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SOF12 Tying Knots



HI, and welcome to the Tying Knots challenge.

As some of you have probably already guessed, this challenge has nothing to do with tying up boats or doing macramé, it is about knots of the matrimonial kind and, specifically, about congratulating the happy couple on their wedding day.

I don’t seem to make many wedding cards and I’ve never built up a collection of wedding related stamps but, every now and then, I do need to send wedding congratulations.  In the last month or so I’ve needed two wedding cards and struggled to put them together so, I’m turning to all of you, to come up with some interesting ideas for wedding cards and, the catch is, you have to use an image stamp but it can’t be one that is directly wedding related, like a bride and groom , or a big wedding cake. Romantic things that you could use for other occasions too  (like hearts, flowers etc.) are fine.

This challenge is definitely more inspiration based, than technique based, so feel free to use any materials, embellishments, or techniques you like… just make sure you have at least one image stamp as part of the design.

You can combine this challenge with other challenges if you like, and I will be giving a small RAK at the end. 


And now, in a great example of  “do as I say, don’t do as I do”, I’m going to post a sample of what not to do. For my second, recent wedding card, I finally bit the bullet,  bought a real wedding type stamp, and made this card. It’s fine, but I know I won’t want to use it too may times, among the same group of friends, so I’m still looking for some more inspiration that doesn’t involve buying a new wedding stamp.

Thanks for checking this challenge out, and I hope you have fun playing.

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