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Christmas ABCs

Original Author: Unknown

A is for Angels with halos so bright whose carols were heard on that first Christmas night. B is for Baby, the Christ child so dear, we celebrate Christmas, His birthday, each year. C is for Candles that so brightly shine to give a warm welcome to your friends and mine. D is for Doorways with garlands of green, to make Christmas merry as far as they’re seen. E is for Evergreen garlands galore, we hang at our windows, fireplace, and doors. F is for Fun the whole season long, from trimming the tree to singing a song. G is for Gospels of Matthew and Luke which tell of Christ’s birthday in the Good Book. H is for Holly with berries of red, to make into wreaths to hang overhead. I is for Ice on snow-covered hills where sledding is fun as well as the spills. J is for Jingle Bells merrily ringing, to the whole world joy they are bringing. K is for Kris Kringle as merrily he stands. That’s what they call Santa in some other lands. L is for Lambs so wooly and white, who got to see Jesus that first Christmas Night. M is for Mother Mary, her heart full of love for the new baby Jesus sent from above. N is for Noel the angles did sing to herald the birth of Jesus the King. O is for Ornaments so shining and bright with lights on the tree, they twinkle at night. P is for Packages, presents so gay, to give to our friends at home and away. Q is for Quiet Christmas Even Night, soft snow covered hills under silver moonlight. R is for Reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh, spreading Santa’s magic all along the way. S is for Shepherds who first saw the star over Bethlehem’s manger and followed from afar. T is for Trees with ornaments pretty, lighting the dark night throughout the whole city. U is for Unselfish Love shown to the Universe by God above. V is for Voices raised in Christmas song. May they bring harmony all the year long. W is for Wise Men who gave gifts of gold to worship the babe in those days of old. X is for Xmas, a short way to spell it, we prefer to say Christmas whenever we tell it. Y is for Yuletide a merry time of year, when everyone is happy and full of good cheer. Z is for Zero. That’s cold you know. But Santa lives far north where polar winds blow.

User Comments:
Here is the ABC’s that my grandparents used. When my grandparents made me the album (in 1985) - they cut out pictures from Christmas cards that they received that pertained to the ABCs.

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