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i wanna be a ggg [may 09].

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a Garden Girl at Two Peas?  Well, what if we gave you the chance to be a Guest Garden Girl for a month and participate in the Designer Garden themes?  In 2009, we're letting you nominate yourself to be a GGG.  Show us what you've got!  Dazzle us with digital designs.  Break out the brads and buttons.  Whatever it takes - we'd love to see an example of how you'd inspire the rest of the community with your work.   Interested?  Here's the details.

  • Each month, you'll have the option to nominate yourself to be a Guest Garden Girl.  To do so, you'll simply need to upload a project to the gallery and check the box for that month's contest.
  • You'll need to upload a new project each month - we want you to dazzle us, remember?
  • You've been a GGG before?  No problem!  You can still show us your stuff and nominate yourself to participate again.
  • When you upload your project, it should have at least FIVE tags and THREE related products associated with it.  Please note that to associate a product to your project, it must be available in the Two Peas store.
The fine print : To be eligible to win, your project must be posted in the Two Peas gallery before 11:59 CST on the 15th of the each month to be considered for the Guest Garden Girl spot for the following month.  Winners will be selected and notified by e-mail.  

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dianathompson4@yahoo said...

Everyone is so creative!

11/12/2009 11:26:19 AM

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