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Flea Market Vellum Pocket Tag Set w/Anabelle O'Malley




I love to have sets of cards and tags ready to go for those last minute occasions that arise. That is why I decided to create a set using the Flea Market line. This collection is just gorgeous and filled with beautiful colors, sweet motifs and fun, vintage details. I chose to use some of the softer elements and paired them with vellum to create a pretty set of vellum pocket tags.

Here's what I did....


I started with some shipping tags and my watercolors.



I wanted to add some soft color to the tags without overwhelming them. Here are a couple of the tags that I painted.


Once they dried, the fun part began. I used the die-cuts, some chipboard and some stickers from the collection to embellish the tags. I also used the resin flowers. They were the perfect accent! I purposely left my tags sentiment free so that I could add my own later, depending on my needs.


Next, I cut three strips of vellum to 3" x 8". I stitched around the edges to create my pockets.




After sliding the tags into the pockets, I embellished them as well. I tried to use elements that complemented the tag inside, since you can partially see them through the vellum.

I love how all of the little pocket tags look together and am even thinking of tying them together with twine and using them as a gift themselves. That is, if I can give them up :)

Thanks for stopping by today. Have fun creating your own tags!


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Flea Market Birthday Party Decor w/Katie Ehmann

Party Bonanza 26

Happy Almost Fall Crate Paper Fans! Katie Ehmann here today with some quick and easy birthday party decorations. My youngest daughter turned four this month, and even though we celebrated at home with close family, I wanted to do something special for her big day! She's a girly girl, so Maggie Holme's Flea Market collection worked perfectly for some cute, but simple decor. First, I created a fun banner using an assortment of patterned papers, my Silhouette Cameo, some American Crafts gold glitter ribbon and my sewing machine. I simply cut various banner shapes in approximately 5 x 8 inch pieces, and machine sewed them to the gold glitter ribbon.



Next, I created a birthday crown for my little princess with patterned paper, my Silhouette Cameo, the same gold glitter ribbon, resin flowers, a stand-out embellishment and a number "4" chipboard piece, all from Flea Market. I sewed the ribbon along the bottom, assembled the crown and added the embellishments. Super easy, but she loved it!


Finally, I made a mini banner for the cake with a banner punch, patterned papers, my sewing machine and two wooden skewers. I punched the banners, sewed them together (making sure to leave long threads on each end) and then tied the threads to the skewers.


As you can see, my daughter loved her special handmade decorations and she had a wonderful 4th birthday!



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Think Crate :: A Final Showing of Back-to-School Projects


Memory Game by Evelympy

CP Gal: Evelyn Pratiwi

It's so hard to say goodbye to Summer, but the reality of Autumn is upon us. It's time to accompany your child to school and to help them with their homework when they return home after a long day in the classroom. Today, I want to share with you how to create a Memory Game Worksheet using simple scraps of paper, a border punch and chipboard. Memory Games were one of my all time favorite activities as a kid when I was in Kindergarten. It assists in the development of memory through the use of pictures and figures.  It's also a resource of new vocabulary, which kids really seem to enjoy. Making the game is a cinch! Let me show you...

Step 1 copy

Choose two different sheets of patterned paper that are simple enough to not distract from the intent of the game. Create both the base and cover squares for the game - each 6 x 6 centimeters, 18 total squares.

Step 2 copy

Round the corners of each square using a rounded corner punch.

Step 3 copy

To create the actual board, start by attaching nine base square to the game's chosen background. Adhere them down with regular glue. Select nine chipboard pieces (duplicates) from Crate Paper's chipboard collection and attach them to the squares. Randomly choose a location for each. You'll have one remaining square for housing a misc. chipboard piece - fill it in and note that it's there to challenge the child while playing the game.

Step 4 copy

Once you've compiled all the "pictures" on your board, cover them with the remaining squares using washing tape to hold the squares in place. They should resemble "flaps" for opening and closing.

Step 5 copy

To increase the games level of difficulty, add numbers to each box. It encourages the child to learn the numbers while remembering the location of each image.

Memory Game Step 3

Memory Game Step 4

Memory Game Step 5


CP Back to School1

CP Back to School3

CP Back to School4

CP Back to School5

CP Back to School6

CP Back to School7

CP Gal: Piradee Talvanna

I wanted to create something a little different for this week's back-to-school theme, so I opted to create journal booklet or assignment notebook. It's on the small side, but could easily be enlarged - it's absolutely perfect for the classroom!

To make the booklet, I first created the inside sections. I started by cutting two sheets of patterned papers along with a handful of normal A4 papers. Then I stitched each section onto the booklet cover. Of course, the next step was the fun part - I embellished the cover and also, hand-stitched a little pocket onto one of the inside sections to include even more items (and plus, I love the handmade look that it lends).






CP Gal: Kimberly Garofolo

To put a slight twist on the back-to-school theme, I decided to do a layout based on one of the first assignments Foster received at the beginning of the school year. I really love it, and thought it would make a wonderful tribute to his Senior year and life. He had to make a list of a hundred things he wanted to do before he dies - kinda like a bucket list. I think it'll be fun for him to look back on this day and see how much of it he's accomplished. I put his list behind the backing of the photograph with a pull tab for easy access. I used a photograph I shot of him looking into the distance. I wanted to incorporate the message of him looking forward in his life.


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Think Crate :: Back-to-School Projects










CP Gal: Rebecca Luminarias

I love to make gifts so when back-to-school time comes around, I think about the teachers, especially my most favorite teacher - my mom! When she was teaching, I remember her keeping a zillion lists and always being well organized. With this in mind, I made up a few notebooks and some clothepin magnets to help teachers stay on top of their lesson plans. I like using index cards to make my own lists so with a little bit of basic glue, I assembled some index card pads and then adhered them onto trimmed papers from the DIY Shop. When thinking academically, DIY Shop has wonderful components to it, like numbers, maps and typewriters, which inspire learning and can be tailored to any school subject -- Math, English, Geography, etc. Matching tags and simple packaging make the notebooks a cinch to hand out.





The clothespins are an incredibly simple but stylish way to control loose papers, photos and lists. These clips are also from DIY Shop and all I did was add a magnet strip to the back of them. Teachers can organize based on the time of day or day of the week. These sets came together in less than five minutes!







CP Gal: Magda Mizera

I've never been a huge fan of school ;) I'd rather read books than learn math or chemistry. But now, as an official "grown up", I take the initiative to learn something new everyday! Lately, I've been learning a lot about photography. I took a few online Photoshop classes and read a couple of books about marketing and how to run a business. Both have taught me the value and importance of education - it builds intelligence and improves my overall well being.

With this layout, I tried to bring attention to my little nieces and nephews - all of them recently started school and a few are a tad bit lost. What's better for them than a smart aunt to tell them about the importance of learning? :)

I made this page with the new Crate collections - mostly Close Knit, which I really, really love. It has soft patterns, pretty embellishments and such a gentle, beautiful color palette.





CP Gal: Deb Duty

This layout documents the start of my son's senior year using Crate Paper's Close Knit collection, plus the ledger paper from Flea Market. I wanted to list the classes he's taking this year so I used ledger patterned paper and a notebook punch to create a space for his schedule. Then I listed his classes using a roller alpha stamp. This would be a good spot for journaling on school layouts, too!


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Think Crate :: Back-to-School Projects



IMG_7328 (533x800)


CP Gal: Sophie Crespy

My girl entered second grade this year and I really wanted to document how excited she was about learning more. I dug into the amazing Maggie Holmes "Flea Market" collection to find embellishments that would relate to school and believe it or not, I found many! I mainly used chipboard pieces and die-cuts that I then arranged and layered to create a fun "panel" of displayed frames, all school related: the earth, the typewriter, the star...a kind of "back to school" mood board if you like.

I played with three main colors: pink, green and black, all which can be found in my photos. I backed the frames with my favorite matching colored patterned papers to make them stand out from the pink background. Then, I placed my embellishments making sure all the colors were evenly spread throughout the layout. The touches of gold are also perfect for the theme and add so much light thanks to the hue's reflective nature. I'm sure my girl will shine in second grade!



I also wanted to share this simple way in which I use the pins from the Maggie Holmes "Flea Market" collection: as bookmarks! They make the most lovely bookmarks ever and look so good on my bedside table!

Yes, this collection is most ideal for back to school projects!





CP Gal: Jeanette Lee

So, how do you start a school themed layout when your papers and products don't deem fit for the theme? I simply pulled out embellishments from the Crate collections in my stash that I knew would work without a hitch! For example, I opted for papers that included a number pattern, an alphabet background and a ruler ledger paper. I then partnered them with a typewriter and clock.

With minimal school themed products at my disposal, I went the direction of die-cutting; it fills up the space and also, acts as an embellishment all it's own. I die-cut a series of words centered on the subject of "school" and placed them next to my photo. Lastly, using the same black cardstock, I used a punch to create a torn notebook edge - I scrunched it slightly to give it a worn look for added dimension. It lends an authentic "torn notebook paper" feel.


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Think Crate :: Back-to-School Projects



CP Gal: Anabelle O'Malley

This year is my son's last year in elementary school. It's bittersweet for us all, as we love his current school and all of the staff. I wanted to document the special activities that will be taking place this year. So, when I received the Flea Market line clipboard album, I knew it would be perfect to do so. I started the album by adding in pages about his school supplies, our First Day of School Breakfast and photos from that first morning. I plan on adding more as the year progresses. I LOVE the colors and motifs in both of Maggie's collections and used elements from both lines on this book. It was a lot of fun to make and I can't wait to add even more to it.













CP Gal: Katie Ehmann

I work in a school as a social worker, so I decided to create a fun gift for a few of my teacher friends! I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut our school rules in a variety of fun fonts on white cardstock. I added different brightly colored patterned papers as a background (small prints work best!) and embellished with lots of different Crate goodies. I personalized each one with their name and framed them in 12 x 12 shadow boxes. They add a nice crafty touch to their classrooms, and are a good reminder for our students!




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Think Crate :: Back-to-School Projects


The school year is readily upon the vast majority of you, with kids in tow, making their way to the classroom as the clock ticks "9", bells ringing. We've all been there, a full twelve years of math, science, reading, art and more - each one fully engraved and forever remembered because of the dedicated teachers and friends that met us along the way. It's a fleeting time, which is reason enough to put it down on paper inside an album to be admired later. And so, this week we're helping you to do just that; record those precious school memories. Also on the roster are must-try school DIY projects; teacher gifts, book wraps, notebooks, etc. Come take a seat - it's Think Crate week and we'd love to have you...




CP Gal: Janna Werner

I am a list girl - I love checking things on my to-do lists. I usually carry a notepad around everywhere I go. Sadly, most of the bought ones do not look all that fancy. Therefore, I decided to create a notepad holder that can be used for any occasion - whether for your children to write down their homework, as a teacher's gift or for yourself to help remember what you need to organize when your kids go back to school.

The holder can be created easily and quite fast: take a notepad and put it on a piece of cardstock. Cut the cardstock to the desired height. The width of the cardstock remains the same. Now fold the cardstock on both sides of the notepad, create a second fold on both sides, directly next to the ones you made before. The width between the folds on each side depends on how big the notepad is. If you'd like to add a ribbon, make a cut anywhere on the first fold on both sides. Make sure the cut is the same height on both sides - now you can thread the ribbon through the cuts. Decorate the outside and inside of the mini book and adhere the notepad and you are done!

**The supplies I used are from the NEW Crate Paper Maggie Holmes "Flea Market" collection.




CP Gal: Megan Klauer

Just as everyone warns us: our little ones grow all too quickly. A few weeks ago, I took our youngest to her first day of Preschool. After signing in, they handed her a notebook and asked her to sign her name. I thought, "Wow, epic fail." I hadn't prepared her as I should have. Well, although the first few days were just squiggles on the paper; now a week later, she keeps getting better and better! I'm so proud of her and I wanted to document that in her album. The technique I used was simple. I asked Ella to write her name on a manilla tag using a white crayon. I then used a few different colors of mist to "reveal" her letters. The wax of the crayons acts as a resist to the mist; creating a unique way to highlight such a special accomplishment.


!Book Covers

!Book Covers_2

DSC_3873 copy

P Gal: Marie Lottermoser

Now that the kids are back in school, I thought it would be a fun project to makeover some items on my daughter's desk. Homework is always a little more fun when you have pretty items to use, right? I recovered her pencil holder and dictionaries using paper from the DIY Shop collection. All is took was a little measuring.





To make the book covers, lay a book on a piece of patterned paper, and mark the length of the book to use as a cutting guide. Cut the paper the same length as the book. Now, measure once more, marking the edges and spine of the book. Fold and score each edge and then just slip the book into the jacket. Make sure you add a pretty label on the cover and on the spine. The pencil holder cover can be made in the same way. Just cut out a strip of paper the same length as the can, wrap it around and secure the ends with double-stick tape, or even a piece of washi tape or a cute sticker.


I finished off my project by typing my daughter's school schedule on one of the journaling cards, which she can tack up on her bulletin board. And there you have it! In just a few short steps she has a whole new desk set, which she is loving. I hope you'll give some of these projects a try!


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Navy Blue & Sequins Challenge Winner & Runner-Up's


The moment that so many of you have been patiently waiting for, the winner of the August Creative Weekly Challenge, Navy Blue & Sequins. Surprisingly, this particular challenge turned out to be the most popular with nearly 50+ entries in the running. What a real honor it is to open our inbox and find countless emails from participants who love everything there is about Crate Paper and more. We are the luckiest folks in the scrapbook business! It's been a pleasure to see your creations and post them here on our blog. Congrats to our winner, Rachael Fritsch!

Rachael Fritsch

Rachael Fritsch :: Dreamer

What ultimately caught our attention about Rachael's layout was the influx of originality via the use of Crate Paper's gold dotted vellum, cut-out tags, clips and patterned paper trimmings. Plus, the circular spread of sequins jetting out like sun rays takes sequins to a whole new level! Really, what's not to love about Rachael's layout?! 

Congrats again, Rachael - you are the August Navy Blue & Sequin Challenge Winner!


Even though there is only one winner, we want to take a moment to also celebrate and admire the creations of the following runner-ups. They will be featured at the Crate Paper Pinterest Board: Creative Weekly Challenge. If you're not yet familiar with the board, check it out for yourself: CP PINTEREST

Jennifer Brake
Challenge Entry Artist: Jennifer Brake


Jessica Lohof
Challenge Entry Artist: Jessica Lohof


Challenge Entry Artist: WaiSam Ho


Juanna Sia
Challenge Entry Artist: Juanna Sia


Suzanne Tonga
Challenge Entry Artist: Suzanne Tonga


Lory Bucaria
Challenge Entry Artist: Lory Bucaria


Challenge Entry Artist: Keri Babbitt


Julia Schuler
Challenge Entry Artist: Julia Schuler


Challenge Entry Artist: Tatiana Yemelyanenko


Girly Girl
Challenge Entry Artist: Tarrah McLean


Audrey Yeager
Challenge Entry Artist: Audrey Yeager


Jesus Villatoro Munoz
Challenge Entry Artist: Jesus Villatoro Munoz


Lilin Fang
Challenge Entry Artist: Lilin Fang


Anke Kramer
Challenge Entry Artist: Anke Kramer






Challenge Entry Artist: Vanessa Menhorn


And that concludes the week once and for all! We wish you a wonderful weekend filled with lots of creative time and craftiness!


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Inspiration: Capturing Summertime Moments

End of Summer

A final farewell to all things Summer related, including The Pier! We will miss the long afternoons alongside the pool with the sun, friends, family, food and backyard grilling. It's amazing how fast time flies - but, there are new collections waiting, just in time for the arrival of Fall. 

Beginning next week, not only will you get to the see the new collections "in action", but also, a host of inspiring ideas for preserving academic memories via 'Think Crate', a week-long series presented by our Crate Design Geniuses, the CP Gals. Bring your thinking caps because a brain savvy giveaway is up for grabs!! The right answer just might earn you a prize pack perfect for documenting Autumn's golden moments - the entire Close Knit collection! 

And don't forget, tomorrow we announce the August Navy & Sequin challenge winner and the runner-ups! Talk about an exciting, venturesome couple of weeks!! We hope you'll stick around - the Crate roster is near full!  








CP Gal: Rebecca Luminarias

To Remember

In August, my husband and I celebrated the 6th anniversary of our "summer" wedding (we'll be celebrating the 7th anniversary of "fall" wedding in November). We went out for an adult dinner -- adult meaning, no pictures on the menu, no crayons on the table and no primary colors or flashy mascot in the restaurant decor. Considering that I had not been out of the house without our new baby since her arrival back in March, our evening out alone was pure heaven!









CP Gal: Kimberly Neddo

To Remember

Every year, we take a trip to Oregon and Crescent City, CA for the 4th of July. All of our family goes, and it's the best time of the year for all of us! It gets better ever year, too. From our traditional stops for ice cream at Rice Hill Drive Inn, to the road trip to and from. We always make a point to enjoy the ride, also. This is by far my favorite memory of our Summer every single year.





July Misc






CP Gal: Sophie Crespy

To Remember

We are just back from a 10 day vacation in Italy: The place that we visited by the Adriatic Sea is heaven on earth for me and my family. This year was particularly enjoyable as our kids are now grown up enough to enjoy all sorts of fun. I was so moved to see how my boy and my husband both shared the same love for "water adventures". They went every evening on the sea to have fun in the waves on their little inflated mattress. I sat on the beach and watch them both: seeing them share happy moments and laughter was one of the highlights of our holidays. I could not resist documenting this bond using The Pier. This favorite collection of mine was perfect for their little "surfing" outings together! These happy moments will be forever cherished!






Aug 1

Au g 2
CP Gal: Jeanette Lee

To Remember

That perfect summer - I remember traveling 18 hours to San Francisco last June. We were in a daze, trying to get over that dreaded jet lagged feeling. Walking down the piers was truly an eye-opener. The smell of fresh salty seawater, the sight of seagulls and kites in our midst, the buzzing city life of tourists and locals and the melodic sounds of music played by passionate buskers...what a refreshingly different summer that was to me! Oh, how we rejoiced when we realized how cheap seafood was at the piers. The variety was plentiful and the goodness of fresh seafood excited us. We truly ate to our heart's content.



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Inspiration: Capturing Summertime Moments

End of Summer

In case you missed it, Crate Paper is saying sayonara to summer once and for all! In only a few short days, our new Crate collections (Flea Market, Close Knit and Bundled Up) will be taking over. So, we're devoting the remainder of the week to the end of summer and our beachside collection, The Pier, with the help of our CP Gals and their favorite summer memories. Come take a look!

Pool Time by Evelynpy
P Gal: Evelyn Pratiwi Yusuf

To Remember
Well, this is my favorite summer layout so far, and it isn't because I love the final result, but because I adore the photos and memories. I have three step siblings, and this gal happens to be one of them. I rarely see her smile, let alone show confidence when I go about chasing her with my camera. In this picture though, she's sincerely happy while having fun with my dad. Since becoming my step lil' sister, she's been quite shy because she believes that she just might be the black sheep in the family. In the summer, all of that usually changes. She often looks cute and is always smiling. She loves it when I capture her with my dad in the pool! She especially loved this layout when I showed it to her, so much so that she asked if I would make more layouts about her and that 'yes', she'd be my supermodel indefinitely. Can you imagine that?! I was elated by her response - it's one reason I love to scrapbook and why this layout is my favorite!


Happy june memories

Happy june memories closeup2

Happy june memories closeup3

Happy june memories closeup
CP Gal: Sasha Farina

To Remember

This summer holiday was different for us. For the first time in many years, we skipped the beach and went to the city instead. My fondest memory would be braving the weekend night crowd with Nidhi, my youngest girl. We were tired, and she was cranky, but as soon as she saw the Glitter Man, all that was forgotten! She could stand and stare for hours if I let her - she loves catching them moving their body when they're not suppose to :) She loves glitter and was so delighted as some of it transferred during the photo taking as you can see from her smile.






CP Gal: Magda Mizera

To Remember
Great days always go by too fast. I found this summer to be full of joy and happiness with my fiance. We had a chance to go out, take long walks, have fun and appreciate our time together. It's always important to us to find just a short moment from each day to spend it together :) And yes, summer time always comes with freedom for us! While making this layout, words from my favorite song by Bob Dylan came to mind: 'Freedom, just around the corner for you'. I will miss those days!


Megan Klauer










CP Gal: Megan Klauer

To Remember

My favorite summer memories include camping together as a family - relaxing next to the campfire, cooking in the dutch-oven and cuddling up in the tent while listening to the coyotes howling at the moon. Nothing beats sleeping under the stars.


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