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Webster's Pages * Scrapbook Adhesives Swap {Day One}

ScrapAd (2)

While every paper crafter has her own style, we all rely on one thing: GREAT adhesives...and this week, Webster's Pages is thrilled to pair up with Scrapbook Adhesives to show you how beautifully our products go together. 

Take a look at this stunning creation by the talented Gerry van Gent:


Gerry's style requires strong adhesives, and thankfully Scrapbook Adhesives had just the ticket. Here, you can see how Gerry used the Adhesive Sheets (for the trim) and Foam Squares (for the centers) to create her beautiful handmade flowers:


And the larger foam squares were perfect for her hand-cut motifs:


Look at the pop she got out of these elements when they're all clustered together on the layout:


You can see it all came together beautifully, so all of you Classic Webster's girls who love to add dimension need look no further than Scrapbook Adhesives. 

But our Clean and Simple Girls are also in love with the sticky stuff. Check out what Kay Rogers did with her box of Scrapbook Adhesives:


This layout may be simple, but it's anything but ordinary. Kay chose two hand-cut butterflies to accent her photo, drawing the eye straight to where it should the two beautiful faces on the top of the page.


You can see the 3D Foam Squares gave her the oomph she needed to make those simple elements really stand out! It's gorgeous! 

Then we have this layout by Nina Ostermann:


First of all, this layout is just so adorable. It's simple, but so fun, and the stitching details are to die for! in order to create her trim border, Nina turned to Crafty Power Tape:


...which held everything in place perfectly. Her little banner was put together with the EZ Dots...simple and easy to use, just like the name suggests. 


Overall, it's pretty clear that we're going to have an inspiring week of swapping goods with Scrapbook Adhesives! Check out the Crafty Power Blog today to see what their designers are doing with our products!

And be sure to come back throughout the never know when a giveaway is going to appear! 


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{blueprints*} daily: Memory Keeping Made Easy


Yesterday marked the halfway point of our 30-day {blueprints*} daily journaling prompts

In case you haven't heard about these, you should check them out HERE on our website. The BEST thing about these is that they are so easy to put together, you could order one today and probably still get it done in time for Mother's Day. 

(In fact, why don't you do that? I'll wait here...) 

Now, in case you've missed them, Brandin's been sharing her answers to our daily prompts everyday over on our Facebook Page, but let's share today's right here too: 

Also helping to inspire you on this journaling journey are Kay Rogers and Diana Brodeur. Their pages are super simple, easy to recreate or just use as a jumping off point for your own journal creations. 

Today, Kay's journal page is a fabulous way to document this special memory: 


And Diana's...


{blueprints*} is designed to make memory keeping easy for everyone...we hope you'll join us! 

Now, tell us, if you could pick the theme for our next journal, what would it be? 

Who knows? Maybe you'll get your wish! (And *maybe* you'll even win one of your own?!) 


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Scrap Your Sporty Life {with Game On}

So, tell us...are you a sports family? 

Do you spend your summers at the ball field and your winters in the football stadium? Perhaps you've seen our new collection, Game On, perfect for all your sporting needs...

Today, we're sharing two projects from two of our Clean and Simple Design Team members, both featuring Game On. First, take a look at Nina Ostermann's understated and gorgeous layout:


Nina's style is so perfect for allowing a photo to shine, and this one certainly does. These boys couldn't be any cuter, and because she's chosen carefully her pops of pattern and color, Nina created a layout that's just right...

Look at the way she stitched over the title:


Makes me want to bust out the sewing machine (and learn to sew.) 

And the hint of a scallop here above the photo is just a way to add a bit more fun to her layout. And those misty drops are perfectly placed. (How does she do that?!) 


But Game On isn't just for boys...because sports aren't just for boys. 

Just ask Jamie Harder's daughter, Sienna. She is a sporting rock star...and Jamie's found the perfect way to capture this side of her little girl:


Jamie's layout is a perfect balance. Her pops of color on a muted background are just adorable...the perfect way to celebrate a love of sports!


Jamie's done such a great job of utilizing so many different embellishments and still maintaining that Clean and Simple style we love so much. 


So how about you? Do you have sports to document? Click on any of the images below to start shopping for our Game On line. The perfect addition for the active family!


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Scrap Space Tour With Emeline Seet

Today, you're in for a treat because you get to peek inside the world of Design Team Member Emeline Seet. Emeline has opened the door to her scrap space for us, and there is so much beauty to see! 

Here's the wide angle of the space, neutral and beautiful just like you'd expect from Emeline!


We love the way she showcases some of her own artwork here on the wall and how her supplies are in glass containers, perfect for organization but makes everything pretty at the same time. 


This system makes it so easy to find what she needs, but it's so beautiful it can sit right out in the open and become a part of the design. Plus, the muted colors are just stunning. 


Off to the side, Emeline has neatly organized built-in shelves with more supplies set out in an aesthetically pleasing way. 

One of our favorite items in the mix? The scale:


You can see here that it's holding a bevy of Perfect Accents. And her stamps are easy to reach, making use of a bit of vertical space.


Here, you can see the other side of Emeline's space where you can see the "at her fingertips" tools. The pen caddy and the way her mists are organized make them so easy to grab. 


Below, you can see two great ideas for organizing your supplies. Those sheets that are just over 12x12? Don't stuff them in a drawer, hang them up! And small wire baskets are perfect for your Sparklers and Princess Petals. 


Finally, here's another peek at the shelving in Emeline's space. Brilliantly organized and beautiful at the same time! 


So, what's your favorite part of Emeline's scrap space? 

Any organizational tips you might steal for your own room? 

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A Beginner's Guide to Digital Scrapbooking


With technology, you know, taking over the world, we thought it was high time we tapped the brain of our resident digi-goddess, Miss Julie Walton. 

Julie is here today to share a tutorial on how to create a digital layout quick and easy style...

Let's get started!

Traditional scrapbooking is all about touching, feeling, getting messy with paint, ink and glue and sometimes that's all that will do.  Digital scrapbooking is all about manipulating, creating layers and easy do-over's ....over and over again. 

I do both and have for years, and I believe there's a time and place for each.  So if you're a paper scrapper with a curiosity for digi, read on. I'm going to give you a quick lesson to help you get started digital scrapboking.

I use Adobe Photoshop CS4 but learned on Photoshop Elements and the two are fairly similar. This is the layout we will be creating:


The first rule of digital scrapbooking is, it's all about the layers!

Step One: Open your program and start with a new file.


Step Two: Open the digital papers, elements and photo you would like to use. I used the All About Me collection by Webster's Pages.

Step Three: Once you have all of your files open, start dragging the papers and elements onto your blank file. Begin with the papers first as they will become your background.


With the paper file open next to the blank file, use your move tool (usually the first tool in your toolbar on the left side of the screen, circled above) to drag the paper onto the blank page. 

Then close the paper file. You'll see in your layers palette that you now have the background layer and the paper layers:


Step Four: Once you have all of your files on your background it's time to start playing with sizing, placement and layer order.

In order to resize the items, make sure the layer with the item you want to resize is active. Look at the Layer Palette in the right corner and click on the layer that has the item you want to resize, it will be highlighted. Now you will see little boxes on the corners of the item. Grab one of the boxes with your move tool and move in or out, making it smaller or bigger.


(In this screen shot above, I have the layer with the balloon active.)

To change the layer order of an item, simply go to the layer palette, grab the layer you want to move and move it up or down in the layer stack.


Here you can see that I have resized and moved the elements into a basic design and am now ready to add a photo!

Step Five: Just like you did with the papers, open your photo and drag it onto your layout. Resize as you wish and move it within the layer stack until you get it where you want it. I generally like to tuck it in somewhere with layers over it and under it.


Are you hooked? It doesn't seem so hard when Julie breaks it all down for us, does it? Well, don't worry, you can head right over to inspireME and fnd out the rest of the details on how to create this layout! 

Click HERE to read this whole post (and get your digital layout finished!)...and while you're in a clicky mood, feel free to peruse the digital products over on our're going to love them! 

Happy {digital} Scrapping!

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Blog Post

Spotlight on inspireME Member {Shell Carman}

Here at Webster's Pages, we have the most incredible community of paper crafters who inspire us on a daily basis. Maybe you're already a member over at InspireMe, but if not, we want to invite you to look around, check out the gallery, the forums and join us in sharing your Webster's Pages Creations. 

When we stroll through the gallery, there are always tons of layouts and projects that catch our eye, so today we want to feature one of them on our blog: 


"Tell Me Your Thoughts" by Shell Carman is just one of the many layouts that made us pause. Shell's beautiful use of our new Everyday Poetry line, combined with the perfect mix of doilies and flowers, is such an eye-catcher. 

We are more than inspired. Aren't you?

Head over to InspireMe and check out Shell's projects for yourself...perhaps you'll be inspired to create your own stunning creations. 

Shell, to thank you for your inspiration, we want to send you a collection kit of your choice...just me at cwalsh{at}websterspages{dot}com and we'll get that right out to you!

EP_JournalingCards Everyday_Poetry_Alpha EP_MiniPetals PerfectMotifsEP_Collection


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Blog Post

April Card-Making Challenge {And some winners!}

Oh, Larissa Albernaz, you DO make a beautiful card...Larissa works such magic with this Game On Collection, and she also proves that cards come in all sizes and shapes! 

If you're starting to feel inspired already, that's a good thing...because today is the day we announce April's CHALLENGE! 

But first...look at this lovely birthday card from Kay Rogers:


Clean, simple and beautiful! I'm sure Brandin would love to find that in her mailbox, don't you think? 

And speaking of simple & beautiful, look at this stunner from Diana Brodeur...


Easy to create but the sentiment is priceless!

Emeline Seet stuck with bold colors, beautiful layers and little accents that go a very long way...

Brandin Birthday Card Emeline

Are you guys taking notes?? Because in case you haven't guessed it, we're having a card challenge...

Maybe you'll draw inspiration from one of the fabulous birthday cards our Designers have created in honor of Brandin's Birthday? Perhaps Emma Trout's card will spark some creativity:


Emma's card is so fun! From the colors to the embellishments, this layered beauty is sure to bring a smile...

Much like this stunner from Jaz beautiful is this?


That Flower and Pin are SO adorable, and the little hand-cut elements make this card and instant star! 

So what do you think? Do you want to get card-creating this month? 

Here are the details and how to enter:

Create a card using Webster's Pages Dazzle-Me Gems and Bloomers. (Any collection!) We encourage birthday cards for Brandin (even if they will be belated...) but that's not a requirement. :) 

The majority of your project must contain Webster’s Pages products. 

  1. The project must use Webster's Pages Papers and either gems or bloomers.
  2. You must post your project in the Inspire Me gallery under the file name "April Card Challenge - (title of your project)"  and post a link in the comments section on this blog entry.
  3. The challenge will be open from today to May 16th, 12 midnight PST.

Prize will be winner’s choice of Webster’s Pages Paper Collection. 

So, who's going to play along?? 

Now for some winners...

The March Mini Book Challenge Winner is Elizabeth Dimitrova! (Click Elizabeth's name to see some of her beautiful work!) 

And...the winner of the Birthday Party Celebration Collection Kit is Auntie Em (Emily)

Elizabeth & Emily, email me at cwalsh{at}websterspages{dot}com and let me know which collection kit you'd like to receive! 

And if you need to replenish your Webster's Pages supply, click on images below to get shopping! 

GO_GemsGO_MiniPetals GO_Tickets Bloomer_Deluxe_C_4f0131fd4f97cGO_Collection

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Blog Post

How Do I...? {get the layered look without the clutter?}

Iris bnw mfToday on our blog, we're continuing with a feature we started last month. You ask a question that starts with "How do I...?" and one of our cracker-jack designers answers it.

If you have a burning question, leave it in the comments section and we may be able to answer it next month!

This month's question is...

"How do I get that layered look without it looking like I threw everything in my scraproom onto the page?"

And thankfully, Iris Babao-Uy is here with the answer (and some inspiration)...


Hi everyone! This is Iris and I am very happy to be answering this question we received on our blog. 

One thing I always do whenever I sit down to make a page is to take out my papers and start cutting out elements. It doesn't have to be intricate and exact cuts. It’s all about finding elements in your papers that you can turn into embellishments.


Next, I always start with a clean background. I love working with a white base because you can create your own color and add texture to your background at the same time. Working with a busy background will almost always throw your design off. Because you will be layering, you must make sure that your base is bright and clean so that you can effectively layer elements without making your design look too busy. 

Next, You can use stencils for misting or coloring, or you can even go further and add texture with different mediums. For this page, I used glass bead gels over a brick stencil and colored it with pastel chalks.  


Layering ribbons and trims over hand cut flowers and stems is also a great way to add layers and detail to your pages. 


Another fun thing to do is to grab elements of different mediums like fabric, resin, paper and layer them one on top of the other to add visual interest.


One important thing to remember when doing layered designs is BALANCE. Make sure that the visual weight is evenly distributed.  Think of your visual triangle. Select three points in your page where you want to make clusters and layers and concentrate on those. Also, it's wise to have a good amount of negative space or white space in your layout. This will balance the areas that are busy with layers with areas that are free of design. Allow some space for the eyes to rest and you will see that your design will become more appealing.

I hope these few tips will help you get started designing your own layered creations!

Thanks for stopping by the blog and allowing me to share my art and passion with you. 

Pastels_Sparkler Everyday_Poetry_TrimEP_TicketsEP-gemsEP_Collection (2)

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Blog Post

Card-Making Inspiration

We've got a feeling you cardmakers out there are going to LOVE this month's challenge...we aren't saying any more than that...but just be on the lookout this FRIDAY and we'll give you all the details! 

In the meantime, more card-making inspiration abounds on today's blog as we continue to celebrate the ever-lovely Brandin O'Neill...

First up, look at this beauty from designer Tomoko Takahashi:


At first glance, it almost looks like a tiny clipboard, the way the Heart Whimsy and bow accent the center of the's gorgeous! And of course, the little cluster at the bottom, topped off with Dazzle Me Gems is such a beautiful way to wish Brandin a happy day...

Gerry van Gent also had fun creating her well wishes for Brandin...


The hand-cut motifs are the star on Gerry's card, one sweet resin bird making it shine. The way it all comes together is absolutely perfect, don't you think? 

Designer Julie Walton proves that digi designers can have just as much fun making cards as the paper lovers out there. 


This card is so fun and Julie could easily print it out and stick it in the mail! Have you checked out our digital goodies? You can click HERE to see more! 

So what about you...which one of our collections would you like to use for your next card-making adventure? And have you entered yesterday's big birthday giveaway

We hope you do...because we LOVE to give presents! 

Click the photos to find out more about some of our favorite products for card-makers!

PaperPad_IL_PB_GO PaperPad_SP_EPPerfectMotifsSP_Whimsies

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Blog Post

Introducing Guest Designer {Nic Howard} & a VERY special birthday...

Today is Brandin's BIG day!! 

And we are thrilled to continue Birthday Week with a couple more beautiful this one from the wonderful Jamie Harder:


Jamie's card is wonderfully Clean and Simple, and we're in love with the way she layered her embellishments right on that adorable journaling card. Brilliant! 

Nina Ostermann also whipped up some Clean and Simple magic with her well wishes for our fearless leader:


We are SO excited about Brandin's big birthday week (and we're hoping she gets herself a big, fat cupcake tonight) that today we're going to have a very special giveaway in her honor! 

But first...I get to introduce you to someone who really needs no introduction, our April Guest Designer, Nic Howard:


A scrapbooker for thirteen years, Nic lives in New Zealand with her husband Paul, and their three children. Although residing in the total opposite end of the world, Nic still finds herself heavily involved in the scrapbooking scene in the U.S.A, her most notable achievements include tutoring alongside the amazing staff at Big Picture Classes and working with several large manufacturers creating artwork for blogs, galleries, trade show booths and catalogs.
Nic is a 2005 Memory Makers Master whose work has been published in numerous books and magazines and she's also the author of a wonderful idea book called "That's Life, Finding Scrapbooking Inspiration in the Everyday." 
She's also a teacher who loves to travel and enjoys meeting scrapbookers all over the world. When not scrapbooking, you can find Nic socialising with friends, hanging out with family or hiding at one of the beautiful beaches NZ has to offer.   
Check out more on Nic's Blog: HERE
We sent Nic two of our beautiful collections, In Love and Palm Beach, and she worked some serious magic with them. 
First, this gorgeous card:

The layering creates an almost shadowbox look that's absolutely stunning. 
Nic's TIP: Small hearts cut from images in the papers were inked, folded and layered to create dimensional embellishments.  Easy and effective!

Next, Nic waved her fairy dust over this beautiful Palm Beach project, taking advantage of all the delicious little details in this collection. 
Nic's TIPS: When creating a grid layout like this, chose a spot just off-center for your main title cluster...and always keep leftovers from other layouts. There are those little dimensional folded hearts I made from the “In Love” layout!


You can see even more from Nic AND see how our Design Team was inspired by her this month right HERE at inspireME. Wow. There is some stunning stuff there! 
Now, we'd love to open our comments up for well wishes for Brandin today! Let's fill her inbox with tons of Happy Birthday wishes...and Friday we'll pick a VERY lucky winner to choose the collection kit of her choice...
Happy Birthday, Brandin!
PB_Whimsies Med_SparklerPB_TrimPB_JournalingCardsPB_Collection

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Blog Post

A Reason To Celebrate {It's somebody's birthday...}

Here at Webster's Pages, we love a celebration. And this week, we have a VERY good reason to celebrate. You see's someone's birthday. 

Someone who means an awful lot to those of us who love Webster's Pages...someone who loves her children, her company, her customers and Doritos...someone with a kind heart who will be your cheerleader, your friend and your biggest fan...

Yes, this is a person we all feel very lucky to know...


To tell you Brandin is special to us would be like telling you the sky is blue...I mean, you already know, right? Because you love her just as much as we do!!

So while tomorrow is her official birthday, we're stretching the celebration out all week long...and by week's end, we'll issue a birthday challenge and a chance to win a collection kit of your very own. (And we may have a few little prizes along the way...just because we love you guys!)

To help celebrate, we've conspired behind Brandin's back to fill the blog with gorgeous, inspiring birthday cards designed especially with our fearless leader in mind...

The parade of cards starts with this beauty from the fabulous Stacey Michaud:


Stacey's well wishes are bright and cheery, with lovely patterned paper strips and a well placed Mini Princess Petal. Truly a wonderful way to wish our co-owner the very best of birthdays!

Designer Anabelle O'Malley also opted for a bright palette:


Layered doilies and hand-cut motifs make the perfect addition to this adorable card and that banner at the top is 100% dreamy...happiest of wishes to you, Brandin...

Next, feast your eyes on Iris Babao Uy's card...which could double for a piece of art, don't you think?

Bday Card Brandin (Iris Uy)

Iris opted for a circular background layered with a decorated tag and some fabulously well-placed embellishments. What a beautiful way to wish Brandin the happiest of days...

It's going to be a busy birthday celebration this week, and one you aren't going to want to miss...after all, you never know when we are going to hand birthday presents out to you...

Happy Birthday Week, Brandin! Wishing you your best year yet! 


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Blog Post

Crafting With Kids {Webster's Pages Style}

If you're anything like the crafty moms and grandmas we know, it's likely that while you're doing your creating, you've got an audience. Why not foster a love of the arts (and scrapbooking) into your kids now by including them in your next creation? 
I asked Designers Tomoko Takahashi and Diana Brodeur to create projects that would be simple and fun to do with their kids...and boy, did they deliver. Look at this adorable minibook Tomoko and her daughter created:
Creating this little book is so easy, Tomoko has broken it down into a few simple steps! 
To get things started, Tomoko created a train template. When printed, it's 12 inches wide. Create youw own of copy Tomoko's:

Trace the template onto any Webster's Pages patterned paper. 
Have your ridiculously adorable helper cut it out. {Admire her. Squeeze her cheeks. Snap a photo.}
This is what you end up with when Adorable Helper is finished:
Cut out the small parts from the train like so:
Cut out small tires and details from the train and use them as templates on complementary patterned papers. Cut these out and adhere on your patterned train. 
Embellish! Tomoko and her daughter added Perfect Accents and Medallion Sparklers to their wheels for a little added pizzaz! And the best part is that any of these steps could be done by small hands! 
Allow your child(ren) to decorate the pages or add photos to the inside to complete your album. 

Just like that, you have a great little craft project AND a fabulous bonding experience with your kids or grandkids! 
WAIT! There's more...head over to Inspire Me for a very special {Blog Bonus} created by Designer Diana Brodeur! 
Head right over to inspireME (click HERE) and check it out! (You don't have to be a member...but we hope you'll join!) :) Then clear the table and start creating with the littles... they'll love it almost as much as you will!

Med_Sparkler SP_Whimsies PB_Alphas PB_JournalingCardsPB_Collection

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Blog Post

A Card Set to Swoon Over...

Today is the big day!! We're starting to reveal our {blueprints*} daily journaling prompts!! It's definitely not to late to play along, so why don't you join us?? 


Click the image to buy your own {blueprints*} journal...and then join us on the journey of documenting "A Mother's Love"!


It's customary to include a card when giving a gift...but if you're a cracker-jack cardmaker, why not make an entire card set and give that as a gift? We could all stand to keep a lovely assortment on hand for those times we need something right away, and Designer Jill Cornell is here today to give us several ideas on how to do just that. You're_the_best_card_web

Jill's Sunday Picnic card set is absolutely gorgeous, and it would make such a wonderful gift (or a nice little stash she could keep for herself!) Notice how these cards are Clean and Simple, but still have lovely details that make them visually interesting. 


They also feel like a set since they incorporate a lot of the same trims, patterns and sentiments. By repeating these things on each card, Jill was able to make them relate to each other, so when the recipient of this beautiful gift opens the box, she finds a family of cards that seem to go together. 


And if you're stumped on a great way to package a card set as a gift, why not try this clever little pocket that can easily be reused.

To create this, Jill cut a piece of cardstock to 8" and then scored it at 4.25", placed patterned paper on the front and then stitched the sides and bottom. Then she decorated with a doily, trim, a journaling card, vellum, flower and cameo. 


Finally, she punched a couple holes at the top to hang. The design and details pull it all together into one beautiful card set. 


So, are you a cardmaker? Next time you need a gift, why not put your skills to good use and create your own card set? We'd love to see what you're creating over in the inspireME gallery!

SP_Trim SP_Whimsies SP_Gems SP_MiniPetalsSP_Collection

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Blog Post

The Game is ON!

Tomorrow is the BIG day!! We're kicking off our first session of {blueprints*} Daily! But dont' worry,if you're on the fence, there's plenty of time for you to get your journal and join in...what a fabulous Mother's Day gift you'll have! 


Click the image to buy your own! 


And today, you're in for a special treat. I asked Designer Larissa Albernaz to work her magic on a Game On layout, and being the overachiever that she is, she created not ONE but TWO for your viewing pleasure...


Larissa took a unique spin on Game On, not focusing on themed aspect, but creating layouts that celebrate the teamwork of her family. 


Of course, Larissa paid special attention to the details, showing how a few well-placed Dazzle-Me Gems can really spice things up...


...making this layout a HUGE winner! 

But of course, she didn't stop there. She created another page, this time using the adorable playing card designs in this collection. 


Again, the great thing about this is how Larissa took these sporty products and turned them into something completely different. 


Just a bit of out of the box thinking and you're good to go! And look how these gems really bring the whole page together...


Don't you think? 

So how about you? Have you jumped on the Game On Bandwagon yet? If not, what are you waiting for? 

Click any of the images below to start stocking up today!

GO_Alphas GO_TrimGO_GemsPerfectMotifsGO_Collection

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Blog Post

Focus on Digital

Before we share our inspiring creations today, I want to remind you that the brand new {blueprints*} program starts THIS THURSDAY! 


We can HARDLY wait! The journals are flying out of the warehouse...will you be a part of the FUN?

Click HERE to buy yours TODAY!

The benefits of Digital Scrapbooking certainly aren't lost on us, which is why we offer a wide assortment of digital products right HERE on the Webster's Pages Website. 

You can create completely digital layouts and end up with a beautiful keepsake, like Julie Walton has done here:


What a beautiful job she's done with our IN LOVE collection, layering just the perfect amount of digi embellishments to make that gorgeous photo pop right off the page. 

This is a fabulous way to design a wedding album, giving every little detail its own moment in the sun. 

But perhaps you want to play with digital products AND you love the texture and feel of paper...Designer Kay Rogers shows off a playful mixture of digi and paper with her hybrid creation:


To create her layout, Kay used a digital template. She inserted digital patterned paper into the template and used her Cameo to print it out, along with the butterflies and fabric ticket. 


This worked out perfectly, making her products stretch even further. What a cost effective way to create pages! 


Once the layout was put together, Kay added a bit more with a few more snazzy embellishments, like this Medallion Sparkler and bits of our beautiful trim. 


Whether you go all digital, like Julie has or you mix digital & paper, you're going to end up with a winner! Click the images below and start shopping today! 

Med_SparklerEP_TicketsEveryday_Poetry_TrimEP-gemsEP_Collection (2)

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one day I hope to be....

like my mother.


i've said it before

and i'll say it a gazillion times more.

and I have a feeling my sisters would agree too.


so yesterday was Easter.

it was a beautiful day.

we showed up at my parents to celebrate

and so did...

55 other people! (23 of them which were children & 6 large dogs)...

My mother seamlessly, happily & perfectly made Easter full of happiness, TONS of food, a beautiful home with games, flowers, sweets, all with an unconditional welcome & love for everyone there.

It was a beautiful day.

Not just because it was Easter.

But because of what my Mom did for all of us.

I can't wait to write about motherhood & my mom in my A Mother's Love {blueprints*}daily journal starting this week.

I hope you had a restful Easter weekend ~ ?


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Happy Easter!

This weekend, you may find yourself on the hunt for colorful plastic eggs filled with candy. If you're smart, you'll steal the chocolate before your kids see it...and then you'll come home and scrapbook your precious memories. 


It may be tempting to go out and find a themed Easter collection, but it's not necessary when you can work your magic with something as beautiful as Everyday Poetry, like Designer Jill Cornell has done here. 


Adorable little bits fill just the right amount of her two-page spread, leaving white space perfectly decorated with pops of color and Everyday Poetry patterns...

Easter-y, spring-y and beautiful!


When it comes time to scrapbook those Easter photos, look no further than Webster's Pages! We've got something for everyone! (Just click on the photos below to find out for yourself!)

Wishing you a very happy Easter...from our family to yours...

Everyday_Poetry_TrimEP_WhimsiesEveryday_Poetry_AlphaEP-gemsEP_Collection (2)

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Make Your Own Dazzling Blooms {a tutorial}

Before I share our amazing tutorial with you today, I wanted to thank everyone who's joining us on our first {blueprints*} daily journaling journey! We can hardly wait to get started! 

Why don't you come along?


Simply click on the picture for more information & place your order today! 

Now, today...we've got something awesome to share with you...


We know what you're thinking. Wow, that's a gorgeous layout. 

We know because we thought the same thing when we saw it. Anabelle O'Malley has done it again, this time capturing Easter memories with a little personal flare. The great news is, she's going to explain how she created those beautiful handmade blooms along the right side of her layout...and guess what? It's not that hard! 

Let's Get Started: 

First, gather your supplies:


Anabelle used the velvet trim from the Western Romance collection, a needle and thread and some Glue Dots. 

Step ONE: -1

Cut a small piece of the trim and run a running stitch through it. 

Step TWO:-2

Pull the two ends of thread together, forming the flower. Tie the thread tightly and trimmed the extra. To hold the flower shut, add a glue dot to the end of the trim. 

Step THREE:-3

Cut a piece from the Sunday Picnic gem strip. (Anabelle loves cutting the gems apart and using them in different ways on my, they make excellent flower centers!) 

Step FOUR:-4

Position your flowers on the page and add the gem centers. 

Easy, right? These blooms give the page a 'Spring-y' feel without making it overly feminine.


Sprinkle in some additional gems, an incredbily versatile embellishment, and you're good to go! 


Whether you're using your gems to accent handmade flowers or simply to make your page prettier, they're the perfect go-to embellishment every single time! 


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In Love With {In Love}

Around here, we're feeling the LOVE...not just A Mother's Love, the theme for our very first {blueprints*} journal and something you really MUST check out...


Click the image to find out more!

But we're also still totally IN LOVE iwth our brand new IN LOVE collection...AND we're IN LOVE with what Designer Jaime Warren has done with it. 

This layout is a Clean and Simple way to capture a Mother's Love...In-Love_web

Notice how Jaime's approach manages to showcase several of the beautiful patterns in this line. By using a very subtle pattern (almost a solid) for the background, Jaime was able to achieve the white space needed to make this layout sing. 

But this collection is also perfect for card-making. Imagine showing up to a bridal shower with this atop your gift:


The doily makes such a wonderful addition, and the little touches with the cameo pin and paper hearts practically make this card a gift in and of itself. 

Similarly, this card is an elegant way to tell someone how you feel...

Card-two_webNotice how the pins lay flush to the card, making them a beautiful, non-bulky way to dress up your papercrafting projects. 

So yes, we're all feeling the love around here today...and we hope you are too! Next time you're looking to create something beautiful, look no further than our IN LOVE collection. Click on any of the images below to start shopping now!

IL_Alphas In_Love_JournalingIL_GemsHeart_PushPinsIL_Collection (2)

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Blog Post

What Kind of Memory Keeper Are YOU?

In a world where we're all so different, it stands to reason that we wouldn't all preserve our memories in the same we want to know...what kind of memory keeper are YOU?

Perhaps you're a {classic*} Webster's Pages girl, like Designer Jaz Lee:


With lots of layers and hand-cut designs, the {classic*girl} is looking for an artistic experience in her memory keeping. She loves to get creative and dream up new ways to showcase her photos...


She's a master of mixing and matching patterns and color and she loves to focus on the details in everything she does...


Is this you? Are you a {classic*girl}?

Or perhaps you're a {clean&simple*girl}...someone who loves beautiful memory keeping, but takes a bit of a simpler approach. Someone like Designer Stacey Michaud: 


The {clean&simple*girl} believes in the benefit of white space and strategic pops of color mixed with simple storytelling...


She's passionate about capturing her memories but is drawn to more graphic patterns and loves to see a page come together. 


Is this you? Are you a {clean&simple*girl}

There's yet another style of memory keeper. She may be your mom, your sister, your best friend. On occasion, she may be you...when you want to create something heartfelt but are pressed for time. 


When you want to tell your story, but are struggling to find the words. 

She is a {blueprints*} girl. She's equally as passionate about memory keeping, but she's commited to telling her stories her way...simple, handwritten memories captured in a beautiful keepsake journal. 


Have you heard about {blueprints*}? Click HERE to find out more...and we want to invite you to join us as we kick off our first session next week, April 12th, giving you plenty of time to complete your journal for Mother's Day. 

We can hardly wait to get started. 

So tell us...what kind of {webster's*girl} are you?

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Introducing {blueprints*}

Because keeping your memories should be easy...

Because you're busy but still want to tell your stories...

Because simple and beautiful don't have to be difficult and involved...

That's why we've created {blueprints*}

We want to invite you to experience {blueprints*} Daily, our brand new journaling program. A guided journal with thought-provoking prompts designed to help you to the stories of your life. 

Join us for a thirty day journaling adventure. Here's the basic rundown:

1. We give you a prompt every day for thirty days. (Click to see how it looks!)
2. You record the answers in your very own {blueprints} journal.
3. Add photos and mementos (as many or as few as you please)

And in just 30 days you have a completed journal, full of beautiful, heartfelt memories.  

Simply click HERE for more information on how the
{blueprints*} program works and how it will benefit you. 

The best part is, your finished journal will be ready just in time for Mother's Day. Can you think of a better gift to give your mom than something handmade and heartfelt? 


Now to announce the winner of the very first ever to be given away {blueprints*} journal: 


I need to learn to say no. That would free up some time and give me some simplicity.

Posted by: Kristina | April 02, 2012 at 09:49 PM

Kristina, send your address to me at and I'll get your journal on its way to you!

Start your {blueprints} journey today...simply click the image below to buy your journal and become part of the {blueprints*} family.


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A Perfect {blueprint*} for Memory Keeping

From the moment you give birth, the advice starts.

Time flies. It's fleeting. Cherish these moments now...they'll be grown before you know it...

So you do. You cling to the image of a bouquet of dandelions, crushed to death in the chubby fingers of his four-year-old fist. 

You treasure the moments of silly songs sung on road trips, letting your glimpse linger in the rearview mirror where she grins at you behind oversized sunglasses. 

You're a mom. Forever destined to have your heart go walking around outside your body. 


But that also means you're busy. {We so get it.}

Very busy. Because mothers are the how do you ever get "caught up?" {If you find out, let us know!}

How on earth will you find time to give your own mom a meaningful Mother's Day gift? How do you tell your children the story of your life...when you don't have time to tell them to brush their teeth?



Let us do the thinking for you. 

We'll ask the questions...and you'll answer them...and thirty days later, you'll have a fully written and illustrated story...the story of your life. 


Because here at Webster's Pages, we believe memory keeping should be easy for everyone. 

That's why we've created {blueprints*}. 

That's why tomorrow we welcome a beautiful new product into the Webster's Pages family...


And we cannot wait to share more...

So...How would you like to win?

Tell us, what do you most need to simplify in your life? Leave us a comment and let us know...We're going to have a little {blueprints*} giveaway!!

REALLY wanna win? Help us spread the word! Link this post on Facebook, Twitter or your own blog and come back and leave another comment for each one you do (up to three more chances to win!) We want to gift you with something you can use...and believe us, this is IT! 

Come back tomorrow to find out who won and to get the nitty gritty on everything {blueprints*}!

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