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Monday Challenge: Rub-ons...

Hello! Wilna Furstenberg here with a fun challenge... USE YOUR RUBONS! We all have a few sheets in our stash that we have never used... so today Lexi and I will show you some pages where we just went ahead and used them!


Lexi's page:

Lexi Cowboy page


Wilna's Page:

Forever young-6

We'd love to see your projects on the OA Flickr gallery.  Thanks for participating!


Wilna Furstenberg

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Mother's Day Card Ideas

Mother's Day is right around the corner -- May 13! --  and while finding the right gift can take a lot out of you, the same need not be true for the card.  Each of the following cards came together in just minutes, using cardstock, some scraps, a few stickers, a bit of adhesive, and a sewing machine.  

The first card is intended for the mother who is truly the heart of the family. 

Heart of the Family Card

To create this card, grab a heart-shaped punch and punch away!  Adhere the punched hearts side by side using pop dots, and then add a little accent (like the red chipboard heart from the Sidewalks Chip 'n Stick shapes).  Of course, you need not use hearts.  Any shape repeated this way is bound to be eye-catching.  It also helps to use similar colors and/or papers from the same line.  I used the Cakewalk line here, repeating similar colors for a unified effect.  

The next card has a retro feel.  

You Are the Woman
We've all heard the expression, "You're the man."  On Mother's Day, though, this card gives credit where credit is due.  Building on that idea, I trimmed images of women from a sheet of "Shorthand" 9 to 5 paper, clustered them together, and machine-stitched around them.  

The final card is simple yet bold. I'd like to think that it's perfect for holding a gift certificate for a spa day, or at the very least, a massage.  Every mom needs a massage from time to time -- believe me! 

Mom card

I get a kick out of the sense of movement created by the black and white chevron design (from the B-side of the "Coffee Break" 9 to 5 paper), and I love the added texture of the red fabric, which is part of the new "Fly a Kite" fabric collection.  I folded a strip of the fabric in half, and ran it through the sewing machine, creasing sections of it along the way to create a ruffled effect.   

So there you have it -- three ideas for quick, can-do Mother's Day cards. I'd love to see your ideas in the OA Flickr gallery, too! 

-- Jill 

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Thursday Sketch Challenge

Hey everyone!  Roree here, and I have this week's Sketch Challenge for you.

While trying to come up with a sketch idea, I thought it would be fun to use up those scraps and embellishments that we all have laying around our craft rooms.  Here is what I came up with:

Roree-OA Apr12-Apr 26 Sketch

Perfect for those little odds and ends pieces, right?

I created two cards using the sketch as a jumping off point.  Because they are on a smaller scale than the layout, I adjusted accordingly.

For my first card, I used the Sasparilla collection. 

Roree-OA Apr12-Apr 26 Sketch-happy trails 2

I used bits and pieces from the Flower Sack and Miscellany packs, plus some stickers from the Word Sticker sheet.  They are perfect for this type of sketch.

Roree-OA Apr12-Apr 26 Sketch-happy trails closeup 2

And I just love the wood grain and colors in this collection!

For my second card, I used the Sidewalks collection along with the new Washi Tape from the 9 to 5 collection and a few leaf stickers from the Fly a Kite collection.

Roree-OA Apr12-Apr 26 Sketch-sunshine day 2

I used the Flower Sack flowers and banner, leaf stickers, and sun in place of the squares in the sketch. 

Roree-OA Apr12-Apr 26 Sketch-sunshine day closeup 2

Two totally different cards inspired by one sketch.

I hope you enjoyed today's sketch.  There are definitely lots of different directions you could go with it.  If you get a chance to play along, don't forget to post your project in the OA Flickr group.  I can't wait to see how you interpret it!

Thanks so much for stopping by! 



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9 to 5 Spotlight WINNER


Congrats to Michelle Brooks who left this nice comment:

I love this whole collection, and cannot wait to buy everything! My favorite is the sheet of paper called "shorthand", and of course the journal cards. October Afternoon, you just keep wowing me.

Michelle, email us your information within 30 days and we will get your
9 to 5 Collection Kit prize out to you. 

Happy Wednesday!


October Afternoon

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FLY A KITE in the Spotlight . . . Now in FABRIC!

We are very happy to announce that October Afternoon's 'Fly a Kite' line has been released in fabric!  This line of fabric is manufactured and distributed by our wonderful partners at Riley Blake Designs.

If you liked the paper, you're going to love the fabric!  We are so excited to launch this collection.  We love seeing our designs made into quilts, clothing, bags and so many other creative sewing projects.

Here is a fun summer shirt that DT member Vivian made for her beautiful daughter.

Sadie's New Shirt

You can purchase the "Fly a Kite" fabric patterns at Fat Quarter Shop, other online stores, or in a local quilting store near you. 


RB Fat Stack

If you would like to be the WINNER of this 'Fly A Kite' October Afternoon fat quarter stack, please leave a comment telling us about the fun projects that you will make if you win the stack!

October Afternoon


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Tuesday Tutorial: Frame It!

With Mother's Day just a few weeks away, who isn't going to be in search of a thoughtful gift for mom or grandma any day now?  If you're from a big family like mine, then you are likely in need of several gifts for the mothers and grandmothers in your life.  

All mothers treasure photos of their children, and one of the tried-and-true Mother's Day gifts through the years has been photos of those whom they love best.  Rather than stick a photo in a generic frame and be done with it, however, why not add a personalized touch and a few lovely layers with some help from October Afternoon? 

This year, I'm making frames for all of the mothers and grandmothers in my family. Here's my approach.  

Step One: Start with a plain, inexpensive wooden frame.  You might not consider a "cheapie" frame a treasure, but just wait until you pretty it up. Mine cost a whopping $2.50 each. 

OA Tutorial Step 1Step Two: Take the frame outside to a well-ventilated area and spray paint it.  I used black, but any color will work well.  Consider matching the color to one of the colors in the photo that you will be using.  Acrylic paint could also work well, though you may want to apply a layer of gesso first.  OA Tutorial Step 2Step Three: As the frame dries outside, head back indoors to work on the photo mat. I used a rectangle of sturdy Boarding Pass patterned paper, trimmed it to fit the frame, and layered neutral-toned Boarding Pass Miscellany over it.  

OA Tutorial Step 3

Step Four: Embellish the foundation with ribbon and twine.  I machine-stitched lengths of trim from the Boarding Pass (yellow), Sasparilla (lace), Farmhouse (gray), and Sidewalks (green) collections.  
OA Tutorial Step 4

Periodically, I placed my photo on the mat prior to stitching to be sure that I had positioned the trim properly. 
OA Tutorial Step 5

Step Five: Machine-stitch around the photo, and place the finished photo mat in the painted frame.  For the photo below, I omitted the glass due to glare, but added it later. The glass is optional anyway, depending on how bulky you make the foundation. 
OA Tutorial Z Frame

I just know that my mom will love this framed photo of her granddaughter.  The problem is that now I don't want to part with it.  Ha! Luckily, I know how to make more, and now, you do, too. :) 

-- Jill 

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Monday Challenge | Repetition

Hi there everyone.  Marcy here to start your week off with a challenge.  

I love using the same element multiple times on a page for emphasis and direction.  Sometimes when I want to put a lot of elements on my page I find that using a repeating element allows me to do that while also keeping my page calm and cohesive at the same time. 

So I decided to toss the challenge of using repetition to Vivian today... and here's what she sent back to me.

Little Cowboy

What perfect photos for the Sasparilla line!  Here's what Vivian had to say about using repetition on her pages.

"Repetition is a technique I use often on my layouts to help create flow and direct the viewer's eye across and around my page. On this layout, created with the fun new Sasparilla line, I repeated colors, shapes, patterns, and motifs. The three primary colors repeat, as do stars (most raised on pop dots and accented with twine), cowboys, horses, and bandana prints."

And here's how I interpreted the use of repetition.


I love repeating star patterns on my pages, so for my layout I used my Silhouette to cut out a star pattern on a piece of white cardstock.

Bandits closeup 2

I used a variety of different patterned papers behind some of the stars and lifted the die-cut paper up with pop-dots. 

Bandits closeup

The stars add an interesting design element to the layout with the repetition of the same pattern also being relatively sedate.

How about you?  Do you ever use repetition on your pages?  


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Craft Room Tour :: Amy Heller

Hi OA fans! It's Amy here today with a little tour of my ever-evolving basement craft space.
My room is quite small, only about 9'x12'. It's a half-room in our basement that adjoins with a small living space. It's recently undergone yet another re-organization and therefore isn't quite complete, I need to tidy a few things up, still but this gives you a pretty good idea of where I work. Studio_1_AHThis is my main work space. I scrap just to the left of my computer. To the right of my computer is my sewing machine and my Cameo, it's pretty crowded - I have to move my sewing maching each time I want to use my Cameo! LOL. Oh, well, it works! I don't have a counter-height desk, but I still stand most of the time while I scrap. It's taken quite a bit of time to get my space workable, especially since it's a very long and narrow space, there's been a lot of trial and error in how I've stored things. Now I think I've gotten it where all of my most used items are easily accessible and within reach, so I'm really happy about that I think they will stay like this for a while, finally! :)Studio_5_Ah
To the left of my desk, I keep my albums, my printer, some more supplies and my most recent projects. Studio_6_AH
At the back of my room I keep all my cards, and in this little set of drawers I keep all of my punches. The best $20 spent at a yard sale, ever! :D

Just to the right of me when I'm sitting at the computer, is my Expedit storage unit. I have baskets in it where I keep miscellaneous embellishments, tools, mini albums, etc. One of my most recent changes is how I now store my paper that is older than the past year. I now have everything separated by my favorite side, then by color.  These used to be stored in vertical files and I never saw all the paper I had - now it's all visible and easy to access, so I am thrilled with this new system. It's going to work great for me! My more recent papers are stored by collection in vertical files - and that works great for me.Storage_1_AHNow, I thought I'd share a few ideas on how I store some of my October Afternoon products. Like my Mini Markets and Sticky Keys stickers. I have them nicely stacked together, and easily within reach on one of my shelves in front of my work space.

Storage_3_AhFor all my Sprinklers, I have a 3-tiered storage unit with all of my most used items. My Sprinklers proudly sit at the top along with my sample tags that I created to coordinate with each, both in splatters and in mist, so that I can easily see how each will look when trying to decide which to use while creating a project.Storage_4_AH
I have windows with deep ledges on either side of my computer. That is where I store all of my most used products, like my October Afternoon products! All of my OA embellishments are stored in this cute little basket by collection, the most recent at the front. This is where my buttons, Wrap Packs, Miscellany, Rub-Ons, Tin Pins, Wrap Packs and all of the other embellishment related goodies from October Afternoon live waiting to get used with much love!
Storage_5_AhRight next to this little basket I have two additional boxes on my window sill just above my workspace dedicated to my OA products. One for embellishments I'm hoarding that just can't part with like rubber charms, Wild Cards, buttons and tin pins from collections past. And the other for unfinished mini books and OA stamps. This system has been very successful, and works very well with how I create my projects for OA!

Well, that's going to do it for me today! I hope you enjoyed taking a little peak into my Craft Room. It was fun sharing it with you! Thank you so much for stopping by today and have a wonderful weekend!

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sketchy thursday-- argyle love

good morning everyone.  danni here today with your thursday sketch! i wanted to create a sketch that would emphasize a background element and be versatile for layouts and cards alike.  i really love sketches that allow for the creative side to take over and i don't like to tell you where to place every last element, although i have :)

 joining me today is becky with her amazing layout inspiration for all of you. i absolutely LOVE this page (and her cuuuuute puppy)


 you add such joy layout by becky

(click pics to enlarge) 


  and this is what becky had to say:

This sketch brought an idea to my mind immediately and even though I interpreted it pretty literally, I enjoyed pulling it together and adding my own touches. That to me is the sign of a great sketch!


 for this sketch, the focal is the argyle background element, so i decided to make that the focal of all my cards and play with the various layering interpretations of it.

 hello card

(click pics to enlarge)



i rotated my argyle element on this card and layered the elements in the center instead of above the argyle.  i stitched through the centers of the argyle elements as you generally find with argyle patterns.


on my second card, i decided to rotate the argyle elements vertically so as to create a taller card

best friends card



 i layered the argyle pattern once again instead of above it to scale for the card size


(see the chipboard corners?  do you ever have some of those leftover or don't like to use them on lo?  these are really fun on the argyle pattern)



 i stitched through the centers once again



and to show you how easily you could use circle elements, like the ones that come in the 9 to 5 line, i created another secretary appreciation card for hubby to give to another of his secretaries.


what would i do without you? 



exchanging the argyle for circles, i stitched through the centers and then layered the elements in the corner


if you are inspired to give the sketch, argyle element or circle element backgrounds a go, please link us up in the OA FLICKR gallery, we'd love to be inspired.
thanks for joining us today
happy creating?

danni & becky

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9 to 5 Spotlight Blog Hop


9 to 5 showcases the daily adventures of office life in a colorful and fashionable line of retro-styled scrapbooking products.  Filled with fun and exciting papers, embellishments and ephemera, 9 to 5 is inspired by the office fashion of yesteryear. 

It’s full of bold prints, vintage office supplies, and authentic ephemera.  The retro office look and feel is on-trend and highly desirable by all secretaries or anyone wishing to be one, whether young and old.

9 to 5 is a perfect fit for any customer who is a cubicle dweller, loves vibrant colors and patterns, or collects typewriters and vintage office memorabilia.  It’s time for a break – let’s gather ‘round the water cooler and drink in the hip and trendy look of 9 to 5.


Product # PP754
PP754 -
Product # PP755
PP755 -
Coffee Break
Product # PP756
PP756 -
Paid In Full
Product # PP757
PP757 -
Product # PP758
PP758 -
Meeting Minutes
Product # PP759
PP759 -
Typing Pool
Product # PP760
PP760 -
Girl Friday
Product # PP761
PP761 -
Product # PP762
PP762 -
Steno Pad
Product # PP763
PP763 -
Supply Closet
Product # PP764
PP764 -
Product # PP765
PP765 -
Product # PP766
PP766 -
8x8 Paper Pad
Product # CB838
CB838 -
Printed Chip
Product # SS420
SS420 - 12x12
Shape Stickers
Product # SS421
SS421 -
Word Stickers
Product # DC156
DC156 -
Product # SS422
SS422 -
Label Stickers
Product # SS423
SS423 -
Mini Markets
Product # SS419
SS419 - 12x12
Alpha Stickers
Product # SS294
SS294 -
Sticky Keys
Product # DC157
DC157 -
Journal Cards
Product # EM871
EM871 -
Flower Sack
Product # EM870
EM870 -
Little Flyers
Product # EM868
EM868 -
Tin Pins
Product # EM869
EM869 -
Product # EM874
EM874 -
Designer Brads
Product # DC170
DC170 -
Product # DC168
DC168 -
Here & Now
Product # DC169
DC169 -
Product # SI972
SI972 -
(set of three)
Product # ST386
ST386 - Variety
Stamp Set
Product # ST387
ST387 - Background
Stamp Set
Product # EM872
EM872 -
Washi Tape
- Date
Product # EM873
EM873 -
Washi Tape
- Day
Product # PP753
PP753 -
Collection Kit


Deciding on a favorite is a hard thing to do with this line.  Please share with us your favorite item(s) and we will draw a grand prize winner from those who leave comments.  We will announce the grand prize winner of a 9 to 5 Collection Kit on Wednesday, April 25. 

Some of our design team members have showcased 9 to 5 on their blogs today.  Hop on over to see their creations and have other opportunites for 9 to 5 product prizes. 

Order of Blog Hop:

October Afternoon at October Afternoon  - you are here
Amy Heller at My Paper Sweets & Me
Wilna Furstenberg at he{art}
Becky Novacek at Becky Novacek Photography Blog
Vivian Masket at Right Side Up
Danni Reid at Danni Reid.
Marcy Penner at Hello Forever

Thanks for participating and good luck!

October Afternoon

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Mother's Day Accordian Album

Spring seems to fly by over here.  Maybe it's because we have a big yard to tend to as soon as the weather warms up?  Maybe it's because my kids all seem to get cabin fever as soon as April hits. Whatever the case I find that it's in my best interest to plan ahead and get cards and gifts planned before I forget about them.

 So, today I have a quick and simple little tutorial for you on how to make a quick, little accordian album brag book.  This one's going to my mom.  :)

 Start by determining what size you want to work with.  I knew I wanted to use one of the October Afternoon journaling cards so I determined my length and width from that.  Take your desired width and cut a few pieces of cardstock to size.  Score a line representing the height of each piece and fold.  


 Now, unless you only want two to three pages you'll have to glue those cardstock strips together... so do that now.  Trim off any extra pieces if you have any.  Now you'll have one long accordian fold card.


Select your patterned papers and trim so that they're slightly smaller than your pages.   I thought that the spring-y vibe from the Sidewalks line would be perfect for this project. 


Close your accordian book so that you can decide which flaps going to be the cover and the back.  Adhere a patterned paper to the back flap.  

Open your accordian book and adhere papers to ALL the pages on the opposite side. 

Now, back to the cover.  Take a piece of ribbon and position it so that when the book is closed you can tie it evenly along the opening.  Adhere your cover papers over the ribbon.  Sew in place if desired.  

That side should now look like this.  


The other side has patterned paper on every section.


NOTE:  Keep in mind, that if you're sewing you may want to do that before the papers on the other side are adhered.  Unless you like messy sewing (like I do).

Decorate your cover and add your photos on the inside.



I'm hoping that my mom either carries it with her or hangs it up in her house from the ribbon at the top.


See... super simple... easy peesy.  But perfect for Mother's Day.

What projects are you tackling for Mother's Day?  If you're making something we'd love to see it!  Share your creations in our Flickr gallery and you may find yourself featured on our blog!

- Marcy



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Challenge: Letter stickers...

Hello! Wilna Furstenberg here with a fun challenge! We all have letter stickers in our stash that we bought because we loved it but for some reason do not use it. So, Jill Sprott and I made some pages with this use-the-letter-stickers in mind to give you some creative inspiration! So, join us in the challenge! Show us your pages!

Jill's page is stunning (as always). She said: "I used a variety of letter stickers and clustered them together to create a frame around the photo.  Mixing styles and sizes creates a whimsical, playful feel (at least I think so!).  I also embedded the title in the layout by running letter stickers down the sides of the journaling block."

Like Mother

Like Mother detail OA

For my page, I decided to write all the journaling with letter stickers. Then i misted over it all so tone it down a bit:

As you as U can b-6

So, you can show us your pictures by uploading it to Flickr, your blog or an online gallery like 2peas, then you can click the inlinkz thumbnail below and it will show a little thumbnail of your page here + link it to your page!

Thank you for participating!
Wilna siggie 52px



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Thursday Sketch Challenge :: A Creative Burst

Hi OA fans! It's Amy here today with your Thursday sketch! Have you noticed the trend in sunbursts lately? I have! They are so fun! There are so many ways to interpret them, too! I've seen them created using mists, patterned paper, taking up small portions of a layout, or even over the entire page! They certainly add a lot of energy to any layout! SketchToday, I thought I'd incorporate a sunburst into our weekly sketch. Up until today, I hadn't given the sunburst a try yet, so I thought what better way to give it a go, than to include it in our sketch and see what others come up with, too! OA_04_12_Challenge_LO_LaughBeSilly_AHHere is my take on the sketch, I rotated it 90 degrees and flipped the sunburst so that the large beams were closer to my photos. I used a variety of October Afternoon papers ranging from Modern Homemaker, Five & Dime, Farmhouse, and even from our upcoming Cakewalk collection to create my pink burst of energy pointing to the fun photos of my daughter just playing and being silly.  


I asked Marcy to join in on my sketch with her own unique rendition. I have to say I was SUPER anxious to see what she would come up with! And I LOVE how her page turned out!


This is what Marcy had to say about her project.

"I stayed really close to the sketch... I love sunbursts.  :)  I substituted the three photos for four and moved the title up."

I just love the rainbow effect that she created, don't you!? It's gorgeous, and yet still "SUPER" hero cool! SUPER job, Marcy!


Well, that's going to do it for me today! I hope you got a creative BURST with our sunburst themed sketch this week! I hope you decide to play along and upload your gorgeous creations to our Flickr gallery found here. Thank you so much for stopping by and have a wonderful day!!

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I dare you....

to create a page using only 4 products! Becky and Amy here today with a challenge for you. Here are the "rules":

We're giving you a few freebies: scissors, writing pen and adhesive. You pick 4 additional products to make a page. 

From Amy: Becky’s challenge was just that for me - a challenge!! I never knew I relied so heavily on so many different types of product/mediums when creating a page. I didn’t even sew on this page (gasp!) and for me that’s a big deal. I didn’t thread my buttons or anything. 

The four “things” I chose to work with were patterned paper, ribbon from the Miscellany packs, buttons and alpha stickers. I found myself really struggling to make my page flow in a way that I thought it needed to. Finally after lots of experimentation, I was able to get a design I am happy with. I’m especially happy with the how the colors work together. Both the ribbon and the buttons became integral elements in the design, both in creating attention and in toning down attention (as in the yellow ribbon over the plaid paper in the bottom left corner) which is something I’m really happy with. I didn’t need to sew on it after all. :)

Here's her awesome page!

I adore the color mix! 


So pretty! 

My 4 items were: 

sewing machine

pattern paper

paper distresser

alpha stickers




I hope this challenge pushes you to try something new! We'd love to see your projects on the OA Flickr gallery.  Thanks for participating!

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Spring Cards for a Friday!

Happy first Friday of April, OA friends! It's Amy here today with a couple ideas for some Spring-themed cards in celebration of Spring's official arrival and the upcoming holiday weekend. 
I used the darling Sidewalks collection to create two cards in celebration of flowers blooming, birds chirping, grass growing and perhaps a vistit from Peter Cottontail this upcoming Sunday. :)SpringCards_DetailGrid_AhFor this first card, I really wanted to create a fun embellishment with the adorable game spinner found in the Sidewalks Miscellany package. The great thing about some of the pieces in the Miscellany packs, such as this game spinner, is that they are printed on both sides, so when I went to use my punches on this piece I was able to use the side without the numbers on it to create this fun, and super whimsical flower full of Spring festiveness.SpringCards_Easter_AhThis next card is a bit of a teaser, because along with Sidewalks, I've added just a couple pieces from the up and coming NEW collection, Cakewalk to the mix. I simply couldn't resist using the adorable little bunny from the "Party Hat" paper for the centerpiece of my little Easter card. Isn't he just darling? And I don't mind at all that he's holding balloons instead of a basket. It just adds to the festive feel! Plus, it shows how beautifully these two collections will collaborate together, don't you think?EasterCard_DetailGrid_AHWell, friends, that's going to do it for me today! I hope these cards have put you in the Spring spirit! Thank you so much for stopping by today! And if you are celebrating over the weekend, I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend! :)

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Thursday Sketch: Collaged Elements

Looking for a fun way to use lots of embellishments? If so, today's sketch is for you! Brought to you by Vivian, with added genius from Danni, today's sketch features collaged clustered elements topping a photo and journaling/title block:

April 5 2012 Blog Sketch

I used this sketch to create a layout with the Boarding Pass line, collaging pieces from the Miscellany pack with chipboard embellishments, a sticker from the 12 X 12 sticker sheet, and a bit of patterned paper:

Danni used today's sketch to create this fun card featuring the Sasparilla line:

Happy trails card danni reid

I love how she scaled the collage to work on a card by using label stickers and word stickers along with three-dimensional embellishments. Here's a close-up of that portion of the card:

Happy trails details danni reid

Adding a rub-on in place of the title in the sketch is also a fun way to interpret the sketch for a card:

Happy trails details rub danni reid

So...get out all of those embellishments you've been hoarding and create a collage! We'd love to see your interpretations of this sketch, so please post your work to our October Afternoon Flickr gallery if you create something!

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Monday Challenge: Fill a Frame

Lexi here. So, I don't know about you, but in my neck of the woods it's yard sale season. Anyone out there like to yard sale or hit up thrift stores? (Raises my hand!) I have a running list of things I am on the look out for anytime I have a chance to thrift and one of those things are empty frames. I don't know why, I just like them. Maybe it's because you can do so many different things to them. If you can look past an ugly picture or fake painting you can snag some great frames that way too. I found this particular frame a few years ago for 25 cents . Score!

I've never painted it, always just liking the way it looked, although spray painting a found frame would be super easy. It's become something that I decorate as the seasons go by and today that's what we are going to do: spring-fill our thrifted frame.

I like to use the wire in teh back to hang things from so today I am taking plain, mini clothespins and adding some washi. Springify (pretty sure I just made up that word) your clothes pins using washi in spring-ish colors and prints. And did you notice the top roll of washi? That's one of the tapes being released with the 9 to 5 line! 

I laid down the green chevron part of the tape and cute the date section off.


The reason for the clothespins? I'm using my Silhouette to cut out the letters for the word "spring" and will need something to hang them up with. I have a paper scrap drawer just of OA scraps (is that so wrong?) and arranged some the scraps on my mat to get the most of out them without having ot cut into full sheets of paper. 

All hung up

I felt like it looked a little too plain. I punched some spring-ish shapes (butterfly, scalloped circle, flower) and decided a mini banner was in order. 

The twine is from the Sidewalks line. I used two shapes on each side of the twine and stapled.

All together now

...better, but it needed something.

Ah, yes, natural eggs and a handmade chick. A "springified" filled frame. 

This is such a simple decor project. Just my kind :) Do you have an empty frame you could fill? Link us up if you do. We would love to see! 

Happy Monday!




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