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Monthly Garden Theme Discussion - Finishing Touches

This month the theme for the Creating Garden is Finishing Touches. I think that we all had a fun time doing this theme. I personally loved seeing the touches that everyone puts on their pages that make them classically their style. 

One perfect example of that is the following layout by Jennifer Pebbles. She always has these little pockets on her page that are filled with stickers, parts of patterned paper, letters, etc. They always look perfect where she has them - I'd love to see her in action finding all these perfect tidbits for her pages.

Next up is this layout from Tia Bennett. Tia is the queen of finishing touches. You can always count on her for lots of texture and hand drawn doodles on her page for her finishing touches. I love the cluster of goodies she has next to the photo on this layout, plus that border around her page is so eye catching.

Our newest Garden Girl, Kelly Purkey, didn't fail to impress her first month out! Check out this layout below. I loved all the little flowers and snowflakes she added to her page around her title label. Each one had a little something different on it. Then she went and added a bunch of stitching around the edges and in the strips across the center.

Another layout that totally caught my eye this month was this layout by Loretta Grayson. WOW. I seriously don't know where Loretta gets all of her ideas. Her finishing touches that she adds to each of her layouts make them like pieces of art - this looks like it belongs hanging in an art gallery. The stitching and paper piecing she does are amazing. I love how on the tree the stitching looks like grains on the trunk - that adds so much to the tree.

Cathy Blackstone can always be counted on for amazing finishing touches I love all of the hearts all over the page. Just those alone would have been great, but she stepped it up and added stitching and clear hearts stapled on for a little extra oomph!

If you haven't checked out the other pages in this month's garden - you need to soon (and check back on the 15th - even more finishing touches are coming your way!). Even though I had looked at the beginning of the month, I really loved going back through before doing this post. I am totally inspired and the next layout I do, I'm going to be looking through my stash of supplies to find those little "extras" to make my page have a little extra something to it. :)


-Amy Grendell

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User Comments On This Blog Post

NoellHyman said...

I love getting to read this commentary on the GG projects and challenges. I've always been so lost and confused as to what was going on with the Garden. These blog postings are helping.

It also adds a lot more meaning, getting to see these layouts within some kind of context (the context of the post).

Great layouts, ladies! I can't wait to see more.

8/9/2008 2:57:57 PM

JanetB0601 said...

WOW!!! You are right, these finishing touches add SO MUCH to the layout, I am a little afraid, but thanks for the push, will try to do more texture on my pages.

8/9/2008 5:08:25 PM

harpersmama said...

this is a wonderful topic and it's something i struggle with. i never know when i've added too much or not enough. thanks for the inspiration!

8/9/2008 8:02:17 PM

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