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Scrap Space Containment

Lexi here today, taking over the blog with a little post of scrap supply containment. Confession: I am a messy scrapper. Messy. But I do love me a good container so I thought I would share a few photos of how I *try* and reign in that messy tendency. 

When you walk in my scrap space you'll see this desk my husband built, similar to the popular standing desk Pottery Barn has (but way cheaper). The little cubbies at the end house old swim locker baskets. (I should stop here and say I love old, vintagey things so that word will probably appear more than once.) Love the industrial vibe the baskets bring. Each is a little house for a certain kind of scrap supply: older stamps, smaller scrap pads, older product. The other side has the baskets, too. I should reorganize these. This desk is primarily for computer stuff, cameo cutting. I don't really scrap on it, but it stays messy none the less. 

My scrap room is in the basement with one tiny window, which doesn't let in nearly as much light as I would like. I used the best photos possible, which still aren't great, but I hope you get the idea and come away inspired. You'll probably come away glad you don't have to scrap by me and my messy self ;)

At one end of the room is what I like to call "big green". I love this thing. It is an old mailer sorter with over 200 slots. You can see I try to bunch all the punches together, ribbon & trim, and buttons together. Other slots are filled with product still in the package, grouped together by manufacturer or product type. 

I have a piece of peg board that has become a great spot to hang my stickers on. I'm one of those people who would love a clean look to her space (hahahaha), I really would, but if I don't see it or have it readily available I'm much less likely to use it. I organize my October Afternoon word, label, mini market and sticky key stickers onto their own rings and hang them. Easy to grab and use and also convenient for throwing in my bag and taking to crops. Below this I have my paper organized by manufacturer. 

My favorite shelf in the room is my sprinkler one. I saw these grouped like this in the October Afternoon booth a few CHA shows ago and wanted to do the same. Again, out in open so I can see all the colors makes me more likely to use them. They are grouped by color, or at least were. I see a few that have moved on me. 

Ah, the washi tape. SO happy OA is making washi now! I have a semi-rainbow order going on here. I've tried putting washi in pretty containers or grouped in a drawer and it never works for me because, again, I forget what I have and which colors, so up they go displayed. 

My most recent organizing addition is this super fun, super hard to find cart from Ikea. We live 8 hours form the nearest Ikea, but a sweet on-line scrapper knew I was searching for one and helped me out. Love on-line scrappy friends. I have the cart right next to my desk and filled it with smaller aqua bins from the $2.50 section of Target. I love to stamp , but realized I didn't do it very much. The main reason was that while my stamps were out they weren't handy and my ink was hidden. 

Top section has newest and most favorite stamps. All October Afternoon stamps are in one bin. (How cute is that background stamp from Cakewalk?!) 

Second section has bigger inks and blocks in one bin and smaller inks in a flea market find. Now all I have to do is grab a stamp, grab an ink pad and I'm ready to go. No excuses. I also need to add a container of baby wipes to that cart so I can clean up right then.

Last section has newer product/embellishments, because let's face...we all like to use the newer stuff before the older stuff right? 

I have named this the "OA spot". This rolling cart from Ikea is where all my October Afternoon goodies go. Most often I am creating for an assignment and the majority of my project needs to be OA product. All I have to do is pick a drawer :) The top drawers are full of embellishments from all the lines. I like to mix old lines with new. One drawer is the newest collection or two that I am playing with most of the time. The bottom drawer is scraps so when I need a smaller piece of paper or to punch something I reach for that one. 

On top of that cart is a little collection of containers. The basket is handmade from Mexico. It houses the newest OA miscellany so I can dump them in and grab to scrap. The soda container also has latest release OA embellies. The vintage colander was a thrift store find and has mostly die cuts and paper bits. The cup is an old TWA one that has newer small goodies. Can you tell I love a good stop at the thrift? 

Beside the white cart is a small vintage hairpin table that holds my sewing machine and a few more containers. I may need to go to containers anonymous after this post. Vintage cake pan has more die cuts, journaling cards, another TWA cup of small trinkets and the Ball jar has paint brushes. My paints are below the table in an old coke cart.

Finally, this is where I actually scrap. Not true. Most of the time I scrap on the floor. The concrete floor. (werido.) But when it is clean enough I scrap here. I got this old table at an auction. Paper pieces fall threw the cracks in the boards, but I love it because I don't have to worry about messing it up. It has one drawer where I put my adhesives and extra staples. On top of the table is a milk glass container for my most used pens, pencils, scissors, adhesive and stapler. And then there is a pile of junk on the side. Trying to keep it real, people. This is as good as it gets :)

And lest you think, "Wow. That Lexi has really got it together!" Notice there are no pictures of the floor..? There is a reason for that. Let me reassure you....99.999% of the time looks like this

and more like this

and I'm kinda okay with that ;) 

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy your weekend!



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Thursday Miscellany Sketch

Vivian here with this week's sketch. We're focusing on Miscellany this week and have a fun sketch today that will allow you to play around with the bits and pieces that come in the Miscellany packs, combining them with patterned papers and other embellishments. I adore the variety found in every set of Miscellany: flash cards, vintage images, die cuts, labels, buttons, chipboard shapes, ribbon, etc. There are so many possibilities in that one package!

Without further ado, here is this week's sketch:

June 28 2012 Blog Sketch

Amy used this sketch to whip up a fun birthday card that features one of my favorite pieces from the Cakewalk Miscellany: the pin the tail on the donkey die cut (there are four tails included in the set as well!):OA_SketchCard_Pin-the-Tail_AHAmy used a few other Miscellany items in addition to the donkey:

  • tickets
  • bingo card
  • button
  • ribbon

Let's get a closer look at some of those items here:


I used the sketch to create a layout documenting my daughter's seventh birthday:

Celebrate June 28 2012 Blog Sketch Layout

I used all of the following from the Cakewalk Miscellany:

  • "celebrate" flashcard
  • button
  • "Happy Birthday!" tag
  • chipboard cake
  • ribbon

All of the smaller embellishments work well with the fun patterned paper background, which is cut from the Sugar Stix patterned paper, providing a paper-pieced and stitched look with...wait for real work involved. Love that I can get that look quickly!

We'd love to see anything you create with this sketch and Miscellany, whether it's a card, a layout, a tag, etc. Please post your work to our October Afternoon Flickr gallery so that we can see your creations!

Vivian Signature

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Miscellany Giveaway + Fan Features

Hi OA fans! We've been featuring projects this week using our super fun Miscellany packs.

     OA_NF_DC156_iB       OA_CW_DC158_iB       OA_WP_DC160_iB

Packed with vintage-inspired imagery, die cuts, buttons, bare chipboard, tickets, ribbon, and a wide range of super fun illustrations, these packs are ideal for giving pages and cards that extra special touch.


Today, we wanted to feature some fan creations found in our OA Flickr gallery using Miscellany. First up is this awesome page by By Jules.Mojo. Talk about a fun showcase of 9 to 5 Miscellany

I go too, Momma!

This next page by by SaraAndrews1 is a really touching and creative use of the 9 to 5 collection. We love all the 9 to 5 Miscellany she used, too.

October Afternoon 9 to 5 Mini Album

October Afternoon 9 to 5 Mini Album

This mini album by Becky F. Garrison is jam-packed with 9 to 5 goodies! We picked a couple of our favorite pages in this great book to share her wonderful use of Miscellany pieces. Do you see them? They're tucked into pockets and layered on top. Very fun!


Last up, is this darling page by sherryann7We just love the textured application that she used on the chipboard horeshoe from the Sasparilla Miscellany pack. It really adds to the authentic feel. Super cute!

Hopefully you've enjoyed seeing all of these fun uses with our Miscellany! We love seeing your work, so keep posting them to our Flickr gallery! You never know when you may be featured!

So how about a giveaway? Leave a comment here on this post by Tuesday, July 3rd for your chance! Tell us what your favorite pieces are within our Miscellany packs when you leave your comment. The winner will receive their choice of one of our latest release Miscellany packs. Good luck!

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Tuesday Tutorial: Watercolors & Miscellany

Lexi here to share with you today's tutorial, which combines one of my favorite October Afternoon products (Miscellany) and my new favorite art supply, watercolors. I don't know what it is, but I am loving playing around with watercolors lately. Maybe it's because I found this cute set at Target.

Whatever the reason, we are going to put them to good use and create birthday tags using the Cakewalk line. The die cut cards in the Miscellany pack are the perfect shape to be cut into a tag. Simply snip two corners, add a hole punch and you have the base for a gift tag. And really-who knew there were that many ways to cut a sandwich? It's nice to learn while you craft ;) 

I did a few different patterns on the tags. For the one on the left I just used stripes of color. I love how the colors blended where they touched, creating a kind of ombre effect. For the tag on the right, it's all about circles because nothing says "let's party" like some polka dots. 

Once the water colored base of your tag is dry, finish it off with some additional die cuts and buttons from the Miscellany pack. I backed each tag with patterned paper, which you don't have to do, but I liked the finished look it gave.


On this tag I topped a Little Flyer with ribbon from the pack and added some Playtime Sticky Keys and Mint & Creme Mini Market stickers. 

The polka dotted tag uses that cool multi-worded strip from the Miscellany pack, cut up and sewn down, as well as the chipboard cupcake from the pack. I thought the watercolor worked great on the raw chip. I added some sparkle in the frosting. (Hey--I have two boys so I rarely get to use any sparkle. I will throw it on whenever I can ;))

And both tags together:

It was fun to add watercolor on those tags and bonus--I have fun birthday gift tags at the ready! I hope you enjoyed today's tutorial. Have you combined watercolors with your projects? We would love to see!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! 

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Monday Challenge--1, 2, 3, 4, 5 miscellany challenge

Good morning OA fans, Danni here with today's Monday Challenge.  The new OA 9 to 5 Miscellany makes me so happy.  There are so many fun die-cut shapes, buttons, chipboard pieces and fun things to use on your layouts and cards.  It was with the Miscellany packages in-mind that today's challenge came to life.  


Create your card or layout using at least 5 (five) Miscellany pieces. 


Joining me today is Amy and here is the amazing layout she created using her Miscellany


Amy heller miscellany


I love how she embellished that balloon, it really adds a special touch to her page.



Amy heller miscellany details



Here's what Amy had to say about this challenge

"This challenge was so fun for me! I used 8 pieces from the Cakewalk Miscellany pack for my layout about my son's first birthday and our tradition of waking our kids on their birthdays with a bouquet of balloons. Here are the pieces I used:
1) pink addition card in the top right corner,
2) chipboard balloon,
3) red button,
4) green button,
5) 'celebrate' card in the title,
6) balloons card on the right side of the layout,
7) green tag under the balloon card,
8) yellow and red ticket stubs at the bottom center of the page."


Amy heller miscellany details2



Amy heller miscellany details 3


AMAZING, festive and such a fun page.   Thank you so much Amy for incredible inspiration for all those birthday pics we all have!




I decided to create a card for the challenge and used 5 bits of Miscellany on my card

 hello card

Hello card 2


I almost didn't stop at five pieces once I got started, it was a lot of fun to play with the Miscellany. 


I used the 9 to 5

  • chipboard telephone
  • file folder die-cut
  • raffle tickets
  • button
  • journal strip



Hello card details


We can't wait to see what you will come up with for this challenge.  We'd love to see your take on the challenge, simply upload your creation to the October Afternoon Flickr pool for all of us to enjoy!


Thanks for visiting us today!

Happy Creating?

Amy and Danni

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thursday sketch challenge

Good Morning and welcome to another Thursday sketch challenge! Becky here today along with a dear friend of mine, Tara Pakosta

Here's today's sketch:

Oa june 21 sketch

Tara adapted the sketch to 8.5x11 format:

T layout

Tara used a mix of older and new OA products...I do love how they mix so well from collection to collection.

T detail
I've always admired Tara's style! It was so much fun to have her join in this time!

I also adapted my layout to 8.5x11 format:

No posing

No poser 3

I used a mix of different collections, including Holiday Style, 9-5, Sidewalks, Sassparilla and Farmhouse. I also included several different tin pins

We would love to see what you make inspired by this sketch! Please share your projects in the OA Flicker Gallery. Thanks!

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Monday Challenge: Circle Back Around

Hi all!  It's Jill here, with this week's Monday challenge, which is all about circles, literally and figuratively.  The goal is to "circle back around" on your layout in multiple ways: 

The Power of a Playlist

This involves a three-part challenge: 

(1) The first circle involves a trip back in time to your high school days, where you will retrieve a memory to document, and a return trip to the present, where you will make a layout based on what you recall from those years.  The photos of my husband and me on this layout were scanned from our high school yearbooks.  The theme of the page is also based on our high school days, and the music that we shared on the mixed tapes we would make for each other.  

(2) The second part of the challlenge is to incorporate a series of circles on your layout, as I did here (using tin pins and punched circles): 

The Power of a Playlist detail

(3) The third component of the challenge is to gather all of the page elements together and unify them with a large circle or loop, as I did on this page by sewing around it multiple times. Sewing is just one approach, however.  You could use paint or Sprinklers, or draw, or cut a large circle from paper, or even piece together a circle from little bits and pieces. 

So let's see those circles in action!  Be sure to share your layout in the Flickr gallery. Have a great week! 

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Tuesday Tutorial: Mixed Media Style

Hi everyone, Mou here with today's tutorial, Mixed Media Style.

Let me walk you through the steps.

1. Select your papers. I picked out five 8x8 patterned papers from October Afternoon 9 to 5 Collection.













2. Trim the papers to 1.75 inches squares.













3. Attach the squares to background cardstock leaving the the space for photo and journaling blank.

4. Apply white acrylic gesso to somewhat mute the patterns and unify the background.

5. Ink up portions of the Houndstooth background stamp and stamp along the top, right, and bottom of the cardstock.


6. Attach a 4" x 6" piece of ledger paper to the blank spot.

7. Splatter some yellow acrylic paint on the background and journal on the ledger paper.

8. Add photo using Date Washi tape as hinge above the journaling card.


9. Embellish photo with stickers and die-cut tab.

10. Add the title above the photo using alphabet stickers and marker.

11. Doodle butterflies and add a couple of buttons to the remaining page to finish.


I hope you enjoyed today's tutorial.  If you make your own mixed media October Afternoon layout, please share with us in the OA Flickr Gallery. We would love to see your creations!

Have fun :)

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Blog Post

Thursday Sketch Challenge

Hi OA fans! It's Amy here today with your Thursday Sketch Challenge.OA_June_SketchChallenge_AH

I've been seeing lots of pages with little banners peeking out from photos lately. Big banners, little banners, all kinds of banners. So I thought today, I'd create a sketch based on a similar idea. 


For my page, I decided to use OA's 9 to 5 collection for a photo of my son making a goal at soccer, and his pure joy of the game. For my little banners at the bottom of the page, i used alternating strips of paper, as stripes leading up to my photo. A little bit of a spin from the banner-type look from the sketch. 

The black chevron paper, was the perfect addition to not only add contrast to the blue, but it also really give the feel of "soccer" to my page. I also used lots of pieces from my "Little Flyers" pack throughout my page, too. I love how there are pieces for creating adorable little flags, but also additional small stickers that you can use on the flags, or on other places in your projects.

I asked Wilna to join me in creating a project based on my sketch, and this is what she came up with.

Celebrate Jana-1-1

I just LOVE her take. It's so light and airy. I can almost feel those little banners flowing in the breeze. Can't you?!


This is what Wilna had to say about her project and the sketch:

"I loved Amy's sketch and the little banners here and there worked perfect with my birthday theme!"

Indeed they did! She also used Little Flyers throughout her page, this time from the Sidewalks collection. Jus beautiful Wilna!

So what do you think? You up for giving our sketch a go this week? If so we'd love to see your beautiful work! Simply upload your creation to the October Afternoon Flickr pool for all of us to enjoy!

Thanks so much for stopping by today! Have a super day!

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Monday Challenge: Geometry

Hi everyone.  Marcy here with this week's challenge.  And, no... I'm not going to take you back to grade school.  ;)  

There's been a lot of inspiration floating around in the form of geometric shapes.  Circles and squares have now made way for triangles and hexagons... among others.

So, today I challenge you to use a geometric element on your page.

I tossed this challenge over to our new DTer Mou!  We're so happy to have her here!

Here's what Mou created for the challenge.  I love the slight wonkyness to the hexagons.  They add just the right amount of charm for this birthday card.


And here's what I came up with.

Oa take note

Truth be told, hexagons have scared me until now.  But it was the perfect opportunity to step outside my comfort zone and give them a try.

Oa take note closeup_-3

I placed hexagons in various sizes on a 12x12 sheet in my Silhouette software and cut them out with the machine.  I backed the cut-outs with little pieces of patterned paper and used some of the white hexagons that I cut out as well.  These I raised up with pop-dots to add dimension.

Oa take note closeup_

Both Mou and I used the Little Flyers from the 9 to 5 line on our pages.  They're basically little geometric accents all on their own.

While Mou used hers as flags and attached them to the wooden picks, I used mine alone as little banners.

Oa take note closeup_-2

You'll be seeing a lot more of these little flags this week.  ;)

If you participate in our challenge this week, we'd love to see what you do.  You can share your layouts in our Flickr gallery.

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Tuesday Tutorial: Fabric Roses

Hey everyone!  Roree here.  It's Tuesday, so that means tutorial time!

I felt like playing around with my sewing machine a bit, so I decided to get out some of my OA fabric and whip up so quick and easy flowers. 

To make these flowers, you will need a sewing machine and thread, fabric, and floral wire.

Roree-OA Jun12 tutorial-congrats gift bag step1

Cut a 2 1/2 x 18" strip from the panel of fabric.  Fold it in half and sew a seam along the open edge.  Sew another seam alongside of the first, using the left side of the foot as your guide.

Roree-OA Jun12 tutorial-congrats gift bag step1-4

Run a length of floral wire through the space between the two stitched seams.  Bunch the fabric, as much or as little as you like.  Trim the wire and fold the ends over to hold the fabric in place. 

Roree-OA Jun12 tutorial-congrats gift bag step5-8

Roll the fabric and shape until you get a beautiful fabric rose.  Quick and easy, right? 

Now all that's left to do is add them to your project.

I created a fun little gift bag using the 9 to 5 collection.

Roree-OA Jun12 tutorial-congrats gift bag 2

The orange flower fabric from the Fly a Kite collection paired so well with the oranges, greens, and blues in the 9 to 5 collection.

Roree-OA Jun12 tutorial-congrats gift bag closeup1 2

And I couldn't resist using the Little Fliers and Sticky Keys alphas for my sentiment.

Roree-OA Jun12 tutorial-congrats gift bag closeup2 2

I hope you enjoyed today's tutorial.  If you get a chance to make some flowers of your own, make sure to share them with us in the OA Flickr Gallery.   We would love to see your creations!

Thanks so much for stopping by!



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Kim Watson Guest Post - Cakewalk & Farmhouse

I always seem to have little gifts that need wrapping. Most times my wrapping is a rush job just before the event, so I thought I'd put some effort into 4 handmade necklace gifts I am giving friends & my SIL this month.

When deciding on which products to use, I remembered I had some of the cute Cakewalk papers from my visit winter CHA in LA & a bag of Farmhouse Flower sacks.
Perfect to create some pretty decorations for my little gift boxes.

I started with four 2.5 inch gift boxes which I wrapped in craft paper for uniformity.
The neutral bases make a great canvas for decorating too.
Kim Watson+ Pretty boxes+OA
Kim Watson+ Pretty boxes clsup+OA

The little flower box was simple to make.
Kim Watson+Rose box+OA
 - cut x21 1 inch circles each with a little slit for folding.
 - using Tombow liquid glue created little cone shapes for layering.
 - with the tightest ones in the middle, I hot glued them into a layered flower shape.
 - a button in the center & some leaves finished my paper bloom off nicely.

I have a *BONUS download* for you. Punching or cutting 21 circles can be a daunting feat, so I created a cutting file for you.
Using a die cutting machine is definitely the way to go when making one of these babies :)
Kim Watson+1 inch dots with slits+OA

Download ALL file types :HERE:

Next we have the Tag box.
Kim Watson+Tag box+OA
- cut a tag shape from the Guest List patterned paper from Cakewalk Collection
- round corners.
- using some of the Farmhouse flower sack elements, layer a 21st sentiment for your tag.
- a tiny peg adds extra dimension.

The bow box is my favorite!
Kim Watson+Bow box+OA
I saw these paper bows on Pinterest & LOVED them.
Not wanting to create a cutting file of my own, I did a quick search and was fortunate enough to find a free cutting file for a similar bow shape on the internet.
See :HERE: for the download. Thanks so much SVGcuts!
 - cut bow shape.
 - fold bow shape & held in place with a sewn button.

The last box is so much fun with the cute pinwheel.
Kim Watson+Pinwheel box+OA
- cut out your pinwheel.
- fold corners to middle of shape.
- secure with diecut shape from Farmhouse flower sack & a button.

I have another *BONUS download* for you.
Using a die cutting machine you can cut as many pinwheels as you need from the cutting file I created for you.
Kim Watson+Pinwheel+OA

Download ALL file types :HERE:

All done...x4 pretty little boxes all in a row.
Feel free to use the downloads for your own personal use.
If you do get a chance to use it, remember to upload your page to the October Afternoon
Flickr gallery
for everyone to enjoy.

Thanks for joining me today. Have a GREAT Friday & weekend!

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9 to 5 Round Two Flickr Challenge Winner!

Screen shot 2012-06-08 at 3.09.59 PM
Congrats to krissyclarkmckee on Flickr for winning this week's challenge. 

Please email us within 30 days with your address to claim your prize!

   ~ October Afternoon


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Thursday Sketch: Tape It, Post It, Scrap It

Who knew that those notes that we all tack on our refrigerators, or tape up near our desks, or post on our monitors could not only be functional, but be inspirational as well?  This week's sketch takes its cue from these very notes, with an extra creative push from propstylist and photographer Dietlind Wolf.  Wolf's images of taped papers and colorful place settings are the catalyst for this week's sketch:

OA Sketch
I created a layout documenting some of the comments that I received from my students on my end-of-year evaluations, which still have me grinning ear-to-ear.  They were way too kind, but who doesn't love a compliment? :) 

What They Say
Just as in the sketch, there are seven main pieces, which I gathered from the 9 to 5 collection (including a few pages from a Here & Now Chapter).  These pieces became "homes" for work-related/school-related accents as well as the students' comments, which were printed on label stickers.   Each piece is anchored to the page by a bit of washi tape or a piece of trim from an October Afternoon wrap pack.  I also used twine from the wrap packs to literally wrap a few page elements. 

What They Say twine and pic detail
That line above the photo on the layout ("Isn't that a flattering way to have others speak about you?") comes from the 9 to 5 "Girl Friday" paper, and actually sparked the whole idea for this page about the feedback I received on evaluations this year.  

What They Say journaling and tape detail
While the sketch prompted me to create a layout, when OA design team member Danni Reid took a look at it, she saw the potential for a card -- an uber-cute card! 

A good day card danni reid
"When interpreting a sketch like this for a card sketch," Danni explains, "it's easier to eliminate some of the tags. ...Normally I would use the top three, but I decided to layer the 'tags' as card elements instead.  I began by picking this fun 9 to 5 'Today' sticker tag [from the 12 x 12 Shape Stickers] and layered the circle bits and stickers [from the 9 to 5 Tidbits] on top of it. I then decided to pull out my 9 to 5 flower sack, buttons, and brads for the layering elements. I finished the layering of all seven elements by adding some awesome washi tape (shown in the sketch) and a tin pin."

A good day card details danni reid
Danni has plans to create even more cards using this sketch.  I know we're all looking forward to seeing those! 

As for me, I'm also looking forward to seeing what you do with this week's sketch.  Be sure to share your creations in the October Afternoon Flickr gallery.    

Thanks for visiting!  

-- Jill 

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Tuesday Tutorial...

WILNA here today! this week October Afternoon is featuring the Wrap packs on the blog. I made a page recently for 2peas and then i thought it would be cool to do a quick tutorial, showing how to do it. While this page is different, the idea is to use some garlands on your page. Here is how I made the garland using the wrap pack:

OA June1a
OA June2
OA June3
OA June4


And here is a look at the finished page:


Celebrate this-9a

Thanks for looking!

love and a kiss


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Monday Challenge-Add a page or subtract a page...

It's Becky here today with a different kind of challenge for you. Today's challenge will require a little more explanation than my typical straightforward challenges. So here you go:

*If you normally create one page layouts, I'm challenging you to create a companion page. What I mean by that is: a page that will face a page you have already made (in an album) and correspond in some way, but not necessarily match. You could use a photo taken on the same day or maybe add additional journaling relating to the page before, or maybe a complimentary or similar color combo. The choices are wide open, but the idea is to create a second page that will look good or make sense in your album when you slide it in opposite another page made previously. 

*If you normally create two page layouts, I am challenging you to create a one page layout, without giving any thought to what the page it faces in your album will look like. Maybe it will be an opening page for an album or the last page in an album. The idea is to do what you normally don't do. 

My hope is that this will stretch all of us creatively and give us a fresh look at our beloved hobby. 

Lexi joined me on this challenge and here is what she has to say:

"The only way I can scrap a 2 pager is if I can do it a bit mismatched. It's just how my brain works :) I had previously made a page for Jill's challenge a few weeks ago with a favorite recent picture of my oldest sleeping. I rarely journal lots on a page, but there was definitely more I could say with that photo. So, I decided I would make my second page with more of the journaling about how that picture of my sleeping boy made me feel. I liked the contrast of one of the pages being light colored background and the other dark. The two pages are definitely independent, but I worked with woodgrain in both, as well as repeating colors and elements to try and tie them together. I really like having one page with more deeper journaling."



Here is her second page with the first:


I adore her take on this! I didn't do the best job of explaining it to her initially, but she got it and did an amazing job!

I decided to do a companion page to go with a page I made last week for Mou's sketch:

Documenting addie 1 page

I knew I wanted to combine a larger, close-up shot of Addie on this page and I didn't want it to be a mirror image or too matchy.

Documenting 5 years 2 page
When I made the layout on the left using Mou's sketch, I had no intention of making a page to go with it. But it was easy enough to make it work. I need to do this more often...a little out of my thought process, but I like it. 

So for those of you who are die-hard two page makers, I triple-dog dare you to make a one pager! For those who are one page makers, make a second page to accompany a page you're created previously. Make sense? 

Finally, I want to see what you make! Please post your creations to the OA Flickr group

Thanks for taking up the challenge! 

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And the winner is...

Our Flickr Gallery 9 to 5 Contest from May 22 winner is...

Diana Waite

Screen shot 2012-06-01 at 12.31.51 PM

 Please email us within 30 days Diana to receive your prize. 

If you would like to be a winner like Diana, check out our next contest.

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OA Flickr Gallery 9 to 5 Contest - Round 2

Screen shot 2012-06-01 at 12.47.02 PM

Hello everyone and Happy Friday.

We are happy to offer another Flickr Gallery 9 to 5 Contest.
Use the sketch below (by Jill Sprott), use mainly 9 to 5 products
and post it on our Flickr gallery
All entries due by June 6 at midnight CST. 
The winner, who will receive a variety of 9 to 5 products,
will be announced on Friday, June 7. 

Happy Scrapping!! 

Screen shot 2012-06-01 at 12.42.06 PM

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