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User Spotlight: Laura Vegas

Besides having a very cool name, Laura Vegas is a very cool scrapbooker.  Here are a few of my faves from her gallery:


The cuteness of the High School Musical Lo is seared into my brain.  The combo of stamps, notebook paper and cork make this adorable.  It is a lot of little stuff organized in with neat boarders in the most uncluttery of ways.  If you had given me the same items to scrapbook with - I'd have messed this LO all up.  

The Boy / The Girl Lo is really a great design and great use of the feminine and masculine AL papers.  I am totally going to lift this same idea for a Then / Now sort of LO.  Or even 2 quotes about the same thing from my boys.  Oh, and the little bow in the middle - perfect.

I love the on the round LO.  The horizontal lines created by the ribbons, the journaling strips and photos really make this LO work beautifully.

I totally love the way the small pink mats work to unify the smaller items on the Love lo.  Thats right.  I said I love the Love LO.

The Flower Girls LO really caught my eye because of the way the stack of photos on the left balance out the larger photo, title and journaling strips on the right.  I am totally lifting this idea for some of my son's soccer photos.  I take a bazillion and this looks like a great way to narrow down the stack into a LO.  I can get a bazillion down to 5 - right?

Finally, Sarah's room.  I heart this lo.  I love how clean and unified it is...and there are like 10 pictures on this!  Dude, as a pretty cluttery scrapper myself, I am really drawn to LO's that can balance design and lots of photos.  

Laura, thanks for the inspiration!



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User Comments On This Blog Post

JenGallacher said...

Laura is one of my all-time favorite scrapper's. And she's super cool in real life too. Way to go, Laura!!!

1/17/2009 3:39:56 PM

purpledaisy said...

Those are cool layouts.

1/17/2009 6:11:20 PM

slsattler said...

Yes, indeed, this is one amazing scrapper! Thanks for reminding me how wonderful Laura's pages are Kelli!

1/18/2009 10:34:50 AM

JBSmom said...

thanks for highlighting these. they are awesome!

1/19/2009 12:52:11 PM

*HeatherM* said...

I love Laura's stuff too! Thanks for pointing them out!

1/20/2009 5:42:05 PM

Kendalls Mom said...

Awe! I couldn't have said it better Kelli. Laura is amazing and I'm so glad that you gave her some kudos here. Well deserved!

1/20/2009 6:55:20 PM

Rosaria5 said...

Laura is incredibly talented & a great person! Congrats Laura!!

1/23/2009 4:41:22 PM

AlBeCa said...

Laura you ROCK!!

1/23/2009 7:48:45 PM

cherylnelson said...

fabulous choice! she is so talented! love her work!

1/31/2009 9:06:17 AM

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