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LAST dance...

Oh, this week is INTENSE for me. I am trying so hard to balance my to do list and not "crash and burn." I am still fighting fatigue and know that I need a bit of down time. THIS is not the week. I plan on NEXT WEEK being my week to catch up on doing "nothing but being with my kids" and celebrating NO SCHOOL for the SUMMER next week. After a long day of meetings today- Sesil and I have spent hours going over the projects needed for my visit to  London.

This week it is graduations, another baseball tournament and planning for my TV segments in less than TWO WEEKS on Ideal World TV. It is a TV shopping show in the United Kingdom. 

Screen shot 2012-05-29 at 6.52.31 PM
I have known I was going for a while now, but we were trying to find a good time with my family and work schedule. So June can watch me on IDEAL WORLD. I am featuring EIGHT TC product kits. I am loving them and now I want to design lots of projects to show on air. I am so thankful for my design team and Sesil for helping me pull this off!

I am also going on air for my friends at My Mind's Eye. Even though we are two separate companies we share an office building and truly they are like my family. When asked if I would go on air and promote their products since I was already there... it was a honor to do so.  First, I love them as a company and I love their designs. So make sure you watch me as I show not only my new products, but My Mind's Eye products as well. It will be the best of the best showcased and lots of visual inspiration!!!!! You can watch it online LIVE as well if you are not in the United Kingdom.

I will be visiting my friends at Photocentric during my trip too. They manufacturer the TC Stampmaker machine and they are located right by Ideal World. I love working with them and love that I will be able to visit the business in the UK during my visit. 

Okay... my sweet daughter McKay just went to her LAST formal dance in high school about a week ago. I got so emotional to know this was the VERY last dance. We decided to get a dress that she could wear again and again. Yes, every girl knows that the basic black dress is mandatory. ha! Okay... I had to talk her into it. I was trying to be practical.

I felt she needed some BLING, so I made the crystal brooch belt that she tied around her waist. I admit, these photos MELT my heart. She is now 18 and will graduate on FRIDAY!!!!!!! She is way too much like me. ha! That is good and bad. She tends to trust way too easily and I don't want her to get hurt. She is very outgoing and loves everyone. She worries about going to college but I KNOW she will be just fine.


I am thankful for a wonderful year. I was busy with the drill team and I loved every moment of it. I want McKay to know that I am so proud of her and her choices. McKay, I love you very much and I will always be your biggest fan. I know this will only be her LAST dance in High School. Many good times are ahead!


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Have you seen the latest My Craft Channel segment? I was all about repurposing...
Here is the show segment:

Have you ever thought about adding recycling products into your crafting? Teresa will show how she utilizes the boxes that she has from shipments to create her own mini books. Watch as she guides you step by step in creating projects that you are sure to love! Learn how to repurpose, reuse and create with what you already have around your home.


Recycled View 1

Recycled View 2

Recycled View 3

I love it and its affordable and simple to recreate. If you have a bind it all or Cinch you can even bind your books.

I am having a crazy busy week with my family. Home from NYC and I'm having a little issue with my neck. I think I slept funny on the plane and so I can barely STILL move it. I'm trying to take it easy but it's still painful to move. We had a Memorial Day tournament with Zach this weekend and they lost in the semi-finals by 1 run yesterday. Zach was pitching and it was a great day of games anyway. I loved that the family was there supporting him. 

McKay graduates on Friday too. It's just a little sad at the same happy time. Can you relate? She will be going to college and I'm not ready to lose another one. SERIOUS! Anyway... I'm just having one of those days where I see lots of changes on the horizon, but I know it's how life is. 

Hope you have a wonderful day!

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HOME FROM NYC... photos from Inspired Journey

I got home yesterday and am catching up. So thankful for Memorial Day weekend. So much is going on right now in our family and I know that I need to focus on them. A week away has been hard for me... it's so good to be home.

I wanted to share the photos from INSPIRED JOURNEY... sorry it took so long to post!

We arrived at LAX airport. So thankful that Gentry was able to go and help me!

We knew it would be really busy so we went to the beach on Thursday. It was a little overcast and windy but it was so nice to be there.


This is the where the event was held- Manhattan Beach Marriott in CA.




This was my first workshop on Friday morning. I designed wood pieces that we assembled and  created a display stand.



So thankful for Ginger and everything that she does!!! She is truly so organized and the best event coordinator. 


The girls loved painting and creating their own display stands. These girls are always so much fun!


I really enjoy and gain so much from EACH of the woman who come. 


Friday night we had a manufactured sponsored night of card make n takes. Here is Shannon with Provo Craft. So thankful for the HUGE support of the companies that make IJ and IU happen!!!!!!


Here is Tami B. from Fiskars. They are always so generous!!!!!!!




Gentry did the sweet card from Bella Blvd, Julie with the accordion card book for TCD, and Brenda did the My Mind's Eye card.


Bo Bunny did a really great card kit that did EIGHT cards!!!!!


Thanks Xyron for giving the mega tape runners to help us!!!!!

I am blessed to have my sweet daughter Gentry with me. It's nice since my girls KNOW my routine, my flow and how I like to run my workshops, etc. They just know what I need and help me out. 


Julie is the sweetest too! I can't thank her enough for coming. You could not ask for a nicer friend. I am so thankful to know her.




The crazy table. Oh yes... I love how no matter what WE LAUGH and HAVE SO MUCH FUN at these events. I truly love them all and am thankful that I KNOW them. It is a blessed beyond words in my life. 


Cute Melannie and our her love of "self-portraits!!!!!!" It is really just "predictably AWESOME!!!!!"


Ginger runs her store at all the events. Always carrying the latest and greatest too! If she does not have it, she will get it. I love how to really goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is happy!!!

Saturday night was prizes, and goodbyes.....

THANK YOU GENEROUS sponsors.... I spy BAZZILL, CRICUT MINI MACHINES & Cartridges, 7 Gypsies, Fiskars, etc.



I had thought for WEEKS what I wanted to say and share. I went to my hotel room alone and changed my clothes. I prayed and asked for help. I instantly KNEW what I wanted to share as I said goodbye. It was from my heart and I knew it was just what HE wanted me to share. I wanted them all to know that they MATTER, what we are doing to DOCUMENT our story and life.... it matters. It is worth it! I won't share it all, but to say that I felt strongly to share WHY I do what I do. It is important. Yes, crafting is beautiful, fun and well costs money BUT it the results are worth it. The memories documented... worth it... It does matter to leave your heart, YOUR STORY, yourself for you and your loved ones. I am so thankful for reminders of this!!!!

Yes, there was a few tears shed. I know it is because we all can identify with the emotions and meaning of what Scrapbooking is REALLY about. We know that what we do matters to not only us, but to others.


Isn't SHE the cutest? Rebecca Cross with Pink Paislee did the most amazing memory keeper project. EVERYONE loved her and her class. I was so thankful that she could come and teach. THANK YOU Rebecca for being YOU and for sharing your beautiful spirit and products at the event!!!!!

I also wanted to thank Sande Kreiger for coming and teaching her OVER THE TOP 7 gypsie travel journey. Oh, it was beyond spectacular and it was FULL of the most beautiful pages. Paula Cheney and Sande went above and beyond to make sure everyone got their project done. It was a big one!!! So thank you Sande and Paula for being so giving to everyone this weekend. It will not be forgotten.


I want to personally thank Sande for saying something to me on Saturday night privately that made my ENTIRE weekend. Well, it will live in my heart forever. She probably has no idea how what she said will only grow in my heart and be with me as I do what I do as a person. I was beyond touched and uplifted...

THANK YOU Sande... you gave me a gift!!!!


THANK YOU to all of you who came. It was a fast paced, non stop weekend of memories and creating!!!! I loved it with all my heart. I am truly fortunate for the conversations shared, the uplifting and encouraging spirit of those that attended, the funny comments and laughs (oh, yes EARLEEN!!!!!!), and the spirit of friendship that was THERE so strong. I love you all so much. THANY YOU!!!!!!

I am home this morning working on a clean house and laundry. Thankful for a weekend with my kids! 

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 I am had a wonderful time and enjoyed good times with everyone. I realize that I gain so much more from the woman and always feel they give to me in heart and soul. There was much laughter, some tears, and loves of creativity. Sande Kreiger, Paula Cheney and Rebecca Cross did amazing- over the top projects that EVERYONE raved about. It was just a REALLY nice weekend.

I have to much more to share but I am needing FAMILY TIME today. In a couple of hours McKay graduates from Seminary. I am headed to the NYC Stationery show TONIGHT. So forgive the short post. Gentry will be sharing posts on my blog for me this week.

I thought I would share a "inspirational" post from Julie Jacob. I LOVED her JUNK book with my FABRICATIONS line.  

Hope you enjoy it!

Junk Mini Book - by Julie Jacob

Every year our family visits this huge tulip garden.  I love going and taking pictures.  :)
For the rest of the family, it's pretty much referred to as 'the dreaded trip to the tulips'.
Heavy on the dreaded.  They know there's going to be tons of pictures, and it takes an hour to get there.
In fact, my oldest, who is going off to college this fall....ranks 'not having to go to the tulips' pretty high on his list of  'advantages of going to school 2,000 miles away'.

I wanted to make a little mini book of my 2012 tulip pictures...especially since they won't have Luke in them anymore after this year. :(
I call this book my junk book, because I literally used whatever junk was at hand to make it.

The cover is approximately 5x7(ish)...and is made out of corrugated cardboard.  I think it was a piece that came with a box in the mail.  You could totally just use the box itself.  I peeled most of the smooth part off, to expose the corrugated area.  I added the patterned paper (Fabrications Canvas) and doo-dads...and then gave the edges a quick messy layer of paint.
For the inside pages...again, I just grabbed whatever I had handy.  This first page is actually 5 pages torn out of an old book (make sure it's not a smelly old book).

I folded over 3 of the pages and sewed the edges.  The photo is tucked into the pocket.

The family picture page is a piece of thin chipboard that came with a box of goodies in the mail.
I covered it with Fabrications paper, and added the photo.  Also tape.  I am LOVING washi tape lately.
The next page is a shipping tag covered in paper.  I love that big fat bird punch (he's also on the cover). 
This next page is a manilla file folder cut down to fit the book.  I misted it & added dictionary paper.
Then the photo & doo dads.  The stamp is a custom one I made with my TC Stampmaker.  Love that thing! :) 
This blurry photo shows the file folder opened up.  I misted it first...and then again with the washi tape on the right side.
On the back of the folder page, I used an embossing folder & my Cuttlebug.  Then I sanded it so you can see the numbers.  The right page is another set of book paper...this time folded straight down.  It's hard to see but the photo sticks up over the pocket.  I could slide goodies in behind the picture if I wanted.  
The last page is another piece of thin chipboard.  And the back cover is another corrugated cardboard piece.  Ta-da!!  Junk book. :)

Thanks Julie!!!! You are absolutely amazing. I will be posting LOTS of photos from Inspired Journey this week too. 

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Time to go...


I am packed up and have too many boxes to count now shipped with product, prizes, etc. for the event. I love CA and it is such a quick flight  from Utah. I think I am now a PRO at packing. I know just what I need and what I don't need. I plan my outfits prior to the trip and then I have "an idea" of what I will wear. I even take lots of my own food. If I don't take fruit and snacks then I have to eat what is available and that sometimes can set me up for failure. That reminds me- I have actually not lost any more weight. I am maintaining the 32 lbs gone exactly. I have shocked myself. ha! I have found what works for me, although a few of my friends think I'm crazy to do it the way I do. Basically, I do SIX days of no sugar, no carbs, no processed foods, and am 100% strict. One day a week- I eat without limits. Yes, I know that sounds crazy but it's working for me. It is the day that I will go out to eat with my family, and eat ice cream (my fave!), and things that I don't eat the other 6 days. The key is that the very next day I go back to my regular food plan. Anyway, this is just what I knew that I needed to do for me to be able to maintain and not live a live of feeling "always on a diet.

Okay... off to the airport. So love that Gentry is with me. We are meeting up with my friend Shannon from Provo Craft. I'm sure today will be very busy. A good busy! 


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In ONE day...

I am off to Manhattan Beach, CA in the morning. It is the first INSPIRED JOURNEY (MINI event) that I am doing with Ginger. She has been the event coordinator for Inspiration Unlimited - for FIVE YEARS!!!  This is our first SMALLER event. We decided to host the event in California to change things up a bit. It makes me super happy that it's finally here and that it sold out as well. We actually OVERSOLD out and then normally you have a few cancellations due to life and circumstances, so we are good now. We were stressed trying to figure out how to fit in 8 extra bodies. Things always have a way of working out!

My heart is very full for this opportunity. It's truly what I love. I enjoy spending time with other's (my friends) who love crafting and documenting as much as I do. It helps me feel inspired in so many ways. I only slept one hour last night. So many things on my mind and I could not wind down and go to sleep. Too many new lines in my head. This is always a problem with me. ha! I had to be up at 5 am anyway. I am going once a week to the Salt Lake Temple to do sessions. I go early so that I can get home before it's time to take the kids to school. It is just what I need each week in my crazy  busy life!!!! 

Today I have a meeting with Provo Craft and shopping for last minute trip necessities. I love my Spanx tights but I ripped them. I love the support. If you have not tried Spanx- I love them. I love the support and they are great for my veins- aka- they hide them! I have my little vein surgery NEXT MONTH. Yes, I am on the fence with this one- excited to take care of the "little problem vein" but not looking forward to having the surgery again.  I am nervous to do it again. 

So for the next few days until Sunday- I will be with Gentry ( she is a great helper!) in Calfornia. 

Screen shot 2012-05-16 at 8.12.11 AM

The event will take place here.

Screen shot 2012-05-15 at 5.32.14 PM

Screen shot 2012-05-15 at 5.32.43 PM

Screen shot 2012-05-16 at 8.11.04 AM

This looks nice! However, I never have time to swim or relax too much at the events. 

Tomorrow once we land we are headed to the beach...

Screen shot 2012-05-16 at 8.09.36 AM

Gentry really wanted to go to the ocean before the event starts and it gets busy. Maybe we will even get to shop a little tomorrow. You never know what to expect and how things will run so often there is no sightseeing. 

I have to thank GINGER for once again coordinating and keeping me organized. She is so focused on details and get's things done. I love her and am thankful that she is so good at what she does. It's kind of scary to do a new event. It's a new "baby" for us. I am so appreciative for those of you who signed up- thankful for a sold out event. That reminds me- we do not advertise either event. In order to come, you would email Ginger or I to be put on the list for Inspiration Unlimited  or Inspired Journey. We added this second mini event, because Inspiration Unlimited has been SOLD OUT for five straight years upon sign up day. I know so crazy!!!! It's a crazy good and we try hard to get as many in as we can.  If you would like to come someday email me at and we will contact you and make sure you are added to the list.  

To me these events are much more than crafting... it's a time for girls (or men) to come and RELAX, enjoy GIRL TIME, connect, SHOP, be inspired and make new friends. Okay... time to get busy. 


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SENIOR mini album... guest post by Cheri Piles

Elisha's Senior mini album using Teresa Collins Fabrications and Teresa Collins Stampmaker

I get it now, SENIOR YEAR. I was not prepared for it, for all of the emotions. I understand now what my friends have been going through before me. Hectic but GOOD all at the same time. 
It has flown by so fast!! Listen to your friends and family when they tell you that, it's so true! I still remember the very first day of school and E in her "Mary Janes" and a dress, pretty much the only dress she wore up until this year! I have snapped so many photo's this year!
This album will be one of my very most treasured albums, so many fun memories!  I cut one of the 10x10 chipboard albums in half and used it as the front and back cover. The entire album measures 
5 x 10. Each page that I used was cut 10 x 10 and folded in half to create "pocket" pages for additional photo's! Those would be the pages with ribbon or tabs on the edges to be able to pull the extra photo's out.
When creating the album I wanted tons of layers on everything. I layered buttons on top of buttons and rhinestone gems on top of buttons and embellishments. 
I created "TOKENS" using the Teresa Collins STAMPMAKER. I love how they help finish off the senior theme of the album. Please check out the Stampmaker blog today for instructions on how to create your own! 
Supplies - 
FABRICATIONS LINEN: Papers - Green Brocade side B, Green Fleur De Lis side B, Ornate Brackets, Pretty Flowers & side B, Red Brocade side B, Red Flowers side B, Red Quatrefoil side B, Tan Damask. Embellishments from the collection: Stickers, Stamps, Die Cut Sheet, Chipboard Elements, Chipboard Album Covers, Rhinestones, Decorative Brads, Flower, Buttons, Trinkets.
FABRICATIONS CANVAS: Trinkets (large silver photo corners).
Other: Crepe paper, Teresa Collins Stampmaker, cream ribbons and cream beads, black and cream cardstock. Black photo corners. 
Wow! Senior Year!! WOO HOO!!

Thank you Cheri Piles for this FANTASTIC blog post. I am so inspired and I love what you designed and created!!!!

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Everyday Moments- My Craft Channel Today....


What do you want to remember? It truly is the day to day... those simple but profound moments that are the ones that  "truly" matters most. Today's show is how to realize and document the things that matter most to you. I wanted to show and talk about what motivates me to document and share those things that mean the most to me.



I used the EVERYDAY MOMENTS collection for all the projects.

The wood stand is the project that I am teaching THIS WEEKEND at my event in Manhatten Beach, CA. We will create the wood stand from scratch- well from WOOD pieces that I had designed and made, assemble, glue and design.

I hope you will watch the show today and feel inspired to document your own moments.

I filmed more episodes for my weekly Monday show this morning. I really enjoy doing these shows!!! Now it's time to go watch Zach play in his baseball game. It's 81 degrees here in Utah and so it's like Summer. I am really enjoying all the outdoor fun.

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Birthday & Mother's Day weekend....

This weekend has been NONSTOP on the times, memories and celebrations!

McKay turned 18 years old this past Friday!!!!!! 


She got a lot of "essentials" for college. She will start in a little over a month at BYU! I wrapped everything in her favorite color- BLUE.

Taylor and Gentry came over and helped me with the BIG surprise party that we were throwing for her on Friday night. She thought she was going on a double date with Gentry and Devan. *YES, McKay does this with her tongue ALL the time. When I was younger...I did too.


Gentry stole her crown and this is kind of a Gentry thing to do at someone else's birthday in our family. So funny!!!!!! 


I am a crazy mom with the camera and I always make sure that I have photos with my kids. It's important!!!!! 


This was taken about an hour after the BIG surprise party started. McKay walked in and was in shock. Lots more of her friends came after this photo. I arranged to have the party at my friends Sesil's business- JUMP AROUND UTAH (1519 S 700 W. SLC). Oh my... the kids loved it and we played fun music and they dimmed the lights too. 

I am so thankful for JOSILYN (center) who hand delivered all the invitations and created a face book post to invite everyone.  Taylor did a little "dress up" station where they would dress up and write messages to McKay on the dry erase board.


Yes, I love the kids having a GREAT TIME!!!!!


Friends came and supported her- she has been blessed with so many good friends.


The huge jumping mat was the BEST!!!!!!!! *thankfully, NO one got hurt. It is the perfect location to have parties. 


So thankful that Taylor took all the photos and helped so much.

Here we are... mom and three daughters!!!!!! *we were in the dark after the party started!


It was truly so much fun!!!!! Oh, and there are a TON more photos on FACEBOOK that you can check out there. 

MOTHER'S DAY... I am truly just having the BEST DAY today with my kids. We went to church and then we have been home all day together. Ty took care of all the cooking and I had a little 45 minute afternoon nap outside (it was a gorgeous day!). My boys made me the sweetest sign and gifts and red roses.

They stayed up past midnight to do the poster and wrap gifts after I went to bed. I was really touched. They did it all by themselves.

Yes, this is what you get from a 13 and 14 year teenage boys!!!! I want to keep it FOREVER.


Zach made this heart accordion garland. It was so well made and cute!


I was a little cold in the house and went outside and fell asleep wrapped with my blanket. Taylor came and took photos. ha!

Screen shot 2012-05-13 at 8.21.38 PM

The cute roses were slumped over that the boys gave me. They got them from the Dollar Store last night. I LOVE THIS so much! I love that my two boys thought to give me flowers. I am wearing my leopard blanket...just up from a nap!!!! It was posted on facebook and my friend Amy thought I was wearing a cape.

Taylor and Spencer gave me the sweetest book on uplifting quotes. Gentry and McKay surprised me with a skirt that I loved that Gentry already has. Gentry is working hard at Black House/White Market and gets a nice discount. It was just so thoughtful and I felt so loved today. More than anything, it is having my kids with me that means MORE to me than anything. 

I hope if you are a mother that you had a wonderful day too!!!!!!

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TODAY... I have learned

You think at a certain age that you have it ALL figured out. Well, I am constantly amazed at how much I learn and grow. My daughter Gentry is home from college for the Summer. We had a really nice day together. She went with me to my office, helped me ship boxes to CA for my event next week, and she is not only my daughter, but she is my friend. I think as our children grow and find their independence it's so cool when they ADMIRE you and want to be with you. Today as we drove back home, she told me that she was lucky that I have been a great mom. It felt so good to hear this. Wow, trust me there was times when she was "not a fan" growing up. I remember her telling me that she used to write mean things about me in her journal. ha!

Today we took this photo as  we sat in the car together "chatting" about life. THESE are the important EVERYDAY MOMENTS that I live for. It's crazy that my girls are always coming to me for advice and let's just say it's HARDER as they get older. It's just not... "mom, what should I wear today?" It's WHAT  should I major in college? What do you think of this new boy? ha... you know bigger life decisions. Anyway, I am so thankful that they come to me. We are extremely close. I always wanted this. I was very close with my mother and sister. It was just the three of us. My mom was strict on values and expectations and she parented with such love and true concern for me that I never wanted to disappoint her. 

So this afternoon, Taylor called me. She said, "Mom, please read my blog at 6pm." I was okay... what is going on? She would not tell me. So it was very EXTREMELY touching to read what she wrote from her heart. In my 21 years of parenting- THIS was something that I had NO IDEA that Taylor felt about me. It helped me to realize that Taylor has been watching me for 21 years and she "knows me." Hmmmm... now, I am so not perfect. I am so far from it. However, she overlooked the bad and focused on the positive. THANK YOU TAYLOR!

I debated whether to share it. However, I am going to. I want all of you- as parents to KNOW and realize how much our children gain from us. 

So now I will share Taylor's blog post from today:

Things I Got From My Mom

Meet my mom Teresa Collins. 
Anyone who knows me really well knows how close me and my mom are. She really is my best friend. I see her a LEAST once a week if not more and talk on the phone with her everyday. She is my best friend and greatest supporter. 
Something was said today to me that really hurt my feelings and embarrassed me. I immediately thought of calling my mom because me and her think the same way. But instead of calling her I starting thinking about all the things I have gotten from her. It made me feel better know I will always have her as a ally. 
So here are a few things I have inherited from this lovely woman. 
1. I got her soft heart. I may seem tough on the outside but you could say something to me joking and I would leave and cry for hours over what was said.
2. I got my tear ducts from her. We cry all the time and over really silly things. TV Shows, books, movies, when were sad. We are also copycat criers. If we see someone crying we tend to start tearing up too.
3. We both hate confrontation. We are people pleasers. I hate saying no and hate standing up to people and telling them what I really feel.
4. She is really creative. I am not nearly as creative as her but luckily some of it has rubbed off on me. 
5. Thinker. We are thinkers which can sometimes be a bad thing. We tend to over think things. 
6. Kindness. I am really proud of my mom in this aspect. It is amazing to me she can be so kind to someone who has done wrong to her. I am still working on this but hope to be as forgiving and kind as her but think I do pretty well.
7. Thank goodness I got her drive. Nothing can stop the two of us when we get our heart into something. 
8. I got my moms temper. I remember when I was little when my mom would get mad and I said I would never act like that. I so do though. Because we think so much alike when we get mad you know it. The few fights we have been in with each other were not pretty. 
9. Courage. Even though I hate confrontation she gave we courage to do other things. Courage to be anything I want. Courage to try new things. Courage to Become the best me possible. Courage to step off my given road and explore what else I can do. 
10. I got something I like to call Mama Bear Syndrome from her. Typically this syndrome is a parent protecting their children. However with me and my mom we need to protect everyone we see. It is funny actually since we hate confrontation but if we see anyone hurt we quickly stand up for them. 
I got so much more from her but here are a few examples.
It is actually funny because Spencer is always saying to me "That is so like your mom." or " Do you know you sound just like your mom?" I am so grateful for My wonderful Mother and everything she does for me. 
Love you tons and glad your my Best Friend.

THANK YOU TAYLOR... I love you very much!!!!!!!!!!



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I'm alive

Yes, I am still here. Just so crazy busy that I have to remind myself to stop and eat. Trust me, if I don't eat I do get a little grumpy and my husband happily makes me a salad to help me. ha! 

I am some things to share today... it's somewhat personal...about my journey to be healthier. It is due. I have some thoughts that I will share later today. 

Headed to my office today to work on my event next week- last boxes shipped TODAY. Wish you all could come! I'll post later today. Hope you will come back-

Have a great Thursday!




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GOING TO TEXAS... next month!!!!

I have been a very busy girl. I'm working on so many projects but I am not complaining. I LOVE what I do! I am in full blown design mode right now. Yes, I am even designing a NEW TC Provo Craft Cartridge that will debut this year. I have a big birthday in our home this week- FRIDAY is a McKay's 18th birthday. Oh, and I film MCC new segments on Monday, leave for my event Inspired JOUNRNEY in CA next Thursday and then come home to leave for the NYC Stationery show. BREATHE... yes, it's going to be okay. I even designed a my next RETAILER class kit yesterday. Here is a sneak peek- (stores are encouraged to sell the kits or teach them as a TC class)

This is a TC kit that comes with all the supplies and book and instructions/visuals that you can buy from YOUR retailer. PLEASE ask for TC products and kits at your local scrapbook store. This book is literally 3 inches wide. ha! It is using SWEET AFTERNOON. I am headed to HOUSTON, TEXAS to teach next month at By Design Scrapbook Boutique. I emailed the store and there are LIMITED SPOTS available. One workshop is already completely sold out. I haven't even showed visuals of the third workshop until TODAY... NOW... and this class is well over 1/2 sold out. Pinch me... I love my Texas friends. They know how to make me feel wanted. THANK YOU girls I know we are going to have a GREAT time.

This is where I am going:

By Design Scrapbook Boutique
1131 Clear Lake City Blvd. * HoustonTX 77062
* Tel: (281)488-9100

This is the THIRD three hour workshop- using my MEMORY KEEPER binder album and SWEET AFTERNOON...

Memory Keeper Cover CORRECT

It is a big project and I know that the TEXAS girls love the bling!!!!


I used a lot of TAGS (I'm addicted!!!), and stamps (my new SWEET ones and Pink Paislee- swoon!)


My book is full of photos. This book is about our trip to NATIONALS for drill last month. I think there are 50 photos in my book. I wanted to tell the story!!!!


We will be doing flap pages to add lots of photos too!



Okay Texas girls... sorry it took so long to get the visuals. I hope you will join me at the store that weekend. It's going to be a lot of fun!!!!!!

Have a FABULOUS day!

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How do you display your favorite photos in your home? Today's show is showing how I display my own photos in our home so that they are not "just" in the scrapbooks but are visible to all that visit my home. Learn a easy way to showcase your family photos! Today's segment shows how I purchased a large frame from a yard sale (spray painted it) and created a frame that displays in my home foyer.


LARGE FRAME with photos

Large frame photo view 2

Check out my show today at

I'm headed to my office now. I am working of so many wonderful projects and I'm on a little "creative" auto pilot. I'm so happy with so many wonderful things going on. I simply LOVE what I do. I love my family. I love living a life that I love and being able to enjoy the journey of documenting it... the good and the bad.  This week is a big one too. McKays birthday is Friday and I'm working on "something" cool. I'll post about this on FRIDAY. Oh, and I''m filming new shows NEXT Monday for My Craft Channel. I am super thrilled with the new shows and would LOVE to hear any of your feedback on WHAT you want to see more of.


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Yes, there is actually a National Scrapbooking Day!!!!

Last year, I was teaching in Australia. This year, I am home and working on a new cartridge for Provo Craft today (it's going to be a actual TC cartridge and it's SO beautiful. I am going to the movies with my family- The AVENGERS!!!!! later today as well. 

TC logo frame

However, my design team is participating in a BLOG HOP today...

They are participating in a blog hop with Swirlydoos on the DT blog.  It will start at noon 

National Scrapbook Day!
I hope you will check it out and bookmark the Design Team blog. They are fabulous and 
always inspiring!!!!!
Screen shot 2012-05-05 at 8.22.26 AM
Design team member Suzanne Sergi. I love her projects!!!! I love her style. So thankful to have her on my team.  
Screen shot 2012-05-05 at 8.22.50 AM
So make sure you check out the DT blog... it's work the visit!


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It's FRIDAY...

I am creating today. I am working on a project that I am teaching next month in HOUSTON, TEXAS. I will be sharing it any day now. I am using SWEET AFTERNOON- my latest collection for the project. I am headed to By Design Scrapbook Boutique June 22nd and 23rd. 

This is the new collection- SWEET AFTERNOON. Have you seen it? 

I just heard that right now if you buy it at (while supplies last!) they are giving away a TC PINK tote bag. A little special for NATIONAL SCRAPBOOKING DAY!

I thought I would show some amazing projects with the line today.








Sweet Afternoon projects by KEISHA . She is amazing!


I love this one by JULIE JACOB. Visit her blog here-


Project by Jamie Harder- I love her stitching around the circles.

Dedra Long always does beautiful projects with stitching...she used the stamps for this collection as well.

Hope you have a GREAT weekend too!

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 Provo Craft has done it again and created the most darling cartridge. I was asked if I woulc design some projects with the BRAND NEW debuting PRETTY PENNANTS cartridge. It is just my style and I love it.

Screen shot 2012-05-02 at 9.06.50 PM

Screen shot 2012-05-02 at 9.06.36 PM

Make the perfect banner for any occasion with the Pretty Pennants cartridge! This special cartridge includes layered pennants in five different styles and a variety of themes. Mix and match the layered pennants or customize the blank pennants with letters or other images for even more creative possibilities. With Cricut®Projects cartridges, you can create unique and customized projects for your home, family, and friends.

Here is the visuals of what I designed. I wanted to do a pennant for McKay. She has a birthday NEXT week and I used the PRETTY PENNANTS cartridge and Cricut Craft Room Basics(for the letters- these are FREE on It is the CCR basics. I cut the letters out with my Cricut Mini machine.

IMG_1514 teresa collins

I love all the shapes and various die lines on the cartridge. I am in LOVE with the toppers that you can cut for the pennants. 


SWEET AFTERNOON papers by Teresa Collins

Alphabet- Cricut Craft Room Free Basic Images

Stapler, Ribbon.

However, I was inspired to use the pennants in a NEW way. I love mini books and so I created mini note books out of the pennant shapes.

IMG_1517 teresa collins pennants 2

These are darling little 3.25" wide x 4.5" high mini book books. I added bling so that the mini books reflected a little sophistication.

IMG_1518 teresa collins pennants 3

This mini pennant book was created for my daughter McKay. I think they are so cute to personalize and they took me less than 5 minutes to create each book after I cut out the pennants.

IMG_1519 teresa collins pennants 3 notebook open

This is the mini pennant book opened. I simply cut white paper and adhered inside the book so that I could write inside the book. These would be perfect party favors!!!!

IMG_1520 teresa collins pennants 4

IMG_1521 teresa collins pennants 5

 I love that they can be bigger or smaller depending on your needs. 

Supplies: Sweet Afternoon paper collection- Teresa Collins

Lme2-2 yvonne blair

Life moments easle-1 yvonne blair

Hi...Yvonne Blair here with a project I did using my Cricut Mini!  It is featuring Cricuts new Pretty Pennants Cartridge.  Love this cartridge.  It makes it so easy to add fun little banners and pennants to any project.  I found this 8 x 8 easle stand and immediately knew I wanted to make a little fun piece to have in my living room as a conversation piece. 
I used Teresa Collins Carolina Breeze and Everyday Moments Paper lines to create the background and pennants.  I also used Teresa's Sophisticated Cartridge to cut out "Life's Moments".  I adorned it with a TC Fabrications flower and some blingage. Such a fun, easy project!  Hope you enjoy!  
Visit me here at
This next project was designed by Sesil Cratin. Her daughter is also having a birthday this week. She created this pennant for her. I LOVE the personalization!!!!
Sesil here to share with you a banner I made for my daughter's birthday. She is into princesses and fairy tales, the Pretty Pennants cartridge was the perfect solution for her birthday banner.  I needed to add a little bit of sparkle because what girl does not love glitter?  So I added glitter to the pieces and used foam squares to adhere all the pieces together to make the PERFECT banner for my daughter's 5th birthday. To see more fun projects visit my blog at



Teresa Collins Sweet Afternoon at the Picnic Paper
White Cardstock
Teresa Collins Gentry's Glitter
Iridescent Fine Glitter
Cartridges Used:
Sophisticated- Teresa Collins
Pretty Pennants

Tip: 1.) To make your own chipboard letters. Cut out the letter three times on card stock and layer up the letters to give it more stability like chipboard. I love using the cricut because the letters are cut out perfect each and every time. 
2.) Using foam squares gives your project dimension and more depth to the overall look of your creation. 


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