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I'm Wrestling with an Octopus

Original Author: Jack Prelutsky

I'm Wrestling with an Octopus I'm wrestling with an octopus and faring less than well, one peek at my predicament should be enough to tell. It held me in a hammerlock, then swept me off my feet, I'm getting the impression that I simply can't compete. I'd hoped that I could hold my own, but after just a while, I ascertained I couldn't match an octopus's style. It flipped me by a shoulder, and it latched onto a hip, essentially that octopus has got me in its grip. I tried assorted armlocks, but invariably missed, and now I'm in a headlock, and it's clinging to my wrist. It's wound around my ankles, and it's wrapped around my chest— when grappling with an octopus, I come out second best. ***

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