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McKay came home Monday night because she was "missing" her family. She called and at first I thought something must be wrong. I kept asking..." are you okay?" She kept saying she was fine. When she got home that night, she just really wanted to be with the family. My boys were overjoyed to see their big sister. They are very close and they look up to their big sister. 

It makes my heart SWELL knowing that she wanted to see us. She needed a little break and to "come home."  She spent the night since she did not have classes on Tuesday. We decided to run errands, shop a little at the mall, and have a "healthy" lunch at Subway.  We had some deep and meaningful conversations. She "gets it" now. She realizes how and why we are stricter parents...why we tend to have "more" rules and "academic" expectations for our kids. Today she thanked us for guiding her and raising our family to be close to each other. McKay said she "loves that we are so close." I just felt so happy that she is only 18 years old and she cherishes what really matters most in life. 

We decided to stop at the Dollar Tree (a new store by our house). These stores suck you in... I really love these type of stores. You look at everything for a dollar and instantly I am sucked in. I have to have it. ha!

So this is what we got...

We decided to celebrate Halloween a day early together. She loves glasses and wanted us to have mustaches. We are silly together and yes, it's FUN memories. She went back to school and I have these "GREAT" photos to remember our crazy fun day together. We decided to celebrate together. 
Happy Happy Halloween... now go takes lots of photos and be SAFE.

I am praying for everyone dealing with the horrible storms and Hurricane Sandy.  I am watching the news and constantly thinking and praying for everyone. It's times like these that we are reminded of how fragile life truly is. 

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Perfect Paper Pumpkins- it really is EASY!

I cannot take credit for these cute paper pumpkins. These pumpkins were created and designed by TC Dye. I did my show today on creating these paper pumpkins on

Here are the instructions that TC did for you to recreate your own:

Fall Paper Pumpkins

Fall is my favorite season so the earlier I can pull out the decorations the better. I have had some orange paper just waiting to have some crafting done to it and here are the results- some cute 3-d paper pumpkins.

The solid paper you see is actually a smaller pumpkin nestled inside the larger one . Now I have done both but I really love making just ONE pumpkin with NO Center Pumpkin.   I like to use other fall products or creating my large pumpkin I used Teresa Collins BLESSED Bingo Card.

Want to make some?

Here's what you need:

paper cutter

hole punch

glue gun

patterned and solid paper- Vintage Finds Teresa Collins


Cut your paper into 1/2 inch strips

Large pumpkin patterned paper is 8 inches and the inside solid is 7 inches.

Small pumpkin patterned paper is 6 inches and inside solid is 5 1/2 inches (about 14 strips each of patterned paper and solid.) 

You can get very creative with ONE Pumpkin no center and change up sizes for all your Pumpkin Décor.

Punch a hole in each side of the strips. Watch the video on My Craft Channel today to watch how this is done.

Put your brad through the hole of one side of your solid and one side of the patterned paper. Then lay the solid on top of the pattern and put one brad hooking them both together. Starting with the solid pumpkin, start spreading the strips out to make (form) a ball. Then spread the pattern paper open around it.

For the stem take a little scrap of green paper and swirl it up then attach it to the brad with hot glue.
Decorate with some cute wire or some leaves or a fall saying or the die cut words. These would make great ornaments if you used Christmas Cottage paper or string them up for a little garland. (instructions: TC Dye)

 I am home from Arizona and taking the day to re-coup... photos from my trip tomorrow. Have a great Monday!



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Frozen Hot Chocolate anyone?

I am loving it here in "warm" Arizona. I saw that Gentry is busy having fun in Utah. College life is always fun. She did this last night-


Date night with Devan and friends... they made Frozen Hot Chocolate. Have you had it????

This is where she found the recipe and the information. Try it... it's amazing!!!!! (link to blog and information below- total credit to MamaFoodie)

Frozen Hot Chocolate

Posted by MamaFoodie, on February 16, 2010

I blame Survivor.

It is all your fault, Survivor!

It is your fault every channel I surf to has shows about a club that only bad girls can join, women trying to win the heart of a man living in his mother’s basement, & teenagers with big egos, big drama, and even bigger bank accounts.

I’m not sure if this should be termed Reality. Maybe Surreality? Or Oddiality?

What happened to normal TV?

Luckily, my family recorded every episode of The Cosby Show on our handy dandy VHS recorder. Strange? Maybe. Awesome? Totally.

I watch the Huxtables, and think to myself – how totally normal they were & how that to me is my reality TV. Reality that includes a family laughing and learning together.

No one gets voted out. No one wins a million dollars.

Everyone gets to stay! And everyone wins dessert!

My Frozen Hot Chocolate may be even better than a million dollars.

Well, maybe not. But close!

The restaurant Serendipity 3 has made frozen hot chocolate an art.

They are famous for it. A New York City institution. So famous- they now have a location at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

This was my first visit to Serendipity 3. This was my first frozen hot chocolate.

I have to admit… I am not extremely fond of chocolate.

Revoke my woman card, now!

I like tastes of chocolate… but ask me to finish off a big piece of chocolate cake (or even a small piece)- and I may run away. Fast.

Me + Chocolate =  Acquaintances

Serendipity’s super chocolaty treat was a little too chocolaty for me.

My version has a secret… a secret that makes a BIG difference.

White Chocolate.

Here’s what we need:

  1. Sugar
  2. Butter
  3. Semi-Sweet Chocolate
  4. White Chocolate
  5. Evaporated Milk
  6. Homemade Whipped Cream (or store bought… you choose)

AND your favorite instant hot chocolate mix. I used good ol’ Swiss Miss because it is what I had.

Bring a saucepan of boiling water to a low boil. I improvised a double boiler by placing a stainless steel bowl over the top of my saucepan.

Into the double boiler- add your butter, sugar, & cocoa mix. Melt, mixing often.

Next add in the chocolate chips. Stir until the mixture turns into a melty, chocolaty paste.

Last add in ½ cup of the evaporated milk. Reserve the rest of the can for later. Combine.

This is your finished chocolate base syrup.

Resist the temptation to stop making frozen hot chocolates and eat this right out of the bowl. I know it is hard. You can do it!

Set aside and let cool to room temperature.

Get out the blender your aunt got you for your wedding.

Dust off the cobwebs.

Toss in some ice.

Add the chocolate base syrup & the reserved evaporated milk.

I divided mine into 2 batches. Blenders just work better with smaller quantities.

In my house, the noise of a blender has a way of attracting small children.

I thought ahead and put 2 glasses in my freezer earlier.

Frosty glasses make me feel extra special.

Chop up some of your leftover chocolate chips if you are feeling fancy.

Spoon the frozen hot chocolate into the glass… top with whipped cream… shower with chocolate chip bits.

Frozen Hot Chocolate definitely calls for a bendy straw. And a spoon.

An afternoon treat. 2 happy boys. Could it get any better?

Maybe with marshmallows?



Recipe:             Click here for printable recipe


  • 3 tablespoons granulated sugar
  • 3 tablespoons (1 packet) hot cocoa mix
  • 2 tablespoons unsalted butter
  • 1/3 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 1/3 cup white chocolate chips
  • 1 can (12 oz) evaporated milk, divided
  • 4½ cups ice cubes
  • whipped cream
  • mini marshmallows, optional


Combine sugar, cocoa mix, and butter in top of double boiler that is set over gently boiling water. Stir often until melted and smooth paste forms. Add semi-sweet & white chocolate chips; stir. When chips begin to melt, slowly stir in 1/2 cup evaporated milk. Stir until smooth and velvety. Cool to room temperature.

Combine chocolate base mixture, remaining evaporated milk and ice in blender (in batches, if necessary); cover. Blend until smooth. Pour into individual glasses. Top each with whipped cream. Sprinkle with additional chopped chocolate chips & mini marshmallows, if desired. Serve with a straw and spoon.


Click here for printable recipe

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Headed to ARIZONA today...

I am so excited. I leave in about 30 minutes to fly to Arizona with my son Zach. He is playing in the USA Team Baseball tournament in Peoria. I have to say that this time with my new "15" year old son is something I have looked forward to. I am leaving snow here in Utah. It has been colder and snowing. Yes, I think we are in for a long cold Winter season. 

I wanted to share something that I love... it was designed by my friend Julie. I hope you love it... I'm headed to the airport. If you are on Instagram or facebook... you will be able to follow my trip- teresacollinsdesigns on instagram. I am working on a album with all my instagram photos. 


I am so thankful for photos that help me remember all the good times and as a way to keep up with my family and friends. I am super thankful for the next few days to be with my baseball loving son. My heart is FULL... I have been weepy, and emotional in a good way.

 Thank you Taylor for being the best big sister and making this weekend so fun for little Ty this weekend. I have so much family support and I love how close we are. I could never travel and do what I do without the most amazing love and support from Ty and the kids. We work as a team.

Did I mention I am going to try to visit the scrapbook stores in Arizona that are close to me as I am in Arizona? Yes, I want to try to visit the stores and thank all of them that support me personally. If you are a store and near Peoria PLEASE email me. I will try to stop by and say hello.

Now for a little inspiration....Julie Jacob made this beautiful card with my new release NOW & THEN and TC Stampmaker and if you want to see more of her project you can visit her blog here!




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Countdown.... December Binder Album

I am balancing one crazy fun week in our family and with work obligations. I decided to share a beautiful project by Stacy on my design team. I hope you enjoy her project as much as I do-

Christmas Countdown Kit by:Stacy Rodriguez

"I'm super excited to start filling in my Christmas Countdown this year.  I fell in love with the Christmas Cottage line along with all of the goodies and die cuts in the kit, mixed the two together and came up with a fabulous way to document this December.  This is my very first Christmas Countdown I have ever created.  Inside of this album there are 25 pages all different sizes and shapes.  Through this album there are plenty of pockets for photos and tons of journaling spots.
I love a very think mini and this one nails it!  It is 3 1/2" thick :)  I used binder rings to hold this together.  On the binder rings I have tied on lots of ribbon and embellished with lots of goodies from Teresa's previous blingage line.  I must say the combo of the kit with all of the paper and embellishments from Christmas Cottage makes this project so easy to create.

Thank you so much for sharing this project. She is all ready to simply add her photos and journaling for her December Countdown. 

Have a wonderful Day!!!!!


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Great memories..... Halloween Glitter Pumpkins

This past weekend I drove to Idaho Falls, Idaho. It was just a really MUCH needed peaceful drive and I really enjoyed the time to contemplate and think about things that I need to ponder about. I knew I was supposed to go to the event the instant that I was invited. 

The day I arrived I went to Rexburg, Idaho to visit the Porter's Craft and Frame store. I met the nicest group of women. They kept thanking me for coming to see them and teaching. I was the one that needed to thank them!!!!


This is the stores display of my products. I really love the cones with the Christmas Cottage and Now & Then papers.


I know I often talk about the women that I get the pleasure to met. I was truly lifted by these women and their sweetness. I was able to spend two great hours talking and chatting with these girls.



I brought lots of projects to show and share while I was there.


I guess you could say I'm a talker... I loved being able to visit with with these beautiful girls.


Thanks to Candace and Ammie for making this night happen. We had a great night and then went to a much needed girls dinner together. 


I visited Porters second location in Idaho Falls too. We had a great turn out. THANK YOU GIRLS!!!!


You are never too young to craft. She was loving the PINK TC Mega Runner (Xyron). Yes, this cutie is only seven years old.


I love meeting my facebook friends- I really enjoyed meeting her. She inspired me and she will know why. I loved that she brought her darling kids too.


At the event I met Mike and Liza with KLCE radio. They are the radio stations deejay celebrities. They were super nice!!!!!

I really enjoyed my time with everyone that I met. I honestly felt like I made new friends this weekend.


I am thankful that I got invited to come to this expo. The staff and coordinator Jay Dye was SUPER wonderful. I was impressed with this event. It really was geared for women. I enjoyed being able to talk, teach and have lunch each day with some of the nicest girls. I loved that I had the time to really talk to the girls there. 


This is Charlene and I had met her before at a Provo Craft meet up. I love that she was there with her daughter. They took my workshop and I really enjoyed talking to them. 


I look at this photo with some "fond" and special memories. I actually had a woman in the class (not pictured) that was "not a scrapbooker." I shared from my heart and talked about "why" it's important and it matters. I really hope that I was able to inspire her and everyone there to "tell their own story." I really enjoyed the workshops and the girls who shared so much with me. 

I had the pleasure to go to dinner with a couple of the girls from the event. I am convinced that I am a better person from the hours that I spent with them. I need to thank Candace for being the most helpful and amazing "sidekick." I am really thankful for her friendship and she coordinated all the details for this fabulous weekend. I got to met her beautiful family and friends and it really meant so much to me. I will forever be grateful for our heartfelt conversations about some "deep issues" this weekend. 

Now... today on My Craft Channel I shared how I love to create and make GLITTER PUMPKINS-


(my craft channel show- teresa collins show)


I had so much fun adding glitter to my pumpkins. 

Today's show is how to create your own GLITTER PUMPKINS. I am loving my pumpkins that are on my front porch.
Teresa Collins Designs Show:
Glitter Pumpkins

Watch it and learn how to take a regular pumpkin and transform into GLITTER PUMPKINS.
Okay... now time to help my son with homework. Have a great night!



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This is the plan.... 2012

I was up very early this morning. I took taking Zach to the DMV to get his learners permit. We were the first ones in line. It was still dark outside.

He PASSED!!!! Since he is 15 years old he can drive with Ty and I. I'm a little nervous about this. We just got home from a full hour of letting him drive with me. I am not a good coach. I was so nervous to let him drive. I let him drive me to his "sleeping friends" house and then to the convience store. He got to buy chocolate milk and donuts for him and his brother to celebrate. Oh, and it is UEA weekend. They don't have school for the next four days.


I have been traveling quite a bit and I think I have confused myself at times as to exactly when and where I am going. I wanted to do a post today for the remainder of my year and where you can find me teaching.

I am headed out in the next couple of hours for Idaho Falls, Idaho. I have my car completely packed and I'm ready to go. I am doing free make n takes tonight in Rexburg Idaho- Porters from 6:00- 8:00 pm and tomorrow night in Idaho Falls- Porters at 7:00 pm. 

I have been so busy and the three hour car ride will be a welcome "break" for my mind and pressing deadlines. I love road trips!!!! Ty and the boys decided to stay home and do "boy stuff." I'm excited to meet my girlfriend Candice in Idaho. 

I will be here on Friday and Saturday-

Screen shot 2012-10-08 at 4.11.54 PM
So excited to be speaking and teaching a large Tell Your Story Memory Keeper workshop. We will have a large booth with lots of TCD products and kits. Nick Nash my sales director and his beautiful wife will be there. Tickets are on sale now. I felt strongly that I needed to do this event.

Then next week- I am flying to Phoenix AZ with my son Zach. He is playing in a USA baseball tournament. It will be just the two of us. I cherish these trips with my kids. 


Then I have THREE back to back events- yes, three weekends in a row. I am teaching the SAME projects at all of the events.

This is where you can find me:

Friday and Saturday- November 2-3rd- Ever After Scrapbook in Carlsbad, CA-

Friday and Saturday- November 9-10th- Ben Franklin Stores in Washington- (Friday in MONROE WA, Saturday in BONNEY LAKE, WA) *teaching only Vintage Finds and Christmas Cottage Countdown


19505 Hwy 2, Monroe, WA 98272


21121 Hwy 410, Bonney Lake, WA 98391
Toll Free: 877-824-0288


Friday and Saturday- November 15-17th- Calgary CANADA- Bling it On Event with Scrapyard-

This is a LARGE event in Canada with other fabulous teachers!!!!

Then I am HOME until CHA in January. I am taking a break to focus on the holidays and family time.

These are the workshops again-

Vintage Finds Memory Keeper Binder Workshop

Create a 8.25" w x 9.5" white Binder Memory Keeper for your families memories. This project is HUGE and so many pages!!!

Vintage finds view 1
Vintage finds view 3
I'm kind of obsessed with flaps!!!!
Vintage finds view 4
Vintage finds view 5
Vintage finds view 6
Christmas Cottage Countdown Workshop

Create a large 6"w x 12" album with 26 pages to capture your holiday memories. So many possibilites to use as home decor or to use as a mini book.



The NOW & THEN workshop is all about flaps, dimension and creating a beautiful remembrance book. I love this workshop and am going to show how to create your own embellishments from chipboard and die cut elements. Learn how to use your die cut punches in a way that you will want to use them over and over. The project is packed full of the newest TC release. It is 5" wide x 10" h.

NOW & THEN COVER best photo
Now & Then workshop side view visual

Whew... that is a lot to share. I hope you will join me on one of the last workshops for 2012. Now... time to hit the road for Idaho. Have a great day!

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I'm going to South Africa...

TODAY I can finally announce that I will be traveling to South Africa in 2013 to teach workshops. Pinch me... this is a HUGE bucket list wish for me.

I could not be more excited to be asked to attend this life changing event. 

SA Scrapbook Convention is a premier scrapbook convention and is the largest of its kind on the African continent. The scrapbook enthusiasts come from all of South Africa: Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Nelspruit, Polokwane, East London and Port Elizabeth to name but a few. Many too, travel from surrounding countries namely Swaziland, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia and even as far a field as the United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil and Europe.

Screen shot 2012-10-15 at 10.14.58 PM

It has taken me a long time to finally be able to make it to this wonderful event. I have tried to work this amazing event into my schedule for some time. I had patience and waited for the right time. So 2013- my heart is full of gratitude and sincere joy to be ableto visit this beautiful country and people. This is going to be amazing! Thank you Glenda for inviting me and not giving up on me coming. I am truly honored.

 Watch this video if you want to see my new line NOW & THEN debuted. We just started to ship the line yesterday.

Screen shot 2012-10-15 at 10.41.26 AM

Okay... I hate freeze frames. Yes, such a awkward face here. ha! I just try to embrace these photos that are so unflattering.

So you can see the video details here:

Join Teresa today as she debuts the new Now & Then Collection. This mid-release collection is perfect for both girls and boys. She shares a mini books project and gives you a heads up that a contest is going to soon be announced. So stay tuned for more info in the next week or so... 


Now are more videos to watch if you want to learn how to truly use the TC Stampmaker. If you want to make your own stamps and want to learn how these videos will help you. I have to say I am really thankful for talented crafters like Tonya Gibbs. She was in my workshop this weekend at She Scrapbooks. She mentioned she had done some video tutorials with the TC Stampmaker. I quickly realized "who" she was and how we were amazed at her great videos. So I wanted to share them with you. 

Here is the link to Tonya's blog review and the videos are listed as well. I really enjoyed spending time with her at She Scrapbooks.

Screen shot 2012-10-15 at 6.44.33 PM

Screen shot 2012-10-15 at 6.44.46 PM

We have a monthly FREE download of stamp designs that YOU can simply print and create. I wanted to share this layout designed by Julie Jacob with the October download-


This line is using my Vintage Finds collection. I know I am biased but I LOVE everything about the feel and meaning in this collection. It is timeless, classic and is a line that I will cherish. She created the stamp- {I am thankful for} with the TC Stampmaker. 

This is a close up view of the stamp. Julie- I love your heartfelt projects. I am so thankful she is one of my design team leaders. 

I want to thank EACH of you that took the time to comment on my blog yesterday. I cherished the support and knowing that my post touched you in some way. It really makes it easier to open up and share. Sending lots of cyber hugs.

I am going to a big lunch meeting today with some of my friends at PROVO CRAFT. I am going with the CEO too! I share this with you because there is some big things ahead with TCD and Provo Craft. You will be seeing much more coming out soon with us. Yes, and it is MORE than just cartridges. I am thankful that it will be product that the independents- your local scrapbook stores can carry and support. I am thankful that we are working together to support the smaller stores. It's very important to me.

I will pack for Idaho tonight- yes, it's crazy busy and I am thankful for every single opportunity that I have been blessed to have. Have a fabulous day!!! 


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Remember- take more PHOTOS!!!!!!!

I have to start by saying this post is for my kids. I want them to know how much these photos meant to me. Yes, my blog is really a way for me to share my feelings and love for them. I know that I am lucky that they choose to read my blog. I also feel strongly that what I share is personal to me, but hopefully will help inspire others to take the time to preserve their own memories and how important it is. 

I was in Florida when Gentry send me a email with all of these photos. It was all of the photos that she took on Saturday at a football game with her, Devan (the best boyfriend), Zach, McKay and her friends. I first was amazed that she took so many photos. I realized that my "constant begging" for her to take lots of photos was heard. I realize that she "GOT IT." 

I saw the photos and I "FELT" the emotions, the joy, the FUN time that they had. She had captured a day of memories and "feelings" from taking the photos. I felt the emotions even without being with them.



I always tell those in my class that taking photos is IMPORTANT. You can't go back and "redo" the day and take those missed shots. 


This is Zach. He actually was getting annoyed with Gentry and the non-stop photo taking. What 15 year old boy really wants his photo taken? Not my son. I will cherish this time.

Homecoming game

To me... I see a photo of "siblings" that really love each other. Zach was so excited when McKay called him and invited him to the BYU football game. It was the blackout game. She had an extra ticket and Zach was super excited. As a mother, when you see the kids truly love each other and support each other (and NOT FIGHTING) it melts your heart. 

Devan and Gentry

From the start of Gentry dating Devan... I just KNEW he was a keeper. So I told her to take lots of photos from their dates. She has listened and has so many photos of the really fun times that they have spent together. Again, what a great thing to have the photos to document and remember the great times and sometimes the bad.

Zach and mckay

My heart is really tender as I see photos that show that my kids are bigger, wiser and well... doing things without me. I know that sounds weird. We raise our kids to be "grown up" and self sufficient. I have raised my kids to realize that one day they will only have each other. When I got these photos I felt a peace in knowing that I had done something right. I taught them (made them at times) to love each other. I mean they had times where they would fight and I was always in MOM force making them apologize and not allowing them to be mean to each other). I hope they will remember this as they grow older. 

Zach and Gentry

Silly photos are always a requirement if you are in our family. I love this!!!!


Zach was really being a good sport here.... BYU even lost the game.

Zach and Devan

I love that Devan is now a big part of our family. I could not ask for a nicer example for our boys. 


 My cute McKay is 18 years old and is thinking about going away for a 18 month long mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. My heart is tender in that she is wanting to go out and serve others. She is our spunky girl. I am cherishing every moment and photo. She would be leaving this coming Spring time if she goes. She is praying and thinking about this big decision. I will support her if she decides to go.

Whole group

A blurry photo that I still love....



I know this is a lot of photos to share. I am going to do a special book to remember this day. It really does matter.

I just wanted to say that if you are a loyal blog reader, follow me on facebook and twitter-you may see lots of photo of me with my kids. Mom and me photos....I do this for a very special reason. 

When my mother died, I searched for every single photo I had with her. There was NOT enough. My mom did not really like her photo taken. She always complained- I am too fat, too old looking, too.... fill in the blank. I would GIVE anything to have more photos to look at and to remember those times together.

Gentry and me in CHICAGO

Yes, I love and adore the photos with my kids. Honestly, I realize it's really MORE for them. I want them to have reminders of me and us and our special times when I am no longer here.

If you take one thing from this post today... REMEMBER that you need to make sure you are taking photos and being IN THE PHOTOS. I can't tell you how much it will mean to your family and those that love you. 


As you see this recent collage of photos with Taylor... you might see smiling and happiness. To me... I see a day that my daughter needed me. She needed a day with her mommy to help her feel unconditionally loved and that life will get better. I know that this photo will someday mean and show her where she has grown and learned from some hard life lessons. (I love you Taylor!!!!!) 

This weekend I am going to Idaho Falls, Idaho. I am speaking/hosting a luncheon and teaching a big workshop- it's all about how to TELL YOUR STORY.  I hope if you are close you will join me. I feel so strongly about what I am blessed to do. It inspires my product lines. I want to help others preserve their own memories. I feel God's hand in this journey. 

Screen shot 2012-10-16 at 8.18.22 AM

This is the project I am teaching this weekend-


More information here-


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Leaving She Scrapbooks...going home


I hate saying goodbye. It's just stressful and makes me sad. I always have been this way with my family and friends. It's just me. So the thought of saying goodbye to my dear sweet friends is HARD for me. It I lived closer I know without a doubt we would be best friends. I have such a strong connection with Stephanie and Yvonne. I got to spend the weekend with these sweet girls. Then I got to meet Brianna- I call her Bri- Yvonnes daughter.  She is really the coolest girl. She reminded me of my daughter McKay. They would be great friends.

Day two at She Scrapbooks- these girls took all three of my workshops. They were a wonderful addition to the good times this weekend.

Photo-47 she scrapbook girls

Such fun and talented girls. I really enjoyed talking with each of them. 

Janet and teresa
This is Janet. She flew from NYC for the weekend of workshops. She has the most supportive husband. I really enjoyed visiting with her. 
This is Carol at the end of the table. I have to say she was a go getter. Talk about someone who is so kind and I loved having her in class. I felt a instant connection with her. She took all my workshops too. She was so excited about my cruise and I have a feeling I will be seeing her next year at this time. 
I have to say it's always the best when you have happy smiling girls who just enjoy being there and enjoying the creative process. These beautiful girls were both happy and so welcoming. Thanks Lisa for your sweet comment on my facebook wall.
Ginger was in the workshops (in the blue) and she was just lovely. Okay... Suzette comes to my Inspiration Unlimited event and then came to this weekend. It was so cool to see her in FL just a couple weeks later. I have to say THIS PHOTO of Rachel was the best of the entire weekend. Look at the smile on her face. This makes my weekend. It sums up the feelings I felt this weekend. I promise girls I will help you be prepared for the cruise...wink!
I really had the best time talking to these girls about the Craft Wars show on TLC. We had so much fun talking about well lots of things. Tonya is the expert girl using the TC Stampmaker. So talented and she even has done video tutorials to help others to use their machine. I plan to share them here on my blog. 
Loving the stamp station. Can you spot the Xyron- TC Sticker Maker and Mega Runner? 
Mother and daughter crafting. This is the BEST sight! I loved that Brianna loved Tell Your Story. 
Jean... shares the same name as my mother. The other two girls are teachers and I really enjoyed talking to them. I feel like I gain so much from talking to the girls as they craft. I am deeply humbled for what they contribute to society. They both expressed love for the children that they teach. This was sweet and genuine. One of the things I most enjoy while teaching is getting to know those who come. As they are busy creating and I'm not instructing, I enjoy that time getting to know them. 
After the workshops were done, Stephanie, Yvonne, Bri and I made a trip to TJ MAXX. It is across the street from the store. They mentioned the store has great stuff. We had so much fun. Bri is so sweet and I took her for a drive (with the top down) in my rental mustang convertible. 

When I got back to the hotel I got some photo texts from my kids back home. This is when I wish I could magically  immediately be back home. I am so fortunate that my kids are so close. Taylor called me last night because she was missing me. She wanted me home so she could spend the day with me. It's so hard because I know she just needs her mom more than ever. She told me that I am her best friend. That is something I cherish.
One of the things that I have tried to drill in my kids heads is that friends may come and go...but family is forever. They need to really love and support each other. One of the reason I had so many kids was that I wanted them to experience the love and blessing of having each other. I had one sister and I would have loved to have more siblings.
Zach went to Provo yesterday to go to the BYU football game with his sister McKay. She had an extra ticket. He is a BIG fan.  He even went to go see Gentry while he was there. My kids sent me a bunch of photos from yesterday that I am sharing in a post tomorrow.
Zach and gentry
It is now officially cold in Utah now. Oh, and he is now 15 and taller than both of his sisters. People always tell me that they think Zach and Gentry look alike. They are my dark headed cuties. This photo simply is evident to me of the bond they share.
Then McKay sent me this photo of them at the game. THIS photo is a big reminder to me of how WORTH is it to have and raise children. As they are getting older, I have enjoyed my children as I watch them grow and develop into young adults/teens.  I had five kids before I was 29 years old... that was tough. Some days were so hard to deal with the needs of five kids. At times I felt like I baby since I was only 19 when I got married. Then Matt moved in with us when he was 12 years old. That was six children in our home... and I honestly took it day by day. My boys are only 14 months apart. My husband was super busy with his practice and often got home at 10 o'clock at night.  
A very dear older and wiser friend could see I was struggling one day as I was chasing my kids at the park. She said..."Teresa, there is a time and season for everything. This is your season to raise your babies and let all the other things go." I had been stressed about the messy house, not being able to help out in the kids class as much and she knew I was feeling major guilt. I used her advice and took it to heart... there truly is a "time and season" for our evolving life situations. 
Looking back, I would do it all again. The BEST thing I ever did was marry my husband Ty and give birth to five children. I love having two special bonus sons. They are mine too in my heart. My mother always had warned me how fast it would go by. She was the greatest role model to me. I raised my kids like my Southern roots taught me. I believe in kids have firm expectations and rules. (no dating before 16, curfews, saying please and thank you, no put downs etc.)  I believe kids need to respect their elders and other people and be a positive role model in a society.
I remember as a young mother my mother often called me to encourage me. Oh I had my days of crying and wishing my kids had come with a "Parents MANUEL- how to deal with" book.  I think my best advice for younger parents is to LOVE your children with so much love that when they are punished or have to be corrected they know it comes from a foundation and place of love for them. If my kids grow up knowing them are loved and adored then I have peace. 
I have no idea WHY I shared this. I just wanted to share what my experience has been and that truly means the most to me. Now... it's time for me to get back to my family. I am flying home later today.
THANK YOU She Scrapbooks. I truly love you girls. This weekend was beyond my expectations. 

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She Scrapbook girls...

It is Saturday morning and I am starting to teach two more workshops today in Florida. We had a really great "girls" night last night crafting.


I have been having a really wonderful time here with my friends at She Scrapbooks. Last night, I was surrounded by the sweetest girls. I really love being able to visit the independent stores and this store has been a HUGE supporter of me and my company since they opened in 2009. I absolutely love Stephanie and Yvonne. They make everyone feel at home.


 The store is full of product. The store has a boutique style feel. I love the chandeliers. Stephanie ownes the store.  Yvonne is the store manager and is on my design team.  They are best friends as well.


 This is a sign in the bathroom. Yes, it spoke to me so I wanted to share it with you. 


This is Sandra. I instantly fell in love with her! We bonded and connected. I love that her husband knew how much she wanted to take my workshop, so he came in and bought her a spot in my workshop to surprise her... he knew it would make her happy. When she tried to sign up for the same workshop- she found out that her husband had already taken care of it. I love stories like this! 

This is what I am finding with girls who are wanting to go on the Caribbean Journey Cruise- the husbands are joining their wife on the cruise. It really is so cool to hear that there are such cool spouses out there that support their wife and their hobbies. Okay... maybe the husbands like to cruise too. I love that my own husband Ty will be joining us on this creative adventure. I had so many girls from FL ask me about it in my workshop so I promised to repost the details on my blog today:

 The Royal Caribbean Cruise departs from Port Canaveral, Florida- cruising SEVEN nights to the Bahamas, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten. Join me as I teach THREE Workshops and attend all events. Yes, I will be teaching a TRAVEL BOOK PROJECT!!!!! I only teach when we are at sea and we will enjoy dinners each night together as a group. You will get over the top AMAZING Product, make n takes and FABULOUS Kits! 

There will be seven nights of cropping, daily make n takes, event t-shirt, group activities, workshops- along with fun prizes and  surrounded by the sweetest most fun crafters. The cruise is almost full. Lots of excitement- so I hope you will join us.
Want more information: Contact- Susan Moore 
EMI Scrapbooking Store  3670 Hutchinson Rd Suite C-1 Cumming GA 30040
Phone: 770-888-2417
I would LOVE for you to join me on our CARIBBEAN JOURNEY- we are anticipating a sell out!
Now- back to She Scrapbooks. I have to let you know that they do TWO yearly events at She Scrapbooks. I really want to go to their next one. They have them in January and again in October each year. The projects are stunning and very technique driven. They shared the projects with me and I was in LOVE. Yvonne teaches the most detailed TCD workshops. She designs the most OVER THE TOP mini books. They have the event at the Waterfront Hotel. Please call to get on their list. The event does sell out. 



A sweet customer make this fabulous PINK chocolate chip cookies  and homemade popcorn for my visit. Oh I was so tempted... I had to teach and not get distracted by the goodies. 


These talented women were very sweet. Debbie told me that my Vintage Finds project was on STEROIDS... yes, it is quite a large project and the workshop was only three hours. I loved how happy everyone was to be there and crafting together on a Friday night. 


This is Yvonne Blair. I HEART her. I love her sweet heart and spirit. I was teaching at She Scrapbooks for the first time when I found "her talent." I have to say that there are people you meet in life that "SHINE" and radiate goodness. This is my friend Yvonne. I have nothing but respect for her and her goodness. She teaches almost weekly at the store. You can find her teaching at Donna Downey's store in North Carolina too. I promise if you are near the store or can make it to one of her workshops you will be "inspired" and better for knowing her. You will be a better person by getting to know this wonderful woman. That is exactly how I feel.

I wanted a photo of Stephanie and I together. I will for sure share one tomorrow. I would feel horrible not to mention her now. She is such a inspiration to me. Stephanie balances owning the store and working another job/profession. She does not realize the role model that she has been to me. I love how much heart she puts into ALL that she does. She Scrapbook is so success because of her and her efforts. Stephanie runs the business with true style and quality and standards. She has a very giving heart and makes the store a "retreat" for her customers. I love that I can call her my friend. Stephanie is such a wonderful person and the combination of Steph and Yvonne is what makes She Scrapbooks so special.

Last night the workshop was full. The girls were excited to be together. A great way to spend Friday night!


 I am looking forward to the next two workshops today. I am also enjoying the SUNSHINE and warm weather. I have heard it is cold and rainy back in Utah. However, what I love most about Utah is my family- going back to them soon. 


Yes, family is everything. Azalea-photo taken yesterday... thankful that Kayla took this photo and shared it. I love her! 

Have a great day!


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It's SUNNY here

I am told it is FALL here but it's in the mid 80s. I am loving the SUNSHINE. It was funny that when I got my rental car yesterday they gave me a free upgrade. Yes, it was funny... they game me this Mustang Convertible.


Okay.. so a huge plug for Payless Car Rental. I got this car for $64.40 for four days. Well, I did give them my delta sky miles number. The first thing I did was ask them to show me how to close the top. Yes, I know, so boring but I did not want to spent the 1.5 hour drive to She Scrapbooks with hair in my face. 

Then I arrived to The Villages and I was pretty tired after the all day journey from Utah to Florida. I walked into the front of the hotel and it was quite the party. Yes, it was ladies night and "all was right." They were dancing and singing and having a good ole time. I went to my room and  found healthy treats in my room and refrigerator. The She Scrapbook girls are so thoughtful! The hotel is really comfortable and charming!!!!!

 I had a wonderful lunch today with Stephanie and Yvonne. We went to the FISH CAMP. I miss fish camps back in Utah. I had the best blackened chicken salad. We spent hours chatting and talking about "girl stuff." I love that these girls are friends to me. 


Then we went to SHE SCRAPBOOKS- the store. They moved locations since I was here last. They are now in a much larger building. It is so NICE! I was very impressed with the store, the product selection and the store samples. I could stay there for HOURS!!!!!

I was blown away with how much TCD products are in the store. I am truly thankful for their support. I really love and appreciate these girls. 


I am headed back to the store now... first workshop tonight with Vintage Finds. The workshop is sold out and we have a full house!!!!  I am very appreciative for all the girls coming and for them choosing to spend Friday night with me. It will be an amazing night!!!!

Thank you She Scrapbooks for welcoming me... I am truly honored to be asked to come back!

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Headed to The Villages in Florida

I am at the airport this morning waiting to get on my flight. I lost my GPS and this morning realized that I had no idea how to get from the Orlando airport to The Villages. Thankfully my sweet husband saved the day and gave me his. I realize I left a few things. Oh well, I can stop at a store and buy hairspray! 

I wanted to share this adorable photo-


This is a photo collage that Gentry did for Devan. She has been dating him for six months now. They are both going to BYU. Yes, they are in LOVE! I have to say that I have truly loved him from the time I met him. I seriously could not ask for someone better suited for Gent. I love these two together and as a mother I am just so happy that they found each other. I have to stay that THIS is why we should always take lots of photos. I know these photos bring back many memories now and will in the future for them. 

I have a bonus mini book that I will be teaching at She Scrapbooks this weekend. I realized last night that I had never posted it. Here it is-

I love mini books. I think I love them because I can add so many photos and the journaling. Anyway, some of the workshops I know are SOLD OUT. However, I know this class did have a couple spots earlier this week. I am really looking forward to seeing my FL girls. Oh, and thank you for all the girls who are coming. I have a girl flying in from NYC. I love what I do!

Okay... we are starting to board. I just needed to mention- the trip to Bellagio, Italy is over 1/2 full as well. If you are thinking of joining us in Italy, we would love to have you join us.  The Creative Retreat is in Bellagio Italy. How lucky am I to be teaching at this wonderful event? The dates are June 22-29th 2013. More details at

Screen shot 2012-10-11 at 9.12.02 AM

Have a great Thursday!

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I'm on the go... Happy Birthday Zach!!!!

First, today is my son's Zach's birthday. He is 15 years old. I am really fortunate that he is a really kind and sweet young man. He is no longer a little boy and this makes me sad. I miss it when he would hug and give me loves. Now he is a little 'embarrased' if I show too much affection. ha!


He used to let me dress him and his brother alike. Okay... maybe this wasn't a great idea? 


This was at Matt's wedding... just 3 years ago. Zach was wearing his braces. 

This was his 12th birthday...

Screen shot 2012-10-08 at 11.25.10 PM

This is my FIFTEEN year old son. He is my first son that I gave birth to- after having three little girls.


I remember being shocked when he was born. They announced he was a BOY and I was in total disbelief and shock. I was completely not ready for a boy. I came from a family of all girls. I did not have any boys in my family and no male cousins. I secretly worried if I would know how to raise and nurture a boy. I know it's crazy, but I was full of doubt and fear. I remember bringing my big boy home. 

He was 8 lbs. 8 oz. He was 21 inches. He was so beautiful.  I had given birth naturally- no drugs and I was in so much pain. I was really mad at Ty during the birth and secretly blamed him for the crazy pain. ha! Anyway, he came into the world and I felt that instant love and connection. 


I am truly grateful that God gave me THIS BOY to raise. He truly makes me a better person. He is that kid...that boy that I want to be like. We can him Zachy in our house. I just want him to know that I love him and am thankful for him. 

Did I mention that all my kids ask me often... "am I your favorite?" They all ask me because they ALL believe that they are my favorite. How can I possibly explain a mothers love? They will say..." I know I am your favorite... right mom?" I realized something... I must be doing something right for them all to feel deep inside their heart that they are my favorite. I love them all so much and one day when they are parents they will understand this immense love. 

Now... I have some EXCITING things to share. First... I am headed back to SHE SCRAPBOOKS in TWO days. 

She logo

These are the workshops:

Vintage Finds Workshop


Friday, October 12th 6pm to 9pm 
Create a 8.25" w x 9.5" white Binder Memory Keeper for your families memories
Vintage finds view 1
Christmas Countdown Workshop
Saturday, October 13th 10am to 1pm 
Create a 6"w x 12" album with 26 pages to capture your holiday memories

Tell Your Story Workshop
Saturday, October 13th 3pm to 6pm 
Create a 5" w x 10" album with a BONUS 3x4 mini accordion book



I hope to see many of you in Florida... I am really looking forward to this special weekend. 

NOW I am so humbled to share with you that the following weekend I will be going to Idaho Falls, ID to this-

Screen shot 2012-10-08 at 4.11.54 PM

This is what the event is about:

What Today’s Women Want Expo

East Idaho has a strong, unique, active and intelligent women’s population. With the What Today’s Women Want Expo, we have an event to cater to this great group. The goal of the Expo is to give women (and maybe even a few other good sports) the chance to see the wide range of women oriented business and services which East Idaho has to offer. Now in its fourth year, it is the largest such collection ever gathered in the region and one which will be a favorite event for years to come. With the kids in school and husbands talking about the big hunt, it’s the perfect time to take a little time for yourself and some friends.

Did I mention that they have sold 7,000 tickets to the event? 

I am really excited to be asked to come and talk and teach a workshop too. It is a luncheon as well.

You can find out more about it at:

I have put a lot of thought into what I will share and am really thankful for the opportunity to share with so many women what crafting is to me and about my business. I have learned so much over the years and I hope that I can share things that will be helpful to other women. I hope I can in some way inspire them to follow their own dreams and to do something that they love and are passionate about. I am looking forward to sharing about this journey that has lead me to this point of my life. I know that all things are possible if you believe in yourself and work hard.

I hope if your are close or want to drive/fly to Idaho that you will join me. I am also teaching this project- I felt that I needed to do a "TELL YOUR STORY" project. I really wanted to be able to share, enjoy a yummy luncheon and then create a project together. I just realized I have only taught in Idaho one time prior to this. 

I want to thank XYRON for sending everyone who comes to the luncheon/ talk... craft project workshop a gift. I wanted to keep the cost as crazy low as possible so that everyone can afford to come and attend. I believe in giving back and if I can in some small way share and inspire anyone then it will be worth it. Nick my sales director will be there with a large booth of TC products. I hope I will see my Utah, Idaho... well, as many of you that can make it to come. 

I know... crazy long blog post today. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZACH... 15 is a good one!

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Family fun weekend... and the photos to prove it!

My boys left on Friday to go with Ty to the mountains. Excited that they will get home today. So my girls and Kayla came to visit. I am really thankful that they came and we had so much fun! I thought I would share my favorite photos from this weekend from my family-

Gentry and Devan... yes, they are outside at the BYU game. 
Of course, McKay was at the same game. She is not shy and found the school mascot to take a photo with. Did I mention she loves college?
We bought TEN pumpkins this weekend too. Gentry did the owl and Devan did the cute one on the right. We listened to spooky music and laughed so much. I about burned down the house lighting a candle for the inside of my pumpkin. It was crazy... we laughed so hard AFTER we realized the fire was under control. I watched several Hallmark movies too. This is a little tradition with my girls.

I took some photos of Taylor this weekend. She is doing great but has lots of emotions and dealing with so many feelings. I wish I could take her pain away. As a family we are going to do whatever it takes to support her through this time. 
I think it helps her to know that I am going to be her biggest cheerleader. I have to admit, it's hard for me too. I miss Spencer and I wish it would have ended differently. I only wish the very best for him. Unfortunately, divorce naturally changes the family dynamics. I love these photos... I love seeing her smile again. She is being pretty hard on herself and I wish she could see how others see her... most especially Heavenly Father. 
As you can see... I  have fun times with my kids. I love to be silly and enjoy the simple moments.  Kayla brought the kids to visit us and they were adorable...dancing and singing. Maxson is quite the entertainer. I love those little ones. 
This weekend was General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We were able to watch the broadcasts this weekend together. This was just what I needed. 
I also prepared for filming TEN new shows for this morning. It takes so much time to prepare but I do love doing my weekly shows. This is just one of my shows coming up...
Let's just say I have GLITTER everywhere... I have made five glitter pumpkins so far and will share the best tips and tricks on an episode this month.
Today I have a new show that is about displaying your photos in your home and office. I am in "LOVE" with the 7Gypsies Photo display stand. I will show you how to create the perfect project to display your favorite photos. Today I show you how to add over 25 photos in one project that you can proudly showcase.



Paper and Embellishments: TC Vintage Finds

Family display 3

TC- Vintage Finds papers, diecuts, stickers, and gems

Family display 8

Hope you have a wonderful Monday... do something creative. I'm off to the studio.

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It's FRIDAY... FREE download

I love Fridays... I am headed to my office to ship my class kits to SHE SCRAPBOOKS. I will be teaching there in ONE week. Yes, I am pretty excited to visit everyone in Florida. I love Stephanie and Yvonne and am honored to be going back to teach again. 

Tell your story class she scrapbooks
(TELL YOUR STORY workshop)- 

Also, it is WORLD CARD MAKING DAY tomorrow. Please watch my facebook today and blog tomorrow on how to make cards for Primary Childrens Hospital. 

(card by Julie Jacob- TC design team coordinator)

We want to celebrate by making cards and taking them to the hospital. We hope you will find all your TC products and get ready to make some beautiful cards. More details to follow!

This is the FREE TC Stampmaker download this month. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

October free download. Designed by Lori McClellan. You can download here:

PH159 October download neg
Have a GREAT Friday! 

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Day by day.... that is the plan

It's Wednesday and I have been busy the past couple of days. I had to buy Zach a new bed since he had outgrown his twin bed. I can't believe he will be 15 in six days. He is "estimating" about 5' 10 now and his voice has changed. Who knew that buying a simple black bed would worry me? So many decisions... first the bed design, the bed size, quality and of course buying a mattress. I had no idea that mattresses can be more than a car. HA! I did not go with that option. The salesman gave me a nice chat to convince me that the mattress is the most important item you buy for your home. You use it more than your couch, chairs, etc. Anyway, I got a great mattress that I felt was not over the top expensive. Those situations stress me out a little. What do I know about mattresses? He compared them ALL for me. Fun times at RC Willey. 

I started this morning by heading downtown to go here with some of my dearest friends-


There is nothing better than getting up at 5 am when the world is relatively quiet. I find so much peace in doing this. I even made it home in time to drive both of my boys carpools. 

My mid-release Now & Then is keeping the office very busy. We hope to have all the new NOW & THEN into the warehouse by next Wednesday. I can't wait for the product to get in and create more. It's crazy how far in advance products are designed and created before anyone sees them.

Screen shot 2012-10-02 at 8.04.00 AM

I have been working from home the past two days to prepare for my visit to She Scrapbooks (next week), filming new show segments for My Craft Channel on Monday and well... another cool event that is in the works. I can't wait to share.

I find that as busy as my life is, I have to take it a little bit at a time. You know the saying...How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time... That is how I balance a large family, my company, traveling and designing. I have my moments but I have truly learned to "allow" others to help me be the best (fill in the blank) I can be. It's day by day and I love every minute of it.  I am so passionate and love life and what I am doing. I try to surround myself around people and friends who are the same. I consider myself very lucky and blessed. 

One thing that I do to help me is to journal and write down my thoughts. It is a  constant quest to keep my memories preserved. I always has a journal and notebook in my bag. You never know when a memory needs to be written down. Inspiration hits at all times and all places. I also LOVE quotes that inspire me. I did a TC show on how to make your own DIY refurbishing discount journals and notebooks with papers to create trendy, stylish and functional record keeping books.



Book purchased from Home Goods and covered with TC- Vintage Finds paper.

DIY JOURNAL side view

So love to make my own journal books from patterns that are more me in my style and design. They are super cute gifts too.


I have really rambled today. I do this when my mind is going in so many directions. I wanted to share this quote that I posted on my facebook

Screen shot 2012-10-03 at 3.21.17 PM

Looking forward to going out with my girlfriends tonight for dinner. We are going to a small Italian restaurant by City Creek (downtown SLC). A great way to end a busy day....

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Join me in ITALY for a Creative Retreat


Screen shot 2012-10-02 at 12.23.04 AM
I am finally able to announce that I am going to Italy to teach in 2013. This is going to be an amazing creative adventure!!!
Yes, it's going to be so special and I am finally able to share the details... maybe you will want to join us. You never know maybe we will even see George Clooney on our creative journey. 

Details about the event:

"Are you ready for an UNFORGETTABLE Women’s Retreat in Italy??

Well, I am SO excited to REVEAL that next years CREATIVE RETREAT in Bellagio, Italy will be held the week of June 22nd - 29th, 2013!

We will have another FUN-FILLED week of classes with some of the Top Artists in the industry, AMAZING excursions around Lake Como, RELAZING time by the pool or lakeshore and BREATHTAKING views of this beautiful region of Italy as we enjoy local foods and the annual San Giovanni Festival!

Here’s a look into what’s included in the week we have planned for you! ~ The San Giovanni Festival with a torchlight procession through town ~

A week of INSPIRATION with Teresa Collins, Jeanne Oliver & Laura McCollough ~

3 Excursions in the breathtaking surroundings of Italy, including a boat and villa tour ~

5 Lunches and 5 Dinners in beautiful locations around Lake Como ~

7 nights lodging at the GHVS Apartments or La Lemonera Apartments ~

Live music in the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni’s Music Room ~

Crop time, demo’s and make-n-takes ~ Goody bags, raffles and suprises ~

Plus time to relax by the pool or sit at the waters edge ~ Time to stroll the streets, enjoy some gelato or shop the cobblestone streets~

An UNFORGETTABLE experience you will carry with you forever! Don’t miss out, Sign up on October 15th for this incredible Creative Retreat!

 For all the details of this event and everything that is included in the price, you can go to:

There is a vey limited amount of sign-ups available for this event, so sign up at: today!

Feel free to email with any questions. And don’t forget to sign up on Facebook or follow along at: A Kiss on the Chic’s Creative Retreats.

*Discount on price is available depending on apartment choice and/or triple occupancy.

THANK YOU for the wonderful comments about Now & Then. The office was crazy busy today with nonstop emails and phone calls to order the collection. I am so grateful! I have designed a exclusive kit that stores ordered to teach with the new line. I am filming videos to go along with the release kit (party) this week. We sold out of all the kits already. I will post the project later this week so you can find a store that is teaching the kit. 

This week on I shared a project with Tell Your Story and I got a "little" emotional. To me crafting is so important to the soul. I realize I want to document and find joy in the simple...everyday...somewhat mundane moments. This collection helps me tell the story. I hope you find that it helps you to do the same.Often the most neglected subject in our scrapbooking is OURSELF! It's time for you to tell your story...what matters most to you, as only you can. On my show I focus on finding the insight to self discovery and feeling inspired to document who you are. The beautiful album I share on the show is full of technique and learning how to create your own book from paper. I share how to create not only keepsake album, but feel motivated to include YOURSELF in your life story. I hope viewers will have a new found desire to scrapbook with more meaning.

Tell your story 1
Tell your story 2
Tell your story 3

I am teaching at She Scrapbooks NEXT weekend- October 12-13rd in The Villages in Florida. I hope you will join me as a I teach a Vintage Finds Memory Keeper album, a TELL YOUR STORY workshop, and Christmas Countdown. I am looking forward to visiting Stephanie and Yvonne. The projects are BIG and I can't wait to be back on the East coast again. 

The winner from my blog post for the ENTIRE new "NOW & Then collection" is:

Screen shot 2012-10-01 at 10.29.36 PM

I am looking forward to teaching and traveling and am so grateful for the opportunities that I have to share my passion, my heart and life with others. I consider myself so lucky and blessed....

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Blog Post

DEBUTING...NEW mid release: NOW & THEN

I know it's hard to believe, but it's TIME for my newest AUTUMN mid-release....

I am absolutely in LOVE with this line. It is perfect for ANY THEME or gender. The papers are a combination of both boy and girl colors and patterns. So today I am debuting...

Screen shot 2012-08-09 at 9.08.52 AM

Download TC-2012-Autumn-Brochure

This is the WORKSHOP that I will be teaching in the next couple of months at Ever After Scrapbooks and Bling it On CANADA event. I wanted to show how all the papers mix and match together. The collection has so many journaling prompts that allow for you to document and share your memories.

A Wonderful Day FULL VIEW

I could not be happier with how the collection has turned out. It is one of my ALL TIME favorite lines. 

A Wonderful Day COVER

The colors in this line are so beautiful... the blues and pink mixed with the distressed wood. The blue damask paper makes my heart skip a beat. ha!

A Wonderful Day close up Teresa Collins

This line has papers, die-cut sheets, stamps, chipboard, enamels, buttons, washi tape and two different sets of brads and stickers. I have extended the products in my mid-release. I hope you like the line as much as I do.

A Wonderful Day view 1

A Wonderful Day view 2

*glitter, borders, chipboard buttons, tabs, stickers, and tickets.

Here are a few layouts with the collection-

I wanted to scrapbook and remember Matt and his family. They did family photos a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to make sure and create some projects of their family right now... Maxson at 2 years and Azalea at 9 months. (photo credit: Nicole Carmen Christensen)

Layout 1

 I am loving the circles...  Matt, Kayla and the kids had these cute photos taken two weeks ago.

Layout 4

I love this layout with Maxson. He is a sweet little boy!!!!

Layout 2

*Now & Then papers, die cut, brads.

Layout 7


Layout 8

I seriously LOVE that Maxson was playing with the grass. For me... it's documenting the memories and remembering life moments. 

TODAY to celebrate the release I am giving away TWO sets of the entire collection- that is the entire collection of Now & Then papers with all of the embellishments. I will pick ONE winner from this blog post and one from my facebook page: Leave a comment to win at both places. 

I have some big things coming out, along with this collection debut. Stay tuned for a big contest announcement. Please tell your local scrapbook store about the new release  so that you can make them aware that it's now available. We are thrilled to debut it and for our upcoming announcement.

Have a wonderful Monday!

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