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Digital Weekly Challenge Discussion - Match Kits to Photos That Don't Match

Hey all! Holly McCaig here to challenge your digi-skills!

For this challenge, you are to find a kit that doesn't match your photos and make it match! It's really easy to just do some recoloring. I love so many kits, but often they don't go with my photos. This is the way to do it! Just use your blend overlay mode and change the color or hue to your liking!

I did that with Kate's Playful kit here. Her paper, frame, and buttons were turned from fun primary colors to dainty, vintage feel for a little girl.


To see all of what I used in teh store, click here:

little girl.

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pearlygirly said...

Beautiful kit.

Love that precious photo.

6/17/2009 9:24:45 PM

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