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Today on Good Things Utah- Channel 4 TV

I am headed to the studio. I am going on Good Things Utah Channel 4 this morning at 10:00am. I wanted to show how I like to use  my Washi Tape.

I am a little obsessed with the fun decorative tape!!!!

So watch the show if you are in Utah. I will link the video here as well.

Have a great Thursday!

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Document it... School Memories

I am now three days back into the swing of school starting. I am trying to find balance in how busy I am with my family and company. Needless to say, I am racing around at times and trying to keep things in check. I wanted to share Gentry's college dorm room-

I love that she made her room so "her" and pretty. She made all the pillows, the frames, the Ikea orante quote frame (she did have it red last year and repainted to blue) and the paper flowers (from my Mr & Mrs collection). I especially loved that she made a collage of her favorite photos on one of her walls. Can you tell she likes jewelry? At least she keeps it organized. 

I wanted to show you a project that I loved for back to school. It is on my design team blog-

Here is the project designed by the mega talented Dedra Long:


She used my Vintage Finds collection- (the glitter borders, buttons, rhinestones, stamps). I am so happy to say that the line is doing so well that Nick is worried we are going to sell out too soon. I guess that is a good problem to have!


I love that Dedra documented with hidden flaps. Wow, her girls are beautiful! *take note on her camera angle. I love it!

Screen shot 2012-08-29 at 7.41.22 AM

This is the view of her page. Okay.. it inspired me. How about you? Thanks Dedra for sharing your talent. I simply love it!

 Watch me TOMORROW... on Good Things Utah Channel 4 TV. I'm showing some of my favorite ways to use Washi Tape. 

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Okay... I know I am not the only mother who has cried the past few days. Yes, I am not good with change. It hit me hard this weekend that now two more children are out of the house. They are at college- BYU starts classes today. I miss them and it's hard. We are such a close family and I am used to hearing about their day to day things. 

Thankfully, I have two great boys. I love them so much, but they are not quite as OPEN and share as much with me. ha! Today they started 8th (Ty) and 9th (Zach) grade. 

They are 13 and 14 years old. Did I mention they are only 14 months apart? They go to two different JHS. Now to complicate it more- Zach's first period is at the high school. I have to take him to the high school and then go back an hour later and take him to the junoir high school. I am running around every day and I really love it. However, it's hard when I'm out of town. That is where it gets tricky and I stress over my  boys and the schedule. 

I took Zach to the high school to get him signed up for the math class. We were very early and I could tell her was anxious.  He was walking WAY ahead of me. I had to laugh. I guess he did not want to be seen with his mother. It was hard to leave him at the high school this morning. Gentry sent me a photo and asked me if I liked what she was wearing on the first day. I LOVE that she values my opinion. 

I am going to keep really busy today- I don't want to cry anymore. I will be headed to my office to work on finalizing product collections. This is a great distraction! 

Today I have a new show on

Here is the show highlights:


Teresa is known for her love of shiny sparkly jewelry, bling, and rhinestones. No crafting project is complete without a little sparkle! Today watch as Teresa will showcase how to add her rhinestones and medallions in your scrapbook and home decor objects. Take a discount candle and give it a designer
look at a fraction of the cost! 


Tell your story rhinestone layout
Tell your story rhinestone layout close up
TC candle with medallion before and after
TC Candle with Medallion


So if you are looking on different ways to use my new gems and medallions...check out the show!

Happy Monday...

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Weekend inspiration... Teaching at SCRAPFEST

I have been working on some visuals for my workshops at Scrapfest. I have heard officially that the 2012 event is once again a huge success. There will be thousands of crafters at the Mall of America in 3 weeks. I am pretty excited and love the enthusiasm of the event. I am looking forward to the event. I am even doing a book signing for my idea book on Friday morning at the event from 9:00- 11:00am. 

I wanted to show some visuals of the two of the workshops that I will be teaching at the event. I hope this will help all of the students who signed up for the workshops to get a feel of the workshops. My classes are a quick 45 minutes from start to finish. Yes, I put a ton of technique in quite a big project for a short amount of time.  We can do it though!!!!!

This is my TELL YOUR STORY workshop. This is 24 pages and comes with my large white MEMORY KEEPER 3 ring binder albums. 


Tell Your Story- Scrapfest 1

Here are a few views from the inside pages of the album. I hope everyone will love there is so much in this project and love it as much as I do. This line has been a huge success and I think it because it has so much meaning mixed with simply being beautiful. 

Tell Your Story- Scrapfest 2
My next project is my Christmas Mini Workshop using my new collection- Christmas Cottage. I added gems, flaps, tags, and again we have 45 minutes to do this SWEET project!

Scrapfest- Christmas Cottage
I hope if you are not going to Scrapfest that you will find the visuals inspiring! 
I simply LOVE what I do. I am truly thankful that my sweet family supports me.

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Tell it Thursday....weight matters

I have started a new thing on my facebook page at Each Thursday I share a little bit about myself. My office staff thought it would be great to really share a more of "behind the scenes." So check it out today! For example, this is a constant companion that I take with me everywhere-

Screen shot 2012-08-22 at 11.10.42 PM

Did you know that I drive a white car too? Yes, you could say I love WHITE. I love my MacBook Pro and that it is white as well. Plus, we do lots of fun company updates at

I have some news... wonderful news. The TC PINK Xyron mega runner has been so popular that we have exceeded all of our sales expectations. If you see the mega runner some where you might want to grab it. Xyron let me know that they are going to sell out before the next shipment comes in. You can expect the clear refills and the pink mega runners to be in stock in November. I am so happy that so many crafters loved the runner as much as I do. 

Yesterday, I had a business lunch meeting with these cute girls-


This is Kristine, Lori (from My Craft Channel) and Sesil. How lucky am I to call each of these girls my friends? Plus, I get to work with each of them. We went to TGIF Fridays and had the best waiter ever. I think he thought we were crazy. Kristine just wanted bread and I was being the "picky eater." *Lisa was there but she refused to be in the photo. BTW...she is gorgeous. I must convert her...she needs to realize how important it is.

Anyway, I thought of something very cool, very different and well... in October it will all be revealed. It is TOP SECRET for now and it will be a joint project with TCD and MCC. 


I thought it was TIME that I did the "weight" blog update. I have to be accountable. I want to share how I am doing on this journey. It has been since Dec. 15th (yes, I have this date burned into my memory) since I started to lose weight. Okay...32 lbs to be exact. I went to a clinic that helped me processed foods, no diet pills, no soda... it was NOT easy. I finished the "program" after 12 weeks and that was in April. 

Today, I am UP  4 lbs. from my last weigh in. I actually was 10 lbs lighter at one point from this photo and I almost felt it was becoming a problem with "head games." I was obsessing about everything I ate and I did not like it. So about six weeks ago, I decided to just relax. I still am eating healthy. I admit,  I weigh my self every single morning. I have to be accountable. That is key!!! I don't live in denial anymore. I have learned that when big deadlines loom (which in my company is non-stop) I tend to eat.

Just the other day, I came home from my meetings in Texas and I was so hungry. It was nine o'clock at night and I craved Cold Stones ice cream. It was a "have to have NOW" craving. I stopped and thought about it. I knew it was NOT going to help me. I debated with myself for an entire hour. Should I go and just buy the cookie dough ice cream? Yes, it's my fave. Did I mention ice cream is my weakness?  So I found a 90 Calorie yogurt ice cream and then treated myself to 2 of them. I felt happy that I have learned to tame that inner voice a bit. I'm not perfect. 

I am now living my life (my diet) as not a diet but a lifestyle. I was tired of feeling yucky and knew I did not look like on the outside what I wanted to look like. Anyway, I have realized there is no secret to motivation. I wanted to change. I committed to being a better me. I still feel the same way. I know I want to lose more weight, but I'm not sure if I am ready to do it again. I know how to do it. However, right now I am enjoying the journey and if and when I decide to go another round and lose more weight- it will be great too. Right now... I am accepting and loving myself. That is HUGE for me....

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Day by day...

I am happy that today my boys are finally going to be home after a week of camping and bowhunting. I always worry so it's so nice that Ty will text me and even send me photos. I like to take random photos and sent them to them as well. I have this week to spend with the boys before school starts. I went back to school (supplies) shopping for the boys. I was drawn to the glitter notebooks and actually bought some for me. My boys are easy as long as the binders are not girly then it's all good. 

We are working on our website (updates). So I wanted to post a few places that I will be at during 2012:

August 30- Good Things Utah TV segment (10:00 am)

September 4-5th- Phoenix AZ filming & meetings with Xyron ( I don't have time to teach on this trip) Let's just say MORE good things are in store.

September 13-16th- MALL OF AMERICA Scrapfest workshops and Crop- Minnesota 

September 19-23rd-  TC Inspiration Unlimited Event  Henderson, NV 

October 12-13th- SHE SCRAPBOOKS workshops at The Village, FL

November 2-3rd- EVER AFTER SCRAPBOOKS workshops- Carlsbad, CA

November 9-10th- BEN FRANKLIN two stores- Bonney Lake (9th), Monroe (10th)-Washington 

November 15-17th- CANADA event (bling it on Canada) 

This year I have decided to not teach in December. 

Today I am meeting with my friends at My Craft Channel for lunch. We have some fun things in the works for my weekly show.


I can't wait to share with everyone what I have in the works. It's way fun!!!!!


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Found the diary.... it's been ten years

My boys are away hunting and in between designing new products I have been trying to "deep clean" some cabinets. I was up late getting organized. I am on a de-clutter roll. Then to my surprise I found this little girly butterfly book in the back of our kitchen cabinet. I had never seen it before. I opened the first page and saw it was Gentry's diary. I have never read any of my kids diaries, so I called Gentry. I read the first page to her and held back the tears. It was written on the day after my mother died. Gentry had journaled about it. I had no idea she had done this. I have felt very strongly to share her sweet thoughts. She was only 10 years old. I know that scrapbooking for me is an extension of THIS diary entry. I was overcome with emotion and I felt what Gentry felt. It was a reminder to me of WHY I am passionate about "telling the story."

Dear Dairy,

Monday September 16, 2002   Sad

Yesterday my grandma died and I am very sad. They don't know how she died so they'll have to do an autopsy. She died while my cousins were sleeping over at her house, which they haven't done for about 2 years. The night before before she fell and hit the table but just said "she was tired." It looked as though she was trying to get to her couch and fell and died. My cousins woke up in the morning and thought she just fell asleep on the ground. Like three hours later my cousin thats my age felt for a pulse and there wasn't one. My mom cryed all day and went to the airport yesterday. We go to my grandmas house. My older sister Taylor whose twelve has cried all day and had to have a blessing. I miss my mom alot. I wish she would come home. 

Love Gentry

Age 10


Screen shot 2012-08-21 at 8.26.35 AM

Gentry did this photo collage yesterday and it is beautiful to me. I thought how much I wish my mother had been here the past ten years to see her grow up. I am a little emotional since Gentry went back to BYU yesterday. McKay is packing as I type. She leaves today. I am truly thankful for my family. I am thankful I found Gentry's diary and we were able to read it together. I am thankful I am here to see my kids grow up.

Be thankful for every single day!!!!

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I have had the best weekend. I got home from my business trip on Friday night and my mind was swirling with ideas for future designs. I finally went to sleep about 3 am. My sons are away camping and bow hunting. So this was a girls weekend at home to play games, and watch LOTS of chick flicks. It's a fun tradition. It was a nice weekend spent with the girls. They go back to BYU today (Gentry) and tomorrow (McKay). They are not living together. In fact, they both live at different apartment buildings. I think this is best. Reality is Summer break is over. My boys start school in one week. I keep telling myself I will finally have time to "declutter" and clean up my scrapbook studio. Some how I always find something else to do.

I have a new show today on I featured my brand new Christmas kit. It is a Christmas Countdown Memory Binder Kit that can be designed prior to the busy holiday season.  

I will show you how to document your holiday season. The binder shown today includes everything needed to document the traditions, photos, celebrations and everyday stories from December 1st through December 31st!


Christmas Binder COVER

The kit comes with EVERYTHING you see- the red binder and the notecards and tags. The jewels are my rhinestone medallions that are from my Christmas Cottage and Tell Your Story collection.

Christmas Binder 2

This book is READY for photos and journaling. Since it is a three ring binder you can add so much to the book.

Christmas Binder 3

It is the traditional TC colors- red, green, white, creams and black. 

Christmas Binder 4

I love tabs for my books so you have those in the kits- along with lots of little titles for your journaling.

Memory binder 5

I love the three file folder tabs that are included in the kit. 

Memory Binder 6

It also comes with this envelope. I love to put things inside (christmas list, notes, photos).

Christmas Binder 7

All of these circles and die-cut pieces are in the kit. I wanted to make the kit super easy to assemble as you like.

Christmas Binder 8

It also comes with a full sheet of green alphabet letters and numbers. You get several of each to customize your kit. I love this!!!!!

Memory Binder 9

I hope you enjoy the project and show. I loved how the kit came out!


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As seen on Channel 4- TV...



I wanted to share my segment today on ABC- Good Things Utah. 

I am giving away 12 of my cute pink Xyron TC sticker makers today on my facebook page-

Now it is time to pack. I'm headed to Dallas Texas tomorrow. It's a quick trip! I'll be home Friday evening after my meetings. Meeting with my friends at Michael's. I hope you enjoy the video- 

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Watch me on TV today....

I am headed to the television studio this morning. Today I am on Good Things Utah Channel 4 at 10:00 am MST. Today I am going to show how to take one sheet of my (Tell Your Story) 12x12 paper to create a beautiful mini photo book. Using my new adhesive line with Xyron-  the X sticker maker and mega runner, I am showing how to easily assemble the mini photo book and even make your own stickers.

So today I will be giving away TWELVE of my TC X sticker makers for the viewers today by visiting her facebook site:

All you have to do is visit my facebook page and leave a comment for your chance to win today!


Tell Your Story- 3x4  full view

Photos credit (my very sweet & talented friend TAMMY MITCHELL)

Tell Your Story- 3x4  view 1

Inside view of Mini PHOTO BOOK- 

Tell Your Story- 3x4 cover

Tell Your Story- 3x4 view 2

Want to win some PINK cuteness?????

Screen shot 2012-08-12 at 11.49.22 PM

I will show video tomorrow!


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check in...

I wanted to let everyone know that tomorrow morning I will be on Channel 4- Good Things Utah at 10:00 am. I have been so busy and I'm glad that I was able to go on the show again. I leave on Thursday for a quick 1.5 day business trip to Dallas Texas. Tomorrow we are doing some sweet prizes on my facebook page- www.facebook/tcdesigns so make sure and check it out too!

If you are not local... I will post the video on my facebook and blog later tomorrow too. 


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Love this....the new hot trend

 Trends can be fun to watch and sometimes participate in...especially if you are a crafter.  l am loving the new ....3x4 notecards and tags. You will see these as a new trend that is so strong in the crafting industry. I actually did 3x4 notecards years ago with my Journal It collection. I love how things are always revolving and come back again. 

My show today at  is showcasing this hott trend in scrapbook paper. Today I show you how to use all the 3x4 paper journaling tags that are so HOT in the paper craft industry.Watch today as Teresa makes a mini book with one sheet of the 3x4 tag papers. Think of all the 3x4 papers in a whole new light- whether it is journaling or creating mini books. 


3x4... the new trend

I made this Vintage Finds book with the 3x4 notecard paper.

3x4 view 2

3x4...view 3


 Stay tuned for Wednesday. I am going on Channel 4 TV- Good Things Utah and showing another mini photo book using the 3x4 note cards from my Tell Your Story line. Plus, I will be giving away some PINK goodness on Make sure you check out our facebook page. We show projects everyday from the design team and offer a little behind the scenes of the company.

Happy Monday!

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College life...

This is a great weekend. McKay came home and she simply makes us all laugh- nonstop!  I had to give her the hardest time about how she told me that she was the "self described" mother of her new group of friends. She took care of "sick" friends, made dinner often for them which turned into her having to clean up after everyone. She said she finally got tired of doing all the cooking and then cleaning up the mess after everyone left from hanging out at her apartment.

McKay finally told them that she "was not their mother" and they needed to help her clean before they left her apartment. She complained that it took her "a whole 30 minutes of cleaning when her friends left her apartment." Of course, I laughed so hard... maybe now she gets a "little glimpse" of my daily life as a mother. Can you relate? 


I am kind of a silly mom. She got home and I told her I wanted a photo of us together and then asked her if she wanted to dance with me in the kitchen.  She did not want to, so I started dancing anyway. Yes, it's just something I have always done with my girls. I know it embarrasses them. I guess you could say that is what is so fun about it. I love being a mother!!!!!!

I love that she came home and at dinner and without being asked cleaned everything up. Maybe she is learning something from college life after all. 

Screen shot 2012-08-10 at 10.02.37 PM

I hope if you are a crafter that you are visiting the TC design team blog for inspiration. I am always inspired by what the design team is creating. This layout was designed by Amanda Jones.

This gorgeous layout is using my new VINTAGE FINDS collection. You can see the glitter borders, the layered stickers (family) and the stamped image (large damask) is from the VF stamp set, washi tape (clocks and orange brocade) and the button (crown), paper flowers and brads. 


 I am truly in love with this page and the photo truly tells a story. I love it!

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Are you a Stamper????

I have to admit that I have a obsession.  I love shoes and funky jewelry- especially with bling. I have to keep it in check. However, when it comes to crafting I LOVE stamps. Yes, you could call it an obsession. I have so many stamps that I have two huge bins (for my wooden stamps) and FIVE large drawers dedicated to the rest of my stamps. I have been known to buy the same stamp two or three times if I really love the designs. This is one of the reasons you will see me using the TC Stampmaker over and over. I love making my own stamps. I love to create what I want when it's not available to purchase. 

I was able to visit with Dom with Photocentric last month at the tradeshow-

There are good things in store with our relationship. I am looking forward to CHA Winter!!!

I wanted to share with you the FREE download for the month of August:


FREE August download available now! This image sheet was created by Amanda Jones Robinson,  and you can now download 9 different stamp designs.
I love the images on this sheet.
"Lifting" with stamps, a fun necklace tutorial with Cheri Piles can be seen in full on the photocentric blog.
I wanted to share this card and stamp that was created by TC Dye. 
This stamp was created- designed by TC with the TC Stampmaker. I am impressed. This is what it is about, customizing your designs into stamps. 
Have a great day! 


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Mid Week- Summer is almost over!!!!

I can't believe it is already August 8th. This Summer is flying by for us. This past week has been so much fun. It was fun watching Zachy (that is his name in our home) play baseball and get selected for the NTIS baseball team. Go Zachy!!!!! This is McKays last week of school for this semester. Happy to have her home-


Here she is hiking with her friends this week. She will miss her new friends but she will see them again in just about 2 weeks when Fall Semester at BYU starts. I am excited...okay...I will have her home for a few days. I have really missed her.

Gentry and Devan went on a double date kayaking yesterday. They go on the cutest dates and I love this!

On Saturday it was Taylor's 22nd birthday. They had a pool party at night... good times. I love these crazy silly times.

I am so excited that my products are shipping and being well received. I am so lucky to be able to do something that I really love. I wanted to share the TC retailer class kits again. I do a class kit every month that retailers can purchase and sell and/or teach. They are wildly success and retailers love that they come with all visuals, instructions and supplies to create the following kits. If you are a store or would like your store to carry them please contact-

Christmas Cottage Retailer Class Kit for blog

I personally designed each one of my monthly retailer kits. I hope you like them.

I DO NOT teach these class kits- if you have signed up for my classes- I do not teach my retailer class kits as I travel.


This is THIS months retailer class kit. Tell Your Story is a beautiful collection and this kit comes with my MEMORY KEEPER white binder album.

Tell your story updated retailer kit blog

Oh and last but not least... VINTAGE FINDS retailer class kit.


I am loving this collection and this book. I hope you will ask for the kits from your favorite scrapbook store and or online source. Also, they do sell out and we have increased (thank you for the support) our numbers significantly to allow for more of you to get the class kits. They are affordable and the perfect way to teach TCD workshops at your store or event. 

HAPPY Wednesday... taking Zachy to a eye exam. Have a great day!

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Tell YOUR Story.....

Thank you all so much for your numerous emails, texts, and comments here on the blog. I appreciate so much the advice as well. I was especially thankful for the kindness shown to both Taylor and Spencer. I agree with so many of you in that what a great thing it is that they are friends and not trying to hurt one another. I think as parents we can at times  be very protective of our children and it's really important to support our children without casting judgment towards the other partner. I truly just want to be there for Taylor and be her rock of support. I know that Spencer has that in his family as well.

I wanted to share the 6th workshop sneak peek today at Inspiration Unlimited 2012. It is my project and so appropriate for today. 

Inspiration Unlimited Tell Your Story TC Workshop
This book project is really beautiful but more important... it's all about "telling YOUR story." Who are you? What do you care about the most? What are your favorite things? I did my project on ME. I am a huge advocate on documenting ME and making sure I share my heart and who I am in my projects. This book project is special to me and I want to inspire others to do the same. 

I had some questions yesterday on facebook... and I will post about some of the topics soon. Again, thank you for the words of support. It really means so much!

Screen shot 2012-07-30 at 11.27.47 PM

Today I have a new show up at

l shared how I incorporate my background and love for interior design into my crafting.

Learn what to look for as you are shopping and how to turn photo frames and pattern papers into home decor. Making your own homemade decorations and gifts can be both beautiful but affordable if you incorporate some of my tips and style.


Vintage Chic Frame

Tell Your Story frame

TC Pattern Paper Ornate Frames
Christmas Cottage FRame

Watch the show to learn more! 

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Life... as it happens

I am just so thankful for so many things that are over the top amazing in my life. However, right now... in our family we are facing something I hoped I never would have to face. I have went back and forth and back and forth if and WHEN would be the time to share. It is something that is heartbreaking and sad and well... it's very personal issue within our family.

However, it's something that I know many of you will understand and may have had to face yourself. Day by day as I blog...I keep feeling I need to share. As I travel I meet so many people that follow my blog and know me and my family. For years, I have shared from the heart about my life. I have talked about the good and bad. Often, I have not been able to talk about certain situations anymore because of "legal issues." Enough said on that one.... 

This one is different. I am sharing some bad news. It breaks my heart and makes me sad. I know there might be judgment involved. It is hard because it hurts me so much to know that my daughter Taylor will face judgment because of what I am going to share with you. It's a fact...that is what people do. My daughter Taylor who turned 22 years old yesterday is getting a divorce. Yes, the BIG ugly D word. Many of you who follow my blog know that she got married when she was only 19 years old. 

This is where it is hard. As her mom and family, we all felt it was not the right decision for her. We expressed our concerns and expressed them the night that Spencer proposed to Taylor. We knew in our heart that it was not right. I felt it so strongly, but I knew that I could not persuade her otherwise. However, you must know it was not because we did not like Spencer or anything like that. I still love Spencer and wish him only the best. Ty and I both knew that she was way too young to get married. We expressed this openly and honestly to both of them.

 I have only expressed my love towards Spencer and hope that forever he will know that I am not judging him or Taylor. I know the reasons and I truly feel so much love and compassion in this situation. I have texted and emailed Spencer so that he knows that I would never talk bad or wish anything but the very best for him.  

I have known they were having serious problems about six months into the marriage. I think I was really the only person who did know. They have been to marriage counseling, sought counsel with our Church bishop, and of course with each set of parents. I am sad and disappointed. I am being very careful how I word anything. I simply don't feel like it's anyones business as to the reasons why the marriage is ending. I wish it could have been different. I know most will think it was because she was only 19. I have to say... in a way you would be correct. She was way too young (FOR HER) to get married. She has matured a lot in the last three years. However, when it comes down to it, I feel you should really know someone at least a year (OR MORE!) to really see who that person is. You need to see someone at their best, and at their worst, how they handle conflict, disappointment, life, motivation, temptations, and see the REAL person. This goes both ways- I truly in my heart feel it goes both ways for the bride and groom...they each need to know what they are getting into. Spencer needed to know Taylor better and Taylor needed to know Spencer better.

Anyway, since Taylor and Spencer separated they have been working hard on being friends. I am so thankful that they have chosen to be friends. They still love each other, but they know and accept that this is for the best. 

I want you to know that Taylor and Spencer both knew I was posting today about this. Taylor often travels with me and many of you know her too. In fact, she will be at IU with me. 

Today we also did the sneak peek for day 4 for Inspiration Unlimited-

we have a new sneak today!!!! woo hoo! Today's sneak features your Saturday class with Vicki Boutin! Woo hoo! 

This workshop is a layout class like no other! We are talking stamping, foiling, a little of this, and some of that....

Be sure to check out our blog, as well as Vicki Boutin 's blog today for more details!

We are having a little family birthday party after Church for Taylor. I am thankful....

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Today is Taylor's birthday! My oldest child...oldest daughter is 22 years old. WOW... time goes by so fast. I was younger than Taylor when I had her. That is crazy for me to even realize. I was so young and had no idea what I was doing. Some days I still feel that way. I love you Taylor!!!!!


Taylor is such a sweetheart. I am so thankful for her influence and love in my life. I love how she "takes care of everything!" She is the girl who always a leader, gets it done or figures out how to get it done. She is very much a first born personality, in her role as a nurturer and taking care of others. She is very kind hearted and will cry easily. I admire her for her compassion for others and for her desire to do things for others with no expectations. I love that the "little things" make her happy... Taylor I love you so very much and I am so thankful God gave me YOU!!!!!!

Here is the 4th peek from Inspiration Unlimited today-

I loved Stephanie Hunt's (Bella Blvd) blog post today so I am sharing it with you-

IU LOGO 2011

What an honor to be asked to teach at the 2012 Inspiration Unlimitedevent this year as a Premiere Teacher. I have been part of the pre-IU festivities now for a couple of years and was thrilled when Ginger and Teresa invited me back. I'm SO excited I can hardly stand it!
SEPT 20-28D

(this photo is from last year's event Sept. 2011)

Well, today is officially my Sneak Peek day! woot woot! I'm finally "allowed" to show you snips & clips of the amazing workshop I will be teaching! My workshops is a not-so-mini, mini-album class loaded with sponsors including the wonderful BazzillBasically Bare and let's not forget my very own company, Bella Blvd!  There are plenty more sponsors but we must keep some things a secret ;)


The project features my products from patterned papers, co-branded Unity stamps, chipboard embellishments, new Designer Tapes and more!  I know the IU participants expect a lot of bang for their buck, so I promise not to disappoint! 


I will explain plenty in the workshop, but I'll kick-it-off here: the idea for this workshop came from this sweet inspirational book I found last year at my local Anthropologie:


The inside cover reads, 

"Some of the best & most important people in our lives may never show up on the 11 o'clock news or see either names up in the lights-but the world would definitely miss them if they were gone.  'It's a fundamental fact of life,' wrote Maragret Mead, 'that the everyday people who make the biggest difference in the world usually do their work in such a way that they are often taken for granted.' 

We all know special people-friends, family, employees, co-workers, volunteers-who go about their daily lives, quietly and genuinely giving so much of themselves, but expecting so little in return.  This book is for and about them.  It focuses on the gifts that they give us, and it celebrates the difference that they make in our lives."


Wow, right?! So, I had to make my own version. And the IU participants will too!


Teresa Collins always reminds us at IU that the event is not about frills (even though I must say the venue is amazing and gorgeous), but that it's about heart. This book is an awesome keepsake; It allows me to share stories and photos of the people that have inspired me in big way (and small) ways. It's filled with pieces of people that have helped mold and make me who I am today.


And the best part is that there will be plenty of room for more pages as life continues.

Thank you Stephanie- I am so honored and excited to have you again at IU!!!!! She is honestly just the sweetest girl. I am thrilled to have her with us.

Have a great Saturday!

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I love Fridays...especially when I am able to get up early and watch my son play his second baseball game. It's a little stressful for the players and parents to know that the boys are being judged and only a few of them will be asked to play in North Carolina. I love that the games are all close to McKay too- so we got to spend a few hours together yesterday and again today.

Screen shot 2012-08-03 at 7.31.49 AM
First thing we did was meet at the Wilkenson Center at BYU. They wanted to see HOW much taller Zach is now than McKay. Hmmmm- looks like the 14 year old is much taller than his 18 year old sister.

I love that she loves to spend time with me. I wish I could say that about my boys. ha! My girls are so mama's girls. My boys are at the age of 13 and 14 and they don't like to be hugged (in public) and not so much in private anymore. I love that Zach's voice is squeaking now...major voice change is going on. The boys are way into their sports and shooting their bows with Ty. I am really lucky in that my husband is always taking the boys to do "boy" stuff together. 

Screen shot 2012-08-03 at 7.32.19 AM
This is Zach catching last night. The pitcher was throwing around 87 mph and he is 16 years old. He was a great pitcher, but he had some crazy pitches so Zach was blocking and working hard. Yes, he will be bruised. Looking forward to his games this morning. I love that our family came to watch him- Grandma Collins and his cousins.

Today is our 3rd day of sneaks for Inspiration Unlimited.....half way there already!  This sneak is from Debby Schuh!  Debby will be working with  October Afternoon at her class on Friday at Inspiration Unlimited!  As Debby says..  "This is Happiness"....  :)

Screen shot 2012-08-03 at 7.19.25 AM

Have you stopped to think about what is happiness for you today? Sometimes we're so busy remembering yesterday or taking care of tomorrow that we forget to be happy with today! In this class we will create a clever 6" x 12" portfolio with twelve pocket "pages" to collect your favorite memories, treasured photos, and heartfelt journaling. The possibilities are endless for this portfolio: you could have your family record what makes them most happy right now, you might want to use it as a year long journal of happy things - using one pocket for each month of the year, or use it to record the memories of a happy event in your life.

I have been really excited to have Debby teaching at IU 2012 and know it will be a wonderful workshop! 

 HAPPY FRIDAY... this book I can relate too. More peeks coming tomorrow!


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Sneak Peek- Day 2

So excited to share another workshop at everyone that is being taught at Inspiration Unlimited.

Today's peek is from Kristen Robinson , and it is this beautiful heart pennant. And yes you too can create this work of art as well! Kristen will have available images to choose from, as well as we will post on yahoo and have a downloadable heart template if you wish to bring your own image for our attendees. 


Today I am so excited. Zach plays a baseball game tonight at BYU. He is pretty excited to play at the college field that he hopes to play someday in college. It's pretty exciting for me. He is playing in the prospect games. They will be picking boys from all over Utah, Mexico, Colorado, etc. to go to North Carolina to play. So excited for games the next few days!

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I am FINALLY able to share one of my workshops that I will be teaching at my event- Inspiration Unlimited 2012. We are going to start showing everyone the sneaks starting today.

Inspiration Unlimited TERESA family display workshop
This project is using my brand new Vintage Finds collection. The way the line is designed you can create the project in any theme. I did mine as a family theme. I will be showcasing each day for the next few days each of the workshops sneak peeks. I will begin by explaining about Inspiration Unlimited. This is our FIVE year anniversary doing the big IU event. We have been so blessed that we have sold out each year and have a waiting list who would like to attend. Last year we had a mini-IU in CA so that 100 more crafters could come to the event- albeit it was a mini IU  (smaller and in CA)- it will still wonderful! We keep the event  smaller on purpose. The students get to stay in the same room and as teachers we rotate from class to class. The workshop above is a full 3 hour workshop. I wanted the workshops to not be rushed so that we can do big projects and have time to play. 

The event is all about girl time although men always have come with their wives (must be VEGAS?) and we really don't have a lot of frills. We offer the event with outstanding projects and teachers (each year new teachers are asked to come). The event is less than $300.00 and we work hard to keep the price down so that it is affordable. Again, we don't have food and a lot of decorations, but we have a lot of HEART! I personally believe it is the connections and meaning put in the projects and then sharing them that matter to me. I ask teachers to come who will inspire. Each crafter gets to take SIX beautiful workshops.Ginger (amazing Event Coordinator!!!! and I love this so much. It is something that we both are passionate about. 

This year we are at the Green Valley Resort & Spa in Henderson, NV again. It is gorgeous and I feel like I am in Italy. HA! I hope you have enjoyed the sneak peek. If you would like information and to be on the wait list for 2013 or Mini IU- please email If you have questions, you can comment and I will answer them as well.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!!!

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