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a very PROUD day ?

Dotw_mtoday is a day filled with many emotions for me. i feel...

incredibly humbled...

very thankful...

and truly, genuinely touched by the amount of heart, talent & number of applicants that applied for our Clean & Simple International Design Team Search. We have selected our team & feel very honored that they accepted. For those that may not have been chosen for this team, i personally want you to know that I reviewed every single project, read every single word written in & I am honestly so very thankful to all of you that applied. There is SO much talent & SO many beautiful people, both men & women, applying & I am humbled. Please know that I am so thankful for you today & so thankful for your continued support of Webster. We are going to have a amazing year together so I look forward to knowing all of you even better!

And now....

Please join me as I introduce to you the new beautiful, unique & incredibly inspirational new 2012 Webster's Pages Design Team!


We feel honored to have these amazing women on our 2012 Design Team. Thank you ladies for accepting the invitation to join our team in 2012 & to our 2011 girls coming back, THANK YOU!

The New 2012 Clean & Simple Team is:

Kay Rogers . Stacey Michaud . Jaime Warren . Diana Brodeur . Jill Cornell . Jamie Harder . Nina Ostermann

Outside our brilliant, new Clean & Simple Team, you may also notice a new, beautiful face to our Classic Design Team. We are thrilled to Announce & Welcome Janine Koczwara to our Classic design team!!! Thank you Janine!

I welcome & encourage you to visit this talented team's blogs listed to the right. They are as sweet as they are talented so I know they would be thrilled to hear from you!

Now...Please join me in celebrating & showcasing our wonderful growing family throughout the week as they debut their Webster's Pages projects using NEW COLLECTIONS NEVER SEEN! This is an exciting week full of inspiration & BIG SNEAKS into new collections available from us!

Sending you all my warmest thanks ~


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Inspiration For Your Weekend

Yes, it's Saturday. Perhaps you're sitting in your pajamas with a cup of coffee, wondering what you should do today. Maybe you're looking for a bit of inspiration.

Well, you've come to the right place! Our designers are so in love with the Sunday Picnic collection, that they couldn't wait to get I get to share a bonus blog post this weekend. And I want to take this opportunity to tell you that Webster's Pages isn't JUST for scrapbook layouts! 

Allow me to inspire...(via Jaz Lee who created this adorable little bus using her brand new Sunday Picnic...)


What a great idea for a little decoration for a child's room, the centerpiece at your next baby shower or even a sweet gift to show off some ridiculously cute children. 


I love the little pinwheel Jaz created, which perfectly suits the whimsical feeling of this collection, and all the tiny details have me moving in closer to my computer screen for a better look.

Notice the sweet Dazzle-Me Gems scattered throughout the project? Great way to bling up a project in a sweet, elegant way. 

Jaz wasn't the only one creating dimensional projects with Sunday Picnic. Designer Larissa Albernaz also went to town with her adorable Wishing Well:

Wishing well
I'm convinced that Sunday Picnic is the perfect way to dress up just about everything. Also, notice how Larissa has mixed this brand new collection with a few of our older embellihsments, like that adorable butterfly pin, which you can find right HERE. Those pins are so fun to add to cards, layouts and craft projects!

Wishing well detail

Sunday Picnic is now shipping and you can get yours right over here on the Webster's Pages Website

Have an inspiring weekend (and come back Monday for a VERY special announcement!)


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Sunday Picnic For Every Style


After yesterday's post, I have to tell you we are so excited that you're loving Sunday Picnic as much as we are! And really, it's pretty hard not to...there's so much amazing stuff here! 

Now that the collection is shipping, I thought you might like some gorgeus inspiration so when it arrives on your doorstep, you'll be ready for it! 

Tomoko Takahashi created a stunner of a layout with her Sunday Picnic:


Tomoko shows of the classic Webster's Pages style with lots of layering, hand-cut details and tons of little details for you to drool over. 

Tomoko 1

The page has so much dimension, it's like it's moving. And I love the little dots Tomoko has painted onto the balloons and around her photo frame. Just a sweet little detail to make the page more interesting. 

But what if you're a scrapbooker with a simpler style? Perhaps this layout by Designer Stacey Michaud will inspire you...

Our girls fulll

Stacey's page carries a different kind of elegance, every bit as beautiful but with a more graphic look. Notice that she's used four different patterns on this page, but in very small doses. And she's got some hand-cut elements as well, but the white space keeps her page clean. 

And her embellishments?


...little pops that make a big statement. 

It's pretty clear that we've got something for everyone with our new Sunday Picnic line...and you can grab yours right this second on the Webster's Pages Website! And if you're interested in the whole collection, we've got a handy dandy "BUY ENTIRE COLLECTION" option for easy shopping!


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Everyone Loves Sunday Picnic!

Dotw_thAround here, it's ALL about what's NEW...and that's not going to change anytime soon! Let me just say, this month is FULL of surprises. Get a jump on your shopping by heading over to our newly designed Webster's Pages Website.

Did I mention Sunday Picnic ships THIS WEEK? 

Cause it does. In case you're wondering. 

This week has been all about our love affair with Sunday Picnic. Of course, WE love it. We have designers, like Iris Babao Uy, who create things like this with it: 

Celebrate mf jpg
Iris shows off Sunday Picnic in a way that is Classically Webster's Pages. The layering, the detailed cutting, the timeless all adds up to a PERFECT page. 

But perhaps you'd like to hear what some of your favorite industry professionals think about our brand new, beautiful we asked...

What do you love most about Sunday Picnic?


First up, the wonderful Ali Edwards...

Ali Edwards


You can find Ali's favorite paper HERE. And all of the new Clean & Simple papers HERE!

So, what does Donna Downey LOVE?

Donna Downey 1


Oooh, I agree. Donna is right on the money about the color palette! Donna's favorite paper is available now right HERE

What about Creating Keepsakes Magazine's Megan Hoeppner?

Megan Hoeppner

                JournalingCards_SP_US1675 (2)

Megan's favorite Journaling Cards are so versatile & easy to use! Find them HERE

And what does Becky Fleck, the editor of Scrapbook & Cards Today and author of Page Maps have to say?

Becky Fleck

                  FabricTrim_SP_TM9816 (2)
Becky's favorite Fabric Ribbon is on sale now right HERE and yes, it IS shipping this week! She's got good taste, don't you think? 

I love what Susan Opel from Paper Crafts Magazine had to say...

Susan Opel

Cameo combo pack
Get your creative hands on Susan's favorite, Perfect Accents right HERE! I bet when they get to your house, you'll gasp a little too! 

It's unanimous! We're all in love with Sunday Picnic. What about YOU? What is it YOU love most about Sunday Picnic? Drop us a little note about what's on your wishlist and who knows...maybe the Sunday Picnic Princess Fairy will be good to you! 

Happy Thursday!


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Color Blocked Sunday Picnic


Does anyone else feel like they want to wallpaper their house in Sunday Picnic? I can't imagine what I would do if I had a baby girl nursery to decorate right now. I might never come out of my scraproom! 

Today we have a Clean and Simple design with a cute little tip you can do on your very next layout! Stacey Michaud shows off some of our great Sunday Picnic solids along with pops of the fun patterns. 


I LOVE the way Stacey's used circles to complement her photos here, and I think her little color blocked treatment is 100% adorable. Thankfully, she's made it easy for us to recreate. 

Patterned circles1

Patterned circles2

it's the perfect way to incorporate several patterns without overwhelming your layout, still keeping that clean and simple design. 

Swoony, right? 

And, just as a side note, I have to say, if you haven't seen these mini princess petals, like the one at the center of Stacey's circle, you have to RUN over to the website right now and check them out! 


I mean, regular sized Princess Petals are gorgeous enough, but minis? Think of what you can do!!

Here, let me give you a closer look...

PetitePrincessPetals (2)

Remember! The entire Sunday Picnic Collection ships THIS WEEK! It could be at your door before you can say "YES, Please I can't wait another MINUTE!" 

I know I can't! 


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Sunday Picnic...shipping THIS week!


Sunday Picnic, you've captured my heart...and apparently the hearts of many others! Did you know you can order this brand new line today and it starts shipping at the end of the week? Well, you can. Right over HERE... And that makes you a lucky duck if you ask me!

I'm in love with the fact that we've got SO many different styles all using the same papers with beautiful results. Today, Gabrielle Pollacco is sharing her Classic Webster's style as she works her magic with Sunday Picnic and shows us how to create her gorgeous hand-stamped border...

Sun Kissed

Pretty, right? 

Notice the large mat around the photo has a lovely stamped edge? It almost looks like it was part of the original design, but Gabi used good old stamps & ink to achieve these perfect results. You can too in three easy steps. 

Step One: 

Sun Kissed Step Out1

Step Two:

Sun Kissed Step Out2

Step Three:

Sun Kissed Step Out3

The key is all about randomness, and you get results when you allow the design to hang over the edge of the paper, like Gabi's done here. 

Close up 2

Once she had her border stamped, she was able to layer various elements to create the Classic Webster's Pages look we've grown to love. 

Sun Kissed Closeup1

If you haven't looked in to buying Sunday Picnic for yourself, head over to the Webster's Pages Website to see what's new! This collection is chock full of goodies & it's all heading out the warehouse door this week! 


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Find Your Style With Sunday Picnic


This whole month is going to be one exciting thing after another. Truly, if you could sneak a peek at this blog schedule, you'd know what I'm talking about! We've got SO much to share and every bit of it is PURE EXCITEMENT! 

And it started last week with the release of Sunday Picnic, which, by the way just happens to be on sale right over here at the Webster's Pages Website

Pretend for a second that you're still on the fence about this beauty of a collection. Let me twist your little arm and show you another gorgeous creation from Designer Anabelle O'Malley:


While Anabelle doesn't consider herself a Clean and Simple scrapbooker, she sure made good use of these new additions to the Sunday Picnic collection. The papers and embellishments are designed to go together perfectly, so feel free to mix and match. Here, C&S + Classic = Perfection!


Anabelle was inspired by the colors in Sunday Picnic to create a quilted look on the background of her page. Because, really, wouldn't we all love a quilt in these colors? You can recreate that look in three easy steps:

Step 1: Cut 9 3 x 3 inch squares; distress edges

Step 2: Adhere the squares to the paper and stitch them to create a quilted background.

Step 3: After stitching, run your fingernail along the edges to make them look a bit more aged. 

The great thing about this design is she's able to showcase so many different patterns without overwhelming the photos. 

Also, don't you just love the new mini princess petals? Anabelle points out that these can stand alone or they can be clustered for a little extra oomph. 


I love the way she's created the pinwheels out of paper and then layered the mini princess petals in the center. The gorgeous new Medallion Sparklers are like the cherry on top! 

But that's not all, folks! Sunday Picnic papers and embellishments are perfecto for card-making. Look at this beauty Anabelle whipped up just because she couldn't keep her hands off these papers! 


Wouldn't you LOVE to make that for the next birthday party you attend? 

And, if a cleaner, simpler look is more up your alley, we're happy to oblige:


...because no matter what your style, we've got all the tools to help you tell your story. Anabelle's 'just because' card is simple, easy to duplicate and yet it's 100% gorgeous. 

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the Webster's Pages Website and do a little shopping in the Sunday Picnic aisle! Because this is one collection that is most certainly a must-have!

So, a QUESTION for YOU: Which style is more up your alley? Classic Webster or Clean and SImple? 


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Blog Post

Sunday Picnic Done Digital

FridayI know today is Friday, which technically means we should have a Freebie for you...but the truth is, we're sort of stockpiling our freebies because at the end of the month, we're giving away ENTIRE COLLECTIONS of every new line we have! In the meantime, I thought I'd take a moment to remind you that Sunday Picnic isn't only available in traditional paper products, we've also got the digital versions for those of you who like your workspace, well, cleaner than mine. 

We offer digital versions of all of our collections, which, even for traditional paper scrappers can come in so handy! Designer Julie Walton shows off Digital Sunday Picnic  with a layout that boasts TWELVE photos!


And it's pretty too, don't you think? I LOVE the photo strips and the way the digital motifs give you the look of fussy cutting without any extra effort. We make it so easy for you...Look!


You can get your own on the Webster's Pages Website

Mitsue Iwata has also been playing with our the Sunday Picnic Digital Collection and the results are stunning...

My Adventure
I love the way this page shows off the graphic fun of the Clean and Simple papers, proving how versatile this entire collection is. And I love the way Mitsue took the circles from the fabric trim and created a polka-dot effect. 

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to the Webster's Pages Website and snag yourself some so you can start playing! 

And oh, I almost forgot! We have the little issue of the WINNER for last week's giveaway. It's you know, no big deal or anything, but one person will take home THE ENTIRE SUNDAY PICNIC COLLECTION!!! 

My heart just fluttered. 

So, without further ado, here is the name of that LUCKY person! 


Posted by: Luanne | January 03, 2012 at 08:14 PM

Luanne, shoot me an email at cwalsh[at]websterspages[dot]com and I will make sure you get your entire collection! Now, if you didn't win, it's time to go shopping...don't you think? :) 


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Blog Post

Sunday Picnic: Color That POPS!


Our latest release, Sunday Picnic is undeniably happy. Just looking at this line makes me want to create. To me, it's the gorgeous color palette that brings a smile, and one sure-fire way to make these vivid colors pop right off your page is to back them with a sheet of white cardstock like this:


Designer Gerry van Gent has done a snazz-tastic job of creating a layout that's not only visually pleasing, but is also, like the title implies: FUN! 

And Sunday Picnic is a GREAT line for creating FUN. 

Don't you think?

For this layout, Gerry used a hot trend, misting, along with some tried and true techniques like stamping. She did both on the background and then layered her hand-cut motifs right on top.


I love the little bees scattered throughout the page. Aren't they adorable? And of course the other little details like hand-stitching around the frame and using foam squares to create that 3-D pop we love so much, make this layout a happy little winner. 

Sunday Picnic is the kind of collection you can use for just about any theme, which is another reason why it's a must-have for your stash!

Tell us, what's your favorite thing about Sunday Picnic? Not sure? Check it out on the Webster's Pages Website and see what you love! 


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Sunday Picnic?...It was more like this last Sunday "eve"...

Dotw_wit was a bad scene.

i mean, this wasn't even our real food yet.

this was before Church appetizers.


{homemade Clam Chowder app not shown...;o)}

Oh running shoes are paying for it now. ;o)

but I needed it.

I needed to relax. I needed to be with my family. I needed to exhale. I needed to eat ;o)

Do you remember a post I made a few weeks ago where I wanted something easy, but personal & beautiful for my family? Well...I created a perfect PhotoBook from our PhotoBook Program myNovelTree, for Grandparents & Pat's Parents & My Parents. It turned out perfect for them.

Here it is ~ cute, huh?!

This book is "Kids Play" & there are 50 others to choose from. They're STUNNING...I mean person. Honestly guys. Trust me on this one...

I think the biggest fan of this book was Jude though. He's AMAZED that he's in a book! :o)

Happy Wednesday Everyone~!


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Let's go on a Sunday Picnic...

Dotw_tuOh, January, you beautiful, blissful month...we're SO excited to usher you in because January means TONS of sneak peeks, new collections and beautiful new projects. 

Sunday Picnic has me over the moon excited. Perhaps it's the color palette. Or the new Clean and Simple additions. Or the fact that we now have ORANGE bloomers. I can't wait to find a nice big box of this stuff at my front door so I can tell my stories...because that's what this is all about, isn't it? 

Check out this layout by the talented Larissa Albernaz. I love how on the back side of THIS SHEET OF PAPER you get these adorable little cards...

...which are great little additions to help you tell your story. They can stand alone, or you can alter some of them to create any saying you want. Even with no other journaling, Larissa's message is perfectly conveyed thanks to her use of this little card. 

2012 detail 1 (2)

And, as always, there are tons of other little details you can incorporate to tell the story exactly how you want to tell it. Look at Larissa's hand-doodled additions:

2012 detail 2 (2)

...proof that all that doodling you did in the margins during high school algebra certainly paid off. 

Sunday Picnic is happy, cheerful and fun, but still has that beautiful Webster's Pages elegance. 

2012 detail 3 (2)

So, what are you waiting for? Go on over to the Webster's Pages Website and get some for yourself! Today!


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Blog Post

Introducing Sunday Picnic ~

Today is about you. It's is about your style. Your way.

I invite you now to sit back & enjoy ~xo~

Tell Your Story with Sunday Picnic. Share this commercial with your friends & have them tell their story, their way too!  Available to ORDER NOW!

Happy New Year my Friends ~ Let's make this year the best year ever! ~ xo


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