That's car pool mom's know. this long...dreaded...always slow moving carpool line. But Mr (or is it Ms.) Starbucks sometimes accompanies me. That's when a note pad, pencil, coffee & time are with me & I can continue to create new ideas for the business & just let my mind go...

Carpool Coffee

and then there are these little unexpected moments. when I think my mind cannot really be too creative (Cali yelling at Dane, Jude shouting "maaaa-maaaa", Dane "hiding" a bag of marshmallows under his know, all those normal things), all of a sudden a little moment of peace comes out of these times. Walks with the kids...Friday night movie nights with picnics on the ground....those are precious times for us & yes, my unexpected moments of inspired, creative energy kicks in again...

Walks Movie

am i the only strange one? :o)



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Create Your Own Pocket Pages

TuesdayI can't hear the word "legacy" without thinking of my favorite hobby... scrapbooking. Like many of you, I scrap so my children and their children will know our family history. It's my hope that these albums I'm creating will be passed down from generation to generation. 

Today, I'm excited to share a layout and a little tip that I hope will inspire you to view your scrapbooking the same way.

The Whygood

I want my children to discover why I love this hobby. I do it to be creative, to tell stories and to reflect on our lives. This page sends them a message to engage in those same practices. I created two small pockets to hold short letters about each of these topics.  

The whypocketgood

The pockets were made using our journaling cards. They add a perfect punch of pattern and color. To create your own pockets with any of our journaling cards, see the steps below. And for your own set of journaling cards, you can check out our website right HERE.Step1pocketStep2pocketStep3pocket

Once you have created your pocket, add your choice of embellishments and trim to jazz it up!  Simply apply adhesive to the back and place on your page! Tuck in a note or even memorabilia.

Why do you love to scrapbook? Is it simply a way to pass the time, or is it a way to leave a legacy? We'd love to hear your take!

Happy creating!



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Happy Fall Ya'll!

Dotw_m Did I just say that? {Ya'll...that is.}

I'm from upstate NY & vowed that I would never say ya'll...but after all, I HAVE lived in North Carolina for 14 years now so does that make me a southern girl? My friends & family from NC would say I probably don't qualify... ;o)

Well, this is my FAVORITE time of the year.

I LOVE the fall.

Especially in North Carolina. I love the crisp air, football games & tailgating, the smells of comfort food cooking, the beauty of the changing colors & I even love how the sun sets a little differently and casts such warm & peaceful colors against the row of trees, through the meadow in our front yard. I want to capture these feelings in a book. a Scrapbook or a PhotoBook like this one through myNovelTree. MyNovelTree is ALMOST ready to launch...literally any hour now...and I'll let you know as soon as it's live & at that time is when I'll annouce last Friday's PhotoBook Giveaway WINNER!!!!

Happy Fall Ya'll!


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Blog Post

Win a PhotoBook from myNovelTree!

Dotw_f Would you like to be the VERY FIRST to own a boutique-style keepsake PhotoBook from myNovelTree.... for FREE ?!!!! We cannot WAIT to get these books into your hands. We've made it our goal to create books we would want on our coffee tables telling the stories of our lives.


There are over 45 themes to choose from & we're just hours away from making this available to you for you to join our Founding Members Club...and what is that again?

Pre-Order your book. Pay for it. And Personalize it later. Now you're a myNovelTree Founding Member & you get 20% off books FOREVER. Wow...

So what story do YOU want to tell?

I would like to create PhotoBooks for my friend that just had a baby boy. I think she would love this one. Tell me what theme you're going to be looking for to tell your story. Tell us here in the comments section & we'll enter your name to WIN A NEW POCKET BOOK OF YOUR VERY OWN

And remember to join our Founding Member's Club when we go LIVE and get 20% off of PhotoBooks, PocketBooks and ScrapbookPages! Just click HERE for more information.


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20% Off For Life? Yes, Please!

Dotw_th One of the things my husband makes fun of me for the most is my inability to throw things away. Over the last year, we’ve moved twice, and I’m constantly being reminded of how much STUFF I have...

Playbills from shows I’ve seen. Ticket stubs from baseball games. Postcards, receipts, maps...I even have the menu the hospital gave me when I had my first baby. Ten years ago.

I can’t help it. I’m a scrapbooker.

My mind thinks in terms of what would enhance my layouts—and let’s face it, memorabilia is a great way to add character to any album. But it can get out of control if you don’t catalog it quickly. (I’m living proof.)

This is why I'm in love with Webster's Pages new PocketBooks.


While I adore scrapbooking, I also like the ease of creating something online—in multiples—and the pocket pages make adding your own unique character easy as pie.

We are really excited about My NovelTree, and we hope you’ll take advantage of a very special promotion for you to become a Founding Member. Simply pre-order your gift album and personalize it later, and you’ll receive 20% off every NovelTree product for the rest of your life.


It sounds too good to be true, but we promise you it's not!

This is the real deal, folks! 20% off forever!

Let me show you how GORGEOUS these albums are...take a look at this one, which uses our All About Me Collection: What are you waiting for? This deal is too good to pass up! Click HERE to find out more about the Founding Member's Club and then join us to create memorable, lasting photobooks at a great price for the rest of your life!


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more beautiful coming your way ?

Dotw_w So what have we been up to at Webster lately?

Got a minute?

the team is working late night hours to bring you something special this week... something beautiful.

something really, REALLY stunning.... {myNovelTree Back to School PhotoBook & myNovelTree Everyday PhotoBook shown above}

i mean, my Holiday gifts this year will be easy for me.

Really easy.

I will be quickly & easily making keepsake boutique-style PhotoBooks for my family & friends...




Stay tuned this week. Friday {hint...hint} will be a great day ;o)



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Scrapbooks That Leave a Legacy


Hi everyone, it's Gabrielle from the Websters Pages design team...

One of the things I love about Webster's Pages is that it's not just about beautiful pages, but it's also about meaningful pages.  This month we're focusing on the word 'Legacy', and I have the perfect story to tell.Photo#1-The Joy of Reading

I'd picked up one of my daughter's new books and started reading the first in the series. (She is presently reading 'The Hunger Games' trilogy by Suzanne Collins)  From the first few words I found myself unable to put the book down!  Chloe came home from school and found me reading her book.  She ran to her backpack, got her own book (the second in the series) and her warm Sherpa wool blanket and snuggled up beside me to read.  As we sat in silence reading it struck me that I am so pleased that I have passed down this legacy to my girls....the love of reading.


I created the above layout as a keepsake about how my girls enjoy reading as much as I do (I can devour books like candy.)  I thought I'd do a little interview with each of them on the topic and document their answers on the page.

Chloe (age 13), neatly wrote her answers out for me.....but Meagan (age 10) took a more interesting approach...


I asked a few simple questions like "What are your three favourite books?" and "What time of day do you like to read?" 

I put a little pocket on the back of my layout so I could add the questions and answers for my interview with the girls into it....they always love pulling out these little gems years later.  


For this page, I used All About Me, perfect for my theme. You can find it HERE.

I created the postage stamp edge on the regular 12x12 All About Me paper by using the die cut paper from the WP Western Romance collection  as a template.

Also, I gave myself some extra blue forget-me-not blooms to cut out as embellishments by printing off one of the designs from the Digi Motifs from the All About Me collection on some plain white glossy cardstock paper. You can find them HERE.

Here's a closer look...



WP All About Me Supplies used for this page:

Patterned Paper; All about Me Looking Ahead and Love the JourneyPetite Paper PadDazzle Me GemsAll About Me collection pack, Journaling CardsAlpha StickersCut blooms: printed from WP All About Me Digi ElementsBloomersWinter Fairy Tales Lace TrimWP Cameo Push Pins

I really enjoyed creating this page....Why not try using a special word as your next jump off point for creating a  meaningful page for you and your family?  Perhaps ask yourself what legacy are you passing down? It can be an object, a story, or even a passion for something (like reading).  And be sure to share your work in the Webster's Pages Inspire Me gallery, we love to see what you all create with these beautiful collections!

Gabrielle xx

For more of Gabi's inspiring work, check out her blog HERE

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i couldn't wait any longer ?

this is my fourth child ;o)

i've created it.

nurtured it.

and LOVED it.

I believe you will too. ?

{below is a page from the Happy Birthday PhotoBook}


ONE week from today...

we will be launching myNovelTree's Founding Club Membership!

What is myNovelTree?

Boutique-style PhotoBooks

One-of-a-Kind PocketBooks (Photobooks with pockets - wow!)

Beautiful Scrapbook Pages

...all amazing books and pages & pre-designed for you!

I have NEVER seen PhotoBooks like these before.

Stay Tuned for the BIG REVEAL next week!

~Brandin {xo}

p.s.....THANK YOU for your feedback on the headshot! I've chosen #1 based on your feedback but will use #2 as my casual Blog photo...and since I'm not running a bank, i figured i could get away with a more casual shot & no shoes! :o) And those of you that asked me what my tatoo means, if you look close, there is a "B", "S" and "R" all connected in the middle. I have twin sisters & their names are Ryan and Shauna so we all have same sister tatoo on our wrist with all the initials of our names connecetd in the center. We're close :o)

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Blog Post

a serious "executive" vote needed ;o)

apparently I need a head-shot :o) I not a fan of cameras...


what industry am I in?

hahahaha.... help me out. I need your vote on what pose should be my official "executive" head-shot. I figured who better to pick than my favorite customers! {xo}

So what's your vote? (1) (2) or (3)?




I am a very "serious" executive in our company as you can shoes, can't hold a serious no-smile face...I honestly wanted to make a strange face & use that one but my photographer wouldn't let me :o)

So which one should it be?

~Brandin xo

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Rising Trend: Vintage Hot Air Balloons

While Brandin is hard at work on something REALLY cool that we cannot wait to tell you about, I'm over here reflecting on a fun design trend that I'm completely smitten with...

Hot Air Balloons.


I love that our new line, All About Me features them too! 

Just look at one of my favorite papers from this line.

Love the journey
We also have a digital motif of the hot air balloon, which is so incredibly versatile!


Think of what you could do!

I love what Webster's Pages designer Jaz did with this hot air balloon trend on her page "Ethan"

Wpethangrow (1)
I absolutely love how she added dimension behind the balloon to make the whole thing pop! 

Our guest designer for the month of September over at InspireMe, Nerrida Mitchell also had a little fun with this trend on her layout "Childhood Memories":

Nerrida LO 4
What about you? What do you think about the hot air balloon trend? Have you ever incorporated them into your page designs? We'd love to see!

Have a wonderful Thursday and don't forget to make your life beautiful...

Courtney :) 


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Blog Post

We Have a Winner!

I'm excited so many of you entered our was so fun to hear which lines are your favorite! I'm glad I don't have to pick just one because there is NO WAY I could ever decide!

Our lucky winner selected this line as her fave...

All about me

And we are really excited that we get to send it to her!

So...Amber Anderson...get ready to receive an All About Me Collection Kit!

The Collection kits are the perfect way to sample a variety of papers and embellishments. It comes complete with 12 12x12 double-sided papers, 1 12x12 diecut, 1 storyteller 12x12 alpha sticker sheet, & 1 8" bling strip, two sentiment fabric tickets, 2 12" bloomer trims.

Thanks to everyone for playing along and congrats to Amber! (Send me an email at and we'll get your product out to you lucky girl, you!) 

Have a great (long) weekend...from our family to yours!

~ Courtney

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Inspiration from our Design Team

Hi Friends!

It's Courtney again, and we are so excited to read which lines you love best on our Giveaway Post below! If you haven't entered, there's still time...the contest is open until tomorrow!

I do realize asking you to choose just one of our new collections to call your favorite was kind of mean, so in case you're still on the fence, I thought I'd show you some inspiring layouts from our incredible design team to show off the beauty of each one. 

I also realize this probably isn't going to help make your decision any easier, but it will be so fun to see the products in action!

First, a layout featuring Winter Fairy Tales by Julie Walton:


The colors in this line are so cheery and fun. All I can think of is how my snow photos are going to POP off these pages!

Next, beautiful Botanical Christmas, featuring a layout by Mitsue Iwata


Love the vintage feel of this whole's the perfect way to make this year's holiday photos stand out!

Then of course, another stunning collection, All About Me, featuring this super cool layout by Emma Trout. 


The colors in this whole line are so fresh...and just think, you'd finally have an excuse to scrap yourself! 

Then, look at Western Romance and this gorgeous page by Gerry Van Gent.


Super cute, so unique and so many possibilities for this line!

Finally, Let's Celebrate, which is bright and fun, as you can see in this layout by Stacey Michaud.

Isn't that adorable? This line is so great for capturing fun personalities and celebrations! 

So, there you have it. Five new collections. Five beautiful pages. For more inspiring layouts, be sure to check out InspireMe...and don't forget to post your own creations so we can ooh and ahh over your work! 

One more day to enter the contest! Good luck, everyone...someone is going to be very happy! 

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