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Oh Christmas Tree- so cute!

I thought you would love this beautiful crafted paper treeby Cheri Piles....

TCD - Christmas Cottage - Oh Christmas Tree by Cheri Piles - Full

This is what Cheri did-


"I love making these little rosettes - it's an addiction, they look great on gifts and you can make them as big or small as you would like! There really are no rules!

I start with using a circle cutter but you don't have to - it would probably be easier and less steps to trace the circle then cut it with your decorative scissors. I am one of "those" that does own a gillion decorative scissors, I confess!!!!


TCD - Christmas Cottage - Steps


Step one - *cut your circle, then cut in a spiral shape using decorative scissors as shown in the top photo.
Step two - TOTALLY OPTIONAL - Ink the edges
Step three - Starting with the outside working your way to the center roll it up. When you start rolling you want the pattern on the "inside" of the roll. When you reach the center, it becomes the "shelf" where you will apply your glue.
Step four - I use hot glue, this just works best for me but you can try your favorite glue and see if it works. Then just press and hold all the layers into the glue for about... 10 seconds or so. 
* - you will need to make about 4 sizes - big, medium, small and a few extra small for the tip top of the tree.


TCD - Christmas Cottage - rosettes by cheri piles

To make the tree you are going to need to make a bunch of these. So here's my TIP: Trace or cut your circles from all of your papers then grab a lap table and go sit in your comfy chair and watch your favorite Christmas movie while you ink, roll and glue, it makes the time go wayyyyyy faster!

TCD - Christmas Cottage - cone

The photo on the left is just a little sampling of the supplies I used and only about half of the flowers. I bought the tree cone at Ben Franklin Crafts along with the candle stick holder.

Step 5 - Fill your cone with foam or tissue. 
Step 6 - Cut a circle from chipboard a little wider then your base of the cone, trace a circle a little smaller than your base onto your chipboard. Every inch or so cut triangles into the inner circle.
Step 7 - Trace where you will glue your tree onto your candlestick holder (Glue it on very, very last)
Step 8 - Glue the tabs to the inside of the cone evenly so your candlestick holder and tree will stand evenly when completed - you really don't want to go to all of this work and have a lopsided tree.


Step 5


doesn't that look pretty?
Step 9 - I am kind of an assembly worker I guess, I lined up all of my flowers in rows big to small.
Step 10 - If you have decorative ribbon or trim adhere it to the bottom of your tree now.
Step 11 - Starting at the bottom, using big flowers start gluing, alternating the flower colors as you go.


TCD - Christmas Cottage - close up


Here's one more close up of it completed.
Supplies used: Two sheets of each from the CHRISTMAS COTTAGE collection 10 sheets total for a big cone: Doily Tree back, Medallion, Red Snowflakes back, Sentiments back, Music. (I didn't quite use all of the 2nd sheet from each one it was just about 1/2 of the 2nd page)
Depending on the size of cone you have will determine how many rosettes you will need, it will also depend on how big or small you cut your rosettes.
My cone was 11" tall. I cut 9 - 3", 6 - 2 1/4", 6 1 3/4", 1 3/8" for the top."
Thank you Cheri- this is fabulous. If you are not following me on do so. You don't want to miss out on my daily doses of inspiration and what I am up too! Have a GREAT weekend....


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Seth got his mission call...


Tonight was pretty cool. We went over to Seth's house and watched as he opened his mission papers. He is going to be going for two years to serve the people in Mexico. Seth got his mission call today, he had even guessed Mexico would be where he was going. He is going to the Guadalajara east, Mexico mission.

It's going to be such an amazing experience for him and we are super happy for him and wish him luck and safety on his mission. He leaves March 20th and will serve for 24 months- unless they change his departure date- which they sometimes do. Congrats Seth... so proud of you bud!!!!!!

Oh, and this little girl is going to be ONE year old on Monday...


She is a little cutie... she is at her Grandma's house in Washington. Miss them!!!!!

It's almost December. My tree is up but I still have not decorated the tree yet. I am trying to be more organized and wrapping as I buy gifts instead of waiting until the week of Christmas.  Wish me luck! 

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It's almost sold out!!!!

Screen shot 2012-10-02 at 12.23.04 AM
I just found out that there are only 5 SPOTS left. I am teaching in Italy in 2013. This is going to be an amazing creative adventure!!!

Yes, it's going to be so special and it is on my bucket list... maybe you will want to join us. I am bringing my husband Ty with me. 

Details about the event:

"Are you ready for an UNFORGETTABLE Women’s Retreat in Italy??

Well, I am SO excited to REVEAL that next years CREATIVE RETREAT in Bellagio, Italy will be held the week of June 22nd - 29th, 2013!

We will have another FUN-FILLED week of classes with some of the Top Artists in the industry, AMAZING excursions around Lake Como, RELAZING time by the pool or lakeshore and BREATHTAKING views of this beautiful region of Italy as we enjoy local foods and the annual San Giovanni Festival!

Here’s a look into what’s included in the week we have planned for you!

~ The San Giovanni Festival with a torchlight procession through town ~

A week of INSPIRATION with Teresa Collins, Jeanne Oliver & Laura McCollough ~

3 Excursions in the breathtaking surroundings of Italy, including a boat and villa tour ~

5 Lunches and 5 Dinners in beautiful locations around Lake Como ~

7 nights lodging at the GHVS Apartments or La Lemonera Apartments ~

Live music in the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni’s Music Room ~

Crop time, demo’s and make-n-takes ~ Goody bags, raffles and suprises ~

Plus time to relax by the pool or sit at the waters edge ~ Time to stroll the streets, enjoy some gelato or shop the cobblestone streets~

An UNFORGETTABLE experience you will carry with you forever! Don’t miss out, for this incredible Creative Retreat!

 For all the details of this event and everything that is included in the price, you can go to:

There is a vey limited amount of sign-ups available for this event, so sign up today!

Feel free to email with any questions. And don’t forget to sign up on Facebook or follow along at: A Kiss on the Chic’s Creative Retreats.

*Discount on price is available depending on apartment choice and/or triple occupancy.

If you are interested we would love to have you!!!!

Making projects today for Idealworld TV today. I am just making the samples since I won't be going over to London next month. Another host will be air, but they still need projects.

Also, I am helping Zach deliver 48 poinsettias that he sold for his baseball fundraiser. I am really proud of his hard work and thank all of friends and family who supported him.

Many of the flowers are being delivered by the baseball boys to the VA hospital next week. Many people did not want the flowers but donated them to our veterans. This warms my heart. I am going to focus this year on service and helping others in need with my family. We have scaled back on gifts and focused on giving more. I am also in charge with my friend Debbie to do the Christmas Decorations for our church ward Christmas Party next week. They want them SIMPLE and easy. I'm going many directions. If you have an idea- share with me. 


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You don't want to miss this-


Screen shot 2012-11-26 at 6.57.37 PM

Every evening this week Cheri is going to be sharing pages of her Christmas Cottage Countdown flip book. She is also sharing her tips and techniques be sure to check it out for some great inspiration...

Screen shot 2012-11-27 at 8.27.47 AM
Screen shot 2012-11-27 at 8.28.03 AM
Screen shot 2012-11-27 at 8.28.19 AM
Screen shot 2012-11-27 at 8.28.31 AM
This is a little bit about the project from Cheri Piles (she designed this beautiful project):


Christmas Cottage Coundown flip album by Cheri Piles Part 1

Hi everyone! Cheri here, There is nothing about Christmas and the holidays that I don't love. When I saw this new collection last summer - Yes that's when many of us on the team were able to play with the collection! I fell in LOVE, Everything about this was perfect for me, I love all of the colors!
I used a flip type of stand purchased from a craft store. 
I will be sharing with you each evening this week 5 pages of this countdown book! If you have any questions please leave me a comment and I will try to answer all of your questions as best I can. I am not giving step by step, measured instructions for each page, however as we go through the pages I will give you some helpful tips and many TECHNIQUES to help you in creating one of your very own.
I want you to know I cut all of my base papers first {6 x 9 unless mentioned otherwise.} Then I used the scrap pieces as I created my layers on my papers. You would not believe this but this entire album is very simplistic in embelishments but rich with what you can create with a little imagination using your scraps!

Now on a personal note... I am done with week one of my Herbalogica cleanse. Yes, I go to the clinic today to get weighed and measured and all that good stuff. It's been almost a year since I did the cleanse and I slipped a few weeks ago by starting to drink diet soda- aka Diet Mtn Dew again. Oh my... it brought back ALL my cravings and I gained 8-10 pounds in a short amount of time. I immediately just felt yuck again.
So I called the clinic and knew I needed the support and help. I go to LIGHTHOUSE here in Utah.  I love the program and it worked for me. I eat my own food but I do take their supplements (lots) every day and I eat no sugar, carbs, soda, meat, etc. I am doing a shorter cleanse this time around... five weeks. I would rather pay for this and feel healthy again than go on shopping trips and such. It is a constant battle with me and I have felt the best in the last year then I have for YEARS!!!!! So as always I will share with you. I am very tired this week and had a headache for five days (caffeine withdraw, sugar withdraw). I went to bed about 9:00-9:30 pm since I have been so tired. I am on day 8 today and feel like I'm over the worst part. 
Thanksgiving was tough... I ate turkey, and green beans. I knew if I didn't start the program over the holidays I would only gain more weight. Anyway, that is what is new in my world. I am thankful to go in today and talk to my counselor who will support, motivate and educate me on my progress. 

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My Craft Channel Monday- Christmas Countdown time...

Screen shot 2012-11-26 at 9.52.48 AM
I love to do Christmas Countdowns and showed a simple project to create for you and your children. Here are some of the visuals featured:
All you need is a small frame. I purchased mine for a $1.00 at Michaels Craft store. Then I used 25 small manila tags. I then used the Christmas Cottage stickers and Christmas Cottage chipboard numbers. Super easy and so cute! 
I hope you have a fabulous Monday!

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feeling GRATITUDE... thanksgiving weekend

The very best part of this past week was having our entire family together. This will be the last time we are all together for a long time. This was constantly in the back of my mind. I loved having all of the kids stay at our home. We had kids sleeping in every room- even in the entertainment room. We had so many good laughs, many good chats and I took many photos. We had Devan join us this year too!

So thankful for Taylor and Kayla who made Thanksgiving Dinner food. They are the cooks in the family and made home made everything. It was truly the best Thanksgiving I can ever remember. I loved having the littles- Maxson and Azalea sleep over for four nights. This was a treat to be around the babies so much. The entire family loved it!

Our family at thanksgiving

Yes, our family just keeps growing. I love our 'brady bunch' family so much. I can't imagine not having Matt, Seth and now Kayla and the kids in my life. It is true that love simply grows. For this I am so beyond thankful. When I married Ty he had Matt and Seth and had been married before. I had been recently divorced and had three little girls- Taylor, Gentry and McKay. Then we fell DEEPLY in love and we had two more sons together- Zach and Ty. I had no idea 16 years ago how much happiness ALL of our kids and family would bring to me. It was hard at first to "blend" our families. What got us through the tough days (yes, there was some majorly tough days) was our love. When I look at "us" now... I could not be more thankful. 

Soon...we are adding another person into our family.

Devan and gentry thanksgiving

Save the date invitations were created this weekend- thank you Donna Wells- I love you!!!!!! The official date is May 21st 2013. They are getting married in the Draper Temple. 

Girls at thanksgiving

I took many blurry photos that I will forever cherish... 
Taylor, Gentry and McKay
I am so thankful for sweet Kayla in our family. She is a good mother and I know it was important for her to move so that she can be near her family in Washington again. I cried too many tears when they left yesterday. It is only because I love them all so much and I will miss seeing them grow up, going to see them as they are playing sports, dance, etc. Our entire family is really sad to see them go because we will miss seeing them grow up and living close by.
We played clue, and lots of board games. I always lose. I am not competitive so it all works out. 
Devan is the musical master. He is truly AMAZING and I loved that he played with the "littles" on the piano. He is the sweetest guy and we are thrilled that he is marrying Gentry. 
We had sleep overs each night and Mckay loved her footed jammies that matched Maxsons. My house was a big mess for days and I was okay with this. The memories... great memories are what mattered.
We took Gentry and looked at wedding dresses. Yes, she found the most amazing classic couture (with bling) dress. It is amazing!!!!! Right by the shop was this pharmacy and they had this cute "Christmas Cottage." It was the perfect place to throw the Fall leaves. 
At 2.5 years old he is a little Indian for Thanksgiving. Maxson melts our heart!!!!
Our family had EIGHT desserts for Thanksgiving. We loved that Grandma Collins and Uncle Bret and little Bret joined us that night. *On the table is our TIME CAPSULE. We did a time capsule 12 years ago that we opened on Thanksgiving together as a family. It was beautiful to see where we each are 12 years later and where we "predicted" we would be. As a family we worked on our new TIME CAPSULE and each took the time to write down what we are doing now (life right now) and what we think we will be doing in 5, 10, and 15 years from now. We will open it again in five years. It really helped our family reflect on each other and how much we love each other. It was something that added so much meaning to our day and it was a way to document with my family in a "different way." Every single person did it. I am thankful that the boys did it and did not even complain.
It was so wonderful to have McKay home too. She has been homesick and being home with us really helped her. Thankfully, it's only a couple more weeks and she will be home for Winter break.
I could not have asked for a better week. I took time off of blogging and just completely focused on "being present." I hope you each had a wonderful week with your families too. 
Our seven kids
As a scrapbooker- taking photos of our time together will help me always remember this week. Our seven kids... I sure love them all so much!!!!!!

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Weekend highlight...


Just wanted to document and share photos from yesterday. I simply loved seeing my kids together. Welcome home KC from serving your mission. We are all so proud of him. I love that we have such a large extended family here in Utah. (McKay, Ty and Seth)  Hello- funny... do you see the girl asleep in church behind my kids? I'm sure the service had not started yet. 

Seth put in his mission papers a week ago. He wants to serve a two year mission for our church. We will know soon when and where he will be called to serve.

This is Gentry and Devan at Aunt Leann's. It was the first time Devan got to meet the "rest" of the family. We love them all so much and they welcomed him. 
Taylor and Zachy.... growing up. I love how close all the kids are. 
This is my youngest babies- ha! McKay and Ty are the youngest daugher and son in our family. I love that they are SO like me. They love to take photos. I was on a plane coming home from Canada. So thankful that they took these photos. 
I am so excited for this week. The kids are coming home from college, Matt and Kayla will be staying with us for a few days before they move to Seattle. I am finalizing a beautiful new collection that I am in love with. I am so inspired lately and I just want to design design design. This makes me happy!
I am starting a 5 week cleanse on Tuesday. It's been almost a year since I started my big 12 week cleanse. I have been off track since I started drinking diet soda again and ALL my bad food cravings came back (full force.)  I knew for me- I had to get right back on track and signed up to do the cleanse again. Yes, I have learned I need help. I like the weekly visits to the center- getting weighed in, and for the accountability and support. It may seem crazy to some of you to do this the week of Thanksgiving, but I did not want to gain weight over the holidays. I am not going to lie... I am dreading it. The program is hard and you have to give it 100%- no cheating to truly break your craving for sugar, processed foods,  soda, etc. This past year, I felt the healthiest I have ever felt. I know that clean eating changed me for the better. Why oh why did I have to get off track? ha...I'm only human. I know I've said it time and time again... this will be a my lifelong battle. I accept it.
Today on my show on I showed how I love taking my chipboard pieces and making them into embellishments. I am a huge fan of mini books and these are my favorite elements to add to the pages. I adhered them to binder clips and paper clips to create affordable and unique adornments.  I showed my Vintage Finds and Christmas Cottage collections of buttons and chipboard.
Vintage Find chipboard and Christmas Cottage buttons. 

I designed a Christmas Countdown book with my chipboard numbers sheets. You have all the numbers and titles on one sheet of chipboard. 


I love Mondays... hope you watch the show segment today.
Last but not least- I wanted to thank Susan Tutt for her example and sweetness at the Canada event. I so enjoyed meeting and teaching with her at the event. She is such a sweetheart!

Notice our view from the window. As we taught we could look out the window and see the view of the buildings down town. Susan is the store manager. She has the coolest style and I wanted the coats she was wearing! 

Teachers at the event: Lynn Thune and Susan Tutt (and me!) I hope to go back to Canada again. 

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Canada girls...

Thank you so much for having me... your kindness... your words. This event was just a fun "girls weekend" filled with creative goodness.


The event was held at the HYATT REGENCY in downtown Calgary. The hotel staff was the best I have ever dealt with. Agent 59- was always coming in and taking care of all our needs. It was just a beautiful place to have an event. 


The weather was perfect and reminded me so much of SLC. The hardest part was going through customs into Canada. I think telling them I was going to a Scrapbook Event was something they did not hear alot. I was questioned quite a bit. They wanted to know if I had ever had a DUI, or had a record in the USA etc. I was a little scared. ha! Luckily I passed all the questions and I was able to stay. 

I loved every moment in Canada. What a beautiful country. The girls I met were so sweet!!!!


I loved getting to talk and share with each of the women who came. Lori has a large group of girls that are more like family then friends. They truly support each other and I being able to talk to each of the girls.



Yes, we shared many laughs and many good memories.
I was able to visit the store The Scrap Yard in Calgary before we went to the hotel. I will honestly say that the store "blew" me away. I had NEVER been in a store like Lori's. It was like going into a Shabby Chic furniture store with art, paper, and the coolest projects adorning the furniture and displays. It was very eclectic and cool. They have classes every day of the week (Sundays off). I was a fan of all the unique vintage tags, buttons, and they carried so much TCD and everything mixed media, Tim Holtz Ranger products and more. I looked through the projects because I was so impressed. Lynn and Susan are the girls who teach and work with Lori. If you are in Canada you MUST go visit the store and see the workshops and crops they host. I would in a heartbeat be in the workshops if I was close. This is Lynn and Susan- they taught at the event with me. It was so much fun. I loved their projects too!
This is Lindsey Bateman. She drove with her friend Sherri- 6 hours to be at the event. I loved the girls. They are so cute, so talented and we were able to spend some great quality time together. So much talent!!!!!
Screen shot 2012-11-17 at 3.19.35 PM
This is Lynn and I. Can't wait to see her again at CHA Winter... isn't she cute? 
Screen shot 2012-11-17 at 3.19.53 PM

Just a few of the projects.... 
I am now home until CHA Winter show. It's time to get ready for Thanksgiving and having all my kids home this week. I am so thankful and full of gratitude. Life is so good. 
Thanks again Lori and all the girls at the event. My heart is so full of love and appreciation for what you each gave me. 

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Canada bound...

I am sitting at the airport and blogging as I watch sit at the gate. I have to say this week has been so busy. I am thankful that I made myself go to another eye doctor. I went to see Dr. Mike Mitchell. He had seen me years ago after my stroke. Basically, my right eye sight is horrible BUT I am not losing my vision. The doctor that I had seen a few weeks ago misdiagnoised my condition. I am so thankful to know this. I have noticed changes since I turned the big 40. I'm okay with this and I embrace it. I will always have vision problems and when I lost my vision from the stroke, I knew it would be a daily reminder just to be thankful. I am thankful I can walk, talk, and see... yes, I'll take limited vision ANY day. 

 I am so excited... I can't stop smiling. My entire family will be with us at Thanksgiving. We are even going to do a family photo to perserve the memory. Tradition at our home... Ty does the Turkey. He trys to do the most moist Turkey ever each and every year. Taylor and Kayla are the "cooks." They planned the menu and wanted to cook the feast. 

I will be focusing on making memories. I am working on doing a family "gratitude" time capsule. I am working on something else too. I am making a "FAMILY" banner to display across my mantle. It's a secret project for my family so I will post it next week. I love doing things like this. HINT- photos will be involved. 

McKay is home sick at BYU... I have to say that I love that she misses us and wants to spend time with her family. She is my youngest daughter and she is a "mama's girl." Not a day goes by that one or all of my girls are calling me for "advice."


She watched Azalea and Maxson this week a bit so that Matt and Kayla can pack. They are packing and will move out of their house next week. They plan to stay a couple of days with us at our house. This is going to be fun with all the family home together. It will be a first and I'm SO excited. I love having a large family. I know it's loud, nonstop... craziness, but that is what I love the most!!!! Zach insists we plan family games (for hours!!!!)


I love that no matter what life throws at you... FAMILY is most important. 

On the way to the airport, Ty and I had a talk. I told him how sad it was about Hurricane Sandy and how that some people lost everything. Unfortunately, some even lost their life. I told Ty that I would rather lose every single thing I own and would still be so happy if I just had my family safe. He then said he would rather have me than any possession in the world. I love him! 

I spoke at the Murray High School career day yesterday. It was a quick 20-25 minutes. I felt a strong need to urge the kids to stay out of debt and live under their means. It does bring peace of mind. I told them to make the choices now that will ensure they do have options and choices in the future. Going to college or having a trade is vital. I told them to be passionate about what they do if life. LOVE it... and it will give you so much more in return. I am so glad that I did it!


If I inspired one young person to follow their dream and BELIEVE in themselves... then I will be grateful! They had three groups of students that rotated. I presented it three times. Maybe about 40 students per class. I was surprised how many "guys" signed up for my workshop. I told them how TIM HOLTZ is a man and he is the TOP male designer in the crafting world. See men do craft and do it well! 

I wanted to show a photo sent to me of a group in Washington. 

Book Club

Paper Chase

This cute group of girls started and belong to the "Teresa Collins Fan Club." Okay... how sweet is this?

This was part of the email that I got with the photos...

" I took both of your classes that you taught up in Monroe, Washington last week and finished them at my Camano Island getaway that our “Teresa Collins Club” had and I love them!  I really enjoyed meeting you and was touched by the stories that you told, I often scrapbook to relax after work and I sometimes forget that as you said I’m my families historian.  You are truly one of the most kind, humble and family oriented people I have ever met in my life and I loved getting to know you a little bit.  I’ve attached a few pictures of our “Teresa Collins Club” when we were out to lunch and on a paper chase.  While searching for a picture I realized I don’t have an actual picture of all 10 of us scrapbooking, so that’s on my to do list! " 

Thank you Lauren and girls for sending this to me. I am beyond touched and thrilled and can you send me your address?  Honestly, I am so touched and I feel so strongly that scrapbooking makes us better. It helps us to focus and really realize how important LIFE is. Focus on creating memories, spend time with your family.... don't get caught up on things that simply don't matter. I open my heart and it's truly because I have been at the brink of death, I KNOW I am a better mother, wife, friend, designer for what I experienced. Oh, and yes... I am my family historian. This is a role that I take seriously! 

Almost time to catch this flight... can't wait to meet all of you in Canada who are coming to the event!!!!

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With a FULL HEART....

I can't seem to stop crying this morning. I took my boys carpools to school. I came home and read a few emails. Then I decided to take some time to ponder, reflect and pray in the silence of the home. Oh my... silence can be good. My heart was filled to the capacity with the sweetest feelings of great love and appreciation today. I have been trying to do so much and often I think..." Is my good- good enough?" Do you ever feel this? Do you ever feel like you are letting someone down no matter what? I have been struggling with feeling GOOD in my heart knowing that I'm doing HIS will. I felt my heart EXPLODE with peace and pure love. 

I am crying so hard right now I think my heart will  burst. I just feel so grateful to know that God does listen to our hearts, and Heavenly Father does help us daily. We are not alone. I know this and I feel this. I have decided that when we focus on what matters most- it truly makes us a better us. Say NO to those things that do not matter. This is hard coming from a "people pleaser." However, when I do this I am always able to balance it all. 

Tomorrow I am talking to the students at Murray High School for Career Day. I am taking this so seriously. I want to inspire these young men and women to follow their dreams. I hope they just don't see me as some old woman who designs paper. ha! I am thankful for the opportunity- yes, crazy I know- to share my career and how much I love what I do. Often, I feel like this is so much more than a job. I work yet it never feels like work. I am blessed to be able to do this mostly from my home.

Today I am preparing my "speech." I am also packing for Canada... I honestly am beyond thrilled. I want to pinch myself. I have to finally take care of a little personal issue I am facing. I have an eye appointment in the afternoon- recently I have learned that my vision is not so good. My vision in my right eye has been getting worse and worse.  I am going to another doctor to get a "second" opinion. Many of you might not know but I have lost ALL my left side perphiphal vision when I had a stroke 13 years ago. I  am experiencing EXTREME loss of vision in my right eye now. I am trying to stay positive, but this scares me. I was scared to go in again since my first doctor told me that I am going to loss my vision. So although this is not good news, I am going to go in and pray that I can find out that I can get some help. 

Screen shot 2012-11-13 at 10.04.16 AM
Design by Lori Whitlock-

So... life... we all have our trials and I am extremely thankful for the good and the bad. I can tell you I really appreciate the fact that I can see...even if it's limited. 

I'm still doing my daily gratitude... it's IMPORTANT!!!!!

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It happened in Washington...


Yes, it did happen this past weekend in Washington. It was some serious FUN TIMES!!!! I got to spend my time at both locations of the Ben Franklin stores in Monroe and Bonney Lake. I was beyond welcomed. It really was like a big party. The workshops were too big to do in the store so we moved across the street to a nice church who let us use their facility. 


Yes, there was some serious crafting going on. (notice: Cheri Piles was not working hard on her project! ha ha... I think she may or may not have even finished her cover)


I hear over and over how much the students love my instructions and photos. I really LOVE teaching!


This is Glenda... she is a doll!


Yes, love that they have their event photographer at the one location. 


Thank you Cheri for coming and helping BOTH days with the workshops. Cheri Piles and Julie Jacob are my design team leaders and came to see me and helped me so much. This is Joy Buss. Cutest girl ever and she just makes me laugh. Go Seahawks... Joy is your biggest fan!!!!!!!


I loved having a big table to show my projects that I brought. I was a little tempted to play the drums behind me, but decided that since I can't play them that it was best that I just taught the class.


This is Mary Anne. She is a manager at the store too. Oh, I love her. I had a fun time joking with her and even got a few photos with her husband of 31 years. Yes, inside joke! It is always so fun when you know the girls you are visiting and have so much fun together. This was my second visit and I get to see these cute girls at the tradeshow. 


Oh how I ADORE... these four cute girls. I am about to cry as I type this. I don't want to get emotional but wow it's incredible the friendships- real and true bonds that I have with girls that I have met. These girls really "get me" and we connect. Trina is the "group leader" and they all are equally amazing. I have told them that they "have" to come on the Caribbean cruise with me. ha! PS... YOU are all invited. 


I love this photo too. NICEST girls... Julie is right- the are the sweetest girls and I was so happy that they came to the class. PS Alissa I want your scarf!


Every single girl there was so friendly and many kept thanking me for coming. I kept thanking them for coming...really it was ME who was grateful. 


I love stamping and washi tape stations. The girls seemed to love getting inky too!



This is Cheri again with her mom (mother in law) Savannah. I kept calling her mom too. I know it's crazy weird but I just felt an instant connection with her again. I had met her before with Cheri here in Utah. I am in awe of their special relationship and love. These two cracked everyone up and it was a very tender thing to watch them together. 


Cheri helped me in the Vintage Finds binder workshop- yes, I have been told this BIG book is on steroids. It is fun to teach but I put so much in it. THANKFUL for her help. Cheri and I just "click." 


Here I am teaching. I shared a "few" stories... okay... a lot. I hope that each girl knows that I so appreciate how much they helped me by sharing back and for supporting me while I am there.




I like to show the Christmas tag garland that is made from my 6x6 Christmas Cottage paper pad- project by Lara Scott.


I am in total denial that Matt and Kayla are moving to Washington in two weeks. Sniff sniff....



I am so impressed with Cheri's Christmas Countdown Book in this photo. It flips from Day 1-25. She is going to post it on the design team blog and her blog. It's so unique and amazing!



It was so fun to see so many familar faces. Linda- you just keep being YOU! Thanks for always being so full of LOVE. I want to thank Stephanie for driving me ALL over Seattle, Monroe, Bonney Lake... and being there 1,000% for me. She kept me stocked with Hi-Chews, drink, food and great conversation. I am in love with her little girl Whitlee. I tell you... I have true friends through crafting that will forever be my friends. 

Screen shot 2012-11-11 at 10.52.19 PM
This is Linda... always smiling and everyone loves her!


Joy and Mary Anne- they made this entire weekend happen. I love them and yes, I begged them to have me come back. I can't wait to see them at CHA in January.


Cheri and I have more in common then we even realized. I think our husbands would be BEST FRIENDS too! She will be teaching TC workshops in WA more so please watch her blog. 


GROUP PHOTO... I see a group of angels. I am so grateful that you choose to come see me and spend your day with me. 



These two lovely ladies Taresa and Dodie won dinne with me on Saturday night. Okay... we stayed for hours chatting and talking and I really just felt like I gained so much for meeting them. They are beautiful inside and out and I was so appreciative that the store would hold a contest to allow for me to do this. It was just really special for me. Girls- please keep in touch with me and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dodie!!!!!!!!! I would love to see your 12 things layout completed. Picstitch-33

These photos are from Monroe. This store is so massive. so amazing. so wow!!!! I loved meeting Adrian Sr. and Jayna the store manager. It was fun to see Cheri and Julie Jacob meet for the first time. They were instant best friends.  I saw Cary again...and  I love that I think I inspired some girls to be "in the photos" from now on. 

Jackie and Julie the twins... I can't wait to get my invite. wink!!!! You two are beautiful.

I also got to go eat yummy Mexican food with the store winners from Monroe. We have such a special conversation at the table about our families. Yes, I did cry. It was a lunch that I will cherish in my heart. I really appreciated the fact that girls took off work to be able to attend the workshops. 

Julie thank you for coming and as always you make us all laugh. YOU are the real deal and I was just so fortunate to spend the day with you. XOXO
I know this is a super long post. I would just be so bad not to let each of the girls I met this weekend know that I was inspired and "renewed" by meeting each of you. I am so thankful and want to thank you for helping me feel so connected in sharing and talking with each of you. 

I learned that I have an official Teresa Collins Fan Club in Washington too. I am beyond humbled and would love to do something special for your next group gathering. PS... if my kids are reading this- they are probably thinking I am making this up. ha!  THANK YOU for your support.

Check out my video today on  


Stamped Muslin bags- Stamping on cute Muslin bags to create personalized, meaningful bags that can hold notes, treats or table placemats. Note: Stamps used: Vintage Finds (both), Christmas Cottage, and Vintage Finds/Christmas Cards Flashcards.

Watch the show today to see how I designed them. The cool bags are from:
Here's is a link to the premium cotton muslin bags:


I did not blog yesterday but it was my dearest friends Amy's birthday. So AMY... I love you... HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Birthday. You make me laugh non-stop and I love that we just "get each other." We clicked from the first time we ever talked. I wish I was there in Heyworth to celebrate with you. Everyone deserves a friend like you. YOU will never know the impact you have been on my life and family. xoxo
Screen shot 2012-11-11 at 11.26.06 PM
I can FINALLY announce my first teaching event in 2013.

It will be at Oh Scrap! in Costa Mesa, CA. 
I will be there Friday January 11th 2013.
 However, we decided if the class fills 
up within an hour like last year-
 I will teach a second one on 
Thursday Jan. 10th (if enough interest).

I can't tell you WHAT it is yet, it's BRAND NEW
 yet to be shown CHA TC designs.
 It's a large "mini" book but the rest is a big surprise.
 Do you want to join me and Gentry and Taylor 
(both my girls will be with me at CHA)
 for a night of super fun crafting? 

Call right away... 427 E 17th St # B  
Costa Mesa, CA 92627  
(949) 645-3334

PINCH me... I am headed to Calgary Canada to 
teach at the BLING IT ON CANADA event in three days. 
I love Lori and can't wait!
This is my last trip in 2012. 
Yes, a few weeks of family time and getting ready for CHA is on the agenda. 
I am looking forward to some 
fun times this weekend. I hear it is really cold. 
Going to go buy a new Winter coat today. 
(yes, McKay I love you enough to give you my
favorite coat- enjoy). 

Have a GREAT Monday!


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Why I teach scrapbook workshops....

I am in Washington right now. I am in my hotel room. I am often asked how I travel, design and manage to be a busy mom & wife to my family. I think it is because no matter what I always put my family first. I am so fortunate in that my husband and I work as a team. He has limited his time seeing patients so that when I am away he is off to be there. I normally leave for only 2 to 2.5 days at a time. I am truly grateful that my family knows how much I love sharing my passion and my thoughts on documenting life. 


I got this email from a girl in my classes last weekend. I was so touched. I asked her if I could post them and she said yes and you can even use my name and photos. 

"Hi Teresa,
Well my 25th was yesterday, so appropriate for my "Then & Now" book I made over the weekend. Thank you so much for sharing your time and inspiration with me, I had an amazing time with you, Camielle and the other ladies this past weekend. (and I was thrilled to see my pic and name on your Blog!! woo-hoo!!)

Seriously, though I want to tell you how you have made an impact on my life. When you told the story of the boy who passed and his sister who made the ABC album really made me think. I got teary eyed and tried with all my might not to cry like a baby. Why? Because we have had a horrible year. 

The 2010-2011 my son Joey begged me to take him out of 8th grade to home school him so he could get the grades he needed to be accepted into Servite High School, which is a very prestigious catholic school in our area that is geared to making young men into faith filled leaders. Well, I did home school him and he did exceptionally well. Infact the admissions director told us that he has never had a kid who had such bad grades work so hard to be accepted and to boot have glowing letter's of recommendation from his teacher's (that were failing him)!!

He was thrilled to be accepted and started the year so happy. As a freshman he broke the schools record for the most soccer goals scored in a season, and that was before the season was half over. Then in Jan my son Joey(14 at the time) got sick w/viral meningitis, the MD told us it would last 10-14 days, well 3 weeks later he was still just as sick. 1 month, 6 weeks, still sick. After much tests and hospital visits he was also diagnosed w/Mono. We had to take him out of school, because he was so ill. Not only was this illness devistating but he worked so hard to get into that school.

I tried to home school him again but he was so sick that it never happened. Just as he started to get better, sometime around May, we all got sick with chest yuck, bronchitis, laryingitis, I had it for about 10 days. He kept telling me, "Mom I lost 3 pounds, Mom I lost another 6 pounds", etc. I was so sick I just told him to stop weighing himself. A few day later he was laying next to me in my bed, I got up and left him there so I could go get antibiotics so I could go back to work.

When I came home I went to his room, he wasn't there he was still in my bed but what I saw shocked me. I saw a mountain of empty water bottles all over his room. As a nurse the pieces were suddenly right in front of me. I knew why he was sick. I went to my room, took a really good look at him, he was gray, skinny and listless. I immediately took his blood sugar, it was so high it didn't register a number. We took him to the childrens hospital, he was diagnosed w/type 1 diabetes on June 4th, 2012. The next day I called my doc to tell him I needed a note to take time off from work to take care of my son, he asked me to come in right away. He had the lab work from my recent check up and told me I was a diabetic and needed insulin also. How freaky, both my son and I were now in this together. Ugh! Believe me this story goes on and on.

I am telling you this because I have been "scrapbooking" since high school, but really became more involved scrapbooking when Danielle was born 16 yrs ago. I have never really been an avid journaler, but after this weekend listening to you it really hit home what I need to do. I am so thankful for going this weekend. I truly believe it was something God sent me to do. I would have ordinarily never of even thought of traveling by myself to another county let alone stay by myself overnight in a hotel room. I have always done this with my girlfriends only. After this past weekend I now have the confidence to write our story.

I am sorry to ramble on and on, I know how busy you are, but I had to tell you Thank You so much for what you do for it has made a huge difference in my life and one day my kids will look back and hopefully thank me for taking the time to document our ordeal not only in pictures but in writing.
Many hugs to you!!

I will see you at "Oh Scrap" in January 2013!!!
A Blessed Holiday Season to you and your family,
Rosie Leos-Doscher

Screen shot 2012-11-08 at 11.00.16 PM

Screen shot 2012-11-08 at 11.00.28 PM

(Isn't my Ronnie a cutie!!- just sayin' ;);)"

I felt so strongly to share her story. I am so thankful to have met her and to then get this email. I have no doubt that we are truly the "storytellers" and "historians" for our families. Scrapbooking is more than just a pretty paper or project. It is a way to share heart to heart our feelings and love for others. I am so grateful for EVERY single opportunity that I have to share what I love so much. 

Screen shot 2012-11-08 at 11.18.29 PM

So looking forward to amazing times with these beautiful ladies here in Washington. I teach two workshops today and my heart is feeling an overabundance of LOVE and gratitude. I spent late last night and this morning talking to my girls back home. I love that we talk everyday and they share their life with me. I love that we have that kind of relationship. I love that my husband adores me and tells me this every day.

Happy Friday... hope you are doing something fun this weekend.


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LIMITED QUANTITY..... kits!!!!!

I am still doing my daily GRATITUDE and wanted to show you how I did yesterday entry on a LARGE shipping tag. I used my sticker from voting and used it for the day. NOTE: I am showing you a "little" sneak peek of my brand new line of stamps that I am debuting soon. Can't wait to share all the details with you.

So funny, I posted this photo yesterday on facebook right after I walked outside from voting. 

I wanted to share it because I was so stressed this week. I was trying to do "too much" the past couple of days. I have been working every day on "new lines"  (debuting in 2013) and "new kits" ... so much and pushing myself to be multi-tasking beyond my limits. I realized that a person can only do so much all by themselves.

I called my best friend tonight to just decompress. She gets me and let me talk. She mentioned my PICTURE (the one above) that she saw on FACEBOOK yesterday and was worried I am too thin. I had to laugh out loud. How funny... I had lost 32 lbs and have not gained any weight back UNTIL two weeks ago and I'm up 8 lbs easy. Warning... drinking soda again truly is what brought back the "cravings." So I am getting right back on track. I am doing the major detox program again for FIVE weeks that I did a year ago. I will do this for the rest of my life if needed. It works and it's really easy to adhere too for the most part. I had no cravings or issues until I started drinking soda while on a business trip. My cravings for sugar and all of that came back "full force."  I am going back to the health clinic so I have the support that I need.

So I am happy to say that I am not too skinny- far from it... and that I like most women still struggle daily with my weight. I just so happy and just don't put much value on the number of the scale. It's really about "how" you feel and if you are "healthy" you just feel better. I'm not going to lie and say I like gaining weight, but it's the result of some back choices I made. 

I even designed the TC December Retailer class kit yesterday. It's a BIG kit and has all the elements to do your own complete 2013 Calendar project. I only sell these kits to retailers. Retailers  can sign up to be in our program and teach them as a monthly class or just as a kit. They are so popular and we have sold out every month. However, many crafters are always asking where to buy them. If you have the kits make sure you let your customers know!  This is something special that I design to help the stores have TCD kits that are well designed and have all the supplies needed inside the kit. I did this because I am not physically able to go to all the stores that would like for me to come and teach. This is the next best thing- wink!

This kit has SIX -12x12 TCD PDF sheets exclusive to this big project! 

I taught last weekend in California and since all the workshops sold out, so many girls asked if they could purchase one of three kits that I had taught last weekend. Then I got lots of emails this week. I know many of you are not close enough to take one of my workshops. These classes are only available at the stores that I am teaching at. So I am going to do something just for TODAY- I spoke with Taylor (she kits all my kits) and she is willing to kit up  more kits since the workshops sold out. If you want a kit you will have to order and pay for it today. Taylor had enough supplies to kit up a few more kits and will kit as many as she can this weekend. 

Here are the workshops kits that I taught last weekend:

Vintage Finds Memory Keeper Binder PROJECT

Create a 8.25" w x 9.5" white Binder Memory Keeper for your families memories. This project is HUGE and so many pages!!!
Vintage finds view 1
Vintage finds view 3
I'm kind of obsessed with flaps!!!!
Vintage finds view 4
Vintage finds view 5
Vintage finds view 6
Christmas Cottage Countdown PROJECT

Create a large 6"w x 12" album with 26 pages to capture your holiday memories. So many possibilites to use as home decor or to use as a mini book.

Christmas cottage inside page view
The NOW & THEN 5" w x 10" h project is all about flaps, dimension and creating a beautiful remembrance book. I love this workshop and am going to show how to create your own embellishments from chipboard and die cut elements. Learn how to use your die cut punches in a way that you will want to use them over and over. The project is packed full of the newest TC release. 
NOW & THEN COVER best photo
Now & Then workshop side view visual

You can email Taylor directly at on how to order a kit. These are not my monthly retailer class kits and unfortunately I do not sell those kits to anyone but retailers.

She will give you any information you need and if you would like to purchase one- she will give you the paypal account information. Please email early if your are interested. Limited kits are available. 

I am headed to the airport AGAIN this morning. I am headed to teach this weekend in Washington. I will be at the Ben Franklin Craft Stores in Bonney Lake (Saturday) and Monroe (Friday). I am pretty excited because they have a fun weekend agenda for the weekend for me. I will see Julie Jacob and Cheri Piles my design team leaders. I think WA is beautiful and I can't wait!!! I hope to see many of you there. I LOVE the stores and the people and have looked forward to this weekend for so many months. I am teaching the Vintage Finds Binder and the Christmas Cottage project once at both stores. 

Have a great day!!!! 

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TC & Xyron... filming in AZ



Hope you enjoy the video-

here are some visuals from the video with Beth Kingston.

Screen shot 2012-11-07 at 5.22.12 PM


Screen shot 2012-11-07 at 5.21.40 PM

I am packing tonight for my trip to Seattle, WA tomorrow. Hope it is not too cold! I am looking forward to the trip anyway though. 

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Are you documenting your gratitude?

I am making it a priority to write each day for the entire month. I am making my thoughts and feeling and will bind the pages into a mini book. This is the first five days of November. 


I hope you are joining me in doing the same. I like to write mine at night before I am too tired and am more relaxed and can reflect on the day. It is truly my gratitude journal and I have so much to be thankful for. I like that I am documenting the every day too.

I know if I'm not journaling then I will forget so many of the things that goes on in my life and family.

I wanted to share a photo from Halloween-


I had to share this adorable photo of Maxson with his friends from the playgroup. Maxson has the red sash on his head. He was a pirate. Such cute boys...  I love these priceless photos.

Also, this weekend Gentry became engaged. I have a very tender place in my heart for Devan. As Gentry expressed... I had a dream after she mentioned him to me that they would get married. I had never met him. I admit, I looked him up on facebook and then went to his music blog. His music is so beautiful and brought me peace. It was crazy but I did feel so strongly that she needed to date him more. He is so kind hearted and thoughtful to everyone he meets. My boys love him too and our entire family agrees he is so very good for Gentry. 

This is the song that he played prior to proposing to her -


I am so thankful that Devan and Gentry have found each other. Gentry is finishing up her 3rd year of college and Devan will graduate in April. They are looking to get married in May. Gentry will be still be going to BYU to finish her degree and Devan is going to get his masters degree. 

 Zellie is 11 months old this week. How can time go by so fast? She is a sweet little girl. I am seriously trying not to even think about them leaving Utah in a couple of weeks. Kayla wants to move to be by her family. We will miss so much of seeing them growing up and them knowing us- that is the hardest part.  My husband is having a really hard time. He has the sweetest bond and connection with Maxson. Okay... gotta stop talking about this. It works out... right? I know there must be a lot of you who have to have a long distance relationship with grand babies. 


Last weekend, I had the pleasure to travel to San Diego, California to teach.


I always fly Delta because I get two free bags. This helps me since I ship my kits directly to the store but bring various projects and all my class supplies with me as checked luggage. TSA know me by name (not really) but they do KNOW my bling pants go off every single time.

My time at Ever After was really amazing. I had three sold out workshops (thank you so much girls) and everyone was so excited for the weekend. We really had a great group of women. I simply adore these sweet girls who came. They inspired me in so many ways. I loved the warm sunny weather and enjoyed my time with Camille and her family. I am most impressed with her son Zach. 


They were so sweet and helpful the entire weekend. The store is loaded with TC- Christmas Cottage, Vintage Finds and Now & Then collections. I can't thank them enough for having me visit again!


Camille had the store FULL of my products and signs to welcome me. 


I got to see so many of my friends that always come and get crafty with me. I love that I KNOW these girls. I love the enthusiasm and the stories. I am finding that just might be an addiction for some of these girls. Ha!


This just might be my "biggest" supporter. This is Fern. She was in the hospital for EIGHT days and got out and came to my class the next day. She said "nothing was going to keep her from coming to see me and take my classes."  She takes my workshops every year and I would have missed seeing my beautiful friend. I was worried about her and kept a careful eye on her. Thank you Fern for being you and making everyone happier by getting to know you. You are loved!!!! Keep getting better and take care of yourself. 


This is a panorama view- of the class. So hard to get all of the women in ONE photo but I tried. I was missing one of the tables too. 


I have to say that I'm so grateful of my adhesive line with Xyron. When you love something and believe in something it's golden and special. The TC Pink Mega Runners sold out so fast. Crafters seem to love the size and the pink color-cuteness.  The TC Sticker maker is my go too for smaller papers and ribbon. I love mine! 


These are the traveling girls... yes, by car and by plane they came from PHX and Canada. Okay... JoAnn, Kim, Shelley and Jennifer- you are way too fun to hang out with!!!!! Can you please come and visit me in Utah? I'm being entirely serious. 


JoAnn is really really SASSY and fun. I seriously have always met the sweetest and fun girls from Canada.  I am going to Canada next week to teach in Calgary. 


The class room is beyond spacious and fabulous!

 Saturday night it was time for Mexican food with some of the girls from the weekend. Oh yes, I had the BEST fish tacos (grilled) that I have ever had. We were in Carlsbad, CA. I will be going back there for sure. The best part was these beautiful, sweet, funny and darling friends. Thank you Rosie- for celebrating your special occasion with us. 


 All caught up... until tomorrow. 


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Today on My Craft Channel-

I am working on some very cool things. I am in full design mode for 2013. I have so much to catch up on my blog. So many thoughts... I am thrilled Gentry shared with her good news. I am so happy.

For now, I wanted to share my show that debuted today at

Teresa Collins Designs Show: Now & Then Calendar Mini Album

Learn how to take one sheet of 12x12 papers and create 3 pages in a 5x7 mini book (one of which is a pocket page). Now & Then Papers and 12x12 Diecut Sheet featured in this episode.

Screen shot 2012-11-05 at 5.26.12 PM

I hope you enjoy the show! 

I want to thank EVER AFTER SCRAPBOOKS and all the girls who attended. I will blog later about my visit with photos. It was so much fun!!!!

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As you might be able to tell from the title of this post it is not Teresa writing the post today (She's already married... so that would be weird). This is Teresa's Daughter Gentry. I have taken over her blog today to announce something pretty great... I'm engaged! 

So I'm getting married! And it is to my best friend and the man I love more than anything. How lucky am I? I'm so happy. I get to spend forever with him. Last night he popped the question... and I said yes! 

This is us right after Devan proposed. It was perfect.

How did we get to this point you ask? Let's take a look at Devan and I's journey together...


February 2012: Devan and I at a charity event that my friend put on. We weren't dating at this point. We barely even knew each other; casual friends at the most. We talked though and hung out for a while, but that was it.

For the next couple of months we would say hi and talk here and there.  I worked as an usher at BYU and we would run into each other a lot because, as a music composition major, he was always in that building. 

March 23, 2012: Devan and I's first date. Our church ward was having a movie night out on the quad at our apartment complex. I had to work late so I arrived at the movie late. I saw Devan and went and sat by him because I didn't know many people there. (Later he told me when he saw me walking up he was hoping I would sit next to him). After talking throughout parts of the movie and playing games on our phone together he asked me if I wanted to go to a place called "Awful Waffle" with him. I wasn't sure if he wanted it to be just us so I said we should find out if any people wanted to go with us... nobody wanted to. So, not knowing if I wanted to go on a date with him just yet, I let the subject drop. Devan, being the determined man he is asked a few mintues later if I still wanted to go. Not knowing what to do I said sure.

    What proceeded was the best first date I have ever been on. We went and got our dessert waffles and then went to an elementary school park and had fun on the playground. Then we went to campus and rolled down a big hill, took pictures everywhere, and just had fun... It might not sound amazing, but I guess it was the great company :)

***A little side note here. I went home the next weekend for dinner with my sister Taylor and my mom. At dinner my mom was giving me a hard time for not dating enough. I proceeded to tell her about my date with Devan. I didnt go into detail really and then the subject dropped. My mother being her usual self called me a couple days later called me and told me she had dreamed that Devan was the person I was going to marry. I said she was crazy and that she needed to stop looking for signs in her dreams. I hadn't even talked to him since then... little did I know she would be right.

April 8, 2012: Easter Sunday. I had been begging Devan to play a song of his in church for the longest time. He told me he would play. When I got to church that day he came up to me and told me that he was playing just for me.. cute right? He sat by me the whole day and the piece that he played was beautiful.

April 9, 2012: Our ward was having a barbeque and games. I was hoping to see Devan there so I look really cute that day. He didn't show up. Disappointing right? All of his roommates were there, but not him. I was so sad I had lost my opportunity to hang out with him. Later that night after working out I went to some of my friends apartment to watch a movie (keep in my I had just finished working out and looked gross). When I got to their apartment I saw that Devans large speakers were still at my friends apartment from the movie night in the quad. I took this as a good excuse to text him and remind him. After getting his speakers he stayed for the movie. We weren't by each other, but he started texting me. We knew it was stupid to be texting each other when we were 5 feet away, but oh well. After the movie, I watched and happened to leave when he did. What a coincidence;) We hung out the rest of the night together. In fact,we hung out the rest of the nights that week together. 

From there it is a blur. We started dating. I went home for the summer (45 minutes away). It was hard with the distance sometimes, but I am so glad we tried! We fell in love. He became my best friend.


April 17: Kayaking at Utah Lake


April 26: Tulip festival at Thanksgiving Point

May 2: Hogle Zoo


May 29: He surprised me with an outdoor movie night


June 1st: On top of the LDS conference center in Salt Lake City

Double date at the Bee's game


Hike to Timpanogos Caves

He bought us lanterns to light into the sky.


Kennecott copper mine.. this was too heavy to lift.



In Arizona for my friend Danielle's wedding this summer

Trying to take an "awkward family photo".. we had a hard time keeping a straight face.

Built an awesome fort in my apartment and played games and watched movies. A great night.


As you can see we always try to have fun together. This has been the greatest 7 months together. There were so many more photos I could have included... but this post is already SUPER long and I don't want to bore anybody. 

So let's get to last night.

Devan had his senior composition recital at BYU (which was AMAZING. He's amazing. Really). Afterwards Devan and I went to an italian place for dinner called Carrabba's. He asked me what I wanted to do afterwards and I told him I was tired so I wanted to go to sleep. Throughout the day I had been saying it was his day and we could do whatever he wanted. So he told me he wanted to actually do something. So I agreed because it was his day. When we got in the car he said he knew what he wanted to do but it was a surprise. I asked him to tell me because what if I didn't want to do it... With reluctance he told me he wanted to go to up to the Y on the mountain. 

We had been up there many times. This is where he first told me he was falling in love with me. This is where we went many a time to look out over the valley. It is pretty much our spot. 

Last night when he told me he wanted to go up there I looked at him like he was crazy and said I didn't want to because it was freezing. He told me he would bring a blanket. I told him I would go if we stayed in the car. But after persuasion I agreed. 

We got to the parking lot and when he went to get the blanket it wasn't in his trunk... So we started up the trail... and then the lights came on. Lots and lots of twinkling lights. It was beautiful. And I immediately knew what was happening.




With our song "Wanted" by hunter hayes playing, the beautiful view, the twinkling lights, the location, my sisters hiding in the bushes taking pictures, and the beautiful set up this night couldn't have been better. 

When he got down on one knee and said some really cute things I immediately said YES.

And I can't wait to begin my happily ever after with this man.

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I am in beautiful Southern California for my yearly visit to Ever After Scrapbooks in Vista, CA. I am thankful to have made it safely here and for the opportunity to visit here again. I have the most wonderful friends here. I am looking forward to this weekend. I want to thank the girls who drove from LONG distances and many flew in to join me. I am touched beyond words. I want to thank you!!!!

Today I wrote again about my thoughts and expressing my gratitude. I know you may think YOU don't have time...but you do. It literally can be a sentence or two or a page like mine. It's your life, your thoughts... and it's so worth the time to "express" your thoughts. 

Screen shot 2012-11-02 at 12.06.43 AM


I am going to be using my Vintage Finds collection to create the book that will hold the note from each day. I am PASSIONATE about this project. It is how I express my heart and tells my story. 

Happy Friday... go do something fun!

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Want to do something amazing with me this month?

I do a yearly gratitude book. I decided to share how I create mine and hopefully inspire you to do the same.

Screen shot 2012-11-01 at 11.10.19 PM

I purchased a simple notebook pad with lines to journal. If you don't have a notebook- buy one that has lines. It will help to stay in the lines and be easier to read. Each and every day in November for the entire month... I am writing my thoughts and gratitude about my life and family on a new piece of note paper or whatever I want to use that day to document the month.

notebook found at Dear Lizzy- Alpine Utah, designed by Sugarboo Designs (Roswell, GA)

I will then make a book with all of the daily thoughts and journaling pages. I will then create my GRATITUDE book from each page. I will be posting EVERY day a visual on my facebook so that you can see my gratitude book come together. I know it will be a great reminder to me and my family for years to come of what matters most to me.

I challenge you to join me in doing the same. 

I designed this line- Giving Thanks to help others document and express their own feelings of thankfulness. I love this quote from the line-

Screen shot 2012-11-01 at 11.12.02 PM

I would love to see your journal. I hope you will join me in my month long quest to focus on gratitude. Daily posts can be found here: and I will be posting some on the blog too. As a way to give back, I will be picking random winners who share their own project with me- SOLD OUT...can't buy it Giving Thanks products that I just happen to have (hoard)... You can post on my facebook page or email photos to 

I can't think of a more meaningful project to create... I hope you do it with me. I promise it is worth it!

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While in Phoenix...


This was a special trip for me. I got to spend 4 days alone with Zach. Normally, Ty takes him to most of the out of state tournaments. I am often the one left home to take care of the other kids and home. It was such a great experience to get him all to myself. He was playing in Peoria AZ at the baseball complex.


He just turned 15 years old and he is now a young man. He hurt his arm throwing. He is a catcher and has not been able to PLAY for 8 weeks now. He is only batting at this point. I have seen him be nothing but positive in his attitude. He still goes and supports his team and has never complained. HE has taught me a huge lesson on being positive. I wish you could all met him. I tell him God sent me him to know someone who is so much like HIM. Crazy but true... I am inspired to be better because of him. He keeps me on my toes in a good way.


We ate out every meal... oh, not good... now I'm on a big cleanse. Nothing like authentic Mexican food. I love AZ and they have too many good places to eat at. Hence... I gained weight.

One afternoon, we were done with the games early. We decided to take the boys to the Arizona State Fair. I can't remember the last time I had been to a fair. The boys LOVED it!



The highlight was Zach winning "HONEY BADGER." He was excited. It only cost $20.00 LOL. Those games are impossible to win. Do you think they are money traps? ha-

I have to say that the BEST thing ever was the many heart to heart conversations that we shared. I really focused on just being with Zach and creating memories he will never forget.

Halloween photos are tomorrow... have a great day!!!!!

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