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Monday Challenge: Journaling Cards

Happy Monday morning to you! Lexi here to get this week of highlighting October Afternoon's journaling cards started with a challenge: use them in an unexpected way. Sure, they are the perfect little spot for adding journaling to a layout, but how else can they be used? Becky and I have a few ideas. We both used Woodland Park journaling cards and products for our projects.

First, Becky created this gorgeous layout. She stacked the journaling cards on top of one another in this layout, right up the middle, and embellished them along the way. Genius! I would have never thought to do that.

Birthday luau-5
For my part of the challenge I decided to take the journaling cards and add a few goodies like this

and create a mini mini :) Minifront

We've had lots of outside time this summer so I thought a mini using Woodland Park would be the perfect place to highlight some of our outdoor summer fun.


Mini envelopes and a tag with string break up the similar size of journaling cards with something unexpected. It also creates a place for more journaling.  

Another little tip is if you are going to sew directly on your pages you kinda need to plan out what gets sewn and where so you aren't sewing a label on one side which is sewing through the middle of the picture on the other side. Or avoid it like I do: truly sew something down on one side of a page and then sew on the photo PRIOR to gluing it down on the backside. Sneaky ;) 


My minis are always a bit random. The theme is there with the photos and coordinating product, but often the journaling is a mix of typewriter and handwritten, photos don't always face the same's all okay :) Don't make it too complicated. That takes the fun out of it! Mini5


I find mini albums are a great way to add in bits and pieces of embellishments that we all seem to have hanging around the desk or in little bowls. It helps to gather a small pile before you start so it can go faster and not overwhelm.   Mini7

I always like to add a little something to the back.

So how about you? Have you ever created a mini with journaling cards or used them in a unexpected way? Show us! Link us in the comments or flickr group. We would love to see :) 

Enjoy your Monday! 

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Thursday Sketch

Hi OA Fans! It's Amy here with your Thursday sketch.OA_Sketch_July

I wanted to challenge myself a bit, so I decided to use large circles and push everything to the sides of my sketch. I generally don't work with large elements against the edge of my pages, so I really wanted to see what I could do with this simple yet challenging concept.

I asked Marcy to play along with my sketch, and here's what she came up with:


This is what Marcy had to say about her page:

I started by thinking that I'd approach Amy's sketch exactly how it was. But then I decided to rotate it.  From there I moved the row of circles along the edge inwards... and then it got a little circle crazy!


I love it, don't you!? That circle-type speach bubble is so great and I love that she used it as her title as well. Wonderful, Marcy!

I took a more literal approach to the sketch, and this is what I came up withOA_SketchLO_AH

I used Woodland Park almost exculsively for my page. OA_SketchLO_Detail1_AH
I used my Silhouette to cut out my pie shapes, and with one of my "leftover" pieces from the cutting, I used that as the place for my journaling. This was the only adjustment to the sketch that I made - I moved it inward from the left edge.OA_SketchLO_Detail2_AH

For my title, I used Woodland Park Sticky Keys, Cakewalk Tiny Type and Woodland Park alpha stickers. I love using them all together to create a dynamic and easy to read title in my pages. 


So what do you think? If you'd like to give this different sketch a try, we'd love to see it! Simply upload your creation to our Flickr gallery

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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CHA-Summer Releases: Design Team Projects!

Today we are excited to share four new lines with you, fresh from CHA-Summer 2012! The design team happily created a bunch of spectacular projects for the October Afternoon CHA booth using these collections.  We hope you love them (and the new lines) as much as we do!  


The team absolutely fell head over heels for Midway's vibrant colors and playful patterns. As the projects below demonstrate, this line is perfect for carnival and amusement park photos, for capturing children (and even grown-ups) at play, and for creating a sense of energy and motion on the page. 

Midway LEXI loMidway Lexi Card camera

Midway Lexi TagLayout, Card, and Tag by Lexi Bridges

Card, Tag, and Layout by Marcy Penner

Mid Roree tagTag by Roree Rumph

Mid Jill LOMid Card Jill

Layout and Card by Jill Sprott 

Mid Amy card

Mid Amy H
Card and Layout by Amy Heller

Mid Mou layout
Layout by Mou Saha

MID Becky tag Midway Becky
Mid Becky LO

Tag, Card, and Layout by Becky Novacek

Midway Roree LO
Layout by Roree Rumph

Midway Danni LO

Midway Danni card

MId danni r cardLayout and Cards by Danni Reid

Witch Hazel

We've been longing for some time for an October Afternoon Halloween-themed line, and we could not be more excited about Witch Hazel! It's full of hauntingly wonderful patterns that will dress up pages featuring practically any costume, since it not only pairs black with orange, but also includes other colors as well.  The real treat is that long after Halloween, you'll find that many of the papers can work with a variety of themes. 

WH Mou layout
Layout by Mou Saha

WH Danni R layoutWH Danni witch card

Layout and Card by Danni Reid

WH Becky LO
Layout by Becky Novacek

WH Roree witch cardWH Roree LO

Card and Layout by Roree Rumph
Tag by Marcy Penner


WH Jill LOTag and Layout by Jill Sprott 

Wh Lexi

WH Lexi lo
Tag and Layout by Lexi Bridges

Layout by Amy Heller

Make It Merry

Joining favorite October Afternoon holiday lines such as Very Merry and Holiday Style is a new collection, Make It Merry! As the design team learned in the process of creating these projects, this line is perfectly named.  

MIM Amy layout

MIM Amy tag
Layout and Tag by Amy Heller

MIM Danni card
Card by Danni Reid

Layout by Jill Sprott 

MIM Mou layout
Layout by Mou Saha

MIM LExi card
Card and Layout by Lexi Bridges

MIM Becky LOLayout by Becky Novacek

Tag, Card, and Layout by Marcy Penner

Farm Girl

The Farm Girl collection has a homegrown, wholesome, farm-fresh feel to it.  Amy and Mou had a chance to work with this line, and their projects attest to just how super sweet and super cute this line can be! 

Farm Girl Amy Card
Farm Girl Amy Card 2
Cards by Amy Heller

Farm Girl Mou Saha Layout
Farm Girl Mou layout kids

Farm Girl Mou card
Layouts and Card by Mou Saha

You can find even more images on each of the design team members' blogs.

We'd love to hear what you think of the new lines, so please, feel free to leave a comment on this post. Thanks for visiting today! 

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Scrap space tid bits

Hi there everyone, Mou here today with a peek at my scrap space! But first of all, let me warn you... mine is NOT the most organized space and between summer vacation, family trip, CHA and workshops, it's more like a... disaster!!! So, instead of subjecting you to the horror, I'll show you individual storage ideas that I find effective. Maybe you too will find something useful in these peeks. Okay, so let's get started...

I collect stamps-- wood-mounted, clear, all of it. And I like to look at my pretty stamps. So I arrange my current favorites on a little display case above my shelf. They just make me happy!

I hoard tapes: washi, paper, sticker, gaffer, book, canvas, you name it! And yeah I have near a hundred rolls that I lovingly show off in this ribbon holder.

But let's face it... I don't like to have to rearrange every time I want a roll because well, not every roll can be placed at the end. So, just like stamps, I keep the ones that I'm using a lot at a moment on a paper towel holder...much easier to tackle.

I keep most embellishments in these media boxes I buy at Ikea.

Paper goes to repurposed used priority mail boxes. When I get a chance, I like to pretty up these boxes with scrap papers, fabric, etc. This one is still in the waiting...

Recently I've been thinking a lot about making an inspiration board. However, I have a fear of cluttering it up all too quickly, but I still want the little things I love pinned up in some sort of a display. I also want to keep it small. So I used a vintage ticket holder... mine's not vintage, but you get the idea ;)

Well. that's it for now... hope you enjoyed!

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Summer Challenge...

Wilna Furstenberg here! I hope you are having an awesome summer so far! Today i have a fun challenge for you! I created this pinterest board full of summer inspiration and my challenge to all of us is to create a page from it. Here's a peek:

Screen Shot 2012-07-22 at 5.17.22 PM


this is my page. I created a shilouette cameo file from one of the quotes: (And i was planning to shre it with you but my hard drive crashed). I used the new Woodland Park collection:

Lay in the sun


Roree also used this pinterest board as inspiration and this is what she wrote: I was inspired by the beach theme of some of the pins on your board, and it made me want to create a layout about one of our trips to the beach.  I used Midway papers, along with embellishments from Woodland Park, Sidewalks, and Boarding Pass.

Roree-OA Jul12-Jul 23 Challenge-picture perfect 2

Roree-OA Jul12-Jul 23 Challenge-picture perfect closeup1 2


If you get a chance to create for the challenge, don't forget to post your project in the OA Flickr group. We can't wait to see your interpretation.


Wilna and Roree

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Tuesday Tutorial--creating confetti pockets with journal tags

Good morning, Danni here with you with today's Tuesday tutorial.  I love creating confetti pockets for my projects as you may have seen in my recent projects.  Today, I would like to answer some of your questions and share with you how to create these pockets with your journaling tags and some clear bags.



Here are some recent projects with the pockets


3 card



Midway tag danni reid



and some pockets from my recent Woodlank Park mini album


Woodland park play album danni reid

Woodland park album page 5 danni reid



The pockets are really fun and you can fill them with anything you'd like, so let's get started

(click pics to enlarge if need be)



OA Woodland Park Journal Tags Danni Reid


OA Woodland Park Journal Tags step 2 Danni Reid



OA Woodland Park Journal Tags step 3 Danni Reid



OA Woodland Park Journal Tags step 4 Danni Reid



OA Woodland Park Journal Tags step 5 Danni Reid


We'd love to see what kind of pockets you'll create with your journal tags. If you get a chance to play along, don't forget to post your pockets in the OA Flickr group.


happy creating?


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Tuesday Tutorial: Masking with Sticky Keys

I don't know about you, but I (Vivian) always have random letters left after I've used a set of alphabet stickers a few times. While I sometimes combine alphabet stickers from multiple sets for a fun and whimsical look, I'm trying to think outside of the box when it comes to leftover alphabet stickers. Enter today's tutorial: masking with Sticky Keys. Today I'm going to show you how I used Sticky Keys to create a confetti effect on a layout.

1. Start with a set of Sticky Keys (these are from the Woodland Park collection):

Woodland Park Sticky Keys

2. Choose leftover letters. You'd also probably be fine (depending upon what the names are in your family) using Js, Xs, Qs, and Zs from a new set of Sticky Keys. Stick them to a piece of white cardstock where you want the confetti bits to be. I knew I was going to use a piece of 8" x 8" patterned paper as a photo/journaling mat so I placed that on top of the cardstock to help me figure out where to put the Sticky Keys:

Tutorial Photo 1

3. Remove patterned paper, photo, etc., leaving just the Sticky Keys:

Tutorial Photo 2

4. Using a Sprinkler (here I used the Strawberry Creme Sprinkler from the 5 & Dime collection), mist over the Sticky Keys:

Tutorial Photo 3

5. When dry, remove Sticky Keys (detail shot of top section of cardstock):

Tutorial Photo 4
6. Assemble layout. I added a few small Designer Brads in the center of the masked spaces - and two larger brads outside the masked pattern - to create the confetti effect I was after:


Here's a detail shot of the top section of the layout:

Layout Detail

While I used this technique to create confetti, it can also be used to create polka dots, shapes, etc. - there really is no limit! You can re-use the same Sticky Keys as masks on other projects as well, so this is really a very economical technique! :)

If you create any projects based on this tutorial, please share them in the October Afternoon Flickr gallery - we'd love to see your work!

Vivian Signature

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Thursday Sketch Challenge

Hey everyone!  Roree here with today's Thursday Sketch Challenge. I am back at it with another inspiration piece from Pinterest. Today's sketch was inspired by this image:


I was so in love with the grid of circles that I wanted to use one for the background of my sketch. Here it is:

Roree-OA Jul12-Jul 19 Sketch 2

Just a simple sketch with a fun background.

For this sketch, I put together a card using the Woodland Park collection. 

Roree-OA Jul12-Jul 19 Sketch-the only perfect life 2

I created a grid of stitched circles. Then, I added smaller patterned paper circles within each one.

Roree-OA Jul12-Jul 19 Sketch-the only perfect life closeup 2

I created a cluster with Label, Word, and Shape Stickers along with a couple of brads from the Designer Brad pack.

The colors in this collection are so gorgeous. I think I found a new favorite!

Mou played along with the sketch this week and created this beautiful card:


She also used the Woodland Park collection and put together a lovely mix of the gorgeous papers in this collection.

I hope you enjoyed today's inspiration sketch.  If you get a chance to play along, don't forget to post your project in the OA Flickr group.  I can't wait to see how you interpret it!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Tuesday Tutorial: Album Pockets

Hi all! Among my favorite new items from October Afternoon are the Here & Now books and Here & Now chapters, both of which I used to create this mini-album: 

The Here & Now books come with a lot -- and I mean, a lot -- of lined paper, making them a journaling-happy scrapbooker's dream.

Blank Book
However, in creating this mini, I decided not to use the paper for journaling alone, but rather, as a basis for creating page pockets, in conjunction with pages from the Here & Now chapters. Here is the approach I took: 

Step One:  Cut a few selected sheets from the Here & Now papers in half. I used six sheets for my mini-album from the Cakewalk and Woodland Park lines, selecting them for their designs on both sides of the paper. Cut 2

Step Two: Determine the orientation of the pockets based on which side the holes are on (I wanted pockets on both sides of the page, so I had three face one way, and three face the other way). Fold down the tops of each sheet, approximately 1/4" - 1/2" in width. I used a bone folder to smooth the crease. Fold
Step Three:  Sew across each folded section. Have fun with straight stitches and zig-zag stitches. Sew 1

Step Four: Determine the pairings of the cards, placing one of the front of a page, and another on the back. Then sew around the sides and bottom, forming the pocket.  Trim the extra thread. Sew 2

Step Five: Assemble the album.  I alternated my pocket pages with pages from the Here & Now chapters.

2 3

As for the cover, I squeezed a few globs of pink and red paint on it, and with a large paintbrush, I smoothed the paint over the cover. 

Cover detailBack cover

I'll be using this mini-album to document some of our summer escapades.  

Thanks for stopping by today!  

ETA: If you're looking for sneaks from CHA, be sure to check out the design team's blogs.  We'll start sharing some of our projects beginning today! 

-- Jill 

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Monday challenge: It's All About Colors!

Hi everyone, Mou here with today's challenge which is all about colors!

Image from Design Seeds via Pinterest

I have with me the very talented Amy Heller who created this...


And this is what Amy says, "I instantly loved Mou's choice for her color challenge. The palette is just gorgeous and perfect for using Cakewalk and/ or Woodland Park. I decided to create a page using a combination of the two, using the yellows and creams from Cakewalk and the beautiful pink-oranges and rich greens from Woodland Park. The two collections work beautifully together and I'm really loving the result. "

And let me share with you my take! When I saw this color palette, my first thought was October Afternoon Cakewalk! I liked the way the colors are presented in stacked bands on this color card. and thought the Sugar Stix paper would be just right. Plus it had a built-in focal point in the form of the star. I cut the star out with craft knife and placed my photo from the back of the paper like you'd place a photo in a frame.


Then I layered elements from the Cakewalk Flower Sack, Doo-Dads, Tin Pin, Little Flyers,Alpha and Mini Market stickers around the photo and journaled on the 'Celebrate' journal card.

You can take this challenge too and when you do, please upload your creations to the October Afternoon Flickr gallery for us to see and be inspired! Have fun!

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Thursday Sketch...

Good Morning! It's Becky here today with a sketch to inspire you (hopefully!)

July 12 OA sketch
Here is Wilna's take on the sketch-

What makes you beautiful-7
I adore it! Her use of the washi tape and title placement is SO great! Thanks Wilna!

I changed it up to an 8.5x11 version-

Both of our layouts feature Tidbits and Doodads embellishments. Very fun stuff!

Please share your projects inspired by this sketch on the OA Flickr Group.



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Woodland Park BLOG HOP


Summer is upon us here in the northern hemisphere. Flowers are in bloom, the air is warm and fresh, and it's time to enjoy the great outdoors. October Afternoon’s new collection, Woodland Park brings you the colors, texture and pattern of those pleasant blue-skied days. Eclectic in style, cheerful and soothing in color, this happy line is the perfect canvas to preserve special memories of warm summer days.

Perfect for all types of paper crafting, Woodland Park is ideal for customers looking for a stylish collection of scrapbooking product! Woodland Park's cheerful summer imagery fills all the beautiful papers, embellishments, and ephemera in this stylish collection.  Whether you love to relax in a hammock to gaze at a cloud-whisped sky, or prefer tending to a lush garden during the warm summer months, this collection has something for everyone!

Product # PP782
PP782 -
Cat Tail Pond

Product # PP783
PP783 -
Bunny Tail Trail

Product # PP784
PP784 -
Crab Apple Orchard

Product # PP785
PP785 -
Magpie Field
Product # PP786
PP786 -
Rose Garden
Product # PP787
PP787 -
Willow Path
Product # PP788
PP788 -
Blue Sky
Product # PP789
PP789 -
Minnow Creek
Product # PP790
PP790 -
Gooseberry Falls
Product # PP791
PP791 -
Birch Hollow
Product # PP792
PP792 -
Olde Mill Bridge
Product # PP793
PP793 -
Huckleberry Hill
Product # CB840
CB840 -
Printed Chip Shapes
Product # SS430
SS430 -
12x12 Shape Stickers
Product # CB841
CB841 -
Printed Chip Shapes
Product # SS431
SS431 -
Word Stickers
Product # DC160
DC160 -
Product # SS432
SS432 -
Label Stickers
Product # SS433
SS433 -
Mini Market Stickers
Product # SS429
SS429 -
12x12 Alpha Stickers
Product # SS296
SS296 -
Sticky Keys
Product # DC161
DC161 -
Journal Cards
Product # EM887
EM887 -
Flower Sack
Product # EM885
EM885 -
Little Flyers
Product # EM883
EM883 -
Tin Pins
Product # EM884
EM884 -
Product # EM890
EM890 -
Designer Brads
Product # DC176
DC176 -
Product # DC174
DC174 -
Here & Now Chapter
Product # DC175
DC175 -
Product # SI980
SI980 -
(set of three)
Product # ST390
ST390 -
Rubber Stamp Set
Product # ST391
ST391 -
Rubber Stamp Set
Product # EM888
EM888 -
Washi Tape
Product # EM889
EM889 -
Washi Tape
Product # EM886
EM886 -
Wrap Pack
Product # PP794
PP794 -
8x8 Paper Pad
Product # PP781
PP781 -
Collection Kit

We want to know your thoughts on Woodland Park! Simply leave us a comment here telling us what you love best about Woodland Park, and we will enter you into our grand prize drawing for a Woodland Park Collection Kit.  Comments will be left open until Monday, July 16th.

Now, let's hop on over to our some of our design team's blogs and see what they have done with this line and for more opportunities to win Woodland Park products.

Order of Blog Hop:

October Afternoon  - you are here
Lexi Bridges
Danni Reid
Jill Sprott
Amy Heller
Wilna Furstenberg

Thanks for participating and good luck!

October Afternoon

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Pamphlet Stitch Mini Book Tutorial

Hi everyone... Marcy here with a little tutorial for you today.

After scrapbooking I'd say my favorite craft would be bookbinding.  Over the last couple of years I've explored various bindings and I thought I'd share a really simple one with you all today.

I love making little booklets, but sometimes I don't want a row of staples down the middle. That's where the pamphlet stitch comes in.

For this you'll need the following:

- cardstock for your cover

- copy paper or cardstock for your inner pages

- a tapesty needle (or a large-eyed needle at the very least)

- awl (or thumbtack, or something to make your holes)

- bookbinding thread or embroidery thread

- paraffin wax if you're using embroidery thread (optional)

- graph paper

- any embellishments you want

This is what we'll be making...

Pamphlet stitch tutorial-17

Here's what I pulled to embellish my booklet/mini book, along with the other supplies:

- Cakewalk Doo-Dads

- Cakewalk Flower Sack

- Cakewalk Brads (not shown)

I wanted to keep it pretty simple.

Pamphlet stitch tutorial

After you pull all your supplies you'll want to fold a piece of cardstock for your cover.  I trimmed mine to card size.

Pamphlet stitch tutorial-2

Now you can decorate your cover.  I wanted a star on the top with the Photos Enclosed tag underneath.  To add a little interest I layered a graph paper star under the star from the Doo-Dads package and layered multiple banners under the Photos Enclosed tag.

Pamphlet stitch tutorial-3

I also added a little stitching before adding the "3" brad from the Cakewalk collection.

Pamphlet stitch tutorial-5

Pamphlet stitch tutorial-4

So, now, however you decided to decorate your cover.... here's where the binding comes in.

First, you'll want to trim your interior pages to fit.

Pamphlet stitch tutorial-6

Now gather all your other supplies.  This will be a phone book, graph paper, a pen, an awl (or something else you can poke holes with) and bookbinding thread or embroidery thread.

Pamphlet stitch tutorial-7

Trim your graph paper to be the same height as your booklet.  Fold it in half.  Now, down the center make the marks for your holes.  I usually start by placing one near the top, one near the bottom and then spacing 3 - 4 holes in between those.  You will use this as a guide to make the holes for your binding.

Pamphlet stitch tutorial-8

Put your booklet together and place it in the opening of your phonebook.  Place the graph paper in the middle of your booklet.  Make sure everything is straight.

Pamphlet stitch tutorial-9

Take your awl (or whatever you're going to use to poke holes) and poke holes through each of your dots on the graph paper so that they pierce all the layers of your booklet.

Pamphlet stitch tutorial-10

At this point you're done with the graph paper and you should have a booklet that's ready for binding.

Now you'll need your bookbinding thread or embroidery thread and a needle.  Bookbinding thread has a layer of wax on it that makes the binding process go smoothly and avoid knotting. You can do this binding totally fine with embroidery thread or you can run your embroidery thread over a block of paraffin wax and get a similar effect.

So, here's what your booklet should look like from the side.

Pamphlet stitch tutorial-11

Thread your needle with a piece of thread that's about twice the height of your book.  Start on the inside and go through the bottom hole to the outside and then up to the top hole and back in.  It should look like this from the outside.  (You'll just want a little tail long enough to tie at the bottom).

Pamphlet stitch tutorial-12

Take your needle and go out the next hole down (hole #2).  Now you're back on the outside.

Pamphlet stitch tutorial-13

Now you're on the outside and you'll want to hop over the thread that's lying across the spine and go back down the hole you just came out of... like this...

Pamphlet stitch tutorial-14

Now you're on the inside again and you'll want to repeat this for every hole until you get to the bottom.  When you're done just tie your string into a knot and trim it off.

Pamphlet stitch tutorial-15

And here's what your booklet should look like from the side.  Cute right?

Pamphlet stitch tutorial-16

Thanks for joining me today.  I hope this will help you think outside the box when you're making booklets or notebooks.... and serious bonus points to you if you stuck through all my rambling!

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Monday Challenge--Inspiration from sewing projects

Good morning, Danni here with today's Monday challenge.  I find lots of inspiration for cards and layouts alike, in a lot of sewing projects.  Sometimes it's the colors in the projects that inspire me, sometimes the stitching or design and sometimes it's the focal.  


Today's challenge is to create a layout, card or tags that are inspired by the inspiration below


Oa challenge tid bits

source: Bird Pillow


Here's the story card by Danni

Here's the story danni reid

I was inspired by the overall pillow design and the stitched birds against the white.  I was really excited to find these cute circles and journaling pieces in the Cakewalk Tidbits and Doodads, they are perfect to embellish cards and layouts alike.


Here's the story details danni reid


And joining me today is Jill with her amazing layout inspired by the pillow


Our music layout by jill

Oa challenge tid bits jill


Here's what Jill had to say:

Danni's challenge not only inspired me to go crazy with color, but it also pushed me to create a two-pager, something I haven't done in a long time!
When I first saw the inspiration piece for this challenge, the vibrant colors stood out to me immediately. The idea of repeating the same shape in different colors prompted me to create a layout featuring die-cut cassette tapes repeated multiple times on the page.



Oa challenge tid bits jill details


The cassette tapes that come in the Cakewalk Doo-Dads keep company with a few that I cut out using a die-cut machine and pieced together using various patterned papers from the Cakewalk line. On the opposite page, I wrote about my family's musical tastes, topping the journaling blocks with index tabs from the Cakewalk Tidbits.


Oa challenge tid bits jill details 2


Amazing right?  I absolutely love this layout!!


I hope you enjoyed today's sewing inspiration.  If you get a chance to create for the challenge, don't forget to post your project in the OA Flickr group. We can't wait to see your interpretation.


Thanks for visiting us.

Happy Creating?

Danni & Jill

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Thursday Sketch Challenge

Hey everyone!  Roree here with today's Thursday Sketch Challenge.  From past sketch challenges, you know that I like to create sketches based on inspiring images I find on Pinterest.  Today's sketch is now exception.  While searching through my pinterest board, I found this fun image.

Roree-OA Jul12-Jul 5 Sketch Inspiration

Don't your just love the speech bubbles?!!  So fun!  

So I created this sketch from that image.

Roree-OA Jul12-Jul 5 Sketch

I probably didn't even need to actually make up a sketch, because the image is so straight-forward.  But I did anyway just in case people work better with an actual sketch.  I translated the sketch from the image literally, because there wasn't one thing I thought needed to be changed.  So thanks to the person who put together that awesome image.  I take no credit at for coming up with the design.

For this sketch, I put together this fun birthday card using the Cakewalk collection. 

Roree-OA Jul12-Jul 5 Sketch-happy birthday 2u 2

I created the base using a page from the Here & Now "Play" Book.  These pages are just the right size for cards.  They are 5 x 7" but can easily be cut down if you prefer a smaller size. I used a mix of die-cuts in place of the speech bubbles and popped up diecuts and stickers in the centers to highlight the images.

Roree-OA Jul12-Jul 5 Sketch-happy birthday 2u closeup 2

This collection is so happy, don't you think?

Lexi played along with the sketch this week and came up with two gorgeous projects.  Here is what she had to say:

"I really loved the sketch Roree came up with and the inspiration piece behind it.


I interpreted it pretty literal and used my Cameo to cut out overlapping different shaped thought bubbles. The journaling was typed on a Here & Now Chapter insert from Cakewalk and backed two of the bubbles.


A few of the bubbles were misted and filled with embellies and the biggest cut out shows the photo behind the story.


Using the same cut out I played around with the cover of a Here & Now book.


Love that these covers can be altered so many different ways. Using the sketch and the idea that kids really do say some funny things I decided this might be a perfect place to jot down some of their funny quotes.



I had fun with the Miss Mary Mack sprinkler and Cakewalk background stamp."

Aren't Lexi's projects awesome?!  I love everything about them!!!

I hope you enjoyed today's inspiration sketch.  If you get a chance to play along, don't forget to post your project in the OA Flickr group.  I can't wait to see how you interpret it!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Tuesday Tutorial | Printing on Here & Now Album Pages

Hi OA fans! It's Amy here with you today on a easy and effective way of printing on your album pages that come with your Here & Now album and Chapter Insert pages.OA_CW_DC171_iA
I have big plans with these adorable albums. I plan to create one for each of my kids and create a birthday album with just one favorite photo from each of their birthdays inside along with a page or two of journaling about their special day. I will go through their current birthday, then continue to add pages to it over the years, so by they time they are 18, they'll have a full documentation of all their birthdays in one album.

JournalPagesThe idea of handwriting everything I want to write seems a bit daunting to me, plus I want to make sure that 9 years down the road that the look is still clean and consistent, so I want to print my journaling in my album. There are a couple different ways to do this.

First, because the pages are 5x7", I can easily feed each individual page through the photo paper feed in my printer for that size and simply type everything up in my word processing program, measuring how much to indent for margins. This works for many of the pages that are simple grids, and lined pages. But what do you do about the pages that have artwork on them, and are diecut and may not feed properly through the photo paper slot? I know my printer can be finicky if it detects something is "off" in size or shape of the paper. I certainly don't want to take a chance that my adorable paper is ruined by chance. So, I'm going to take extra care by taking a few more steps.

To do this, you will need a scanner, nothing fancy, just one that will scan at the exact size of your image. I'm going to scan my image into my computer, making sure that you crop your image to size, this will eliminate scan time and the size of your file.


Next, import or place your file into your preferred software. This can be a word processing software, a photo editing software that allows you to add text on a separate layer, or page layout program. Just make sure you place your image somewhere on your 8.5"x11" document where you will have enough room to tape down your original page on top of the print out.


Next, because these pages sometimes have artwork that will require that you write your text around an image, you may have to re-define your default margins. I like to set up my own margins so I can visually see where I need to keep my text within. (I am using Adobe Illustrator for this demonstration).
4_TypeNext, begin typing your text. Play around with your font choices, sizes and line spacing now, because you don't want to print out on your actual page, and not like how it looks. Print it out a couple of times if you need to.SidebySideBeforePrinting

Next up we are going to print out a full version with the typing that we just placed on top of our image. With the scanned image still in place, print out the page. Above (left) is my print out of my scanned page, along with my typed journaling. You'll noticed I highlighted a typo, I'm glad I caught it then! Above (right) is my actual page that I am going to print on next.

Take the actual page, and using a small piece of washi tape (which I LOVE for this, because it comes off so easily and without residue, just make sure to do it slowly), and adhere your page DIRECTLY on top of the printed image. It needs to be perfectly aligned with your print out.5_DeleteBackground
Go back to your computer and DELETE the scanned image under your text. I've learned the hard way many a-time, that if you don't do this, your print out will come out very funny, because it is printing your image on top of your original piece and that is not what you want (it's only to be used as a guide for your typing.OutofPrinterMaking sure that you have your paper in the correct way in your printer, send your paper through the printer. It should come out perfectly (above and below, right), the exact same way your print did (below, left).

SidebySideGently remove your washi tape, and you are good to go!Finished

Now I'm ready to write up the other 5 journaling pages for my son's book then insert 5x7 photos and we'll have a mini album together in no-time!

I hope you enjoyed learning how to use your computer to write your journaling on these fun Here and Now page inserts! Thank you so much for joining me today! I hope you have a wonderful week!

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Monday challenge--Here and Now pages

Good morning. 

Danni here with today's new Monday challenge: use your "Here and Now" album pages in a non-mini album project.  I love the new mini albums, but there are times where you won't use every single page for an album.  We hope to provide you some inspiration for the use of your extra Here and Now pages or inspiration if you don't normally create mini albums.


Oa here and now


Joining me today is Vivian and here is her awesome layout.


  Vivian dude


How cool is that "dude"?  I love this page and such a brilliant way to use those conversation bubbles!


Here's what Vivian had to say:

The Cakewalk Here and Now Chapter Book page filled with speech bubbles actually sparked the idea for this layout about how "dude" is a word my son uses often (very often!). By repeating the word over and over with different letter stickers I was able to get my point across visually with a vibrant graphic element that supports my story. A second page from the Cakewalk Here and Now Chapter Book serves as a large journaling card at the top of the layout.


Vivian dude details



I chose to create gift card/cash gift pockets with some of the pages from my "Here and Now" album.  I scored the pages at 3 1/2" and began stitching, trimming, and layering them with the fun embellies from the Cakewalk line.



1 cards





With two of the album pages, I decided to create a clear confetti pocket and fill it with OA embellies before stitching closed.  It feels like a party in a bag and the little tid bits can move around



8 card



12 card



9 card


After stitching the chipboard balloon, I tucked it into the pocket also before stitching closed.  Once the pockets were stitched closed, I adhered the tin pin to the front of the pocket.


11 card



5 card


Some of the pockets open from the side too because of pre-printed patterns on the pages.


9 card details



5 card details



10 card


1 cards 1



12 card details



7 card



13 card


We can't wait to see what you'll create with your pages.

Thanks for visiting us today!

Happy Creating?

Danni & Vivian

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