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Have you guessed our BIG News?! {Here's Another Hint!}

It's almost time to reveal our BIG news! 

Any more guesses? Do you think you know what it is? 

Don't worry, we have another hint for you. 

Today's Hint is: Color & Composition

And yes, we are revealing a bit more of the puzzle...what do you think?

We do love a good secret, but telling it is going to be even better...

What do you think it is?

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Big News Meets Bigger News {Do you know the secret?!}

Oooh, the speculation has begun and we are LOVING it! 

We're so beyond excited over here, we really want to just shout it from the rooftops...but we've decided to be patient in our, another hint. 

The hint is: 

Graphic Design

And we'll pull away a few more puzzle pieces for you too...


Our BIG NEWS is SO BIG it's cause for even more BIG NEWS...{there's SO much going on around anyone else excited?}

Take a peek:BonushintWebsters_pages_dt_call_big_news


Tune in this weekend for more hints leading up to our BIG REVEAL on Monday! Happy Guessing!

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Blog Post

As if the warehouse sale wasn't enough excitement for this week (And yes, you still have until Thursday at NOON EST to order your box!), we have yet a few more surprises up our sleeve...and friends, we're just getting started. 

Right around the corner, we will be sharing TONS of new products for your creative pleasure, but before we do we have some ginormous and exciting news!

But we can't just spill the beans just yet. Instead...we are going to lift up the pieces one by one until finally, all will be revealed!


We know, it's a bit vague, but we promise it'll be worth it...and next week, we'll have all kinds of HUGE NEWS to share, plus prizes and giveaways and inspiration (oh my!) 

So, before we about a ONE WORD HINT? 


Let the speculating begin!...What do YOU think our big news could be? 


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Inspiration from the Warehouse {It's Not Too Late!}

One more day of this glorious Warehouse Sale...have you snagged yours yet?! (Click the photo to buy now!)


No doubt when you get this box, you're going to have TONS of creative ideas floating around in your head, but just in case you aren't sure where to start, we wanted to give you some fabulous inspiration from Erin Blegen, who had a ton of fun playing with her warehouse goodies! 


Erin created this adorable tag set and we are fully enamored with it. Take a closer look. Here, she really makes the fabric ticket the star:


The second tag has so many beautiful layers, and we especially love the butterfly Erin added underneath the flowers. Don't you love how she incorporated Once Upon a Halloween papers into the mix here? So clever!


The third tag is sweetly beautiful. We absolutely love the Designer Threads, so seeing this adorable flower with a Designer Thread center just makes us swoon. 


What will YOU create with your Warehouse Box goodies?! There's still time, just visit our website to snag your own big box 'o happy! 

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Inspired by our Warehouse Sale {It's Not Too Late!}


Well, feast your eyes on that pure beauty! We are so in love with this Warehouse Sale and LOVE how many of you are taking advantage of its awesomeness! We hope you'll snag your box before they're all gone!

We thought you might want a little inspiration for after you get your box, so we asked Designer Erin Blegen to whip up a layout using only what's inside. She was happy to oblige:


Granted, there is still a LOT more in her box, but look at how gorgeous this design is! We are completely smitten. We LOVE the way Erin fussy-cut some of the motifs, layering them to give the perfect amount of dimension. 


And what a clever way to make your title jump out:


With so many products to play with, you can layer and cut and snip and glue to your heart's content!


You can also mix newer products, like our Charms, with older ones, like our Dazzle-Me Gems, for fabulous results! 


We can't wait to see what goodies come of your warehouse box... head over to our website and grab one for yourself TODAY!

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Blog Post

HUGE Warehouse Sale {It's LIVE!}

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Blog Post

Warehouse Sale! {Today is the day!}

Be sure to head over to the Webster's Pages website today at NOON EST so you don't miss out on this awesome sale! 

We can hardly WAIT for noon! 

See you there!

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Beautiful Leftovers {And a HUGE Warehouse Sale!}

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but around here we think this picture is worth exactly ONE word: WOW! 

Yes, we really ARE having a monster Warehouse Sale and it looks a little something like this:

Websters_pages_black_friday_warehouse_saleIt's our way of saying THANK YOU for being the absolute BEST customers around! 

Since today is a day of leftovers, we thought it fitting to ask our designers to create layouts using scraps from other projects. Take a peek at what they've come up with. 

Diana Brodeur:


Emeline Seet:


Jamie Harder:


Jaz Lee:


Next time you're tempted to sweep those scraps in the trash, pause for a moment and consider what you can create with them...clearly you can do amazing things when you gather bits and pieces together. 

Wishing you a beautiful, relaxing, leftover-filled weekend! Come back Monday for our HUGE warehouse sale! We can hardly wait!

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Inspired Gratitude {Happy Thanksgiving}

Novemberthanksgivingart (2)

It's here, a day to show our thanks...and we're starting by thanking YOU...for being such an important part of our family. Rather than simply telling you how grateful we are, we've decided to show you... and we're doing that by hosting an incredible Warehouse Sale next Monday, November 26th. 

Watch our blog (and your inbox) for details but I can tell you this...STAY TUNED!

In the meantime, we wanted to share a bit of Thanksgiving inspiration...a gratitude tag book from Designer Erin Blegen:



Take a closer look at this clever and beautiful way to capture all the things you're thankful for... 


Count your blessings and then capture them in a little book that would make an excellent gift or keepsake for you or someone you love. 

Wishing you the very best Thanksgiving...from our family to yours...

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Parade of Gratitude {Tag Style} Part 2

We are brimming with thankfulness and so excited to be sharing it with you as we move towards Thanksgiving and into Christmas. 

Hopefully you'll be as inspired as we are to create beautiful things... 

Look at this gorgeous work of art from Designer Gerry van Gent: 


Gerry's tag is so visually interesting, you can hardly stop from getting closer to your screen for a better look. (Which may just be a running theme with this post!) We love that Gerry is celebrating two very special people with her tag...beautiful, right? 

Anabelle O'Malley is also thankful for her family this season:


...and she's chosen a beautiful way to show it. The added texture in her tag makes this one extra special and just so, so pretty...


Emma Trout decided to create a set of layered tags, though you may never know it by looking at the finished product:

Here, you can see the individual tags and how they fit together to create the gorgeous masterpiece you see above. Pretty clever, if we do say so (and we do.) Emma1_web

Tomoko Takahashi also created a perfectly designed tag celebrating her love of her family:


Our unique trims and Perfect Accents (and of course the way Tomoko put them all together) really make this project something special... We also love the color combination and the way she's pulled the royal purple into this mostly red tag. It just works! 

Diana Brodeur took a more simple approach and also shows how you can use your tags to display your gratitude:


Simply set it up alongside a favorite photo and you've got instant art! 

Or, take the same approach as Designer Jill Cornell, who has outlined several of the things she's grateful for on this one tag:


In fact, you could create blank versions to include on your Thanksgiving table and have your guests fill in their tags with what they are most thankful for. Save them together for a cherished Thanksgiving keepsake. 

Tell us, will there be handmade elements to your Thanksgiving this year? We'd love to see what you're creating! 

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Parade of Gratitude {Tag Style}

This week, we are focusing on all the many things we're thankful for...and we're commemorating our gratitude with an assortment of beautiful Thanksgiving tags that are sure to inspire. 

For starters, look at these three beauties by Designer Jaz Lee, who created a tag for each of her three kids:


We love the way Jaz cut the images of her kids and included them on these adorable tags. Wouldn't they make great door hangers for their rooms? 


Next, be inspired by this gem from Designer Larissa Albernaz:


We absolutely love the detail Larissa added to this tag...from the texture of the trim and Perfect Petal on the top to the dimension she included wtih the handcut elements...we are smitten! 

Perhaps you prefer a cleaner, simpler design? Then Jamie Harder's Gratitude tag is the perfect inspiration:


We love the way the large Flower Charm really pops on Jamie's tag, even on a somewhat neutral background. Perfection! 

Gabrielle Pollacco celebrated her family with this exquisite tag:


We lovethe way Gabi used a stamp to include such a sweet sentiment, and of course the details she's added are gorgeous, as usual. 

Speaking of gorgeous, look at this beauty from Designer Emeline Seet:


The Perfect Petal doesn't need much embellishment to be absolutely breath-taking, and Emeline added just the right touches. 

This week especially, we are celebrating our blessings...and there are so, so many.

Tell us, what are you most thankful for this year? 

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Make it Mini {in a snap!}

We are in love with mini albums. Little bursts of creativity that are both functional and beautiful? What could be better? And these would make perfect Christmas gifts for just about anyone on your list!

Today, we get to share a beautiful Best Friends Mini Book courtesy of the fabulous Iris Babao Uy. Just look:


Iris used this collection to create a stunning "Snap Album" to document her daughter's Halloween this year. Take a look at the gorgeous interior pages:


Iris also mixed pocket pages with regular layouts for some wonderful variety. For this, she cut up the Picture This! patterned paper, which gave her the perfect backgrounds for these adorable photos:


What a great way to break up the album!

We love the way Iris pulled in some Once Upon a Halloween sentiments to round out the project. 


So, are you a mini book maker? We'd love to see what you've been creating lately! Be sure to share over at inspireME so we can all inspire each other! 

Websters_pages_blog_footer_best_friends_tags (2)

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Non-Traidtional Christmas Cards {& a Challenge}

Christmas card week is coming to a close, but we still have two more gorgeous cards to inspire you today. {Hopefully just in time for weekend card-making!}

Maybe you're hoping for something a little less traditional this year...why not pull in a non-traditional Christmas color like Anabelle O'Malley did with this card:


Anabelle's addition of the pink makes this one really pop and turns into a modern, gorgeous piece of Christmas perfection. 


We absolutely love the way this Perfect Accent jumps right off the center of the card for added texture that's wonderfully touchable! 


Designer Emeline Seet also took a non-traditional approach with this beautiful creation:


We are smitten with Emelines lush purple and gold take on Christmas. This is the perfect color combo for instant elegance. 

So, how about you? Are you ready to make some cards? Head over to inspireME to find out more about this month's Card could WIN some Webster's Pages of your very own! 

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Christmas Cards From Layout Scraps {Quick & Easy}

This week, we're chatting all about cards. More specifically, we're chatting about Christmas cards...and today we've got a few treats for you. 

First, we have Stacey Michaud to show you how you can take the scraps from your next layout and put them to good use in a card...First, here's the adorable layout:


We LOVE Stacey's Clean and Simple style and love the way she captured the magic of Christmas using our Royal Christmas collection.

Stacey says: "I worked along the diagonal to create this page. I started with the cluster in the top, left hand corner. I love the light colored background, but wanted to add some interest. I cut some of the oval artisan shapes and incorporated them around the page. The circle trim and forest green papers add pops of dark color. 


Now, Stacey was left with some scraps on her table, so she gave herself a challenge to create the card using only those scraps. We think she did a pretty good job!


The great part is that the card was fairly simple to create. Here are Stacey's easy step-by-step instructions:

Step ONE: Cut a 6 x 9" rectangle from the Sugar Plums paper and add a 4.5 X 2" purple rectangle along the top of the card using the Starry Night paper.

Step TWO: Place a piece of the scalloped lace trim around the card, so the scallop lays about 4" from the top.

Step THREE: Beginning about 3" from the top of the card layer 1/2" strips of leftovers, working upwards and place the Happy card cut from the Greeting Cards sheet of paper to the left of the card, about a 1/2" from the top.


Step FOUR: Use the leftover circle trim on the middle strip to add depth and add the cut off strip along the top of the card, cut at 4.5 by 1/4".

Step FIVE: Place a Perfect Accent along the side of the Happy card, then layer a natural material like hemp to tie a bow.  

Step SIX: Add final touches like the cut out star from the Starry Nights paper and the circle from the trim.


Gorgeous, right? This card makes your leftover scraps look so good!

Designer Jamie Harder is also here with a fun little trick today...glitter snowflakes. First, look at the quick and easy card she created: 


Creating your own is simple if you follow Jamie's four easy steps. 

Step ONE: Print off a snowflake image to use as a template. 
Step TWO: Place wax paper over top of image (Tape wax paper to the page to keep it in place). Spread a small amount of dish soap lightly over wax paper covering image.

Step THREE: Using a glue gun, place glue onto the image of the snowflake.
Step FOUR: Allow the glue to dry. When dry, gently peel off the wax paper. Cover lightly with clear glue and sprinkle sparkles over top.
When dry it is ready to use as an embellishment on a card, page or to hang from your tree as is!

What a fun idea! So...about those Christmas cards...are you ready to start creating? Don't forget our Botanical Christmas collection is 50% off this week only...and our brand new Royal Christmas collection makes beautiful holiday greeting! 


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Christmas Card Extravaganza!

Christmas Cards abound today on our blog because we know what it's like to want to make handmade greetings and to run out of time! 

We don't want that to happen to you, so we're bringing you tons of inspiring ideas all week long! First, take a peek at this beautiful card set from Designer Erin Blegen: 


Erin's cards would make lovely gifts all on their own. An ideal way to send a special greeting to someone you love. Take a look at this elegant gold and purple display:


Why not make something like this to house a gift card or cash gift? We love Erin's gold/pink combo on this layout. What a clever take on Christmas!


Of course, you could go more traditional with red, green & gold, like this beauty here:


Notice how Erin incorporated the StoryMarker into her design? We love the elegance and detail that adds! 

Speaking of detail, take a peek at this adorable holiday house from Designer Larissa Albernaz:


Who says all greetings have to fit in an envelope? We love the way Larissa created this adorable dimensional Christmas house, perfect for adding to your mantle decor or any kind of holiday display. 

But what if  you're looking for a simple design you can reproduce in a snap? Then you'll love these cards from Designer Nina Ostermann:


Here, you can see how Nina cut the card backgrounds, then the patterned papers and layered on the photos in duplicate:


Next, she created simple photo mats, punch stars and added trim: 

Doing one task at a time makes the cards go much quicker and you'll be done before you know it.

Remember, you don't have to have exactly the same patterns for every single card. Instead, use the whole of your papers for a varied and versatile effect. 

Now...why don't you head over to our website where we've got our brand new Royal Christmas collection AND 50% off of our Botanical Christmas collection? Time to get started on that holiday inspiration! 


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Blog Post

Welcome Guest Designer {Ashley Cannon Newell}

It's Card Week on our blog and we are all about inspiration! In fact, we even have a sensational Card Maker as a Guest Design Team member this month. Ashley Cannon Newell has been creating this month using some of our favorite Webster's Pages' collections, including Royal Christmas, and we can't wait to show you. 


But first, a little about Ashley in her own words...

I'm Ashley and I have a passion for paper crafting, photography, fashion, and trying new recipes in the kitchen. I have always been interested in the arts since I can remember. I started my first scrapbook in high school and that was long before any industry focused products were available. I started blogging in 2008 after discovering the paper crafting online world. Currently, I design for Papertrey Ink and also run a challenge-based eZine. When I'm not in my studio, you can find me at work (yep, gotta day job), photographing a wedding, surfing the Internet, or watching a Lifetime movie. 


Look at this beautiful Christmas card Ashley created:


Head over to inspireME to see TONS more inspiration from our Guest Designer... 

Of course, Ashley's cards inspired our designers in astounding ways. Take a look at how three of them created Ashley-inspired cards of their own. 

First, Designer Emeline Seet:


Emeline's adorable layered creation is more a piece of art than a simple greeting. We are perfectly smitten with the tiny details that make this card really shine. 

Designer Gerry van Gent also tried her hand at card-making, and, as expected, the results are gorgeous:Gerry1_web

Designer Emma Trout has also been hard at work, creating this beautiful Thank You card inspired by Ashley's work:


We love how all of these designers used Best Friends with incredibly different results. 

Remember, these cards can easily be translated into Christmas cards, simply shop our Christmas Collections, Royal Christmas and Botanical Christmas (which is 50% off this week only)! 

And head over to inspireME to see more from Ashley and several more design team members! 

Websters_pages_blog_footer_best_friends_tags (2)

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Blog Post

Quick & Easy Christmas Cards {You Can Create Today!}

While we have no intention of skipping over Thanksgiving like so many retail stores do, we DO want to help you prepare for holiday cardmaking...and the best way to do that is to pack you chock full of tons of ideas. 
Today, thanks to designer Jill Cornell, we have a Clean and Simple card that's easy to create, easy to duplicate and one that will certainly be put on display throughout the Christmas season. 
Creating this card can is easy if you follow Jill's simple instructions. Take it away, Jill! 
Step ONE:  Print family photos to 2" x 3" (I always leave a white border on my photos).
Step TWO:  Cut an 8.25" x 5.5" card base and fold in half (or pre-purchase).
Step THREE: Cut a window from the "Deck the Halls" patterned paper.

Step FOUR: Cut a 1.5" strip from "Pine Needles" patterned paper and cut to fit front of card. Adhere to bottom of card.

Step FIVE:Adhere window, photo and add "Merry Christmas" mini message sticker or similar sentiment.
Step SIX:Punch a star from vellum and adhere with foam adhesive to top of card.
Step SEVEN: Punch starburst circle from "Lights Aglow" patterned paper (B side) and adhere to center of vellum star. Add a rhinestone or pearl to center.
Step EIGHT: Tie knot in length of sparkle ribbon and adhere below photo.
Step NINE:  Draw a border around the edge of the card (or machine stitch) then stand back and admire your work. A card everyone will cherish straight through the holidays & beyond!
Start Shopping Today! 
Our brand new Royal Christmas Collection has all you need to create beautiful, sophisticated cards this year. Click the image below to start shopping today.
While you're on our site, check out last year's Christmas collection, Botanical Christmas, which is 50% off all week long! We can't wait to see your handmade Christmas cards this year!

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May Your Weekend be Inspired

We are gearing up for one very beautiful weekend, and that means we're sending you into prime creative time with some fabulous inspiration...and we'd love to hear if you're spending any time creating between now and Monday! 

Here is a Classic Webster's card set created by Designer Jaz Lee. How pretty are these?


Jaz created gift-worthy cards using our Best Friends collection and we're smitten with every single one.  


The Classic look doesn't have to be overly difficult. Here, you can see that Jaz has hand-cut a few elements and layered them using foam adhesive. While the end result looks intricate, if you break it down, you can see that it's all about building layer on top of layer.  


And the results are sensational.

Designer Kay Rogers has a completely different approach. Clean and Simple all the way. Her digital design is sweetly simple, with plenty of white space and a moment captured.  


We love the elegance of kay's layout and how the focus is right where it needs to be: on the photo and the memory.

Classic girl Gabrielle Pollacco pulled the attention to her photo in a different way: 


By positioning her embellishments in such a way that your eye can't help but travel to her daughter's gorgeous face.  We love all the texture our Classic girls implement, and this layout is a prime example. 

Don't you want to reach out and touch it? 


Clusters of dimensional embellishments with little pops of the unexpected (like the butterfly charm above) are a great way to add visual interest to every layout. 


What will you be creating this weekend? We would LOVE to see how you're using Webster's Pages in your unique sure to join inspireME and start uploading your projects today! 

Websters_pages_blog_footer_best_friends_tags (2)

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Take Your Best Friends {Off the Page}

Best Friends is such a charming collection...whether in your scrapbooks, on your wall or anywhere in between. Today we want to know what kinds of "off-the-page" projects you love to do...

And, of course, we'll share a few inspiration pieces to get the creative juices flowing. 

First, take a look at this adorable altered artwork from Designer Kay Rogers:


These are the kinds of designs that are perfect on display. Nina Ostermann also created an adorable piece of Best Friends artwork (that has nothing to do with best friends at all...We love how versatile this line is!)

Take a peek:


We love that Nina used the same background Kay did, and yet their designs turned out completely different from each other. 


Tomoko Takahashi also went off-the-page to create this adorable mini book. The kind of mini book that makes you want to go create a mini book! If you have an involuntary burst of creative energy, we won't blame you one bit:


Here, you can see the adorable inside of this book (and the adorable peanut the book is about...)


And here, you can see the simple patterns that make the photo pop. What a great idea to add just a bit of scrapbooking goodies to a pre-made album like this one. It jazzes up the plain book perfectly. 


So, how will you pull your Best Friends off the page? We'd LOVE to see! Join inspireME and start adding your own inspiring projects today! 

Websters_pages_blog_footer_best_friends_tags (2)

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The BEST {Friend} kind of Mix-Up

We are SO thrilled our November Sprinkles Craftbox was a complete SELL OUT! {They're selling out quicker and quicker every month!} Thank you guys for taking advantage of this fabulous deal! Watch out for December's's going to be a good one! :) 

Now, on to more inspiration...We love how creative our designers get when we ask them to mix & match collections and Larissa Albernaz took this challenge with gusto. 

Look at this layout:


There are so many fun details to look at on this page. We just love the way Larissa layered embellishments and hand-cut motifs. Look at the butterflies...gorgeous!  


And, of course, our Classic girls know how to incorporate incredible texture on their layouts. There is so much on this page to reach out and touch! 


The tutu trim makes a lovely little pop of something unexpected that we've come to love from Larissa's layouts. Look how pretty this is:  


We also have a wonderful selection of Shared Embellishments that work so nicely with all of our lines, including Best Friends. Look at this gorgeous altered art journal from Designer Gerry van Gent: 


The butterfly push pins and the Designer Threads make such a perfect addition to this journal and to the Best Friends collection. Have you been mixing and matching lately?  


We did launch a Mix & Match Challenge and we had some gorgeous entries this time... we're excited to show you the beautiful winning layout: 


Bente Fagerberg used at least seven different collections on this page with stunning results, don't you agree? Bente, email me at cwalsh{at}websterspages{dot}com and we'll get your prize ordered right up! And thank you to everyone who entered...

Head over to our website and see how you can start mixing & matching today...

Websters_pages_blog_footer_best_friends_tags (2)

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Inspired by {the November Sprinkles Craftbox}

Sprinkles is off and running...and yes, they're flying out of the warehouse. We still have a limited number left, so don't let this deal pass you by! You can order right HERE on the Webster's Pages website.

Did you know we also include FREE downloadable project instructions for projects created almost exclusively with what's inside your Sprinkles box?

Today, we're featuring Project #2, a Mini Brag Book created by Courtney Walsh:


Because our Western Romance collection is 50% off with the purchase of the Sprinkles Craftbox, Courtney used a few of her favorite patterns from that line to create this brag book:


This is a great little project you can do for yourself or a grandparent...and it would make a perfect Christmas gift! Brag-book-close_web

The book was fairly simple to construct, using various sizes of Western Romance papers and a few plain sheets of cream colored cardstock. Courtney hand-stitched down the center of the book to hold all the pages in place. 


Each page features a different journaling card from the Sprinkles box as the key background or photo mat for the images she included. And, of course, our Storyteller Alphas made a great little addition as well:


The book came together perfectly with simple, elegant details thanks to the patterns included in this collection (and in this Sprinkles box!) 


The exclusive Best Friends Unity Stamp also made a lovely little addition to this brag book. Here, Courtney used the stamp to mat one of the Park Drive stickers for a little added interest...


Sprinkles is ON SALE NOW {until Wednesday at midnight EST OR while supplies last!} so get yours today!


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Sprinkles is NOW ON SALE {With an Exclusive Unity Stamp set!}


Don't forget, our Sprinkles box is officially ON SALE and you can get your very own simply by clicking the photo above! (Or click HERE!) 

Don't forget, this box has an exclusive bonus...a Best Friends Unity Stamp that looks like THIS: Websters_pages_best_friends_stamp

We want this box to show up on your doorstep, so place your order today! 

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November Sprinkles Is HERE! {Get it while you can!}


It's HERE! 

inspireME members get first crack at our November Sprinkles box and when they are gone, they're gone! That means for all you lucky inspireME members, you can start ordering NOW at InspireME... everyone else can start ordering TODAY at noon EST, November 5th. 

And, as an added bonus...if you order, you can add any Western Romance product for 50% off! AND this month, we're featuring an EXCLUSIVE Best Friends Stamp from Unity Stamps. {Only available in the Sprinkles box!}

Now, take a peek at this adorable Sprinkles project from Designer Jill Cornell: 


Jill says, "I was inspired by the Western Romance journaling cards to create love letters for my husband to let him know how much I appreciate him. I had some really old file folders in my stash and thought that would be a unique setting to house the journaling cards. You could easily die-cut some or use vintage folders in a variety of sizes."
The Western Romance Journaling Cards make such an adorable addition to a little mini book like this... they're easy to alter and are so wonderful to layer throughout a project like this one.
We love the way Jill used what she had on hand and turned it in to something meaningful and special... and the little details pull the whole project together perfectly.
When was the last time you showed someone how much you love them? Why not use your crafty talent to do that this week? We'll get you started with Sprinkles...the perfect inspirational product to get your creative juices going!
For this project, Jill used: 
  • November Sprinkles Craft Box
  • twine, kraft tags, vellum, heart punches, file folder (either die-cut some or use vintage!)
  • ink, embossing powder
  • "Park Drive" patterned paper scraps
And that's it! 
So, what are you waiting for? Head over to InspireME now to get your VIP order in early!

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Sprinkles Craftbox {It's almost time!}

Websters_pages_sprinkles_november_announcement_650 (2)

Yes, it really IS that time again! Time to share with you the NEW Sprinkles Craftbox...and this month we have all kinds of special treats tucked in here for you... just take a look at everything you get in this month's box:

Sprinkles is a great little gift you can give yourself every single month...a jolt of inspiration & a GREAT way to replenish your supplies. 

This month, we're including: 

A Deluxe Bloomer Trim Card, a set of Western Romance Journaling Cards, a Park Drive Mini Message Sticker sheet AND and this exclusive Unity Stamp Co. Best Friends stamp ...look at this beauty!


All of those products together (including the cookie) retail for $25, but you're getting everything for $10 AND FREE (domestic) SHIPPING! (Our international friends enjoy a flat $10 shipping rate.) 

But that's not all. 

We're also excited because if you order Sprinkles this month, you'll also get 50% off of the entire Western Romance collection

Western romance

This collection is still one of our favorites, so we thought we'd offer this very special price to anyone who orders November's Sprinkles! 


So, this is how it works: 

1. inspireME members will receive a notice in their inbox when the sale goes live for them (midnight EST Sunday). They get a 12 hour head-start on the sale. (Join inspireME HERE) You can order Sprinkles on OUR WEBSITE.

2. Sprinkles officially goes on sale to the public Monday at noon EST. 

3. All Western Romance products are 50% off with the purchase of a Sprinkles Craftbox.

4. Stalk your mailman. (In the nicest possible way.) :) 

Remember...when they're gone, they're gone! 

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