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Green Scrapbooking {And an *almost* Reveal}

Our big surprise is *almost* ready to be revealed...Monday can't get here soon enough! But today's hint is a VERY good one--almost TOO good...just look:



Oh, I know, you're probably wondering...what is {blueprints*}!? Only a few more squares...and all will be revealed! (It's worth the wait, I promise!) 
For now, I get to share something else really awesome with you. Today we're taking a bit of a GREEN approach to scrapbooking with the help of the lovely Emma Trout.
Before I show you her layout, look at some of her ideas for using not just product, but the package as well:002_web
These chipboard buttons can be found right HERE on our website, but it's not just the button that comes in handy when creating a page. You can use these as a template to trace circles of various sizes or, look at how Emma used the package as a mask, spritzing mist over it to create a circle on the background of her page. 



Do you have extra numbers and letters on your sheets of Storytellers? Don't pitch 'em, use em. Again, they make excellent masks when paired with mists or even paint. 


The results are quite lovely...


These aren't the only ways Emma's gone green with this page.

  • The scalloped shape at the top of the layout and the teal colored paper trim underneath the photo are from the front of a Webster's Pages collection pack insert.
  • There are barcodes from product packaging (lower right-hand corner). 
  • Strips you'd normally cut off of a sheet of patterned paper.
  • The words ‘All Aboard’ cut from the names of paper at bottom of  each sheet.
  • Our Journaling Cards can be used as trim or you can even cut the inside out to create a frame. 


Next time you're looking for the perfect embellishment, get creative with what would normally end up in your trash may be able to turn it into a gorgeous layout!
GO_Alphas GO_Tickets GO_Gems GO_JournalingCardsGO_Collection


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Mix & Match Embellishments {a little goes a long way}

Are you ready for another's coming...SOON! 

And are you getting excited? We sure are! We've been working furiously to get it all ready for you to feast your little eyes on...just a few more days of suspense, we promise! (It'll be worth the wait.) 

And here's a hint: We want to make memory-keeping accessible to everyone...


In the meantime, I won't leave you hanging...I've got two beautiful projects to share today. {Prepare to swoon.} First, let's take a peek at this gorgeous layout done in the Classic Webster's Pages style by Designer Emeline Seet:


Emeline has done a brilliant job of using a mixture of Sunday Picnic papers, Bloomers, Princess Petals and some gorgeous Perfect Accents from our new Everyday Poetry collection. 


Those butterflies are just adorable, and they fit right in, making them as versatile as they are sweet. 

And the clusters of embellishments instantly make the page interesting, with textures you want to reach out and touch. 


Emeline also chose a fun placement for her photo, placing it in the lower right-hand corner, the rest of the design sort of exploding out from its side. 


Designer Jaz Lee got to work (or play) showing off a little Everyday Poetry with this lovely altered birdhouse: 


I have to note that while Jaz used Everyday Poetry papers, she, like Emeline, was able to mix a few embellishments from other collections, including a Perfect Accent from the Sunday Picnic line. 

You gotta love versatility! It gives you so much more stretch to your products!


If you look close, you can also see how Jaz's hand-cut motifs are complemented by all kinds of neat little embellishments, including a few Dazzle-Me Gems, gorgeous Butterfly Push Pins, a Vintage Sparkler and  a Pin & Flower to make the whole thing pop. 


The beauty is, you don't need a lot of embellishments to make a huge statement, as both Jaz and Emeline have done here. 

You can get your own Webster's Pages goodness with a few simple clicks! Start shopping by clicking on any of the images below!

EP_Whimsies EP-gems SP_Whimsies Roses&RhinestonesEP_Collection (2)


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Scrap Space Tour With Iris Babao-Uy

Have you guessed what our newest amazing surprise is?? 

The excitement around here is about to bubble over...and we are getting SO close to shouting it from the rooftops...not.quite.yet...but here's another hint...


Square by Square...all will be revealed!! 

In the meantime, let us distract you with a peek inside the scrapspace of Designer Iris Babao-Uy. Have you ever wondered where this girl creates her magical projects? Well, today, I get to show you...


Yes. That's where the magic happens...
Iris bnw mf
So, how does she keep this space so tidy? 
Iris explains, "I have a very small working area, in fact it's just a corner in our bedroom. Because of this I have to always keep my area clean and safe for my family. That means, having to clean up after every project and having to part with supplies that I will probably not get to use.
"I always do give-aways in my classes and this helps me with my space issues. I also find it easier to create if I don't have to go through tons and tons of supplies (which don't fit my style) to find the right embellishment.
Everything I use frequently I keep in areas that are always within reach."
Why don't we take a closer look into the world of Iris Uy? 
Here you can see an office table top organizer serves as a holder for wooden stamps and Iris' favorite mediums, markers, pencils, paints, etc. These tried and true products are right at her fingertips for easy creating whenever inspiration strikes. 

Here you can see how easy it is to take supplies on the go. Iris explains, "Because I always crop outside my work area for classes or for get together with my crafty friends, I bought this make-up train case. It's perfect for holding small mediums like pigment powders, inks, glitter, and it has a deep enough base to hold mists, glue, mediums, etc. I just grab afew papers, embellishments, and this case and I'm ready to go!"


Here you can see easy organization for rubber stamps (on the left) and over on the right, notice how a table runner organizer conveniently holds paintbrushes, palette knives, heat gun, brayer, etc.


Various embellishments, including stamps and punches have a happy home right here in these metal drawers:


By displaying a few of her creations alongside her inking supplies, Iris creates a decorative display on one of her shelves. 


Here you can see how she's stashed items that would otherwise collect dust into these cute decorative boxes and created a lovely addition on her shelves. This is not only pretty but's the best of both worlds!


And finally, Iris has a new layout that she's created with some gorgeous Webster's Pages combined with a few of her favorite mediums: distress stains, bottled inks, and embossing powder. 


Perhaps it pays to be super organized...or so it seems given this beautiful page. 

Thanks, Iris, for sharing a bit of your world with us today.

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Blog Post

An Old School Trend Gets a Facelift

In case you're wondering about Brandin's cryptic (yet exciting) post yesterday, we've decided to share a little HINT about what this something amazing thing is...

Are you ready??


I know. What in the world!!?? 

Don't worry...square by square...all will be revealed...hop on board folks, we're going to make it easier than ever for you to tell your stories!


Now...on with the inspiration!

If you're like the rest of us, it's likely you've got a stockpile of scrapbooking supplies you're trying to use up...but maybe those "old" supplies just feel, well, OLD. 

By combining a bit of "old" with a bit of "new", however, you can breathe life into those products you've tired Designer Stacey Michaud has done with these metal bookplates. 


Stacey used a line of bookplates all along the right-hand side of her layout, filling them with snippets of our beautiful new Palm Beach patterned paper. In doing so, she got that coveted punch of color and a modern, fresh use for her old school bookplates...


What a great idea! 

Then, she turned to the rest of the layout, keeping the majority of it clean and simple as she'd already created such a stunning display on the right side of the page. Just a few additional pops using a Perfect Accent, Cameo Push Pin and some of our gorgeous new trims was all it took to pull this one together. 


So, before you purge that pile, ask yourself...can you reinvent an old school cast-off? By using a little bit of something new and your brilliant imagination, we think you can! 

And we want to see if you do! Be sure to post your favorite Webster's Pages creations in the gallery over at Inspire Me today!


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Blog Post

something amazing...coming your way.

something new is about to be shared with you.

next week.

and I


NOT wait.

This isn't a sales pitch to you...or a push for my non-scrapbooking friends to do something unnatural to them, it's an




product that I NEED.

I need to tell my story to my family, my children, myself...

But I don't scrapbook.

But for those that do, this is amazing for you too.

...So something is coming your way next week.

To help YOU and help ME tell my story about these little muchkins.

The honest way they are. Happy & Grumpy. Picture perfect & not.

The real story.


I hope you stay tuned. {XO}


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Blog Post

Spring Goes Digital

Around here, we sure do love spring...and spring is in full effect! With longer days, more sunlight and the bright, cheery colors, Sunday Picnic is the perfect collection to scrap all your spring memories. 

And our digital products make doing just that quick, easy and gorgeous. 

Take a look at this layout by Mitsue Iwata:


Mitsue's page is such a fun capture of her daughter on the swings, and the design is simple, yet gorgeous. We love the way she's incorporated the digital trims, layered a few key patterns and creatd a cluster from these beautiful butterflies. 

Designer Julie Walton cracked open her Sunday Picnic digital kit and ended up with this beautiful design: 


Don't you love the way Julie incorporated the photo right into the design. Tilted and alongside the little card, it really take centerstage...just like a photo should! 

So have you played with our digital product lately? Be sure to share in the InspireMe Gallery! We love to see what you're doing with our products!

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Blog Post

How Do I...? {Know my Layout is Finished}

Have you ever wanted to know how to layer hand-cut motifs? Get great "WOW" out of a clean and simple page? 

Here on the Webster's Pages Blog, we are very lucky to have a group of incredible designers...and once a month, we're going to have one of them answer your design questions! If you've got a question you want answered, simply leave it in the comments on this post! 

Recently someone asked "How do you know when a layout is finished?" And Anabelle O'Malley is here to offer the answer. How did she know this layout:

Score_v2 (2)

Which uses our brand new GAME ON Collection. Clearly, Anabelle has created a wonderful, detailed layout...but how did she know it was finished?

Anabelle is here to tell you in her own words:


Answering the question, 'How do you know when you're finished?' was tricky for me at first. I wanted to answer, 'I just KNOW!', but I figured that wouldn't make a very interesting blog post. So, I decided to thoroughly think through the design of my page.

Step ONE: Find the Focal Point.

Ok, first, I started off with the focus of my design--the photo. I used some of the Game On cards  behind it and and added an arrow cut from my Silhouette, also using Game On paper.

The title fit well below the photo, along with a couple of strips of patterned paper.


Step TWO: Ground your page.

To ground my page, I matted the white cardstock onto a blue piece and added a strip of striped paper to the top and bottom of the page, along with a punched border at the top.


Step Three: Embellish!

Now comes the fun part- embellishing. I love gems, so I added them to my border strips.


Then, so I know I'm utilizing good design principals, I added three chipboard buttons covered with paper. I placed them on three spots on the page so that they created a visual triangle.



Step FOUR: Adhere.

Next, it was time to glue everything down. I popped the photo up with foam adhesive. And for good measure, I added some more loose gems near the button at the top.

But, my pages never TRULY feel finished unless I have some stitching on them. So, I stitched the top and bottom border strips, the chevrons in the arrow and the title.


I looked at my page. And then I KNEW it. It was done. I had dimension with the foam adhesive, I had a visual triangle. I had gems to give it some shine and I had stitching.  

We hope you've gotten a bit of confidence on how to know that your "finishing touches" really do finish the layout! 

Your Turn: What question would you like our designers to answer next? Go ahead and comment and your question may be April's "How do I...?" feature! 

GO_Gems GO_Whimsies GO_Trim GO_TicketsGO_Collection


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Blog Post

Easy Handmade Flowers {From Beautiful Trim}

Since spring has fully sprung and Gabrielle went to town making flowers, I get to show you another gorgeous option for creating the perfect handmade flowers for you next layout or card. 

This time, Gabrielle is using our beautiful trims...and look at the luscious blooms she's created:


Perhaps you're wondering just how to create such beautiful flowers for yourself, and thankfully, we've got some easy to follow, step-by-step instructions to help you do just that. 


That trim is super gorgeous...but then, aren't they all? (Click the picture to check it out in our shop!) 


Aren't those the prettiest trims you've ever seen?

Moving on...




Looking over these four simple steps, it's pretty clear how easy it is to go from a straight piece of trim to a gorgeous flower in no time! 


Easy and beautiful! 

What about you? Have you made any flowers by hand lately? We'd love to see!

IL_Alphas IL_Gems IL-Trim-Pack (2) Roses&RhinestonesIL_Collection (2)


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Blog Post

Spring Flowers...And How to Make Them

Whether you're ready or not, spring is officially here! Today is the first day of a new season, so it's only fitting that we focus on flowers...not the kind you smell, the kind you make. And Gabrielle Pollacco is the perfect person to demonstrate. 

Gabi has created a little tutorial to help you create your very own paper flowers, punched right out of your favorite Webster's Pages patterned paper. Feast your eyes...

My-Wild-Child_webYou would think that these flowers were really difficult and time consuming to create, but Gabi breaks it down for us, proving that even the simplest scrapbooker can whip these out in no time! 




Super easy, right? 

But that's not your only option. If you notice, down near the bottom of the page, there are some gorgeous clusters in an adorable little "pot." With a big of layering, this is also really easy to create:


Once you get them all together, the results are fabulous. 

Here's a closer look:


What do you think? Not too difficult, right? We'd love to see what creative things you're doing to create flowers using our products! Be sure to post in the Inspire Me Gallery so we can all be inspired by YOU! 
EP-gems (2)Everyday_Poetry__4f32a3db5e1c5Everyday_Poetry__4f3159a1f38feIL-Trim-Pack (2)EP_Collection (2)


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Blog Post

we have a WINNER!

What a weekend ~ thank you SO much for supporting us & making our shipping party great fun & a huge success.

and now...we have randomly selected a winner for our GRAND PRIZE $500 giveaway AND to be featured on our Daily Blog...


Congratulations Pamela!!! This is the lucky number that was chosen & it was you!



I shared this oh so cute video on my facebook page! :)

Posted by: Pamela Young | March 17, 2012 at 11:34 AM

{please email Courtney at to receive your shopping spree code}

So tell us all what you're going to spend it on! ~ xo

Thank you again to all that continue to support us & continue to watch for more BIG things coming your way ;o)



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Blog Post

beep.beep...girlie pretties may be coming your way ?

Happy Monday!

the Design Cave is looking very happy today with these clippings hanging all over the walls...



if you were on Friday's live chat at InspireME you may have heard what I may be designing now...

it just may have something to do with shoes & pretties & all things girlie...


and you know...

I'm not even a girlie-girl...but i have to admit, the pink that was painted on my nails for "The Delivery" video is still on my nails...and I'm kind of loving it. ha.

and the shoes in the video...I'm kind of digging too. (I'm not a shoe girl but LOVE a good handbag...another day, another post..haha)

And speaking of I heard from over 500 of you that you're digging them too ;o)

Did anyone notice that the shoe choices corresponded to the 5 new paper collections?

Pretty neat, huh?

Thank you very much for sharing the video all weekend long. We had a blast making it. TONIGHT, we will be annoucing the winner of the $500 shoppping spree so stay tuned!


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Blog Post



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Blog Post

Introducing our New Video "The Delivery!"





SHARE THIS VIDEO all weekend long & be entered to win the GRAND GIVEAWAY now! More details HERE.



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Blog Post

a GREAT day ? SHIPPING DAY & Live Chat Day!!!!




That's RIGHT, it IS your special day!

Ok....well.....not exactly like your wedding day...but it is a GREAT day! ?

Are you all ready to start making your 'In Love' layouts like Jamie Harder did? WooooHooo!


So, as the warehouse is BUSY packing & sealing & labeling & shipping & ....exhaling...

The balance of the Webster's Pages Team has been busy making sure that you will be taken care of!

The Team at Webster's Pages wants to continue to THANK YOU for your friendship, loyalty & orders. We do not take a single order, chat, email for granted. Knowing that there are other good paper companies on shelves, it means so much to us that you continue to support, choose & buy Webster's Pages. THANK You.

We want to give you something ?

TODAY, at 6pm EST, we will be having a LIVE CHAT at InspireME. Now, you don't need a phone & we won't be hearing your sweet voices or seeing your smiling faces, this is a on-line chat that we will host through InspireME. {Make sure you sign-up before the chat.} no need to reapply your lipstick for this chat ladies...come as you are! It is ONLY 30 MINUTES, so it will go VERY fast!

AT THE CHAT, we will be choosing a lucky winner attending the chat to WIN a $100 SHOPPING SPREE on our website!...but that's not all....

THIS IS EXCITING. At 6pm when we premiere our video, we will be posting a question on our blog that we want you to answer. You will ONLY know the answer to the question if you watch the video to its end ;o) It will be posted immediately following the chat. The clues that I have been giving you all week on my facebook page are the answers to this question BUT you will not know the question until it posts immediately following the answering the question tomorrow after the chat, enrolls you in the chance to WIN OUR GRAND PRIZE! The winner will be selected Monday.

So...remember these hints?

Blog2-162 Blog1-162 Blog3-162 Blog4-162

What can they all mean? What will this video be about? Any guesses?


I'll tell you later today, during & after the chat right HERE on our Blog for you to WIN ?

So's not your wedding day, but it's a special day of the week with a special time for us to tell you that you are




Just like Jamie's story.


and who won yesterday? druuuummmmmmmmm..............ATHANASIA!!!!!!!

I think/wish the grand prize would be the whole new line! :)
Love all the projects, Wish I win and create something beautiful like these :)

Posted by: Athanasia | March 15, 2012 at 09:41 AM

Athanasia, please send your address to Courtney at cwalsh{at}websterspages{dot}com and let her know what collection you want selected &  she'll get it ordered right up!


I look forward to CHATTING WITH YOU later! Have a very HAPPY Webster's shipping day! :o)


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Blog Post

Shipping Party {Day Four!} It's ALMOST TIME!

Shipping party

It's almost time! TOMORROW we're unveiling the COOLEST new commercial for you to share with your friends AND we are all going to sit down for a nice little chat, right over HERE at Inspire Me! (Become a member, we want to chat with you!!) 

And, GUESS WHAT?!!! At the chat SOMEONE is going to WIN A $100 RETAIL GIFT CERTIFICATE to be used at the Webster's Pages Website! (Will it be YOU?!!) We'll also tell you about our Grand Prize...which is going to be WELL worth the wait, believe me!!

We're SO excited! 

We're also excited because today we've got some amazing inspiration that is going to make you SO HAPPY that our new collections start shipping TOMORROW

Let's start with this Palm Beach layout from Diana Brodeur:


There is so much to love about this page, but I have to point out that she's used Palm Beach in a very non-beachy way...which just goes to show you how versatile this line is! 

Speaking of versatile, look what Designer Jill Cornell did with our Everyday Poetry Collection...


Those patterned circles stitched down are to. die. for. What a  perfect way to make that ridiculously cute photo pop right off the page. (Is anyone else in love with Jill's girls?)

Stacey Michaud has done an amazing job with this Game On layout...Volleyfull-(2)_web

Crisp and clean with the perfect amount of detail, this page demonstrates why our Clean and Simple additions are SO brilliant! 

...Equally as brilliant as our Classic designs, which are wonderfully shown off here by Designer Jaz Lee:


Jaz's take on Sunday Picnic is bright and fun, with so much detail to ooh and ahh over!

And last but not least, our beautiful new In Love line. Feast your eyes on this gorgeous mini quote book by Stacey Michaud: 


Stacey's mini book is great inspiration for those of you looking to enter our Mini Book Madness Challenge and also a wonderful way to see In Love in action! Beautiful, right? 

Now, about that giveaway...

We LOVE this Shipping Party & we're so happy you guys are playing along!! Yesterday's Collection Kit prize is going out to...


Wow sounds like so much fun and inspiration. I can't wait to here what is new and fun with WB

Posted by: Barbie | March 14, 2012 at 09:02 AM

Barbie, send your address to me at cwalsh{at}websterspages{dot}com and let me know what collection you want! I'll get it ordered right up!

But that's not all! Today you can enter to win Journaling Cards, Fabric Tickets, Alphas and Fabric Ribbon in the new collection of your choice!
How's that for awesome!? 

Just leave us a comment and tell us...what do YOU think the Grand Prize is going to be? 

For extra chances to win, Facebook, Tweet or Blog about our Shipping Party! We want to tell as many people as possible! (Then come back and leave another comment letting us know you did!) 

In_Love_Fabric_T_4f22bdf467632In_Love_Alpha_St_4f22c98b1a408In_Love_Fabric_R_4f229e5908ca7 In_Love_Journali_4f22d9b61d426

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Blog Post

Shipping Party {Day Three!}

Shipping party

It's getting so close now we can hardly stand it. Fingers are itching to get their hands on our newest collections and in just two short days, our warehouse is going to be busier than Times Square on New Year's Eve! 

We are BEYOND excited about the premiere of our brand new commercial, followed by a Live Chat with our Co-Owner and Designer, Brandin O'Neill, and several of the Webster's Pages Design Team members! This is all taking place right HERE {Make sure you're an Inspire Me Member so you can join in the chatter!}

Now...on to the inspiration. Today, Designer Nina Ostermann has created this lovely little set of cards:


Using our Everyday Poetry collection, Nina was able to create three beautiful cards which are perfect individually or as a group. You could give the whole set as a gift for someone else to send out or send them out on your own, one by one...


Each of these cards is so wonderfully unique, and yet they complement one another perfectly, making them a wonderful set.

In this card, Nina has perfect bits of Everyday Poetry to give this card instant elegance. The trims at the top are like icing on the cake...


By using the more neutral tones in Everyday Poetry, Nina was able to create a clean and simple card that is interesting to look at and would be appropriate for either a girl or a boy:


Overall, this collection (and all of the new lines, really) are wonderful for all your sweet card-making needs...and card-making just got a whole lot easier for YESTERDAY'S LUCKY WINNER who gets two 6x6 paper pads AND our brand new Perfect Motifs...


These papers are so beautiful! Being new to scrapping I have a ton of pictures of little boys and girls to scrap for my family! These wonderful designs look like they would be perfect for the pictures! Course it's hard to beat any of the Webster's papers!

Posted by: Rochelle | March 13, 2012 at 09:52 PM

Congrats, Rochelle! Send me your address  at cwalsh {at} websterspages {dot} com and I'll get your prize ordered!

How would you like to win the Collection Kit of your choice?

How to win*: Tell us, are you planning to come to our Premiere and Live Chat on Friday at 6 p.m. EST? Leave a comment in this post (and if you're coming, let us know what you're hoping to chat about!) We'll announce the winner tomorrow!

*Three additional entries for sharing on Facebook, Twitter or your blog! Just come back here and leave another comment letting us know you've spread the word! Let's get this party started!

Bloomer_Deluxe_C_4f0131fd4f97cButterfly_Push_P_4f2296494eb53Everyday_Poetry__4f3159a1f38feEveryday_Poetry__4f32a3db5e1c5EP_Collection (2)

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Blog Post

Shipping Party {Day Two!}

Shipping party

The countdown has begun and we are gearing up to get our gorgeous products out the door and straight into your hot little hands!! Around here, we think that's reason to celebrate, so this week, we're cooking up some incredible inspiration and, yes, some AWESOME giveaways (every. single. day.) 

Before we get to the giveaways, though, we thought we'd inspire you with some eye candy from each of our brand new lines...they're all so unique and each one has something all its own to offer...

Like Palm Beach:

Pbtag1_web (2)

This adorable Palm Beach tag is the brain-child of designer Anabelle O'Malley and we are in LOVE with it. So many adorabe ways to use tiny detailed embellishments, like our trims and doilies as a swimsuit skirt! Adorable!

Then, of course, there's Game On:


...which is a decidedly wonderful collection, as Tomoko Takahashi has demonstrated here. Look at the details she's created on this layout, including her hand-cut kiddos and embellished train.


Of all of our collections, Sunday Picnic has been out the longest. This mid-season release is STILL flying off the shelves and quickly becoming a favorite! Look at this tag created by Designer Nina Ostermann:


The simplicity of Nina's work allows for so much beauty and really makes the product shine. 

Speaking of simple beauty, look what Designer Kay Rogers has done with Everyday Poetry:


Kay's layout is so elegant, clean, and absolutely stunning. The way she's used the Everyday Poetry patterns in just the right doses is perfectly perfect. 

Everyday Poetry is also wonderfully neutral, which Jamie Harder shows us here on this simple tag:


Such a lovely, soft and simple take on this stunner of a line! A line that starts shipping THIS week! 

But let's not rush off too about this beautiful In Love layout by designer Julie Walton:


Julie's digital layout is absolutely breath-taking...a great reminder for those of us whose wedding photos are still in a box! 

Be sure to tune in on the Webster's Pages Website for our brand new {exciting} commercial premiere THIS FRIDAY at 6 p.m. EST...followed by a LIVE CHAT over at Inspire Me! (Sign up to become a member so you can join in the fun!) 

So now you know just WHAT is shipping this week...let's carry on the celebration with WINNERS & more GIVEAWAYS!

First of all, today, we're giving away...

PP_215 PP_215_2 PM_215





Here's how YOU can win! 

Leave us a comment on THIS POST telling us why you love our 6x6 paper pads and for good measure, maybe let us know how you plan to use these adorable new PERECT MOTIFS!

Then, for up to three additional entries, Facebook, Blog or Tweet about this post and our Shipping Party (each time, come back and leave another comment!) Help us spread the word because this is EXCITING! 

And finally, the winner of yesterday's giveaway...the embellishment


I posted it on my blog!

Posted by: kelly | March 12, 2012 at 06:00 PM

Kelly, send your address to cwalsh{at}websterspages{dot}com and we'll get going on your Embellishment Wonder-Pack! 

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Blog Post

Welcome to the PARTY!


The Time is HERE!!!

Here we GO!....

Welcome to our SHIPPING PARTY week!!!


Everyone is smiling ~ our incredible shipping staff is rolling up their sleeves ~  thousands of boxes are being sealed...a GREAT week is about to unfold.

We have been having a BLAST getting ready for this week & we have an awesome surprise to share with you on's a little peek into it...

419813_3477656508937_1496994413_3147403_1019083852_n 34b7962c6bda11e1a87612313804ec91_7 Ee99235e6bd911e1989612313815112c_7 Daf5ce4c6bd911e181bd12313817987b_7 969e1c0e6bd911e18bb812313804a181_7 1a073f266bda11e181bd12313817987b_7
00cb39406bda11e1abb01231381b65e3_7 649065866bda11e1abb01231381b65e3_7 C208544a6bd911e18bb812313804a181_7

Hummmm.....what could this be? ;o) {xo}

my guess'll just have to stay tuned on Friday - hehe - now, let's get to the PARTY!

We will be giving away FREE PRODUCT all week long with a GRAND PRIZE that you won't want to miss at our live chat Premiere Launch THIS Friday at 6 p.m. EST at InspireME! You HAVE to be a member to join in on the live chat, so make sure you sign up TODAY!


Does anyone want to WIN a HUGE assortment of NEW embellishments from any of our 4 new collections?

Wp_inlove_badge2_160 Wp_pb_badge_160 Wp_go_badge_160 Wp_ep_badge_160

YES!??? Oh Good! Then leave us a comment letting us know your favorite NEW Webster's Pages Collection!

Of course, we LOVE to increase your chances (and we want to spread the word!!) so we're giving you THREE additional chances to win! 

1. Facebook about our shipping party with a link to this blog post. (Come back here and leave us a comment letting us know you did so.) 

2. Tweet about our shipping party with a link to this blog post. (Come back here and leave us a comment letting us know you did so.) 

3. Blog about our shipping party with a link to this blog post. (Come back here and leave us a comment letting us know you did so.)  

I can't wait to hear from you & we'll announce today's winner TOMORROW!


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Mini Book Madness {CHALLENGE!}

Around here, we LOVE mini albums. Our papers and embellishments just BEG to be included, and they're the perfect way to pack a lot of power into a small project! 

Just browsing through the gallery at Inspire Me, I noticed that we aren't the only ones who love things on a smaller scale! Which is why today is a fabulous day to announce our March Challenge. 

Before I get to that, I want to share a bit of inspiration...this minibook from Designer Tomoko Takahashi is an absolute stunner...


There are so many details just on the cover, including my personal favorite, the resin birdie, which is one of the gorgeous new Perfect Accents


The Mini Princess Petals are also a lovely addition to the cover of this mini book...proving that a smaller scale packs a serious WOW factor...

And touching it all up with some adorable gems...


Now that you're properly inspired, take a gander back throughout the week and look at the wonderful variety of mini books...from Clean and Simple to intricate and classic...there's a little something for everyone...

Because our love for the mini runs so deep, this month we're issuing the March Mini Book Madness Challenge, and we cannot WAIT to see what you come up with!

Here are the details and how to enter:

Create a mini album using Webster's Pages papers and trims. (Any collection!)

The majority of your project must contain Webster’s Pages products. 

  1. The project must use Webster's Pages Papers and Trims.
  2. You must post your project in the Inspire Me gallery under the file name "March Challenge - (title of your project)"  and post a link in the comments section on this blog entry.
  3. The challenge will be open from March 9th to April 18th, 12 midnight PST.

Prize will be winner’s choice of Webster’s Pages Paper Collection. (You can even choose a new one!) 

Now, I'm sure all this challenge talk has you wondering about LAST month's Sparkler Challenge...

Congratulations to... Shell Carman whose "Ballerina Girl" layout is such a stunner. We love the way Shell created a sweet little cluster in the lower left-hand corner, filled with tons of Sparkly Sparklers!


Shell, go ahead and send me an email at cwalsh {at} websterspages {dot} com and let me know what collection kit you'd like to see on your doorstep! 

And head back here next week because our SHIPPING PARTY promises lots of FUN! (Can anyone say "movie premiere"?

In the meantime, click on the images below to start shopping for the Mini Book Madness Challenge TODAY!

SP_TrimPackSP_GemsSP_AccentsButterflyPinsSP_PaperCollection (2) 

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Mini Book Madness {Sunday Picnic Brag Book}

Sometimes, don't you wish you could just freeze time? If only you had a super power that allowed you to stop and take in each moment...

Well, you may not have a part in The Avengers, but you can still freeze time, at least on paper...this is a great reason to create a little brag book mini album like this one by Designer Jill Cornell.


Before we go any further, we have to talk about this adorable cover. Jill dove in to her Sunday Picnic stash and created a stunner of a brag book, all in celebration of her beautiful girls. You could make one for yourself...
Step One: Punch a variety of small shapes (a doily, a starburst, butterflies of different sizes) and placethem on the cover.
Step Two: Trace the cover of the album on a sheet of vellum, cut the shape out and then machine stitch the vellum to the cover with the shapes tucked inside.


Step Three: Decorate your cover with some of your favorite Sunday Picnic Embellishments (which, incidentally, you can purchase right HERE.)


Once you've created the perfect cover, you can go straight to town on the interior pages, bragging your little heart away...(Or just stopping time to capture your kids right where they are...)


Notice how Jill's album is Clean and Simple, with a touch of whimsy and fun? It's easy to create your own when you start with products as beautiful as these! 

Go ahead and shop for your own stash of Sunday Picnic (though you better hurry...this line is selling out FAST!) 

ButterflyPins SP_Accents SP_Gems SP_TrimPackSP_PaperCollection (2)

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Blog Post

Mini Book Madness {Game On Chipboard Book}

Mini Book Madness is in full swing here on the Webster's Pages blog, and we're excited to share an adorable little chipboard album by Clean and Simple designer Kay Rogers. 

Kay used the "Build a Mini-Album" pages and created the foundation with her Silhouette Cameo. Then, she decked each page out with our brand new, soon-to-be-shipping Game On Collection. The results are SO cute it doesn't even really need words...I mean, why interrupt a perfectly nice showing of photos?

Cover_web P1_webP2_web3&4-webP5_web

Kay's book is an excellent way to show off Game On and our new Perfect Accents (which are available for every collection!) Don't forget these new products are shipping SOON, so head over to our website and start your pre-order today! 

(Click on images below to start shopping!)


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Blog Post

Introducing Guest Designer {Carol Monson}


Today we are SO excited to introduce you to our March Guest Designer, Carol Monson! How adorable is she? 

Carol is a fabulous Clean and Simple scrapper and she's worked wonders with two of our collections, Sunday Picnic and Everyday Poetry.

Before I share these inspired works of art...get to know Carol a little better:

Hi! I’m Carol Monson. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada with my husband, Doug of 18 years and our 4 children; Nathan 14, Kristen 11, Samantha 9, and Jack 6.   I am so grateful I get to be at home and raise my children.  When I'm not chasing them around you can find me at my scrap table.  I started scrap booking about 14 years ago and love it more today than ever. I’ve been involved with some form of crafting my entire life and find that making stuff makes me sane. My other hobbies include photography, sewing, decorating, and reading. I currently design for Get Picky Sketch Blog and My Scrapbook Nook Kit Club. I've been fortunate enough to be published in Scrapbook Trends Magazine, Scrapstreet Ezine and a Memory Makers Book
I am tickled pink to be the guest designer here at Websters Pages and want to thank them so much for this opportunity.
Ok, now check out this FUN layout:IMG_6148webThis layout is simply adorable, and the circus theme is prevalent not just in the photo, but in the little banner she's created as well. Simple touches of our Clean and Simple designs add pops of color in just the right places! How cute is this!? 
But it's not just fun and funky Carol's into, check out this lovely and dainty layout she created using two sweet photos of her daughter:
IMG_6173webNotice how Carol used just a portion of the scalloped die cut as the base for her photo cluster, and just a hint of a bloomer makes the perfect addition to her button, thread and doily cluster. 
But that's not all! Carol's got several more inspiring projects over at Inspire Me today, and you can also see how our Design Team members were inspired by Carol's work as well. Their gorgeous layouts are sure to make your pin board! 
Like this one, from Designer Larissa Albernaz:

A-great-day-March-GDT-lift-I love to see a Classic Webster's girl inspired by a Clean and Simple design, and Larissa has knocked it out of the park with this one! And she's not the only one, Gabrielle Pollacco and Stacey Michaud have also given us reason to swoon:



And Stacey's:


There's simply no way around it, you've got to run check out the rest of these projects! Just click HERE for TONS more!

And tell us...are you feeling inspired today? 

BloomerCard_SP_for-web MiniPrincessPetals_SP_forwe Threads-color-(2)forweb Whimsies_webSunday-Picnic_For-Web

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Mini Book Madness {Palm Beach Tag Book}

This week, we're going to knock your little socks off with Mini Book Madness here on the Webster's Pages blog! Some of our designers are going to town with various types of mini albums...and they may or may not tie in to March's CHALLENGE! 

Today, Gerry van Gent is here to show you that with a bit of Webster's Pages, you can make magic out of some plain old boring cardboard. Take a peek:Fun_mini-album_web

Gerry's Mini tag book was made using our beautiful new Palm Beach Collection, and yes, it is the stuff dreams are made of...

But, believe it or not, these tags lived their previous life as drab, uninteresting cardboard. So go grab an empty box out of the garage and let's go to town with this thing. 

Step One: Create (or download a free template online) a tag template and cut your base pages from your cardboard and cover with your favorite Webster's Pages patterned paper:


Step Two: Cut four additional tags as the "interior" for your pages from a coordinating Webster's Pages Patterned paper:


Step Three: Layer the interior pattern over the foundation of each tag. Gerry chose to stitch around the interior pattern, which gives her tags a finished look. 


Step Four: Create some handmade embellishments for your mini book cover. Gerry used the following:


She created handmade flowers using these two trims, simply weaving the needle in and out along one edge of the ribbon, pulling both ends of the thread until they "met" and then tying the ends of the thread. Next, Gerry layered these two flowers together and embellished them in the center with a Sparkler. 

Step Five: Embellish your individual pages:


Gerry's interior pages are the same basic layout with a different photo, giving the book a consistent look throughout. 

The finished product is absolutely gorgeous:

By adding a few hand-made touches to this adorable little tag book, Gerry has created a mini album that she can give as a gift or hold on to for her own enjoyment. 

What about you? Are you feeling the mini book love? We'd love to see what you've been creating lately, so be sure to head over to Inspire Me and fill up our gallery with some beautiful Webster's Pages creations!

Trim-PB-w-rolls_web Gems-PB_forwebPush-pins-floral_forwebWesternRomance_FeatherFlowerPin_FP202PB_all-(2)_forweb

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