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i just heard a guy at work who is 37 years had a heart attack.  While they were putting in stints he coded 5 times....He is not obese and in the picture of perfect health.....He has a child and is married....Say a prayer for him and his family....very sad....I hear he is listed in serious condition....

12/30/2007 6:26:58 PM | Comments (1) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Blog Post

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Jewels2 said...

My heart aches for this family.
I have been there twice with my husband
At 36 just 5 weeks after our son was born he had a MI in the UK. We changed our healthy life to a more stricter regime, move to the States and just 4mths ago he had a massive heart attack. They stented him and he is doing fine, but I thought my world had ended that morning.
I am not a religious person,but will say that my love and hopes are with this family.

12/30/2007 11:25:35 PM

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