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It's now official.... & Memory JAR show segment

It is just so weird to me to think that Taylor is no longer married. She got the call last week that the divorce was final 9 days ago. They had been separated for six months. I learned so much about Taylor as I watched her "be alone" and stand so strong. I have watched her go to church alone, re-paint her condo to make it seem like a fresh start, start eating very healthy, and mourn the loss of her marriage. 

She used this time to get to "know herself" and grow from the experience. She did not date. She felt until she was legally divorced she should wait. It was her personal choice and one I felt was wise. She is now in a better place. She is happy and is holds no bitterness. I am very thankful that the divorce never turned nasty. It is probably much easier since they did not have kids together.

She took this photo of herself this week. It's my new favorite.


I think our trials truly do "refine" us. I see her 1,000% stronger and she exudes confidence. She has accepted the consequences and decided to grow from the experience. I'm sure some people did and will judge her for being 22 and divorced. That is okay... I remind her often that I love her and life is about learning and growing. The people in life who truly matter are going to be beside us when we excel and when we stumble and need a hand to pick us up.


 Her sisters have been there for her. McKay keeps all of us laughing!


This is Koda. He is Taylor's dog. I can honestly say that this cute little dog truly helped her so much. I am so thankful she has her "baby."


Taylor had her family to support her and always will. I am thankful that we are so close. (mckay, gentry, taylor and I) I wish like crazy that it would have worked out. I won't go into the details or more than I have said in the past. I will say I still care deeply for Spencer. I will always forever pray for his happiness. 

Taylor- I love you and am always going to support you!!!!! xoxo

Today I have a new show on MY CRAFT CHANNEL. Here it is...

Screen shot 2012-12-31 at 8.36.30 AM

Really... this is a crazy bad screen shot- however, I do choose to laugh at these!!!

HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE!!!!! Be safe and do something to create good memories.


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The best gift.... The UGLY PHOTO book

I have to say that I love Christmas so much. I love giving and I try to put much thought into what I give. I loved that my husband gave me things that were so "needed" and practical. Yes, I got a new vacuum cleaner and I love it! He listened to me and I got things that I had mentioned throughout the year that I would like to have. I was so surprised that he remembered. I love this so much about him!!!!!

The kids gave me the PERFECT gift. It was something that I will TREASURE for the rest of my life.

I have told my kids that a true gift is not what you pay for it, but the thought and meaning behind it. Giving someone a gift from the heart is the ones that matter most...


This is the front of the book- UGLY PHOTO BOOK

My kids had a bound book made with hundreds of photos of our family over the years. My kids know I won't throw away photos just because someone thinks they look "ugly." I am so happy I have these "less than great" photo of each of us. Hey, don't we all go through a awkward phase in our life? I LOVE and treasure these photos. I laughed so hard and the entire family enjoyed the book. 

The introduction page-


Here are some photos:


I love McKay in her dance "outfit" and who doesn't want to remember wearing diapers... right Ty? Sorry about the bowl cute Tyler. Forgive your mother!


Halloween photos, my niece with no underwear on (Shelley is holding her) and Zach with no front teeth...I loved the comments they wrote with the photos.


Yes, that is me in 6th grade. Okay... I know I look like a boy. The crazy thing is how much little Ty looks just like I did. He does not like me saying this!


I love all of these memories... LOVE! I am so thankful that I took the photos and captured these "cute", silly moments. Gentry was being potty trained in the top photo. She was loving her training underwear. See what a good mom I was to take this photo. ha!


This is the back of the book...

The kids wrote- We're not so bad anymore...

THANK YOU kids for my sweet gift. I love it so much and I'll continue to take photos everyday until I die. 

I bet each of you could do the same book, right?

Hope you have a great weekend! I am hosting a party tonight at my house with my husbands high school friends and the wifes. I can't wait!!!!!


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A week in the LIFE- Christmas

Christmas is over. My Canon camera decided to not take any photos. We had the family over for a party and I went to turn on my camera. NOTHING. It would not turn on. First choice was to charge the battery. I did that and it did come up but when I held down to take a photo. NOTHING. One time it did show a E (ERROR). My husband tried, my kids tried and still no photos. So what did I do? I took photos that night with my cell phone. Then for Christmas I used my husband's little Canon (one he uses to take hunting). The pictures are "okay." I looked at them last night. Hmmm... I felt disappointment for a small second and then realized that no matter what I have photos. I'll take the yellowish photos and treasure them. They are my masterpiece afterall. ha!

This is actually ONE of the better photos and I had to really edit it. However, I have all the kids in one photo. THIS is what matters. I scaled way back on the gifts. The kids were still happy. We talked about how much we have... things money simply does not buy. I know it's crazy to have such a large family to some people. I am beyond grateful for this.

This was Devan's first Christmas with us. Also, Seth will be leaving on a mission in 2.5 months. Seth (red shirt) will be going to serve in Mexico and we will not have him home for Christmas. We got him a luggage for his journey. I will miss him. I have known him since he was only two years old. He is now 18 years old. I am really proud of him. 

Matt and Kayla and the kids are living in WA. They celebrated with her family this year. We skyped with them yesterday. Azalea is walking. Maxson was so excited. We missed them... so far away. 

I will post more photos tomorrow. This holiday was PERFECT! I have so much in my heart right now. I am so grateful I went back to NC to be with my sister and family. It opened my eyes to so much. I have felt so much sadness with the sad events taking place in our nation. The innocent children and teachers being killed, the firefighters who were ambushed and it was literally hurting my heart.

I know that we cannot live in fear and yet there is much more good than bad in the world. I know the media focuses on the bad. It helps me as a person to know that we much cherish every single day with those that we love most. We must show our love to others in word and deed and not live in fear. Does anyone else feel this? I know I do at times. I worry about my kids so much and I text them all the time to "be careful"... the roads are "icy." Well, our world has changed. The world is icy now. I went to bed last night reflecting on this. I know for me, it is being happy with the simple things and not always being in a rush.  I have slowed down for the past few months. I have "let things slide" more. It has brought me peace of mind. It has made me realize to hug my kids and husband MORE and never miss an opportunity to tell them I love them.

My design team has been doing project life (every day life) with my products. I wanted to show you this blog entry. If you are not following them you should. My team of girls are amazing!!!!

Rachel here to show you my "Week in the Life" album.

 I LOVED the idea of  "A Week in the Life"....but... I had never put together a mini album before. I'm a terrible scrapbooker, something in my brain just does not compute arranging photos on paper and writing about them. So I was a little nervous about how it would turn out, then I decided there was no wrong or right way and to just go with the flow. It's more about the memories than how cute it turns out, right?

For the cover, I used a sheet of Blue Damask from the Now and Then Collection. The rest of the papers and embellishments are from the Christmas Cottage Collection. I tied seam binding, bakers twine and a little jingle bells to the rings of the binder.
I chose the week of  November 30th  through December 6th  because I knew we were going to have a fun and busy week ahead and wanted to be sure to document it. We started a few new traditions this year now that our almost 2 year old is starting to understand the concept of Christmas. It's so much fun to see this magical season through the eyes of a child. 
~Day 1~
~Decorating the Tree~
Thursday night we put up the Christmas tree and had such a fun time decorating it. Our little Averi loved putting on (and taking off) the decorations. We sipped hot chocolate, listened to the Gene Autry Holiday station on Pandora (seriously, the cutest station ever) and relaxed by the fireplace. 
~Day 2~
~Photos with Santa~
Averi met Santa Claus and had her photos taken with the jolly old elf.
 Ok, honestly that's really my husband dressed up as Santa. How genius is that idea? The studio has a parent dress up as Santa so the child isn't traumatized and you can get some great photos without having to wait in a huge line at the mall. I absolutely loved how they turned out and I know we'll cherish these pictures forever. 
~Day 3~
~Festival of Trees~
 I love this event because not only do we get to see over 700 beautifully decorated trees, enjoy fun entertainment and marvel at deliciously decorated gingerbread houses, every single penny this festival raises goes straight to children in need at the Primary Children's Medical Center. 

~Day 4~
~North Pole Breakfast~
Santa sent his scout elf  "Paprika" to our house early Saturday morning. She made us yummy cinnamon rolls and brought us reindeer food straight from the North Pole! She gave Averi  a special gift  of warm socks (because it's COLD at the North Pole!) and holiday books to read all through the month of December. We explained to Averi that Paprika was going to stay with us until Christmas Eve so she could report to Santa all the good things Miss Averi does every day. Averi then took the elf and put her in the garbage. "All gone. No more." she stated.
We spent the rest of Sunday being lazy and just hanging out in Averi's teepee, reading books and napping. 
~Day 5~
~Family Christmas Party~
I love seeing family that we don't get to see too often. We all gather together for a delicious dinner and visit with one another. Then in comes Santa, jingle bells and all with a sack of gifts over his shoulder for all the kids. Averi refused to sit on his lap, although she did give him a kiss on the nose after he handed her a candy cane.  It's tradition for Santa to bring pajamas, which I LOVE because it feels like Christmas morning with a HUGE family. Once the gifts are distributed and every child has had a chance to sit on Santa's lap, the presents are ripped open and the jammies are put on. It's adorable to see all the kids in their new Christmas PJs.

~Day 6~

~Hanging out on Main Street~
One of the great things about living in Park City is its historic main street. It's an adorable street lined with shops, restaurants and galleries. We love riding the trolley up and down main, then stopping at our favorite cozy little bookstore to visit the resident cats. As always, we go next door for a scoop of ice cream.  
~Day 7~
~Temple Square~
We spent the evening in downtown Salt Lake City for some window shopping and dinner. Then on to Temple Square, which during the Christmas season, turns into a wonderland of festive lights and nativity scenes.  Listening to local musicians perform is one of the highlights of visiting Temple Square and watching Averi dance and twirl to the music made it all the more magical.
I hope you enjoyed a peek into a "Week in the Life" of the McAffee clan!
Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Supplies used:
Papers and embellishments from-
craft supplies- seam binding, felt, thread
Rachel McAffee- Designer
Thank you Rachel. I loved your book and how you documented Christmas!!!!! I am thankful to have you on my design team. 


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Christmas card final
Merry Christmas friends and family-
I am truly thankful for my family and our many blessings.
I hope you each feel the special spirit of love at this special time.
Hope you have a most magical wonderful day!

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It's FRIDAY... FREE download

My kids are all out of school. 

This makes me happy.

We are having so much fun together. We are taking so many goofy photos... just spending time together-

Screen shot 2012-12-21 at 12.23.30 AM

Devan and Gentry are always together. 

Screen shot 2012-12-21 at 12.22.32 AM

The girls really like to take photos together... the sillier the better...

Screen shot 2012-12-21 at 12.22.16 AM

I'm never opposed to joining in on the fun.


Even though Taylor does not live at home anymore... she visits almost every day. (She is shopping at City Creek Center here).


Tonight the kids decorated mini Gingerbread House villages. Gentry did the top left one and "believes" her's was the best. Ty was the right side and decided to go for "minimalistic." 

 Some of my new products came in this week. I am busy designing projects. The catalog must go to print tomorrow. I will share a little "sneak peek" of where and what I'm using. Can't wait to share more...


I am a messy crafter...

I am going to be very busy in order to make my deadline. 

Happy Friday...

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Giving it away...

I donated over $250.00 worth of TC products towards today’s advent calendar post contest with KABOO. Please go visit and enter to see the great prize package I offered up. 

Screen shot 2012-12-19 at 10.13.22 AM

Official entry - visit the KABOO advent calendar:

Okay... now it's officially less than one week to Christmas!!!

I wanted to post from parties from our family party on Monday night. It was so much fun!!!! We made taco soup, pigs in a blanket and I got the chocolate cake from Costco for the birthday boys. Everyone brought yummy desserts to share. We played a great game and did white elephant exchange. I am now the proud owner of a larger framed Tiger Woods swinging a golf club photo. We shared so many good laughs. 


Zach decided three hours before the party to learn how to play the piano. He actually learned one song. McKay taught him the First Noel.


I really appreciate my family here. I married into a large Collins family. I love this and love being apart of such a special family since I don't have any from my side here. 


We celebrated Ty and Devans birthday. I added the Santa pieces and they loved the chocolate chocolate cake... (buy at Costco!!!)

Ty really looks up to Devan and I love this so much!

Yesterday I went to a Christmas party here- it is downtown at the Gateway in SLC. YOU have to go!!!!

I was even able to order my meal "special" so that I could have it. I had salmon and shrimp (grilled)- no sauce or rice. They subsituted steamed asparagus. I am a pro at eating out and changing my orders now.


Then I took Zach shopping for Christmas. He did not have one thing on his list. However, he is growing like a weed. So I took him clothes shopping with McKay. I was trying to be out of the photo!!!!! I can't believe he is so tall now. 


Ty went snowboarding after school with Seth. This is when he got home last night. He said it was "soooo cold!!!"


Last photo- McKay and Zach after we got home from shopping last night. Zach loved the coat and the new hat. They giggled because this photo looked like they are a couple. I love to see how close they are. 


Yesterday was perfect!!!!!! 

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I have a birthday boy...


Today is a big day in our family. My son Ty is now 14 years old. He is in 8th grade. He is my kid that loves BMX bike racing. He has done really well at it and we love to go watch him race.


Ty is the only one in my family that will run from me so he does not have his photo taken. I admit, that its hard for me. I want to capture his life more but it upsets him if I'm always taking photos. 


Ty loves his sisters and gets so excited when they come home from college. He loves snowboarding, and challenges. He is 4.0 and works hard to have good grades. He is blessed with a lot of friends.


He is ready for his braces to come off. He simply keeps "forgetting" to wear his elastics. 


If you could see photos of me when I was younger- he is my little clone. He actually looks more like me than any of my other kids. He is a sweet kid and the baby in the family.

He is my miracle baby. I was 7 months pregnant with him when I had a stroke. We both survived and he does not have any effects from the stroke. We are blessed. He is forever my baby! He wanted to go snowboarding today after school for his birthday. I'm not sure if the weather will permit. We had a family party last night and a big cake. Today McKay will take him to Coldstones for ice cream and we will go to dinner as a family to celebrate. It will be his choice. 

Also, it is Devan's birthday. We love him and can't wait until he is officially in our family. 


It is officially ONE WEEK until Christmas. I am ready. So thankful that I scaled back and am able to focus on more meaning and creating good memories. I am 4 weeks into my no sugar, no carbs program. I admit, it's harder this go round. I do feel healthy and that is what keeps me going. I have one more week and then I will go back to maintanience. Today is going to be an amazing day! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TY and DEVAN... I love you tons!

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At the Charlotte airport....

I'm at the Charlotte airport waiting to board the flight with McKay. My heart is tender and I'm sitting here with tears. Why do I have to be so emotional? I KNEW that I needed to come home. I believe in many ways it was for ME much more than my family here. I needed to be see them. I love my family so much. We have a very small family here. Other than my sister, I have lost close contact with my cousins (all are female). My parents and grandparents have all died and this makes me sad. I appreciate family so much...


I am from a city called Hickory, North Carolina. It is about 45 minutes from Charlotte. I was born and raised here. I never had even been on a airplane until I was 18 and headed out west to go to college. I was scared to death. I never knew that I would marry and never live in the South with my family. It was so hard on my family. It has been hard. My mom, Shelley (my sister) and I were so close. I only regret not being able to be with them more. 



The day after I got here, we visited the grave of my parents and my grandparents. How am I still in denial that she has been gone for ten years? We took new flowers for graves. I have to be honest, I feel her presence more at the home we grew up in. I walked in the door and I felt her spirit. The house still smells like my mama. 

I spent so much time with my nieces Kayla and Miranda. They are sweet girls and I am so proud of them. I am proud of my sister Shelley who raised them. She was basically a single mom with no financial support and she did things that amaze me. She worked two jobs at times and her children adore her. I love them so much. I realize that my sister and I are very similar in so many ways. We laugh and joke A LOT and this is how we communicate. We both put our children on a pedestal. 

When I heard about the shootings, I kept crying. I am beyond mad that this happened. I am sad beyond words and my heart aches. It is so tragic and wrong. I can't believe this is the world we live in. It makes me realize how precious every single moment we have is important. We need to make these moments, each day special. We need to appreciate the simple moments and truly not get upset over the things that simply do not matter.


I loved taking the girls shopping and to lunch. 


Yes, we decided to go to Skateland. Oh, I have lost my balance. It was so funny. My sister and I used to go with our friends every weekend from the time we were 12-14 years old. Good memories!!!!!


I took my sweet youngest daughter McKay with me. She loved NC. I truly adored sharing where I am from with here. I have five children by birth and two bonus sons. It is important to me to have "one on one" time with the kids. I want to really know them and for them to know me. This trip was especially sweet. I saw my cousins. It was twenty years ago that I last saw my cousin. I am so proud of her. She went a hard course and got lost into the world of drugs and prostitution. She was in and out of jail, and almost died from being stabbed and hurt on many occassions. I never judged, but felt helpless to help. She got clean a few years ago. She is married and so happy. She found God and now has many little babies. She is my age. I cannot tell you how I believe that she is my inspiration. I love her and I am thankful that she survived. My trip has truly been such a blessing.

Okay... we are boarding. More later.......

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Holiday Wreath by Dedra Long

Having fun here in North Carolina! Wanted to post a quick inspiration for you all. Here is a Christmas wreath by design team member Dedra Long. If you ever want more inspiration the take a look at the design team blog.  Hope you all have a great weekend!

Holiday wreath

Wreath close up

Products used:

 Teresa Collins- medallions, rhinestones, brads, rolled paper flowers, and ribbon.

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Blog Post

Advent Celebration Giveaway with Kaboo!!!

It's a GIVEAWAY day...

Yes, Today ONE of you could win over $250.00 of my products. I even added SOLD OUT items that you no longer can buy anywhere. This prize package is so huge and I'm so happy to be apart of this big giveaway. Yes, there is BLINGAGE in the mix and my TC Xyron Stickermaker....

TCD Prize packDec 11-1

We are happy to announce our participation in the Advent Celebration Giveaway with Kaboo!

All you have to do is head over to their Facebook page  and enter to win this great prize.


Kaboo Facebook Page: or

Advent Calendar Page:


I'm so excited. I leave for NC tomorrow. I was wrong... it's been three years from four years since I last went "home." I started to pack today. After I film my new My Craft Channel segments on Wednesday morning I will head to the airport. We get in late in NC and I'm so not good with direction. I have been known to get lost from Charlotte to Hickory. Oh, yes- I have went to SC before at night. So confusing...ha! 

I did listen to your feedback on facebook and in emails. I did more home decor show segments and more of book binding too. I really am honored to have my weekly show and I LOVE sharing my tips and tricks on the show.

If you are thinking of the perfect Christmas gift- there are only FIVE more spots to join me in Italy!!!

CREATIVE RETREAT in Bellagio, Italy will be held the week of June 22nd - 29th, 2013!

We will have another FUN-FILLED week of classes with some of the Top Artists in the industry, AMAZING excursions around Lake Como, RELAZING time by the pool or lakeshore and BREATHTAKING views of this beautiful region of Italy as we enjoy local foods and the annual San Giovanni Festival!

Here’s a look into what’s included in the week we have planned for you! ~ The San Giovanni Festival with a torchlight procession through town ~

A week of INSPIRATION with Teresa Collins, Jeanne Oliver & Laura McCollough ~

3 Excursions in the breathtaking surroundings of Italy, including a boat and villa tour ~

5 Lunches and 5 Dinners in beautiful locations around Lake Como ~

7 nights lodging at the GHVS Apartments or La Lemonera Apartments ~

Live music in the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni’s Music Room ~

Crop time, demo’s and make-n-takes ~ Goody bags, raffles and suprises ~

Plus time to relax by the pool or sit at the waters edge ~ Time to stroll the streets, enjoy some gelato or shop the cobblestone streets~

An UNFORGETTABLE experience you will carry with you forever! Don’t miss out, sign up for this incredible Creative Retreat!

 For all the details of this event and everything that is included in the price, you can go to:

Also, I wanted to remind all this incrediable trip-

Screen shot 2012-09-13 at 2.46.15 PM

Here are the details:

Attention all crafters... Join me on a Royal Caribbean cruise where as the special guest designer we craft, sightsee and have an amazing time together!!!! Yes, bring your husband, best friend...the more the merrier. You can come alone and I promise you will make some amazing new friends!

You can sign up NOW!!! We have had a great response and many sign ups.

Don't miss out by joining us on the fun!!!!!

7 Nights Eastern Caribbean

October 20, 2013- October 27, 2013 

Hosted by EMI Scrapbooking with special guest- Teresa Collins

Cruise departs from Port Canaveral, Florida- cruising SEVEN nights to the Bahamas, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten.

Join me and I will teach THREE BIG Workshops and attend all events. Yes, I will be teaching a TRAVEL BOOK PROJECT!!!!!
You will get over the top AMAZING Product and FABULOUS Kits! 

There will be seven nights of cropping, daily make n takes, event t-shirt, group activities, workshops- along with fun prizes and
surrounded by the sweetest most fun crafters.

Event information:
Want more information: Contact- Susan Moore 
EMI Scrapbooking Store  3670 Hutchinson Rd Suite C-1 Cumming GA 30040
Phone: 770-888-2417
I would LOVE for you to join me on our CARIBBEAN JOURNEY- we are anticipating a sell out!
You can always email and get more information.
Have a great Tuesday...


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Make your own TUSSIE MUSSIE

I simply fell in love with this project-

Screen shot 2012-12-10 at 8.29.21 AM

This is what you need to create one yourself:


   ~ All supplies used are from the TC Christmas Cottage Collection ~
 1 sheet of 12x12 Red Damask pattern paper
Border Strips
Rhinestone Medallion
Strip of Music paper
Chipboard Elements
Accessory Sheet


It was designed by 

Rachel McAffee who is so talented. She is on my design team and I think she makes 
the most amazing boutique worthy projects!!!!
What is this? A Tussie Mussie. 
A tussie mussie can be fun alternative to a Christmas stocking or they can be a beautiful decoration to hang in your home for the holidays.  They're also fairly simply to make and all the step by step instructions can be found HERE:
I had the BEST weekend with my family. We had our Christmas ward (church) party. I was in charge of decorating and they wanted it very simple. Taylor helped me above and beyond. We made paper chains with my Christmas papers, little boxes with the Cricut and each table had a red poinsettia. 
I truly appreciated Taylor and that she is always so willing to help me in whatever I am doing. We planned enough food for 325 people and we spent Saturday decorating and then serving the dinner. It was so much work and by the end- getting the kitchen cleaned- it makes you appreciate how much goes into a big event. 
I could not have done it without YOU sweet girl. Thank you!
Santa even visited our party. I was in shock when I found out that Zach (at age 15) sat on Santas lap. It must have been the influence of his cute "friends." I will love this photo forever...
Last year, it was tough. I was running around and never felt like I got to enjoy the holiday season as I had in the past. This year, I vowed it would not happen again. I said no to many things this year and decided to relax my schedule to be more "present." I did not even send cards last year. This year, I am working ahead. I am basically done with shopping. I even mailed Christmas Cards on Friday. 

This Wednesday I am flying to North Carolina to see my sister and her kids. They are the only family I have left since both my parents and grandparents have passed away. I have a few cousins but we have not seen each other in years. It's sad. It makes me sad. I believe in listening to the prompting we get in life. I was sitting on my bed a week 1/2 ago. I kept feeling like I should go "home" and see my sister. It has been almost 4 years!!!! I thought it would be crazy expensive since it's December. Then a thought came that I should look up and use my flight miles. I was shocked to see that it only took 25,000 flight miles round trip. Normally, it's at least 60 to 120,000 when it's a close time of departure. I knew it was a sign. I am taking my daughter McKay and we are going to Hickory NC to see my family.

I am so excited and thankful that I will be able to go visit my mama's grave. Yes, I know she is not there, but I find peace and comfort in this. McKay has not been to NC since she was 2 years old. I am going to show her where I went to school and what growing up in NC was like for me. I can't wait and it makes me emotional thinking about it.

Today I am preparing for my trip. I film new segments for MCC the morning before I leave. I am feeling all kinds of stress to get this done before a trip. So much on Wednesday... I hope I can do it all.

My girls are taking finals at BYU this week. My heart is happy and I'm praying for them to do well. Thankful for Christmas break....  


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I'm in the mood...

I love the spirit of Christmas. I love that people are MORE aware it seems at this time.  Serving and helping others and giving of ourselves and our time can truly bring such happiness to a soul.

I love this Christmas Cottage layout by Dedra Long-

Screen shot 2012-12-05 at 9.56.21 AM

I have a wonderful design team. I love that Dedra has her own style. She just creates unique, interesting and always beautiful projects that inspire me!~

See the details here:

I was up by 5 am so I could go downtown here-


This is where I find peace. I am just so much more balanced and happier when I go to the temple. 

I go to the temple with a group of four other women on Wednesday mornings. I was completely touched this morning when one of the mothers mentioned that a friend we both know mentioned my son to her. She told her that "Zach is the "real deal" and so kind". I have to say my heart exploded. I have all my years as a mother constantly "pounded in their sweet heads" how kindness is MOST important.

You can do GREAT things in life if you are KIND. You can't pick and choose who to be KIND to... you must be KIND to everyone.

I think these little moments just keep me going as a mom. I struggle so much more with my youngest son. He is such a good son too, but he is growing and developing in his understanding at a different time. Does that make sense? I just my thing is I teach him the same things and yet I don't know if he is "absorbing" it. 

Yesterday I was in a long line at the grocery store. The man in front on me was in a wheelchair. He was quite overweight and was very limited in his movement. He had a cart overloaded with items. I instantly thought I should help him unload his cart. Then a thought came to me... "What if he would be offended and think you are rushing him?" So I followed my heart and asked him if I could unload his cart for him. He smiled and said I would so appreciate it. After I was done, he said "God bless you and I want to wish you a Merry Christmas." I am thankful I followed my heart. I need to do this more.

Hope you have a great day!

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She is one year old!!!

 I'm so busy with December as I am sure many of you are. It can be so overwhelming to do it all. Well, at least I try to focus on EACH day and what I can get done. I am always making lists and I use my planner to keep me organized.

I wanted to show you this NOW & THEN planner by Yvonne Blair.



Chipboard 5 ½ x 8 ½ cover with-
Now and Then Floral (a) 8 ½ x 12
Now and Then Wood Grain (b) 1 ½ x 8 ½ 
Now and Then Words (a) 2 x 8 
Embellish as seen in photo.


Page 1


Page 1:
Now and Then  Damask 6 ½  x 10
Fold in half to become a page 6 ½ x 5 pocket page.


Page 2


 Page 2:
Now and Then Collage (a) 8 x 12 
Score at 4 ¾, fold…there will be a piece left over, then fold that piece back as a flap.
Embellish as seen in picture.


Page 3


Page 3:
Now and Then Floral (a) 7 x 8
Fold to become 3 ½ x 8, adhere on top and bottom…open edge will become pocket. 
Now and Then Words to 4 ¼ x 6 ½ will become insert for pocket.




 Page 4:
Now and Then Words 8 x 10, fold in half to become 8 x 5 which will become a pocket.
Embellish as seen in picture.




Page 5: 
Now and Then Wood Grain 5 x 12.  Score at 7” and fold up to create pocket, then fold down small amount to become flap.  Embellish as seen in picture 




 Page 6:
Now and Then Red Flower (a) 8 x 10, fold in half to create a pocket.
Now and Then Newsprint 4 x 5 to embellish front side.
Now and Then Floral (a) 3 ½ x 8.  Fold in half to create pocket on back side of page 6.




Page 7:
Now and Then Newsprint 7 x 12, score at 4 ½ and 9, fold to create pocket and flap. 




Page 8:
Now and Then Work 8 x 7 ½, score at 5” and fold over to create flap
Back Cover: 
Chipboard 5 ½ x 8 ½ Cover with Now and Then “Bee” on both sides.
To put the book together I used the Cinch.  Love this easy to use!  
I thought it was super cute and well, I love the tags and how interactive it is!
I am headed to the end of my second week appt. this morning. The second week is so much better than the first. The "withdraw" from my body from sugar, carbs and processed foods is getting less severe. At times, I do have my normal urges but for the most part I know it's mind over matter. I do feel great and that is what keeps me going. The weight loss is a bonus and of course I like many women are happy for this side effect. Anyway, I'm really happy to be off the diet soda AGAIN. It is my biggest problem with my diet. 
Today is Azalea's FIRST birthday. She is in Washington and we miss her. I can't believe how fast time goes. In a blink of an eye...
Screen shot 2012-12-04 at 8.27.09 AM
We love you Zellie....

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Just announced- I'm headed to the mid-west...

I have been working on my 2013 travel schedule. I am often asked over and over to come to the mid West. I am so thankful for the support and so I can announce today that I'm headed to Bloomingon, IL to teach at The Scrapbooking Studio.

Screen shot 2012-12-01 at 8.44.54 AM


I have never taught at this location. I have been to the Moline, IL location and LOVED it!

Here are the details:


ONE CLASS ONLY- 6:00- 9:00 pm

The class has limited space so please sign up soon. Bring your friends and join me as I teach a very interactive book project with flaps and awesome techinques to add your photos and journaling to. I can't show the project yet because I am using my BRAND NEW yet to be revealed CHA collections. I promise to share as soon as I can. However, trust me- this project is amazing!!!!

Sign up here: 

1701 E Empire Street Ste 310
Bloomington, Illinois 61704
Phone (309) 585-0409

I am so excited to be visiting Amy's 
store again. She is really the sweetest 
and her kids are the coolest! 
I need to hire Jesse
someday. That boy is a salesman.
 Anyway, you will be able to get 
all the BRAND NEW TC products that 
night and we are going to have
so much fun. I love that Amy Coon 
will be with me. This is her home 
and well... I love being able to 
spend time with my her and her
family that weekend. It happens
 to be Jaycie's birthday and 
I'm going to go to her birthday
 party on Saturday. 

UPDATE: OH SCRAP Teresa Collins 
Costa Mesa, CA classes- Friday 
January 11th workshops 
Thursday January 10th- 
we opened up 
second night so more 
girls could come.

 Guess what? We have
 FIVE spots 
only left. If you want to 
come make 
sure you call the 
store right away-


So join us- we have such a good
 time and I 
was excited to be 
able to teach two workshops 
this year 
so that more girls could
Sign up here: 
427 E 17th Street
Costa MesaCA. 
How about some cool TAGS made with 
Christmas Cottage and all 
stamps done with the TC Stampmaker? 


These beauties are designed by JULIE JACOB. Such a talented

girl!!!!!! (TC Christmas Cottage papers, decorative tape, stickers, and die cuts)


Here is the FREE downloadable 8.5 x 11 sheet-


You can get all the stamp images for FREE- it is the monthly free download.  You can get it here:
Happy December 1st...
PS Tickets for New Zealand event are purchased... I'm so excited!

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