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Organization tip: Patterned paper

Shhh. Dont tell my  husband I am talking about organization-he would laugh at me. Seriously one of my biggest challenges-not for lack of desire or organization sense, but rather because of lack of time, a serious messiness while I work and the oversupply of products I buy. So most of the time it all adds up to "ONE BIG MESS". But we have to keep striving for a goal right... :).

One of my biggest organization dilemmas is finding a workable solution for my patterned paper supply. A system in which I can easily find what I need- whether it be by color, by pattern or by manufacturer. Sometimes I just need a red pattern, sometimes I need a certain line of paper for an assignment. I tried for a while to keep each coordinated line together-afterall it looks so great together with the matching patterns, stickers and accessories... but then I found that I would tuck that line away somewhere and eventually forget about it... then weeks later would find that it actually held a perfect red patterned paper that I could have used somewhere else..


what I do now is this.

I use my handy Cropper Hopper Paper Holder to organize all my newest paper. For example right now I have the Scenic Route Appleton, Surprise and Sonoma lines in there together with all the coordinating stickers etc. The same for my Making Memories Passport line and some miscellaneous patterned papers that I recently purchased. I keep adding all my new papers here-easily accessible and organized.

Then when I have either filled up the holder, or I feel I have completed as many coordinating layouts as I desire to- I go ahead and sort the paper by color and file in my horizontal paper trays. Stickers and acessories then go in other organized bins where I will mix and match them with other lines. My paper trays are divided mostly by color although I do have a few trays I keep for specialty paper, transparencies and themed paper.But eventually all my lines are mixed up together and this truly makes them more usable for me. Just dont ever ask me to pull together coordinating KI papers from 2 years ago... that I couldnt do :).

On another note ..I have to give a little shout out to my latest organizing adventure.. the Clip it Up . I seriously love how much product can fit on here and how easy it is to see everything. I am not finished filling mine up but am happily clipping all my new goodies on there when they come in. Fun product :).

I would love to hear how YOU organize your patterned paper too...

Happy organizing,
Joy Bohon

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Debbi T said...

I love seeing how other people organize their stuff! I have my patterned paper organized mostly by manufcturer (I have a few other categories, like textured paper, transparencies, polka dots, papers with text, etc). The papers are stored in legal-sized hanging files in rolling carts from The Container Store. I love that they smoothly roll out from under my work space and that the paper sits above the top of the folders so I can leaf through it. Here's a picture of my carts (on p. 8-9): The photo's a couple years old, and I've updated it a bit. One thing I've started doing that's really helpful is I put a sheet protector in the front of each folder, and I store the scraps in there. That way, I can find exactly the scrap I'm looking for.

8/16/2008 11:13:44 AM

AmandaV said...

I agree, its awesome to see the way others organize! I use the same cropper hopper organizer for my paper, but I love your idea of keeping just the newest product accesible in one that is not crammed full and overstuffed! LOL! Thats how mine end up most of the time, I think I need to set up a rotating system and some additional files.
Thanks for sharing!

8/17/2008 5:01:10 PM

pearlygirly said...

Those trays are lovely!

Right now I have "one big mess" going on after working on some pages this weekend.

I love your system, Joy.


8/18/2008 10:42:03 AM

mellypea said...

i use those trays as well but organize by manufacturer - just makes more sense to me. or does it? ;)

i also must sing the praises of the clip it up - LOVE it.

8/18/2008 11:41:01 AM

JanetB0601 said...

I have 3 separate systems.

OLD paper lines in the large Cropper Hoppers by MFR, DECENT paper sorted by MFR in my Crop in Style 12x12 drawers, and then the NEWEST in a rolling cart by MFR under my desk. That is the paper I go to first.

I used to sort my papers by color in the begininng, then it got all crazy. But I am even more of a dork, when I buy paper, I save the image from the online store onto my computer, save in the MFR folders, then flip through it with my mouse (I hate damaging my papers by thumbing).

If I had 23,000 hours on my hands I might just 'tag' the papers by MFR, color, and theme! That would be the ultimate, wouldn't it?


8/19/2008 4:19:01 PM

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