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Best Friends {For Every Style}

Now that you've had your Halloween fun and are probably still coming down from a sugar high... we thought we'd share a little inspiration today...the kind that might just make you want to shirk all responsibility and go play in your craft room. 

This layout, from Diana Brodeur, features our newest collection, Best Friends, and one adorable little girl:


We love the way Diana incorporated the StoryMarker into her design. By layering the Perfect Petal on top of it and allowing the charm part to hang in the white space of her page, this adds so much to the design!


The Best Friends collection has two StoryMarkers...both equally beautiful:

Best Friends StoryMarkers
We love the tiny details that pull the page together. It's not too complicated but it really stands out... such a beautiful take on a Best Friends layout. 


Digital designer Adrienne Looman created this beautiful Best Friends layout, showing off all the lovely embellishments in the digital collection. Click the layout to see them for yourself! 

Websters_pages_digital_kit_best_friends_blog (2)

No matter what your style...classic, clean & simple or digital, this line has it all! 

Head over to our website and see for yourself! 

Websters_pages_blog_footer_best_friends_tags (2)

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Happy Halloween {From Webster's Pages}

We love a holiday, and around here Halloween is something to sing least it IS if you're and adorable, glitter-covered rock star like Brandin's daughter, Cali:


Yes, we love any reason to dress up, and today we're dressing up some Halloween goodies to wish you an inspirational Halloween...

First, check out these adorable tags from Erin Blegen:


Erin cracked open our Once Upon a Halloween collection and mixed & matched to her heart's content. We love the way Erin created tags that showcase a special Halloween elegance. Here's a closer peek at each one:


Beautiful, right? 

Or, how about a bit of Halloween whimsy from Designer Jamie Harder:


How cute is that little candy-gram? We love the little Perfect Accent on the top for that little something special! 

And finally, look at this sweet Halloween card from the fabulous Jill Cornell:


Stickers & Trims & Perfect Accents really make this card something special... 


How about using our Halloween collection to document all your spooky & festive memories? 

That's what we plan to do! 



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For the Love of {Best Friends} Stickers

One of the simplest and most versatile products in the Best Friends collection are our Mini Message stickers. Adorable little additions that will make every page pop...but don't take our word for it, we've got a line-up of gorgeous pages to prove it! 

Take a peek at this digital design by the talented Adrienne Looman:

Websters_pages_best_friends_layout_blog02 (2)
Photo by: Danielle Muit

We love the way Adrienne incorporated the "Great Times" sticker along with some of the other digital elements like chipboard & buttons, but we especially love the way the "I Adore You" sticker makes such a statement underneath the adorable photo!


Designer Kay Rogers also used a few of the stickers to adorn this adorable photo of her girls: 


These are perfect for tucking, aren't they??

They're also perfect for layering as Designer Jaz Lee shows us with this layout:


Jaz layered her stickers in a variety of ways around this gorgeous layout and we are completely smitten with the results: 


And, if you're looking for a way to pull in the same look as one of our Sentiment stickers but with your own unique sentiment, take a peek at this layout by Gerry van Gent:


Notice how Gerry included that gorgeous little journaling strip underneath the lower photo? You could easily duplicate that with a sticker and get the same effect. 

So, tell us, how do you plan to use the Mini Message stickers on your next layout? We'd love to hear your ideas! 

Websters_pages_blog_footer_best_friends_tags (2)

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Say it With a Song {When Song Lyrics Become Journaling}

One of the best ways we can think of to celebrate our friends is to sing about them. Or maybe not sing (for fear of scaring our families) but certainly record lyrics that say just how we're feeling...

When you're short on words, song lyrics are such a perfect way to record your thoughts, and that's just what three of our designers have done using our Best Friends collection. 

First, take a look at this layout from Designer Stacey Michaud: 


Stacey created the banner using the circles from the Board Game paper. (Adorable, right?)

She said, "I love the new overlays and how they can fill in empty space on a layout. It created bold impact. I cut my Story Marker and plan to use the other piece on another layout. We also love her song other journaling is needed!


Emma Trout highlights another friendship that's near and dear to her heart with this adorable layout:


Emma chose a song called "My Shadow"...something all dog owners will be able to relate to. 

You’re my shadow, my shadow, I know you’re close
My shadow, my shadow, you’re everywhere I go
So I don’t see the need to cry cause, you’ll never leave my life
My shadow, my shadow, oh

The end result is simply stunning. 

Another stunner is this layout by Gabrielle Pollacco:


Using the title 'Good Time' by Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen, Gabi highlighted some special friendships of her daughter...


Naturally, she did it in her signature, gorgeous style! 

So, tell us, what song do you think has GREAT lyrics for capturing those special friendships? We'd love to add yours to our list! 

Best Friends is now shipping...head over to our website and start shopping today! 

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Stumped for Words? {Use Someone Else's!}

Our friendships do so much to make our lives better...but sometimes it's hard to find the words to express the way we feel about our friends. That's when you look to the words of buying a Hallmark card for your scrapbook pages. 

Quotes and phrases are a great way to capture just the right sentiment and we've got layouts to prove it. Take a peek at this one from Diana Brodeur: 


Diana worked a Jim Morrison quote into her journaling and then took a few sentences to expand on her own feelings about her best friend. The quote is the perfect way to tie the sentiments together, and of course, Diana's design is jaw-droppingly beautiful.  


Designer Nina Ostermann didn't journal at all, but her title says just what she's feeling. Why not take a commonly used phrase and make that the sole message on your page?  


This is especially effective when creating layouts for teenagers--just take something they often say (whether you like it or not) and get it down on the page. You'll freeze time by capturing that memory. 

We also love, love, love the way Nina showcased her StoryMarker. Isn't this beautiful? 


Designer Jill Cornell opted to look to Scripture for her quote, choosing a Bible verse and making it her title. 


We love the way Jill journaled her own thoughts on this verse (and on her girls) taking the time to personalize the verse a little bit. 

Next time you're stumped on a title, use your favorite verse or works like a charm! 


Why not start your weekend with a shopping trip on our website? Best Friends is ready & waiting for YOU! 

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Best Friends StoryMarkers {How will YOU use them?}

At CHA Summer, we unveiled a beautiful new product that we're still kind of swooning over... today, we're going to get a little up close and personal with these beauties:

Best Friends StoryMarkers
...because we want to share some awesome ways to incorporate these StoryMarkers into your next layout...and our Design Team is ready with several examples. 

First, take a look at this gorgeous layout from Designer Jaz Lee:


Take a look at how she layered several smaller embellishments onto the StoryMarker, truly incorporating it into the design. Then, to pull it in even more, she created a little cluster with the pearls and the Charm right where the StoryMarker Charm rests on the page. 

It's absolutely gorgeous! 
Gabrielle Pollacco created a fun waterfall effect using her StoryMarkers on this sweet page highlighting her daughter and her best friends:
Here, you can see the various steps Gabi used to create this effect and you can also see that she trimmed the StoryMarker using half above the waterfall of stamped cards and half below. 
A clever little way to add visual interest and interaction to your layout! (For more details on how to accomplish this, head over to Gabi's blog.) 
Tomoko Takahashi also worked two StoryMarkers into this Classic Webster's layout featuring the new Best Friends Collection:
We love the detail these embellishments can add with both the velvet ribbon and the charm on the end. Tomoko used hers both vertically and horizontally for two stunning effects. 
The StoryMarkers are just one of several gorgeous embellishments in our Best Friends Collection...which ships out this week! Will you find a special gift in YOUR box? Order this month and you may find a handmade gift from our designers tucked inside your order.
Gifts like this beautiful set of Best Friends tags from Designer Anabelle O'Malley...

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Blog Post

Best Friends Cardmaking {for all ages}

We're having SO much fun sharing our Best Friends projects this week, and today is no exception. We thought we'd show you a little Crafting with Kids project because little people have best friends too...

Designer Diana Brodeur sat down with her daughter and let her create a card for a friend...


A great way to ensure their projects come together in a cohesive way is to set out a small assortment ahead of time. And, let's be real, this also lets you rest easy knowing they aren't going to use your favorite Cameo Accent because they found it rummaging around in your supplies. 


Once you've pulled out coordinating products, older children can do their own cutting, gluing and placing the embellishments down on the card. 


While your littles work on their masterpieces, you might want to whip up something like this, from Designer Emeline Seet: 


Emeline's card uses various elements of Best Friends in a layered and beautiful way...wouldn't you love to get that in your mailbox?


Speakng of getting things in your's not too late to enter to WIN our Best Friends RAK prizes! These are going to be randomly included in Best Friends orders throughout the month of October... 

For instance, we'd love this card set by designer Kay Rogers to end up on YOUR front door! 


Isn't it cute? 

So, head over to our website TODAY and order up your BEST FRIENDS

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Mixing it up With More {Best Friends}

There's something so amazing about watching the way a new collection inspires such beautiful creativity in our design team. 

Gerry van Gent amped up her creative juices to bring us this beauty, which combines Best Friends with several other Webster's Pages collections... (can you spot them?) 


Gerry infused Best Friends with..."Park Drive" (the bird with picnic bags), "Trendsetter" (butterflies), "Girl Land" (the hand cut girl motif), "Let`s Celebrate" (bottle, roses), "Royal Christmas" (the white bloom). 
Don't you love how it all came together? Gerry-4_web
We also love the way Gerry incorporated one of our brand new StoryMarkers (aren't these gorgeous?) It makes the perfect pop in the upper right-hand side of the layout. 


Thankfully, Gerry wasn't the only one inspired by Best Friends. Designer Stacey Michaud also whipped up a little Clean & Simple goodness, and it's more than swoon-worthy...


We are loving the way Stacey used the trim underneath the photo, highlighted with one of the adorable Perfect Accents. 


So tell us, of all the beautiful trims on this trim card, which is your favorite? 

Best Friends
ships THIS WEEK so be sure to head over to our website today & start stocking up... you could be the LUCKY WINNER of one of eleven random handmade prizes from our design team... 

Gorgeous goodies like Stacey's gorgeous handmade card set...


You can't win if you don't enter, so grab your Best Friends TODAY!

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Blog Post

Mix & Match Your Best Friends {And WIN BIG with Webster's Pages}

Do you have  best friend?

A group of best friends? This week, our celebration continues and we want to hear from you! Read on to find out how you can WIN a Best Friends prize...{And remember, BEST FRIENDS starts shipping THIS WEEK!}

Before we tell you, though, we have two gorgeous layouts to share, both showing how easy it is to mix Best Friends with other Webster's Pages collections. 

First, take a look at this layout from Designer Erin Blegen:


Erin's Classic Webster's page combines elements of Best Friends, Let's Celebrate & Girl Land, for an entirely new look that infuses the new & the old. 


We love the way Erin layered the Best Friends balloons, using foam adhesive to pop them up off the page for that added bit of visual interest. 


Just gorgeous! 

Designer Anabelle O'Malley also went to work mixing & matching Best Friends. She chose to pair it with Game On for this sweet layout:


Anabelle says: "I've had this picture of Ryan and his buddy in the pool sitting on my table for a few weeks and decided that it would be the perfect photo to scrap for my assignment today to mix Best Friends with another line. I decided that the reds in Game On would be perfect for it. So, I pulled the blue papers from BF and the striped and houndstooth paper from Game On and mixed them. I really like how they worked together!"

And we do too, Anabelle!


Notice Anabelle also embellished with a frame, some striped paper and a speech bubble from Best Friends. Those, along with a little ticket from Game On did their job in pulling the page together for wonderful results!


We know you're dying to hear how to WIN BIG so here's the deal.

This week, we want to see YOUR Best Friend photos. Could be old friends, new friends, furry friends...whoever YOU want to celebrate.

ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS: Post a photo on your Facebook page and TAG WEBSTER'S PAGES in the image. Your description must contain the phrase"Best Friend{s}". Then, all week long, we'll be doing random "drive-bys" to give prizes to some very lucky winners! Winners will be announced on our Facebook page throughout the week. 

Come play could be one of the LUCKY WINNERS of this...

Promoimage copy01

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Blog Post

Best Friends are Forever {And it starts shipping NEXT week!}

Postheader (2)
What a fun week it's been celebrating friendship all week long! Luckily, we aren't stopping any time soon... and we have tons more inspiring projects to bring you featuring our newest collection, Best Friends. 

Today, we're chatting with Diana Brodeur, who created this Clean & Simple (adorable) layout: 

Yes, Diana took our little quiz, and we're excited to get her take on Friendship...
What is your earliest memory of “making a friend”?

DIANE: My best friend as a kid was a girl named Michelle. We would do everything together. My fondest memory is baking and decorating sugar cookies together for Christmas. Maybe that is where my love for baking comes from! 

Do you make friends easily or is it more difficult for you?

DIANA: I have always had a difficult time making friends. I am pretty quiet, an introvert, and stubborn at times. When I do make friends, they become part of my family and I would do anything for them. Bff2webWhat is the most challenging thing about friendship as an adult?

DIANA: The most challenging thing for me is making time to see my friends. I have a tendency to keep myself busy with my kids or hobbies when I am not at work. One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2013 is to set aside at least one day a month to hang out with my friends. 

Favorite thing to do with your friends?

DIANA: I love to watch girlie movies or just sit around drinking coffee and chit chatting. Bff3web

Fill in the rest of the statement: “Friendship is…”

DIANA: Friendship is when you can pick up a conversation a few weeks later and it doesn’t seem like any time as passed. 


Next week, Best Friends starts shipping, and if you order THIS MONTH, you'll be eligible to WIN handmade goodies from our Design Team! For instance, this card set from Designer Nina Ostermann is going to be tucked inside someone's box as a thank you for ordering... 


All you have to do is head over to the Webster's Pages Website and start shopping today! The bonus is, you get some GORGEOUS product to play with...and we can't WAIT to see what you create! 

Tell us, what are you creating this weekend? 

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Blog Post

In Celebration of Friendship {Inspired by Best Friends}

Postheader (2)
We have been loving this celebration of Friendship, loving all of our favorite friends (that's YOU!) and loving the inspiring projects we get to share all week long on our blog! 

Today, we have TWO awesome Best Friends layouts that are sure to brighten your day (along with some great get-to-know-you questions with Stacey & Jaime!) 

First, take a peek at this adorable layout by Designer Stacey Michaud:


Is anyone else loving these talk bubbles? We're also huge fans of the way Stacey used this collection for a boy layout {it totally works!} 

We asked Stacey FIVE Friendship questions...and here's what she had to say:

Do you make friends easily or is it more difficult for you?

STACEY: It's interesting...the friends I have made in my life have all been "fast friends" or "soul sisters". Women and men who have come into my life at a certain time or because of a specific situation where bonding occurs quickly. Maybe I don't let everyone in easily so when I do open myself up, it is fast and furious.

What are the most important traits a friend should have?

STACEY: I believe a friend should be non-judgmental. They should love you for all your good qualities and in spite of your flaws. A friend is loyal and honest.

What is the most challenging thing about friendship as an adult? 

STACEY: My biggest challenge is finding time to foster my friendships.  Families, errands, work and a host of other responsibilities affect the amount of time in a day. Social media is helping, but I also want that face to face interaction that is hard to schedule.

What is something you want your friends to know but maybe haven't told them?

STACEY; I don't think I tell my friends enough how appreciative I am. Maybe I take it for granted sometimes, but I really do cherish my friends. Each one has made me the woman I am and are helping me to grow into the woman I want to be.


Do you have a favorite quote about friendship?

STACEY: I love the quote "Friends come into your life for a season, for a reason or for life." I have found that sentiment to be true. I can fondly recall many friendships that have ended for whatever reason. This quote reminds me that its okay because friendship serves many purposes.

Next, Designer Jaime Warren went to town with Best Friends incorporating the tried and true Clean and Simple style that we love so much. Look at her beauty of a layout:
We also gave Jaime our 5 Question Friendship Quiz and here's what she had to say: 

What are the most important traits a friend should have? 
JAIME: Honesty, Loyalty, A sense of humor and Trustworthiness. 
What is the most challenging thing about friendship as an adult? 
JAIME: The very same things that are challenging as a child/teen. There will always be those who will be by your side no matter what - and there are those who you think will...but then they never are. The thing about adult friendships is that you learn much quicker who is a true friend and who is not.
Favorite thing to do with your friends? 
JAIME: Shopping, camping, movies...we spend some time with just us, but we also have a lot of family time together. 
Notice how Jaime cut apart the Picture This paper to create a little frame for her photo:
What is something you want your friends to know but maybe haven't told them? 
JAIME: I know I have my quirks. I know I'm spacy and not always on top of things...but I appreciate every little thing that you do. I know that friends like the ones I have are hard to come by and I am incredibly grateful for them. 

Do you make friends easily?

JAIME: It has always been difficult for me. I'm an introvert and I have a hard time putting myself out there. It takes a while to truly get to know me...and that can put people off.  


We hope you're loving this Celebration of Friendship as much as we are! Don't forget if you purchase Best Friends during the month of October, you're automatically entered to win a fabulous handmade prize from one of our talented designers...
It'll make your box even swoonier. 

Order Best Friends TODAY!

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Blog Post

The Very Best of Friends {Order Today!}

Postheader (2)
Our celebration of friendship is in full force, and we're here today to talk to the lovely Jill Cornell about her take on the topic. Thankfully, Jill agreed to create an adorable Best Friends layout featuring two of her favorite people, her twins: 


We asked Jill FIVE Friendship questions (any of which would be great journaling topics!) Read on to find out more about her (and get a closer peek at her sweet layout.)  


What is your earliest memory of "making a friend"?
JILL: I can clearly remember the friends I made in kindergarten as most of these relationships carried on through my elementary, junior high and high school years. When you grow up together with a group of friends, it's easy to remember time spent in the classroom, on the playground or at each other's houses.

Do you make friends easily or is it more difficult for you?

JILL: I have never really been someone to approach people in a new situation. I guess I am a little shy in that way. But once I do become friends with someone, I take those relationships seriously and then the extrovert in me comes out.


What is your favorite thing to do with your friends?
JILL: I have several "groups" of friends - high school friends, college friends, church friends, and mom friends. Over the past year, a group of friends from my small hometown (mostly those of us that now live in a bigger city) get together once a month to go out for dinner and laughs. I absolutely love this time together so much! My stomach will literally ache like I've been doing 100 sit-ups from laughing so much with these girls. We're talking more than 25+ years of friendship. We drifted apart a little bit but always jumped right in where we left off when we would get together. And we have started making these monthly get-togethers a priority so our relationships are better than ever!
Don't you love the way Jill used the Best Friends overlay on her layout?

What is the nicest thing a friend has ever done for you?
JILL: Immediately after my husband and I were chosen by a birth mother for our adoption, our very dear friends from church jumped right in and put together a fundraiser for us. We were able to raise the bulk of what we needed to finalize our adoption expenses. I know we will never forget their gift and sacrifice of time and money so that we might give our twin girls their forever home.

If you could be friends with anyone in the world (living or dead) who would you choose?
JILL: Well, this is a fun question! And I'm going to answer it in a way that gives me a time machine. ;) Although I don't know if I could have made it in pioneer days (love my modern conveniences a little too much), I would have loved to be friends with Laura Ingalls Wilder. When I read her books as a young girl, I remember thinking that it would be fun to experience life as she did. I could vividly picture myself there with her in a simple cotton dress playing with corn husk dolls. Maybe my answer means it's simplicity I crave these days!  

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, Jill! 

And how about if you head over to our website and stock up on Best Friends today? Anyone who orders $25 or more during the month of October is automatically entered to win handmade prizes from our very own design team...card sets, tag books, mini albums...tucked inside the delivery just for you...
Speaking of winners... here are the winners of our Halloween Blog Hop!!
From Jill's blog: Amy Jones
From Stacey's blog: Wendy (click your name to see if this is your profile!)
From Diana's blog: Beth W.
From Jamie's blog: Tina Merritt
From our blog: Jean Bullock
Lucky ladies, send your address to cwalsh{at}websterspages{dot}com and I'll get your prize in the mail! :) 


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Blog Post

Welcome Our New Friend {October Guest Designer, Ginger Williams}

Postheader (2)

Dsc_3846 (Small)Around here, we LOVE making new friends... and when they're incredibly inspiring, well, that's even better! 

Today, we are SO thrilled to introduce you to Ginger Williams, our Guest Design Team Member for the month of October. 

Ginger has such a gorgeous, Clean & Simple style and our design team members had so much fun lifting some of her fabulous layouts. 

The best part is, we sent Ginger both our Once Upon a Halloween & Game On Collections, and the projects she sent back are UBER-awesome...and we think you'll agree. 

Ginger says: My scrabooking style is linear and layered. I adore texture, small details, and bright colors. Small geometric or striped patterns are my favorite paper designs. I love straight lines and my circle cutters and circle punches, and die cut machines get a lot of work too! I also love bold titles, and any paper in my favorite color--orange! I love to make home decor with my scrapbook supplies and I also make cards, gift items, and design sketches.

Here's a peek at a few of the projects Ginger created for us:


Love the natural look and feel of this layout...just perfect timing with Halloween almost here! 

Ginger also created these gorgeous Halloween cards:


Anabelle O'Malley had just gotten a fresh box of Best Friends, so her Ginger-lift celebrates a special friendship memory and also shows off our newest collection: Anabelle_web

Keeping in line with our Celebration of Friendship, we asked Anabelle 5 Questions on the topic, and this is what she had to say: 

Do you make friends easily? 

ANABELLE: I tend to make friends easily as I am a very social person. I love being around people. My husband often says I'd talk to a wall if I had to. Lol. 

What are the most important traits a friend should have? 

ANABELLE: The most important traits of a friend, to me, are that they are loyal, a good listener and are someone that you can laugh with. 


What is the most challenging thing about friendship? 

ANABELLE: As an adult, I find the most challenging thing about friendships is finding time for 'girl time'. With work and kid schedules its so hard to catch up. Thank goodness for texting and Facebook. Even quick hellos this way are better than nothing!!

Do you have a favorite friendship quote? 

ANABELLE: My favorite friendship quote comes from Winnie the Pooh via A.A. Milne - "If you live to be a hundred, I want to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you. "


If you could be girlfriends with anyone in the world (living or dead) who would it be? 

ANABELLE: There are lots of people I'd love to be friends with but the person who first comes to mind is Ina Garten (the Barefoot Contessa from the food network). I'd love to hang out and cook with her in her AMAZING barn/kitchen. Then we'd sit outside in her garden in the Hamptons and have a wonderful meal with all of our other friends


There is MUCh more inspiration waiting for you over on Ginger's Guest Designer Thread...get to know our new friend a whole lot better and ooh and ahh over the layouts and cards she and our designers have created.

And feel free to start shopping Best Friends over on our website today! 

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Blog Post

In Celebration of Friendship {Best Friends}

Postheader (2)

Last week we were able to reveal our brand new Best Friends collection...and this week, we're THRILLED to share the inspiring projects our designers have created just for you. 

This week, we're celebrating we've asked each of our designers FIVE questions on the topic. Not only will you be inspired by their creations, you'll be intrigued by their answers... 

First, Erin Blegen:

Erin's-layout-1_webWe LOVE all the detail work on this layout. The layers, the fussy cutting, the way the Perfect Accent is backed by a spray of ribbon. GORGEOUS!

So, we asked Erin FIVE Friendship questions...take a closer look at her layout while you get to know her a little better:

Do you make friends easily? 

ERIN: I used to have no problem making friends, but now that I'm a mom I find I'm much more hesitant with who I allow into my life because it's not just "me" anymore. Before moving to where I grew up, we lived in my husband's hometown. After 3 years at my job there I finally started hanging out with my work friends outside of work! So I'm a tough "buy".
What are the most important traits a friend should have?

ERIN: Where to start? For me, if you're going to be my friend you just have to accept me for ME. I need a friend who can be just as sarcastic and weird as I can be sometimes, haha!! I need someone who will take the time to listen as well as I will do for them. Trustworthy, loyal, caring. Someone who I can just be myself with!
What is the most challenging thing about friendship as an adult?

ERIN: As an adult with children, honestly it's making the TIME to continue with and work on my friendships! I think it's just easier sometimes to stick with your routine of raising children and putting yourself last than it is to be like, "Hey, I really need some 'girl time'!"

Favorite thing to do with your friends?
ERIN: Sit on my porch and gossip while the kids play! And eat :)~!
What is something you want your friends to know but maybe haven't told them?

ERIN: I'm TERRIBLE at instigating a get-together! They probably know this because I'm usually the one to receive an invitiation rather than give one, but it doesn't mean that I don't care or don't want to see them! I'm just a very busy mom and sometimes I need to be DRAGGED out of the house before I'll go! BUT, I'm always so glad when they do!
Swirl_2We didn't forget our WINNERS!!! 
We've got Best Friends Winners, Blog Hop Winners & more prizes coming up this week...don't worry, we haven't forgotten! Come back tomorrow to see if YOU won! 
Very Special RAK
 Finally, we're SO excited because this release has us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. We're doing a VERY special RAK this month and it goes like this...we have eleven very special prizes coming in from our Design Team...handmade creations from their studio to yours...
We'll be randomly including these prizes in eleven boxes, and anyone who purchases $25 of Best Friends during the month of October is eligible to win.
Best Friends is ON SALE NOW, so start shopping anytime! This is one collection you don't want to miss!
Promoimage copy01

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Introducing {Best Friends Digital}

Whether you're a traditional scrapper, a hybrid scrapper or a full-on digital scrapper, there are so many ways to incorporate digital products into your memory keeping. 

That's why we're thrilled to reveal our brand new Best Friends DIGITAL Collection. We asked Designer Julie Walton to play with this line, and look at the adorable layout she created: 


We are in love with that photo strip and all the fun little elements she incorporated. 

So, just what do we have on the digital menu? Websters_pages_digital_paperWebsters_pages_digital_polaroidframesWebsters_pages_digital_talkbubblesWebsters_pages_digital_tapeWebsters_pages_digital_buttonsWebsters_pages_digital_chipboardWebsters_pages_digital_glassbaublesWebsters_pages_digital_lace

Tell us, do you use digital elements in your scrapbooking? 

How would you like to WIN a Best Friends Digital Collection Kit? We've got one up for grabs just for leaving a comment on this post. 

As always, we'd LOVE for your help in spreading the word, so we're offering four additional chances to win. Blog, Facebook, Tweet or Pin this post or the BEST FRIENDS DIGITAL collection & then come back and leave another comment letting us know you did! Four more chances just for being chatty! 

Speaking of winners...Tuesday's post warranted a lot of excitement (and rightfully so...) but there is only ONE lucky winner and she is Abigail Stoops! Abigail, send me your address at and I'll get your prize package out right away! 

Happy Weekend!

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Blog Post

Introducing {Best Friends Goodness}

Today we get to share the last of our BIG Best Friends REVEAL {although tomorrow holds some lovely little surprises...} And we are thrilled to share some BRAND NEW additions that we've never done before. 

For instance, look at these lovelies:


These adorable little notebooks are the perfect size to stick in your purse and capture just about anything you want...Christmas lists, important notes, creative name it! There's nothing as inspiring as a blank page, right? 

Of course, we are thrilled by the response to our Patterned Overlays, so we made sure to create a couple to perfectly coordinate with Best Friends...and look:

Here's a closer look at each of these beauties:



Finally, we've got the always popular patterned Die Cut: 


Did we mention it's double-sided?

Watch our Facebook page for a FUN chance to WIN BIG...and don't forget about Tuesday's post because there's still time to enter that giveaway too! 

So much fun stuff going on here at Webster's Pages...we'll see you tomorrow for so much more...

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Blog Post

Introducing {Best Friends Stickers}

Just as we thought, you guys are swooning over this collection just like we are! We're SO happy to read all the things you LOVE about Best Friends...{and yes, there's still time to enter our giveaway...just click HERE}

You know we're not quite done showing you the pieces of this collection, don't you? Because today we get to share our brand new Best Friends stickers...


These Mini Message stickers are so incredibly versatile. Think of all the cool things you could do with them! We've loved watching our designer work them into their titles, their journaling, even as simple design additions to make their pages really pop. 

Here's a peek at the third sticker sheet and a sneak at our gorgeous patterned die cut (full reveal on that tomorrow!) 


We are also excited to have our Storyteller Alphas (and little Storytellers) in these four gorgeous colors:

Gorgeous, right? 

We're loving the response to Best Friends so far...remember, this collection goes on sale next week and starts shipping October 22nd! Is anyone else READY!? (We're working on something extra fun for people who order during the month of October, so be sure to check back every day for more information!) 

And don't forget to enter our giveaway...we want Best Friends on YOUR doorstep! 

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Blog Post

Introducing {Best Friends Dimensional Embellishments}

We are in love with the way our BRAND NEW BEST FRIENDS collection mixes elegance with a touch of Webster's whimsy:

Promoimage copy01
And we think you're going to LOVE what we have to share today...

Dimensional embellishments...the perfect way to really make your designs POP...and this new set of Best Friends embellishments is going to make your heart all a-flutter. Read on and find out how YOU can WIN Best Friends {before it hits the stores!}

First, we have our always popular Perfect Accents:


...which are positively breath-taking. 

Our Perfect Petals are the epitome of perfection:


These StoryMarkers are so unique, and there are so many fun ways to incorporate them into your crafting...what will YOU do if they show up at your door?


Finally, our trims are always such a gorgeous addition to every collection, and this Best Friends Trim Card is like icing on the Best Friends Cake. Just look: 


Think of all the texture you can add with these beautiful, dimensional embellishments. 

Now. You know we love to get our products out the door and into your we thought it was high time to do a giveaway... 


How would you like to WIN a Best Friends Prize Pack {before it hits the stores}? 

All you have to do is... 

Tell us in the comments on this post what you love most about this collection. 

But wait! We would LOVE to spread the word about this new line... SO we're giving you FOUR more chances to win...

Simply Blog, Facebook, Tweet or Pin this post, then come back here and leave another comment for each one you do. Simple, right? 

We'll choose one lucky winner this Friday to receive a Best Friends Prize Pack! 

So, tell us...what do YOU love about Best Friends?

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Blog Post

Welcome Our New Collection {Best Friends}

Yes, this week is going to be EXTRA fun for us...because we get to reveal something downright swoony... our newest collection!

We can't show it all at once, so today we'll let you drool over the papers (don't worry, we're drooling too.)

Please welcome Best Friends!!!...


Take a look at all of the gorgeous patterns in this collection. Both Classic and Clean & Simple, so there really is something for everyone!


This line ships out in just a couple weeks and PRE-ORDERING starts NEXT WEEK. We've got all kinds of fun things accompanying this release! We hope you'll come back all week long for more reveals and chances to WIN Best Friends for yourself. 

Tomorrow we're showing some of the Best Friends embellishments {Let the swooning continue...}

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Blog Post

Trick or Treat Week {A Spook-tastic Blog Hop}

This week has been all about Halloween, and we're having such a blast sharing fun ways you can decorate and document this spooky October holiday that we're rolling it into a BLOG HOP! We think this is a great way to close out Trick or Treat Week here on our blog, don't you? 

Come Trick or Treating with Webster's Pages!

Perhaps you've seen the way we do blog hops before, but if not, this is how it will work...(And I'm going to show you sneak peeks of some of the awesomely inspiration projects along the way...) 


We've placed "Hidden Halloween Treats" all along the Blog Hop Route, but we're not telling you where they are! 


As you HOP from blog to blog, leave comments along the way...because you never know where a big prize is hiding! 


Besides, how could you NOT comment with all the amazing inspiration you're going to stumble upon!? 


The hop starts right here and then you can follow the list provided below, or just watch the end of each blog post to see where to go next.


Prize winners will be announced next Friday, so if you get interrupted, you have plenty of time to come back and keep hopping! 

Easy as Halloween pie, yes? 

Okay, here's the list in case you get lost: (You want to click on Larissa's blog're going to LOVE what she has in store!) 











Come Trick or Treating with Webster's Pages... you never know what inspiration you're going to find! 

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Blog Post

Trick or Treat Week {Make it a Mini}


One really great way to commemorate your Halloween AND create a bit of fun decor is to create a Halloween Mini book like this one from Designer Larissa Albernaz: 

Haunted house mini cover

Larissa used a chipboard mini album as her base and then various parts of Once Upon a Halloween to decorate the interior pages. 


Love the fun addition of the Owl Cameo on the page above...those are such a great little detail to sprinkle throughout any project. 


Here, you can see that purple flower is the perfect "pop" on a more neutral style page:

Haunted house mini pages 2 & 3_edited-1

We also love the way Larissa worked in the Spider Overlay by cutting the design from the transparency and adhering it near this hand-cut web:

Haunted house mini pages 4 & 5

There are so many fun details all throughout this mini, and what a great way to capture the memories of a very special fact, you can use our Mini Message Stickers throughout a mini like this for those extra special pops! 

Haunted house mini pages 6 & 7_edi1

So, how about you? Have you created a Halloween minibook? We'd love to see!

Haunted house mini pages 8 & 9_edi-2

Tomorrow, you're going to want to come back right here because tomorrow is our TRICK OR TREAT BLOG HOP! 

We'll have tons of Halloween inspiration, prizes and spooky fun for all! 

Can't wait to see you there! In the meantime, head over to our website for all your Halloween papercrafting needs...


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Blog Post

Trick or Treat Week {Quick & Easy Treat Bags & A Quick & Easy Layout}

TricktreatbannerWhat if we told you you could make adorable Halloween treats for your child to take to school without spending a ton of time or money? Would you love us forever? 

We know the pressure of creating something a bit unique, so today we've asked Diana Brodeur to share her quick and easy treat bags you can create in no time!


First, Diana gathered her candy and stuffed it in inside plastic sandwich bags. If she's anything like the rest of us, she ate a few KitKats, you know, for creative energy...
Next, she took various sheets of our Once Upon a Halloween papers and cut them to 6.5" x 4.5", and folded them over the sandwich bag and stapled them in the center. 
Finally, the fun part...embellishing them! 
This sheet of paper is a wonderful (and easy) way to add some punch to your treat bags:

Simply cut the images apart and adhere them to the top of the bag like Diana did. Add a few trims underneath and you've got a sweet treat with that special handmade flair! 
Halloween treats aren't the only challenge of the can be tricky to do layouts that show the same event year after year. 
Thankfully, Emma Trout has created a new layout with a fresh design to inspire you: 
We are loving the fussy-cut details she's layered to create this adorable page, and we're also loving how she's managed to keep so much white space around her central focal point. 
What a great idea! 
So, what are you looking forward to crafting most this Halloween? 
Perhaps our new collection would be a good source of inspiration. You can stock up HERE

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Blog Post

Trick or Treat Week {Halloween Cards}

All week long we are casting our gaze forward to the end of this month...and giving you TONS of Halloween ideas to celebrate this spooky season! 

The best part is, we're ending it all with a Blog Hop and several of our designers are joining in the fun, so be sure to hang around and tell us what inspiration you need to make your very own Handmade Halloween...

Kicking off Trick or Treat week is Designer Anabelle O'Malley who spooked things up with her festive card set:


Anabelle is a card master. Can you imagine giving this to your child's teacher or perhaps leaving it with a treat in your mailbox for the mail carrier? 


Here's a close-up so you can see the dimension Anabelle added to this adorable card:


One of our favorite things about Once Upon a Halloween is the color combo. There are so many options to make your Halloween projects really pop, thanks to this grown-up take on Halloween. It's playful yet elegant, and that's why we love it!


Don't forget the texture you can add with our gorgeous Halloween Trims: 


Notice Anabelle has incorporated them on a couple of these cards, including this one: 


...which is especially interesting given that this little bit of trim is cut away and treated like a single embellishment. When a trim packs that much interest, you can do that perfectly! 

We want to know what you're making for Halloween this year? 

Head over to our website today and stock up on Once Upon a Halloween in plenty of time to create a handmade holiday to remember! 

Hal_Cameos Hal_Princess-_Petals Hal_Transparencies Hal_Storymarkers


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