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A tribute and thank you to Authentique Paper

This was and extremely hard project for me to do.  I have to say that this is the first layout I have done and actually shed some tears.  My time with Authentique Paper is coming to a close, as many of us on the Design Team are wrapping up our assignments with the company.  For me this is by no means and easy thing.  I have gotten to know these people on a personal level and I have a deep love and respect for them, (you know who I am talking about BC & SWC).  So my layout today is a tribute of sorts to this company that I adore.
I needed a title and settled on using the word, ELEGANCE.

Definition of ELEGANCE

1a : refined grace or dignified propriety : 

b : tasteful richness of design or ornamentation 

c : dignified gracefulness or restrained beauty of style :

There could not be a more perfect word to describe Authentique Paper and for the wonderful owners.

I am using mostly paper from the Genuine Collection. The base paper is from the Blissful Collection.


Since a lot of the Genuine embellishments deal with friendship, it was the perfect choice for this layout.  I was very specific about the Diction stickers I used, only choosing those that described my feelings, mainly for sweet Samantha.

I had so much fun using real denim scraps and my sewing machine.

Denim, lace, pearls, the perfect combination with Genuine.

Top left corner..

Top right corner..

Bottom right corner...

Bottom left corner.

This has been quite the journey for me and I have to say I am not ready to say goodbye.

So, if you are still with me, just know that I have had the time of my life with Authentique Paper.  What and honor and privilege it's been to design with these wonderful papers.

 On that note, a close-up of my hand written addition..

This note is especially for Samantha, but also to all of the staff at Authentique Paper...I love you all and will be your biggest fan...possibly FOREVER:)
This has been Jeannie from The Polka Cabana with today's gushy post.(sniff***sniff)

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Welcome Wagon!

We are thrilled to introduce a new member to our fabulous Design Team! I {Sam} met this wonderful lady back in October when I had the opportunity to attend the Fairytale event in Holland...we instantly clicked...I felt lucky her English was MUCH better than my Dutch...from there, the rest is history! I am pleased to introduce you to Loes DeGroot, a very fine lady...

Loes & Sam at CHA-W January 2012

A little bit about Loes:

I am Loes de Groot, I have been married to Bert for almost 21 years now, and together we have 3 kids.
We live in the north of Holland in a small village called Appingedam. My husband and I run a cattle farm here.

I started scrapbooking in 2006, and I love scrapbooking because it' so much fun! The colors, the photographing, the sketches, the different kinds of paper, and of course the smell of the paper : ) I know it's a little bit crazy...I have desgined for two years now for a scrapbook store here in the Netherlands, Paper & Pictures and a magazine which they produce, Cards & Much More. I also teach workshops in their shop at at their event, the Fairytale Event. My work has also been published in Scrapbook Pages from Memory Makers and I have created for two sketch blog's.

As photography is one of my passions, I recently started studying at the photo academy, and I am so excited to take my skills to the next level! If I haven't said it before, I love photography!

I also love to read a good book and to sit by the fireplace with my husband and enjoy a good glass of wine.....

I'm so honored to be at this team and i can't wait to play with Authentique's beautiful papers!

Below are a few projects Loes has created prior to joining our Design Team...we're certain you'll love her work as much as we do!

Loyal Collection

 Loyal Collection

 Delightful Collection

 Wonder Collection

Gathering Collection

Blissful Collection


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Something to Celebrate!

Happy Monday friends! It's Emily here today to share a little project that I made a few months ago! Yep, I've been holding on to this one from CHA and completely forgot to post it to the blog!

I just LOVE the "Celebrate" collection! The colors in it are absolutely fabulous! I picked up a few of the little "take-out" boxes on clearance after Christmas after seeing an idea on pinterest.

Here is my altered "Celebrate" take-out box along with some matching fortune cookies

I also loved the little pinwheel in the collection so I made one for the top

I even added a little something to the side of the box

Thanks for stopping by today!

♥ Emily

Products Used:
Authentique- Celebrate Collection
May Arts Ribbon

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My Uncommon Miracle

Happy Friday, everyone! Today I'm bringing you a layout that I created with bits and pieces of Uncommon and Miracle. And, if you read all the way to the end, you'll see that I'm having a giveaway on my blog!! Sweet!

I chose the picture I used of my now 5.5 year old daughter after sifting through the pile o' pictures just waiting to be scrapped. (Did I mention they have been siting on my desk for about 4 years? :/) I've realized that it's not important to print out a zillion pictures in the hopes that they'll one day get scrapped. I am now pledging to only print pictures as needed...or just use up the zillion I have already printed out.

Anyway, this picture is one of my favorites of my biggie because it's the ONLY picture I have where I can tell she's definitely my girl. My youngest resembles me greatly, but my oldest doesn't really favor my husband or I. In this picture, the way she's tugging down one side of her mouth, makes me see myself in her face. I'm so grateful to have captured that moment.

The miracle line was so easy to work with when using a black and white picture. Everything went together so perfectly.

I used some American Crafts rosette trim that has been collecting dust in my craft space and I am so glad I had it. It adds just the perfect touch to this part of the layout.

I have to confess something. I. love. my. title. I was looking for an Uncommon diction sticker that said "smile," but didn't find one. I thought adding a stamp might be fun...and it was another first for me! I've never stamped on a layout before. I am so pleased with the way it turned out!

I added more Maya Road rosette trim, dusted it with some pink stickles (if dusting can even be done with Stickles) and, thanks to DT member Brenda's awesome sewing tutorial, I dusted off the old sewing machine and did some stitching of my own. {Click HERE to see Brenda's tutorial.} All of this turned out subtle, but I like the effect it had on my overall layout.

Hope you enjoyed my layout! And I hope you all never hesitate to try new things when creating. I've grown so much as a crafter in the past six months and it's all because I've taken chances.

Oh, wait...did I mention something about a giveaway? Head over to my blog for a chance to win one of Authentique's hottest collections, Genuine! {Click HERE to check it out!}

Enjoy your weekend!

~ Cristine


Patterned paper - Miracle collection {Distinct, Gifted, solid cardstock}
Extras - Uncommon collection {diction, icons, tabloids}, Miracle collection {details}

Rhinestones - Ki Memories
Rosette trim - American Crafts and Maya Road

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Happy Wed. Authentique friends!

It's Natalie here with a quick and easy, 
but oh so adorable 
baby girl card!
I've used the 'Delightful' Collection
focusing on the pink and greys 

Authentique's noteables, headlines, tabloids
and icon die cut pieces
 make it so easy to create something quickly 
but still as cute as can be.  
I love that!

Here's a look at my card.
I'd love to see what you do with the amazing die cuts, so link me up :)

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Lowe's inspired layout with Gathering: Inspiration is everywhere!

Hi there! Misty here and I wanted to share this layout I created to showcase a super special day in my life but first I wanted to tell you that I got the inspiration for this layout from wooden floor mat in a Lowe's mailer. You can see the mat by going HERE. There is inspiration all around you. When something catches your eye think about how you can incorporate in into a layout. You might just love it!

A little while back I was having a particularly rough day and I blurted out that I just wish that my kids would help me clean the house and then I walked outside to get some wood for our stove. A little later that day as I was walking through my bedroom I had to do a double bed was made...but I didn't remember making it (it was ONE of THOSE days). Then I noticed that there was a not on my side of the bed.
This is what it said.
"Dear Mom I love you so I made your bed for you and you said to clean up the house so I picked to make your bed." Love Tessa (your daughter)

I can't tell you how special I felt at that moment. My sweet, eight year old daughter's act of service to me was better than a clean house any old day. What a humbling moment that was for me.

I really do want to grow up to be like her ;)

I used the Gathering collection for this layout because the warmth and richness of it are perfect for expressing the feelings that I have each time I remember this special moment. It also doesn't hurt that it kinda matches my room.
I hope you take the time to capture moments like these in your own lives. Have a wonderful day and remember to use the inspiration around you.
I didn't recreate the floor mat exactly as I had seen it (although I do love those rainbow colors) but it was definitely the driving force for this layout.

Gathering Collection
Martha Stewart Punch
EK Success Label Punch

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A Machine-Stitching Tutorial

Hello all! Brenda Smith here with you today. I've had a lot of people asking me lately for pointers on machine-stitching on paper. I remember myself being very intimidated to try it because it must be difficult, right? Well actually, no. It's very simple! I am NOT a sewer, but with a few handy tips from my mom (who is a sewer) and with a little trial and error, I feel confident in saying I've got the machine-stitching down now. In today's tutorial, I will go through some basic tips to help you get started and then will give you some ideas of how to use this tool on your paper-crafting projects. In order to avoid bombarding you with more information than you may want to know, I'm going to include even more project ideas and uses on my blog, so hop on over if you are wanting to learn more.

First, get to know the controls on your machine. Read your manual or google your specific model to learn more about it. You will want to know how to adjust the space between the stitches (on my Singer, I have a knob that adjusts from 1-4), how to change the type of stitch, and of course how to thread your machine and fill up the bobbin.

When first choosing what type of needle you'll use on your machine, you'll want a bigger size because paper (especially several layers) can be difficult to stitch through. The sizes range from 8 (the finest) to 19 (the most heavy duty). After having many needles break off while stitching, I have finally settled upon a denim-grade needle which is a size 16. I haven't had one of these break on me yet.

As far as the foot goes, I use a standard presser foot. It works perfectly for straight stitching and zig zags which are the stitches I primarily use.

The tension of my sewing machine always sits at auto, although you could stand to go just a little bit up if you were having troubles with the auto setting.

Once your machine is threaded and ready to go, get yourself a scrap piece of paper and test out your first stitches. Adjust the space between stitches so they aren't too close together. I usually use a 3 on my machine, but can get away with a 2. The reason you don't want them too close together is because the paper will tear if you don't give each hole ample space.

Some people have asked me the key to sewing straight lines. First, go slow. I am generally in a hurry in all things in my life, so I naturally wanted to push down full throttle on the pedal. But when I slowed down and took things at a steady pace, I was much more pleased with the results. Second, don't become caught up with watching the needle. The needle moves so much that it isn't a good indicator of where the stitches are going on your paper. Third, resist the urge to guide the paper too much. The machine does a good job of pulling the paper through on its own that there is no need to push the paper in the direction you want to go. Keep a light hold on it to make sure it doesn't go wild, but generally just let it guide itself.

When needing to stitch around a corner, stitch until you reach the point where you would like to turn the corner. In the last hole of the first line, leave the needle down in the paper and flip the foot up.

Manually turn your paper so the needle turns the corner and is facing in the direction you want it to go. Then flip the foot back down and continue sewing. This should allow you to stitch around corners seamlessly.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make while sewing on your paper-crafting projects is to use too much adhesive where you'll be stitching. The adhesive will gummy up the needle and cause the thread to pull out from the needle or become tangled. I try to plan ahead where I will be stitching and then avoid putting any adhesive in that area at all. If adhesive is necessary to hold the paper on before stitching, then I use the smallest amount possible.

Some people, when ending their stitching on their projects, will do a backstitch (which on my machine is done by flipping up a lever) to keep the thread from unraveling. I, personally, do not do this but it might be something you want to try if you are having problems with your thread coming undone.

I practiced on scrap paper a lot before I got up the courage to try on an actual project. And when I did move on to my projects, I made mistakes of course. But I try to remember that these flaws are what indicate that it is handmade. I try to view them as part of the design.

Now that we've covered some of the basics, let's move on to how you can incorporate sewing into your paper-crafting.

I often use machine-stitching in place of adhesive. I've been hard-pressed to find refills locally of the adhesive I've been using, so my sewing machine has really come in handy. I line up the papers how I want them to be and place them into the sewing machine, adjusting for straightness up until the point that I am ready to start stitching. Again, if it ends up being a little imperfect, I simply embrace it, but for the most part I am able to stitch things as straight as I desire them to be. You can see on this layout how I used stitching to adhere the yellow Blissful Foundations paper to the kraft cardstock.

You can using stitching to create fun, subtle designs on your projects like I did on this project I made for CHA. I did an argyle-like pattern when sewing through these circles on this fun paper from Celebrate.

I simply sewed on a diagonal line through the circles.

Stitching is also a great way to outline a design, like I did with the sun on this project.

I didn't worry too much about keeping the thread evenly spaced from the outer edge of the paper, but if you wanted, you could trace the lines you wish to stitch with a pencil in an effort to make them more even.

To keep you from being overwhelmed and this post from being too long, that's all I will share with you here. If you are still wanting to know more project ideas (including stitching through chipboard alphas and binding a mini album), please head on over to my blog. You might also find an awesome giveaway over there. Just sayin'.

Supplies Used:
Paper: Authentique Delightful, Gathering, Celebrate, and Blissful 
Machine: Singer

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sentimental journey

Welcome back to the Authentique Paper blog!
Spring is in the air, and for me that means it's time to travel... 
and travel means suitcases and steamer trunks, postcards and port labels.
In that spirit I created a traveler's minibook using our "Journey" collection.

The suitcase is full of pockets, each holding a different card...

...and a journaling page for travel dates etc spans the center!

It wouldn't be a minibook without a mini inside the minibook. This was inspired by folded maps - it's another place to tuck journaling, keepsakes and tiny photos.

 I hope you are inspired to make one of these for your own journeys this season!

For more inspiration and a little gypsy flare, be sure to stop by my personal blog, the caravan! I love meeting fellow gypsies!

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The Golden Rule...

As I was {trying} to fall asleep last night, I was a bit disappointed with myself for not having today's blog post already written...or, if you really want to know the truth, yesterday's blog post as well. It was a Monday - and I had a busy weekend - that was/is my justification. So, I had thoughts racing through my mind and I wrote a really sweet post in my dream, let's see if I can transfer it {to e-paper, is that a word?} this morning. Don't hold your breath, I could intertwine a couple of stories because there are three zillion fighting for prime space in my head. :)

My mother always uttered the golden rule - "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." To this day I can still hear her soft voice echoing those words. She also taught me to "Use your eyes and not your mouth" when looking for a lost treasure...and honestly, the two above statements were often spoken in the same breath. This was usually when I was accusing one of my siblings for stealing my pretend phone or calculator, which meant I could no longer play "Mary Kay" with my friends {you know, answer the phone, and pretend to be Mary Kay, not put make-up on each other - I was destined for business from the start}.

At any rate, I was going over a couple of new Collections {yes, in my head} set for release this Spring, and checking the Collection names we have chosen against current or previous lines we've released. I couldn't help but smile when whispering "Loyal", "Genuine", "Delightful"...I love how we name our Collections. It's always a fun process, Bret and I will sit down and lay out a few collections in advance - we chicken-scratch a few ideas on one of the many whiteboards in the office, and then over the next few days, we stare at them in passing and then eventually we yell out ideas across the office. Keep in mind, we don't have private offices or walls in our office - only half-walls, so we could hang pictures, of course, not for privacy. Needless to say, somedays it's loud in here!

 (Warning: I climbed up onto a landing we have and attempted to take a few photos, don't laugh at my photography skills, please!)

 (Bret in his office...sorry these photos are really bad...)

(Looking down into part of Melodee's office, one of our meeting areas and then my office is through the walkway - messy desk!)

(Looking down in the opposite direction - a work-station area and another view into Bret's office)

I remember the day we named Loyal - we were actually sitting in Bret's office, and he was taken back to memories of his childhood and what he recalled wanting to be remembered for. He was kind, cute, athletic, friendly, sensitive, fun, etc...but he told me he always wanted for something to think of him as loyal and dependable. He also instantly thought of his son, Christian, and a few of the amazing traits he possesses, and it was the beginning of the this fabulous collection - the ideas began flowing, and our "Loyal" collection was officially named. 

We wrote the paragraph describing the Collection for our Winter Catalog, and I love flipping through the catalog {our very first "official" catalog [insert big grin]}, and reading the little snippets which correlate to each Collection. I'll try to copy and paste snippets of the catalog here, because I know not many of you have ever seen our catalog...

It has been said before, but I think it worth mentioning again, we wanted to name our Collections based on the feeling or emotion you may feel when looking at the designs or using one of our Collections to preserve a moment in you or your loved one's life. Although our 12x12 adhesive cardstock "Details" sheet really "themes" the line, we decided to design our papers to be beautiful and interchangeable, not too theme-atic. Just as our "Genuine" Collection is denim-inspired, the theme is friendship - and as we stated in the catalog - denim and friendship go hand in hand...your tried & true pair of jeans and your tried & true best friend. It's just a match made in heaven.

So, now that I've written all of this, I realize I have completely gone off on a tangent and my dream from last night is no where to be mentioned in this blog post...I guess I'll try to tie it in quickly so you don't feel like you are spending your whole day reading this post!

The golden rule and my mother - we hope as you use our products you will feel the connection and find the perfect photo, card, photo frame, shoe box to alter, etc., where you can create something special to pass onto a friend or loved one. It's akin to the "one good deed goes a long way" and "paying it forward" so you too, will someday receive the help or surprise from a friend. As we create product, the joy associated with seeing our papers, die cuts and stickers used to showcase a project you have worked on for yourself or someone else, is overwhelming. It is one of my favorite things to sit down, go through our monthly challenge entries or comment on projects you have posted to our Facebook page. We truly do love what we "do" and we are thrilled to be a part of your past, present and future.

Thank you for your continued words of encouragement and support, we are out there and loving every minute of it!

All the best,


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Always Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

Happy Friday friends! It's Emily here with a delightful little card & tutorial for you today!

I originally had a big project planned out to do a tutorial on, but that project ended up being a major fail and I had to trash it. So when I was racking my brain for a new idea, I came up with a really "old school" project to share. Sometimes I need to remember that not everyone has been scrapping as long as I have and also old techniques are sometimes coming back in style with a twist.

So I give you... Serendipity Squares!

First, pick out some pretty patterned papers and start ripping them into tiny pieces... I know, I have a phobia of tearing up pretty papers, this was the challenging part for me!

Next, glue your torn pieces randomly to a piece of cardstock. I like to use quick dry tacky glue when doing this.

Last step is completely optional... I used Sparkle Mod Podge and covered my whole sheet to give it an extra sparkle.

Let it all dry completely. Then you can cut your Serendipity Squares... or shapes in my case! I attempted to run mine through my Cameo... I DO NOT recommend this at all! Very bad idea! Glue can gunk up in your blade and also the paper is very thick once the glue dries. The best way I found to get cute shapes was stamping. I stamped an image on the back and cut out the outline of the image. That's how I got the butterflies.

Why is this technique called Serendipity Squares you ask? Serendipity means making fortunate discoveries by accident, which is exactly what these are... pretty little accidents! you can even use scraps for these, that's why I love them! Hopefully you will give it a try too!

Thanks for stopping by today!

♥ Emily

Products Used:
Authentique Delightful Collection
Want2Scrap Pearls
Core'dinations Glitter & Spotted Cardstock

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A "Loyal" Matching Gift Set

Hello Authentique fans, Heather here with another blog post. This time I'm focusing on how to use those little scraps and Details stickers. For today's post, I have a card and matching bag with a gift tag. I find that it is often really nice to take the extra step from simply making a lovely card, to decorating a little kraft bag with scraps and stickers to match. 

For the bag itself, I took scraps and pieces of the Loyal Collection (Honest, Brave, Durable) and solids from the Free Bird Nest including Comfort and Familiar. I really wanted to use the little Detail with the silhouette of the man's hat and mustache, so used a fun mustache stamp in both a chalk ink (tag) and using clear embossing powder (the bag).
It was pretty easy to take small pieces of the Loyal and Free Bird papers, notch opposite corners using my Corner Chomper, and laying them all in their future spots before gluing down. I filled in spaces with Diction phrases, or Details stickers, then added a couple of matching buttons.

I hardly ever get to use this fun mustache stamp, but it was perfect for this tag!

 The card was simply the jumping off point, and has similar details using Steady, Brave and Honest papers, along with another backing of Free bird, Detail stickers, button and ribbon. I used dimensional adhesive to make the mustache Detail stand out.

This is a fun little gift set. I figure that I'll probably save this for someone's birthday later this year.

I hope that if you have a bunch of leftover scraps, that you find a great use for all of them like this gift set. It's such an easy way to create something cute and creative to share with others.

Supplies Used: 
Loyal Collection: Steady, Brave, Honest, Durable, Elements, Details
Free Bird Nest Collections:  Comfort and Familiar 
Additional Supplies: 
buttons, dimensional adhesives, ribbon, stamps, twine, embossing powder, kraft gift bag, card base

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Happy Monday friends!

It's Natalie here
with a layout to share!
(don't tell my dd :)  not sure she'll love that I used this picture of her tee hee)
She's a beautiful girl but  put her in front of a camera and the posing begins :)
I used some of my new favorites from the Celebrate Collection
this collection can be used for lots of photo's not just birthday
the flowers and other stickers go perfectly.

 and some close ups of the layering....
Thanks for stopping by the Authentique Blog today!

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Blog Post

March Sketch Challenge

Welcome to the sketch challenge here on the Authentique Paper blog!

The Sketch Challenge will be posted on the first Saturday of each month. There will be two sketches posted {one card sketch and one layout sketch} for you to use as inspiration.

We would love for you to play along!

Just use the challenge inspiration to create as many projects as you'd like.
A winner will be randomly selected from all the qualified entries to receive an Authentique Paper prize pack!
{The more projects you create, the better your chances are of winning!}




- You will have until Wednesday, April 4th at midnight {PST} to enter.
- You will need to create a separate entry/blog post for each submission. {You can submit as many projects as you want!}
- Use the Linky Tool at the bottom of this post to link directly to your blog post.
- You must provide a link somewhere in your blog post back here to the Authentique Paper blog.
- Anyone can play along, but you must use products from Authentique Paper on your project if you would like to be able to win.
- You must provide a supply list of Authentique Paper products used on your blog post.
- Winner must have a US or Canada mailing address only...sorry!

{Projects from the Authentique Paper Design Team}

{Emily Lanham}

{Misty Buck}

{Jeannie DeGruccio}

{Natalie Dever}

{Heather Conklin}

{Brenda Smith}

{Cristine Redmond}

{Heather Conklin}

{Janeen Shember}

{February Sketch Challenge Winner}

Stephanie U


Please send an e-mail with the subject "February Sketch Challenge Winner" and include your US or Canada mailing address to to claim your Authentique Paper prize pack!

{Linky Tool}

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A Splendid Wreath

Happy Friday, everyone! Today I am bringing you a project that I'm proud to say is another one of my "firsts." I've always admired decorated wreaths, but I never knew that decorating them would be SO easy!

To get started, here are the supplies you'll need:

I cut a few of the papers into strips and decided to give Jeannie's tutorial from September a try. {Click here to take a look.} She showed us how amazing the quality of Authentique's papers are by separating the designs on one sheet of paper. In her tutorial, Jeannie used a paper crimper, which I don't have. I had to improvise, so I used the edge of the folding doors (yes, I scrap in a closet).

You have to make sure you distress/bend the whole strip evenly or else the two sides won't separate evenly and could tear. If you did it right, it should start by looking like this:

Once I got all of my sheets separated, I decided to make some rosettes with them. To start, I folded one strip in half, then put an end down on a Gluber.

I twisted the paper and turned the Gluber until the strip reached the end of the adhesive circle.

I left the long end there until I was ready to take the rosette off of the paper, then I cut some of the excess off and tucked the end onto the back of the adhesive. I decided to add some different textures to the flowers I was putting on the wreath, so I made some accordion flowers and even some rosettes made with burlap. I used a hot glue gun to adhere all of my embellishments to the wreath.

Here is the final product!

For being my first try, I think this turned out pretty cool! I dressed up the paper rosettes and accordion flowers with some cool vintage-looking buttons and some brads.

I added some burlap twine to one of the buttons and tied on a wide burlap ribbon for the hanger. I don't know about you, but I'm kind of addicted to burlap right now. I love the texture and the way it makes projects look.

I hope you enjoyed this project and I hope it inspires you to take on a crafty project that intimidates you!

~ Cristine


Patterned paper - Splendid collection {Brilliance, Delight - back, Majesty - back}

Brads- Paper Studio
Buttons - Tim Holtz
Glubers {Cosmo Cricket}
Burlap twine
Burlap ribbon

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