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CRAFT WARS on TLC... this week

Did you happen to see the series premiere of the crafting show CRAFT WARS on TLC?


Gentry and I watched the show together that night. I was really looking forward to see what the show was about. Rewind several months ago when I got contacted by the show to be on the show. After many emails and phone calls and a visit at CHA to discuss it... I just could not do it. I have wondered for months if I made the right decision. I wanted to share with you my thought process and why I felt it was not for me. They would not tell me the exact "how it would work" but gave me big hints as to how the crafting process was going to go. They asked me questions that I felt were not really who I am as a crafter and scrapbooker. With my interior design background I KNEW that I would craft with a desire to make it "beautiful" and home decor if possible. They mentioned I would be given objects and then have to create something out of it. I think they mentioned a broom and I knew it was going to be interesting. I think my biggest thought was this...

IT is REALITY TV... the few people I discussed the show with and my decision process was that on REALITY TV that can edit and cut and manipulate a situation to gain viewership and a audience. I felt it was not a good thing for me personally as a company owner and brand to risk the possibility that the show could twist "reality". I was very concerned that for viewership they would make me seem something different than who I am. I just did not feel "right" about it.  So I walked away and ended up giving them the name of another crafter friend in the industry that I felt would be PERFECT for the show.

As I watched the show, I was so impressed with the designers on the show. I mean talk about pressure to craft in this manner. Christy Tomlinson rocked her mixed media house. I watched the show and was so happy that I did not do the show. I knew immediately that I would not have done well...I don't sew very well and I don't like to work under pressure and timed. I commend all the girls in the show- way to go! I look forward to watching more of the episodes. I want to see more of the shows before I decide if really like the series. I am all for crafting shows and LOVE that TLC showcased crafters. However, I am not really sold on this particular way of showcasing the talents on air. I will watch it every week and support this show because I hope it will OPEN the doors to more CRAFT shows. I think the craft industry is lacking the inspiration and acceptance on TV that we all would LOVE to see. This show is a step for us to gain this if they know crafters would want and support it. If you watched it, I would LOVE to hear your feedback? Do you think I'm crazy not to have done it?  

Okay.. this week has been FABULOUS! McKay is loving BYU and really just focusing on school. She even has had two tests and did 100% on both. This makes me happy. I have photos from today to show...

Her best friend went to visit her today. I am just so thankful that she is making new friends AND doing well in school.

Gentry and I have been doing lots together this past week. My husband and Zach are in AZ playing in the prospect baseball games. They have been gone for TEN long days. Excited they are coming home tomorrow. So Gent and I have been working on CHA stuff, shopping and enjoying time together.

She is so mature for her young 20 years. She loves to dress and style me too. ha! This photo of her today made me smile. 

I am missing Matt, Kayla and the kids. The kids are getting so big. THANKFUL for facebook and that Kayla shares photos everyday. 


Azalea is getting so big. She will be 7 MONTHS on the 4th of July. Matt is a GREAT dad too!


Maxson is getting so big, talking a lot and he loves ice cream. Oh, he is a cutie!

So that is my family update. I just love them all so much!!!!!

Now for some business. If you live in Utah- we are hiring a production graphic designer who will be in house- full time at TCD. If you or someone you know is interested email I am so thankful for the continued growth within my company and am looking forward to expanding my creative family. 

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All things Idealworld TV... trip to London

I finally have a chance to upload my photos and talk about my experience going to London. I am always asked..."Do you get a chance to sightsee on your trips?" Well, this trip was so fast. I flew out on Monday night and got home on Friday night. Yes, with my 14 hours EACH way traveling and in the airport...that is a full day of travel to consider.  So this time, I was constantly at the studio or at Photocentric's (TC Stampmaker) headquarters. I arrived at London Heathrow airport and went to Petersborough where IdealWorld and Create and Craft is TV studios is located. It was a 1.5 hour drive from the airport. I actually was so tired and slept the entire way. (Yes, I had a car pick me up and take me there!)

I go straight to the studio and tour the live sets and go over all the details. I had done British TV before- QVC UK but this was a FIRST for IdealWorld. I was very impressed with the operation.  This is the green room that we stay in between filming.


So thankful that Amanda Jones (from my design team) and Sally Butcher (TC Stampmaker/ Photocentric) came to the studio each day and helped me out so much. It was so nice to have company and they helped me with show set up. I am so thankful.


Each evening, Sally took me to dinner so that I could see "a bit" of Petersborough. (this is downtown shops) I simply love the buildings and the feel here.



We had dinner here on Tuesday and it was delicious! 

I was going back and forth from the studio to my hotel for three days. I was only sleeping MAYBE 3 hours each night. My internal clock was going crazy!!!! 


Photocentric is located down the street from IdealWorld. I mean maybe two blocks so I spent time doing videos and having meetings with them during the times I was not on live tv. It was a very productive three days. I worked the entire time and in my hotel room worked on upcoming design deadlines.  


This is the building where the TV studio is located. The weather was much colder during my visit and I had wished I had brought a warmer jacket. 

I love making new friends. This is Sue Wilson She is amazing and goes on air for Spellbinders. Loved seeing her projects, products and how sweet she is. She has the #1 Craft Blog in the UK. She went on air and SPELLBINDERS was selling out like crazy!!! It is hugely popular there. Loved watching her and Dawn Bibby live.

We are both waiting and talking as we are waiting in the greenroom to do our hour long segments here.


Here are the tables set up prior to filming- as I was trying to get it ready. I was showing a lot of kits for TCD and then I did some shows for My Mind's Eye. It was the BEST experience ever for me with live TV. I really loved the hosts and enjoyed having a full hour to demo, talk and share the products. *American Crafts is FILMING behind my table. I try to do it quietly so we are not disturbing the ON AIR shows.



All the production assistants are super efficient and make it so easy for me. I had so much help and they are super organized. (American Crafts is filming right then and I was going live next!) I was not nervous and it just felt comfortable to do these shows. I did a total of seven hour long segments.


I was able to go to the mall (my first time ever to an International Mall) and shop. It was Thursday evening and I was so tired but I wanted to see how it compared to the US malls. Oh my... British products were everywhere due to the Olympics and the Queens Jubilee. I loved it! I loved the stationery in the mall and the card shops. It is always fun for me to watch and see upcoming trends. That is why I always shop where ever I am visiting. It was inspiring!


Then we walked outside of the mall and you see this beautiful town center... 

The Cathedral was beautiful... and so big. I was so tired from filming and traveling that at this point we just walked around it and back to the mall but I did not go in. 


This is the TC Set all ready to film...


I even sold the TC Stampmaker but due to time...was not able to demo it on the show's live. It did really well and the card makers love it!


This is the set for My Mind's Eye. They have a fabulous design team too and worked hard on these samples for the show. 

Visuals from one of my shows....


More visuals from the TC Stampmaker line. I wish you could see them in person. It takes so much effort to get all the projects done for these shows. 

****THANK YOU to my fabulous design team!!!! I could never do it without them!


Create and Craft has their own magazine too. I love how crafting is truly growing bigger and bigger in Europe. The UK crafters in general are more geared to making cards. 


In between filming one day, we went to lunch and the store also was a big shopping center. I had to get my photo taken. This was a fun experience. I purchased notebooks, and some postcards while I was in this store. I had a "jacket potato" for lunch. That is a baked potato for us American's. 


Oh yes, these crowns CAUGHT my eye... so pretty!


So loved it... it was crazy fast and I was beyond fatigued when I got home. It took me THREE full days to feel normal again. ha! I loved that I got to visit the mall and eat at some of the cute restaurant in the city center. The show went amazingly well and I can't wait to go again!

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Travel book....

Okay...I travel quite a bit and I love to make travel books for each of my trips. So today I'm heading to my office... new CHA S collections arrived and I'm so happy. I am going in to mail my design team boxes. That reminds me... make sure you check out my design team blog. They are all super talented! So today I am quite busy preparing for CHA and wanted to share a project with you from Everyday Moments and a post that Julie Jacob wrote:

a little travel journal by Julie Jacob

It is finally summer...and around here that means summer soccer tournaments!
Belle's soccer team (the Rangers) is traveling to California in August to play in the Carlsbad Cup.  With a little trip to Disneyland & the beach thrown in.
I thought it would be fun for her to have a little travel journal for the trip. ;)

It's nice and compact (4"x6") so she can keep it in her backpack.  (Or more realistically, my purse.)
I used Everyday Moments, Fabrications Canvas, World Traveler & Sweet Afternoon.  How's that for mixing it up?  The stamp is made with the TC Stampmaker.
I should explain that 27 is her jersey number.  I think she is digging her book...
Let's peek inside a little.  
I used a punch for the tabs at the top.  The stamps on these pages are from World Traveler.  Most of the pages are blank for now.  I wanted her to have plenty of space for notes, things to remember, or autographs at Disney.
I made the Go Rangers! stamp with my TC Stampmaker.  The pocket page on the right is from a map...the bottom is sewed shut, so she can keep tickets, receipts, etc. in there.  I had thought I was being so clever...using a map of southern California.  And then I punched out Carlsbad and San Diego.  Duh.
The envelope on the right is from the World Traveler album kit...I just cut it down to fit my book, and then sewed the right edge shut.  
The stamp on the left is also made with the Stampmaker.  It's kind of like the team philosophy.  I got the image from an email from the coach, and turned it into a stamp.
And one more page...
I also made a bigger travel journal for myself...I have a picture of it on my blog today.  :)
Happy Tuesday...


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My Craft Channel- today.... DESIGNER NOTEPADS


Today's show is all about customization and taking plain notepads and turning them into boutique notepads that you will create over and over.  Learn how easy it is to create a one of a kind boutique notepad from one sheet of pattern paper. You will absolutely love creating your own notepads. Watch as I show to create photo notepads. The possibilities are endless!!! I need to thank 

Jennie De Jesus

 for the notepads that they gave to me as gifts that inspired this episode. I showcased her projects and the ones that I made.... so love what you can create with ONE sheet of paper!!!!!

PRODUCTS: Teresa Collins Fabrications paper collection and trinkets, notepads.


Designer NOTEPADS  1

Top two notepads: designed by Jennie de Jesus

Designer NOTEPADS  2

Fabrications and metal corners.... such a nice gift to give someone!

Designer NOTEPADS  3

Adding a photo is a nice way to personalize.

Fabrications collection
Designer NOTEPADS  4

Notebook that inspired it- thank you Jennie De Jesus

 for the inspiration (TC Carolina Breeze collection) and for giving me the notebook.

Designer NOTEPADS  5

How about you add a photo to a office supply notepad?

Designer NOTEPADS  6

Check out my video at

Posting photos soon of my last two trips! 

Happy Monday!

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Headed to the heat

I am headed to Houston, TX in a few hours. I just finished packing and now have about 3 hours to sleep and wake up for a early 6 am flight. I am super excited to visit By Design Boutique. I am planning on sleeping on the plane for sure. 

Anyway, a little update. McKay is staying positive and focusing on school. I know she is making new friends as well... so this is a relief and I knew she would. Thanks for the nice comments! So happy to say that she did not call home today crying. WHEW!

Okay... going to try to sleep and looking forward to a wonderful weekend in TEXAS!!!!!

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Okay... it happened. The call I knew was coming. I felt it deep in my heart. I woke up early this morning with a busy day. I went to the Salt Lake Temple with my girlfriends first thing. It was only 5:30 am...a great way to start the day. I got home and went to the hospital. I was scheduled to have my surgery. The dreaded vein surgery to get rid of a big problem vein that I had surgery on 13 years ago. Who knew that the big ugly bulging vein could come back? It's so rare... like a extra wisdom tooth but it happened. I arrive and the nurses looks at me weird. They get my chart and realize that they had not done the pre-op with my insurance. I would have to wait two or three weeks until the insurance would okay the procedure. 

I was so okay with this. I just had a feeling that there was a reason. Hmmmm.... So I went about my day and got so many things done. I had a lot of business and designing to do and I was very productive. LOVE these days! I got a call that was so unexpected and again KNEW was a very good thing for my business and the future. Wow... CHA Winter is going to be BIG!!!!  Yes, I am working on things. It's what I love and wow, do I feel giddy in excitement. 

However, ALL DAY I was dealing with some big time feelings that I "knew" that McKay was struggling. I think as a mother you just "SENSE" with things are happening. 

McKay went to school on Monday. She is at BYU- it's about 45 minutes from our home. She went alone (no friends went that she knew) and she was put into a apartment with four girls who are just there for the Summer and not even attending school. They are bff's and so it was a little hard to come into a place where everyone is already bestest friends. They are nice to her, but she is pretty much alone. 

She goes to school and the classes are intense, WAY fast paced and HARD. This is stressing her out and last night when she called I could tell she was feeling unsure. Then tonight... after feeling and knowing McKay was having a hard time, that gut feeling- I get the call.

McKay calls me sobbing and she just can't stop crying. She is REALLY home sick. She is alone and feeling overwhelmed and no one from her family is there. It broke my heart. There is really nothing I can do to help her. I offered to get in my car and come see her right away or even the next day... BUT ... she said..."No, I will be okay." I told her how when I was her age and flew out to attend college, I had done the SAME thing. I called my mom and begged her to buy me a plane ticket back to NC. She said she couldn't let me do that and  I needed to give college a try. She said if I still felt so homesick after 2 weeks she would let me come home. Oh, I just knew in 2 weeks I would be going back home. However, I somehow survived and loved college and stuck it out.

Family 3

I started thinking... I told McKay that we love and miss her so much and we are always there for her but for her to try to focus on her studies. What could I really do or say? It's just a life experience that a lot of us have to face, right? I called both her sisters and told them how my heart is heavy and I hated to hear her cry. Then I thought about it and I realized that although I am not happy at all that she is so homesick... I am so GRATEFUL to know how much she loves her family so much. Our family is so close and we are always there for each other. She is just missing us. 

It is true... FAMILY is EVERYTHING. 


I love being a designer, I love being creative... but it is NOTHING compared to being a mama. I tell you I think being a mother is my greatest blessing. Wow, but do I feel like I just don't know all the answers. I wish I knew what to say to make her feel better tonight. I was attempting to find the right words or the best advice, but it did not come.

Family 2

I let her know that her crazy family loves her and that no matter how far apart we are... we are a family and what a blessing this is. It's crazy to think when my kids were younger they fought like CRAZY at times. Now, they are best friends. 


Family 1

If anyone has any good "home sickness" advice... let me know!

I am just feeling especially grateful that SHE knows that FAMILY is what it's all about and because of that she does miss us. LOVE YOU MCKAY!!!!!!!


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This weeks My CRAFT CHANNEL TC  show features how to create your own customized photo magnetic display.  I wanted to show  how to take your favorite photos and adhere them to magnetic backings. You can proudly display your photos on the refrigerator or magnetic board. Watch the segment for further inspiration to create as a learning tool for your children. So simple and yet the perfect way to display your cherished photos!


  Screen shot 2012-06-18 at 8.21.20 PM

Watch the segment here:

Screen shot 2012-06-18 at 8.21.10 PM

Screen shot 2012-06-18 at 8.21.32 PM

Magnetic Photos 2
Magnetic Photos 1

These are the SILVER PLATTERS that I purchased for a $1.00 from the Dollar Store here in Utah. I really love doing these weekly shows. I hope you are enjoying them too!

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As seen on Ideal World TV....

Oh my...  London WAS amazing!!!!! I am just TODAY starting to get over some MAJOR jet lag. It was a very quick trip Monday night- Friday night to be on IdealWorld- Create & Craft on British TV. The studio is in Peterborough.

Screen shot 2012-06-10 at 9.45.52 PM

Screen shot 2012-06-10 at 9.47.57 PM

This is the beautiful Petersborough Cathedral. It was beautiful. I was non-stop the entire trip.

I was on Ideal World and Create and Craft for seven- one hour show segments. I was very prepared this time and even wore my compression stocking for the long flight over and back.They helped and I had ZERO swelling in my legs.  I had a wonderful time. I wanted to mention that we posted SAMPLES of the projects that I  showed on my website with INSTRUCTIONS. I encourage you to go check out the projects here:

Click on SAMPLES to view the projects. Here are a few that were shown on air:

Screen shot 2012-06-10 at 9.12.51 PM
SPRING FLING papers, 6x6 pad, brad, button... (by Cheri Piles)

Screen shot 2012-06-10 at 9.13.15 PM
Fabrications papers, stamps, chipboard and brads... (by Cheri Piles)

Screen shot 2012-05-29 at 7.54.30 PM
I have many more photos and things to share. I was am back trying to play catch up. Zach has baseball today so that keeps me busy. McKay starts her VERY FIRST day at BYU today.

Oh, those of you that know me know that I'm so happy and sad at the same time. I didn't want to see her go. I'm all nervous today for her. She moves into her apartment today and this semester is a fast paced SIX weeks. Ty is at camp- it has been ONE WEEK and wow have I missed him. He called last night and told us all about the service/work that he does each day and then how much fun he is having too. I was so thankful that he did not beg to come home. I know this will be a great experience for him. He has TWO more weeks. 

I am getting ready for my vascular surgery.. it is WEDNESDAY and I leave for TX on Friday. I was assured that it will be fine for still go teach. I will be in HOUSTON TX at By Design Scrapbook Boutique. Anyway, it's one of those things that I know I need to do and will be happy when it's done and over with.

Make sure you check out my NEW show today on I will post visuals of the show tomorrow. Have a GREAT Monday!


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That is right! I am headed to London within the hour. I am going on Ideal World TV and Create and Craft TV show for both my company and My Mind's Eye. It is always so very hard for me to leave.

Tuesday 12 June 2200hrs- 10 pm – Teresa Collins (Ideal World)- (3 pm MST, 5pm EST Tuesday)

Wednesday 13 June 0000hrs – Midnight- Teresa Collins (Ideal World) (5pm MSt, 7pm EST Tuesday)

Wednesday 13 June 1000hrs-10:00am – MME Create and Craft- (3:00am MST, 5:00am EST Wednesday)

Wednesday 13 June 1500hrs –3:00 pm- MME (Ideal World) (8:00am MST, 10:00am EST Wednesday)

Wednesday 13 June 1700hrs –5:00 pm- Teresa Collins (Ideal World) (10:00 am MST, 12:00 noon EST Wednesday)

Thursday 14 June 1500hrs –3:00 pm- Teresa Collins and MME (8:00am MST, 10:00am EST Thursday)

 You can watch here: 

 I am never really nervous on TV anymore HOWEVER... I had to say that going on air for My Mind's Eye makes me nervous. Not the TV part but feeling like I need to do the brand and company justice in my presentation. I love their lines and hope that I do a good job representing their beautiful collections. 

Today is my newest weekly show on This week is something that I LOVE to create and make.

Today's show features how to create your own customized pennants, envelopes and banners with your favorite papers.  Todays show, I show how I love to look at my Provo Craft cartridges and die-cut shapes in a whole new light. I show how to take pennant shapes to create your own mini notebooks. If you like to create your own beautiful envelopes and tags then todays show is for you!

PRODUCTS: TC Sweet Afternoon paper, Teresa Collins  Basics collection- Cricut Craft Room exclusive, Pretty Pennants Provo Craft Cartridge.


DIY Pennants & Envelopes 1-1

DIY Pennants & Envelopes 2-1

DIY Pennants & Envelopes 3-1

This is actually a crazy quick trip for me. I am going non-stop! I arrive on Tuesday and film two ONE HOUR shows. I am filming other promos for Ideal World while I am there, videos for the TC Stampmaker and visiting the Photocentric company. I will be on air selling the TC Stampmaker as well. I am not quite sure of the actual time or it may be with all my other segments. I will leave on Friday morning (early) and arrive back home in Utah on Friday evening.  Crazy to think in that short amount of time- 22 hours are actual flight time there and back for me. This trip is all business. I will not have anytime to sight see this time. 

I am pretty excited to see my Photocentric friends and meet Amanda Jones. She is on my design team and from the United Kingdom. Oh my... she is so talented and sweet to drive to the show to meet me. I am going to probably come home on Friday and sleep all weekend. ha!  

I'll post more from the UK.....

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Meaningful Moments...

Yesterday I attended Nick and Madison's wedding reception. It was truly so special. The love that they have for each other is so STRONG that it's just a inspiration to me of all that is good in the world. They had quite the crowd come out to help them celebrate. They are both just wonderful people and deserve so much happiness. There was just a feeling of happiness that I could not even begin to articulate.


Earlier in the day, I went to Zach's second game with Cottonwood High School (Colts). He plays 16 U for the Summer too. He played the entire game and did great. He had a huge hit and that always makes him in a super good mood afterwards. 


He definitely looks older than the average 14 year old now. ha!



Here he is running in to score. Did I mention that he is THREE inches taller than me now?

I am just having a hard time leaving my family tomorrow. You see today is my last day home with McKay (she is going to her dads for a week before she starts college). She cleaned up her entire room and put everything into boxes and cleaned out her room. I went to her room and it made me REALLY sad and I decided to walk away and not watch her pack her suitcases. Hmmm....this is a major family change and I will miss her so much!

Also, Ty is going to camp tomorrow at 9am for THREE entire weeks. We have had McKay, Ty and I all packing today after church. The camp Ty is attending is a service camp. Many young people today lack work ethic and the self-sufficiency to be out on their own and it is creating problems in their lives. The focus at Breech Creek Service Ranch is to teach 12-15 year old boys (and girls- they go at a different time) the value of hard work, the ability to face challenges, and the importance of being engaged members of a community.

This is not a reform camp or treatment program. It is a camp for good kids who have not had serious behavioral problems in the past who wish to have a positive experience in Rural Utah learning to appreciate the outdoors, being engaged in the community, and learning the value of hard work. The campers engage in farm work and community service. They work to maintain the ranch facilities and help the neighbors.  The staff and campers contribute about 4000 hours of service to the local community each summer.

Each morning is several hours of service followed by the boys engaging in a variety of outdoors activities and arts and crafts. These activities include: soccer, basketball, rock climbing, hiking, wood-work, ceramics, and many other activities. Guests come to hold concerts and discussions and group activities with the campers. These discussions are designed to culturally broaden the campers’ experience and help them learn to think critically and form their own opinions.  Group activities also reinforce community mindedness. 

So the goal is this:

Character building
Principled living
Appreciation of hard work
Increased sense of civic-engagement
Community minded
Increased resiliency to life´s challenges
Appreciation of nature
Better attention span and study habits

It is so hard for me to think that for THREE weeks my son will be gone. However, I believe in being honest. I know that he is at a critical point in his young 13 years. He is a great kid- 4.0 student and has not been in trouble ever. However, as the baby of the family he seems to just "expect and expect" and seems to always think that he is entitled to things. Ugh... it was a blessing to be able to send him to a camp that Ty and I both feel will help him be a better young man from the experience. I love that it is character building and they build the boys up. 

So tonight... we are watching Tangled together and enjoying being together. We even skyped with Matt and Kayla today and saw the little ones. Maxson is talking tons. He is counting to ten and was so excited to see PAPA. They have the cutest relationship!!!!

PS I want to thank the person who mailed the nicest card to me at my office recently. I wanted to share the quote on the front of the card: "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart." Helen Keller


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Weddings & Baseball...

This weekend is all about celebrations and baseball. I went to a wedding today for a close friends daughter. It was simply beautiful. They were married in the Draper Temple. The marriage was so touching and I could not help, but cry at the emotions that I felt. I wanted to share some photos (yes, horrible camera photos) that I took to capture it.

They held the reception at their church reception hall. The hired a company to come in and decorate the building. 


The lights were beautiful and it was very pretty and romantic.

Photo 1

 I loved the flowing PINK flowers with the flowing white fabric and lights. So pretty!


So very pretty!!!!!!

Photo 3

This is the food table and the centerpiece was sparkly and shined. This photo does not capture how beautiful it really was.


It was a honor to be asked to attend the ceremony and witness two young people so in love. Congrats Erin and Dylan!!!! I am going tomorrow night to Nick & Madison's reception. Nick is my sales director and I think the world of him and his beautiful bride to be. So watch for more photos tomorrow. ha!

Then I raced to go watch my son play in his baseball game. He was catching the entire game tonight. It was just such a perfect ending to a beautiful day. Oh, and yes... Zach has another game tomorrow. It looks like more weddings and baseball tomorrow too. Love this so much!!!!


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NYC- take two....


Amy and Echo had never been to NYC so I knew I wanted them to see ALL the famous sights. So we took the NEW YORK SIGHTSEEING tour. You get on their double decker bus and they travel around all the sights. You can get on and off whenever you want. Of course, we wanted to be on top so we could take lots of photos.


Do you recognize this building? 


We went by this shop and I really wanted to stop and shop there. No such luck! Not sure if it would have been a great place to shop at or not.

The EMPIRE STATE building. It was rainy and cold on the day we toured the city.


I spy... The INK PAD. I would have LOVED to stop and shop. 





Rockefeller Center- a must go to if you visit NYC



This is the wall and chandelier inside Juicy Couture. Ummm... I thought it was so pretty!!!!! Loved all the gold mirrors.

The store was really well designed and beautiful. LOVED the large white frame.


This was really special for me. We visited St. Patrick Cathedral. It was simply beautiful and I felt such a feeling of peace there.


Oh, and no trip to NYC would be complete without a visit to MAGNOLIA BAKERY. Okay, the cupcakes will melt in your mouth. I had the red velvet and savored it! Yes, I gained weight on my trip. However, I came home and did a complete cleanse the next day and lost it all within a couple days home. The key for me is to go right back to my no sugar/starches eating plan. I feel like you have to have balance in your life and vacation is when I allow myself to eat things that I don't eat day to day anymore. Just so you know I still struggle EVERY day to maintain the 32 lbs gone. I have no secret and I think it's harder to maintain than to actually lose it... for me! I am just constantly re-motivated by the way I feel now. 

Okay... now for the crazy Wednesday. We got up at 5 am to head to Rockefeller center and watch the TODAY show live.


There is quite the crowd of fans that go to watch the show everyday.



Here is Al Roker. He seems to have a bad knee. He walked slow and seemed to have some kind of injury. 

Hanging out watching the show...


Matt Lauer is so skinny... oh yes, he is one skinny man. He looked just like he does on TV.


Also, on the show today was Dr. Oz and Martha Stewart.


Fun to see Gene Simmons from KISS. Seems like a really nice guy. The crowd loved and cheered for him. 

I was most impressed with Ann Curry. She was small, tiny and deeply sweet to everyone there. I witnessed her hugging people and seemed so down to earth.


We were on the show about THREE times that morning. Then it was almost over and the producer for Hoda and Kathie Lee came over to us and asked if we wanted to be apart of their show and be a contestant on the game show segment. Of course, Amy was excited and did not hesitate to do it. Echo and I would be her helpers. 

We were told to come here at 10am and they would come for us. 


Kathie Lee shows up and she is so kind and talks to the crowd. Such a sweet person! She thought Amy was a hoot.

Honestly, I loved that she was just a normal (albeit slim) woman. She wasn't super skinny or overly made up. Just seemed to be 'real." Amy was on the show and we were in the background "not really" helping her. Sorry... no photos from this. We were facebooking and on Twitter. So cool that so many people were following us and saw us on TV that day. Amy missed the question and was so cute about it. She did win a CD from Kathie Lee. Amy, have you listened to it yet?

Then we went back to touring NYC. Oh my... this place... I was overcome with feelings of sadness. I watched the videos. It was so real and all these years later... it's painful. I happened to know a girl who was on the plane that crashed into the field. I think of her every single time I think of 9/11. It was such a horrible day and I know we all know where we were on that fateful day. 


Later that day we went to Ellis Island and to the Statue of Liberty.


This was my second time visiting both places and I still felt so much thankfulness for our pioneers and ancestors. I am thankful to live in a country where we have freedom.


Thanks Amy for taking photos of me. I know it's crazy but I feel so strongly that we have to put "ourself" into our life stories. Photos truly have a way of taking us back to a time, a place, a day....etc.

We are getting off the ferry boat here. We had been going NON-STOP all day and we were pretty tired!


So thankful to have seen her again...


That night we went to go see WICKED. The absolute PERFECT way to end the trip! I had seen it in Chicago a couple of years ago. It was just as good. I cried again... the meaning always get to me. I truly will NEVER forget this trip. I especially loved that I was with Amy and Echo. I highly recommend a trip with girlfriends. I have not done this in FOREVER. Watch for my book that I'm designing on a future episode on My Craft Channel. 

Have a great day!

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CLASS UPDATES...By Design Studio & Creative Crafts and Cuts

Well, it's only FIVE more days and I head to the United Kingdom to be on IDEAL WORLD TV. The crate with all my samples and My Mind's Eye are on their way. I have a very busy month ahead. I used to really get so stressed out, but I have learned to truly take it day by day. The best thing I ever did was hire Taylor to kit all my kits for teaching. Just last year alone, she kitted a few THOUSAND kits. That is crazy, huh? She does a great job and it gives me time to focus on product design, project designs and TV Ideal World, My Craft Channel and Good Things Utah. Oh my... finding balance was something I was struggling with until I realized I had to give up some of my "thoughts" that I had to do it all personally to be correct. I am so thankful for Sesil who also helps me with the day to day functions of the company. I also am truly thankful for NICK and JARED who manage a very busy sales department. Whew... it takes a village. ha! Anyway, I just wanted to share that I have learned to let the things that "don't matter" go. 

I get home from London and the following week I have the varicose vein surgery again. I ordered my compression stocking and will be wearing them on my flights for now on and as much as possible at home. I leave for Houston, TX a couple of days after the surgery. My doctor said I will be great to go and I just need to make sure and wear my compression stockings. I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to my visit to By Design Boutique. I love all my Texas friends and I love visiting Houston again. It just feels a little like visiting home to me. I am teaching THREE workshops and we sold out two of the workshops and I cannot make up any more kits. However, the good news is that I made up SIX more kits of the EVERYDAY MOMENTS workshop. I taught this workshop before and it is a big project. I used my flocked album covers and I love the book and that is if full of technique.  So if you are in Houston and want to come... we do have only SIX spots left. 

This is the workshop:

Document your story- your everyday moments in a beautiful 9x6 flocked damask album. This album will become a treasured keepsake of your life. Join Teresa Collins to be inspired to document and share what matters most to you in this workshop. Learn new techniques, how to add tags, inclusions, stamps and embossing and more! This workout will help you leave a beautiful legacy of your everyday moments. Be inspired to tell you story! Learn how to add embossed elements using the Cuttlebug machine into your projects.This treasured project will be bound and punched with the Cinch or Bind it all machine using a metal coil during class. You will not want to miss this technique filled workshop!


Document Your Story Inside view 1-1
I shipped all the kits and projects to the store yesterday. The kits are BIG and in order to get them done in 3 hours...cute Taylor precut everything. She is a keeper!

EXCITING NEWS...I added a new class yesterday. I am headed to CHA S in July and am teaching for the second year at Creative Crafts and Cuts.

Screen shot 2012-06-05 at 5.28.48 PM
The workshop sold out so fast- less than 24 hours. We kept adding spots until we truly had no more room. I was so happy and surprised and the interest. The project is UNSEEN- since it is my NEW not yet released CHA S line. It is gorgeous- hint hint!!!! Anyway, today I contacted the store to let them know that I worked it so that we could do ONE more workshop while I am in Chicago. So here are the details:

Screen shot 2012-06-05 at 5.29.06 PM

SATURDAY JULY 14th 2012- 7:00-10:00pm

Arts & Crafts Supply Store- Creative Crafts and Cuts




 486 S. Spring RoadElmhurstIL. 1 (630) 279-4444

Please call and sign up so that you don't miss out if your interesting! I loved this store and the owners so I agreed on the spot to come back again this year. Oh this makes me happy!!! The women who came last year were so genuine and kind and I connected with them and look forward to seeing my friends again.

This week my girlfriends daughter is getting married and my sales director Nick is getting married in the temple. I have two wedding to look forward to. I have gifts to purchase tomorrow. I simply am such a "romance" girl. I love weddings, true love, chick flicks, true love, and I firmly believe in the power of love. It makes me happy just thinking about these two beautiful couples getting married. 

I am getting McKay ready to head to BYU on the 18th of this month. Seriously, I cry happy tears mixed with sad tears at least once a day. I am not ready to see her leave. She is very ready. She is packing boxes and clearing her room daily. It will take her some time. It's a disaster zone. ha!


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NYC Stationery Show- POST 1


Oh yes, this is long overdue. I have been wanting to post some of the photos from my trip to NYC. I have to say it was so much fun. I have to THANK Amy Coon for scoring our free hotel stay on Times Square. Her husband travels a ton and is a VIP at the Marriott. So when she called to book- they told her the room was NO CHARGE for our stay. Wow... BONUS... happy dance!!!!! I like to take photos of where I am staying to remember.

This is our room....

and this is our VIEW as we looked down at TIMES SQUARE. It is the Marriott Marquis hotel. I loved it...and would definitely stay again (and pay!). Thank you Mr. COON...... seriously, I have great friends.

DSCN0603 DSCN0610 DSCN0612

This is my cute friend AMY... it was raining when we arrived... but we were in NYC and did not care!


We decided to just shop and sightsee the first day we were there. The lady at MAC told me I needed different makeup for my lips (she thought I needed brighter red) When I expressed I liked little or neutral tones she told me I looked like a dead Barbie... ouch!!!" 



This is my cute new friend ECHO. She is the SWEETEST girl. She is Amy's friend from WAY BACK. Now I'm lucky that we are friends. She is truly just so kind and easy going. 

M& M World... nope we did not even buy any. I am sooo tired here. I had taken the overnight flight to JFK and I was feeling it here.


First night was this cool restaurant. Yes, loved the MOVIE!!!! I loved it so much. I wanted to go back again the next day. It is a MUST MUST go to if you are in NYC!


Frozen HOT CHOCOLATE... we split it... YUM oh YUM... must have AGAIN...


Seriously, THIS was a trip highlight!


Next we went here. Oh, yes.... CANDY. This is Dylan's (Ralph Lauren's daughter) famous candy store. Oh, my kids were so happy that they got CHOCOLATE from here. They still have some and are savoring it. Right, Taylor?????


Inside of the store. Bins & Bins of candy...


Amy buying subway tickets for us. This was her FIRST TIME ever on the subway. What a hoot! She texted her husband Jason to tell him we were going on the subway and trying to make it back to our hotel. Then she posts a photo and never posted or texted him that we made it back to the hotel. Poor Jason never knew if we made it home. ha!

I loved this shop... look at the black chandeliers... oh my!!!!

Hello Kitty is my kind of store. LOVE the  black walls and white trim!!!!


The rain did not stop our shopping fun!

The next day we went here:

Amy went as Press... she is writing a story for CK Media. Here are some photos from the show. PS... they don't want you to take photos so I don't have very many.

DSCN0647 DSCN0650
DSCN0651 DSCN0652

The day highlight was seeing my dear friend... JANNA WILSON... I love her. I have known her for years. I love her. She just is a TRUE friend forever. Isn't she gorgeous??????


The shuttle taking us back to the hotel at the end of the day. Ha... self-portrait. I was bored....


Amy and Echo looking so cute.

Sights on the way back to the hotel....DSCN0659

Oh--- this was dinner. ha!

Okay... more tomorrow. Headed to my office now...shipping my crate for the UK today. Ideal World countdown- ONE WEEK!!!!!

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My Craft Channel- DUCK TAPE & office supplies

Today's show is all about using office supplies and duck tape as a trendy design element. Today my show will show you how I love to use duck tape to create border accents on layouts, notepads, and even create your own mini book. 

PRODUCTS: DUCK TAPE tape, paper, TC FABRICATIONS collection, TC Trinkets (fabrications- metal corners)


Duck tape 3

Love that you can buy duck tape by the SHEETS (8.5 x 11)

Duck Tape- 4


Of course, I love to buy the designs in a roll as well. I am loving the GOLD!!!!

Duct tape- 1 Fabrications

Love adding a little ZEBRA duck tape to my layout! (fabrications, metal trinkets)

Duct tape- 2 fabrications

Watch my show today at Hope you had a GREAT weekend too!

It is HOT HOT HOT here in Utah. I think the high today is going to be around 97 degrees. Oh my... 

So excited ONE WEEK from today I fly to London- going on Ideal World. I am even MORE thankful that I have all my projects designed and ready for the shows. This week is ALL about being with my kids and enjoying the FIRST week of no school. I love SUMMER time with the kids.. oh, and yes... I do love to sleep in a little longer.

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Okay... this past week was my crazy busy week. I was going non-stop and often did not even have time to eat. I cried a few times- happy and sad tears. Mostly happy... I just have to admit that this past week has been amazing!!!! 

Yesterday, McKay graduated from high school. She leaves for BYU in TWO WEEKS. Everyone keeps asking why is she starting the Summer session. Ha! Well, when she applied McKay marked Summer admission by mistake. Even though she would have rather started in the FALL. So when it came back and we realized it, we talked and decided that it was probably a good thing. She could go to school when it's less crowded, she could look for a job there for the next year and that it would have been hard for her to find a job around our home for just the Summer. Plus, she can go and get some of her harder pre-requisites done. Poor girl is SO NERVOUS!!! I remember feeling the SAME thing. 


It is tradition for me to take photos the day of their graduation. I do a little photo shot for the me to remember the day. It is a important milestone in life. 


So many times in life- it's WHEN did you graduate? 


I think being a mother is my "crowning" and most important thing I can or ever will do in this life. I stress daily if I am ENOUGH and if I am doing a good job. I realize that I need to guide them through example. Unfortunately, I grew up with a father that was ..."Do as I say and not as I do!" I wanted to be different. Oh, man have I made so many mistakes. I just hope they know my intentions and forgive me.

Have you ever wished that your kids came with a MANUEL? I have. I admit that I do often feel so confused and every single one of my kids are different. What is best for ONE is not right for another!


Like my silly McKay- she is so YELLOW. *personality test color! This girl is over the top just sweet, carefree, and not a care in the world. She is my easy going, just full of life and lives in the stars. She sees the best in others. Everyone has always loved her  and she is blessed with countless friends. I love that she is a friend to everyone and is kind. She is always saying silly things and making everyone laugh. She just has a way of making everyone feel loved and special around her. 


She is super close with Gentry and Taylor. I love watching the girls together. It is so special to me. They call each other EVERY SINGLE day... and me too! Family is everything to us and I worked hard to make sure they know that we are here to help each other. 


I have put a lot of my focus on making sure my kids know how important education is. I have always felt that ANYTHING is possible if you work hard enough. You can be and do anything if you BELIEVE. I think as parents we need to give our kids WINGS of beliefs so that they can FLY... I am a firm believer in telling my kids positive affirmations. Well, all kids need this. If we dwell on the negative it will "sit in their heads forever." Honestly, it was because my dad was very cruel to me. I think maybe I over compensate at times. ha! I just don't want ANY child to have to have the feelings of doubt and feeling unloved that I faced every day from my dad. I just try to focus on the good I see in people. My kids have lots of weaknesses and faults. I think there is way to help them see them and grow from them without making them feel like they are doomed with the weaknesses.

 Here we are at the graduation. It is held at SLCC- since they had 500 graduates. It was a beautiful warm day. I saw so many of McKay's friends from K-12. THIRTEEN years together. I simply love her friends. I love them so much and am thankful for their goodness.


McKay is here getting her diploma. You can see her photo on the screen. Can you believe I did not cry? I was and am just happy for her and her friends.


Here she is with her best friend Josilyn. Now they are going off to college together. 


I took 133 photos at graduation. Yes, thankfully I can and did post them all on FACEBOOK. McKay wanted photos with all her friends. We spent over hour after graduation ended taking photos. I am printing them out today to make her a book.


I am so thankful for Gentry and Devan who helped me by making the money leis for her graduation. I called to order one and they were out. So Gentry googled how to do it and they made it the night before. This one held 43 dollars. Cute huh?


McKay was hugging and telling all of her friends how much she loved them... every single one of them. She said over and over... YOUR my favorite... and she meant it. I was touched!!!! 


I hope that she will make an effort to keep in touch with her friends. I know how hard it gets with life. 


It was just a fabulous day and I am so thankful for photos to help her remember it! 

Today we are going on a fun hike up the canyon and I have lots of crafting to do. Love Saturdays at home with the family!!!!!!

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Graduation and Baseball games.... last day of school

I'm headed now to my second graduation in our family. In a couple of hours McKay will graduate. It's been so fun!

Yesterday- Seth graduated from Riverton High School. He lives about 20 minutes from us. It was a great ceremony- gorgeous... my camera battery died after I took only TWO photos...ugh!

Congrats Seth!

Seth ewan 2

He will be going to USU next year...

Seth ewan

Last night I went to Zach's game. It is his LAST games/tournament while playing for superleague. He now will be playing at Cottonwood High School for the Summer and then next year. LOVE it when the kids come with me to watch him play... McKay is so silly!


Now off to graduation #2... busy busy... Oh, and today is the last day of school for ALL my kids. 

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