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October Sprinkles Craftbox On Sale Now {72-Hours Only}

Today is a very special day, not only is this the first day of October, but it's also the day our October Sprinkles Craftbox officially goes on sale! 

Here's a little peek at all that's packed in this box: 

For only $10 and free domestic shipping, this is like a sweet little present you can give yourself (without any guilt at all!) 

Take a look at the way Designer Anabelle O'Malley jazzed up this one-of-a-kind Webster's Pages' notebook using just what was in this month's Craftbox:


When your box arrives, you can create one of your very own following these simple steps:

Step One: Cut a 3.75 inch strip of ruler and alphabet fabric ribbons. Adhere the alphabet one slightly below the ruler and stitch together with a zig zag stitch.


Step Two: Adhere the stitched fabric ribbon strip to the bottom of the notebook cover.

Nb2Step Three: Add adhesive to the back of the ‘Way to Go’ Silhouette. Glue dots that have been stretched out to fit the perimeter, hot glue or another strong glue would work.

Step Four: Fan fold a 6 inch piece of fabric ribbon, adhering it to the back of the Silhouette as you go along. Trim excess.


Step Five: Adhere this to the top left side of the hot air balloon image on the cover of the notebook.

Nb4Step Six: About 1/3 of the way through the notebook, adhere the Go ticket to create a tab. To do this, fold it in half and adhere it to the front and back of the page. Cut a 6” strip of fabric ribbon and adhere to the edge of the page, covering the front part of the ticket. Stitch a zig zag border. This will provide you with a section divider.


Step Seven: Create another tab, about 2/3 of the way through the notebook, using the Let’s Play fabric ticket. Repeat step six. 


Step Eight: Slide a pencil into the spiral and keep the notebook in your purse to jot notes down anytime you need it.


Not bad for a sweet and simple book you can use any way you please. 

So tell us, will Sprinkles be arriving on your doorstep? The sale is 72-hours or while supplies last. Click HERE to order your box today!

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Inspiration to Carry You Through the Weekend...

We had a few technical glitches yesterday so we went ahead and extended our Sprinkles Pre-Order sale through today at noon EST for inspireME members only. Be sure to head over there and take advantage of this crazy awesome deal! Go ahead, we'll wait....


There. Now that you've taken care of that...let's turn our attention to some inspiration... 

Perhaps you're one of the lucky ones who will spend a portion of the weekend creating, and we wanted to give you plenty of eye candy to carry all the way through till Monday morning...

Our designers have been busy, and they're all anxious to use their new collections. {We hope you are too! Have you started stocking up?}  

First, take a look at this altered frame by designer Erin Blegen:


Erin's project makes very good use of Royal Christmas, and so does this unexpected layout from designer Nina Ostermann. Nina went for "Royal Christmas goes Summer" with this adorable page:

And Tomoko Takahashi dove into her Park Drive stash and emerged with this beauty: 
Is that gorgeous? And we love how Tomoko mixed and matched several collections together to bring it to life. 
This beautiful altered frame is certainly a piece of art, and we have fallen completely in love with the details: 
Our website is stocked with beautiful, inspiring paper and embellishments so be sure to swing by and supplement your stash today! 
Happy weekend!

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12 Hour Pre-Order for VIPs ONLY! {Order Your October Sprinkles Box TODAY!}

Optomizedpreorder (2)

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How Do I...{Fussy Cut my Webster's Pages?} with Emeline Seet


We sometimes hear that it's difficult to cut into a sheet of pretty patterned paper. After all, you don't want to ruin anything...

But we also know that paper isn't doing you any good if you hoard it! Time to break out those pointy scissors and try your hand at fussy cutting. 

If you don't know where to start, have no fear!

We have the fabulous Emeline Seet on hand to give us a step-by-step in how she incorporates our motifs into her work. 

And her work is truly stunning, isn't it? 

Emeline says, "Fussy cuts can be therapeutic but beware, it might get you fingers cramps too!" 

 Read on for Emeline's wonderful tips on incorporating fussy cutting into your next papercrafting project!



Did you know that the term "fussy cut" is also used in quilting? It simply means to target and cut out a specific motif on a pattern paper. 
Intricate cutting may not be everyone's cup of tea but who knows?! Maybe you'll be inspired to cut a motif on a pattern paper in future.


I'll share some of my routines I normally albeit by each time I attempt to do some detail work with the scissors.


Step 1: Use precision scissors. Those with pointed edge works best.

Step 2: Select your motif. Cut it out from the main pattern paper. 
A smaller surface is easier to cut around.

Step 3: Maneuver your scissors. 

If you are a right-hander, hold the scissors with your right hand, motif on your left hand. Turn the motif as you cut and pivot your right hand. (ie: Your left handing which is holding the motif should be moving around the scissors. Not the scissors cutting/moving around the motif). 

It might seem very intimidating initially, but follow these simple steps and we'll work a way to cut this fun piece out! 
I'll use the example of the carousel. Most of the time, I do not use my pen knife to cut out every nook and cranny. I prefer to use my scissors. Cut out the flag and cut around the flag (you may wish to make use of a tweezer to help to have a better grip if the motif is really small and you are determined to cut it).
Cut through the top of the carousel and slowly cut out rectangular grids from the carousel. It is easier to cut straight cuts than curves. Embrace imperfection.
Step 4: Use pop up foam adhesives.

To create dimension, I adhere a primary motif (using foam dots) and leverage on it to build my cluster of embellishments. I particularly like to have a couple of motifs stand out. Reason being, I can tuck and overlap other cut out patterns. 
Step 5: Cheat. 
Nobody is going to judge if you cut the motif "wrong". Even if you do, no sweat. Cover it up with a sticker gem or simply tuck under a focal motif mentioned in step 4.
So, here are some steps I routinely take when I am inspired to do some intricate cutting.
One more tip, try to use a solid colored background as your base. Let the intricacy of your cut-outs stand in contrast against the plain background. I promise it'll pop! 
Have you tried fussy cutting lately? We hope you'll share your creations in the gallery over at inspireME... and this week there will be some very special perks for inspireME members only, so if you haven't signed up, today is your day! Come join our community! 


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Blog Post

Wonderfall Inspiration {Mini Tag Book}

We're so excited we were able to offer "Wonderfall" as part of our "In Case You Missed it Monday"... if you were one of the lucky ones to snag the line for 20% off (or if you have some hiding in your stash), you might want some inspiring ideas on how to put it to good use. 

We're so happy to oblige. 

Check out this adorable tag book from Designer Anabelle O'Malley:


The Wonderfall line has such rich, vibrant colors, perfect for autumn, and the way Anabelle put this little book together is so inspiring. 


Anabelle says, "Wonderfall is a wonderful and versatile Fall collection. I decided to create some tags using it. At first I thought I'd use them as gift tags, but then decided that I'd add a couple of photos to make it into a 'Thankful' booklet. I couldn't be more thankful for my loving hubby and my sweet boy. I plan on displaying my booklet alongside some of my Fall decorations as a reminder of how lucky I am."



Each page is wonderfully unique, making this sweet little book of tags a great addition to autumn decor, a sweet gift or just a simple reminder to focus on the things that make you happy. 

Even if you didn't catch our sale (we're so sorry!) you can still shop the Wonderfall collection on our website! Don't miss it!


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In Case You Missed it Monday {Wonderfall is 20% off!}

With every collection we release, we're sure we have a new favorite, but the truth is, these lines are a lot like children...we love them ALL {and for different reasons.} And when we love something, we have to share it...which is why we're thrilled that TODAY ONLY, one of our favorite collections is 20% off! 

Wonderfall is the perfect line to take us into Autumn, so we are thrilled to offer it to you at this very special rate... in case you missed it. 

Take a look at two gorgeous layouts our designers created with this collection. 

First, Kay Rogers:


This line is so perfect for autumn photos, which you'll probably be starting to scrapbook just about NOW!

And take a look at this beauty from Designer Julie Walton: 


For this time of year, there's nothing better than Wonderfall, so we're offering the whole collection for 20% off ONE day only!



Beautiful papers and gorgeous embellishments combine to create the perfect collection for this and every time of year! 

Don't miss this line for one more second! Head over to our website TODAY ONLY and you'll find everything Wonderfall at a wonderful price!

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Mix & Match Your Webster's Pages {Are YOU up for the Challenge?}

This week we've had so much FUN fusing our various collections, and it's been so eye-opening to see all the different ideas that have come from our designers. They're master mixers!

Today we have a TON more inspiration for you... and then, our September Challenge.  

First, this lovely Clean and Simple page from Diana Brodeur, which mixes some of our newer papers with some of our older embellishments:


Tomoko Takahashi created this adorable mini, mixing & matching for tons of variety: 


Stacey mashed up Everyday Poetry, Trendsetter and Park Drive with this lovely result:


Gabrielle Pollacco shows how well Park Drive, Ladies & Gents and In Love go together...


And digi designer Julie Walton had a ball combining Hollywood Vogue and All About Me:


So what collections will YOU mix & match?

We're excited to announce the September Mix & Match Challenge! 

Here are the details on this challenge: 

1. The layout must use predominantly Webster's Pages and must use at least two different collections.(No limit on how many collections you can use.) 

2. You must upload your layout to the gallery at InspireME on or before midnight EST on October 18th. Your layout title must include the words "September Mix & Match Challenge"

3. Once you've done that, come back to THIS POST and comment with a link to your layout. The winner will receive the collection kit of her choice. 

And...Go HERE to find out who won last month's TRENDY Challenge! If you're the winner, email me at cwalsh{at}websterspages{dot}com so I can send you your prize! 

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Blog Post

A {Step-by-Step} Fusion of Winter Fairy Tales & Once Upon a Halloween


This week, we're mixing and matching...a fusion of old + new, and today we're mixing up Winter Fairy Tales and Once Upon a Halloween. 

It may sound impossible, but Designer Erin Blegen is here to give you the step-by-step proof that it's not! 
Take it away, Erin! 

For this project I decided to combine papers from "Winter Fairy Tales" and "Once Upon A Halloween". They both share some of the same rich, bold colors and I felt they would work just perfectly together!
First, here is my layout: 


Now, I'll break down the steps I used to create this page.

Step 1: I always like to start out a Webster's Pages project by doing a bit of fussy cutting, just to get me started. 


Step 2: I've used the "Ghosts" paper as my background. And because I like to get the most out of my paper, I've cut the middle out of it (since it will be covered up anyway) to use as the photo mat a little later in my project.

Next, I cut the "Little Fairy Tale" purple butterfly paper down to 10"x10" before border punching the edges. On top of that I layered the "Winter Fairy Tales Die Cut" Paper before adhering an 8"x8" piece from the "Night Owls" paper.

Finally, I added the fussy cut section from the "Little Fairy Tale" paper along the right-hand side to act as a base for my journaling. 


Step 3: Now it's time to start to put things together! I've added a book page underneath the circle photo mat cut from the "Ghosts" paper. 

Step 4: The purple Perfect Petals flower from the Once Upon A Halloween collection takes center stage. I thought it would be a great meeting point for my banners which were cut from more of the "Night Owls" paper.
Then I added some trims from the Everyday Poetry Trim Pack. Finally, I tucked a Florette behind the mailbox. WPtutorial_step4.jpg_web
Final Result:
Details, details, details~! This is where I have the most fun with my project- piling on the pretty little things that bring the layout to the next level; from the punched strips and bling on my banner to the bows, title, and fussy cut additions- all bringing just a little more interest to make this project complete.
Have you experienced your own FUSION of Webster's Pages? We'd love to see what collections you're mixing and matching...
Click on the images below to start putting an entirely new collection together! 
Hal_Princess-_Petals Hal_Diecut WinterFairyTales_TrimPack_TM9813 WinterFairyTales_PrincessPetals_LNF09

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Blog Post

Mix & Match Your Webster's Pages

If you're like us, you know the importance of using your stash. Who wants to buy new products if they don't jive with what you already have? That's why this week we're sharing all kinds of ways you can fuse collections. 

Prepare to think outside the box with A fusion of old + new!

You may not have thought Everyday Poetry would mesh with Park Drive, but this layout by Designer Diana Brodeur will change your mind: 


She also pulled in the Sunday Picnic Dazzle Me Gems for a little extra "pop." What a great way to escape ordinary...And you'd never know these layouts weren't desiged to go together!

Designer Nina Ostermann mixed Park Drive and Girl Land to create this beauty:


Sometimes all you need is a little pop of something extra, and Nina's page certainly delivers. 

Gabrielle Pollacco mixed it up with FIVE (yes FIVE!) different collections to create this work of art: 


This page came together using Game On papers, Yacht Club transparency frames, Wonderfall stickers and embellishments from Once Upon a Halloween and Royal Christmas. 

The results are so fantastic with just the right amount of "something unexpected." 

Designer Gerry van Gent also took the challenge to mix it up, with SEVEN {yes SEVEN!} different collections represented on this adorable layout:


Gerry used elements from Park Drive, Once Upon a Halloween, Girl Land, Ladies & Gents, Sunday Picnic, Let`s Celebrate and Trendsetter with amazing results! 

Sometimes stretching your creativity isn't just about designing layouts...sometimes it's about the way you mix and match the old stash with the new stash. 

Beautiful things can happen when you think outside the box! 

So, which two collections do you most want to mix & match? Head over to our website and start shopping today!

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Blog Post

Welcoming A New Member of the Webster's Pages Family...

You may know that Webster's Pages is a family owned company, but even those who aren't blood related still feel like we belong at the Thanksgiving table...and today, our table is expanding. 

We are so thrilled to introduce the newest member of the Webster's Pages family, Adrienne Looman.

Adrienne is the new Graphic Arts Manager here at Webster's and we want to shout it from the rooftops! We couldn't be more thrilled to have this girl on our team! 

Here's a bit more about Adrienne in her own words...


"I'm very down to earth and friendly. I wear my heart on my sleeve and love making new friends!

Growing up, I always had my hands dipped in some sort of creative project so it seems fitting that I ended up turning art into my career.

My husband often has to force me to stop working as I love what I do so much that even after all these years it's still more of a fun hobby than work ;) 

I have designed a variety of scrapbooking products,  catalogs, idea books, fabric, and digital scrapbooking as well.

I feel extremely privileged to now work with Webster's Pages and look forward to sharing my knowledge with the team! Big hugs to all!! :D


Won't you join us in welcoming sweet Adrienne to the Webster's Pages' team? 

We know there are GREAT things in store! 

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Blog Post

A New Kind of Scraplifting

This week, we are having tons of fun here on our blog. We've got some crazy exciting announcements and TONS (and I do mean TONS) of inspiration this week!

For the month of September, we decided to do something especially FUN...this month, our Design Team members are scraplifting each other, and we couldn't be more thrilled with the results.

We randomly assigned each designer someone else on the team to lift...and we're sharing just a sampling of the inspiring projects that resulted in this mix & match!

First, take a look at what happened when Kay Rogers lifted Diana Brodeur: 


Kay says: "I scraplifted Diana's Sister Love almost to a "t!" I am so in love with Diana's style . . . her pages almost always have a strong rectangle where all of the action happens. And her details just put the perfect touch on the page!"

We agree completely! And we love what happened when Diana scraplifted Designer Julie Walton: 


Diana says: "I was inspired by Julie Walton's "Streets of Istanbul" layout. I just love how she clustered several patterned papers behind her photo! Thanks so much for the inspiration"

Designer Iris Babao Uy had a blast lifting Tomoko Takahashi:


Iris says: "I love how Tomoko adds soft pastel tones to her pages of her beautiful girl. This page was very much inspired by her love of soft romantic colors, and pictures of pretty girls in pretty dresses. Thank you Tomoko for being such a wonderful inspiration to all of us!!"

And finally, Jaz Lee created a gorgeous layout inspired by Iris' "Charmed by You" page:


Jaz says: "Iris's favourite use of ink, paint & mist on the background of her work, is truly breathtaking. Thank you Iris for such a sweet inspiration!"

That's only the tip of the iceberg...most of our designers joined in this fun challenge. Head over to THIS POST at inspireME today and see how the other girls were inspired by each other! We know you won't be disappointed. 


While you're there, check out our brand new "Educators and Classes" tab for all the latest and greatest goings-on with our educators! Find out where in the world they're teaching and how you can join in the fun!

For instance, you can learn more about this fabulous class with our very own Emeline Seet:WP BRUNEI 2012

Click the image to see the details on the project Emeline will be teaching... and watch this page for more upcoming events! 

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Blog Post

In Case You Missed it Monday {Game On is 20% off!}

For us, the whole month of September screams "back to school" and "back to school" screams all kinds of sporty, game-like fun for the kids. From Homecoming to soccer to first days of school, this is the month that makes us want to whip out our Game On collection and start creating! 

And we want you to do the same, so today we've got a VERY special deal for you...

But first...Look at this beauty from Designer Jaz Lee:


Notice how Jaz changed up our "Keep Calm and Scrap On" cameo here, covering the word "Scrap" with a little cut-out that says "Play." Such a creative way to incorporate some of our newest collection elements into a layout using primarily an older line. 


Game On is such a versatile collection, it's easy to find tons of different uses for it...which is why we're offering you a VERY special deal for ONE DAY ONLY! 


To help you celebrate Back to School (and all that entails), we're offering everything in the Game On Collection at 20% off for 24 hours ONLY! That means you have from Midnight on Sunday night till Midnight on Monday night to take advantage of this sensational deal. 

So if you're looking for the PERFECT line for boys, sports, games or school layouts...look no further...and at 20% off, you can't go wrong! Click HERE (or on any of the images below) to start shopping!

GO_Gems GO_MiniPetals GO_Tickets GO_Ribbon GO_JournalingCards GO_Diecut GO_TrimGO_WhimsiesGO_Collection


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Blog Post

A Clean & Simple Christmas

Simple, understated elegance is something to strive for, and our Clean and Simple girls have it down. Decide now to have a simple Christmas and eliminate some of the craziness of the season. You can start with your layouts. 

Look at this beauty from Designer Stacey Michaud: 


Stacey was able to create such a gorgeous page with rich, vibrant colors from our Royal Christmas collection. She also incorporated her journaling in such a fun, simple way, surrounded by stars and the perfect amount of detail:

The layout design is simple, but the details make it a star, like a few perfectly placed hand-cut accents and a great combination of patterns. 
Clean and Simple Designer Jill Cornell has also got this simple elegance down pat. Take a peek at her adorable Royal Christmas  layout: 
The punched stars are clean and easy-going, but so fun to look at, and the way she's added patterns in little pops around the page makes this layout a scene stealer for sure. 
We love the way Jill stitches over the top of her Storyteller Alphas. What a great way to hold a title in place while adding a bit of visual interest at the same time. 
We know you're dying to get your hands on Royal Christmas, and on Monday we promised you we'd make that happen for one of our loyal friends.
We are Royally Happy to announce that Rea Custer is that lucky winner! Rea, email me at cwalsh{at}websterspages{dot}com and I'll get your gift certificate ordered right up for you! 
Head right on over to our website and stock up on Royal Christmas today...and while you're there, feel free to look around! We've got a whole lotta something for everyone! 
RC_Alpha_Stickers RC_Prompts_Stickers RC_JournalingCards_New RC_TrimChristmas_all

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Inspiring {Royal} Christmas

We're feeling so festive this week thanks to our newest collection, Royal Christmas...shipping out this very week! Christmas photos can get unruly if you don't get them organized right away, so why not start early this year? 

Documenting special ornaments is a fun way to commemorate the traditions of the season, like Diana Brodeur has done on this layout:


Some of your child's handmade ornaments may not last through the years, so photograph them just in case, then doll that photo up with some Royal Christmas for added pop! 


Designer Jamie Harper is helping us get inspired for the season as well with her adorable little card set. It's tempting to stick to the tried and true sizes for your cards, but why not jazz them up with unexpected dimensions? 


This card is elegant and simple and would be easy to reproduce for your holiday greetings this year. We especially love the tiny bit of red trim peeking out at the bottom. 


And this card complements the first one perfectly. Jamie has dressed up these trees with dazzling gems for that perfect amount of something special. What a great idea!


Why wait to get started on your holiday preparations? Head on over to our website and start shopping this stunning collection's already shipping so the mailman stalking can commence!

RC_Cameos RC_Alpha_Stickers RC_Princess_Petals RC_TrimChristmas_all


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Blog Post

Oh {Royal} Christmas Tree...

It may be September, but it's never too early to start thinking about the holidays...especially where papercrafts are concerned. 

Our new Royal Christmas collection heads out the doors THIS WEEK and we can't wait to get it in your hands to see what you create! 

Designer Gerry van Gent is on hand today with some stunning inspiration:


This layout is so full of beautiful details, it hard to stop staring at it. We love all the fussy cut elements she's added here, pulling it all together in adorable little clusters:


As if those weren't enough, she's also created something so special with this hand-stitched Christmas tree, adorned with a red-stamped star. What a brilliant idea!


Gabrielle Pollacco created something a bit different...a Royal Christmas collection without the Christmas. 

We can't think of a better way to stretch your supplies than to use them for themed and non-themed pages. Just look at this stunner of a layout:


So much elegance, but this is layout has nothing to do with Christmas at all! We love the versatility of these patterns! After all, we want you to use up every last scrap once you bring it into your stash. 

Here you can see the foundation Gabrielle created for this layout:


From there, Gabrielle was able to build onto the background, adding embellishments in just the right places to complement her photo. 


Notice how the background motifs serve as clusters in Gabrielle's embellishment arrangements? She does it here as well, and it works beautifully:


Gabrielle also created this gorgeous card using Royal Christmas, one of our new charms, some trims and tons of texture!  


That little Charmer is one of our favorites, but we're pretty much smitten with the whole set. 


So much inspiration for the holidays! 

And don't forget to share our collection image and post on MONDAY'S post for a chance to win a WP Gift Certificate! (Winner will be announced on Friday so share away!) 


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Blog Post

Make it an Inspiring Christmas {Royally}

This week, we're shipping out Royal Christmas, so to celebrate, we're adding tons of holiday inspiration to our blog! 

Today we have two gorgeous Christmas layouts using our new collection, and we're pretty sure you're going to fall in love with them! First up, take a peek at what Iris Babao Uy created:


We always love to see the gorgeous texture of our trims put to good use, and Iris has done just that. The Royal Christmas trims are elegant and gorgeous: 


They layer nicely and become borders for photos or the entire page itself. 


And of course, our new charms are wonderful additions to add elegance to any layout. 


Designer Larissa Albernaz also created a lovely, layered page. And even with all the details, the photo is still the star. 


We love the red trim on the red background, and of course, we're perfectly smitten with the Perfect Petals. 


Aren't they lovely? They add so much to this layout. 


Royal Christmas has so many beautiful touches for all your holiday scrapbooking...


So what will you create first? 

RC_Sparkle_Trim RC_Cameos RC_JournalingCards_New RC_Storymarkers Christmas_all

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Blog Post

Guess What's Shipping This Week?! {Royal Christmas}

That's right, our Christmas collection is ready to fly out the door, and we want to send it YOUR way! If you didn't pre-order Royal Christmas, have no fear, you can head right over to our website and order it right now! Christmas_Complete_Collection

We know what you're's only September! But, let's be honest...there isn't a lot of extra time around the holidays. Why not start your card-making now? You'll have that much more time for all the other fun Christmas activities like shopping and baking and gift wrapping! 

Designer Erin Blegen has created a gorgeous Royal Christmas card set, each card unique and beautiful: 


You can see how she combined several embellishments, like our Royal Chrsitmas trim and the Perfect Petals to create an elegant Christmas greeting. 

The hand-cut elements also add to the delicacy of these designs. Mixed with the punched borders, Erin has created something absolutely stunning three times over. 


These cards will brighten the day of anyone who finds it in their mailbox. 


Designer Anabelle O'Malley also created a gorgeous set of Christmas cards that would be fun templates for your holiday greetings this year. 


A stitched border gives that perfect handmade elegance to a card that's perfectly designed. Clean lines and the little extra details really make this one stand out. We love the way the Mini Message sticker acts as the sentiment here.


So much texture makes each of these cards so touchable. 


Whether you decide to go sweet and simple or a little more elegant, Royal Christmas is the collection for all your holiday designs. 

So...Who wants to WIN?

We are so excited we get to ship this gorgeous colleciton out this week! Won't you help us spread the news?

Share the Royal Christmas collection image at the top of this post (and/or a link to this post) on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest and then leave us a comment telling us you did. As a thank you for sharing, we'll enter you to win a Webster's Pages Gift Certificate!

You have all week to share the Christmas love! We'll post a winner this head over to our website and start shopping...Christmas is right around the corner!

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Indulge Your Inner Happy

We are so smitten with the idea of documenting our inner happy, we had to do it for just one more day. We're especially happy because our Sprinkles Craftbox launch was a huge success...and that little box was designed just for YOU...because you deserve it. 

Our designers have had so much fun (and been so inspiring) with the idea of documenting those little indulgences...take this layout from Jamie Harder: 


That's right. "Take it"...and Pin it. Because you're going to want to remember that one. Look at the adorable way she pulled Park Drive together to create such a gorgeous design. One of her most precious inner "happies" is this little she documented it...and the results are stunning. 


Designer Jill Cornell took a little bit of a different approach. She decided to take those happy memories and consolidate them, focusing this layout on JUST her happy SUMMER memories... 


She created a grid of her cell phone photos and decorated them using our very happy Palm Beach collection mixed with some of our newer embellishments, like this Perfect Petal. 


We are swooning over the whimsical accents that break up the grid of photos and loving the way Jill pulled all of this happy together. 


So, tell us...what makes YOU happiest? 

Head over to our website and gather some goodies to document those memories...because you deserve it. 

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Mixed Media Indulgences

 This week, with the launch of our adorable Sprinkles Craftbox, we're talking about sweet indulgences...and we are love with this mixed media canvas by Designer Gerry van Gent: 


This canvas is the perfect reminder that the best indulgence is life itself...We love how Gerry documented that here. By using paint and mists for her background, she was able to build a gorgeous, dimensional piece, one element at a time:


 She also used stamps and our Storyteller Alphas to help finish the project off. 


 To make the letters really pop, she outlined them with a fine-tipped black marker. Perfection!

Have you used your papercrafting supplies to create a mixed media canvas? We'd love to see your creativity at work! 

Perhaps it's time to go out and make your life a little more delicious...Sprinkles will be back in October with entirely new products...

Speaking of October, we have TWO very lucky WINNERS of October's Sprinkles Craftbox. 

We have one winner, randomly selected from those who ordered September's box and she is: Jennifer Fox from Fredericktown, Ohio! And we have one winner who shared our Sprinkles photo on her Facebook page to help us spread the word and she is: Traci Severson

Jennifer and Traci, send your addresses to me at cwalsh{at}websterspages{dot}com and I'll get you on the list for October! 

What a happy Thursday! 

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Because you Deserve it {Document Your Indulgences}

One of our favorite things about The Sprinkles Craftbox is that it really is that something special just for you...not to say it wouldn't also make a fabulous gift, but we love the idea of indulging...just a little bit...because you deserve it. 

That's why we've asked some of our designers to Sprinkle their scrapbooking this week...and tell us about their little indulgences. They were happy to oblige. Take this digital layout from the fabulous Julie Walton: 


Julie used a bunch of iPhone photos to put together this adorable layout using our Park Drive collection--an idea we can't wait to try for ourselves! Your cell phone makes a great photo-diary, and it's fun to go back and remember some of your favorite indulgences. 

Designer Emeline Seet also took this challenge, creating a layout about something that makes her really happy: IMG_0194_web

This layout features the gorgeous Once Upon a Halloween collection, and we love the way Emeline pulled everything together. The little collection of details on the right-hand side is the perfect way to draw the eye straight toward the photo, a lovely documentation of Emeline's favorite spot.  

Look at all the beautiful elements: 


When was the last time you did something just because it made you happy? This week, why not document that special something? We'd love to see your creations...

And we can't wait to unveil October's Sprinkles Craftbox...


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Sprinkles Comes To Life



Wow! What a weekend! Sprinkles came and went in a flash and we couldn't be more thrilled! You guys are AMAZING, and we want to reiterate some of the Frequently Asked Questions that we posted this weekend on Facebook: 

(Q) Have we considered turning this into a membership?
(A) YES. We were basing off interest & the answer is we WILL be having some type of subscription or pre-order on next month's craftbox. Details to be provided. (Sign up for our mailing list on our website!)

(Q) My order says "pending". Is something wrong?
(A) NOPE! Everything is perfect. Our team will be confirming all orders tomorrow & you will

 get an email indicating that your order was confirmed.

(Q) I have questions & I'm not sure who to ask.
(A) Ask BRANDIN! She's waiting to hear feedback or questions on this first round of Sprinkles craftbox orders. It will help fine-tune future month's craftboxes & your feedback is always welcome. You can email her directly at
In the meantime, in case you're looking for ideas...HERE are the FREE project downloads we're happy to've already seen Stacey's Sprinkles project, now take a look at Erin Blegen's Classic Webster's Mini:WPsprinkles_book_whole_web

Using almost exclusively the Craftbox product, Erin was able to create this gorgeous mini album with the most stunning interior pages:


Erin chose to follow a simple formula with the photo pages on the left and journaling pages on the right, and it worked just beautifully:WPsprinkles_pages3and4_web

She added some texture and dimension with hand-cut elements popped up with foam adhesive, and she also made wonderful use of the trim throughout the entire book.


Full instructions are available on the website, so when your box arrives you can crack those babies open and get to work! 

So tell us, what are YOU going to create with your Sprinkles Craftbox? And who else is already excited for October? 

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Sprinkles is HERE {Hurry & get yours!}


The time is NOW! 

Time to snag your very own September Sprinkles Craftbox... you can head right over HERE to our website and place your order now! And in case you're not sold yet, take a look at everything you get for just $10!!! Sprinkles_websterspages_650

We thought you might like to see these products in action, so we've asked Designer Stacey Michaud to whip a little something up to demonstrate just one of the many things you could do with your little box of goodies, and whip she did! 

Look at this: 


This little mini book would be perfect sitting out on display. It would make a great brag book or gift for someone you love. 

Stacey's book has so much dimension:


Each inside page is unique with double-sided Webster's patterns. There are spots for journaling, places for photos and every now and then you may just want to leave a page alone. Even as is, it will be super pretty, we promise! 


And great news...all Sprinkles Craftboxes have FREE downloadable projects for you to follow along to! Click HERE to see all the wonderful FREE instructional projects made just for you!

So what are you waiting for?!

The September Sprinkles craftbox is on sale RIGHT HERE but believe us when we say quantities are VERY limited! We don't want you to miss out, so grab your box TODAY! 

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Quick Update on our Server

Hi Friends,

Our server experienced problems tonight with the introduction to the sprinkles craftbox sale. We will keep you updated here as well as on our facebook page as soon as the problems are corrected. Thank you for your patience & please stay tuned.

~Brandin xo

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