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FIVE simple rules to be HAPPY-

I have been contemplating and trying to figure out some things in my life. I hope you will be okay with my honesty here. I am a major people pleaser and sometimes that means I get hurt. I have been to two back to back big events. I am currently working non-stop of so many design projects and with my branding products with both Xyron and Provo Craft.  I'm busy... well, it's beyond busy and I am relying on the support of my family and friends to keep me balanced and sane.

I have found that for me.... I have find out who my real friends more so now than ever. Often if life the more successful or the good things that happen in life you are... your find out WHO your real friends are. Are they happy for you? Do they celebrate with you? or do they try to PULL you down. 

I honestly believe in the following....

Screen shot 2012-09-27 at 5.18.21 PM

For me, I find my peace at home with my family. This is some photos from this week with my family- THIS is what matters to me. This is my happiness. 

Going to church with my son today. (hurry home Zach and Tyler) He let me take his photo. I love him... he is 13 years old. I never want to forget this time in his life. 

Yesterday, McKay came home from college so that she could go to the conference center with me last night for the General Relief Society Meeting (church). I loved that she did not want me to go alone. Honestly, she has no idea how those few hours together "nurtured" my soul. Can you tell we like to take photos (silly) together? We both have a really fun time together because we joke and laugh at everything. She is the funniest person I know... she is so kind hearted and is a great example to me. 


Okay... Gentry posted this photo today of her and her boyfriend. Honestly, this brings me happiness. This young man is so good to my daughter. He is so kind and loves my girl. THIS makes my heart overflow. So thankful that she has met such a good person.

I am a mother and wife... this gives me SO MUCH and makes me WHO I am. I know that happiness is a daily decision for me. I choose to be happy and focus on the good. Even with the bad... yes, there is lots of that too. Thanks for letting me share. XOXO

Tomorrow... excited to share my NEW TC release... of course, I will be giving some away too!

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Studio Calico- I'm October's GUEST designer

I was thankful and happily accepted when I was asked to be the guest designer for October with My friend Lisa Mack works there. I adore her. It was fun being able to work with her and their amazing kits. I am a fan of their kits. (NOW a even bigger fan- if possible!!!!) I love how they are put together and the variety. I love the exclusive items that they put in each kit. I wanted to share with you what I created with the kits for this month.


I loved this MAIN KIT. I loved the mixture of gray, red, black, yellow and kraft. The kit comes with my Vintage Finds TC label word paper. I love to cut out this words for journaling...


I loved the enamel dots and the stamps too in the kit. I went a little crazy with my circle, scallop and butterfly punches. I love this layout with Azalea...

SC Main Kit- Layout View 2 Teresa Collins

I simply love having the butterflies dimension. I poped the circles up with pop dots- mandatory item when I craft!

SC Main Kit- Layout View 1 Teresa Collins

Then I saw this add on kit... oh my... I was in love with the sequins and flowers. I loved the brads and wood papers. Okay... I loved them all. 


SC- You make my heart sing layout FULL VIEW

I have been designing alot of 8.5x11 pages again. It is what I'm "inspired" by these days. I loved the MME brad (flowers). The envelope was so cute and I wrote a note for Gentry inside it. I simply added ledger paper and a MME brad to the envelope center to "customize it." 



I loved the "feel" of this kit. I loved the colors of fall. I used my oval scallop punch to create the accents along the left side of my page.



UPCLOSE of envelope and stamp (exclusive to kit).


I have more projects to share tomorrow. Monday I am revealing my brand new FALL release collection. Hmmmm.. I am showing sneak peeks on facebook this weekend. www.facebook/tcdesigns I will show everything Monday. I am excited to share it with you. 

Today I am going to the office to finish up a collection (yes, it's Saturday!), then going to a General Relief Society Meeting with my daughter McKay- busy but GREAT day ahead. My son Zach is playing baseball  this weekend in Twin Falls, Idaho and I love that my cute husband sends me texts after every one of his bats. Its hard for me to miss the tournaments. 

Tomorrow more projects with the Studio Calico kits...

Happy Saturday- go do something FUN!

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I have been thinking for days how to sum up IU 2012. It is my BIG event each year. It means so much to me. This was was our 5th year. It started out with Ginger (aka Event Coordinator) who stalked me (yes, she is what she calls it!!!!) and wanted me to do a Teresa Collins event and she would run it. I thought she was crazy and that no one would come. We spent HOURS on the phone...making plans and well we did our first event at Sunset Station in Henderson NV in 2008. It sold out and I was amazed. We learned so much! Then for the next five years we are thankful that it has grown and we sell out each year in record time. 

This is my sweet friend Ginger Nelson. She owns Down to Details and she does the onsite store in IU and also hosts crops and travels to consumer shows. She is a total sweetheart and she pays attention to ALL the details and keeps everyone on track. I don't know how she keeps everything in track but she does. It is amazing! She handles "situations" and problems like a pro. 

Screen shot 2012-09-26 at 9.44.13 PM

Each year new teachers are invited to come teach at the event. The classes and teachers change every year and we put a lot of thought into who comes. This year was so wonderful. The teachers were Stephanie Hunt (Bella Blvd), Vicki Boutin, Debby Schuh, and Kristen Robinson (mixed media- Ice Resin) and myself. They each did a fabulous job!!!!!

Screen shot 2012-09-25 at 11.37.34 AM

The event is held at the Green Valley Ranch Resort & Spa in Henderson NV in September each year. The hotel is beautiful. 

Screen shot 2012-09-26 at 10.19.51 PM

They have several pools but I have never had the pleasure (too busy) to even put my toes in the water. ha! Many students come early and stay late to stay at the resort. I don't blame them! Since it is outside of Vegas many students bring their husbands, mothers, fathers, etc. I love this part of the event!

Screen shot 2012-09-26 at 10.18.48 PM

I took a photo of my hotel room, the hallway and our bathroom. Yes, it is clean, beautiful and very affordable. Ginger and I choose this location because it would be easy to fly into and because it is affordable to the crafters budget. It has been important to keep the event affordable. 

Ginger has a group of dedicated volunteers that work non-stop to make the event a huge success. Here are the attendees are checking in and getting their event name tags. I love seeing BUCKET in the corner smiling. A special thanks to Bucket who did the most heartfelt slide show of the past five years. Yes, I shed some tears. 

IU four

This is the SECRET to why people want to come to Inspiration Unlimited. Yes, we offer great classes. However, it's so much MORE than that. It is the sisterhood... an event where everyone is welcome and the feelings of friendship and love is fostered. It is like a family. Each year I teach both days- the entire time. I get to talk and visit with each of the cute girls at the event. This is important to me. 

Screen shot 2012-09-26 at 10.09.36 PM

 I have a very special place in my heart for each of the girls who come. 


I know that scrapbooking is a bonding experience for many women (& men). This is Bridget. She is a sweet friend- I love that she "gets" me!


We always have girls who like to have a good times... this is Earleen and Annette. Let's just say my girls know them by name and LOVE them. They are fun... I mean FUN!!!! I love that that Earleen says things that could be considered violent but she does it in a way that we all laugh and love her all the more. Ha ha... trust me on this one. These two are so talented and probably don't have much that they don't already know crafting wise (as many of our students are) and yet they come each year. It comes back to FRIENDSHIP and the bonds we have with each other.


The girls at the event are from all over the world- local, USA and International.

Screen shot 2012-09-26 at 10.08.56 PM

Many people at the event have met and become the best of friends.


This year I brought my three daughters with me to help. This was very special for me. 

Screen shot 2012-09-26 at 10.08.33 PM

So many good memories are made during this weekend together. Saturdays are hard for me... I don't want to see it end.

IU three

I love that the girls at IU want to be there. 


The event is possible because of wonderful and talented teachers who come and share with everyone.

IU one

Did I mention that the on-site store is busy busy and many girls ship back their clothes home?

Screen shot 2012-09-26 at 10.08.08 PM



Friendship stories that warm my heart.... (thank you Dawn!)

  Screen shot 2012-09-26 at 10.05.09 PM

The event volunteer crew... yes, they are the magic behind the crew. I am teaching non-stop and they keep the show going. They really are the glue and work hand and hand with Ginger.


We do pre-IU workshops on Thursday. This year we had Layle Koncar, Lori Allred, Amber Packer (My Minds Eye) and Joey Otlo (Bazzill). This is our second year and it has been a big success. Anyone (even if you did not get into IU) can come and take the classes this year. They are all a la cart. 



Love at all the beauty in these photos... happy girls. 



Let's just say they like to get into the spirit. These girls are part of the BLING BABES....


Did I mention there was a photo booth at IU this year? We simply could not keep Ginger out of the machine. 




Well, maybe I was in the photo booth some too!

This is the closing ceremony... always a sad part... saying goodbye to most of them for another year.

The memories are with me though. Photos taken to document the time together.



We even had a SCRAP tastic contest. Using TC products you could create ANYTHING to win some wonderful Provo Craft machines. Who would have thought you could make your own dress from my Tell Your Story scraps? This is a flipper dress and she could even wear it. I am amazed at Alissa's creation. So many over the top beautiful submissions. 

Screen Shot 2012-09-23 at 7.26.22 PM


Alissa won the Imagine machine and I'm sending her some TC goodies....


I had the best weekend. Heartfelt and magical sums it up... If you are interested in coming please email me at 

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Have you ever wanted to create your own Christmas Countdown display that not only is functional but beautiful. This project is one that you could display to allow for a daily countdown to Christmas day. Today's show will show you how to create your own Christmas Countdown project. You can see the project on today.
Each day is represented in the Christmas Countdown. There are 25 individual pages to my project.



This project is designed using my newest Christmas collection- Christmas Cottage.


I am teaching this big Christmas Countdown 6x12 project at the following locations in the next couple of months:

She Scrapbooks- The Villages Florida (October 12-13th)

Ever After Scrapbooks- Carlsbad, CA (November 2-3rd)

Ben Franklin- Monroe, WA (November 9th)

Ben Franklin- Bonnie Lake, WA (November 10th)

Bling it On Canada Event- Calgary, Canada (November 15th-17th)

* you can order kit only from all the locations (exception Canada). Each kit comes with page by page photo and instructions. You order directly from the stores. 

I am home from Inspiration Unlimited and I have so many great memories and photos to share in the next few days. I am trying to catch up on so many deadlines and family life. Also, watch for the winners of the Christmas 25 TC Provo Craft Cartridge tomorrow. 



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Debuting Teresa Collins- Provo Craft Cartridge

DECEMBER 25th--The Newest Teresa Collins ProvoCraft Seasonal Cartridge-

Want to see the images?



I am so happy to be able to finally reveal what I designed for this special Christmas cartridge.



I am a lot obsessed with the holly & leaves...




Oh my goodness! I can not believe it's already here......I started working on this cartridge in the Spring and it is finally available for all of you!!!  My new Cricut Teresa Collins December 25th cartridge will be a Hello Thursday feature in November, however, Provo Craft will start selling it sometime TODAY on  I absolutely LOVE the images on this cartridge!!! I designed this cartridge to be used in cards, mini albums, holiday decor and scrapbook pages! Check out the banner and holiday frame I made using a few of the images. 


Screen shot 2012-09-19 at 11.20.27 PM

I created this with my Christmas Cottage papers and the NEW cartridge. 

I created a banner using the images on my new cartridge.  Here is a few close ups:




Provo Craft was generous enough to provide me with three cartridges to give away.  I will be giving away ONE on my blog and one on the Teresa Collins Design Team Blog and ONE on my facebook page-  

Please leave a comment telling me what your favorite image on the cartridge is by 11:59 pm today--September 20th.  I will announce the winners next Monday after I return from IU!!



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How do you TELL your STORY?


This past weekend I was teaching at the Mall of America at Scrapfest. It was such a great experience for me. I connected with so many wonderful crafters. I love knowing that by sharing my story and what inspires me it does make a difference. I am always inspired by those that I met. I am a better person by the comments that I hear. I never plan what I will share in my workshops. I simply share what my heart feels and hope that my message is felt and will touch and inspire in some small way.
This weekend was one of the greatest experiences I have ever had teaching. I was given the blessing of hearing countless stories from those who attended. I will cherish in my heart what I was heard. We are all the same. We all have the same heartaches and we all feel pain, love,  joy and scrap booking is so much more than the beautiful creations we create. It's about feelings... it means something!
Here are some photos from the weekend-
Yes, these girls made me laugh, smile, and well feel so loved. I hope they come to ALL my workshops. They were so adorable and I felt so appreciative for their enthusiasm. 
I love teaching and I have decided that 45 minute classes are way too short for me. 

Xyron sponsored ALL of my workshops and we surprised EVERYONE with their own TC Sticker Maker- pink houndstooth was quite the hit. It was so great to see the surprise and happiness.

So fun to give away a few of the TC pink Mega Runners (thank you Xyron!). Yes, they are sold out but we has set aside enough pink mega runners so that EVERYONE in the crop got one. It was so much fun for everyone to win one!
The crop was in the center of the mall and we had entirely too much fun!!!!! 
I have to send out the BIGGEST thank you ever to the Archivers staff. They went above and beyond during the weekend. This is the crazy girls (in a very good way) that helped me during the crop night. I had the best helpers in every single one of my workshops. I was in the GREAT ROOM teaching during the day and I could not have asked for better helpers. It was so crazy to do a mini book in 45 minutes. Hmmm... I think I am a overachiever. 
Thank you AMY and SESIL for helping me so much! They are the BEST in so many ways and I love them. PS Amy had a little problem in the hotel room. She just "knew" I had used her toothbrush. Yes, yuck! 
I told her that was gross and no way, but she was convinced I had used it. Then she realized I had not after I showed her mine. So then she thought it had been Sesil. Again, it was so funny and of course Sesil would not use anyone else's toothbrush. Amy just KNEW one of us had used her toothbrush because it was "wet" on the sink counter. Poor Sesil was not there to defend herself.
Thankfully, Amy found her toothbrush in her bag and realized that Sesil and I did not go near her toothbrush. It was so funny and we so tired but we laughed until we all cried. Good memories together... it makes it so much fun!
I had just walked into the store when I ran into these darling girls. So nice! Oh, the store was full of beautiful products. 
This is the Scrapfest Girls and they were a really group of girls. I love that they wore matching shirts each day. So much fun to see the friendships and connections.
Many of us had a book signing. This was really a fun thing to do. 
I like to bring projects for everyone to be able to see in person instead of just "on line" or in the idea book.
Thanks to EVERYONE who truly made this weekend one that I will not forget. 
Today is all about Vintage Chic on my craft channel segment. Today on my show I show how to make a simple STORY chipboard album that will help document and share your memories. This project is showcasing how to share your travel memories in a beautiful & meaningful way. Yes, I mixed travel with Vintage Finds... there are NO rules!



I love the large rhinestone gem on the chipboard book cover. (all TCD)

Story Chipboard album view 2

Watch my show today at

Screen shot 2012-09-17 at 9.36.04 PM


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JOIN me in the Caribbean....

I am sitting in my hotel room at Scrapfest. I am headed to go sign in and then we are joining my friends at Xyron for dinner tonight downtown. I am looking forward to tomorrow and the event starting.

I can FINALLY share that I am teaching on a CRUISE again in 2013....

Screen shot 2012-09-13 at 2.46.15 PM

Here are the details:

Attention all crafters... Join me on Royal Caribbean cruise where as the special guest designer as we craft, sightsee and have an amazing time!!!! Yes, bring your husband, best friend...the more the merrier.

We announced the cruise today and you can sign up NOW!!! 

Don't miss out by joining us on the fun!!!!!

7 Nights Eastern Caribbean

October 20, 2013- October 27, 2013 

Hosted by EMI Scrapbooking 

Cruise departs from Port Canaveral, Florida- cruising SEVEN nights to the Bahamas, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten.

Join me and I will teach THREE Workshops and attend all events. Yes, I will be teaching a TRAVEL BOOK PROJECT!!!!!
You will get over the top AMAZING Product and FABULOUS Kits! 

There will be seven nights of cropping, daily make n takes, event t-shirt, group activities, workshops- along with fun prizes and
surrounded by the sweetest most fun crafters.

Event information:
Want more information: Contact- Susan Moore 
EMI Scrapbooking Store  3670 Hutchinson Rd Suite C-1 Cumming GA 30040
Phone: 770-888-2417
I would LOVE for you to join me on our CARIBBEAN JOURNEY- we are anticipating a sell out!


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So impressed-

How do you impress a group of FOURTEEN year old boys?

This mouse pad did the trick-

Yes, one of the things I love to do is not only CREATE projects but to display them. On the main level of our house we keep our computer (in the kitchen). We wanted the kids to be near us and supervised when they are "online."  

I decided to get a customized PHOTO mouse pad this Summer- using Zach's photo from baseball. It was super easy to order online ( and was on sale at the time for $2.99. With shipping it was less than $10.00.

I put it out by the computer and waited to see "who" would notice it. Of course, it was fast! My kids all loved it and wanted their own mouse pad. Obviously, I saw this coming and loved it. PS Don't tell them but Christmas will be fun (stocking stuffers)-

This past weekend- Zach's baseball friends came over for late night- sleep over and they all saw Zach's mouse pad and one of the boys commented- "That is the coolest thing ever! I want my own photo too!" They all were commenting that they loved it. I loved it!

I thought I would share another way that I like to display my "memories" and well...maybe it is something that you too would like to do.

I am leaving in less than ONE day for Scrapfest!!!!!! I am so excited because I will be able to connect with THOUSANDS of crafters who LOVE what I love. We connect and it's so inspiring. 

NOTE: emails regarding my last post. The book that I filmed my Monday show at MCC was using my Fabrication 10x10 Chipboard cover (tan damask). I cut the chipboard to 8"wide x 10" h. I used the 2" piece on the right side front edge of the book to build it up. THANK you for all the emails and for following me on Facebook. 

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GRATITUDE expressed....

This weekend was filled with family moments. I thought I would share some of those moments-



We watched the babies so that Matt and Kayla could go on a date. I love that Maxson can talk and he says the cutest things. We loved being together. I forgot how much energy two littles take to watch. I loved to watch my Zach, Ty and Taylor watch and play with them. It makes me happy to watch them.

Today is Matt's birthday too--- HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT -we love you so very much! 

There is a new show today on My show today is all about expressing your GRATITUDE in your scrapbooking. Today I share how to express what matters most and focus on adding more meaning into your projects. Learn how to create interactive page flaps with your scrap paper for your projects.  Call it budget minded crafting... what matters most Cover

Products: TC Vintage Finds

Gratitude- express what matters most 2

loving my inked Fabrications flowers....

Gratitude- express what matters most 3

One of my favorite flap page techniques...
Gratitude- express what matters most 4

Gratitude- express what matters most 5

Photo flip pages- more real estate.
Gratitude- express what matters most 6

Gratitude- express what matters most 7

Gratitude- express what matters most 8

Watch the show today. I am packing for my trip to Scrapfest 2012. It's hard to believe it's almost time for this yearly event. 

Happy Monday....

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filming with Xyron...

I'm home after enjoying a really quick trip to AZ.

I wanted to share the photos from our day of filming in the studio.


This is the most adorable Beth Kingston. She is the spokesperson for Xyron. You can find her on HSN and watch her videos online. She was super to work with. We both had similar TV personalities and we worked well together.


Here is a visual of the studio. You can see that it is very dark except where we are filming.



This is Chris Potter. I did have my make up done prior to filming, but he actually does not do that. We work together on product development, marketing and social media. I love working with him. 


This is Jessica. She is on the design team for Xyron and she is very talented. You can see her videos on the Xyron you tube channel as well. I loved her style. She is a total sweetheart. I love making new friends!


This was the hotel that is right by the Xyron headquarters that I stayed at. I rarely spend much time in any hotel room. We were busy with meetings and planning for future products to debut. I could not sleep when I went back to the hotel, because I was so excited. My mind was racing with possibilities...

I can't wait to go again and film more videos... thank you XYRON for your hospitality. I love working with each of you!   PS Good things are in store for my crafting friends......

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WORTH remembering...


This was a really great weekend. Matt and Kayla drove from CA back home to Utah and arrived on Sunday morning. We were so excited and after church we drove down to Provo to see them. Since Gentry and McKay are going to school in Provo, they were able to join us. They had not even unpacked from the trip. It was so good to be reunited. Our family is very close and we love spending time together. 
Gentry is a great Aunt. I have to say... Azalea is so cute!!! She looks like a little baby doll. Right before we got to their house, she fell and hit her left eye. It was starting to bruise and poor Kayla felt so bad. She is such a good mom. Zellie is almost 9 months old now. 
I think Maxson loved that everyone was playing with him. He is talking a lot now... he is two years old.
I love watching the kids together. It makes my heart swell with happiness.
What can I say... I love my family and today was a just what I needed. Lucky me... I get to watch the kids on Saturday. 
I love knowing Matt and Kayla are close to the girls. I love that our children are close. This has always been one of my greatest desires. 
This is my FAVORITE photo. My husband hates to have his photo taken. Normally, he will turn his head or put his hand in front of his face. I was so surprised when he actually posed for this photo. I will forever cherish this moment in time. He is a very proud papa... I love to watch him with the kids. It made my day and yes, this photo will be a treasure.
I am flying to Phoenix in a couple of hours. I am flying to meet with my friends at Xyron. I have loved working with them. I am so proud of our products together. I will be having meetings and filming videos on Wednesday. It is a quick trip... home on Wednesday night. 

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Sharing my TV segment.... behind the scenes


I love to do TV. I know it's crazy. I have a little story to share with you today. It's very personal but it is something I truly believe in my heart. As most of you know I started to scrapbook when my mother passed away. Losing her was so unexpected and I was not prepared for her to die so young. It has been 10 years ago next month. As my crafting skills took off... yes, I had no idea that ten years ago, I would become a scrapbooker. I had no idea I would have this PASSION to document life because of my loss. 

I never knew that ten years later... I would own my own scrapbooking company, that I would be on TV, that I would travel the world to teach and that I would have my products distributed and sold throughout the world. That was not anything I would have thought I would be doing. I have learned and grown and evolved in the past ten years. 

I realized from the beginning that I could only be ME. I wanted to stay true to designing from the heart and be myself. I wanted to share and encourage others to do the same. I want craftering and journaling to go hand and hand. I want others to TELL THE STORY because it is SO important.  I want crafters to know that what we do is important... it helps us. Yes, tell our husbands it's worth all the time and money we put into our creations. It's worth it to go to events and bond with other women who feel the same.

Okay... I'm rambling... I love what I do so much. 

I get asked often if I am scared or nervous when I go on TV. Okay... I have done lots of local TV, HSN, QVC, HGTV DIY tv, Idealworld, My Craft Channel...etc. I always pray before I go on TV.  ALWAYS... I feel peace and this really helps me. I do not get nervous and I've always wondered why. Now, maybe if I was ever on OPRAH that would be a different story. I bet I would be nervous!

A few years ago, there was  a receptionist who worked for my husband. She was young and sweet. I really loved talking to her when I visited my husband at work. One day, she stopped me and said. I don't want you to think I'm crazy but I can see spirits. She said I want you to know that you have a woman right behind you, who is very beautiful- dark haired and skin and she is with you. I was a little shocked. I was in my husbands office. She had no idea my mom had died a few years earlier. 

I listened to her as she said, "This is your mother and she wants you to know that she wants you and your sister to be closer." I was in shock. Yes, that was my mother. My mom was part Cherokee Indian and she was beautiful. No one believed I was her child. Where did this blue eyed, blond little girl come from? Oh, did I mention my dad was darked hair and skin too?  

She was right. My sister and I are  complete opposites and we needed to get closer. We always have loved each other but our distance has been hard to be "really close." Then I asked this young receptionist if I could ask my mom some questions. I know this is crazy to some of you, but if you have lost a loved one you want nothing more than to know they are still with you and they are okay... at peace.

The things she shared with me that afternoon in the office have lived in my heart with me for years. My mom wanted me to know she was still with me and that when I am on TV, that she is behind the camera watching me. Whew... she is there with me so I will not be nervous. The girl told me so much more. Things she would not know. 

Every single time I do a TV show, I think of my mother. I want to make her proud. I want her to know that because of her I am sharing and doing something in her memory. Sorry... I know this is long. I have never shared this with anyone outside of my family. I felt today that I should share.

Here are a few photos from the TV studio. I did not edit them. This is the lighting "behind the scene" at the ABC 4 TV Studio... 


It's fairly dark. You set up the projects on a table and wait until they come put your microphone on, and carry the table to the stage.


I like to take photos of the table set up. LOVE washi tape on plain envelopes! This is Gentry's favorite washi tape- Tell Your Story.

I love to use the washi tape like ribbon. I will even overlap the designs (damask/clocks- Vintage Finds Washi Tape)


My planner is always with me. I use washi tape to help me flip to the monthly page calendar. I love that the washi tape is repositionable and acid free. 


Adding washi tape on office clips!!!!


Washi tape tabs are my fave too... sorry these photos are all dark... in the studio!

So I would love to hear from you. Have you ever had anything happen to you like I shared with you about my mother? 

Hope you have the best weekend!

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